i still don't get it but whatevs

Realizing that I don’t want or need you anymore is a beautiful thing. I don’t survive through your compliments or compulsively check to see if you’ve texted me. Your opinion of me no longer makes or breaks my day. I don’t need you anymore. I don’t want you, at least not as a lover, either. It’s beautiful.
Faerie/Fair Folk Starters
  • "They say strange things gather at the crossroads."
  • "Whatever you do, keep your head down and don't look anyone in the eyes."
  • "Entering a faerie circle is an easy way to get killed."
  • "Won't you come dance with us?"
  • "You're a foolish creature...but, a beautiful one. I think I'll keep you for awhile."
  • "Never insult the fair folk. Talk about them with respect, unless you're just dying to be cursed."
  • "Come away, oh human child."
  • "They can be kept at bay with iron, a salt circle, or certain herbs. But you still have to be careful!"
  • "I've taken you as my bride/groom. You should be happy!"
  • "Please, tell me you didn't eat anything they gave you!"
  • "When I was little, one of my friends disappeared after walking into a faerie circle. I never saw them again."
  • "Have you ever heard of something called "The Wild Hunt?"
  • "If you manage to impress them, you might be granted a favor."
  • "I fulfilled my promise; I gave you exactly what you asked for!"
  • "You were the one who was willing to gamble what you couldn't afford to lose."
  • "Real faeries aren't anything like Tinkerbell. Real faeries are fucking terrifying."
  • "It's said that they steal teeth from children."
  • "I hate to break it to you, but that baby's not yours, or for that matter, human."
  • "They'll put a glamour on you. You won't be able to speak, or fight back."
  • "Time passes differently in their world than it does in ours."
  • "They can't cross running water."
  • "I told you never to ask them for a favor!"
  • "You helped me. And now I will help you."
  • "Once it has you in its thrall, it won't ever let you go."
  • "What a good mortal. I'm glad I decided to keep you."
  • ---Outside Keith's Room---
  • Lance: Hey, Keith? Buddy, you in there?
  • Keith: Go away Lance.
  • Lance: //Enters anyway//
  • ---Inside Keith's Room---
  • Keith: I don't want to talk Lance, just leave me alone ok?
  • Lance: Hey, nobody's seen you since breakfast, who said anything about talking? I came to make sure you hadn't died or something.
  • Keith: ....
  • Lance: But we could always talk since I'm here now anyway. //Sits on the bed//
  • Keith: Lance-
  • Lance: C'mon man, everyone's worried about you. You barely show your face around the castle, and whenever you do you avoid everyone like you're on some kind of stealth mission.
  • Keith: //Scoffs// Nobody is worried about me, and I'm not avoiding everyone... I just...
  • Lance: //Frowns// Keith, we're a team, if you're upset, we all feel it. The whole team's out of whack. Just talk to me - despite what Pidge might have told you, I am great with feelings and junk.
  • Keith: I don't - It's just - Ugh, it's just easier not to see everyone judging me, and hating me if I'm not around them, ok?! I don't care what you say, I've seen the way they look at me - and I look normal now, but what if it gets worse? What if I do start going purple? Or I sprout fur or something stupid like that. How would they look at me then? I'd be just another Galra....... Lance, I don't think I should be on the team anymore.
  • Lance: Wait what? Are you kidding! You think you should be off the team? The team that the Red Lion chose you for? That's crazy! Keith, you've saved everyone's butts loads of times, what would we do without you? How would we form Voltron? And you know, keep the universe safe?
  • Keith: You'd find someone else-
  • Lance: There is no one else Keith! *You're* the Red Paladin. So what if you're Galra? ... Well, sure, there's the whole being a member of the race that's 'trying to take over the universe, destroy entire civilisations and trying to kill us all the time' thing but-
  • Keith: Great, that makes me feel much better.
  • Lance: Well when I say it like that it sounds bad, but that's not all you are. You're Keith first, before any of all that. It's just been a bit of a shock - it's raw you know? Everyone will come to terms with it, trust me... Like I don't know if you've noticed, but Hunk's pretty much got an alien girlfriend
  • Keith: What?
  • Lance: Sure, nobody's judging. And we've all seen Shiro's badass glowing arm thing - also Galra I might add. Does it make us think any less of him? No way! And I'm also convinced Pidge is part computer, I just don't have any proof yet.
  • Keith: //Smiles//
  • Lance: Allura's probably gonna take a little longer than the rest of us, but she's still hurting, and hey, she's like over 10,000 years old, she just needs to get with the times. Like, Galra Keith? Whatever, am I right?
  • Keith: ...... //Chuckles// Thanks Lance.
  • Lance: So don't worry, just come back to the team, we miss you. We've all got our little hang ups and stuff, so it's ok
  • Keith: Yeah, everyone except you - you're perfect
  • Lance: Uh-
  • Keith: - ! //Flustered//
  • Lance: //Flustered as hell//
All Jaywalkers when they hear..


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How the 'ADORE U' MV came about
  • Pledis: Alright, guys, so your kinda-but-not-really first MV! What do you suppose we do?
  • SVT: ...
  • Pledis: Alright so I know this is kinda scary for you guys seeing as you're officially debuting for the first time, but c'mon! Let's break the ice and get some ideas rolling!
  • Seungkwan: *raises hand proudly* I have an idea for the MV.
  • Pledis: *over enthusiastically* Yes, go for it, Seungkwan!
  • Seungkwan: We should totally do a roadtrip concept!
  • SVT: *murmurs of agreement*
  • Pledis: Alright, awesome! That would be pretty cool--
  • Dino: I have an idea too!
  • Pledis: Alright, what is it?
  • Dino: A flower-y concept where we all hang around plants and sip tea.
  • SVT: *murmurs of agreement*
  • Pledis: Uh, okay, that's pretty interesting, I guess--
  • DK: I also have an idea!
  • Pledis: Okay, shoot!
  • DK: An angel concept, where we all wear white and dance among the clouds.
  • SVT: *murmurs of agreement*
  • Pledis: Okay, nice! That makes a lot more sense--
  • Wonwoo: Wait, I have an idea as well.
  • Pledis: Uh, okay. What is it?
  • Wonwoo: A boxing concept.
  • Pledis: ...wat.
  • Wonwoo: Kinda like something out of Rocky, ya feel?
  • Pledis: But that has NOTHING to do with what you're singing about.
  • The8: Right, so why don't we do a band concept instead?
  • Pledis: You see? Now that's what I'm talking about! Great work, Jun!
  • The8: ...I'm The8.
  • Jun: I'M Jun.
  • Pledis: Oh, who cares? You're all the same underneath.
  • Chinaline: ...
  • Hoshi: But wait, why don't we do a sci-fi concept? I mean, it's out there and it's not something that many people have done before.
  • Pledis: Wait, we're still listing concepts? I thought we decided on the band idea.
  • Wonwoo: What about my boxing concept?
  • Dino: Or my plant concept?
  • DK: Or my angel concept?
  • Seungkwan: HEY! We're not gonna forget my, frankly, GENIUS idea of a roadtrip concept - are you kimbap kidding me?!
  • SVT: *arguing*
  • S.Coups: Hey, guys. Guys...HEY GUYS!
  • SVT: *turn to him*
  • S.Coups: How about we take all of the concept ideas...and merge them into one whole music video?!
  • SVT: *approving 'ahhhhh!'*
  • Jeonghan: Now that's an idea I can get behind!
  • Pledis: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but have you all gone NUTS?! WHY would you want to combine all these crazy concepts into one MV?! If your fans see this, they're gonna think you're all on DRUGS!
  • Woozi: Well...aren't we?
  • Pledis:
  • SVT:
  • Pledis:
  • SVT:
  • Pledis:
  • SVT:
  • Pledis:
  • Pledis: Whatever, do what you want - I really couldn't care less. *leaves* Shouldhavestayedwithnuestinsteadofinvestinginthesenutjobs...
  • S.Coups: Sooooooooo.............CRAZY CONCEPT MV IT IS!
The signs should know...
  • Aries: it's okay to not be okay. Let yourself break down. Cry. Let someone hug you while you do it. Remember I'll still look at you like you're standing in the top of a mountain even with red stained cheeks.
  • Taurus: you don't have to be there for everyone all the time. You are and it's noticed, trust me, but the second you let someone be there for you it'll be a gift you gave yourself. You have a golden soul and it'd be a shame if you didn't get a little of it for yourself.
  • Gemini: you made the right choice(s). I trust your decisions. You are smart. And you're in too deep to go back so live your goddamn life.this is what you have TAKE IT.
  • Cancer: you're the strongest person alive. You have mountains on your back and roses in your hair and I don't know how you do it. You're amazing. Don't let the mountains get too heavy.
  • Leo: it's okay to be frustrated. Remember why you are and don't get off track when expressing those feelings. Nobody is mad at you it's okay. I love you.
  • Virgo: you've been strong for a while now (your whole life) so go ahead and rest your beautiful brain. Be weak but only for enough time to realize that being strong is something you are, it's in you, it won't change.
  • Libra: feeling uncertain is okay!!!! If you feel it in your heart, go for it. If you feel it in your gut, turn the other way.
  • Scorpio: you're not mean, and you're not difficult. You're who you were made to be and that's nothing less than the the stars in the sky.
  • Sagittarius: every word that comes out of your mouth is heard and it is so nice to hear let me tell you. You're not annoying, and you make so many people so happy.
  • Capricorn: you don't have to be the same person that everyone always thought you were so you kinda just stuck with it. Change the way you need to for yourself and everyone else will just have to adapt. But remember that whichever "you" you choose is still 100% you.
  • Aquarius: you're understood. I get you. Keep talking. Say whatever it is you'd like. It'll be absorbed and remembered and stored in hearts and minds and souls into old age. Your words will be remembered in rocking chairs on old creaky porches at 7am when I'm old.
  • Pisces: oh you are so loved. And at every moment of every day you are on someone's mind. The smell of your hair and the sparkle in your eye and the words from your mouth scar the passerby's in shapes of stars on their mind in colors we've never seen before.

Mogami never used a gun to kill ppl probably.. but if he did…….

meaning this is completely self-indulgent, as always!!!!

why is there so much blood it’s so unnecessary and Yet i could not stop

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Thanks to you I went out and bought cafe bustelo and made an attempt at cafe cubano. I didn't have an espresso maker but it still came out pretty good and I love it so much (I don't even drink coffee that much either but damn I will now)

That’s awesome! idk how you made but here’s how it’s normally done, incase you wanna try it a different way:

my reccomendation is to get a stovetop

one of these

accompanied by this video (there are several on youtube. this one is the shortest and probably most concise) and you should be set. ive been making coffee forever and while I’m decent at it let me tell you I still can’t get it as good as whatever the fuck they’re doing at my local cuban ventana. hope this helps!

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Hello dears! Was wondering if you know of any fics where Stiles passes out/faints (for whatever reason, idc) and Derek freaks and gets all protective Alpha on him. Can be established relationship or not, I don't mind :) thank you for everything you do

Managed to find some Sterek fics with Stiles fainting, but they aren’t necessarily what you’re looking for.  Hope they still hit the spot!  -Emmy

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Esc by gertrudeabernathy 

(3,076 I Explicit I Complete)

Everything is fine, everyONE is fine. Even Boyd is probably fine, even though he is still in there, but Alison says he is tied to a wooden chair with a pissy rope and could be up and fighting anytime he wants. And Stiles is fine, he escaped by himself, didn’t he? He is a bit upset about a few things, and perhaps if they could get his heart rate under 180 that would be good, and Derek is fine and totally not switching between panicking and having a pornographic vision Stiles of spitting on his dick or anything gross and completely inappropriate like that…

OK. So not FINE, exactly.

I’m Only Human by DarkAlpha67 

(3,477 I Teen I Complete)

Stiles has always placed other’s needs above his own… And no one ever took the time to notice the strain that burden had on him.

Until him…


In which Stiles neglects to take care of himself and ends up in the hospital where he will learn a werewolf pack is just another word for Family.

Wont You Lay Your Hands on Me by twentysomething

(~3,600 I Not Rated I Complete)

“He misses his regular appointment to get shorn because he’s too busy trying to keep Scott out of trouble and he starts to look a little bit like a hedgehog. By the time he misses the rescheduled appointment though, his hair’s grown out enough that he really can’t be bothered.”

Destined by ItsAriyanna 

(5,151 I Not Rated I Complete)

“I thought you loved me,” Stiles whispers out with a lone tear falling down his cheek.

“I never said that, Stiles. You did.”

Or the five times Derek doesn’t say I love you and the one time he does.

My Sundown by BulletBlaze 

(7,210 I Teen I Complete)

Stiles isn’t coping well after his father’s attack.  He’s irritable and tired and so angry.  He’s trying to heal, but things just keep getting in the way.  Maybe he just needs to get over his own self-isolation and do something about it.

Le Beau Et La Bete by ajp9x 

(13,807 I Teen I Complete)

Breath catching in his throat, Stiles heart stopped beating as he took in the monster in front of him. It looked like a wolf, but was twice Stiles’ size. It stood on its hind legs like a human, hovering over him menacingly, with its teeth bared. Stiles felt the adrenaline flood his body and the effects of the alcohol dissipated almost immediately. He considered running, but realized that his body was frozen in shock. He was petrified.

The beast stared back at him, as he stood with his mouth hanging open, unable to move or say anything.  It moved in closer, teeth still threateningly exposed, but hesitated suddenly, cocking its head to the side and letting its lips relax. The beast inhaled, smelling Stiles, and then let out an ear-shattering howl.

Stiles fainted.

Ink and Incense by TriscuitsandSoup 

(17,803 I Mature I Complete)

Peters neighbor is afraid of needles, and Peter thinks he’s just cute enough to terrorize. It sounds darker than it is.

 “What is that boy doing?” Peter looked up from his art and glanced at the window. His pretty, pale, neighbor was attempting to cross the street. He wasn’t having much luck with his hands covering his eyes. He’d gotten himself stuck in the middle of the road, with cars passing by on either side. Still, he refused to drop his hands.

Hard to Breathe by sourwulfur 

(28,869 I Mature I WIP)

What with the Nemeton making things difficult for Stiles and the gang, a school project shoves Danny and Stiles into spending time together. That little push may be all it takes to start forming a bond as more than just classmates. Maybe Danny could be the one to help Stiles find a light in the dark where his friends are already succeeding.

The Lying Detective: A Summary
  • toby jones as disposable villain who isn't moriarty #5: I am SUPER EVIL
  • sherlock: i'm high and suicidal and apparently that's humorous! come fellow suicidal friend, let's tell my brother to fuck off
  • *later*
  • therapist: how's the baby?
  • john: I HAVE A BABY?? oh wait yeah :(
  • mary apparition: honestly bro u trippin ballz
  • *later*
  • sherlock, also trippin ballz: to quote hamlet, fucking nope?????
  • mrs hudson: *is suddenly james bond, shoves sherlock in the boot, drops him into john's lap* you forgot this
  • john: i don't care
  • sherlock: *drinking from a flower vase* apparently my abusive suicidal drug use is still v humorous at this point!! lmao i'm gonna die in 2 weeks
  • *later*
  • toby jones as disposable villain who isn't moriarty #5: *holds up a bowl of cornflakes* i'm a CEREAL killer! get it?? do you tho???? imagine if my bff the queen murdered people anyway i'm really evil in case u forgot
  • kids in hospital: and spider-man couldn't come visit us because????
  • *later*
  • faith: hi :)
  • sherlock: shit i did the bad decsioning oh well i'll do it more btw i'm STILL suicidal and overdosing
  • john: ...
  • john: you waNNA FKN GO M8???
  • sherlock, bleeding, still suicidal and now bashed by his best friend: this is all my fault and totally portraying a healthy friendship between two people that isn't abusive
  • toby jones as disposable villain who isn't moriarty #5: btw guys i am still over here being EVIL
  • *later*
  • mary: sherlock my guy my pal, if you could lean into your fatal manic abuse of drugs and depression so you can be pals with my husband that'd be tight of u go get wrecked lov u
  • sherlock: i wanna die
  • toby jones as disposable villain who isn't moriarty #5: murdering people IS SO FUN!! I AM CLEARLY SO SO EVIL RN!
  • john: fuk u m8
  • sherlock: omg thanks for coming to save me at the last minute even tho i have been suicidal and overdosing from literally the start of this episode.
  • john: ur a dick
  • mary ghost: lol he should wear the hat
  • *later*
  • sherlock: *apparently still has irene's orgasm as his text alert even tho he apparently never texts her back and it would expose her as still being alive*
  • john: aw thats cute! happy birthday btw speaking of texting i too was texting a hoe
  • sherlock: aw damn :( sucks bro :(
  • john: yeah ikr??? mary's dead but i still wish i'd done more than text my side-hoe i am literally saying that ur relationship with irene adler is the same as this
  • sherlock: *literally does and says nothing*
  • mary apparition: lmao i'm dead!
  • john: basically, life is short so u should text her back anyway i'm gonna cry now
  • sherlock: aw :( life sucks :( let's hug it out while a montage revealing that your bus-hoe and therapist was my secret sister who has literally never existed before now and that my brother gets laid apparently these 2 things are relevant to the montage
  • john: *sobbing* btw i don't think u killed mary
  • sherlock: that's okay! u only beat the living shit out of me for it so badly i had to be hospitalized before!! this is literally gaslighting but whatevs its okay we're hugging i guess
  • toby jones as disposable villain who isn't moriarty #5: lolololololol i am still EVILLLL
  • mary apparition: wear the hat
  • sherlock: kay :p
  • sherlock: btw bestiie it's totally okay that u bashed me and cheated on ur wife like.... me texting the only person i romantically love and u being a cheating asshat are basically the same we r all human and i have been psychologically abused and traumatized to the point where i think that's totally fine :)
  • john: cool! anywho!! i just remembered i have a kid and i've left it with friends even tho one of the main points of this ep was that i have no one so ig2g
  • *later*
  • euros/sherrington/whateverthefuck: bye now time for u to have the death i am another classic case of moffatiss villainizing women, showing their mysogyny and incapability of creating female characters independent of male ones :)

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hey Draco I just love how you're a spoiled brat!(don't get me wrong it's a compliment😉) does Harry tends to spoil you with presents to keep you that way or do Lucius & Narcissa are still doing that?

Draco: *indignant* I am not a– I do not require presents

Harry: He’s perfectly capable of buying himself whatever he likes. *spluttering at Draco’s fiery glare* Baby, no! I meant to display you as an independent, self sufficient man who is definitely not a spoilt brat!

Draco: *crosses arms with a huff*

Harry: Besides, you know how much I enjoy spoiling you!

Draco: *glowering*

Harry: And I don’t mean with just presents–

Draco: Whatever crude thing you’re going to say next, don’t say it!

Harry: I was not going to say something crude! I was going to mention how much you enjoy my back rubs and foot massages after you’ve been brewing for eight or ten hours straight!

Draco: …*grudgingly* I do enjoy those.

Harry: And that’s the kind of stuff I enjoy spoiling you with! Back rubs and, well, also rim jobs! *bursts out laughing as he’s attacked*

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I don't know if you're still doing prompts but id love your take on allura and keith kicking ass

omg these mini fics are getting longer and longer im sorry (i’m not sorry)

When Keith stumbled out of the red lion, Allura and Coran were waiting to catch him.

Allura and Coran, and no one else.

“None of them?” Keith said, and the look on Allura’s face was answer enough.

Whatever had hit the Lions as they entered the planet’s atmosphere had separated them, had knocked the Lions out of commission for a single, critical moment. It wasn’t like the Olkari, whose tech had landed the Lions safely; this had been an attack, a strike swiftly delivered and just as quickly capitalized upon. There had been a pulse of energy, then panic. As Red plummeted, Keith had caught a glimpse of a fleet of ships rising like a swarm of flies. 

The others had been snatched right out of the sky, the drone ships shooting tiny beams that formed entrapping webs, and Keith had only gotten away because the Yellow Lion, tumbling in freefall, had knocked him into the planet’s sea.

Red had awoken a moment later. Sinking. Angry. But this wasn’t an enemy they could fight. Every instinct Keith had told him to run, so he did.

To the castle. To Allura. He met her eyes in the hangar bay, and she looked back: steady, calculating. Just as angry as he was.

“Coran,” she said without looking away, “take the helm. We’re going to get our Paladins back. Keith, with me.”

She started moving without waiting to see if he was following. This was a rare side of Allura, a mantle she didn’t take up often. So far, whenever she did, people died.

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a banghim one-shot inspired by the prompts I received today. includes himchan worrying about yongguk this comeback. angst. ot6 feels. fluff.

It’s common knowledge that Bang Yongguk barely sleeps. If you were to rank B.A.P by their sleeping problems, the leader is the obvious number one. Daehyun would come second, even if it’s with a margin. Jongup is undoubtedly last; the guy is like a damn cat. Junhong only has trouble falling asleep right before big performances. Youngjae falls asleep less than five minutes after the lights go out.

Himchan can’t sleep when he worries. When heavy thoughts won’t stop circling like vultures inside his head. Those nights he toss and turn until the bed doesn’t feel comfortable anymore, and he has to get up and do something else not to go crazy.

When Yongguk still lived in the dorm, those were the nights Himchan would find the leader sitting with his laptop and awful posture somewhere in the dark. He’d take a bottle from their stash and force Yongguk to talk to him until he felt tired again. Usually he’d manage to drag the oldest with him to bed by that time as well, right before sunrise. They’d have a bit of a headache the next morning, but at least they’d gotten a few hours shut-eye. It had worked. It had been easy.

Now, it isn’t as easy.

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alrighty it’s announcement time

I’m moving to another blog. short and sweet, reasons are as follows:

1. I’ve become too lazy to organize anything on here, which ticks me off a little since I don’t like messes! I always say I’ll do this or that, but I end up not doing it at all. I want the new blog to be more friendly, since I was hesitant to do a lot of things here.
2. before, I made myself believe it was a duty to continue posting no matter how shit the content was, and I was tired out from that. I want to get away from the stupidity I had while I was running this blog before.
3. don’t get me wrong – Komaeda is great – but him all the time is so stressful. I don’t want everyone to forget that there’s other wonderful characters in the dangan ronpa universe. also, I want to make some funnies for my other favorites in the series…
4. moving away from blogcentric points… lately my emotional state has gone to the gutter. it’s been hard to do everything and I can barely work on irl things without getting stressed, all personal problems. remaking this blog might be refreshing, and I think it might help a bit.

I’ll be using the same name, so later on the name of this one’s going to change. if you want to continue to follow my antics, please read the first post of the new blog here. and different from this blog – I actually have a theme! things are still under construction there… but more on that in the first post.

that’s it, my dudes. if anyone has questions or whatever then you can message me… preferably on the new blog, though! say bye bye to this hell blog, and hello to the new one.

This happen to anyone else Social Media?
  • Me: Define what hate speech is.
  • Regressive Leftist snowflake: Meh, whatever my feelings say
  • Me: So you don't believe everyone has a right to free speech?
  • Regressive Leftist snowflake: Not if it hurts my feelings, or people that I think will get their feelings hurt by it.
  • Me: So you're against other people's basic human rights of individual expression because of feelings?
  • Regressive Leftist snowflake: hate speech is not a right though, feeling safe is.
  • Me: So only you can define what hate speech is?
  • Regressive Leftist snowflake: Yes.
  • Me: Example?
  • Regressive Leftist snowflake: anything that is racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, misogynist, islamophobic, and anything fascist, nazi, and oh pro-capitalism, and pro-nationalism, and anything that is pro the gender norms like stuff that is cis and heteronormative and the stuff like that, and um white privilege things like milk and chalk, and Pepe the frog is bad, and motherhood because that might upset the trans and biological facts too, and historic facts, those can be hurtful-
  • Me: You know there's still slavery in the Middle East?
  • Regressive Leftist snowflake: nu-uh, there is not, don't spread fake news!
  • Me: Define fake news?
  • Regressive Leftist snowflake: whatever debunks my narrative!
  • Me: ...okay.
  • Regressive Leftist snowflake: See? it is easy! just agree with me and we will get along fine. :D
  • Me: I didn't say I agree, I just don't want to waste time arguing with an idiot.