i still cry over this manga

this poor little red ribbon was bullied in elementary school. i just have this hc in my mind with poor kid tendou crying his eyes out in front of his parents after a volley practice because the other kids did not want him to play because they said he looked like a monster. he started playing volleyball because blocking one of his bullies’ spike made him feel good and he wanted to feel that same satisfaction over and over again, but you can clearly see from both the anime and the manga that even if he was good at it, he still struggled to make friends. teammates still talked behind his back.
that was so real. like, kids are adorable and all, but they can also be so mean. and really, being good at something doesn’t mean you’ll be 100% accepted.
i have this other hc in my head with tendou playing volleyball 24/7 after he got complimented by someone. and this other one with tendou seeing wakatoshi and thinking “wow” and despite being afraid of being rejected still tried to talk to wakatoshi. at first he thought it was just a one way conversation because waka’s not really looking at him as he’s talking, so tendou stops, but then after a second waka just goes, “and then?” and that’s like one of the most precious memories of tendou satori’s high school life. but enough of that, tendou’s such a bittersweet character, okay? he takes pride in his team, he 100% supports them, he compliments goshiki on his haircut AND WE CAN ALL GUESS WHY. and then after losing against karasuno he goes and says those words that broke us all. i think his “farewell my paradise” isn’t just about him quitting volleyball. it’s more than that, it’s volleyball played with his team, with shiratorizawa. JUST. JUST APPRECIATE TENDOU SATORI OKAY? HE MAY BE TALL AND HIS RED HAIR MAY LOOK FIERCE BUT THIS BOY NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED AT ALL COST. don’t let him quit volleyball furudate sensei. let him break more spikers’ hearts.

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So I reading chapter 90 and just WOW!!!! Is all I have to say. I love that Deku says it can't be anyone but Kirishima. But can you explain that a little more please! But only if you have time.

The timestamp on this ask tells me I’ve been thinking about it for eight hours and right this moment I just decided, fuck it, the day after the anniversary sounds like a perfect moment to lose my shit over chapter 90 again, let’s do this

So the short answer in case you don’t have time for a trip through ninety chapters of the bnha manga is, Kirishima has with Bakugou a relationship unlike nearly anyone else, based on mutual trust and faith in each other’s strength and the firm understanding that neither of them is putting themselves above the other ever, and that made it so that in the group of people present at the moment Kirishima was the only one Bakugou would have willingly accepted help from, so that’s why it had to be him 

That’s some great foundation for a mutually respectful relationship if I’ve ever seen one and my heart weeps a lot 

BUT I said I was gonna cry about this properly so let’s do this let’s just go back to the beginning of the manga anon my pal I need you to understand why everything about that chapter has me in tears still even though it’s been a year and probably a thousand read-through’s

(this is seriously image heavy I’m so sorry oops)

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A little Hidoku Shinaide appreciation post

They’ve come such a long way. They developed so much. And so did Nekota Yonezou. 

Maya went from this little mean dick, who’s in love with someone but doesn’t know how to express it and does everything wrong…

to this precious lovestruck dork who knows what he wants and who’s ready to give up everything for the love of his life…

And Nemu went from this unexperienced, naive bookworm to a beautiful, experienced… naive bookworm xD He deserves all the love in the world <3

Their relationship went through a long process…

but it got stronger over the years and they developed a deep bond. 

Akira has developed a lot as well. From a frustrated teenager, whose heart was broken by his first love

to this wonderful man who still has to find out what he really wants, but he’s getting there with the help of his loving and patient boyfriend.

This amazing manga series has touched so many of us so deep and it makes us so happy. 
We cry with them, we laugh with them, we love them.
I’m so grateful that Hidoku Shinaide exists <3

Sorry for this random post, but I felt like it ^^



This episode was so great because:
1) Tsuyu getting over half an episode for her development you go girl
2) Seeing how other heroes went about their internships, not just Izuku or Lida or Shouto or Katsuki (Also Jirou is doing cool stuff! I’m so proud of her!)
4)Seeing heroes in their zone?? Like that’s so cool to me
5)Bakugou’s. Hair.
6) I couldn’t fit Uraraka’s screenshot, but her development!!!
Basically I love this series and I can’t wait for the manga to update as well

Holy shit its a meta post on the worst mp100 villians.

Honestly every character in Mob Psycho is so relatable. Even the worst villains in the series are super relatable!!!! But the way they’re handled makes them so much more important than everybody gives them credit for!! 


Touchiro: “I have a Very Special Thing so I am Better Than Everybody.”

This is VERY relatable, especially if you’ve grown up as a single child or as some sort of ‘gifted’ program or had a very special talent or skill and were constantly praised on that!!!

The thing is, the way he ends up being defeated shows that He Is Not A God. It is not a good thing to find yourself relating to Touchiro, its a cautionary tale that shows that you still need to grow because Touchiro is a story of Hubris. Even the strongest people in the world have their weaknesses and in the end if you’re alone in your pretension and self-righteousness it won’t matter jack shit about how good you are at anything, because you’ll still lose in the end.


Mogami: “Everything in my life is shit so i’m gon be a shit person and drag the world down with me.” 

This is a very relatable feeling, especially when you’re under constant pressure or abuse or anything of the sort. Its Very Very easy to fall to your anger and bitterness and hatred and take out your feelings on other people!! Mogami to me is so incredibly relateable, but again his relatabilitly is not shown as a good thing!!! This is also shown in other characters such as Lapis from Steven Universe, but I feel like Mogami personally is the best character to show just how Bad this mindset can be, because its the absolute and most extreme version of it!!

When Mob goes through those six months of hell, the same bitterness ends up building in him and he does end up acting on it, and he almost does do something really bad because of it! But he was able to break out of that mindset thanks to Dimple and that shows us that It Is Possible to overcome your own hatred!! 

That is a really really important message to me!!! This entire ARC is incredibly important to me!!! ITS SUCH AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE!!!

Even Minori ends up realizing how shit she had been!!!

Its!! A!! Good!! Arc!!

If you only act on your hatred and bitterness, it will end up consuming you entirely and you won’t be able to recover from it, but if you actually do make an Active Effort to not let yourself be consumed by that, you will grow and change and become a better person!!!


Psycho Helmet/Broccoli: “This is all i’ve ever known so it must be right.”

Yeah I know i’m listing a sentient vegetable in a relatable villains list, but if you try and tell me he’s not a worst villain i’ll actually fight you. Rip Dimple ;w; but Psycho Helmet was made with the powers of a god, and then manipulated into a desire to take over the world as one. Then, when Dimple stopped and wanted it to end, Broccoli continued because he literally knew nothing else!!!!!


Don’t only get your information about things from one place!!!! While you hopefully won’t be dumped into the ocean to rot, you’ll still find yourself being made a laughingstock if the information you were given was wrong!!!


I just love ONE-Sensei’s writing so much. Is so important and I might actually cry over this. Perhaps I’ll do another one of these weird meta things, but i’ll leave it here for now. :D

Thanks for reading!

Thank you, Hiro Mashima

Thank you, Hiro Mashima.

Fairy Tail has been part of my life for around three years now, and although he may not read this, I wanted to express my gratitude to Mashima. I may not have been a fan from the very beginning, (considering I was 6 when it came out), but Fairy Tail has been one of the biggest changes of my life.

Initially I began watching the anime before I read the manga, and the show was the first anime I properly got into and loved. From the characters, silly jokes, epic fights, tears and laughter, I loved it all. When I reached the GMG arc in the anime I began reading the manga as well, and within a few weeks I was up to date.

At that point, Fairy Tail wasn’t just an anime, it wasn’t just a manga; it was a family. It was something I held dear to my heart, and still do to this day. Others may bash it for being all about “nakama power” and not having serious/realistic fights, but honestly it taught me so many significant lessons. Fairy Tail and all it’s characters taught me about family, and how much friendship means, and that all of your friends are your family.

I could relate to many of the characters; both Lucy and I share a name and passion for reading and writing, and are both in love with Natsu Dragneel. Every character in that series made me laugh, made me cry, but most of all made me happy. If I ever felt down, I would watch or read Fairy Tail. For me, watching or reading Fairy Tail was never a dull moment, even if I’d watched the same episode ten times, I would still find a new way to react to it and fall in love with it all over again.

Fairy Tail also revived my passion for writing. I’d been writing since such a small age, but growing up I had less inspiration and less to write about. Once I was introduced to Fairy Tail I had mountains of fanfic and one shot ideas, most of which I still haven’t got round to writing! Writing is such a strong passion of mine, and I’m forever grateful to Fairy Tail for bringing back my inspiration.

I have also made some of my closest friends through Fairy Tail. A girl who I was friends with suggested I should watch it, and after I started watching it we would speak non stop about it for days, and even to this day we still freak out over every manga chapter update. I wouldn’t have thought that three years later that girl would be my best friend. I also made my closest internet friend because of Fairy Tail, which I am also eternally grateful for.

With Fairy Tail’s main story now at it’s end, of course I am upset, after all it’s all I’ve known for three years, but because of the characters and stories Hiro Mashima has created, I am able to see Fairy Tail’s ending in a much more positive light; it’s ending merely allows me to fall in love with it all over again. Whether I decide to rewatch the anime, reread the manga, or even just occasionally look up fanart/fanfiction, there will never be a dull moment as long as Fairy Tail still exists in my heart. And I know it will remain in my heart for a very long time.

So, for one last time, I want to say thank you, Hiro Mashima. Thank you for creating a beautiful story and beautiful characters along with it. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for making me cry. Thank you for helping me make friends. Thank you for changing my life.

Thank you, Hiro Mashima.

Happy Birthday Sanji~!

Today it’s Sanji’s birthday!

Exactly one year ago I was in Tokyo and visited the Mugiwara Store and enjoying the Day of Sanji in the Year of Sanji.

Now, I’ve been extremely busy for the last six months and I haven’t been able to write even half of the posts I come up with in my head. But today is Sanji’s birthday and he’s my favorite anime character of all time. So, I am going to talk about my love for Sanji, and all (some of) the reasons to why he’s my favorite.

Under the cut you’ll find a lot of love and me being biased! Now on to my list of reasons to love Sanji.

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What had I done!?

How could I be so foolish!

Yuugi was gone.

I was alone.

I didn’t like to be alone. I wanted Yuugi back. I needed him. Without him I felt empty, my thoughts went unheard. My soul cried out for him.

I felt like half of my heart had been forcibly taken from me.

The seal of orichalcos had taken my other half away from me. And it was all my fault. I was so blinded by rage, I lost sight of what really matter. My own selfishness was the reason my Yuugi had been taken from me.

He allowed himself to be taken to save me.

I didn’t deserve to be saved! I was the one the seal of orichalcos should have taken. It should’ve been me! Not Yuugi!

Despite turning my back on him, Yuugi still believed in me and that I could save all the others that had fallen victim to Darts.

But I felt the darkness creeping inside of me. Without Yuugi’s light, without his soul, the evil was taking over my heart.

“Yuugi,” I kept crying out for him, praying to the Gods that he would return.

I needed him so badly.

I was helpless.

eaturveggiesbby  asked:

aaa i just adore your blog!!! its so amazing ! can i get a imagine w/ kirishima, tamaki (if youve read the manga ^^) and shinsou with a chubby s/o who gets picked on because of her weight? ❤︎

Oh trust me, I’ve read the manga. I’m still crying over it ;__; On a happier note, hope you enjoy this! Also, thank you sweetie, love you~


Kirishima Eijirō 切島 鋭児郎

• Someone’s picking on his s/o? Who? When? Where? He’s prepared to fight them. Well, not actually fight them of course, more like giving them a heartfelt, stern talking-to.

• He never feels like his s/o is anything less than perfect. He doesn’t see why they’re getting picked on, and because of their weight no less.

• Weight has never been something that really mattered to him in finding a s/o. He’s the type of guy who barely even notices physical features and sees straight into their personality instead.

• He’d remind his s/o that he loves them, no matter what their body type is. If people are picking on them, they shouldn’t pay them and mind because they’re obvious not worth their time.

• If the bullying persists, Kirishima is seriously considering reporting it. He knows it’s probably not what his s/o wants him to do, but it might be the only way for it to stop.

• Still, he’s pretty much a pacifist unless push comes to shove. So he’d just focus on making his s/o feel better rather than worrying about what some bullies are saying.

• He wants his s/o to know that they’re beautiful and perfect the way they are and they should only change an spect of themselves if they themselves want to. Kirishima loves his s/o and would be heartbroken if they were hurt by what the bullies were saying.


Amajiki Tamaki 天喰 環


• He’s been picked on before, not very much, just once or twice when he was younger, but it really made an impact on him. He wouldn’t want his s/o to be in the same situation.

• There’s not much he can do if he wants to stand up to the bullies. If he really thought it was getting out of hand, he might ask Mirio to step in, but he wouldn’t prefer that.

• Like Kirishima, he’s much more keen on comforting his s/o rather than standing up to the bullies for them. It’s just not something he thinks he can do.

• Still, he’s a hero, so he’d step in if things got really bad. But he’d really prefer not to do so unless his s/o was being tormented by these bullies.

• He reminds them that they’re perfect the way they are. He’s never thought of their weight as a bad thing. Some people just weigh more and it doesn’t mean they’re not perfect and beautiful like anyone else.

• Tamaki was actually shocked when someone so beautiful said they wanted to go out with him. He thought they were pretty much out of his league.

• He knows his s/o is wonderful the way they are. He wouldn’t want them to change because his s/o is the person he fell in love with; if they changed themselves because of what some cruel people were saying, they wouldn’t be themselves anymore. Tamaki loves and cherishes them the way they are.


Shinsō Hitoshi 心操 人使


• This is a boy who has experienced bullying a lot in his life. He knows they’re not trying to be mean (but sometimes they are) but they are subconsciously trying to make someone else change to meet their standards.

• He’d probably confront the bullies head-on. He’d talk to them about how wrong they are and what it would feel like if the roles were reversed. The bullies wouldn’t bother his s/o again, not for a long time.

• He confronts them because he knows what it feels like to be unable to deal with bullies on your own. Sometimes you just need someone else to stand up for you. That’s what he does for his s/o.

• Shinsou’s also focused on making sure his s/o is okay. He’d allow them to talk to him if they ever felt badly about themselves or vent about the bullying that had been going on.

• He wants to make sure his s/o is okay with themselves. He doesn’t want them to feel like they’re less than other people because of what some cruel lowlifes are saying.

• Their opinions don’t matter and he lets them know that. He talks about the cruel things people would say about him and his quirk. It’s nice to receive advice from someone who has dealt with the same issue firsthand.

I was just looking through chap. 54 for some refs and it hit me… they must have had some important talk off-screen. After those panels the narration switched to Guren`s squad, so we can only imagine what Crowley replied. I`m just… My imagination is going wild right now, they probably had some sad talk about issues of loosing humanity.   Also I`m dreaming to see Crowley giving Mika sword fighting lessons, to improve the general power of this newly formed weird mixed squad, as Mika`s full power is of 8th/9th progenitor (AND HE TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE ONE NOW TOO, STILL NOT OVER HIS NEW UNIFORM)

Idk just leave me alone I`m about to go outside to bump into friend`s home but I feel so sad it`s a miracle I haven`t `started crying yet why am I so emotional over a manga


Never have I been as emotionally hurt over anyone’s death, more than Chelsea’s. I was legitimately crying for quite a while today because of what happened to her. I can’t disable the hurt feelings I have right now. Like if some put a power drill to your heart and repeatedly keep punching the wound, that’s what I feel, but worse. QQ

“I would do anything to prevent her death from happening. Even my own life. In my heart and mind she is still alive.”

~Rest in Peace Chelsea  

still not over this tbqh






me:     im👏not👏going👏to👏watch👏the👏new👏anime👏adaptation👏of👏                     tg:re👏b/c👏hide👏is👏already👏confirmed👏dead👏since👏season👏2
me:     sees shirazu*
me:     nvm

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A thought that i had last night after the stream: if we're loosing it that bad in that Karasuno vs Seijoh match and we have no idea who to cheer for so we cheer for everyone, how the hell are we gonna react to the Nekoma vs Fukurodani match in the manga because my girl, i've read it 3 times and i still have no idea where my heart is?! All i know is that i scream BOKUTO!! AKAASHI!! KUROO!! KENMA!! LEV!!! YAKU!!! EVERYONE!!! and i cry internally




Some laven for my soul, because I miss them and this manga and I’m about to cry

it had been years since last time i drew them and they’re still so familiar and easy to draw i may be a little emotional over how much this ship is part of me

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I had a theory - in the first part of the manga Eren says to Mikasa (when he wakes up) "when did your hair get so long?" Amd afterwards he tells her that "he had the longest dream ever" and he's crying so what if all of this story was his dream..?

Maybe. We might find out soon (I once read a nice theorie about the “Girl” that I still can’t get over)

Stars and Fire (Nalu Fluff Week)

Nalu Fluff Week (2017)

Genres: Romance, Fantasy Friendship, Family, Hurt/Comfort, Lyrics/Poetry, Young. Adult Fanfiction

Prompts:Soulmates(Implied) Rain, History (Implied), Affection(Implied Bonus) and Fairytales/Mythology

Rating: K(+) for an intended audience demographic due to reading level, though no mature sexual/ adult content or swearing included.

Summary: She is the stars to his fire- one of my entries for @nalu-fluff-week

A/N: Hey guys, celestialgeekmage (formerly known as twishadowhunter/teamedwardjace2/teamedwardjace) here submitting one of my three entries for Nalu fluff week. This is by no means my first time submitting an entry for any writing week, especially since participated in Nalu week 2017(as well under my previous alias before my abrupt leave of personal absence back in January)- though it is I suppose, for @nalu-fluff-week I originally entered this Nalu inspired lyric/poetry piece for Nalu love fest back in 2014, (under my teamedwardjace/twishadowhunter alias)but am now repurposing it for fluff week (which has since been modified and revised) Anyway hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to check out my other 2 entries (Tantric flames), as well the rest of my writing.

(Link with can be found below, in the sidebars and bio).

Disclaimer: I swear I don’t own the rights to Fairytail, though if I did Natsu would have (consensually) kissed Lucy senseless with unbridled abandon. (But hey, they did officially become canon - if not already before-  in spite of it being not in a way some expect-  so bonus!)


Italics: lyrics/poetry prose

Bold: Song Section Marker

(Bolded Italics Within Brackets: A/N/ authors note on which point /arc in the manga/anime the lyric references for a clearer picture)

Links to other places to read, my other entries and rest of my writing 

A. Fanfiction(Other Places to Read)

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3.Dribble Drabblehttps://www.fanfiction.net/s/12640339/1/Dribble-Drabbles)

Other Entries:  Tantric Flames

A. Tumblr : Chapter : 1 (Click Here)  (Or here: https://celestialgeekmage.tumblr.com/post/162467166676/tantric-flameschapter-1)  Chapter 2: ( Click Here:)  (or here: https://celestialgeekmage.tumblr.com/post/162467171431/tantric-flames-chapter-2?is_related_post=1)

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1. Do you remember the day when we first met?

I swear it was fate for our paths to cross

Thought you were strange, but I liked you anyway

You showed me kindness when I was down an my luck that day

(A/N: Reference to first few episodes)


Now here we are, we’ve come such a long way.

Follow me and I promise to see you through


You are the stars and I am the fire

(reference to Lucy being a celestial wizard and Natsu being a fire dragon slayer)

You and I- We were always meant to collide

You are my best friend ,

The one who will always hold a special place in my heart

Hope you know that I’ll be always be here for you

To catch you when you fall

(Reference to all the times Natsu catches Lucy)

To be the one to hold you, to dry your tears late at night

I’ll protect you from the demons in the world, keep them at bay, fight by your side

That’s how much you mean to me

So take my hand and we will take on this world together

2. Do you recall that day, the battle of our lives?

You were trembling, terrified out of your mind

(Reference to the epic battle with Hades during the Tenrou arc)

I’ll never forget, the image imprinted in my mind

Believe me, I was afraid too

but i found in courage in your resolve

Do you remember the time you wanted to give up?

Your were crying, tears flowing like cascading rain

Till i held your hand in mine for you to find the strength to pull through 

( Reference to that iconic Nalu moment in episode 122)


Your smile, your laughter, they light up my life

When you’re grieving, I’ll be the one to dry your tears fall late at night till’. see the sun shine again

Hope you know I’m always here for you

Never forget how much I care for you


3. Come with me and we will take on this world together

I’m so glad to have you in my life

Never forget how much i care for you

Come what may, hell or high water , 

whatever    lies on the road ahead of  us, we will face together

I will shelter you from the storm, will protect the future for us to we go on more adventures together

(Reference to Grand Magic Games Arc)

I will always be there to smile and laugh with you, to stand by your side

Never forget how much I care for you

Chorus (x3)

A/N: Hope you enjoyed one of my entries for fluff week ! I know the (current) manga unfortunately reached its end over a month ago, though we still have the much anticipated return of the anime (beyond stoked), the light novels, Dragon Cry(for those who have yet to see it), not to mention the potential for more official series in the FT universe to look forward to on the up side-hence why I hope to continue writing in the fandom quite some time. Anyways, don’t forget to like, leave a comment/review, reblog or all of the above-feedback would very much be appreciated!

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