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Cute Summer Ideas
  • •Make pressed flower art on a canvas
  • •Pick out old vinyls at thrift stores and listen to the them completely
  • •Watch Bob Ross videos and follow along with them
  • •Go out in meadows and embrace the beauty
  • •Go outside at night and stargaze while talking about whatever
  • •Burn all kinds of incense
  • •Watch DIY videos and craft a lot
  • •CRAFT
  • •Write letters
  • •Have bonfires
  • •Learn more about space
  • •Make stickers
  • •Go to the ocean (for the first time)
  • •Drink lots of taro bubble tea
  • •Buy lots of manga and witchcraft books
  • •Eat tons of strawberries and blueberries
  • •Make mochi from scratch
  • •Print out the BTS coloring book and color a lot
  • •Try new hairstyles, don't be afraid of the clippers
  • •Go out for walks as much as you can
  • •Adopt many succulents and bonsai trees
  • •Pet every dog
  • •Make flower water
  • •Write fan fiction again
  • •Take care of yourself
  • •Most importantly, learn to love yourself, even if it is just a little

anonymous asked:

If you don't mind me asking how do you write kanji so well and neat?

Thanks for your message!

You must be looking at an old post as I haven’t been active for a while, but anyway: it’s practice. My kanji still look too much like a font and are too angular, resulting in handwriting that is easy to read but looks really unnatural to native speakers.

I trained myself to write kanji smaller by using 2cm gridded paper, then going down to 1cm gridded paper, or 0.5mm square paper. Writing on gridded paper really helped my kanji balance (they were all too short and too wide before). I wanted to make sure I could write in a practical way, so I don’t need an A3 page to leave someone a quick memo, which is why I decided to actively write smaller.

Following stroke order and learning radicals also helps my writing to flow a bit, though it is still undoubtedly one of my weakest areas. 

I found it helpful to keep writing until radicals become more automatic, or I can write a kanji without really thinking about it (which I can only do with some of the simpler ones, or ones in my address, which I regularly need to handwrite on forms etc).

Mostly it’s just repetition, I have hundreds of pages of writing practice in notebooks. I have spent hundreds of hours writing. I’ve timed it as I keep a study time log, it honestly is hundred of hours.

I honestly think almost everything about language learning is just the number of hours you spend with your nose to the grindstone.

Anyways… s/o to my eyeballs for being useless and deciding not to process my phone screen very well, even after I upped the font to “extra large,”
thank you… it’s not like I needed to see today


                                                 Even Shadowhunters fall in   l o v e   Alec


*no undertale comic without sad sans i guess?? (dont worry it’ll get better!)

first (of the fancomic) <-> previous <-> next


*This is a fancomic of @tratserenoyreve webcomic THE THOUGHT. You should probably check it out since this comic continues from page 40 of theirs!. And also Trat is awesome.  

*Thanks to everyone who sent me dogpuns! they were so furry i almost went insane

*also HUUUUUUUUGE thanks to @vietblueart ! She literally saved my Assgore and this story and just EVERYTHING. Check out her Joseontale fancomic! She draws so amazing and she also writes fanfiction and she is so creative and also just so nice argh, LOOK AT HER STUFF!!)

*(Undertale + characters belong to Toby Fox!)
*(Chris (human) belongs to tratserenoyreve)
*(Fluuble & Fleam are my own websites sure)

something for fun. remember the t-shirt design from the 360° animation? it’s inspired by that. i have different ideas. this is one version.

this is the very first step. i still don’t know which font i should use. actually i kinda would like to use a font similar to the one benjamin harff used for the silmarillion.

kinda rough, like always. (i need more time)


The flames crackled softly, and in their crackling she heard the whispered name Jon Snow. His long face floated before her, limned in tongues of red and orange, appearing and disappearing again, a shadow half- seen behind a fluttering curtain. Now he was a man, now a wolf, now a man again.

Time to play: Find your blog name! bwahaha

My first ever Follow Forever to commemorate 500 followers! 

Honestly, this means so much to me. So much. When I made this blog, I wasn’t expecting to get this far – especially not in such little time. I think it’s been less than a year tbh. However, despite the relatively short amount of time I’ve been here, I’ve met some rather amazing and wonderful people. People that have helped me change and recognize myself, people that have given me beautiful words of advice and compliments, people that I can genuinely call my best friends. This seems pretty over-the-top, considering this is just a silly anime blog, but it’s true hahaha! I’ve bonded with a ton of you and I can’t wait for the many more to come (hopefully!). Love you guys, and of course, thank you so so so so so much for stickin’ around and for joining me. 

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anonymous asked:

I don't mean to be critikal (hurr hurr) about the voice you gave Sans, but if you listen closely, he sounds more like a certain youtuber than he does Patrick.

In the next episode I change his voice completely, I think I made him sound too dumb and like a sidekick when I made him sound like Patrick. (Though I still think his in game font sound is like Patrick)

His new voice will be like a rough Brooklyn type of voice because he’s like an uncle telling bad jokes haha. Plus I realised he’s WAY smarter and aware than I made him out to be. Some people still won’t like it but I like it a lot more 

anonymous asked:

I want to learn Japanese but I'm terrified when I see those kanji written in any way but the standard computer font. Like, anyone's handwriting and even sometimes when the font is different. Will it go away with actual knowledge? I'm sorry if I don't make sense

I find reading handwriting easier than it used to be but still quite challenging. Calligraphy is often illegible to me. I think practise is a big factor in being able to read handwriting.
Sometimes you can find manga where the text has been handwritten by the artist, so that would be one way to practise. You could also try to find a penpal through HelloTalk who would send you snail mail letters so you could get practise of reading and writing that way.
Does anyone know any sources for images of Japanese handwritten stories or essays that could be used for practise? 

anonymous asked:

How do you write those letters so neatly and have it still look natural? :( my writing is so messy, but I don't like just writing in with fonts for my comics...

i totally cheat, anon, you’re not alone with messy writing (i have a horrible problem with spacing)

this is what my writing looks like if i’m going completely free hand

it’s horrible lmao so what i do is write it in a text box first (in this case the font i used was Print Clearly) and turn down the opacity like so

then open another layer and trace over the letters and voila

your writing looks neater and more legible but not stiff!