i still cry over the fact that misty always believed in her

Gramarye Family Headcanon

Zak Gramarye was afraid of his daughter.

Thanks to the terrible lie of Magnifi that Thalassa was dead, Zak always believed that he killed his beautiful wife with his own hands. We can already find the similar example in this series, when Phoenix got devastated over Edgeworth’s “death” while he was actually alive. Zak’s situation was much worse because he was the one who actually pulled the trigger and shot her. The guilt was more than he could bear. Not only that he killed the woman he loved, he also took mommy away from his little girl. Trucy was a spitting image of Thalassa, and she even inherited the ability of “piercing” from her mother.

Even though Trucy never knew what actually happened to her mommy, Zak couldn’t shake the feeling that she could see through his lies. Whenever the girl looked at him with her innocent brown eyes -the exact same eyes with his dead wife- he heard the voices crying in his head. “Daddy, you killed my mommy!” “Zak, you killed me!” He suffered from constant fear that Trucy would eventually say that with her own voice. She would curse him as a murderer of her mother. She would report him to the police and he would be hanged in front of his fans. Zak told himself for like thousand times that it was only an accident during the magic trick, but it didn’t really help to ease his guilt.

When Zak flew away leaving his daughter, he felt guilty but the feeling of freedom overwhelmed it. Now he wouldn’t have to be haunted by those piercing brown eyes anymore. Zak knew that Thalassa would never forgive him for abandoning their child like this, but why should he care? He was a murderer already. He killed Thalassa, and now everyone thought he killed Magnifi too. Trucy would be so disgusted of her daddy when found out that both her mommy and grandfather were murdered by him. Hell, so be it. It was going to happen someday anyway. He ran away from his guilty verdict, and ran away from his daughter.


Trucy remembered.

She didn’t remember much about her mommy. Trucy was very young when Thalassa was gone. But she remembered the happy feeling when her mommy was around, and how her daddy smiled happily when he was together with his wife. Ever since mommy was gone, daddy became so sad. Especially when Trucy said something like “I want my mommy!” “Daddy, do you know where mommy is?” daddy’s face became extremely painful. Trucy was too young to understand the meaning of that face. She just innocently thought that daddy loved mommy so much and he missed her a lot.

That became the reason why Trucy constantly pestered Phoenix, her new daddy, to find a mommy for her. Phoenix always looked so sad, just like Zak looked sad after losing his wife. Little Trucy always thought that her daddy would be happy and smiling again if only mommy comes back. So she applied the same solution for her new daddy too: she thought getting a mommy would make him happy. Sadly, that Trucy’s line in AJ “Daddy, you need to find me a new mommy!” shows that Phoenix was STILL single until AJ timeline. Well, at least he had a daughter who loved him. 

When Trucy became a teenager, she looked up some information about Zak herself. She found out that her daddy’s charge was murdering her grandpa, and there were a plenty of rumors that her mommy was also killed by him. She got shocked and asked Phoenix about it, but he answered with confidence: “No, Trucy. Your daddy never killed anyone.” Phoenix assured her that even though her daddy was a douche for leaving his child, he was never a murderer, and he was wrongly accused just like Phoenix was wrongly accused for forging evidence. And someday he would prove to the world that BOTH of Trucy’s daddies were innocent. Trucy could see that Phoenix wasn’t lying, so she smiled. She believed in her both daddies.


I hate Zak Gramarye. Even though I take pity on him for being blamed for TWO murders he never committed -and the victims were none other than his own wife and mentor- it’s still totally inexcusable that he abandoned his eight-year-old daughter, and didn’t even try to help Phoenix even though the poor guy was DISBARRED while defending him.  It’s similar to what I think about Misty Fey. I pity her situation after DL-6, but it doesn’t change the fact that she was a horrible mother for Mia and Maya, and I don’t like her.

But the person I despise the most among Gramarye Family is Magnifi Gramarye. That old man deliberately ruined the whole life of his daughter and son-in-law, made his only granddaughter an orphan, and he didn’t even slightly regret or pay for what he had done until he died in his own comfortable bed. He could’ve at least tell Zak or Valant in his deathbed that Thalassa was not dead but he never did so. Even though it was never told in canon, I’m pretty sure it was also his fault that Thalassa had to leave her infant son, even though she cared about him enough to give away her heirloom bracelet.

Funny thing is, if only Zak came back to Trucy and begged for her forgiveness, she would’ve forgiven him. I mean, she would’ve yelled, cried, and punched him, but eventually said “Daddy, thank you for coming back. It would’ve been really hard for you. Don’t worry, my new daddy will prove your innocence, and we can find where mommy is.” But Zak didn’t. He cowardly chickened out and never showed his face to his daughter again, only visiting Phoenix to hand him his last gift for her. So he ended up believing that “I’m a murderer and my daughter thinks so too” until he was beaten to death by Kristoph. 

These Paths That Our Hearts Wander

Summary: Canon divergence from 3x10. What if they were able to stop Pan’s curse without sending everyone back to the Enchanted Forest, and Hook was forced to comply with his promise to back off from Emma? Where would their hearts take them, and would they somehow find their way back to each other?

A/N: I know this has been done before, but here’s my take on the Emma/Neal/Hook love triangle scenario (which I hope is a bit different!). Just to clarify, Pan still dies the same way (with Rumple), but his curse is never fully enacted. Thank you to startswithhope for prompting me to write this and lenfaz for helping me to flesh it out!

Rated E for Everybody

[Part One] [Part Two] [ff.net]

Part Three

Normally, when Emma awoke on a Saturday morning, the only thing she wanted to do was pull the covers up over her head and go back to sleep. But this time, she immediately thought about what might be waiting for her outside her front door, and she flung the covers off and sprung out of bed like it was Christmas morning. She still hadn’t managed to ask Neal about the flowers, and she was starting to feel immensely curious about who was leaving them.

She tiptoed downstairs, hoping her parents hadn’t woken up yet. When she got to the door, she gripped the handle and then paused, her heart hammering in her chest. What if there was someone there? What if there was nothing there?

Only one way to find out.

She cracked the door open as slowly and silently as she could. The stairwell was dark, except for the pale line of light spilling out from the loft. It fell over a single purple flower with a gold center and a newspaper, but something looked different about it this time.

She picked it up and saw a red circle around something that the paper had been folded open to present. With one last peek in the hallway, she closed the door softly and turned towards the light coming in from the window.

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Arrow Fic: Now I See You ‘Til Kingdom Come

post-4x09 Olicity angst. “Their first night away, in a cheap motel near the airport in Coast City, he told her about standing on the mountaintop with Ra’s al Ghul.”

A/N: This is gonna be one of many. I have so many feels.

Title from “Three Rounds and a Sound” by Blind Pilot

Now I See You ‘Til Kingdom Come (AO3)

Their first night away, in a cheap motel near the airport in Coast City, he told her about standing on a mountaintop with Ra’s al Ghul. It was some kind of confession for him, and she didn’t know it then, but it was something he’d make a habit of on their trip around the world.

He told her about his time in Nanda Parbat and on Lian Yu, he told her about the Bratva brotherhood and the League of Assassins. He told her about torture and heartbreak and rebirth, and she held him while the weight lifted off his shoulders, a little bit at a time.

But that first night, he told her about falling off a mountain, and thinking of her.

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