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otterly-nonsensical  asked:

Number four if you don't mind! It was hard just to pick one though! :)

4. Who tells the other they look beautiful everyday? 

Aaaaa! Definitely Elias! I can’t imagine the day Chise would muster up the courage to compliment him all the time. But I can see Elias telling her that she’s beautiful a lot. ‘Cause it’s the truth! Our redhead is very cute!

It’d probably go something like this:

It had been happening a lot lately. While she was tending to the gardens, while she clipped the cottonflies, and even while she slept. This was something completely new to Chise Hatori and she wasn’t sure if she’d ever get used to it. Elias would pass by her no matter what task she’d be doing and would say 4 certain words.

“You look beautiful, Chise.”

It first began as an out-of-place compliment that flustered her deeply. Within 6 times of him saying it was Chise realizing that he was making a pattern. He’d tell her it at least one time per day and it was usually when she had her guard down. Today she was going to try and break him out of that habit. To try and make him the surprised one.

She had been mending a button when she heard Elias’ steps come into her room and stop beside her. She set down her work and looked up at the monster with a smug look. He was in his undershirt today and she nearly fumbled trying to get him. Luck took pity on her and her tone was still strong.

“You’re going to say that I’m beautiful, aren’t you?“


“Actually, no. I was going to say you look extra beautiful today, Chise.”

The redhead slumped her shoulders in defeat. He got the best of her without even knowing it. She sighed and picked up her work to continue mending the button back on. Elias continued standing there and was staring at the wall. He seemed to be in deep thought so Chise decided this was a good time as any to finally ask him about it.

“Elias? Why do you keep telling me that I’m beautiful?”

“Because!” His pupils curved. “It’s very true. You are the most elegant thing I have seen through my centuries in England.”

A very, very deepened blush. Chise lowered her head and gently set down the button again. She tried her best to control herself and pretend that what he said did not make her heart go a thousand miles per hour. Instead, she placed a hand on her cheek to cool herself down and tried to think of a good response.

“Have you been reading romance novels again?”

He chuckled and grabbed a seat next to her at the desk. Chise tensed when she felt their knees touch. Her heart nearly leapt out of her chest when he scooted closer to her.

“No, but when I was called to that business in the land of the fae, I heard Oberon call Titania beautiful. I looked up the word later that day and its description just instantly reminded me of you.”

Chise dumbly smiled. That was so sweet of him. She never could have imagined such a romantic side to this creature that was feared by practically everyone. He could sweep anyone off of their feet using language like that. A part of her was thankful that he was hers and she let out a contempt sigh.

“…Thank you, Elias. But why do you tell me that everyday?”

“They say kind words makes someone’s day. I want to make sure you are happy while you are living with me, so I want to remind you how beautiful you are whenever I can. Has it been working?”

If only you knew… Chise bit her lip. To say she was happy living with Elias was a complete understatement. She was ecstatic….extremely. His presence alone made her day but this whole ‘beautiful’ thing was just the cherry on top of an already delectable sundae. Slowly, she urged her hand into Elias’ large one and gave it a squeeze.

“…I think you’re very beautiful, too, Elias. Though the best word would probably be handsome….” She tugged at her hair shyly.

He looked breathless. He said, “You are the first to say so, Chise. I….thank you.”

Chise gave him a last squeeze before she picked up her work and resumed the business with the button. Elias decided to stick around so he rested his elbow on the edge of the desk and held his skull in his gloved hand. The sunshine that came from the window beside her only reflected the radiant colors of her skin and hair. He watched his bride continue her work in peace and heard her slightly hum a melody under her breath.

She was beautiful. So very, very beautiful.