i still do that 'on my momma' shit

Guess whos muslim black trans and not tryna take photos rn (they/them)

Im nonbinary, and ever since I was 3 ive never quite felt like a girl. Id always do “boy” things and scream when people called me a girl. When puberty hit, I would cry and throw big tantrums when i saw bras. Sometimes in the middle of target lmao and we all know how black mommas react to shit like that. Anyways speeding up the story, I came to terms with my transness late last year. Although I present femininely and wear a hijab, im anything but a girl.

Its still a huge struggle for me, esp finding other trans muslim people to talk to or other trans black muslim folk, but days are lookin up! Im ready to come out to some close friends and some school mates itll be a blast. I’ll try to take care of myself and keep an optimistic beat.

Thanks for listening and happy trans day of visibility!


so lately i’ve been tagged in and have seen many of these like mutual appreciation thingies and i wanted to be a cool kid and do one too.. my momma always said if your friend jumps off a bridge are you jumping too? like hell yeah i am bc i’m a ride or die beezy what’s up with it?

anywho i love yall so much !! (some of yall on here we dont speak but i still love being mutuals !!) tysm for always putting up with my shit and sticking by me even tho i’m hella dumb and overdramatic n rlly annoyin and love namjoon a little too much !!!!!!! like i’ve got the realest mutuals evaaaah and like irl, i keep my circle small on here too. LIKE I RLLY ILY EACH AND EVERY ONE OF U 💖💖

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They been off for a minute now
You know they all sentimental now
You know they all actin’ different now - Legend

I got people talkin’ down, man, like I give a fuck - Energy

My ex ask me where I’m moving I said “On to better things” - 10 Bands

Pray the real live forever man
Pray the fakes get exposed - Know yourself

Buncha’ niggas chasing after all these woman they don’t even know
Buncha’ out of season woman fuckin’ off-season niggas to get last season wardrobe - No tellin’

Laced up dripped up sauced up
Damn girl I wanna ride with you - Madonna

And just like every single other thing in my life
You can have her when I’m finished - 6 God

I am not a man, I can’t do this on my own
So I started askin’ them if they would put me on
And they did put me on - Star67

Doing is one thing, doing it right is a whole different story - Preach

Been a minute since we’ve slept together
Gotta get myself together
I’ve been thinkin’ about everything - Wednesday night interlude

When you get to where the fuck I’m at
You gotta remind ‘em about where you been - Used To

I am in the Matrix and I just took the blue pill - 6 Man

I had to knock down the wall
I swear to god that I’m gone
I’m leaving I’m leaving
No looking back when I’m gone - Now & Forever

I need a girl who gon’ love me
I need a girl who gon’ trust me
Someone to fuck me
Someone to make me feel lucky
Someone that’s so proud to be with me - Company

I pull the knife out my back and cut they throat with it momma
I’m “Game of Thrones” with it momma
I’m “ Home Alone” with it momma - You & The 6

What am I supposed to do after we done doing everything we do
Who is your replacement?
Are we still good? Are we still good? - Jungle

Some nights I wish I could go back in life
Not to change shit, just to feel a couple things twice - 6PM in New York

KHH songs post for that lovely anon (and everyone else)

Hi, hi, here I am! I’m going to post some songs and artists for that anon who asked me for advice *-* 

First, since youn mentioned DEAN, Crush and Heize, I would recommend you to also listen to Zion T., Primary, Kisum, Owol, Babylon,Hyukoh, Minje and Samuel Seo

Then, I will start with AOMG, since they have a bunch of good artists both in Hip Hop and R&B: They are Jay Park (who does both R&B and Hip Hop), Gray, Loco, Simon D, Hoody, Elo and Ugly Duck)

Some songs: 

Elo: Tattoo, F.W.B, Parachute

Jay Park: Aquaman, All I wanna do, Drive, Solo, Me like yuh and alone tonight for a more R&B style // Worlwide,mommae, When, Want it, In this b*tch,Raw Shit and My for a strong Hip Hop. I would say even more but I think they’re enough (at least for a bit e.e)

Simon D: Comfortable and Who you (w/Gray, Show Me The Money), Simon Dominic, WON & ONLY, Cheerz, Complex 3, Money don’t lie

Gray: Summer night, Dangerous, Good, Just do it

Hoody: Like you, By your side, Your eyes, Blue horizon

Loco: Movie shoot, Da Da Da, Still, A.O.M.G, No manners, Hold me tight,thinking about you

Ugly Duck: Ain’t no party like an AOMG party, Put’em Up, PLP (Those are with Jay) Re:Birth, A piece of cake, Asia, Zero for conduct 

Some songs:

  • Eureka (zico and Zion T)
  • Right Here Right Now (DPR Live, Loco, Jay Park)
  • Born Hater (Epik High, Beenzino, Vrbal Jint, Bobby, B.I, Mino)
  • Multillionaire (Dok2)
  • Bermuda Triangle (Zico, Dean, Crush)
  • Amor Fati (Epik High)
  • Come Here (Masta Wu, Dok2, Bobby)
  • Sauna (Dynamic Duo, E-Sens)
  • Superstar (Kisum, San E, Taewan)
  • Puzzle (C.amm, BewhY)
  • January (Beenzino, YDG)
  • Dopeboy (Nafla)
  • I’m good (Jessy, McGree)
  • Bunzi (Young G, Giriboy, Xintsuh)
  • Come for you (Osshun Gum, Homeboy, FNRL)
  • Star (Kim Gyu Heon, Jessi, Babylon)
  • Cheese & Wine (DPR Live)
  • 1999 (G2, Gray)
  • Detox (Punchnello)
  • Beautiful (Zico, C.Jamm)
  • Kings (Nafla)
  • Weathermen (MKIT RAIN)
  • Problems (Loopy)
  • 17 (remix) (Ja Mezz, NO:EL, Young B)
  • Yellow Iverson (Owen Ovadoz)
  • Mijangwon (Dumbfoundead, Loopy, Nafla)
  • Hyung (Dumbfoundead, Dok2, Simon D, Tiger JK)
  • Noir (Prima Music Group)
  • Horangnabi (Boi B, Gill, Rhythm Power)
  • Machine Gun (Kush, Zion T. Mino)
  • Moneyflow (Mino, Paloalto, Zico)
  • Go (Bobby)
  • OLL’Ready (Olltii)
  • Boys and girls (Zico, Babylon)
  • #yelowsmobbin (Sik-k)
  • Fly (Sik-K)

I feel that they are a lot of songs and at the same time so few… KHH is so huuuge omg

I’m missing a lot of artists that I love here, so I promise I will make a lot of good playlists as a compensation ^^

Welcome to KHH dear anon <3

Also, it would be really great if you want to add songs for him/her in the comments ^^

PD: My mind is telling me: Blooo, Blooo, Blooo… You’re missing Bloo you f*** idiot 

I KNOW, I’m missing half KHH scene

But I’m so hyped with him that… at least one…

  • Fresh as F (Bloo)

-Admin N.

Originally posted by crimson-secrets

My mom says Teddy, my Shetland pony, can’t push through the snow this winter to help me carry water out to the chickens tbh I think Teddy can, he loves doing shit, like he doesn’t like being ridden but pulling carts, sleighs, he loves having a job, but momma says no. I’m still gonna teach him to carry the water right now…but like…what’s a winter beast that can?

Like an American bison, right? Yeah nvm I can’t get one of those. Can those furry pigs? They look strong and cute, I bet they could carry water out for me. Or maybe a REALLY big goat? Like, we’re talking 4 feet of snow here.


I’m trying to take you to the Tamale lady on our first date shorty. Verdes o rojos. You could have whatever you like. I’m trying to crash a quienceañera with you. Argue about who’s taking the center piece. The tamborazo is poppin. We’re both fly. I got a pulserita with your name. You got one with my name. Power.

I’m trying to eat tacos standing up with you. Order the cebollitas boo. I ain’t got no worries. The taquero is playing Los Invasores on an old radio. “Otros dos de Al Pastor Compa.” We don’t know his name so we call him Compa.

I’m trying to dedicate a song for you on La Que Buena. Probably a Banda Recodo one…most likely when Julio Preciado was still there. Cause I’m real like that. While I’m on air I’m a shout out my Pueblo. I don’t think I know anyone from my Pueblo anymore. But I gotta do it for cultural reasons.

I’m trying to put tequila in your raspa. Both buzzed ordering Un Elote con todo bout an hour later. You half mad…saying I’m getting you fat…half looking at the chicharrones. I see you girl.

I’m trying to teach you how to play pool in a little bar in Dolores Hidalgo. We’re there to visit Jose Alfredo’s tomb. I’m trying to go to La plaza de Mariachi’s in DF with you. I can’t sing. But broad daylight you gonna hear this Hermoso Cariño shit come outta me.

I’m trying to wake up early and watch Despierta America with you. You can can criticize all the broads on there…except if Salma Hayek comes out. My only rule hon.

I’m trying to leave my ringtone on high. Get a bunch of texts. You gonna do the whole “oh…ain’t you gonna answer all your little bitches”…I’m a do the whole “I’ll answer them later. But they’re not all bitches. They’re cool” Now you mad. Now I giggle. Now you’re pissed. Now I gotta work to make it up. You dig?

I just wanna go buy fruit, garbanzos and shampoo at an outdoor flea market with you boo. Buy you a pulserita para la protección for you. Muchos haters. Play fight about who’s doing brujeria on who.

Walk through the Mexican mall…doing that walk that only Ghetto Latinos in love do. Walk right behind you really slow hugging. We only do it sarcastically to make fun of the ones doing it for real. Pinches nacos.

Trying to take you to a karaoke bar. You ain’t trying to sing. Fresa. Couple shots later you up there dedicating Rata de Dos Patas for me. Off key…but you get a standing ovation cause you meant that shit. Now I gotta do Jigga’s Big Pimping to soften the blow. Smh.

I wanna be the “Está guapo, si no te lo quedas tu, me lo quedo yo” de tu tía. You know that tía that still thinks she got it…reliving her Hoodrat glory at every family function. I wanna be the “Está feo…Pero pues si estas feliz a mi me da igual” de tu jefita. Momma be knowing.

Trying to take you to a family party. Lil nieces going up to you smiling asking “Eres su novia?” in a chipmunk voice. My sis asks me all loud “Y LA OTRA?” Chill. My sis stays hating.

I’m trying to Netflix and chill with you. We call it Selena and tostadas de tinga on deck. Mid day micheladas. Palomas and pizza. Tequila Tuesday. Poppa said you never know a woman till you see her drunk. Poppa be knowing.

Just trying to be your Profesor Jirafales…Ms. Florinda. Except none of that fodonga shit. Fly shit. All day. Primero muerta que sencilla dices. Trying to be like “a donde tan peinada” knowing you coming with me. Pero apurate cause el open bar se acaba.

No se. Piénsalo.

Hit me up.

Nos vemos en el tianguis boo.

*leaves full Bryndis song on your beeper*


{2} Shit-Chat (Hamilton x Reader)

(A/N): Should i make this more of an x reader because if not then im gonna make it super Gay™


ItsCold: Aaron Burr. Older twin brother to Theodosia Burr. Single. Male, Queer (has never specified), he/him.

Hamilsin: Alexander Hamilton. In a relationship with John Laurens, used to be poly with Elizabeth Schuyler. Male, Bisexual, he/him.

TurtleneckSwtr: John Laurens. In a relationship with Alexander Hamilton, used to be poly with Elizabeth Schuyler. Male, Bisexual, he/him.

BettyBets: Elizabeth “Eliza” Schuyler. Middle child Schuyler. In a relationship with Maria Reynolds, used to be ploy with Alexander and John. Female, Demisexual/Pansexual, she/her.

AngelTheAngle: Angelica Schuyler. Eldest Schuyler. Single. Female, Bicurious, she/her.

Pegster: Margarita “Peggy” Schuyler. Youngest Schuyler. Single. Demigirl, Panromantic, she/her or they/them.

Rad_Baugette: Marquis de Lafayette. In a relationship with Hercules Mulligan. Androgynous, Pansexual, they/them.

Hunkcules: Hercules Mulligan. In a relationship with Lafayette. Male, Pansexual. he/him.

GWashingturnt: George Washington. Married to Martha Washington. Male, Queer (has never specified), he/him.

mommamartha: Martha Washington. Married to George Washington. Female, Bisexual, she/her.

RedViVibes: Thomas Jefferson. In a relationship with James Madison. Male, Pansexual, he/him.

Jemmy_MadHatter/JemmyAndJams/JamesTheJem: James Madison. In a relationship with Thomas. Male, Bisexual, he/him.

KingOfAll: George Frederick. (aka King George iii). Single. Male, bisexual (mostly gay tho), he/him.

BonBonjour: Louis-Auguste Capet (aka Louis XVI of France aka the French king during the American Revolution). Single. Male, asexual, he/him.

Theodopesia: Theodosia Bartow Burr. Younger twin sister to Aaron Burr. Single. Demigirl, bisexual, she/her.

Mariatheliar: Maria Reynolds. In a relationship with Eliza, noteable high school sweetheart of Alexander. Female, bisexual, she/her.

DotDotDolley: Dolley Payne. Single. Female, gray-panromantic, she/her or they/them.

And finally

momma(Name): (Name) (Last Name). Single (for now). Gender non-conformative (for the sake of this fic), pansexual (for the sake of this fic), they/them (for the sake of this fic)


TurtleneckSwtr renamed the groupchat!

what the fuck con 2016


TurtleneckSwtr: yo but the washingtons are cool

GWashingturnt: Mr. Laurens, please change the group chat name to something more appropriate.

TurtleneckSwtr: yo but martha washington is cool

Pegster: oH

AngletheAngel: someone hide jacky he’s gonna get plummeted by gwash

mommamartha: <333 @ possible son in law

Hamilsin: mA

mommamartha: Alex you’re like so gay so be quiet???

BettyBets: I am ½ of his signif other and i can agree to this

Hamilsin: eliZA

TurtleneckSwtr: <333 @ spiritual mum

GWashingturnt: Um you’re going to need my blessing soo

TurtleneckSwtr: <33333333333333333333333 @ Professor GWash

Pegster renamed the group chat!

honey nut queerios

momma(Name): accurate


RedViVibes: I can confirm this^


Hunkcules: POOR BB


BettyBets: IM cR YI NG


RedViVibes: I liked the previous username

RedViVibes: can you change it tonight ;)

Hamilsin kicked RedViVibes out of the group chat!

Hamilsin: NO M O R E

JemmyAndJams: Alex, please

ItsCold: Alex, please.


AngeltheAngle: what did I miss

Pegster: d i s c o u r s e

AngeltheAngle: so like nothing unusual??

TurtleneckSwtr: Alex is crawling around our dorm and its weird

AngeltheAngle: like i said before nothing unusual??

ItsCold: Is anyone willing to have a small study meeting with me? It will be in the library two streets down, since SOME PEOPLE are kicked out of the school library for a month.

BettyBets: who is it this time

BettyBets: john i have faith in you

TurtleneckSwtr: well you see here

BettyBets: JOHN


TurtleneckSwtr: we were making out

BettyBets: oH MY GOD

BettyBets: WITHOUT M E

Pegster: ew???


momma(Name): i was there and that was not the case

momma(Name): what made it worst was that they were in the mANGA SECTION




Mariahtheliar: guys i dont think eliza can breath because she is laughing too much

Mariahtheliar: she’s trying to text but the phone keeps falling out of her hand

BettyBets: oH M Y Getahg

Mariahtheliar: thanks guys

Hamilsin: Maria please take care of eliza she needs help

Mariahtheliar: naw its fun seeing her trying to text its pretty cute


momma(Name): im gonna eat all the crackers someone take them away from me my phone is all greasy now

ItsCold: I’ve been waiting for a response this whole time guys.

ItsCold: I don’t even know why I bother asking.


momma(Name): JUST FORCE THEO

Theodopesia: im here dont worry

TurtleneckSwtr: !!!

TurtleneckSwtr: Burr!! you!! did!! not!! tell!! us!! theo!! was!! back!!!

Theodopesia: We’ve been back for like two days now??

momma(Name): i mean im with Peggy rn so yeah the trip is kind of done and we’re back?? That explains??

ItsCold: I don’t text here often.

ItsCold: We still have a number of people in this chat who haven’t even opened it yet.

JemmyAndJams: Alex can you please add Thomas back in he won’t stop nagging me

JemmyAndJams: He has nothing better to do

TurtleneckSwtr: He’s writing rn I’ll do it

TurtleneckSwtr added RedViVibes to the group chat!

Hamilsin: when were you admin??

TurtleneckSwtr: I took your phone when you were watching Madoka Magica

Pegster: mmMRPH

AngeltheAngle: WH A T

Hamilsin: john.

Hamilsin: sweetie.

Hamilsin: why do you do this to me.

RedViVibes: WH AT

JemmyAndJams: thomas ive heard you singing the theme song to glitter force so shut the hell up??

Theodopesia: I look away from my phone and this is what pops up??

momma(Name): dont worry theo you’re too pure to be dragged

Theodopesia: <3

Pegster: YE E T

Headcanon on Momma Cry's Overwatch backstory

“Momma” CR9-8489 is an artificial construct - a genetically engineered, lab-grown organism. Illegally lab-grown, for some very sick people. While she didn’t much like her fate, she had grown resigned to it and her inability to fight it. That is, until the wall exploded. Overwatch came down on the facility like a thunderbolt, destroying all constructs before they could grow to full intelligence, offering mercy to those too broken to be helped, and saving all those they could. “Momma” was one of the ones to be saved. After the excessive amounts of hormones were flushed from her system, she was given freedom. She chose to stay with Overwatch. Following in Mercy’s footsteps, she took up biotically enhanced claws and other tools, offering help to all those in need. When Overwatch ended, she was emotionally devastated, but refused to cease what she viewed as “her duty.” Now that 76 is slowly rebuilding, she has come to his side, willing to bring her fight to the public eye once again.

Despite how heroic she tries to be, the hormone treatments from her past can come up occasionally, inducing some rather strange behaviors. She sometimes slips her hormones into her biotic needles, sticking other heroes with them. Many an embarrassing one-night stand has resulted from this. Strangely, her favorite targets are a pair of men (“Junkrat” and “Roadhog”) both claiming to be straight; stranger still, they seem to enjoy it.

I had to do some more sketches of her, I cannot believe you wrote all this im screaming. That last part I lost my shit omfg

Here’s the original Support Momma post and Geekos ability descriptions, this kid is creative af  


Chapter 27

*Three Years Later*


“Baby! Can you get Silver some juice!” I screamed from my vanity as I finished up my makeup.

I was running late for this meeting, and I still had to take Silver over to Mama J’s. The past three years have been mysteriously quiet. Robin and Chris finalized their divorce about a month after he met Odell that day. At first he was sad about it, but with time he got better with it. Silver Kaoni Brown was born July 16th at 9:30pm weighing in at 7 pounds 8 ounces.

She’s 2 now going on 25 and driving me up a wall guys, but that’s my baby.

After Silver was born Chris and I got back together, and it’s been really good. Robin’s still with Odell and they seem happy. She and I have our differences from time to time because she feels like it’s the Robin show. I have no time for her shit though, my life is really good now and I’d like to keep it that way for the long hall.

“Rue where my- damn you look good as fuck baby” Chris said coming up to me kissing my neck from behind.

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I can say this was the best birthday yet 😊

Parties are cool n all but I would much rather spend it with the person I love most in the world - next to my momma but of course lol

I know it’ll just get harder from here and even though we aren’t “together” “together”, you’ll still have my heart you piece of shit ( Ahahha lame I know but this is what he does to me!!!)

I’m really proud of Joey and the person that he’s slowly becoming. He’s gonna do such great things in life and I’m envious of the girl that gets to end up with him. No matter where you go in life or which path you decide to take, I’ll always be there to support you. You’ll always be my best friend first, before anything else!!

Man distance sucks. Growing up sucks. Responsibilities suck. But focusing on school and doing well to reach our goals are more important 😭😭

And das life 😪

Let me take care of you

Request: can you do a super fluff where y/n is sick and luke takes care of her?

a/n: y/n is sick so Lukey comes to the rescue and takes care of her and does anything to make y/n feel better..anythiiiing lol feel free to request guys!

Originally posted by cashtonkinks

“Luke, can you stop by the store and grab me a few tissue boxes and some pills, i think i’ve caught a cold and my head hurts so much.” you sniffled through your phone. you had woken up to a stuffy nose and a major headache that hasn’t gone away, yep it was definitely a cold. Luke was suppose to be home early so you decide to call him and ask him to bring you a few things.

“Sure thing babe, do you need anything else.”

“mmm, besides you here to keep me warm no thats it love.”

okay i’ll be home asap.”

You decided to finally get out of bed and tried to like somewhat decent before Luke came home, you put on some yoga pants and one of Luke’s shirts.

You heard Luke fumble through the door.

“Dang Luke, you got here fast, i’m not dying though.” You chuckle

“Hi baby how are you feeling? How’s your fever? Have you eaten anything? I called my mum and stopped by her place to grab some chicken soup and some honey she says might help. I also brought some ice cream, tissues, and a variety of pills. Do you want me to do anything else?

“Relax Luke! i’m feeling better with just you here baby but thank you i’ll try to eat all of this.”

“Sorry baby i was just worried, you sounded horrible over the phone”

“WOOOOW, thanks Luke.” he came over to you and hugged your head giving you noogie.

“Shutup you know what i meant, c’mon let’s g build a blanket fort in the living room and watch some netflix..but i pick!” he said as he ran to get some blankets and pillows. You got your ice cream and heated up some leftover pizza and made your way to the living room where Luke Had the fort built.

“Come here babe.. walk my way mrs. all american” he bursted laughing.

“Jesus christ Luke you’re so lame!”

“hey but i made you laugh sooooo you liked it!” 

You laid next to him as he looked through netflix trying to decide what he wanted to watch.

“you better not choose another weird alien conspiracy documentary Luke or i’ll leave.”

“whaaaaat, those are the best!”

“They’re fake luke!” he stomps over to you and lays on top of you practically squishing you’re guts out.

“Luke get off me i can’t breeeeathe!” trying to push him off but it’s useless.

“Not unless you say alien conspiracy’s are real!” 


“Okay whatever y/n when an alien comes and probes you in the butt don’t come crying to me!” he says giggling on your neck.

“God i want to kiss you so bad, but if i get sick, the boys are gonna kill us both.”

“oh too bad Lukey cause i really really wanted to taste your lips.” you whisper as you brush your lips against his.

“oh god don’t tease me y/n” he says nuzzling deeper in your neck. You rub his back and play with his hair as he groans.

“What’s wrong baby? Can’t take a little teasing, i can feel you getting a little excited” you chuckle.

“Okay that’s enough!” he pushes himself off you and goes to start the documentary on penguins, at least it’s not an alien one.

“Do penguins even have knees Luke?” you ask half way through the documentary.

“Duh, y/n everyone knows that why wouldn’t they?”

“I don’t know? Then why do they walk like they just pooped their pants?” he bursts out laughing covering his face.

“I don’’t know y/n, I’ll definitely ask when i run into one!” he chuckles

“Hey are you feeling better by the way babe? do you need me to do anything, just tell me and I’ll do it.”

“Mmm, anything?”

“Well not every..”

“Give me a lap dance.”


“You heard me Lukey boy, give me a little show, i mean i am still sick and you said ANYTHING or are you scaaaared?” you pout to try and convince him.

“Jesus, y/n. The shit you make me do. Go sit on the couch!” you quickly get up and sit in the edge of the couch as Luke plays a song to dance to. My hips don’t lie by Shakira starts playing through the speakers and Luke begins to awkwardly sway his hips and winks at you.

“Yeah baby, shake what you’re momma gave ya!” he begins to shake his butt in your face and you can’t help but burst into laughter.

“How was the little show, it was great right!?”

“Oh yeah that dad dancing you had going on really got me hot and bothered!”

“Hey at least i know now that if the band doesn’t work out i can always be a dancer at a club or something.”

“okay Luke don’t get carried away there!” he laid on the sofa and pulled you down next to him pressing his hand on your forehead to check if your fever had gone away.

“I think you’re temperature is back to normal, how are you feeling now babe?”

“I feel much better, thank you Dr. Luke, the meds are definitely kicking in now, i’m feeling pretty sleep” you smiled

“I’m glad you’re better cause i made a total fool of myself and since i can’t kiss you, we’ll just have to do an eskimo kiss.” he chuckles as he wiggles his nose against yours.

“You’re so lame baby, i love you, thanks for taking care of me.” you nuzzle your head into his next as he holds you tightly against him.

“Anytime y/n, i love you too.”

HI! i really enjoyed writing this and i kinda want to do a version of this for the rest of the boys, idk let me know what you think? stay rad!

tigole-bitties  asked:

Sea family, I just wanted to let you know that you're doing amazing things and I love you all a lot.

Anonymous said to fairysharkmother:

I know you probably won’t answer this but I just wanted you to know that what you guys are doing is awesome! Thank you so much, people need advice like these!

muthatruckintacos said to fairysharkmother:

Momma, I just want to say you’re such an inspiration to me. You’ve helped me through so much shit it’s insane. I just want you to know that you’re one of the biggest reasons I’m still here today. I love you mom. Even if you aren’t my real mom. I wish you were.

Anonymous said to fairysharkmother:

I think sea fam made me love the ocean I love uuuuuuu

Anonymous said to fairysharkmother:

I love you mom! Thanks for being so great -young blue sea Shark

Anonymous said to fairysharkmother:

This is my favorite blog because it’s easy to see how you all go out of your way to try to lift up others whenever possible and I have so much respect for that thank you so much

Thank you so much for all your love recently! It brings us much joy to be able to help Momma’s babies; she’s beaming as well reading your comments! Sharks always look halfway like they’re smiling, but Momma’s a very happy shark tonight.

(Art credit: puppyresidue)


it’s been like. two and a half weeks??? since i made this blog????? and there’s 200+ of you????????? w t f

i have no words. i honestly got no words. hanzo’s still a muse i’m new to ( even though i’m v used to the problematic archer with brotherly issues type ) and i’m still struggling with him, but you guys make me feel better about him and my portrayal of the Handsoap. thank you for sticking with me thought my ooc-ness, shitposting and overall angsting. i’m gonna gush over people under the read mroe, bare with me. or. thank you for baring with me. <3

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6. Part 5

Stepping off the jet, hearing Chris cry cut through me and with the look on Lee’ and Melissa’ face they heard too “what the hell you doing!?” Lee stormed over to me “leaving him” I wasn’t expecting Lee to react this way “then why are you crying?” she hit my arm with her handbag “let’s not argue here” Melissa walked over to us “let’s just go okay because I can’t stand to hear the shouting and the crying from Chris” Lee shook her head at me in disbelief “so you picked G?” I haven’t picked anyone, why are they being so dramatic “are you fucking kidding me? He stayed with you in that bed and you do this to him, what kind of bitch!” Chris is just throwing a tantrum because he cannot have his way but now I’m the bad person “y’all we need to go” Mijo’ voice came out of nowhere shouting behind me at the pilot “delete his number” Mijo looked at me “forget any of this shit happened, let him move on. Have a blessed life” I don’t know why Mijo think I’m such a bad person “let me speak to her man” I heard Chris say “sit down, man the fuck up and shut up crying” turning my head away “do you wanna be happy Robz?” it’s not even like I’m going to leave him I’m just scared, this has happened so many times and he doesn’t even trust me that is why he is desperate to make me his. I don’t know what pains me more, the fact he heard me having sex with another man or walking away from him and hearing him and Mijo go back and forth. This the furthest I think I can walk, I can’t even walk anymore because my legs won’t allow me too. The man on that jet that I love so much, I can’t leave him. Breathing out wiping my tears “put my suitcase back on the jet” Melissa broke a smile “I’m going with them” I can take Mijo I don’t care.

“Call us” Lee gave me a little wave before I turned to get back on the jet, the pilot is not amused as I got back on the jet he was quick to close the door behind me. The jet is silent as Mijo saw me, he didn’t say anything but shake his head at me, Chris is laid out on the couch with his arm over his eyes “I actually thought there could be a us Mijo, I thought yes me and Robyn can actually be together but I feel more heartbroken. My nigga I just fucked up, you fucked me up I could have got to her and told her to come back but you wouldn’t let me. I know her Mijo she wouldn’t leave me like that” silently walking closer to Chris “she would” Mijo mumbled “maybe you’re right, maybe I’m the stupid one. That lucky motherfucker that gets to keep Robyn” Chris is ranting and waving his hand around not even bothering to look, slowly sitting at the side of Chris on the couch “I pray it’s not G bruh, he can’t look after her. She needs to be held after sex, she likes goofy jokes I think she likes that shit because of me. I’m a fool Mijo” he mumbled “so am I Chris” I finally spoke, his arm moved from his eyes as they widened seeing me “what you doing here?” Chris asked in shock, Mijo scoffed “I’m thinking the same damn thing” Chris is acting like he has seen a ghost “you think I could leave you? I tried, yes I was trying to leave you but I couldn’t, I guess I did choose” looking over at Mijo.

Sat on the jet, I can’t believe I am going VA with Chris. It is what I want but my emotions are just everywhere, Chris is the guy I love and I’m going to try. I’m going to see if we can work but we’re not going to be in a relationship as of yet, but we won’t fuck with other people.

Chris has been in that toilet for a while now, getting my phone out to text G. If I’m going to let this work out and happen then he needs to know and to leave me alone.

To: G

From: Robyn

You wanted to know where I’m going, I’m going VA with Chris. Lose my number and whatever you have because I do not want you in my life. You’re a manipulative motherfucker and insecure as fuck, your dick game was not that strong either! Those moans were fake, my orgasm was fake, and the whole fucking my brains out was fake because you’re boring missionary position was not doing it for me either. Let’s not forget how you couldn’t get it up on several occasions. Leak anything and I will leak the fact you’re dick is not as big as it seems, you’re all beauty no brains having motherfucker. Bye x

The text flowed out so nicely, I smiled at my phone pressing send “I’m back” Chris sat besides me “tell me you didn’t make it stink in there” Chris laughed shaking his head “oh nah, I was just thinking. I ain’t do that, even though I got butterflies in my stomach and that usually makes me want to go” pulling a face at him “when I get nervous it makes me want to go” he is disgusting “here” passing my phone to him, if we’re going to make this work then I might as well start now “you serious?” he said laughing while reading it to himself “don’t play me just to make me feel better now” he passed my phone back “what you mean?” shutting my phone off “that them moans were fake” he is not going to believe me “you should know the sounds of my moans now, he was all looks. Trust me” he squinted his eyes at me “then what am I?” he is looking for compliments “well you damn sure ain’t beautiful, just your dick game is good” looking at my nails “I think differently though, I think I’m sexy as fuck with a good dick game” he is so confident in himself, asshole.

Chris laid his head on my lap, always his favourite position when we are together “I feel at home”  he said while getting comfortable “what you mean?” he looked up at me with a smirk playing on his face “so close to home” he said, giving him a blank face “I can hear the bajan wetness from just laying here” placing my hand over my face “you’re actually nasty as fuck” Chris busted out laughing “for real though, I can feel the heat from here” moving my hand from my face “stop” he put his hands up “I’m done” bringing my hand to his face and pressing his left eyebrow down “you had some hairs out of place, it was annoying me” how annoying is this piece of hair popping out of place again, licking my thumb and pushing it back into place “eeww, saliva” Chris scrunched his face up “how long we staying for?” I never asked, imagine if he says a month “erm just a week or maybe two, depends if my momma lets me go” stroking his cheek “will your mom mind me being there?” Chris shrugged “you’re more than welcome, more welcome than Mijo” luckily he had his headphones on, he is so grumpy “Chris I’m sorry, sorry for even making you cry like that just don’t change on me. I do want us to work but let’s be friends, friends that don’t fuck with other people” Chris smiled so wide, the happiness in his eyes I love it “I agree, I want that to happen too” hope he doesn’t make me regret it.

Holding on to Robyn’ hand as we got off the jet “my nigga!!” shouting at my cousin Aaron “welcome back home family” letting go of Robyn’ hand to hug him “shiiit it’s been forever cuz!” hugging Aaron close “it’s real good to see you, been like a year fam” patting his back “Rihanna?” Aaron looked in shock “hey” Robyn waved shyly “oh shit it’s the cousin in law” Aaron actually went over to hug Robyn, that made me smile “long time, welcome back to VA years later” I couldn’t contain my smile, Robyn would actually fit in with my family so well because they do actually like her “Barry the man” Mijo waved us off not wanting to know “ignore him, he is just over everything. His shawty finna kill him” walking over to Aaron’ car and opening the back door for Robyn “after you” motioning her inside the car, she touched my cheek as she got in the car. Sitting in the back with Robyn, she held my hand, Robyn actually reached over to grab my hand. I need to step my game up, I really do “y’all together then?” Aaron’ nosey ass didn’t even wait “oh nah just friends” Aaron mad the effort to turn his head to look at us both “oh you niggas are on some next shiiiit, you ain’t about to trick us like y’all did when y’all was like 16” Robyn started to giggle “nah serious, you both said friends but yet was fucking on the low” Aaron is stupid “we doing the same shit again” I said laughing because the games we played and still are doing it.

“Yessss! Home sweet home” Aaron drove up the drive to my house in VA, I do miss it here but it’s also very boring “won’t be saying that when Joyce is whooping yo ass! She is not happy” oh man I have forgot about that “I would love to see Joyce beat you up” Robyn said laughing, now I don’t want to go inside “is momma here or at home?” Aaron stopped driving putting the car in park “she is here, inside. I texted her to let her know you’re here” I am hoping the fact Robyn is here distracts her “just great” time to be cute with my mom so she don’t beat my ass “I guess we better get inside” me and Robyn exiting the car at the same time “get my suitcase out the car, thanks Aaron” walking off slowly holding my hand out, Robyn held onto my hand “surprise you ain’t hitting my hand away” she let go of my hand and held on to my arm “because I’m shy! Meeting your mom after ages” I didn’t even get to open my own door because my mom was waiting with the door open “Robyn!” My mom gasped “mom….” I mumbled “oh shiiiit cousin in law” Austin came out of nowhere “I told you she was here, we did a bet that Rihanna would come” My mom hit Austin’ arm “I am so happy you’re here” I thought she was about to hug me but she didn’t, I stood frowning watching my mom hug Robyn but not me.

It actually worked because my momma didn’t even speak on the fact I’ve not seen her for a while she was just so in to Robyn, luckily she went home because it was getting late but knowing my luck she will remember tomorrow. Robyn grabbed on Austin’ face “he is not so little anymore” Austin is loving this, the look on his face “he a grown man now, aye Austin you still got that crush on Rihanna” Aaron aired him out, giving Austin a look “a crush?” Robyn questioned looking at him “oh nah you the cousin in law, I ain’t have that” shaking my head “you better not have” Aaron busted out laughing “I… I don’t know what to say” Austin is lost for words “he peeped your nudes too” Aaron said before sipping his drink “you dirty ass nigga how you gonna call her cousin when you doing nasty things” Austin got so red, I’m low key mad he has but it was funny “I have little boys getting their little penis’ hard over me” me and Aaron screamed laughing “nahh! What?” Austin’ voice got all deep “she just got you little bro” Aaron had tears in his eyes from laughing “I’m joking, ignore them fools” Robyn kissed his cheek “little penis though” placing my hand over my mouth, that was funny.

Once my cousins left it was just me and Robyn with the whole house to ourselves “this is weird” she looked at me breaking the silence “it is because you’re sat so far away from me” Robyn jumped up as my dog walked into the room “shit” she ran over to me “these ugly ass dogs” that made her ass move over to me “I’m scared” pulling a face at her “at what?” she wrapped her arms around my head, with my head close to her breasts “honestly Chris this place is too quiet I don’t like it” I need these nasty thoughts to leave my mind “Robyn you know damn well VA is boring and nobody lives here” she is actually scared “but Chris have you checked the doors? Is everything locked?” I shrugged not caring “can you check please? I can hear things, why has everyone left us?” looking up at her “I can’t believe you’re scared” chuckling “not funny, why can’t we stay with your mom and Tootz?” shaking my head “me and you that is it, we going to work on us” Robyn pouted “can I sleep in your bed?” shaking my head “no sex Robyn, not on the first date” she unwrapped herself from me hitting my shoulder “whatever” she broke a smile, she is cute.

Taking my top off getting ready for bed, I hear Robyn’ footsteps get closer to my room, running around my bed and towards the door. She slowly opened the door I quickly slipped behind it “Chris?” my room is dark as hell, I’m used to my bedroom so getting changed in the dark doesn’t bother me but I know Robyn is going to be scared. Staying silent letting my top fall on to the ground “stop playing? Chris where are you?” she stepped into my room more looking around, she has booty shorts and a vest on, hair tied back all ready for bed with her phone in hand “look you know I’m already scared, don’t do it” Robyn called out “Christopher” I didn’t answer, her accent is getting more and more thick the more she gets annoyed. She stopped saying anything tiptoeing over to my bed, I also started walking slowly behind her. So close to her neck she turned around, Robyn was about to scream but sighed in relief when she saw me “you’re not funny” Robyn looked down at her hands and then back at me her eyes were fixated on my lips. Snaking my arms around her waist puling her close, she dropped her phone on to the floor and wrapped her arms around me also, inhaling my scent. “I love you” Robyn said, hearing those words escape her mouth meant so much to me, pressing my lips softly on to hers. Kissing her so tenderly, so loving “I love you too” I whispered back, Robyn pressed her lips harder to mine. Mentally I know Robyn is going to pull away soon but after a while she didn’t pull away. I traced her bottom lip with my tongue, asking silently for entrance. Robyn let her tongue slide into my mouth and collide passionately with mine. My hands moved in slow circles over her back, then slowly travelled down and gripped her butt. She gasped and moaned into my mouth, our kisses becoming hot and feverish; filled with need. “Robyn” I groaned grinding against her “let’s wait” Robyn said out of breath, she pecked my lips “let’s wait” resting her hands on my chest, she is right “okay” kissing her cheek walking back, I need to get my big boy down now.

After masturbating in the bathroom and cussing myself out for even trying it with her, a nigga had to try but she is right we need to wait. Didn’t even leave it a full twenty four hours and my tongue was down her throat, I need to just chill. Leaving my bathroom fixing my sweatpants around my waist, Robyn was waiting for me but she had the biggest smirk on her face “what’s funny?” she shook her head burying her face in the covers “hmmmm you can’t go far because this is my bed” pulling the covers back “I heard you cussing yourself out, I knew you came then” shaking my head getting into bed and pulling the covers over us “nosey as fuck, can’t masturbate in my own house” placing my arm under my pillow getting comfy on my side “what makes you think I wasn’t masturbating while you was in there” my eyes got wide “lies!” she winked giggling “let me smell your fingers then!” Robyn busted out laughing “no! You can’t smell my fingers” pushing the covers back to see where her hands are “which hand?” Robyn is finding this funny but I am being serious “I’m joking, I didn’t but I was tempted” she turned around facing me “hmmmm liar!” pulling the covers back over us, Robyn shuffled closer to me “erm this is my side, this is my pillow now shuffle yo ass back!” she shook her head “noope! You think we can do it? You think me and you can actually be together without anything getting in the way? Once we leave VA the biggest challenge is out there” kissing Robyn’ head “then let’s stay here forever” pulling her closer into me “if only” she mumbled.