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I wasn't going to get involved but...

Everyone trying to tear down each other in the Supergirl fandom, attacking the writers and actors… Why? Put that energy someplace useful like, I don’t know, actual fights for human rights. Or charities. Or whatever damn well pleases you.

Because shipping two characters? Ok, that’s something you like to do. Go for it. Just stop calling each other names and doing whatever you can to drown each other’s ships. I know, you can actually do that – weird, right?

Bottom line, Mon-el is canonically a presence in Supergirl. There’s a thing called “comics” – on which much of DCTV found its origin. Yes, I understand the shows have deviated from all those lovely books, but there are still things in said comics that maybe drew other viewers to the show. Instead of just the celebrities who star in them (and do a fantastic job, no matter what the haters think). Keeping some aspects of the comics also pays homage to where these stories initially started.

That’s been on my mind the last couple of weeks. Go ahead and attack me, too, if you’re so inclined. Just know that there’s a world out there beyond your TV and your social media rants. I’ll be enjoying my own life and going back to ignoring all the hate. I see no logic behind any of it, but that is my personal opinion – I will respect any of yours that differ.

sparkly-courf  asked:

Hellooooo!! Do you have any headcanons for Musichetta/Cosette/Eponine friendship?

  • Cosette can sing, Eponine can rap, Musichetta can beatbox. Youtube videos, street performances, talent shows, open mics, serenading their friends, honestly the list can go on. imagine the possibilities. (this was a post i made awhile back honestly i still love it)
  • Musichetta and Cosette teaching Eponine how to knit because they’re both super crafty. They have nights where they “get lit and knit” and that can go in so many different directions tbh
  • Eponine has designed matching tattoos for all of them. They asked her to, and she was happy to oblige. It’s also because got a degree in studio art, so she knows what’s up
  • When one of them is sad, the others show up to her apartment with shopping bags of the person’s favorite food and have a self-care night.
  • They all made friendship bracelets for each other and wear them every single day
  • Cosette and Eponine thought it would be hilarious to recreate all of Musichetta’s pictures with Joly and Bossuet. So they spent an entire day dedicated to making sure they were as accurate as possible. They spent the next day replacing all of the pictures in Musichetta’s apartment with them just to see if Joly and Bossuet noticed (it took them 3 days because Bossuet is super oblivious and Joly was barely home)

anonymous asked:

hi, have you watched the full new yang nam show episode of bts? idk if it's still isn't subbed for english yet for a whole episode. I can only find like a couple clips subbed and a full thing raw.

i haven’t watched the whole thing yet, so far this (and bless her) is the only one I know that’s currently subbed, it’s only part 1 so far but it’s almost an hour show so i expect its gonna take some time till the whole thing is subbed ^^ also the gifs people have been making really help a lot too!

anonymous asked:

Do you know where I can find the comic, "Love is a Battlefield" I've heard that Aang gets really mad at Katara cause she won't talk about their kiss at the invasion, is this comic written by actual ATLA writers and around what time was it released, also I find it interesting for them to have this comic did they release it when Zutara was still the plan? So it would connect with how Katara feels more comfortable around Zuko than Aang and show that she's going be in a relationship with Zuko soon.

You can read Love is a Battlefield here.

I don’t remember when this comic first came out, but I am sure it was written after Kataang was already planned as endgame. It was included in The Lost Adventures, and it was written by J. Torres, not one of the regular Avatar writers.

But yeah, it doesn’t make Kataang look very good. She won’t talk about their kiss, and Aang gets upset. I guess the point of this comic was that we were supposed to feel bad for Aang and want him to get “his” girl, but it just makes me feel the opposite. It’s kind of creepy how Aang acts in this comic. He is so mad at her and he is unwilling to accept that she may just like him as a friend. He does not want to hear what her feelings are, he only cares about his own. Not very romantic. He does act like he is entitled to have his feelings reciprocated in Book 3 and it is annoying how the show wants us to feel the same way.

This is why most of the ALTA writers didn’t like Kataang, and why they wanted Aang’s attachment to be his main issue to overcome. Letting go of his possessiveness would have made him a much better character. Bryke’s plans for Kataang made Aang into a pretty awful character, and they turn Katara into his reward. 

anonymous asked:

They seem like they're quite in control of keeping their relationship on the DL, but the SMILES!!! After watching the preview, what do you think they do that shows affection? X

It’s a little like slipping back into old habits, isn’t it? I get the feeling that they’re sort of just happy to see each other and talk to each other - everything else they can sort of let fall by the wayside for the moment. I imagine it will get a hell of a lot harder as time goes on.

(even though it’s weird and awkward for them and they’re really not great at not looking like they’re in love lmaooo, they’re still cute af)

As for whatever the moment of affection is… I don’t know, hand grab, or maybe something that happens when they say goodbye? Or maybe their mooned eyes just get a bit too much and someone notices that you don’t look at your cousin like that (unless ur a dingle lmao thx rob)

I don’t know, but they are… so damn cute and still so happy to be married???? like… that alone seems to help so much??????? They’re just excited to be able to call one another family and like… everything they said to one another related to the wedding/their new marriage in some way, because they’re just… happy about it.

(and throwing in a little “you know/i know” god damn it stu)

Which all of a sudden makes it way more awful if something happens because someone notices something about the way they are and Aaron decides that they have to be a lot more careful and this is the only happy-ish meeting they get and hahahaha ok i made it sad again

Can We Just Not?

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki

Word Count: 269

Warnings: the feelz

Summary: J2 finding you watching Supernatural

Notes: I was freaking out while watching SPN today and my mind went places so this is what happened.

Originally posted by mishasminions

Originally posted by sabishiishoujo

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anonymous asked:

do you have any fics that you like to go back and read?

Hey anon!

I do, I do - I have countless fics that I love to go back and reread - a lot of them are in my bookmarks on ao3, if you want to check them out? :D I’m actually planning to sort through stuff and make a proper rec post (or even a page or something?) once I’m done with my thesis :’) At the moment I’m still a little too busy.

If you want some concrete examples though - lately there’s been a couple fic’s I’ve been reading over and over (which I think aren’t in the bookmarks bc I remember them and keep opening them xD):

I Won’t Let You Go by hajiiwa (@chxngsey; it always makes me cry it’s so… poignant?? I love it)

Mind Reader by Jopling (…which is explicit and not completed but fantastic)

Move Your Body by IncessantOblivion (…also explicit and also fantastic)

Sometimes You’ve Gotta Fall Before You Can Fly by thunderingskies (@josai; an incredible gift and a lovely rarepair ok it’s amazing)

…and this, which is relatively new but spectacular: as we huddle together by @astersandstuffs - honestly blew me away and I keep opening it up again and again.

…hope this is enough for now, anon, but please check back at the end of March (or so) for an actual rec page or something :D We’ll see.

Thank you so much for asking though!!

It’s comforting to realize that I reached peak embarrassment in my life almost five years ago now; nothing will ever top the day when my ex left porn on my laptop and I accidentally showed that porn on a projector. In a church.

I mean…I’m safe. I walked through the fire. The flames of hell licked my sin and here I stand. Come at me, food-stained shirts, you fucking amateurs; do your worst shoe-loving toilet paper. I died and yet live.


  • “Dead mother, you’re lonely, you need a friend.”
  •  “Go away or I’ll turn you into a toad or a snake!” 
  • “Let’s get something straight GIRLY, I am STILL Lord Amanojaku which means I have enough spiritual power to KILL you.” 
  • “You two morons are just walking in front of me…watch for dogs.” 
  • “I wonder who the next victim will be~ Oh could I be so lucky? Could it be you~?” 
  • “You got the DAMN BOOK look it up yourself.”
  • “By the time he finds out he's cursed his parents will be childless well by the second act! Oh, my stars and guarders I do love show business!” 
  • “Let me put it this way, now I lay my head down to sleep. I pray my lord, my soul, to keep if I should die before DAD GETS HOME!” 
  • “One who walks with the lotus cheetah takes the magnolia mountain in springtime.”
  • “Well knock knock who’s there? Just another ghost coming to KILL you!” 
  • “Damn it! I wish the microwave was working I’d love some popcorn while I watch this.”
  • “Pardon me anyone want MY opinion?” 

anonymous asked:

Hey Jenna, I look up to you in various ways and I'd like to ask for some relationship advice. Ive been single (by choice) for 2/3 years now. The only girl I've ever loved hit me up recently saying how she's glad I've changed etc but she's got a bf. I don't really know how to say it but like how do I show her I want her back without fucking up her current relationship. I want her to be happy and if that's not with me that's cool but still... idk....

I mean, the only way to show her you want her back is to tell her you want her back. She will most likely say some variation of no thank you, seeing as she’s moved on and has a boyfriend and all. But your only options here are to say something and take what comes like a champ, or say nothing and move on with your life.

I don’t think we talk about how much Phil cares about Dan often enough. Like we all love to talk about how Dan is Phil trash #1 and so fond and adoring and basically worships the ground he walks on, but omg, Phil cares about Dan so much it’s ridiculous. Just think about it, he:

  • Let Dan visit for days on end when he was still living with his parents
  • Basically had him partially move in to his Manchester flat while Dan was at university (he spent more time there than in his dorm lol)
  • Supported Dan wholeheartedly when he was struggling with university/decided to drop out
  • When BBC Radio One asked Phil to do the Christmas radio show, he insisted on doing it with Dan
  • Still sits with Dan and talks him down through his existential crises (you know that bit in TATINOF mirrors their daily life)
  • Won a solo award after being a creator for ten years and still brought Dan on stage to celebrate his award alongside him

There’s probably more instances that I’m forgetting but holy shit, Phil loves Dan so much and I needed to appreciate it.


did anyone else notice that niall brought his new guitar onto the stage even though he didnt use it???? like, he just wanted people to see how beautiful his baby is… i cant with this kid anymore.

~2017 Bullet Journal and Planner~

Hi everyone! A lovely anon asked if I could post the inside of my Typo planner that’s been floating around the studyblr sphere (768 notes :O) but I’m actually going to be using a two planner system this year, so I decided to show you guys this as well! I’m still in the process of decorating it, but here’s a peek inside :D

I’m going to have a separate bullet journal that I use for whole year planning and habit tracking, as well as various other lists like a careers to do list, assessment weightings and a list of things to revise. I’ve tried to make it look cheerful, because this year might not be ^^”

I’ve digitalised the cover (which I made myself using some origami paper I picked up in Japan back in 2010), so now I can just print it off whenever I need to! I’ll upload it and update this post with the link to download the printable ^__^

Here’s the monthly view - I’ve colour coded my placements this year by ‘mild’lining each week that I’m away. For May, I’ve got Red Eye Clinic and a placement down at the Australian College of Optometry in Melbourne. Decorated with lovely succulents and washi tape of course ^__^

Here I’ve got a weekly view, appropriately striped with the relevant placement colour. I’m going to be using this for day-to-day homework tasks and other chores that I have to get done, and I’ll also be adding a song of the day. I have tried Typo’s day-to-a-page planners before, but found that I didn’t need the space. Decorated by some watercolour gemstones that I’ve hand painted ^__^ 

As well as that, here’s a look at my future log/yearly overview/not sure what to call it. I had a look at other systems and nothing really seemed to suit what I needed or had enough space to accommodate all the assessment tasks and due dates. So, I decided to make a weekly breakdown roughly based around the 6-8 week rotations we have in 5th year. Luckily, it split fairly evenly and neatly when I divided it into 8 :)

I’m also going to be habit tracking this year. I first identified a list of around 21 habits that I wanted to track. Then I grouped and narrowed it down into target areas:

  1. cups of water (the only numerical one)
  2. sleeping early and waking early (as opposed to a set number of hours)
  3. exercising half an hour in the morning and afternoon
  4. no junk food, eating healthy meals with lots of vegetables :)
  5. completing homework/assignments, and studying/revising
  6. morning and night skin care routines
  7. no arguments with my parents and doing the chores

Except for cups of water, these are all two-fold habits.

  • So I am going to use a forward slash /
  • or a backwards slash \ depending on which one I complete,
  • with a full cross X indicating that I did both that day.

Wishing everyone the best with their studies for the year ahead! Thanks for being such a welcoming community!!




Guess who’s back with another giveaway (: Since it’s around the time of my blog’s 1 year anniversary, I will be doing another giveaway for you guys. How perfect is it that BTS Epilogue DVD is coming out the same time my blog is turning 1? It’s so meant to be :’) I want this to be a present to one of you guys to show my appreciation. Thank you for sticking around with me, especially the ones who are still here since the very beginning. And thank you to the new ones who joined me throughout 2016. I really hope that we can continue to be together through 2017 and so on ♡ 1 year down, many more to go! I love and appreciate each and every single one of you so much. Therefore, I will be giving away the 2016 BTS LIVE 화양연화 ON STAGE : EPILOGUE CONCERT DVD along with other goods. Good luck everyone ♡ (Banner made by: @busanie ♥)

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anonymous asked:

Hi dear! First of all I love your ff! It's my favourite one of all! And I love that you don't hold back that Victuri not only show, but tell that they love each other. do you think that in case of season 2 they might tell each other how they feel by words? I am not one of those fans that can't believe what I see unless they tell each other straight(gay) out! But something in me is still in denial that a major plot twist could be like "lol we fooled you guys regarding victuuri" what do I do? 😭😭

(Thank you - I’m having fun writing fic for the fandom! Winter Song is actually crafted to fill in the blanks that you’re questioning, so hopefully it helps settle your mind a bit.)

As for your question, I don’t think we’re going to get a “haha we fooled you!” message from the creators. Victor and Yuuri’s romantic relationship is canon.

What I think some people are struggling with is that the main storyline of Yuri!!! on Ice is not about romance. It’s a sports anime, and skating has always been and always will be the main focus. 

The subplot of Yuri!!! on Ice is the coach/student relationship. This is why we’re only shown scenes where Victor and Yuuri discuss that part of their relationship. The skating is always the focus because that’s just what the show is about. If you’re looking for an anime that explores romance, this isn’t it. So no, I don’t think we’re promised any blatant “I love you” scenes in the future. 


That doesn’t mean the romantic relationship isn’t there. It is so there.

I honestly do not understand how people can look at that screencap above and fail to see the physical and emotional intimacy these two young men share.

Like. *rubs temples* Their lips are literally an inch apart. (Seriously … why would Yuuri’s family be so shocked to see these two hugging? They hug all the time.)

Every. single. scene. we get from Victor and Yuuri is the type of stuff the fans of many 100% confirmed canonical relationships never get to see on screen.

Victor and Yuuri’s intimacy is palpable in a way rarely seen in other media.

What we’re shown in the anime are two men falling in love, and Kubo-sensei has given her audience clear evidence of that relationship should they wish to see it. It’s canon.

The kiss has been confirmed. They share hotel rooms now. Their beds are pushed together. In what world do adults in a platonic relationship give each other gold wedding bands? And kiss them in front of an audience?? And grab each other’s neckties??? And kiss each other’s skates???? And run into each other’s arms in an airport after a very brief separation?????

Do you know how intimate it is to have someone kiss your hand like this?

Just take a moment to imagine your last coach or teacher doing that to you. Imagine your best friend doing it.

Really feel it. What it would be like to have someone you’re in a platonic relationship with bring your hand to their lips and hold it there for several long moments.

Their warm breath. The feel of their lips. The way their eyes close and their brow creases like their heart is aching.

Kind of a weird idea to think about your BFF doing it, right? Personally, my mind would immediately jump to the conclusion that they have a raging crush on me at the very least. Hand kissing like this is extremely suggestive of romance.

I’m just scratching the surface of the physical and emotional intimacy evident in this anime. It is SO EASY to imagine Yuuri and Victor kissing and saying “I love you” after the credits roll in the later episodes. That’s what the creators have given you … when they didn’t have to.

I would encourage you not to expect Yuri!!! on Ice to be something it’s not, or you’re never going to be able to truly enjoy it.

(Don’t you want to enjoy it? It’s fun. I promise.)

Alternately, if you expect nothing more than a sports anime and are instead given all this wealth of intimacy and romance, you will be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.