i still don't get what happens

I needed to blow off some steam so this Yurio happened. Side note: we decided to extend the Welcome to the Madness pre-order to Monday, so if you want one you can still get it till then [here]

what i wanna know is why all the actors in skam look like they haven’t aged much through the seasons (because it’s only been about a year) 

but then Tarjei

just ages about 5 years

Hamilton: Every Song Summarized
  • Alexander Hamilton: It's ye home boi Alex
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: Two college men walk into a bar with three drunkards, and-
  • My Shot: Do you ever just want to overthrow a government (Featuring Alexander having an existential crisis)
  • The Story Of Tonight: Painful foreshadowing coming from Laurens
  • The Schuyler Sisters: its ye home gals angellica eliza AND PEGGY
  • Farmers Refuted: It's Time For Alexander's Opinion
  • You'll Be Back: I cannot fucking believe King George III is a yandere
  • Right Hand Man: Burr needs to call the rejection hotline
  • Helpless: Ye gal Eliza falls for ye boi Alex
  • Satisfied: Angelica has emotional issues and I want to help her
  • The Story Of Tonight Reprise: SPIT A VERSE, BURR
  • Wait For It: Burr spits a verse (Sort of)
  • Stay Alive: Charles Lee shows up and Laurens is like "We should shoot that guy"
  • Ten Duel Commandments: Laurens shoots that guy
  • Meet Me Inside: Alexander gets grounded
  • That Would Be Enough: HEARTBREAK.
  • Guns and Ships: L A F A Y E T T E
  • History Has It's Eyes On You: Don't fuck up because history is always watching
  • Yorktown: Alexander and Lafayette overthrow a government
  • What Comes Next?: King George is still a yandere but now he's a Bitter Yandere
  • Dear Theodosia: THE DAD SONG
  • Non-Stop: Burr wonders why and how Alexander does things
  • What'd I Miss: Jeffy boi is done getting high in France and now he's back to get high in America
  • Cabinet Battle #1: Political debate turns into a rap battle
  • Take A Break: Alexander says "No" 500000 times
  • Say No To This: Alexander forgets how to say "No" 500000 times
  • The Room Where It Happens: Burr needs to call the rejection hotline again
  • Schuyler Defeated: Alexander throws away Burr's friendship bracelet
  • Cabinet Battle #2: you must be out oF YOUR GODDAMN MIND-
  • One Last Time: Washington is resigning and Alexander has abandonment issues
  • The Adams Administration: Hamilton fucking obliterates John Adams
  • We Know: Jefferson, Burr, and Madison become the TMZ of the 1700-1800s
  • Hurricane: Alexander decides to #expose himself
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: Alexander probably regrets deciding to #expose himself
  • Blow Us All Away: Alexander encourages his son to get in a gun fight and is shocked when he gets shot
  • Stay Alive Reprise: CRUSHING DEPRESSION
  • The Election of 1800: Jefferson is tired of drama and he just wants politics
  • Your Obedient Servant: "Fucking fight me, Alex." ~Burr
  • Best of Wives and Best of Women: WOW EVEN MORE CRUSHING DEPRESSION
  • The World Was Wide Enough: "Talk shit get hit." ~Burr
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: I'M CRYING OVER A FOUNDING FATHER.

@ straight girls who have gay female friends: please! please have the same amount of interest and excitement when your gay friends talk to you about their crushes as when your straight friends talk to you about their crushes!! nothing feels worse than silence/awkward laughter after you’ve just spilled everything to your friend and then watching a straight girl doing the same & getting unlimited support!

and pls! “but i think she’s straight” “but she’s really close with *insert random boy*” “but i don’t really like her…” is! not! what your friend wants to hear! we know she could be straight. we know you don’t like her, or don’t see the appeal, because you’re straight. we know. you’ve just gotta give us support anyway, as you would another straight girl.

  • Slytherin: What's your favourite musical, guys?
  • Ravenclaw: Les Miserables.
  • Hufflepuff: Mary Poppins.
  • Slytherin: The Book of Mormon.
  • Gryffindor: underneath these stairs I hear the sneers and feel the glares of my cousin, my uncle, and my aunt.
  • Ravenclaw: What?
  • Gryffindor: I can't believe how cruel they are and it stings my lightning scar to know they'll never ever give me what I want.
  • Hufflepuff: Who's cruel?
  • Gryffindor: I know I don't deserve these stupid rules made by the DURSLEYS here on Privet Driiiiive. I can't stand all these Muggles, but despite all of my struggles...
  • Slytherin: What have I done
  • Gryffindor: I'm still alive.
  • Ravenclaw: what's happening
  • Gryffindor: I'm sick of summer and this waiting around, now it's September and I'm skipping this town.
  • Hufflepuff: it's May.
  • Gryffindor: Hey it's no mystery, there's nothing here for me nooooooooow.....
  • *loud crash*
  • *doors being thrown open*
  • *heavy breathing*
Aedion vs. swan
  • *in the kitchen*
  • Rowan: *sees Aedion with a black eye* What happened to you? Did you get in a fight with Chaol? Dorian?
  • Aedion: You won't believe me.
  • Rowan: Try me, tough guy. Now, where did you get the black eye?
  • Aedion: A swan.
  • Rowan: Excuse me?
  • Aedion: I was attacked by a swan. Okay? You happy? A stupid swan.
  • Rowan: *cough* Now how about the real story?
  • Aedion: That is the real story! It hangs out by the dock. I was just walking by and the thing came out of nowhere and BAM! Beaked me, right in the eye.
  • Rowan: It...beaked you?
  • Aedion: You still don't believe me.
  • Rowan: I just never heard anyone use the word beaked as a verb before.
  • Aedion: This isn't funny! That stupid bird attacked me! It could've blinded me! It's a vicious, vicious bird!
  • Rowan: ...
  • Aedion: Fine, forget it.
  • Aedion: *picks up ladle*
  • Rowan: What are you doing? Where are you going?
  • Aedion: I'm gonna do a little beaking of my own.
  • Rowan: Aedion, not the ladle. That's a brand new ladle! Take the baster.
  • *in another room*
  • Lysandra: *walks in, hair is still wet*
  • Aelin: Where have you been?
  • Lysandra: At the docks, took a swim. Played a prank on a really cute guy.
Drarry fics II
  • Fanfiction-author: Mmh... I haven't written some good old smut in a while... let's just start with Harry pushing Draco angrily against the wall in a fight...
  • Draco: Potter, what are you doing?
  • Harry: I don't-
  • Fanfiction-author: ... and then Harry draws closer... and closer...
  • Draco: Ew, Potter! Get away from me.
  • Harry: I'm not... I don't know what's happening. She's making me do it!
  • Draco: *huffs* Then why do I feel like your wand is pushing up against my thigh... even though you're holding it in your hand???
  • Harry: It's clearly HER fault.
  • Fanfiction-author: *evil laughter* Wait for what I have prepared for you guys in the Room of Requirement... 😜🎁🎉🎊😈😉
  • Draco: What the hell? 😳
  • Harry: *panicking* Oh no. Please don't make me lose my virginity to him.
  • Draco: Hahaha, you're still a virgin, Potter?
  • Fanfiction-author: Why are YOU laughing?
  • Draco:
  • Fanfiction-author: Also, this is a bottom!draco-fic, so...
  • Draco: WHAT??

prison break au where doug judy gets himself arrested to break jake out of jail

anonymous asked:

ik you don't blog about the show anymore, but what's your opinion about what happened at Sherlocked??

What I want to say is: PLEASE, WAKE THE FUCK UP, PEOPLE.

I know there was a part of the fandom who still thought that Moftiss were brilliant writers and that we were gonna get the ending we all dreamed of. And I understand that, really I do. But we all need to wake up.

Moftiss admitted they used homoerotic subtext in their series. They knew that would bring people towards the show. All the speculations, the metas, the discussions… that was stuff only the passionate fans would do, not the casuals. And they knew that hinting, implying something regarding Johnlock would bring the “fangirls” and the show would gain popularity. So, they kept doing that for whole 3 seasons (+ TAB).

Then, something happened. I think that they wanted to end the series with S4, but there was a problem. They didn’t want to make John and Sherlock a couple because that was never their true intention, but the situation had gotten away from their hands by that point. (translation = “too gay”) and they panicked.

So what did they do? They wrote S4 sloppily, completely retconning everything, changing the personality of the characters, giving Mary a central role and minimizing the interactions between John and Sherlock. They made that season the most #NoHomo possible because that was their plan all along: Sherlock and John solving crimes together, Sherlock alone and John marrying and then mourning his beloved wife (who shoots nicely, let’s not forget that).

S4 is the true BBC Sherlock they wanted to do but never could because they were very aware that they wouldn’t have gotten so much success if they did #NoHomo from the beginnin’.

Honestly, that was such a smart move because now they are famous and rich and the show is successful and they can tell whatever they want because the series is probably over forever (despite what Moffat says), so they won’t have repercussions of any kind. In fact, they just blame the fans because ugh, they were too stupid, too naive, they should have known that John and Sherlock were straight when they didn’t want to share a bedroom after knowing each other for 10 minutes.

Y’all, listen. Keith does not like the idea of becoming the next leader of Voltron just as much as you don’t. He’d rather stick with Red and have Shiro by his side than suddenly become an adult with unbereable responsabilities on his shoulders.

He’s been pushing aside the idea of losing Shiro again since always (Stop talking like that, you’re gonna make it” // “Why are we even talking about this? Nothing is gonna happen to you”), and I’m sure he doesn’t think he’s skilled enough to lead the group, either. 

When Lance said “Keith’s a hothead! He’s probably going to shoot first and ask questions later, except they won’t be able to answer his questions, because they’ll be dead!” it’s not that Keith denied it. Actually, he stood there quietly with an annoyed, guilty look on his face. He knows he’s right. 

This premise was just to tell you that Keith will probably be the first to say no to himself as the Black Paladin in S3. Fear, insecurity, Lance and Keith’s relationship reaching its lowest point until something happens and they come back stronger than ever; maybe he’ll mess up, too. But the others will eventually come to discover how great he actually is. They could get to co-lead, in a way; it’s not that Keith is supposed to do this alone. They are a good team and have each other’s back, always.

Keith’s not just a hothead – and there’s still so much we do not know about him –, or Shiro would have never suggested him as the new leader of Voltron. Twice.

so i walk to this mall close by my house often and it’s also near a high school, so while i was there this group of guys were hanging out in front of target (which i needed to walk by) and while i was heading towards them they suddenly got loud and these two dudes were pushed out of the group and i stopped because i didn’t want to get in their way. let’s call them Ron and Pete. so Pete starts arguing with Ron and they’re up in each other’s faces until Ron looks over his shoulder and sees me and is like ‘HEY GIRL COME HERE’ and i turned and thought he was talking to someone else but nope. he was talking to me. Pete turned and he gestured for me to go to them and i was like.. haha no and i shook my head and stared going the other direction but Ron grabbed his skateboard and rode over to me and asked me what the first thing i thought of when i looked at Pete and when i said a skater boy and immediately shouted ‘NO. WRONG. HE IS A CHEATER AND HE KISSED LARSON LAST NIGHT EVEN THOUGH WE ARE DATING’ and flipped Pete and the group off and rode away. Pete then came over to me and apologized and went after Ron..

>watching MLAndersen0 for the first time

>see this parallel

>never get around to making an edit for it

>finally remember it today

>made crappy edit in .0003 seconds

>still no shame

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To be fair though, I don't think it's unreasonable to get dressed down for being drunk at work. Everyone I've ever known who has shown up drunk has gotten fired. Does that not seem like a valid thing for a boss to get upset about?

If the details of the story are exactly as stated with no other undercurrent (which I don’t believe for a second), it still is an extreme overreaction and there is NO “to be fair” around Simon’s actions.

You know what should have happened?  Richard Griffiths and Harry Magee should have been there and made sure no one was drinking before the show. And they were there. So why didn’t they?

And if somehow, Louis snuck around and did it anyway (and none of the others did?), then Griffiths should have handed Louis’ ass to him IF and ONLY IF his performance was affected - which does not seem to be the case since every single performance that 1D has ever done is on video and dissected by fans.

But if his performance didn’t suffer, the Griffiths should have had a stern talking to with Louis and put Kim and Marco on the case to make sure it didn’t happen again.

And when Simon Cowell got back to the UK, or was otherwise near 1D and not a 12 hour flight away, he might have had a talk with Louis with Griffiths present.

Being upset about someone being drunk on the job is not unusual, extreme emotional manipulation, intimidation, and power plays with no other representation present are extremely uncalled for.

angsty starters ( + sad qoutes / song lyrics. )
  • "I love you enough to let you go,"
  • "I heard you moved on,"
  • "I didn't come here to hurt you,"
  • "Where did you go?"
  • "I'm sorry we fell in love."
  • "We'll do everything on our own."
  • "I'm so sorry,"
  • "You'll never understand."
  • "Please don't go,"
  • "I still love you,"
  • "I don't love you anymore."
  • "I never loved you,"
  • "I can't do this."
  • "We can't be together!"
  • "Will I ever see you again?"
  • "May we meet again,"
  • "I promise I'll do better,"
  • "I just want to see you, one more time."
  • "I'd give anything to see you one more time."
  • "One last time?"
  • "I don't deserve you,"
  • "You don't deserve me,"
  • "People like us don't get happy endings,"
  • "You still love me?"
  • "I never meant to hurt you,"
  • "I understand..."
  • "If you want to go, it's okay."
  • "I gave up everything for you!"
  • "I really need you to trust me,"
  • "Can you listen to me for once!"
  • "I cheated on you,"
  • "You cheated on me?"
  • "Don't expect me to come crawling back,"
  • "Shame on me, you fooled me twice."
  • "You said I wasn't just like anyone."
  • "Did I even ever cross your mind?"
  • "Can we pretend that we're in love?"
  • "I can't lose you,"
  • "Please go,"
  • "Don't you dare die on me!"
  • "I'm not losing you again!"
  • "I'm incomplete without you,"
  • "I will love you for the rest of my life,"
  • "So this is goodbye?"
  • "Kiss me goodbye."
  • "I loved them and they died."
  • "I was a bet?"
  • "You were nothing but a bet."
  • "Can you hold me?"
  • "I loved and I lost you."
  • "It's okay,"
  • "The worst day of loving someone is when you lose them."
  • "It hurts like hell,"
  • "I'm not coming back."
  • "You're never coming back?"
  • "What do you mean you're dying!"
  • "Come back to me,"
  • "What happened?!"
  • "They're dead!"
  • "Where's my love,"
  • "Don't do this,"
  • "I'll see you again."
  • "There's nothing we can do to bring them back."
  • "I don't want to be alone anymore,"
  • "You promised you'd never leave me."
  • "First love, you remember what that's like?"
  • "If I don't have you I have nothing at all,"
  • "I'm not going to fight you,"
  • "You're my friend."
  • "It's too late to apologize."
  • "You left me!"
  • "You left us!"
  • "You chose them over me,"
  • "I need you,"
  • "I was hoping that you'd stay."
  • "I never lied to you,"
  • "You said you might die so what the hell?"
  • "It's a bad joke,"
  • "We can never be the same again,"
  • "You don't need you,"
  • "You're not alone."
  • "You broke my heart."
  • "It made me think of you."
  • "You're my world."
  • "Do I wanna know?"
  • "So sad to see you go,"
  • "This is it, isn't it."
  • "Now I just sit in silence."
  • "Are you okay?"
  • "Are you hurt?"
  • "I'll go with you."
  • "How bad is it?"
  • "My feelings for you are real, they always have been."
  • "Someday you'll understand."
  • "Because I love you,"
  • "There was just something about them,"
  • "I'm sorry for breaking your heart."
  • "It wasn't an act."
  • "Time doesn't heal everything."
  • "This is your fault!"
  • "Tell me what to do!"
  • "I didn't mean for this to happen."
  • "Everythings a mess."
  • "You ruined my life,"
  • "Do you still love me?"
  • "You gotta get up, we have to go."
  • "It's okay,"
  • "It was nothing,"
  • "I'll do something."
  • "You're safe here,"
  • "Don't forget me."
  • "I ruined this,"
  • "You ruined this."
  • "Quiet is violent."
  • "You promised me!"
  • "Stop lying with those words."
  • "If this is some kind of sick joke, you better tell me!"
  • "You're all I have!"
  • "I'm not ready to say goodbye."
  • "I don't want to go,"
  • "I loved you,"
  • "You don't have to do this,"
  • "I'm afraid it's never going to be okay again."
  • "I'm terrified,"
  • "You're a monster."
  • "You're all I have!"
  • "I'm a monster."
  • "Only fools fall for you,"
  • "Everything comes to an end,"
  • "I thought I loved you."
  • "Now I just sit in silence."
  • "It's unbearable."
  • "You're my first love."
  • "I never wanted to hurt you,"
  • "I was here,"
  • "Help me,"
  • "They won..."
  • "You don't love them."
  • "You're breaking my heart,"
  • "I hate you!"
  • "It's a waste of time,"
  • "You're all I want."
  • "I've always loved you!"
  • "I can pretend anymore."
  • "i didn't have a choice!"
  • "What if it's agony now and it's hell later on?"
  • "Love I will let you go,"
  • "I left behind something great."
  • "I want you back,"
  • "I don't regret any of it, not if it kept you safe."
  • "Get over yourself,"
  • "You'll be the death of me."
  • "Everything just fell apart."
  • "What the hell am I doing here?"
  • "I want you so much but I hate your guts."
  • "I found love where it wasn't supposed to be."
  • "You still like them, don't you?"
  • "What are you doing?!"
  • "I did this to protect you!"
  • "Don't cry,"
  • "I'm not crying,"
  • "I'm dying,"
  • "A-Are you alright?"
  • "I'll come back for you."
  • "I've never felt so alone."
  • "You don't love me! You don't even know me!"
  • "I don't even know who you are anymore."
  • "I don't even know who I am anymore,"
  • "Please let me do this for you."
  • "You're one of the lucky ones."
  • "It's never going to be okay."
Charms, Potions and Spells
  • "Is your wand acting funny?"
  • "Are you sure you mixed that right?"
  • "I have an owl. What animal do you have?"
  • "Someone's rat is in my shoe!"
  • "Magic comes easy to some. Not to others."
  • "Can I have a pen that just takes notes for me?"
  • "There's a certain amount of willpower that goes into spellcasting. You have to WANT it."
  • "Have you seen the new professor?"
  • "I think I'm lost."
  • "Within the darkness you can find power."
  • "Some things need to be precise. Others... not so much."
  • "It helps to have a foci."
  • "Was it suppose to change color?"
  • "I can't do this."
  • "Did you seriously just try to charm me?"
  • "I need your help."
  • "It says the potion is suppose to smell like feet."
  • "Stay away from dark magic."
  • "Everyone can put their own personal touch on the magic they make."
  • "Let them burn."
  • "There needs to be an easier way to do this."
  • "You did WHAT?!"
  • "You're going to get caught."
  • "I had no choice."
  • "Witch trials are never going to happen again."
  • "We need to protect everyone."
  • "Have you ever flown before?"
  • "I simply don't have time for that."
  • "Invisibility is very handy."
  • "The natural order must still be preserved."
  • "Don't take the easy way out."
  • "It was either them or me."
  • "Have you ever seen a dragon?"
  • "Ready your spells."
  • "No one is going to take this from me."
  • "I can't stare at this book any longer. My eyes are going to bleed."
  • "Divination class is what I call nap time."
  • "Careful, your head's going to swell."
  • "Can you not do that?"
  • "I don't suppose there's any way to lighten a book bag..."
  • "Forbidden magic is forbidden for a reason."
  • "I walk the fine line between light and dark."
  • "Has anyone seen my crystal ball?"
  • "Why are you digging through my trunk?"
  • "What happened to you?"
Nygmobblepot what if

Okay, I’m hoping for some big battle against the Court of Owls at the end of the season that everyone gets involved in

And it’ll mean Eddie and Ozzie calling a temporary truce to their personal antagonism in order to survive the onslaught of Court assassins being sent after them (or whatever)

Then, during an ‘eye of the storm’ moment when they are hiding and unsure of their survival, they should take the time for a bit of emotional honesty. Which will be all serious and stuff - Eddie confessing he is glad Oswald survived and he is sorry he tried to kill him and Ozzie was right about them needing each other and stuff. And Ozzie would confess he still loves Ed and all that jazz

But MOST IMPORTANTLY it would include something like -

OSWALD [soft, genuine]: I’m sorry I killed Isabella.

EDWARD [instinctive, exasperated]: ISABELL-! Oh. Yes. That’s. Right, um, thank you…

Gia Quotes for the Signs
  • Aries: "You scare the shit out of people so they can't see how scared you are."
  • Taurus: "And besides, you were the one that always had my heart, you know?"
  • Gemini: "Too beautiful to die. Too wild to live."
  • Cancer: "She was like a puppy. She was like... love me, love me, love me, love me... and I did. I did. I did right away. She was my lover. The only person I really loved."
  • Leo: "I'd tell them that you don't have to be anybody. Because I'd know that being somebody doesn't make you anybody anyway."
  • Virgo: "This is life, not heaven. You don't have to be perfect."
  • Libra: "Dear book, this is another day in my life. A life is like a book. A book is like a box. A box has six sides. Inside and outside, so, how do you get to what's inside? How do you get what's inside, out? Once upon a time, there lived a very pretty girl, who lived in a beautiful box, and everybody loved her."
  • Scorpio: "You were the one, you were the only one, and you were amazing."
  • Sagittarius: "Because, if you let it be about you, then you're screwed, you know? So you have to stay separate from what's happening and you have to be somewhere else. But I don't know where that somewhere else is, you know? Or how to do that."
  • Capricorn: "Life and death, energy and peace. If I stop today it was still worth it. Even the terrible mistakes that I made and would have unmade if I could. The pains that have burned me and scarred my soul, it was worth it, for having been allowed to walk where I've walked, which was to hell on earth, heaven on earth, back again, into, under, far in between, through it, and above."
  • Aquarius: "I know, I know. Life is so disappointing. Here you are. You have arrived. You are here. This is your moment. What do you have? You have pain. You have everything. What do you have? You have nothing. Everything is right, or everything is wrong. It's disappointing, it's confusing. This is life. What can we do?"
  • Pisces: "You know what I think? I think there's a reason for everything. And I think that there's a plan for everyone. And I think that God has a big plan for me. Just not in this life."






When Tomoyo was revealed as the Other Saboteur I feared it was because she was ensuring Sakura would win, and that Sakura hadn’t actually earned the victory that she so sorely needed. More than that, Sakura was asleep, and I thought she would miss out on the plot explanation and not get to say goodbye, as per usual. 


Tomoyo was protecting her, not letting her win. Sakura won on her own merits and nothing from this plotline is going to discount that. 

Even better, Sakura gets to hear this from Tomoyo directly and ACTUALLY GETS THE CLOSURE HERSELF FOR ONCE.