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I wonder if anyone still plays this game

I absolutely loved the Steven Bomb; the Crewniverse never seems to disappoint me

That being said, Aquamarine may be a smol ball of evil, but I think her design and sass are cute nonetheless, so I did a thing in AC:NL! Feel free to use the design ^^ (Although it’s not completely art[?], credit when shared off-site is very much appreciated!)

Version with sleeves and version with no sleeves plus examples at the end to show what it looks like

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further proof that taliesin is into BDSM: in the Q&A after episode 10, someone made a joke that all the cast were close friends and had close bonds, which turned into "bondage friends." of course everyone was laughing, and taliesin said something like "those are a very different kind of friend" and then "i meet with them once a month" and matt looks at him and says something like "oh yeah, that's true" and taliesin says "yeah, it's funny because it's true." i love this man so much

i am eternally delighted by how openly authentic he is, honestly? and incredibly encouraged by the fact that, despite that (or perhaps because of it), he still has what seems to be a wonderful group of friends.

like… it’s very nice, and very comforting, to see an adult who is so open about their mental health issues and alternative lifestyle, and is unapologetically themself and unapologetically weird in the way taliesin is, and who still has friends, and a job, and a social life. as a young, weird, alternative 20-something that is still slightly confused by the fact she has friends who are chill with her weirdness, it’s. nice. very nice. shoutout to taliesin for doing A Good for my soul tbh.

hey so i’m way too lazy to make a separate twitter for spoilers so i’m dumping my kh 0.2 liveblog here, under a cut! it is RIFE with SPOILERS so this is your fair warning about that. also, since cuts don’t work on mobile, PLEASE SCROLL LIKE THE WIND if you are on your phone and averse to these things

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I’m seeing a lot of PTA Sans lately and while I absolutely love the idea of the Undertale gang taking suburban life by storm, I feel like he’s being a bit too ooc

Sans doesn’t yell. Sans doesn’t take charge. Sans is lazy. Sans is subtle.

He wouldn’t be the one standing up to Linda and taking her down a notch all heroic with the rest of the pta members applauding behind him- he’s the guy who takes her down from the shadows, so to speak. He arranges for things to go wrong in tiny little ways until she breaks /herself/. 50/50 on whether or not he ever lets her know it was him.

If he ever did call her out in front of others, it’d also be subtle. He’d twist her words in ways she couldn’t argue with without sounding worse. She’d have to learn how to speak carefully or just not speak at all.

Sans, also, is more of the type to encourage others to take action, but in ways that have them coming to that idea themselves. He’s not a leader by any means. (Too lazy) It’d be more like “linda sure likes to brag about herself, huh papyrus? wonder what she’d do if she ever found out you know a superstar.”

Which would set Papyrus off on getting Mettaton to come to the meetings or the get-togethers or what have you, taking up all the spotlight, being condescending as possible to her while still maintaining his composure.

Don’t get me wrong, intimidating, threatening Sans is all well and good, but give me frustrating, shit-eating grin, ‘what? all i did was ask if you /meant/ that to sound racist’ Sans any day.

There’s nothing of beauty within her, not anymore, not since something restless found its way into her veins, not since she inhaled the shadows on his lips and let his ashes blacken her lungs, and how his skin tasted of liquor, of lost nights and a name that drips off her lips like honey and blood. The only place she sees the light of his eyes is when it flickers across a television screen, the search still on for his head, for the destruction on his tongue and poison in his grin, for the blood caked on his heel and the cracks of his palms, for the rapid creature he created in her, and the way she prays there were only stars where skin met bone.
—  Dionysus and Ariadne (M.M.)
  • Meet jeon jiwoo, the colourful joker of KARD who is mainly in charge of giving unintentional glares. I mean, singing, dancing and rapping is her main game in KARD. 
  • She takes no bullshit from B.M and will pull no strings at reining him in if he gets too nonsensical for her liking
  • But still, your girl could be the sweetest mochi alive 
  • She’s cold on the outside but extremely warm on the inside. 
  • Spends a lot of time with taehyung aka j.seph and loving every second of it 
  • Mostly independent 


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Yo Pip, who is not fourteen, have you got any gen-fic recs for Danny Phantom?

man it’s been a while since I’ve read any dp stuff heavily and I’m not on top of anything currently updating, but here’s some fics I have enjoyed that are pretty gen:

I know there’s a lot more out there so I’ll throw this out on the tag. feel free to add any gen recommendations to the list!

Anidala And Reylo

So you’re telling me that John Williams put notes in reversed order from Padme and Anakin’s love theme “Across the Stars” into Rey and Kylo’s theme. Their themes share this reversed motif together and Rey’s theme corrects Kylo’s theme. 

And also we can see some pretty apparent parallels between the last acts of ROTS and TFA where Anakin/Kylo confronts Padme and Obi Wan/Rey and Finn.

Except while Padme was out of the scene after Force Choke and Obi Wan was doing all the fighting, Rey actually participated in the duel and kicked Kylo’s ass in a process.

It’s like the writers decided to remind us of Anidala in TFA. And for some reason they chose Rey and Kylo (of all people!!!) to resemble them and at the same time to be the opposite of them.

It’s like Reylo IS Anidala - only reversed. Anidala started good and ended with Padme dying and Anakin becoming Darth Vader. And Reylo starts pretty bad and it ends with… what?

I don’t know but I am pretty sure it won’t be The Light Jedi Goddess Rey Skywalker slaughtering her stupid evil cousin. 


The Lady and The Chauffeur- Four Outfits [4/4]

The Chauffeur’s Livery

“I loved her, more than I thought I could love somebody else.” - Stefan Salvatore about Elena Gilbert. 

And you guys are telling me that Steroline is endgame and trying to persuade me that Stefan really loves Caroline, that he’s always loved her. Bitch Where? ‘Cause last I checked he swerved Caroline and went straight for Elena so I still don’t get where you guys are getting this mess from. 

Oh, and one last thing, Stefan loved Elena more than he could ever love anyone else. Let that sink in. Let it marinate. Let it be K N O W N that Elena is Stefan’s one true love. 


Look :’) how far :’) she’s come since her first appearance :’) So proud of her :’) She’s so much happier :’)

After a long time, too much procrastination and three or four solid days of putting this thing together, it’s finally finished!!

I put this together for my media class, where I decided to reanimate Sailor Moon’s transformation sequence. It’s nowhere near perfect, and I still have a long way to go in terms of quality, but for my first big animation, I’m pretty proud of it.

This Usagi design was largely inspired by @shrimpea’s Usagi, because her Sailor Moon fanarts are the cutest!! Plus I just love chubby Sailor Moon. :3c

Also shout out to @sailormooncrystalfailures for running her blog and making me laugh, as well as provide examples on what not to do lmao

!!! Please do not repost this anywhere !!!

Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi
Art and animation © me


Credits to Ashley Callingbull on this.

So apparently her post on this got deleted by Facebook because of butthurt people. I’m glad i took a screenshot of her post before it got deleted because there are a lot of people who still needs to get it in their heads that our culture is not a costume, do not make fun of our culture, don’t make fun of our way of life. It’s just disrespectful, in my opinion at least.

This sweet little girl is Tillie. Nine years old, diagnosed with glaucoma around age five. Eventually she lost all sight and her eyes were removed to stop her constant pain. She still loved playing fetch and snuggling, especially in a little bin filled with blankets. Tillie is a basset fauve de Bretagne (submitted by official-pizza-team)

I'm angry.

I’m angry because we didn’t get to see Carol wake up and reunite with Beth.

I’m angry because Maggie didn’t get to see her sister alive.

I’m angry because we got Father Gabriel sneaking out the church and walking around because why the fuck not.

I’m angry because we got Dawn’s backstory bullshit that didn’t matter since she was still a bitch in the end.

I’m angry because we got yet another rushed reunion.

I’m angry because of the way Beth was killed.

I’m angry because we got more Daryl cryface and not enough Maggie.