i still cant believe these pictures came out

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I'm only six minutes into the new Voltron episode and already I couldn't help but think. 'notllorstel' must be losing their mind over Coran rn.

That line with Allura and baby Coran is what really destroyed me ;A;

I stg this is what I imagine what was going on during production for the wormhole scenes-

Voltron Staff: We have designed a younger Coran, Boss.

Voltron Art Director: Too attractive, let him keep the moustache.

Staff: Here we have a young adult Coran.

Art Director: Still hot, add the moustache.

Staff: Emo phase Teen Coran.

Art Director: Cute, but the moustache remains.

Staff: As a toddler.

Art Director: Hella adorable. Moustache.

Staff: Baby Coran???

Art Director: MOUTACHE-

Staff: Boss we can’t add a moustache on a baby.

Art Director: -ON HIS FOREHEAD.

Staff: …