i still do my hair like that sometimes

  • Friend: how are you?
  • What I wish I can say:
  • Well, everything is falling apart. I'm barley going to school, I spend most of my days laying in bed, laid in my own self loathing. I feel empty everyday and I'm getting tired of it. I think about ever little embarrassing thing that happened over 2-4 years ago and cringe at myself....everyday.
  • I'm fucking exhausted, and I still can't sleep at night.
  • Sometimes it feels like I'm not even here, and it's like I lost myself somewhere along this dark, muddy path.
  • I can't stop thinking about my past traumas, my hair is falling out, my mood is getting lower, my future seems to be getting more bleak.
  • I have a suicide plan already in place.
  • Because I fucking hate myself, I hate what I've become, and I hate everything about this world.
  • What I do say: I'm good, what about you?
a little like writing or loving

for nursey week, day 2: “surprise or simplicity.”

“If that pen explodes in your mouth,” Dex says from the bathroom doorway, “I am not gonna feel bad for you.”

Derek startles–and does drop the pen out of his mouth–and looks up. “What?”

Dex cocks a brow at him, flicking off the bathroom light and flopping down on the hotel bed next to Derek’s. “You’ve had two pens explode in your mouth from chewing on them like that,” he says. His red hair is wet, tousled from where he must’ve run his hands through it after his shower, and he rolls onto his stomach, propping himself on his elbows to look at Derek. “What’re you glaring at, anyway?”

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maybe i’m not easy to love.
i have a strong heart. it’s a strong
heart but sometimes it still
hurts when people try to pull on it.
it’s my lungs that are the
problem. i lose my breath faster
than i lose my headphones.
it’s like my lungs are two balloons
being squeezed too tightly
and my chest concaves
and i feel like they’re going to just
pop. i’m not easy to love.
it’s more than just that.
i do impulsive things like cut
all of my hair off and tell you i
love you before i’m sure
i do. and one day you’ll wake up
and you’ll notice that i’m
not as kind as you thought i was.
or i’m not as smart.
or as pretty.
and you’ll realise i’m not
easy to love. you’ll
realise you just wanted to believe
i am. that you’d managed
to convince yourself otherwise.
—  (r.e.s)

Based off the song Oops by Little Mix feat. Charlie Puth

Word Count: 568

Warnings: Implied smut kinda. Fluff

A/N: This kinda turned into one of those drabbles where I didn’t actually define the pairing. So you can decide who you want this to be with. Dean, Sam, Cas, someone from another fandom, whoever you’re crushing on at the moment… All I know is that this song is absolutely adorable!!

Version en Español: Oops

Y/N and I are just friends.

Yeah. Friends.

That’s it. We tried the dating thing and both decided that we were better off as friends.

So yeah. Friends.

Then why do I keep waking up in her bed?

But we’re still just friends.

You know, the kind of friends who sometimes, maybe, every once in a while, no big deal, might backslide.

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I still have the flowers you bought me last Valentine’s Day. They died a while ago along with the love you used to have for me.

I sometimes sleep in your sweatshirt because it reminds me that what we had was real. It doesn’t smell like you anymore but it comforts me to know that even though you don’t love me anymore, you did. You used to.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the sound of your voice. It’s been months since I’ve seen you last, but I can still hear you moaning my name if I try hard enough.

I visited your town last week. Every single spot had a memory. It was a weird feeling to go back to a place that doesn’t feel as welcoming as it once did. I noticed someone covered up our initials we engraved in that bench by the boardwalk and a piece of me fell apart. I wonder if it was you.

I don’t cry in my sleep anymore. My mom says I’m doing really well but sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and it hurts all over my body, just like the way it did the night you told me you didn’t want to love me anymore.

I don’t think I’m as sad as I was six months ago but I still miss the feeling of your hands in my hair. I recognize you as a comfortable sadness. Like realizing a part of you is missing, but understanding that it’s never coming back.

—  Messages I almost sent you, but never did

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Who kissed who first? Can you tell us the story of how it happened?? Waits patiently with chin hands and dreamy eyes :)

This was supposed to be a short headcanon and then well one thing led to another. (still short but longer than intended)

It’s inarguably the best first date she’s ever been on.

She’d taken Kara to a fancy (but not too fancy) Thai fusion restaurant for dinner. She had restrained herself from renting out the whole place and instead secured a large corner booth. She had watched adoringly as Kara shoveled down three bowls of curry, laughed at her stories of Snapper Carr’s antics. In turn Kara had listened to her ridiculous stories or board members and stock holders.

Kara’s eyes crinkled at the edges when she laughed.

They had ended up staying long after the plates and bowls were cleared, the conversation turning personal but still staying light.

It was nice.

To sit and talk to someone and not worry about them judging her because of her family.

To have a friend.

To have a hot friend.

Who was willing to go on a date with her.

Who held hands with her on top of the table while playing footsie underneath.

Who insisted on walking her to her door.

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From Amy, With Love (Epilogue)

Dear Boys,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been by Ego Inc., but Mark and I decided to take some time to be alone together after everything that happened. I’m sure you guys will understand.

Mark is taking me to this awesome place in the desert for my birthday! I’m so excited, but I hate that I won’t be able to see you guys. Yes, I’ve received all your presents in the mail already, and I’m still not sure how you got the post office to ship that giant stuffed alien. But I’m not complaining.

Tell Wilford that I appreciate the pink “letter opener,” and I will use it to open many “letters.” I feel like a real Peebstache now. Tell Host that I’m taking the books he sent on the trip with me, and I plan on reading them to Mark while he drives. Oh, and make sure Bim knows that the little cactus he sent me is perfectly healthy and currently sitting in my bedroom window. I’ve named him Bimmy. Aren’t I creative?

Mark says hi. He’s been brainstorming new ways to integrate you guys into the channel, and I think it’s been good for him to have something to distract him. He still gets nightmares. Host, I think you might want to talk to him when we get back. (But don’t tell him I told you about it. He’s too proud to admit when he needs help sometimes.)

Me? I’m just the same. You can’t even see the stitches because of my hair, and the wound is healing up nicely. Don’t worry. Hey, I can feel you worrying right now. Quit it. I don’t often get nightmares anymore, and when they do come, I remind myself that I’ve got like a dozen big brothers making sure that I’m safe.

Wilford text me that you muzzled Dark? Whose idea was that? Because they deserve a gold star, and I want pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I’ll be sure to take plenty of them while we’re on the trip with the camera the Doctor sent me! I’m really excited to be a pile of hipster trash and take lots of pretty Polaroids to bring back to you. For the Host, I’ve brought along a notebook, and I’m going to attempt to write about everything that I see so that I can read it to you when I come back.

I love you guys. Please try to get along while I’m gone. I’d really appreciate it if you are all in one piece when I come back.

And I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for me and Mark. I thought that I should let you know, Mark doesn’t know how to tell you guys how sorry he is for letting Dark control you for as long as he did. This nightmare was one hell of a wake-up call. Mark wants to make things right. That’s why he was at Ego Inc. in the first place that day, and if you’ll give him a chance, he wants to help you.

Well, I hear Mark calling me now, so this letter will have to end here. Ed, I have no idea where you got trained carrier pigeons from, but it’s awesome. I hope it works. I hope you get this. I’ll be back soon; I promise.


From Amy, with love.

(Gah, I cried writing this! So, this is it for FAWL for now. I may come back to it later because I feel like this timeline has plenty more possibilities, but as many of you have pointed out, I don’t want to ruin what FAWL is right now. Don’t worry, though. There is plenty more angst where this came from!)

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Stupid question: as an nb, do you like shave your armpits/legs or do you let your hair grow? Like which gender features do you lean more towards?

It really depends, I have armpit and leg hair. I don’t really like having armpit hair that much but my armpits are pretty sensitive so it’s better for me to only shave them occasionally. Though I do shave both sometimes or just one or the other. It’s odd tho because I still get nervous when people point out the fact that I don’t shave them.

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I want to say that I love your writings but that doesn't do it justice. I look forward to them. Also, can I ask for one we're reader is a tomboy that acts flirtatious and confident- but it's really to mask very low self-esteem- and secretly crushes on Mcree. They'd never ask because of this even though they've been best friends since forever. Somehow, Jessie finds out and uses this to tell reader about his feelings for them (you can use your imagination for the end). Thanks you for reading this!

((A/N - you are too kind! I hope you enjoy 💜))

You wished you had a hat. Not a cowboy hat like Jesse’s, but just a beanie or a cap or something. Your locks kept on being flung into your face by the wind, no matter how many times you tucked them behind your ear. You felt self-conscious as you hadn’t washed your hair today. A nice hat could cover it up. Granted it was a nice day, and the small inconvenience was probably worth it because the view from the café’s garden was incredible. Perched on the peak of a grassland, you could see rolling hills for miles, with the odd patch of darkened woods where if you looked closely, wild rabbits could be seen hopping around. At least you could, if your view wasn’t obstructed by hair.

“Maybe y'should get the chop.” Jesse observed, sipping at his beer in the dark green bottle.
You huffed at him, holding your hair in both hands as makeshift pigtails, which made him cackle.

“Maybe you should let me borrow your hat.”
“No way, doll. Should'a brought your own.
“Please? How am I supposed to enjoy our lovely day out if I can’t even see.”

Now it was Jesse’s turn to huff. Putting his bottle down on the worn metal bistro table, he gingerly took off his hat. Swooping your hair over your right shoulder and holding it there, you reached over and used your left hand to ruffle his mop as a thank you. He placed the hat down on your head forcefully.

“Oi. Not necessary.” You pouted, plaiting your hair skillfully.

He grinned at you.

“Howdy, pard'ner.”
“… What?” You asked again, still confused.
“Your hair. My hat. You look like a proper cowgirl.”

You snorted. Jesse picked up his beer.

“Comin’ from the legendary Jesse McCree himself?” You exaggerated the southern belle accent, placing a hand in the centre of your chest.

He nearly spat his drink over you, but managed to swallow it.
“My goodness, (Y/N). Is that really what I sound like?”
Eyes wide, he wiped a hand over his smiling lips to get rid of a spatter of beer.

“No, but you have to admit you do put it on sometimes.”
“Alright, I will admit that. Only if you admit ya like wearin’ my hat.” He smirked devilshly.
You smiled, but your brows were furrowed as to say of course you did.
“Half of my wardrobe is made up of your old clothes.”
“No. I have to keep buying new clothes because ya keep on stealin’ them.”
You raised your eyebrows and tilted your head, laughing.
“You have a point. What’re best friends for if you don’t share clothes?”

You managed to take a swig of your beer, now that your hair was out of the equation.

He was still looking at you, half a smile on his lips.

“Nothin’. Jus’ like bein’ here with you is all.”
“Cute. Now stop being sappy and finish your beer. I want to buy a hat.”
His eyes narrowed at you, keeping contact until he gulped the last drop. Jesse plonked the bottle on the table, followed by a satisfied ‘ahh.’

“I’m surprised you’re not g'na keep that one.” Scraping his chair back he nodded to the leather material protecting your head.

“I haven’t decided yet. We’ll see how lucky I get.”
“You’ve got me. I’ll say you’re pretty darn lucky.”
A dust of pink scattered your cheeks as you rolled your eyes at him and stood up.

He was your best friend, and had been for a very long time. Okay, there were times that you had thought of him as more, but you didn’t want to ruin what you already had. You’d watched too many TV shows and movies where friends decided to be in a relationship and they’d ended up breaking up and not talking to each other again. You knew better. You hoped Jesse knew better too. However, you hadn’t been in a proper relationship in a very long time, your last one ending on somewhat bad terms. It really put a damper on your confidence, and you weren’t particularly keen to go through it again.

Yeah, and Jesse was there to comfort you after the breakup.

That’s because he’s my best friend.

You like him.

Of course I do, he’s my friend.

That’s a cover up and you know it. You like him.

Your lips narrowed and brows furrowed at your internal battle.

“You okay, doll? Y'look a bit outta it.”
“Hm? Oh yeah, I’m fine.” You put on a fake smile and grabbed his hand, pulling him out of the café.

His warm, large, firm hand that could easily make you bend to his will.

Woah there. Not in public.

Suddenly realising how clammy your palms were, you instantly pulled your hand out of Jesse’s grip and looked back to flash a quick smile to reassure him.

Stepping into a clothing store you picked up the first hat you saw, even if it was in the men’s section. You carefully took off Jesse’s hat and handed it to him to hold. Shoving the grey woollen beanie on your head, you span and turned to look at Jesse expectantly.

“Not g'na lie. You look like a female Reyes.”
 You snorted and pulled the hat off, a few strands of your hair coming loose. Jesse came forward and gently brushed them behind your ear. He pointed to a cap.
“Whatta ‘bout that one?”
You put the beanie back on the hook and tried on the cap. You raised an eyebrow.

“You’re too old to even know what that word means.”
“’S'cuse me?”
You chuckled, reaching up on your toes to pat his head. You’d never really noticed how much taller he was than you.
“It’s okay, sweetie. We all get old one day.”
You turned around to look in the mirror just in time to miss Jesse blush.
“I might get this one. Seems okay.”
“Yeah, suits ya, doll.”
You smiled at his compliment, your eyes catching in the mirror.

Taking the cap off and flattening the rest of your hair, you made your way over to the tills to pay.

“Hi there! Did you find everything you needed today?” The cashier asked.
“Yeah, thanks. I only needed a hat as Mr. Grumpy Pants got annoyed I had to borrow his.”
You like to think she let out a genuine laugh.
You paid for the hat, joking around with the cashier while she put it in a bag.
“I hope you and your boyfriend have a lovely rest of the day.”

Wait. What?!

You span around on your heels, too embarrassed to correct her.

You are just friends.

That’s bullcrap and you know it.

Stop. There’s nothing more.

You hold hands. You wear his clothes. You enjoy being in each other’s company. You’ve seen the way he looks at you, right?


You pulled the hat out of the bag and tore the tags off. You stuffed it on your head, grinning at Jesse.
“Now I don’t have to steal yours.”
He looked at you, blank faced.
“I heard what the cashier said.”
“You did? Oh. Funny, huh?”
“You didn’t correct her.”
“Erm, nope. Sorry? I guess.”

He broke into a grin.

“Don’t apologise.”
He threw his arm around your shoulder as you both walked down the street.

“Have you ever imagined us being t'gether?”
“I mean.. That’s a full on question.”
“Yae or nae, is all I need.”
“Okay, sure.”
“Good. So’ve I.”

You stopped in your tracks and looked up at him, the brim of your cap casting a shadow over your face.

“You have?”
“Di'n’t I jus’ say that?”
You pressed your lips together.
“Well.. How did it pan out?”
“We were happy. We’ve known each other for such a long time, (Y/N).”
“I know we have, but I don’t want to ruin what we already have.”
“You pulled your hand away from me earlier.”
“What was that about? Did'ja get freaked out it seemed we were more than ‘friends’?” He exaggerated friends with his fingers doing air quotations.

He needed to stop changing the subject too quickly, he was catching you off guard.

“Er,” you coughed slightly, “Sure.”
You dipped out from under his arm and started walking over to a vacant bench. He was immediately behind you, you both sitting down at the same time.

“I don’t wanna do anythin’ that makes ya feel weird.”
“It’s weird even talking about it.”

Jesse let out a hearty chuckle. He put his hand on your thigh and his chocolate eyes met yours.
“Seriously, (Y/N). I’ve noticed the way ya look at me.”
You glanced away, feeling like a deer in headlights the way he was staring at you so intently.
“We can go slow. Everything would still be the same. I’ll still be the same ol’ Jesse McCree ‘nd look after ya. There’d just be sex every once in a while.”
You snapped back to look at him, mouth agape.
“Jesse McCree. We are in public!“ 
He grinned at you wolfishly.
“Well? Whadd'ya say?”
You weren’t used to being put on the spot.
He encased you in a bear hug.
“Y'all have no idea how long I’ve waited for you to say that.” His voice slightly muffled from being buried in the crook of your neck. You leant into him, smiling.

See, was that so difficult?

You hated your internal voice. She was always right.

“Wait ‘til I tell everybody back at base.”
“Hey, we haven’t-”
“It’s official, (Y/N).” He sat back and grinned. “C'mon!”

He dragged you from off the bench, headed to where the car was parked, practically bouncing around like an enthusiastic puppy.

You shook your head to yourself and smiled. What on earth had you gotten yourself into.

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You're killing me with book quotes. In a good way ☺ Do you have one in particular that has stuck with you?

Yes - Dragonfly in Amber chapter 17, “Possession” - the first Outlander excerpt I ever read. And in my mind, the most honest conversation Jamie and Claire have ever had:

“Claire. To feel the small bones of your neck beneath my hands, and that fine, thin skin on your breasts and your arms… Lord, you are my wife, whom I cherish and I love wi’ all my life, and still I want to kiss ye hard enough to bruise your tender lips, and see the marks of my fingers on your skin.”

He dropped the towel. He raised his hands and held them trembling in the air before his face, then very slowly brought them down to rest on my head as though in benediction.

“I want to hold you like a kitten in my shirt, mo duinne , and still I want to spread your thighs and plow ye like a rutting bull.” His fingers tightened in my hair. “I dinna understand myself!”

I pulled my head back, freeing myself, and took a half-step backward. The blood seemed all to be on the surface of my skin, and a chill ran down my body at the brief separation.

“Do you think it’s different for me? Do you think I don’t feel the same?” I demanded. “That I don’t sometimes want to bite you hard enough to taste blood, or claw you ‘til you cry out?”

I reached out slowly to touch him. The skin of his breast was damp and warm. Only the nail of my forefinger touched him, just below the nipple. Lightly, barely touching, I drew the nail upward, downward, circling round, watching the tiny nub rise hard amid the curling ruddy hairs.

The nail pressed slightly harder, sliding down, leaving a faint red streak on the fair skin of his chest. I was trembling all over by this time, but did not turn away.
“Sometimes I want to ride you like a wild horse, and bring you to the taming—did you know that? I can do it, you know I can. Drag you over the edge and drain you to a gasping husk. I can drive you to the edge of collapse and sometimes
I delight in it, Jamie, I do! And yet so often I want"—my voice broke suddenly and I had to swallow hard before continuing—"I want… to hold your head against my breast and cradle you like a child and comfort you to sleep.”

My eyes were so full of tears that I couldn’t see his face clearly; couldn’t see if he wept as well. His arms went tight around me and the damp heat of him engulfed me like the breath of a monsoon.

"Claire, ye do kill me, knife or no,” he whispered, face buried in my hair. He bent and picked me up, carrying me to the bed. He sank to his knees, laying me amid the rumpled quilts.

“You’ll lie wi’ me now,” he said quietly. “And I shall use ye as I must. And if you’ll have your revenge for it, then take it and welcome, for my soul is yours, in all the black corners of it.”

The skin of his shoulders was warm with the heat of the bath, but he shivered as with cold as my hands traveled up to his neck, and I pulled him down to me.
And when I had at length taken my last revenge of him, I did cradle him, stroking back the roughened, half-dry locks.

“And sometimes,” I whispered to him, “I wish it could be you inside me. That I could take you into me and keep you safe always.”

His hand, large and warm, lifted slowly from the bed and cupped the small round swell of my belly, sheltering and caressing.

“You do, my own,” he said. “You do.”

Maybe I do still think about you a hundred times a day. Maybe I do still think of you when I do certain things, like wear my hair that way you loved or listen to a song you showed me. Maybe I do still cry sometimes, pieces of my heart rolling down my cheeks as fast as rivers. Maybe I do still feel that last kiss on my lips some days. Maybe I do still say your name a little sweeter than his. Maybe I am still struggling to let go. But at the end of even my very worst days, days when I saw memories of you everywhere I went, only heard your name in every story someone told, I’m still a little less broken than when you left me. I can breathe. I can laugh. I can get out of bed, put on my makeup, and make it through the day without crying all of it off. I can feel the cracks you left healing, feel my mind pushing you out a little more every day. I know I will wake up one day, maybe in a month, maybe in 10 years, but one day I will wake up next to someone who loves me just as much as I love them. Someone who will recognize that when I love, I love with everything in me. I don’t believe in holding back. I will give him everything, and he’ll love the good, and he’ll love that I’m honest about the bad. He’ll spend his whole life loving that I talk so much, and that my laugh echoes off the walls. He’ll spend his whole life loving that I’m clingy because he knows that texting him every 20 minutes when we’re apart is my way of saying that he’s the most important person in my phone. He’ll spend his whole life loving my big eyes and watching the colors change. He’ll spend his whole life loving my arms around him, and my late night “I love you"s, and my random bursts of goofy that he’ll never understand but he’ll love that it keeps him on his toes. He’ll spend his whole life loving all the things you did, but he’ll love them enough to know that someone like me can’t be replaced, and he’ll know better than to let me feel unloved. He’ll spend his whole life loving all of me. And on that day that I wake up next to him, I won’t remember the boy who took my love for granted when I was 17. But trust me, you’ll remember me. A small piece of you will always remember me.
—  I’m irreplaceable, you’re a dime a dozen

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I think Spencer being Mary's daughter is weird because she looks so much like Veronica and doesn't even look like Mary.

Firstly, PLL did a FANTASTIC job of casting families - especially the girls and their mothers. You can see the similarities within the girls and their moms so clear and I love that so much. 

  • Pam & Emily both fidget and become visibly uncomfortable during tense situations. 
  • Ashley & Hanna both try not to seem suspect when questioned and like to boomerang questions right back 
  • Ella & Aria side-eye everything and anything that comes out of people’s mouths
  • Veronica & Spencer are like boulders when in the face of confrontation, unmoved and standing tall.
  • Jessica & (Pre-grandma) Alison are both very strong and dominant women who don’t let people see their faces fall

I always thought Spencer was a spitting image of Veronica and still do. However, the only way, in my opinion, the show was trying to heavily foreshadow Spencer being Mary’s daughter was by her appearance after the time jump. 

Both Spencer and Mary have long, dark hair shaping their slim faces (The bangs, somehow, really makes Spencer look more like her) and by putting Spencer in form-fitting, sometimes dark clothing, it tends to matches up with Mary’s version of a Morticia Addams look.

Mary may be Spencer’s biological mother but, just as you say anon, Spencer is 100% a mini Veronica.


EPISODE 2 - “Tiresome Females” - PART 5

PreviousBeginning  —  Next

I am not mad. That is far too meager. I am seething. Seething with the devouring rage in its most pure form. I have been proven yet again – for anything I wish to be properly done, I need to do so myself. Come to think of it, was there really such a dark moment in my life when I considered leaving a screwball that is my mother with that damn demon-in-training who most likely fan-girls over Satan as a sensible idea?! Clearly, I must have lost my marbles. Only the prospect of my sister suffering for this atrocity is keeping my temper even if barely but in check. And I vow to bring all of my skills and creativity into play when determining the most suitable way of punishing that brat, least of which will be a shortcut to the afterlife.

I make a mental list of all the bureaucracy I will have to deal with before embarking on this wonderful journey convinced that my treacherous face is already betraying all the enthusiasm felt on my part. Yes, I am bursting with joy, except I am not.  I absolutely loath two things in life: mixing family with business, and getting my plans ruined. Perhaps this list is a little bit underdeveloped but I withhold myself from drifting away from the problem at the hand.

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I think there's an art meme for hugs but I don't think it's platonic so instead I'll just a general request: I'd love to see a Shiro and Pidge hug, with Shiro giving Pidge a huge, teasing 'pick you up off the floor' squeeze.

Thanks for sending this in!  I hope it’s ok that I added some spinning.

“I don’t understand why every time we meet kid aliens they always want to play with me.  Like… I know I’m short, but I’m not that much younger than the rest of you.  And I’m a paladin.”

Lance nodded, trying to be supportive.  Shiro was walking into the room behind Pidge, but she didn’t notice, too wrapped up in her rant.  Maybe Shiro would know what to say.

“I mean, if I met a tiny policewoman, or something, I wouldn’t think ‘This is a person I should bring all my toys to.’  I would think she had places to go and things to do!  Why can’t they give things like that to you?  You’re great with kids!”

“Aww, thanks Pidge!” Lance answered, “But-”  He made eye contact with Shiro, who held a finger to his lips.

“But what!” Pidge interrupted, “I’m not a child!  What’s a paladin gotta do to get treated like an adult around here?  Coran still talks about how cute I am when he doesn’t think I can hear him.  I’m not ‘cute.’”

Suddenly, Shiro leapt forward with a roar, sweeping Pidge up into a huge hug.  She yelled with surprise, but the shout turned into squeals of laughter as Shiro spun her around in circles, feet dangling off the ground.

When Shiro put her down again and she turned toward Lance, he tried to look like he hadn’t been laughing at her, especially when she fixed him with a deadly glare.  Then she couldn’t hold it, bursting out into another giggle.  "Fine.  But I still don’t like it when people assume I’m young just because I’m short, or that I can’t do things because I’m young.“

Lance nodded.  "I get that.  Sometimes it’s like my older siblings don’t realize I’ve grown up.”

“Well, we’ll show 'em when we get back, huh?”

“You all will,” Shiro said supportively.  Pidge slugged him in the arm, as high as she could reach.  "You are not helping, Mr. 'Hurr durr, I’m an adult!  Watch me pick Pidge up!’“  Shiro laughed, ruffled her hair, and ran before she could get back at him, prompting Pidge to chase him.  Lance laughed, glad that Shiro had finally started to relax in the beginnings of their galactic peace.

Rebelcaptain fairy godmother au || practice makes perfect

“Courtly kisses,” Cassian says suddenly, hanging up his velvet frock coat on a chair. He brushes the fabric with his hand, and pulls it away nervously. The air in his shack tastes damp and stifling suddenly.

“What’s that?” Jyn asks. She looks up and flutters over to his shoulder, because even though she has remained mostly in human form, she still moves like fairy folk sometimes. She scratches her hair and the tight bun barely moves.

“Do I need to know how to do those?” he asks awkwardly. “To practice that for when I am at court?”

“Kisses on the hand and cheek?” Jyn says, then hums, “I suppose so, yes.”

“And maybe a little more,” Cassian says. “If it goes so far. That’s the ideal, isn’t it?”

Jyn laughs, the sound like silver and stardust. “What, you’ve never kissed another person before?” she says, surprised.

“No,” Cassian says defensively. “I have. But kissing a princess is different than kissing the baker’s daughter, isn’t it?”

“Is it? Seems like lips are lips, whoever the person on the other end.”

“I don’t know if I agree,” he says, reaching out and touching the sleeve of her dress, feeling bold. “It seems important whose lips they are.”

Jyn’s breath seems to hitch, and she looks up at him, her green eyes searching his like she’s seeing him with human eyes instead of fairy ones for the very first time. He doesn’t know what he’s doing but he’s doing it anyway. She can always say no, smack him in the head with her wand and magic the knowledge into him, and she’s ready to step back, but she draws closer, the fabric of her dress crinkling between his fingers.

“So what first?” she says at last.

“A kiss on the hand?” he says a she draws back and offers out her hand, wrist limp but arm straight and true. He bows and places a soft kiss to her skin, his mouth cotton dry. “And now on the cheek?”

“Yes,” she says, mouth red and rounded as the words spill out, and Cassian feels his heart trip in his own chest and has to focus to aim true to find her pale cheek.

“How was that?” he asks, pulling away, watching the tilt of her head and the set of her mouth as her tongue flickers out and wets her own lips. A breeze blows through the window, the smell of hay and sunshine washing out the heat of the afternoon that has stuck to the walls. But then maybe that’s not it. Maybe it’s not the wind that makes Cassian feel that way. Maybe it’s magic. Maybe it’s Jyn.

“Good,” she says carefully. “And?”

“And?” he echoes.

“What’s next?”

“If the lady in question acquiesces to more you mean?” he says, swallowing hard.

“If that’s how you want to put it.”

“A kiss on the lips.”

“Yes. But a kiss to a lady.” Jyn reaches out, and a curl of her hair drifts across her cheek, brown and soft and shiny. Her hands find his back, palms splaying against his spine. He wonders if she’ll give him more direction, but the warmth of her against him seems direction enough, and he rests a hand against the curve of her hip, the other reaching for the cheek he just kissed.

“Jyn,” he says and that is all he manages before the space between them grows smaller and smaller and they are touching, the press of her mouth against his spilling all the secrets of her life and her kingdom of magic into him. She breaks for a moment to breathe, and his name slips out just as her lips find his again.

Jyn is here as his fairy godmother. Here to grant his truest wish. But Cassian doesn’t know what that is anymore and yet, he does.

There’s a bang at the door and Jyn explodes into a cloud of fairy dust, her corporeal human form gone. Cassian is covered in gold. His arms once full now empty except for air.

“Cassian!” It is Kay, the farmhand from over the hill. “I need to talk to you! Cassian! Are you in there?”

i want to be proud of who i am
but i still get lost at sea, crushed by waves of insecurity
sometimes i don’t even see the point in trying to swim
i know it won’t be worth it, it won’t change me if i do
i’ll still be me
i still won’t be enough
i see my reflection in the water
staring back up at me
and even in the image distorted by ripples of waves, i see a chest that i don’t have any desire to flatten
because i like my chest
but i feel like i shouldn’t
and i don’t necessarily want hrt
but i feel like i should
i keep cutting my hair shorter
but sometimes i wonder what it would be like to have it cascade past my shoulders again
and i don’t think i should
and it’s so confusing
to have these thoughts then right away feel the need to contradict them
they remind me that i’ll never be trans enough to call myself trans
and every time i feel like this it makes me feel like i’m drowning
meanwhile everyone else has learned how to breathe underwater
—  enough
(cc, 2017)

rozalynfrozen  asked:

Can I request some fluffy headcanons of Candy x Lys? Mostly Lys being a gentleman?

Yes you sure can. Honestly, fluffy headcanons are my favorites to do. I plan on posting some more just for the fun of it. Enjoy!

  • So pure, so nice.
  • Likes playing with Candy’s hair
  • If they sleep together, Lys has a very good grip around Candy
  • Uses all types of good manners (obviously)
  • Likes being the prince to his princess
  • Is still nice to other woman, but his charming ways are for Candy only
  • May be a prince.
  • Tries to do Candy’s hair sometimes, is pretty good at it
  • Likes giving her surprise kisses to see her reaction.
  • Doesn’t matter the door, he’s opening all of them for her
  • Likes to kiss her hand when he has to leave
  • Always pays for dinners, no matter what
  • Hates shopping, but will do it for the sake of Candy and peace
  • Thinks she’s adorable in his clothes 
  • Loves sleeping with Candy
  • Very cuddly, doesn’t mind doing it for a long time
  • Holds most of the bags for Candy
  • Is very honest,,
  • His favorite thing to do is hold Candy in his arms, he feels that’s the closest way to her
  • Brings her favorite flowers when she’s upset 
  • Made Candy a flower crown once.
  • Gets pretty upset when she cries, holds her and hugs her for as long as she needs
  • Refuses to think of himself first before Candy
  • Can’t binge watch movies, he always falls asleep
  • Loves it when Candy runs her fingers through his hair
  • Doesn’t do all of these favors because he thinks Candy is helpless, does them since he knows she’s valuable and worthy of respect.
  • Likes wrapping Candy in a blanket and holding her
  • Holds her hand often
  • Never wears gloves, he doesn’t feel like he’s touching Candy with them on.
  • Isn’t afraid to confront someone at school that made Candy upset
  • Will honestly K.O someone with his words
  • Blushes when Candy acts dominant
  • Has a good memory of things that Candy has said. Whether it’s a day, week, or month ago.
  • Even if Candy is wrong sometimes, he apologies
  • Castiel made a remark that he’s so nice it’s sickENING - half-joking.
  • Makes sure Candy doesn’t feel like the third wheel when they’re with Castiel.
  • Always and will forever always, put Candy first.
Favourite Undertale quotes

(aka the reasons you should play Undertale if you haven’t yet)

  • *You came all the way back here to look at Toriel’s socks. *You have great priorities in life. 
  • *Wosh u SOUL
  • *Sans is selling tickets made of toilet paper.
  • *It looks like a snow ball… *Actually, it’s a snow decahedron.
  • *Partaking in worthless garbage fills you with determination.
  • *I’ll pay you 1000G if you get Mettaton to autograph my butt!
  • *Why do people find him so attractive?? *He’s literally just a freaking rectangle.
  • *Huh? *Everyone else is DEAD? *Does that mean I don’t have to work today?
  • *Thank you so much, dearie! *It’s all because of you *(r money).
  • *You’re making the switches uncomfortable with all this attention.
  • *In this hellish world, you can only take 3 pieces of candy…
  • *I’m literally going to make out with a fish.
  • *Mad Dummy is doing an armless ska dance.
  • *Now you’ll see my true power: Relying on people that aren’t garbage!
  • *i’ve almost got a mix cd finished for my scary neighbor… *it’s 74 minutes of people screaming their signature wrestling moves *but they’re all autotuned *i hope she likes it
  • *What do I look like, the ice-cream woman? *Do human ice-cream women TERRORIZE HUMANITY with ENERGY SPEARS? *Are their ice-cream songs a PRELUDE TO DESTRUCTION?
  • *I should have worn a few million more pairs of pants today.
  • *Mew Mew Kissy Cutie 2 Is Neither Kissy Nor Cutie. *Its Trash. 0 stars
  • *Sparkle up your day™.
  • *My hair… yes, I use metal hairgel. 
  • They say I have the voice of a Siren… awooga!
  • *… you really like hot animals, don’t you? *hey, i’m not judging.
  • *yeah, you’ve gotta save your money for college and spiders.
  • *I will make intent eye contact with you so you sweat while you talk.
  • *First off, I’m a baby KNIGHT! *Captain of the babies!!!
  • *This is Sans *Frisk, did you know that I love to “get owned?” *I also think Toriel is very good and fhfjkehfeaufsisf
  • *When I feel like relaxing, I always take a break there. *That means NEVER!! *I HATE RELAXING!! *I LOVE being ANGRY and STRESSED OUT!!!
  • *You can’t do the jimpity jumpity joodle!? *The limpity loppity leap!?
  • *Uh, if not for that grooty, I’d have kicked your booty.
  • *You make a snowball and throw it for the dog to fetch. *It splats on the ground. *Greater Dog picks up all the snow in the area and brings it to you.
  • *It looks like some sort of powerful bracelet… *Wait. *It’s just a croissant…
  • *It appears to be a self- sustaining tornado made of trash.
  • *I can’t go to hell. *I’m all out of vacation days.
  • *And I’m forecasting an incoming front of SHUT UP!!!
  • *I’m thinking of getting a spiked collar to show off my personality. *It makes a statement like… *“Attach a leash to me and take me for a walk please.”
  • *It’s kinda cute… *…I mean, uh… *I’m tough!!! *I love to eat rocks!!
  • *Well, maybe our cooking abilities aren’t exactly perfect. *Nah!!! *They totally are!! *Eat up, punk!! *(You hear spaghetti thwap against the receiver.)
  • *Perhaps mankind was not meant to pet this much.
hey!! my fellow nonbinary friends!!! i have a few things to say!!!!!
  • you can wear any clothes you want! if it makes you comfortable, you wear it! you’re most likely rockin’ it!!!
  • you can bind, or not! boobies dont make you not nonbinary!! theyre just boobies!!
  • you can wear loose or tight clothing!!! your body doesn’t make you any less nonbinary!!
  • you can wear makeup or not! makeup doesn’t change how rad of an nb person you are!!!
  • you can wear whatever colors you want!! blue doesn’t equal boy and pink doesn’t equal girl!!!!
  • you can use gendered pronouns if you want to!! doesn’t effect how nb you are!!!!!
  • you can use they/them!! its even in the dictionary now!! it can be used for one person!!!
  • sometimes people aren’t going to understand, and sometimes people can be mean. that doesn’t make you’re nbness less real!!!
  • you can wear your hair however you like! long, short, in the middle…any way you like it! it doesn’t mess with your nbness!!!
  • you can strive to ‘pass’, or you can strive to not! whatever you do, you’re still nb!!
  • you can go by any name you want!!! your name doesn’t change that you’re nb and how awesome that is!!!!!!!

i hope you have a wonderful day and everyone is respectful to you and your gender identity. all my fellow nonbinary pals, please know that you have a haven within yourself! you know you’re nb, not confused or going throuhg a phase. and even if you were! thats okay too! gender is a spectrum and almost always fluxuating!! try to be kind with yourself and allow change if need be!!! its tough, but i know we can all do it ヽ/❀o ل͜ o\ノ