i still don't like how they look


he/him, even with the hijab picture

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I objectively know that the concept of physical beauty is deeply flawed in many ways, that it revolves around subjective standards and that it doesn’t have any correlation with anyone’s worth as a person BUT if I could be generally considered beautiful I wouldn’t turn my back on that opportunity u feel me? because I feel like no matter how many times I convince myself that my flesh prison is absolutely nothing but a vessel society is still kicking my ass for looking the way I do lol


kagehina part from ouran au!! reposting bc i deleted by accident omg help me

Kageyama had always wanted to see what a convenience store looked like because everyone knows how mysterious are proletarians for ouran students. The convenience store he visited happened to be Hinata’s uncle’s, where Hinata helps from time to time. Needless to say, Kageyama developed a big crush on him as soon as he saw him and started coming regularly to see him again. (but kags being kags, he still feels too awkward to talk to him normally)

Can I just say how heartwarming it is to see people make posts about being excited for Inuvember?? Like we created Inuvember because we hadn’t heard of an Inuyasha Week and decided that Inuyasha deserved a month and now it’s the third year we’ve done it and people actually??? Look forward to it?? Thank you so much???


Tom/Harry AU: Harry didn’t expect to face Tom Marvolo Riddle again, not after what had occurred in the Chamber of Secrets. Four years later, however, he was proved wrong. This version of Tom wasn’t part of Voldemort’s split soul any longer—instead he appeared to be tied to Harry, who was far from pleased by this development.


“The cards…”

I hope I do remember correctly and Valentine’s day isn’t only about romantic love

The idea for just that dumb little heart popped into my head (not for a drawing, just as a fun little…thing?) and then I decided to turn it into this drawing

Happy Valentine’s day (if you celebrate it)!

Okay so, I’m here to talk about Annabeth’s appearance!
I absolutely hate “girly”!Annabeth. I hate it. And it’s not that I think she isn’t feminine, because in the books she is portrayed to be less focused on her looks as most girls/young women are, which in no way automatically means “not feminine”. She may be less feminine than most girls, but she still sees value in being feminine and does enjoy dressing nice sometimes. But she isn’t, as you would say, “girly”. “Girly” implies that she is focused on her appearance and views it as a very important aspect of her life, and she does not. And it makes me so angry when people try to write that part of her out, because that is one of the reasons I connected so strongly with her. Because a lot of times, I don’t brush my hair. Honestly, I just went an entire week without brushing or washing my hair. I never wear makeup, except for mascara and lip gloss for special events. My usual outfits are t-shirts or sweatshirts with jeans or sweats. I don’t care how I look. I wear practical clothes. Sometimes I like to actually make an effort on my outfits, but it is always for me and really nobody else. That’s what Annabeth is like, and that kind of shocked me when I read the books. That a character can be like me and not care about how they look and still be described as “beautiful”. It made me feel a lot better. And erasing that huge aspect of her is doing more harm than good, so please stop. It makes me angry!


a series of unlikely crossovers: