i still don't like you tony

The German National Team

((I read “referees” at first and was like “omg I don’t know shit about refs??”)) 

Here’s the list for you to read along:
Joachim “Jogi” Löw
Mats Hummels, Benedikt Höwedes, Marco Reus, Mario Götze, Thomas Müller, Manuel Neuer, Max Meyer, Leon Goretzka, Julian Draxler, Mesut Özil, Mario Gomez, Toni Kroos, Jerome Boateng, Shkodran Mustafi, Lukas Podolski, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Jonas Hector, Joshua Kimmich, Julian Weigl, Sami Khedira, André Schürrle, Leroy Sané, Ilkay Gündogan, Marc-André Ter Stegen, Bernd Leno, Emre Can, Matthias Ginter, Julian Brandt, Lars Bender, Sven Bender, Erik Durm
Lukas Podolski, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Philipp Lahm, Per Mertesacker, Miroslav Klose

(With some names like (Ilkay or Shkodran) I’m not 100% sure I’m just pronouncing it like they do it in interviews. But these are not German ames so I’m not sure if I’m saying it right.)

I hope it helps and that I’m not talking too fast omg (also I hope that I didn’t forget anyone? God,I’m so nervous about this.)

I bet Tony Stark sets up foundations for the people he loves. Like, he’s at a meeting for the Maria Stark Foundation that Pepper LITERALLY handcuffed him to the table for (shit he really needs to start using hairpins or something) and suddenly it comes to him

THE PEPPER POTTS FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS. Dedicated to art scholarships and grants

Pepper is flustered and touched and tells him that it’s brilliant. But also that he should DEFINITELY stop calling it the “PP foundation” because for heaven’s sake Tony don’t you listen to what comes out of your own mouth? You can hear that can’t you?

(Tony snickers. peepee foundation)

and then Tony latches onto the idea with all the vigor of a sugar-addled toddler who has just gotten a toy that they will DEFINITELY swallow but will be damned if they let anyone take it away from them

The Rhodey Foundation basically just pours money into the VA to revamp their systems and help them fight whatever issue of the day needs championing

The Steve Rogers Foundation which helps fill in the cracks that the GI Bill leaves. Because everyone should be able to come back to something

The Sam Wilson Fund that helps the families of fallen soldiers

The Bucky Barnes Foundation, dedicated to spreading awareness of PTSD and getting sufferers the help they need. Gives generously also to groups working on making 3-D prosthetics available to everyone

The Natalie Rushman Houses, a system of shelters dedicated to helping former human trafficking victims

The Bruce Banner Foundation, dedicated to eliminating domestic violence

The HULK SMASH CLIMATE CHANGE Foundation (Pepper had to veto “making the world as green as our little rage monster!” as a slogan)

The Center for Stupid Breakable Humans Who Don’t Even Have A Cool Suit To Protect Them, Honestly What The Heck Dude. Aka, the Barton Center for Free Physical Therapy

The HawkEARS campaign, designed to make schools and work places more disability friendly. Whether that’s by calling the names who refuse to comply to ADA standards mean names on TMZ (”TONY”), or straight up building ramps

Thor gets a line of shampoo because he mentions to Tony that all of Tony’s wealth would buy him about a sack of potatoes on Asgard, and Thor is the PRINCE of Asgard. Tony is VERY MIFFED. BUY YOUR OWN STUPID POTATO FOUNDATION THOR

(He makes a Jane Foster Foundation dedicated to decreasing gender inequality in STEM)

he of course does not tell anyone that he’s making these foundations/funds/centers/etc until they’re all set up and he can ‘casually’ mention “oh yeah, the foundation gala is tonight and they’ll probably want you there since it’s your fund’ and drop a flier that has their face plastered ALL OVER IT in front of them. Then he stares at them gaping and gets all aggressively defensive about this incredibly weird form of attempting to make a connection like “WHAT, YOU THINK I CAN’T CARE ABOUT VETERANS WITHOUT YOU HERE?? I COULD HAVE TOTALLY CREATED THIS FUND AT ANY TIME, WHATEVER, I AM JUST SO THOUGHTFUL I THOUGHT YOU MIGHT WANNA SHOW UP. WHATEVER. NOT LIKE I CARE” and then acting super flippant about it when the person tries to thank them (”pshhh, I just needed some more tax deductibles. Charities are those things right?”) or sulking if (in Natasha and Bucky’s case) they don’t really react except to twitch slightly because WHAT THE WHAT (if you don’t know the right way to react it’s safer to have no reaction, they’ve both learned that. he taught her that)

basically Tony just throwing money into these foundations that he thinks will make his friends happy, or his friends of friends, while pretending to not care at all whether they approve of the topic that he chose because he’s Tony Stark and that’s how he rolls

Pietro could still be alive!

1.) There is a flesh building machine!
2.) Steve said “if you die WALK it off”
3.) He has a fast metabolism!
4.) Almost every one I’m the MCU comes right back like nick fury and Loki!

5.)Thor 6.) In the comics he said “not even bullets can touch me” 7.) They took him body with them!





…WTF though Chopper what are you doing to him? XD

How are you even holding him you don’t have haki? And..he doesn’t seem to have the cuffs on

Is he LETTING you use him as a …uh…net?


Yeah just…throw him away I guess, that works XD

This poor man XD 

There he goes

Goodbye Caesar

I think what I really like about Marvel movies, is that you actually see the heroes take the time to save civilians around them. Sure, they care more about ‘saving the whole world’, but they still save everyone if they can. That’s why I love seeing Thor and Steve save these three people in the cars, Steve, Wanda and Pietro saving everyone in the train and on its path, Tony saving these people in the air in IM3,etc… they make every single life matter and I really love that


No light, no light in your bright blue eyes
I never knew daylight could be so violent
A revelation in the light of day
You can’t choose what stays and what fades away

And I’d do anything to make you stay

- No Light, No Light by Florence + The Machine

Edit: They’re both here now.