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guys! If Akira gets really sick, what would you guys do? and for Akira, have you ever gotten really sick?

They can manage… sort of.

Cute Summer Ideas
  • •Make pressed flower art on a canvas
  • •Pick out old vinyls at thrift stores and listen to the them completely
  • •Watch Bob Ross videos and follow along with them
  • •Go out in meadows and embrace the beauty
  • •Go outside at night and stargaze while talking about whatever
  • •Burn all kinds of incense
  • •Watch DIY videos and craft a lot
  • •CRAFT
  • •Write letters
  • •Have bonfires
  • •Learn more about space
  • •Make stickers
  • •Go to the ocean (for the first time)
  • •Drink lots of taro bubble tea
  • •Buy lots of manga and witchcraft books
  • •Eat tons of strawberries and blueberries
  • •Make mochi from scratch
  • •Print out the BTS coloring book and color a lot
  • •Try new hairstyles, don't be afraid of the clippers
  • •Go out for walks as much as you can
  • •Adopt many succulents and bonsai trees
  • •Pet every dog
  • •Make flower water
  • •Write fan fiction again
  • •Take care of yourself
  • •Most importantly, learn to love yourself, even if it is just a little

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i get why some people don't like the fact dan and phil use japanese in their merch HOWEVER i feel like they use it to still relate the merch to them (by having it say their names in japanese) while also keeping the products "aesthetically pleasing" and actually pretty and neat enough to use you know? i'd rather have japanese on a backpack instead of a giant cat whiskers or a llama/ lion which were the things they previously used and are cringe as hell so idk i'm not angry about the japanese :/

consider this: writing dan and phil in small font in english, rather than japanese. like GIANT CAT WHISKERS or japanese text aren’t the only two options for putting their brand on something 

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If you don't mind me asking how do you write kanji so well and neat?

Thanks for your message!

You must be looking at an old post as I haven’t been active for a while, but anyway: it’s practice. My kanji still look too much like a font and are too angular, resulting in handwriting that is easy to read but looks really unnatural to native speakers.

I trained myself to write kanji smaller by using 2cm gridded paper, then going down to 1cm gridded paper, or 0.5mm square paper. Writing on gridded paper really helped my kanji balance (they were all too short and too wide before). I wanted to make sure I could write in a practical way, so I don’t need an A3 page to leave someone a quick memo, which is why I decided to actively write smaller.

Following stroke order and learning radicals also helps my writing to flow a bit, though it is still undoubtedly one of my weakest areas. 

I found it helpful to keep writing until radicals become more automatic, or I can write a kanji without really thinking about it (which I can only do with some of the simpler ones, or ones in my address, which I regularly need to handwrite on forms etc).

Mostly it’s just repetition, I have hundreds of pages of writing practice in notebooks. I have spent hundreds of hours writing. I’ve timed it as I keep a study time log, it honestly is hundred of hours.

I honestly think almost everything about language learning is just the number of hours you spend with your nose to the grindstone.

remi’s pay what you want commissions.

so as I’m sure 90% of my followers are aware, I was meant to be on holiday for a month but things took a turn for the worst when my boyfriend ( who I was staying with ) ended up needing surgery while we were out there. not only did we have to dish out for the unexpected surgery, but the cost of living there for an extra month unplanned really did take its toll on our bank accounts and those of our families. right now my mother is struggling to pay bills as well as feed us, and because I can’t help but feel guilty for leaving my family completely broke I’m going to try my hand at commissions.

since getting back I’ll be updating an imgur album with all of the graphics I’ve made for myself / other people which you can find here. it’s mostly full of tests and such but is just there for a little sort of looksie as to what kind of things I enjoy making / what colours I use a lot and the kinds of stock images I use.

all I ask is that you pay what you feel is appropriate for a graphic – the minimum I ask is for a $1 deposit, whether that’s all you want to pay or not is up to you.

here are the things I will do:

  • base icons ( quality prepped but no psd / border )
  • roleplay icons
  • dash icons
  • mobile headers
  • promos
  • headcanon / hiatus posts

if anyone wants further examples or even a 10-20 minute tester free of charge, please let me know !!

and for those who can’t afford anything but still want to help out / support me in general, reblogging really does work wonders ! I have a giveaway post for anyone who would like something off me but can’t afford it / doesn’t think I deserve money for my fumbles !

* the one thing I suck at massively is text so if you can provide fonts that’d be rad, otherwise I apologise for stumbling over it like a toddler in a ball pit.


Kirishima Touka Week

Day 5/7 - Love

From this point on, the silence through which you move
is my voice pursuing you. |
Louise Gluck, Meadowlands.

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bananastagramtumblrcom/post/163867836225/so-ive-been-doubting-being-a-larrie-the-last-few This is where Larries are really going to start to fall apart. The BL's have themselves created this fandom that is VERY performative and does rely on Louis' thanks and there being a prize at the end. So now not only is Louis dismissing them but more Larries are starting to say maybe there is no end date and I don't think that's going to sit well with the fandom at large who have been waiting for SOMETHING

Text because the OP’s font is too small:


So I’ve been doubting being a larrie the last few days. I know when I started (early 2015) its bc things seemed to be moving somewhere/suggesting something could happen. Nothing ever did. Now it’s like “What are we waiting for exactly?”. They’re solo now so there’s no “Showing support at concerts so mgmt can see we will still accept a boy band if some are gay” anymore. H & L still dont act like normal buddies in public, so what’s the point? What are we aiming for? Aside from general fandom ofc.

the thing about larries is that it’s not like? an organization? at it’s very core it’s just a group of people who believe that louis and harry are in a long term committed relationship. there are no goals there. like…..it’s just a belief. you don’t have to work toward anything because we aren’t the ones that are in a relationship and i’m not totally sure where that idea came from. like it’s always just been about believing louis and harry are in love, there’s nothing to prove or to do except just? support them? and i don’t even mean verbally or on your blog like…just… in general. there’s no goal because it’s not our lives, it’s theirs. like you’re basically telling me that you’re doubting being a larrie because there’s nothing to do???? you support louis and harry in whatever capacity you feel comfortable that isn’t invasive to their actual lives and the people that they know. like….are you doubting louis and harry are in a relationship??? this ask confuses me tbh because like you’re basically saying “i don’t think i’m a larrie because i don’t see a point because i don’t believe there’s a tangible goal” which….there never has been tbh.

the thing about larries is that it’s not like? an organization?

Oh, did somebody tell Amy, bc she has all those shirts for you to buy…..  🤔

“It’s not a cult!” - said by everyone who’s ever been in a cult, ever.


mommysaver1971 said: Larries just want everyone to look at the evidence & form their OWN opinion. If someone doesn’t believe that is fine but just don’t come in our lane and bash us. Absolutely perfect response by bananstagram👏👏👏👏
mommysaver1971 said: &once again the misconception that Larries goal is 4 them 2come out. &once again u have completely twisted it saying that’s what we want. Cause no! If they come out one day great! If not that is their personal choice. Antis need 2stop acting like that’s all we care about when the truth is we just want them happy& support their careers.& perfect response to this anon.No one has 2believe in Larry & unlike the shit being spread that we are a cult or organization its not true.

directionereg said: @ydaegu if coming out is smt they want , we ll support them..If not , we ll still supporting them..No larrie ll get any benefit from Larry if they come out!!! we ll only be happy"4 their happiness" cuz we love them !! Its not a goal !!..we have a goal to make them on the top in their career field “music” in this case we ll get benefits cuz as fans our faves ll be the best in “music”,we ll hear their lovely songs,enjoy their interviews & concerts!As any other fan’s goal

So then why are so many of your fellow larries NOT watching any of the interviews, or going AWOL during promo for their mental health, or becoming very suddenly busy with real life and work?

If you can admit that supporting Larry is “in your heart” then what are you blogging about Freddie calling Brett dada for? What does that have to do with Larry? Why are you mocking Eleanor being present? If Larry can be supported off tumblr then what are you all doing on tumblr? Because it doesn’t look like you’re having FUN.

Larries just want everyone to look at the evidence

You just finished agreeing with the OP that there wasn’t a goal! LISTEN TO YOURSELVES.

Antis need 2stop acting like that’s all we care about when the truth is we just want them happy

Except that you’ve decided they aren’t happy because they aren’t performing their lives the way you wanted them to! You can’t accept they’re happy NOW, because you believe they can’t be free. If they were, then why are you complaining about ANY aspect of their promo or the things they’re saying at all? LISTEN TO YOURSELVES.

Anon asks a very good question. I wonder if they will find the answer satisfying.


                                                 Even Shadowhunters fall in   l o v e   Alec