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Alright, I told my wife @the-calvaree that I’d write her whatever she wanted post-job interview and she asked for “IronFalcon, maybe in the Secretly Married verse” with “anything related to balloons and cupcakes” so. You all get this.

Somehow Peter Parker comandeered your story, my dearest Keeta, so… that’s a thing.

“Whoa, did a Party City explode in here or something?” Peter said, batting a balloon out of his face.

“Shut up,” Tony said, strolling out of the kitchen, a bowl of chips in his hands. “We may have gone overboard,” he added, glancing around with a slight grimace.

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antisocialili  asked:

Hey um, okay so I can't find tree bros number one? Did you take it down? And can I request like the tree bros just really fluffy like okay, Evan comes over to conners house and conners dad is like being super fatherly to Evan or something and Evan just breaks down in conners room after they go upstairs because he doesn't really remember his dad all that much and he's like super surprised that someone would be this nice to him? Um you don't have to, BUT I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT! Thanks! :D

Tree bros(1): Here 

I should make like a master post

I tried to follow the kind of plot you wanted but I took my own liberties, like I only had like half an hour so I had to give Evan another reason to breakdown. But there’s still comforting and stuff. I hope you like it. If you want me to redo it I can next week: 

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anonymous asked:

hopefully this request isn't too specific/complicated? i'd like a imagine/oneshot for bartolomeo, kid, law, and zoro involving the reader (their s/o) being fat. but i don't want it to feel fetish-y or gloomy. im fat myself and i just got kinda sick of reading such downbeat stuff. i just want a light-hearted n fluffy kind of thing, i guess? like them cuddlin or complimenting each other or something.

(Don’t worry. It’s not too specific. I can definitely do this for you. I’m not the best at describing cuddling and stuff, so if you don’t like it then feel free to message me and I’ll try to redo it for you. I hope this makes you happy~!)



It was late and Bartolomeo walked into their shared room to see (Y/N) curled up on their bed. They sleepily looked over at him and smiled. He immediately blushed and ran over to the bed and climbed in with them. His arms wrapped around their soft waist as he buried his face in their hair. The man inhaled their scent and sighed contently.

He gently ran his hands up their curves and felt (Y/N) shift. “You’re amazing.” He was trying to stay awake a little longer with them, but he was tired and cuddling them always put him at ease. “Really wonderful.”

(Y/N) couldn’t stop the soft smile that formed on their face. They mumbled out a sleepy “Stop it.” but their tone let him know that they didn’t really mind. Bartolomeo smiled and if it weren’t for the fact that he was so tired he might have shown his happiness and love for his partner in a far more excited way.

Instead, the man just shifted closer to (Y/N) and slightly tightened his hold on their soft body. “I love you.” Although his words were quiet, his lover still blushed and smiled. They hesitantly held his hand and intertwined their fingers before falling asleep with Bartolomeo.



Kid would often forget to compliment his lover since, in his mind, they should know how amazing he thought they were. When he did remember, the captain wouldn’t hold back any of his thoughts. Despite that, he wasn’t the best at doing this in a manner that wouldn’t embarrass his partner.

Currently, the man was in one of his complimenting moods. He had been watching his lover read for a little while now and he just couldn’t help but to think about how utterly amazing they were. His eyes ran over every single one of their curves in approval. He smirked while he watched them before he spoke. “You’re fucking amazing.” His sudden exclamation surprised (Y/N), but the moment they processed what he said they blushed and lowered their head. That reaction only seemed to fuel his want to keep going. Oh, how he lovedseeing them like that.

“You are so sexy.” (Y/N)’s blush darkened when they heard those words. They attempted to hide their red face from their lover, but he had already seen. Kid stood from his seat a few feet away and walked towards them. He made his way around them until he was standing behind them. Kid leaned forward and watched (Y/N) shudder at the feeling of his breath on the back of their neck. He didn’t hesitate any further from kissing their neck as his arms wrapped around their soft body.

“K-Kid…?” The man didn’t answer as he continued to trail kisses along their neck and let his hands wander along (Y/N)’s sides. He just couldn’t help but to enjoy the way their large body felt under his hands. It didn’t take long for him to make a sudden decision. Kid planned on showing them just how much he loved their amazing body.



It wasn’t often that Law got the chance to take (Y/N) out on dates. He would either get so focused on other things that he would forget for a while or when they did get the chance they had to be careful on where they went since he was a pirate, after all. The man sometimes wished he could take his lover out more since he knew they put up with a lot dealing with everything that came with being his partner.

For once, they had a rare chance to go out together without too much worrying. They had stopped on a smaller island that not to many marines (or pirates, thank goodness) would go to. Law thought that would be the perfect opportunity to go out with his lover and quickly told them. His words were actually more like, “You should get dressed in something nice. We’re going out.” He walked off after that leaving his partner smiling.

They looked through their clothes trying to find something they liked, but found themselves unable to choose anything. (Y/N) thought nothing looked good enough. They changed into many different outfits before Law walked in to see them looking in a mirror dissatisfied. He watched them look over some of the outfits they already pulled out and pull out more. After a little while, the man made his presence known. “What’s wrong?” His lover didn’t even bother looking at him.

“None of these look right! I’m trying to find something nice to wear, but it’s not turning out how I want it to.” Law sighed before sitting down on their bed and looking over their large form.

“You look fine in anything. I said to put on something nice only because I’m taking you somewhere nice. It really doesn’t matter what you wear since you look amazing anyway.” Although his expression remained relaxed, his gaze showed his sincerity.

After a moment, (Y/N) changed once more before turning to look at their lover. “Then….is this alright?” Law grabbed their hand and led them out of the room.

“Yeah. It’s perfect. Besides, I already said you look great in anything.”



Zoro sighed as he watched (Y/N) laugh at whatever Luffy was saying. He wanted nothing more than to take a nap, but he also wanted to just hold his lover. ‘It would be even better to do both.’

Seeming to feel his gaze, (Y/N) looked over and their eyes connected. He/She smiled and walked over to the swordsman. “Is something wrong Zoro? I thought you were going to sleep.“ Zoro frowned and stood up.

“I can’t seem to sleep right now.” Before his lover could say anything, a blush was spreading across his face and he continued talking. “Come with me to the room.” The man went to say something else, but couldn’t bring himself to let the words out. Smiling to himself/herself, (Y/N) nodded and walked beside the green haired man to their shared bedroom.

Upon getting to the room, Zoro settled himself in their bed and waited for his lover to do the same. He/She hesitated for a moment before situating themselves next to him. The green haired male wrapped his arms around their soft waist and finally relaxed. (Y/N) turned in his hold so they were facing him and scooted a little closer. They returned Zoro’s hold and sighed contently. The fact that it was the middle of the day didn’t matter to him/her anymore.

Zoro buried his face into the side of his partner’s neck making them laugh lightly and pull back. He couldn’t stop the smile that formed when he heard them and simply tightened his grip. It wasn’t long before Zoro had fallen asleep holding onto (Y/N). No words were shared between them and no words needed to be.

hogwartsfanfiction03  asked:

Can you do an Imagine where Calvin has a Little sister (Y/N) ( like age 13-15) and she gets a Boyfriend and he makes a Video Ranting about it (Like Over Protective Brother Scenario) thanks :)

Thank you so much for the request! I’m really sorry in advance because I’m not really happy with this one, but I hope you enjoy it anyway haha 💗 I’m so sorry for the lack of posting but I’ll definitely be able to post more as soon as Friday is over and done with!!

Calvin’s eyes narrowed at the boy in front of him. He was naturally skeptical of his intentions, but he was willing to give him a chance.

Calvin leaned against the doorframe nonchalantly and you watched his movements very carefully, looking for the telltale signs of irritation on your brother’s face.
Your boyfriend stood next to you and stared back at Calvin, unsure of what to do.
After a long moment Calvin simply nodded and feigned a smile before pushing past both of you, closing his bedroom door behind him as he headed to the kitchen.
And that was that.
Hardly the warm welcome you’d hoped for, but at least he wasn’t angry.

Your boyfriend turned to you and leaned in to kiss your cheek, bidding you goodbye after a day of laughing and watching movies.
‘Naw.’ Calvin said under his breath as he pushed through the middle of you once again; he had seemed to be doing that the whole day - lurking around waiting for any physical contact to be initiated whatsoever so he could cut it off.

‘Calvin!’ You whined, rolling your eyes as your boyfriend settled for a hug and closed the front door behind him as he almost ran out of your house. What?’ He asked over his shoulder as he made his way back to his bedroom.
‘Stop it.’
'Stop what?’ He turned around, taking a bite out of the sandwich he was holding in one hand.
'Stop interrupting.’ You said, cringing at your choice of words.
'Interrupting what?’ He asked, his eyes boring into yours, his stare intense.
'He just wanted to say goodbye.’ You huffed, turning your back on him.

He continued his irritating behaviour whenever your boyfriend came over, and you were growing painfully tired of it.
You went to confront him, but before you could open his bedroom door you heard his raised voice - seemingly ranting about something.
You frowned and pressed your ear to the door, confused - Calvin hardly ever made rant videos.
You shrugged it off and decided the issue could wait until later - you didn’t want to interrupt his filming.

Later on that night, Calvin still hadn’t come out of his bedroom and you deduced that he would probably be editing, and it was safe to disturb him.

You knocked before entering and then stopped in your tracks as you heard the audio to the video he was editing.
You stood there and listened as your brother ranted about you having a boyfriend and how he didn’t think the boy was good enough for you and how he wasn’t sure of his intentions with his sister.

'You made a VIDEO about me?’ You raged, unable to believe that he was going to actually publish it.

Calvin sighed as he spun around in his chair to face you.
You didn’t get a chance to execute the dramatic exit you would have liked to though, because before you could leave and slam the door behind you, you felt a light grip on your elbow.
He pulled you over to his bed and sat you down, taking a seat next to you.

He sighed, 'I’m sorry, Y/n. I won’t put it out if you don’t want me to. It’s just hard for me that-’, he rubbed the back of his neck, 'I dunno how to…’ Then he sat up a little straighter, as if he’d had a great idea.
'Watch the video!’ He exclaimed, 'All the shit I wanna say is in the video.’

So you did. And Calvin watched your expression the whole way through - he smiled when you laughed at certain parts and then examined your features carefully when it got to the serious parts of the video.

He felt bad for being so overprotective, but what else was he supposed to do? As far as he was concerned, his job was to protect you - and that’s exactly what he was going to do; but he didn’t like seeing you upset.

Once it was finished, you went and sat back on the bed with Calvin and he looked at you expectantly.
'So?’ He asked. He seemed almost nervous.
'I get it,’ you said, and relief flooded his face.
'But you can’t keep annoying us when he’s over, and you have to give him a chance. You’ve not even given him a chance yet, and I think he deserves that,’ you said, and he nodded slowly.
'Okay,’ he said, and put his arm around your shoulder, pulling you into a hug.
'I’m sorry,’ he said, and you knew he meant it.
'It’s okay, Cal. I get it,’ you replied, smiling.

’…. Wanna play some CS:GO?’ He asked and you nodded, laughing. Even though he was overprotective, you wouldn’t want him any other way.

I’ll be posting again either tonight or tomorrow, so yeah💗 keep the requests coming; or if you just want a chat my ask box is always open! Luv you x

narcissismandthecolorpink-deact  asked:

Hi! I adore all your bottom!Kris fics & because I've noticed that I've been rereading those fics over & over again for the past few weeks, might as well suggest a prompt right? Because of his height & eyebrows, people don't notice how Kris has a really pretty face and is rather gentle, so maybe someone (Yeol/Soo) finally notices it & can't get over it (i.e.mental breakdown, omghyungyouareprettywaitihaveacrushonyouomfg!). Please make it more serious than it seems lol. Thank you!

Chanyeol first notices when Yifan is fresh out of the shower, blonde bangs hanging low into his eyes. Chanyeol’s been playing games with Zitao in the M dorm with Yifan walks out of the shower, hair damp with water. His jaw hangs low and his focus is pretty much stolen, and Zitao whoops his ass. Yifan laughs at him, Zitao crows about the win, and neither of them really get why Chanyeol froze mid-fight.

“My turn,” Yifan decides, long fingers snatching the controller away from Chanyeol’s fingers.

Yifan’s beating Zitao’s ass, but Chanyeol can’t quite focus on that. He’s focused more on Yifan’s face. Chanyeol has never really thought of Yifan as anything but incredibly good looking. But now with his hair down, bangs heavy with water covering his eyebrows, he looks pretty.

For a lack of a word vocabulary on Chanyeol’s part, really pretty. Yifan’s got pretty big eyes that slant downward at the end a little, making him have the type of doe-eyes that Luhan does, just a little sharper. He’s biting his lower hip in concentration, white teeth worrying pink, full lips, and Chanyeol is totally floored.

Yifan beats Zitao and turns to grin at Chanyeol, meaning to gloat at him, but all Chanyeol sees is his bright smile lighting up his face. And all he can think is, how did I never see this before?

That afternoon, Yifan has his bangs up, clipped out of his eyes, and Chanyeol gets it. He tells him, “Oh, it’s your eyebrows.”

Yifan looks at him like he’s crazy. Chanyeol, sadly, isn’t unfamiliar with this look. “What? What about them?”

Chanyeol sticks his hand on Yifan’s forehead, covering the eyebrows, and grins. He leans to press his lips against Yifan’s, and Yifan is used to his boyfriend’s random displays of affection, so he lets it be even though he looks confused. He looks bewildered when Chanyeol pulls back, grinning. “You look so pretty. It’s just your thick eyebrows that make people think that you look masculine, but all of your features are actually pretty feminine.”

Yifan gives him a look. “What are you talking about?” He laughs. “Are you trying to make me feel better about bottoming in bed? Because you know that’s what I like, right?”

Chanyeol grins. “I’m not doing anything. I just never noticed how pretty you were.” He takes Yifan’s cheeks in his hands and smacks another kiss onto his lips, and then another, and then another, until Yifan is laughing so hard that he can’t even sit straight.

“Get a room, you two!” Yixing calls from the kitchen. Jongdae makes a noise of complaint and refusal from the room he and Yifan share, and Chanyeol just laughs.

Later, he tells their stylist to put Yifan’s bangs up all the time. She gives him a look that reads do-I-want-to-know. “Why.” It’s not a question. It’s more like a demand.

Even though it’s not really a secret among the staff that they’re dating, Chanyeol feels like telling their stylist ‘because I want to be the only one seeing Yifan’s pretty face’ is going to earn him a smack in the back of his head. “Because he looks good that way!”

Sadly his stylist knows him too well. She narrows her eyes and flicks him on the forehead. “This has something to do with how Kris looks with his eyebrows covered, doesn’t it?”

Chanyeol’s eyes widen. “Wait, how’d you know how he looks with his eyebrows covered?”

She gives him a long look, and then sighs, muttering something about his IQ level. “I’m your stylist. I know how all of you look no matter how your hair is. In any case, that’s kind of too bad for you, because our next concept has everyone with their bangs down, and no amount of your whining is going to change that.”

Because Chanyeol is a man who doesn’t know how to give up (he swears that’s not just SHINee’s Minho), he tries whining anyway. It gets him nowhere.

Yifan has his hair up for the MV, which is great, but then they take concept pictures and everyone gets the same wig, and Chanyeol kind of wants to cry. Their stylists are busy doing makeup, and one is trying to get Chanyeol to sit down so she can reach his face without having to stretch too much. But Chanyeol’s face is kind of stuck on Yifan. Yifan is getting his makeup done, and he gets dabs of smudged eyeliner, and a lot of pink gloss.

“Oh my god,” The stylist groans. “Unni, can you work on Kris over here? Chanyeol won’t sit the hell down.”

“What?” The stylist working on Yifan turns to see Chanyeol’s devastated puppy face. “Seriously?” Yifan looks amused but he comes along, sitting down and tugging Chanyeol down, too.

“Too much lip gloss,” Chanyeol complains, talking about Yifan, but the stylist misunderstands.

“I didn’t put any on you yet. What are you talking about?”

“I mean on Yifan-hyung!” Chanyeol scowls, turning his head to face Yifan. The stylist is used enough to his antics that she pulls her hand away at the exact moment so he doesn’t get a line of smudged eyeliner across his face. Yifan rolls his eyes at him. There’s a devious glint in his eyes, but before Chanyeol can interpret that, Yifan leans over, smacks a kiss directly on Chanyeol’s lips, and pulls back. Chanyeol stares, jaw dropped open.

Yifan smiles, smacking his lips to readjust his lip gloss. “There. Now it’s not too much, right?” The stylists complain about how they have to redo Yifan’s lips and re-line Chanyeol’s perfectly, but Chanyeol’s a little too starstruck to care.

“At least he’s staying still,” Yifan notes, laughing a little, and the stylists grudgingly agree.

melsisalady22  asked:

Wolfstar: Fairytale AU: "True love's kiss can break any curse." (Maybe a sleeping or something like that, please keep the lycanthropy, tho, if atall possible.... )

In the six months since the curse hit, several witches and wizards around Hogwarts had fallen victim to it, with no explanation why. James had been hit first, with a physical inability to even leave the common room, when they put two and two together with his quickly lengthening hair, it became incredibly obvious that he was Rapunzel. Then Gilderoy Lockhart, a Ravenclaw seventh year, had shrunk down to the size of Alice’s thumb, which had been the only reason anyone started considering the fairy tale theory.

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anonymous asked:

I still don't really know what NGE really is, I just really love most of the art that comes out of it. It looks like an apocalyptic mecha anime and angels are somehow involved. :) I'm a bit confused on how to watch it, is it a long or short series? Are there movies? Is there an order for it all that's essential to adhere to?

Neon Genesis Evangelion was originally aired in Japan in fall of 1995 , so it’s almost 20 years old by now. It has 5 movies, one official manga series and couple of spinoff mangas so I can totally understand that why it would be confusing to get into it.

Many people asume that it’s an Mecha anime, but actually it really isn’t. Sure it has monsters (Angels) and “robots”, but actually it’s more like a psychological horror(?) anime with a hint of mecha. It’s a tale about human emotions and feelings. It’s a story about depression, growing up and accepting yourself. It’s a story about our daily lives and how we are (not) alone with out problems. In it’s base core it’s a story about being human. You need to watch it to really experience it. You don’t know a thing about Evangelion by listening to someone else tell you about it. YOU need to experience it because it’s different for everyone based on what you’ve been through in your life. It’s a mindfuck and it can really get into your head and make you think.

So if you are ready to hop on to this mindfuckery here are the instructions how to get started:

If I were you I would start from the beginning with the chronological order! The original anime is 26 episodes long and my all time favourite TV program in general. So start with that. After the anime there are two movies which are related to the main series. Death and Rebirth and End of Evangelion. Both of them are basically a new ending for the series since some fans were not so happy with the original ending (Because of episodes 25-26 people got super mad and sent death threaths to the creator of the series).

Death and Rebirth is kinda ymmh.. Pointless since it’s mostly just re-used animation and they are going through the same things as they already did in the anime so I would maybe skip that one. (You can watch it since it has some new animation in there, but I dunno.. I feel like it’s not that important.)

Next up is End of Evangelion… that’s a whole new ending for the series and it’s basically the most mindfucking thing you will ever see in your whole life! So be prepared!

So after you are done with the anime and these two (or one) movie you can jump in to the rebuild movies series which started to come out in 2007. First one is Evangelion 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone. The whole rebuild series was made as an rebuild for the original anime. First movie is basically anime’s first 6 episodes reanimated with a new drawing techigues which have come along with time and money. (if you didn’t know the original anime was made with SUPER low budject!) There are some new scenes in the movie, but 80% of it is just reanimated stuff.

2nd movie (Evangelion 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance) of the rebuild series is also mostly just reanimated stuff from the original, but changes some stuff around and adds a new pilot into the series. Major plot points are still the same, but the ending for it is super different compared to the original anime. After this one you should watch the 3rd rebuild movie ( Evangelion 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo). This movies says bye bye to the original anime and took a whole different route with it! it’s all new stuff but it still continues from the 2nd movie. The plot doesn’t follow the original anime at all.

After this I would recomment reading the official manga. It started to come out a little before the anime since it was made as an adverticement for the anime. Manga ended in 2013 so it’s running time was 18 years.

Sunday Spotlight: don't quit your day job.

Hi, everyone! It’s sephiramy, and I’d like to talk about balancing your comic-making along with other aspects of your life. It can be discouraging when you can’t sink all the time you want into your comic around school/work/other responsibilities or issues, but here are some practices I’ve taken up over my time juggling a day job, freelance work, social life, and my weekly updates.

Know your priorities!
Sad as it is to say, the comic can’t always come first. Make sure YOU are secure, above all else. I know it’s really, REALLY hard to do that, but overall, it will make your work better when it happens. If the idea of sitting down and focusing hard on those panels fills you with dread, ask yourself why that is? What needs to get done to make that less of a chore?

Make a schedule!
This won’t work for everybody, but the next time you make a comic page or strip, time yourself. Only time when you are ACTUALLY working, not the zillion breaks taken to check tumblr, twitter, Facebook, cat videos, our bank statement, e-mail, and our bank statement, again (that one’s really important (I might have meant “more cat videos”)). Time how long it takes you to do each stage of your work process, and time your next comic page/strip or three as well. Work out an average, then work that into your available free time. Set aside chunks of time for each task and treat it like work. Give yourself breaks if it takes a significant amount of hours! Be as serious as you can about the schedule and hitting the deadlines that it presents. After all, this isn’t the only thing you’re expected to do, right? Time is a valuable commodity, and you can measure it and make it work for you.

Have a recharge plan!
Do school or shifts suck all the life out of you, sometimes? The transition from “I don’t want to be here” to “time to work on my comic” can be really rough, and it’s not always possible to go straight from one to the other. Take time to unwind between your daily phases. Relax! Shower. Play a game. Exercise? Read a bit of a book, have a nice meal/snack/drink/somethin’, snuggle a pet, pillow, or friend. I don’t mind what it is, just set aside maybe an hour or so where you can do something that will help clear the stress and settle and/or jump-start into a more comfortable work mode.

Be in it for the long game!
Flying by the seat of your pants can be kind of scary, but this is what happens when you go week-to-week, or even day-to-day, without really being sure how things will play out in the grander scheme. Try to plot your calendar in advance, with classes, shifts, other projects, social engagements, and other events of landmark importance, and compare with your comic. Some weeks where you are busy with column A, but have a very demanding page/strip in column B, you may want to see if you can get a little work done in advance during a less busy time. Coordination is key. Being able to look ahead lets you prepare for the best and worst and keep quality at a high, but when that CAN’T be the case…

Post it, anyway.
Did you finish the page/strip? Great. Do you hate it? I’m sorry. Post it, anyway. Seriously. Did you work, did you go to class, did you pay your bills, and call everyone you needed to call? Maybe you were low and it was a struggle to find the energy to do anything? And you still got your page/strip done? Seriously, great work. I know you hate it. It happens. But the show must go on, and they can’t all be perfect. While we’re on the topic,

Try to refrain from redoing (or overworking) things!
This is a topic of a bit of controversy, but sometimes a comic page/strip is gonna look eeehhhhhhhhyeah. Not your best! The temptation may be strong to redo that one, or all of them, but hang on! Before you do, remember that all things you make are simply a goal post of your progress. Barring the need to reformat for print (in which case wow, go you!) or that you have just won the lottery and have all the free time in the world to redo anything you want, it is sometimes far healthier to just accept that ya can’t win ‘em all, and move forward. (But hey, only YOU know what is best.)

When all else fails, skip it.
Really. If you absolutely cannot make the update happen on time, let it go. Shoot for the next one, or the next possible time. Hey, sometimes you may even need to call it in advance if you just can’t get it done, are taking a vacation, or just feel too run-down and KNOW it is not a good idea to force it to happen. I wouldn’t recommend making it a habit, and if you do and think it could be a few weeks or more, be up-front and announce a hiatus - but certainly don’t feel ashamed if you need time off. It happens! This isn’t the ONLY thing going on in your life, it would be great if it was, but it’s not. Take care of what needs taking care of, and comic when you can comic.

At the end of the day, just try to remember,

You’re VERY ambitious!
On default, if you are taking on a comic project on top of your normal responsibilities, wow, you must be a real go-getter! I’m impressed. Maybe even a little intimidated. When it gets to be too much, your “too much” is probably at a much higher threshold than you realize. What you are doing takes a ton of work, and while I hope some of the tips above help you buckle down and do so more efficiently, also notice how often it is stressed to cut yourself some slack now and again! You’re doing the comic thing. Keep it up!

Samcedes finale continued...

part 1 can be found here.


6 Months Later

Sam smiled as he hit send on the text message he just wrote to Mercedes saying how happy he was to hear she was visiting her family in Ohio. He hadn’t seen her physically since that day she sang to them. Of course they kept in touch, Sam made it his duty to keep up with her via text message, twitter, Facebook and skype. Skype was his favorite because he got to see her smile when they talked. He knew she was coming to see her family but he wanted to make sure he got to spend as much time with her as possible.

Mercedes smiled as she looked at the response she received from Sam saying that he had an entire night planned out for them. She was looking forward to it because touring with Beyoncé was as tiring as it looked and this would be her first break because they were performing in Ohio. She was happy to see her family too but she also wanted to see her friends, mainly Sam. She gave herself a once over before finally deciding she looked great and made her way over to his place.

Sam tidied up his small bachelor pad. Although they weren’t staying in he wanted to keep the place nice and tidy just in case they came back and chilled. He was excited because he planned on taking her down memory lane in hopes of getting her back for good. He smiled at his reflection and prayed everything went according to plan. He gave himself a last minute pep talk before walking over to the door to answer it.

Mercedes nervously knocked on the door and patiently waited for him to answer it. She could hear him shuffling from behind the door and tried to hold in her laughter. He was still the same old Sam from high school. He opened the door and smiled at her before doing an impression to ease their nerves.

“Patience darling, patience!” he said with his Matthew McConaughey voice and smile. He moved aside so that she could walk in and reached for her coat. “Dazed and Confused. McConaughey!” she smiled at how he always explained who he was impersonating when it was always a dead ringer and needed no explanation.

“I see!” Mercedes said smiling as she allowed him to take her coat. She pretended to look around at his place as to avoid his lingering eye as he took in her outfit of choice. She smiled internally finally happy that she chose to wear the leather skirt and red blouse that didn’t shy away from her curves. “I like the décor…” she added ignoring his leering. “Country style meets city bachelor pad!” she smiled as she allowed her fingers to touch his furniture. There was a lot of football items around the living room and trophies that she remembered him mentioning that he coached a little league team on the side of being a glee director.

“Yeah, you can take the boy out of the country…” he paused and placed her coat in the coat closet and smiled at her as she completed the sentence.

“But you can’t take the country out of the boy, huh?” she asked before turning and smiling at him. He walked over to her and hugged her as if he’d been waiting his entire life to do so. She was a bit shocked but wrapped her arms around him and inhaled his aroma. It felt good. It felt like she never left. She almost didn’t want to pull away. “Sam…we have reservations.” She reminded him.

“Right! Let’s get going before we are late.” He stated finally pulling away even though he wanted to kiss her. She chuckled as he took her hand in his and made way towards the door forgetting he left her coat in his closet.

Dinner was great they found themselves laughing and talking about everything from glee days to what’s been going on with her on tour and him with the club. They both steered clear of asking if there were significant others but at that point they just assumed that the other was single and enjoyed the night. After dinner, Sam took her to the lake where they first kissed. All part of his memory lane plan on getting her back. As they strolled Sam noticed her rubbing her arms and cursed himself for forgetting her coat.

“Here take my coat!” he suggested taking off his coat and wrapping it around her. She smiled remembering the last time he offered his coat to her they were in New York and he was trying to convince her to give them another shot.

“What are you doing, Sam?” she asked looking over at him suspiciously. He looked back at her pretending to be confused as he tossed rocks at the lake and walked along side of her. She shook her head and smiled. “Sam?”

“What?” he asked and tossed another rock. “Can’t a man make a wish in peace?” he closed his eyes and tossed all the rocks into the lake and then turned to her and smiled. “There! It’s done!”

“What’s done?”

“My wish!” he responded and walked off as she stood and stared at where he tossed his rocks. She knew what he was doing and she wasn’t too sure that it wasn’t working. She wasn’t too sure if she wanted it to work at all. All she knew was that she was really enjoying his company. “Are you coming or do you plan on making a wish as well?” she looked at him and smiled before bending down and picking up a rock.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt.” She closed her and thought of a wish and then exhaled before tossing the rock into the water. When she opened her eyes Sam was standing near her and staring at her. “There…it’s done!”

“What did you wish for?” he asked. She looked back at the water then smiled before stepping closer to him and reaching up to kiss him softly on the lips. “That!” She replied softly and smiled as he pulled her back pressing his lips on hers and holding her tight.

The ride back to his apartment, Sam couldn’t take the smile off his lips and every red light was an opportunity to kiss her lips once more.  He’d never begged for a red light as much as he was doing as they drove to his place. Every once and a while a car behind would honk at him as he’d forget where he was kissing her. Mercedes smiled as she watched him fiddle with his keys when they got in front of his door. It was funny seeing him lose his concentration just from kissing her.

“Sam…calm down!” she placed her hand over his and took the key from his hand opening the door as he slid his arm around her waist and pulled her in for a kiss again and kicking the door closed behind them as they walked in. Mercedes never knew just how much she had missed Sam till this very moment and she was happy to see that he felt the same way. Sam caressed and squeezed every inch of her. He couldn’t believe how well his plan worked. He was actually about to make Mercedes his girlfriend once again. And he prayed this time it was for good. He didn’t want to ruin this so he pulled away.

“Um…you want to watch a movie or something?” he asked causing her to look at him in shock. “Or maybe you want to just talk…it’s your call.” He paused and looked at her reading her reaction and sighing.

“Are you alright Sam?”

“I…look I just want to do this the right way. I love you…and I don’t want to pressure you into doing anything that you aren’t ready for, you know?” he confessed. Mercedes had already made up her mind about it all the moment she decided to come to Ohio. She was ready but she wanted it to be with Sam. She wasn’t sure if they were ready for a relationship but she wanted this experience with him.

“I understand.” She smiled and took his hand guiding him towards what she assumed was his bedroom. The look on his face was enough to push her through it as she lightly pushed him on the bed and undid her top allowing it to fall on the ground. A year ago she would have shied away from this but after touring with Beyoncé for 6 months she learned to enjoy every part of her body. Sam sat in disbelief as he watched her top fall to the ground before realizing what was about to take place and quickly taking off his shirt. He pulled her to him and just held her there for a moment as she ran her fingers thru his hair. This was about to happen.

“Are you sure?” he asked looking up at her. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her bottom lips as if she was about to change her mind. This was his opportunity to step up and show that he could handle it. “We don’t have to do anything. We can just…” he paused trying to think of the right words to say when she opened her eyes and smiled at him pushing him back on the bed and laying on top of him.

“We can just do it!” she responded before kissing him. He rolled her over till he was on top and sucked lightly at her bottom lip and linking his fingers with hers. Mercedes felt herself floating as she placed his hands on her bra before wrapping her legs around him pushing his closer to her. He hovered his hand on her breast wondering if he was still restricted to the “over the bra” rule. He stared into her eyes kissing her and pulling the strap from bra down her shoulder slowly. She didn’t stop him. She wanted this and she was ready. He slowly kissed a trail from her lips to her shoulders waiting for her to stop him but she didn’t so he continued, pausing every now and then to ask if she was okay.

The next morning, Sam woke up and she was gone, leaving only a note thanking him for a wonderful evening. Sam sat up and stared at the note in disbelief. He really believed that she would have stayed and they would have worked out a way that they would be together. He picked up his phone and called her but it went to voicemail. He cursed himself for not following his instinct. He shouldn’t have pushed her and now he may have lost her and this time for good.

Mercedes sat in front of her parent’s during dinner looking at her phone as Sam called once more. She knew she shouldn’t have left the way she did but she really hated goodbyes. And this time would have been the hardest of them all. She knew he wanted more and there was no way she could give that to him yet. She was all over the place and he was a country boy looking to stay as country as possible. She was leaving to head back to the tour bus later that evening and pretending to enjoy dinner with her family before leaving.

“Mercedes, you have a visitor!” her mother stated walking back into the room with Sam standing behind her with his hands in his pocket. Mercedes closed her eyes and sighed. She should have known he wasn’t going to just leave things like that. She should have known he would have came over. “Nice seeing you again Sam.” Mercedes forced a smile on her face as she rose from the table and walked past Sam.

“It was nice seeing y’all again.” He waved to the Jones family before following Mercedes back out the door. He knew she was upset seeing him but he just couldn’t let her leave like that. Not after the night they shared. “Mercedes, I was…”

“Sam, you know I hate goodbyes. You shouldn’t have came here.” She cut him off turning to face him. Sam looked shocked as he tried to read her reaction.

“You left me a note…a note!” he said waving the note in front of her. She sighed and looked at the note as if she wasn’t the one that wrote it.

“I don’t like goodbyes.” She replied softly handing him back the note. Sam took the note and looked at her confused.

“Why would it be goodbye?” he asked. “I thought we’d…you know…since we…” he was slowly starting to realize he had once again jumped the gun on everything.

“I never said we were getting back together, Sam. You can’t keep making me seem like the bad guy here and putting me in situations where I have to keep telling you that this isn’t the right time for us.” Mercedes responded turning around. She couldn’t even look his way at the moment, knowing she would crumble. “Look, I still have months to go on this tour and who knows when I will be back here.”

“Mercedes, I don’t care! I want to be with you.” He stepped closer to her but she stepped away wrapping her arms around herself.

“You always gotta make this hard, don’t you?” she felt a tear slide down her face. Once again he managed to make her say goodbye. “You couldn’t just enjoy what we had like most guys would?”

“I’m not most guys, Mercedes!” he replied. Mercedes knew he was right but she just knew that if they were together now they’d be over before the tour was over.

“Sam, I love you more than I can even start to explain right now but I am living my dream right now and…” she paused not wanting to say the wrong thing but her silence was enough to cause Sam to step back.

“…and you don’t see me in it, right?” he asked unsure if he wanted to know the answer.

“No…I do…just…not right now.” She replied looking down at her hands. Sam shook his head and turned away from her before turning back towards her.

“Mercedes, this is crazy! You know, I have proven time and time that I am not going nowhere! Even through the whole Sue hypnosis thing…”they both frowned thinking about it all. “No matter who’s around you’re it for me.” He said taking her hand in his.

“I know, Sam.”

“Mercedes you told me how important it was that you have that moment with someone giving just as much as you are when you finally have…”he paused and looked around lowering his voice. “…sex…and I did that last night! It meant something to me and I know it meant something to you too. I have waited and showed you that I can go the distance. What do I have to do for you to see how much you mean to me?” he asked causing her to look at him. Mercedes knew he was worth it all but she didn’t want to lose him just because she wanted to keep him. If that made any sense at all. She knew he wouldn’t leave this alone so she gave him what he wanted, which was exactly what she wanted but was afraid to admit. She pulled him in for a kiss and felt him relax and cup her face before hugging her.


This is the next part of my finale and of course there is more. I know this doesn’t follow any of the themes for this Samcedes Week but I promised that I would post it for you all. I am not sure if I will put this on Fanfic as I stated before (too lazy) lol