i still cry over bucky barnes


For anon…reader is 10 as requested, enjoy!

Vision cocked his head to the side in curiosity as he watched you curled up on the couch. You were currently sobbing your eyes out into a pillow. He knit his brows as he walked over.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” he asked.
You sniffled. “B-Bucky should be h-home.”
“He’s needed on a mission,” he pointed out tactlessly.

You quickly devolved into another series of wails. Still confused, Vision inched closer.

“I think I should call Mr. Barnes,” he murmured.

Before he could do anything, the elevator opened. You sat up straight, halting your crying for a moment.

“Y/N?” the voice called.

You sprinted from your spot and into Bucky’s arm. You continued to sob into his chest. He furrowed his brows in worry.

“What’s wrong, kid? Is everything okay?”
“She seems to miss you,” Vision stated.
“Y-You should-dn’t be leaving,” you wailed.

Bucky smiled softly before hugging you tightly. He could only hope you would understand how important these missions were.

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I’ll Never Leave You. - Bucky x Reader

(Prompt list)

From : @aweways
prompt 3, 25, 27 with bucky? <33

3 – “Don’t cry.”
25 – “Just please listen to me.”
27 -  “Are you still awake?”

Warnings - angsty? Dead family relative, swearing, crying (Reader and Bucky), cuddling, subtle mention of suicide, kissing, fluff at the end!

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Summary - You find out a family member had been killed by HYDRA. You get incredibly scared and over think, thinking now that everyone will leave you to live alone but Bucky makes sure that you know that isn’t true.

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so i went to phoenix comicon today. me and my two friends were wandering around the exhibition hall and spotted a bucky and cap cosplay duo posing for pictures. suddenly, my friend is like “yo what if i read bucky the list of words from civil war??” and we immediately ran to the side and pulled up the list of words and he went up to bucky and read them off and bucky said “ready to comply” and my friend pointed to cap and said “attack him!”
you know what bucky did?
and cap just turned around and was like “what”

We promised each other
so long ago
that we would go through life
side by side.

But then came a war
and it took me away
I had a duty to fulfill,
you understood.

All of a sudden
you were back in my life
at the moment when
I thought it was all over.

You came crashing in,
a hero with his heart
brazenly on his sleeve,
and you rescued me.

I was at your side again,
I was home again,
and never have I felt more
capable or content.

We did good work
you and I.
We were saving the world,
weren’t we?

Things get hazy after the fall.
I can’t remember
if I was doing good or bad,
just that I was following orders.

The ache in my left side
is my new permanent companion.
Were you always this big?
My memory is fuzzy.

I can’t think straight
when you say that word,
it makes my head pound.

Do you still keep newspapers
piled up for your shoes?
Who was Sarah?
Was her pie that good?

I feel so old,
so tired.
I have holes in my brain,
can you fill them?

Wait stop.
Don’t call me that.
My mind is screaming.
That isn’t my name.

…who are you?
…what am I?
When will we reach
the end of the line?

—  the reunion of the Winter Soldier and Steve Rogers || O.L.

My little brother has just started watching the Marvels. We’re in the middle of Captain America first avenger. He’s only eleven and he’s basically crying over Bucky. (know the feeling kid) He just asked me if Steve and Bucky are friends in Winter Soldier and if Bucky’s happy. My sister and I are still laughing and crying. 😭😭😭😭

Goals (Bucky x Reader)

Request: bucky x reader where they’re in the delivery room and they fist bump after hearing their baby’s cry and then later on she looks at him and says “those chairs must be really uncomfortable” and scoots over so he can lay in the hospital bed with her? 😍

Words: 557

Warnings: None that I can think of

I changed it slightly but it still matches your request! It’s short and sweet, I hope you all enjoy it!

It had been nine long months of carrying your newly born child. Although it was a lot of effort and you went through a lot of pain and mood swings, it was all worth it. You wouldn’t take any of it back. 

Eleanor Lay Barnes. 

She was the prettiest girl you’ve ever seen, and you adored every aspect of her. Bucky’s eyes were huge the moment the nurse let him hold her and he kept looking from her to you, his mouth had opened slightly and he looked so amazed and happy. You had cried, not out of pain this time, but tears of joy. It was the kind of cry that you were smiling and laughing out of pure happiness, your hands covered your mouth and tears had fallen rapidly down your cheeks. 

It was true what they said; the moment you see your child, even if you haven’t held them yet, it will become the happiest moment of your life. 

Eleanor was currently sleeping, while you were resting in your highly uncomfortable hospital bed. Bucky was by your side, sitting in a chair with his arms resting on your bed. 

“Fist bump!” Your voice startled him, causing him to snap his head in your direction and his eyebrows to furrow, a mask of confusion covering his features. 

You held out your fist in his direction, “C’mon, man, fist bump me!” 

“Are you okay?” He chuckled, sitting up straight and stretching. 

“Oh I’m great, besides just giving birth for eleven hours, I’m doing just dainty.” Sarcasm spilled from your mouth, you couldn’t resist, normally you were a very sarcastic person but it got even worse when you were tired. 

“It was all worth it though,” You flashed a smile and looked over at Eleanor who was sound asleep. “We have a very beautiful baby girl.” 

“That we do.” Bucky held up with fist and grinned. “Alright, still holding that fist bump offer?” 

“Of course!” You fist bumped with Bucky and your laughter floated throughout the room. “We’re awesome parents.” 

“We’re not just awesome, we’re cool.” Bucky grinned, shifting in his seat some more. 

“My sister had her surgery a year ago, remember?” Bucky nodded. “Well, because I’m the most awesome sister, I sat by her bedside for hours in the hospital to keep her company.” 

“I remember that, I brought you Chinese food because you hated the hospital pudding and said the sandwiches smelled shitty.” 

“They did!” You giggled. “Well, point is, I know those chairs are the most uncomfortable things in the world and trust me, your butt’s going to hurt for days. So c’mon, cuddle up.” 

You scooted over in the bed and patted the seat next to you with a silly smile on your face. Bucky happily accepted your offer and laid down on his side, pulling you closer to him, you inhaled his scent and shifted around to get more comfortable. 

“These beds are really small.” Bucky commented, wrapping his arms around you and keeping you warm. 

“Yeah, for two people they are.”

“I bet we could make some interesting memories in this bed,” Bucky whispered. “What do you say, let’s make baby number two!” 

You slapped your hand on his chest and laughed, “Shut up, asshole! I hate you.” 

“You love me.” Bucky chuckled, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead.