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Sasuke’s handcrafted flower crown.

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I'm looking for Sherlock blogs to follow

Hi, it’s not so long ago that I made this account. In fact, I’m also new on Tumblr. As the title of this post says, I’m looking for Sherlock blogs to follow them, but I have no idea where to start.

The reason is that I noticed there are toxic parts in this Fandom that are spreading hate towards the writers, the actors and other fans. I’m not saying that season 4 was perfect, but I think hate will never be okay.

So that’s why I thought it would be awesome if you interacted with this post in some way (commenting, liking, reblogging: whatever suits best for you) so I can notice where the nice fans are and follow them.

I’m not looking for any particular ship; I’m a sherlolly shipper, but I don’t mind following blogs about other ships, or blogs dedicated to the actors, or the series in general. We all love Sherlock, so that’s enough for me.

These topics are the only exceptions: ship wars and the conspiracy. In the case of the last one, I have seen what some fans of it are capable of and it’s scary. I’ve even been attacked by one of them, but I’m not here to talk about that.

Finally, I reiterate the invitation: no matter what you ship, if adlock, johnlock, sherlolly, and others, or any in particular. As long as you respect others and are more invested in enjoying what you love than in spreading hate towards others, please let me know so I can follow you.

Note: English is not my first language, so I hope this post makes sense.

Old Friends (m)

Word count: 3,205

Warning: Jungkook smut

Jeon Jungkook is perhaps the only person you consider a sworn enemy. You definitely didn’t intend to ever see him again after high school.

But things never go to plan, do they?

“What’s your name again?”

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LadyD 500 Followers Giveaway!

Thanks everyone who decided they wanted to follow my crazy blog. Because It warms my heart so, I decided to do a giveaway. Something I do that I enjoy is make chapter banners for my fanfiction. So why not make one for five of my followers!?

Rules etc.

  • The giveaway will end on April 15
  • I will figure out that number/name randomizer thingy, or whatever, to draw 5 winners
  • You don’t have to be a writer to win one
  • You do have to be a follower
  • You do have to be a real person with a blog who is part of the Bioware fandom (preferably ME and DA OCs pls), and not a giveaway blog (whatever that is) or a bot
  • I will do up to two people in the image, ie OC and OC, OC and LI something like that - we can discuss if it will be possible
  • Your OC does not have to fall into the strict options we get in CC

So here’s the thing, if you end up being one of the 5 winners, we will have a chat. You will tell me about your OC and what you want for your banner/picture. I make these in photoshop to look like Illustrations. You can send me face claims (If CC never worked for you, you who just don’t have a CC version of your OC) or screenshots of your OC. Does your OC have like massively curly hair? Do they have a special tattoo that’s unique to just them? We can work with that. Abner has a unique tattoo, a septum piercing, and dreaded hair - but she still gets banners ;)

Thats it! That’s the thing! Like and reblog as much as you want to (without being a prick) and good luck!


Another day ’s story~
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Lost and Found

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Two sweeps and a bit is a touch too young to make it on your own.

A prologue/taster for something I’m working on, hoping to get the first proper chapter out soon. 

anonymous asked:

Do you have any meta about Bobby and Cas relationship? It's clear it's a father in law, son in law dynamic but no one ever talks about it and I don't know how to put it into words. I'd love to hear your thoughts about it.


Most of my Bobby stuff re: Cas is re: Destiel under the tag #bobby knows :)

Re: Cas specifically, tbh it still falls under this for me as it is very similar to Sam.

Dean is the central character around which the others revolve. Cas is brought in from the outside and interacts with Dean’s family. It’s a little like the love chevron with Crowley too, Dean is always the central character and the others have their own links but many of them are through Dean.

Bobby was there at their first meeting. He has seen their relationship develop as well as being one of the few first people ever to actually meet an Angel.

Originally posted by castieledits

Cas is Sam’s brother in law and Bobby’s son in law and this is reinforced in the text and all their interactions. 

I have written loads about Sam - Cas brother in law dynamics and how once Destiel is canon I hope that we see more Sam - Cas friendship / own brotherhood as they will be able to get closer without jeopardising the strength of Dean and Cas’ own bond.

Bobby absolutely treats Cas as a son - in - law. Their interactions are stilted at first, awkward, but then they get to know each other and have a mutual link of the boys (yes, both of them, though it is always stronger through Dean as, well, Destiel and Dean is Bobby’s favourite…).

Son-in-law and brother-in-law dynamics for me work around the fact that the central character (Dean) holds them together and whilst they can absolutely have their own relationship, most of their interactions revolve around the central character. Like how Sam always tells Dean to call Cas rather than calling him himself, how Cas always looks 80% of the time at Dean when addressing them both etc. How even when Sam and Cas have that 1 episode (yes, 1 episode over the span of a decade) where it’s the two of them together without Dean it starts out awkward and they do bond of course and it is glorious, but they do also end up talking about Dean.

The way Bobby and Sam are the ones to suspect Cas is not being honest in season 6 and bring it up so gingerly while Dean tries “desperately to stay loyal” and to prove them wrong … THIS IS HOW THIS TROPE WORKS. Then they just continued building on it for 6 years and it’s brilliant.

The way Sam and Bobby both forgive Cas for this dishonesty because they know he did it with best intentions and to protect Dean, to protect them all.

Bobby - Cas generally revolves around Dean. Eg. In Frontierland it is both of them, sure, how they work together using Bobby’s soul to get them back but then in Inside Man it is all about Dean (oh and both of these are written by Dabb by the way).

Originally posted by sunlitcas

Meanwhile, it is Bobby who addresses the loss of Cas for Dean in season 7, both before he dies in 7x01-02 and after his death (after having had his own relationship with his wife mirrored in Cas/Dean during season 6 up to Cas’ death in 7x02). 

Originally posted by thejabberwock

Bobby KNOWS. It makes total sense when you see his interactions with Cas as a father-in-law.

Of course they have their own relationship too, in season 5 Cas’ power down is paralleled to Bobby’s loss of the use of his legs. Then it is by proxy Cas’ fault that Bobby is killed (by the Leviathan) but Bobby doesn’t hold this against him, they work together to save Dean, of course.

Oh, let’s also throw in Mary in season 12 as a parallel to all this too.

TL;DR : Running theme of the show: Dean is the central character, Dean / Cas is romantic and Dean’s family all treat Cas like his partner.

Superfriends at Hogwarts

#SanversWeek #Day4 @queercapwriting

I wasn’t planning on doing the Hogwarts AU, but I did. It’s not my favorite. It’s ok. More Superfriends than Sanvers, but they’re there too.

It’s after dinner on the first night back at Hogwarts, and Alex is running from The Great Hall to the Room of Requirement to meet up with her friends, like they’ve been doing the past three years since she’s been here.

Alex rounds the corner of a quiet part of the castle and nearly trips on a lump of robes. She spins, fumbling a little down the stairs, around the person huddled on the step and when she gets to the bottom, she turns, hands on hips, furious. She opens her mouth but stops, takes in the little girl with bright green eyes rimmed red and puffy, her dark hair in her face, crying. She kneels in front of her, “Hey, are you…are you ok?”

The girl looks up at her, and Alex registers her green tie—Slytherin—and thinks the girl looks vaguely familiar, but she can’t quite place her. She stays though, because she looks so small, so sad, “First Year?”

The girl nods.

“Are you lost?”

“No. I just…I didn’t want to be in Slytherin. But my family…they’re all…so I figured I would be, but I was really, really, hoping I wouldn’t.” She slumps down further, and Alex puts a hand on her shoulder.

“Hey, look…it’s ok. It’s just a house. I know…I know a lot of people make a big deal out of it, but it’s not. You shouldn’t. You can be whoever you want.”

“Easy for you to say. You’re a Gryffindor. Everyone likes you. Well…everyone except…”

“Slytherins.” Alex smiles, “What’s your name, kid?”

“Lena…” she doesn’t add her last name, but she doesn’t have to. Alex knows.

Alex’s eyes get a little wide, but she tries to cover, “You’re Lena Luthor?”

Lena sighs. Another person who knows who she is and who will hate her on-sight, “Yeah.”

Alex looks around, but there’s no one else in the hallway. She looks back at Lena, still so small. She reminds her of her own sister. “Can I trust you, Lena?”

Lena sits up straighter,“Yes.”

Alex doesn’t know why, but she believes her. She feels like she can trust her. “Ok. First of all, my name is Alex. Alex Danvers. It’s nice to meet you.”

She holds out her hand and Lena shakes it firmly, as if proving to Alex that she’s taking this very seriously. Alex tries not to laugh at the little girl.

“Second of all, there’s a special place in this castle. It’s called The Room of Requirement. Have you heard of it?”

Lena shakes her head.

“That’s ok. Most people haven’t. That’s good though. It’s a secret place.”

 Lena’s eyes grow wide. “Now, an old friend of mine, she told me about this place after she graduated. Do you know Hermione Granger?”

Alex didn’t think the kid’s eyes could get wider, but somehow, they do. She nods furiously. “You know Her—Hermione Granger?”

Alex shrugs, “She was my Potions tutor when I was a First Year.”

Lena whispers to herself, “Wow.”

“So, The Room of Requirement. I’m headed there now, actually. We have a…a sort of club? I guess you could call it that. There’s a few of us who don’t quite fit in. We get together there when we have free time or free periods. We hang out, study, whatever we want. We’re all in different houses, so we needed a place that we could get together that wasn’t a common room. And the library…well, sometimes there’s just too many people there.”

Alex stands, extends a hand to Lena, “Would you like to come with me? I’ll introduce you to everyone.”

Lena looks up at Alex. She wants to say yes, Alex can see it in her face. But then she squints, puzzled, “Why would you invite me? No one likes the Luthors.”

Alex gives her a smile, “You said I could trust you. You were telling the truth, right?”

Lena looks offended, “Of course I was!”

“Ok…so…do you want to come?”

Lena tentatively grabs Alex’s hand and lets her pull her to her feet. As they walk down the hall, Alex gives her the rundown.

“Now, don’t feel like you have to remember all of this, but I’m going to throw it at you anyway, just so you know what you’re walking into. So there’s me, Lucy Lane and James Olsen—all Gryffindors. My little sister just started, she’s a Hufflepuff though. Her name is Kara. Her friend Winn is a Ravenclaw, and…” Alex hesitates, just slightly, “and so is my girlfriend, Maggie.”

Lena stops, stares at her. Alex stops too, “That ok with you?”

Lena tilts her head, “Wait—is there going to be kissing in this club? Because kissing is gross.”

Alex laughs, and 11-year-old Lena crosses her arms, offended that she thinks it’s a joke. Kissing is gross. She knows that.

Alex thinks on how alike she is to her own sister, and puts an arm around her, promising, “No, not a lot of kissing. Only when the First Years aren’t looking.”

Lena looks at her and realizes she can probably live with that. It’s better than having no friends, she figures. “Fine.”

“Ok.” Alex leads them a little further and stops in front of what looks like a brick wall, “Super friends hangout,” she whispers, thinking it louder than she’s saying it, but saying it for Lena’s benefit.

Suddenly a door appears. Alex opens it wide and steps inside.

Lena is frozen in the doorway, mouth open. She’s staring into a cozy but large room with high ceilings. A fireplace is roaring with couches and pillows around it. Some hard, wooden tables are on the opposite wall with books scattered across them. In the far corner, a little table and chairs tucked into a corner with a chessboard on top.

Inside, Winn and James are taking turns aiming curses at a dummy.

Kara is flying around the ceiling on her broom with Lucy chasing her, not far behind, occasionally getting close enough to reach out a hand and yell, “You’re it!,” both of them turning on a dime and Kara chases her the opposite way.

Maggie sees Alex and runs up to her, pulling her into a hug. Alex pecks her on the cheek. Lena grimaces, “Heyyyyy! You promised!”

“Sorry! Sorry. I did.” Then to Maggie’s confused face, “No kissing in front of First Years.” Maggie laughs and Alex grabs Lena’s hand, pulls her in, and whistles loud.

Lucy and Kara land softly, Winn and James stand next to them, all facing Alex and the little girl holding her hand, looking at her with varying degrees of confusion.

“Everyone, this is Lena. Lena Luthor.” There are a few eyebrow raises, but she continues, “She’s a First Year, so be kind. Lena, these are the Super Friends,” she goes down the line-up, “Lucy Lane, Kara Danvers, Winn Schott, James Olsen, and obviously, that’s Maggie. Maggie Sawyer.”

Kara runs up and pulls her into a hug, “You’re a First Year? Me too! I’m so scared, but I had Alex show me around to my classes, and these guys…well these guys I know too. They’ll help me out. No—us! They’ll help us out. Right guys?”

Everyone just nods slowly. They’re not sure about a Slytherin, and less sure about a Luthor, but Alex brought her here, so Alex must trust her. They will too.

James answers first, “Of course we will.”

Lucy chimes in, “Don’t be afraid to ask.”

“Are you any good at Wizard’s Chess? I heard your brother was pretty good…maybe he taught you some things?” Winn asks.

Lena shrugs, “I’m ok.”

Winn grabs her hand, “Let’s play!” he adds, “These guys aren’t any good.”

“Hey!” Maggie shoves him playfully.

“Well you’re not! It’s not my fault!”

“Whatever Schott, go play chess with the First Years.” She thinks, grins, “And uh…take it over into that corner…”

Alex follows her gaze toward the corner furthest from where they’re standing, out of eyesight, “Yeah…definitely that corner. Kara go too.”

Kara scoffs, “What? Why?”

Maggie grabs Alex’s robes and pulls her into a deep kiss.

Lucy whistles before James hooks an arm around her neck and kisses her too.

Winn rolls his eyes, and Kara and Lena cover theirs, “Gross!”

Kara, Lena and Winn walk to the corner to play chess. Lucy and James huddle up on a couch and flip open their books to start studying.

Maggie adjusts Alex’s robes that she just crumpled, “You sure about this, Al?”

Alex kisses her on the nose, looks over her shoulder and Lena, Kara and Winn laughing in the corner, “Yeah. I’m sure. She’s a good kid. I trust her.”

Maggie kisses her cheek, “Ok then.”

They join James and Lucy on the couch, all of them pulling out their Third Year books to start studying. They’re occasionally distracted by flying chess pieces that earn Kara, Lena and Winn glares from the four of them, and once, after being hit in the head with a rook, Lucy sends an exploding paper airplane their way that makes them jump and have to restart their game.

After dark, they head out to their respective common rooms. Maggie promises to take Lena to the dungeons. Before she turns to leave Lena runs back, wraps her arms around Maggie, “Can you tell Alex thank you for me?”

Maggie hugs her back, “You can tell her yourself. I’m sure you’ll see her tomorrow.”

Lena grins and Maggie watches her go, “A Luthor,” she laughs to herself, “I can’t believe it.”

thedrunknextdoor  asked:

im sorry im still at such a loss like i ventured into the anti tag once and there was someone asking, 'so i don't understand why this is considered wrong?' and they deadass answered 17 year old and 25 is (y'know the word they used) and idk how to tell most of my family and everyone they know that they are now criminals and problematic it doesnt matter if theyre relationship is healthy they are nOT SAFE

I remember seeing a post basically saying you should tell your parents that their relationship is wrong if there is a large age gap between them and I had to just sit for a moment and process the stupidity I had just read it’s unreal


I remember getting my first American girl doll. I remember how much I loved her. When I went to my friends house; 4 years old, she and I would be the moms. We didn’t think there was anything wrong with that.
When I was five I met a new friend. She had two mothers. My mom was close friends with both. I didn’t think anything of it besides the fact she had TWO moms ! How lucky

When I was 10 I heard the word “faggot” for the first time. I didn’t know what it meant but I knew I didn’t want to be called that.
By the time I was 13, I knew what that meant. And I hated myself for thinking a word like that could define who I was.
I took so much time hating myself… that I didn’t love myself.

I remember waking up sobbing when gay marriage was legalized. I thought, “I finally have a chance.”
I remember coming out shortly after then to my family. I was welcomed and supported. I don’t know why I hadn’t done it sooner.

I still don’t understand how people can look at any person of the LGBTQIA+ community and think that there is a problem in learning to love another person or in loving ones self.

this pride month is a reminder to me, that even after almost two years of being out, there is still so much I can do for the other people in this community.

I hope you all stay safe and have a gay time 🌈 you deserve so much love


Well technically I I did a LawMari thing on the first page >//////< like a short comic T////T but it got messed up cuz i decided to color my new markers right on the back of it x//////////x --BAD MISTAKE–

So anyways– first 5 I drew on it WAS!!!!

– i’m not doing this in order HAHAHAH oh oops my hair’s supposed to be red ewe –

[ me trying so hard to draw his hawtness x////////x;; *sweats* I COULDN’T EVEN DRAW HIS ARMS *SOBS* NEXT TIME BBY, NEXT TIME X/////////X ]

[ Good luck to your studiessss~!! <3 I AM SO SORRY FOR THE ARMS I’M EMBARRASSED WHEN I LOOK AT IT AGAIN ;//////////; THE SHOULDERS TOO OMG… ]

[ OHH HOW I HAD FUN WITH THIS. EVERYONE CAN TELL X//////X It’s always fun drawing Mahiru!! x//////x <3 I messed the colors up on his pants, so i blocked it off, even though i was proud of drawing legs for once ;w; it was too bad </3 –FRICKKK MEE– ]

He finally got his role as a prince! <3 Ever since he was little, he was appointed as a tree. Not that he didn’t mind since his classmates needed a replacements for the role as a tree…. he was glad he could help. Not to mention, Kuro was always watching him cheering him on, so MahiMahi would always get excited to play as the tree waving his tree branches towards Kuro, trying to get his attention even though the only one Kuro looks at is Little Mahiru ;D <3 <3 x/////x <3