i still cant believe i watched this for her and she had so little screen time

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here

Prompt: you’re trying to toilet train your 20 pound cat and you sent me this photo and now I can’t stop crying out of laughter in public.

A/N: Happy birthday to my favourite human @fetchalgernon - I love you. Thank you for making it impossible for me to write modern!jily and not include algernon. So here you go, 100% of fluff and shenanigans, with next to 0 plot. I hope you enjoy <3

Thank you @yourbcky for the stellar beta job x

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It’s three in the afternoon on a Saturday when Lily drops a bag of frozen peas all over the floor of her local supermarket.

It really isn’t her fault, to be perfectly honest. Yes, she’s making a fool of herself, crying with laughter as she struggles to gather the peas that have spilled all over the floor. and the others down the aisle - from the old woman looking at the yorkshire puddings, all the way to the middle aged man studying a ratty shopping list - probably think she’s mental now, but it really isn’t her fault.

Picture this: you’re running errands, casually making your way through every different sodding aisle of the nearest Tesco Express because Sirius and co. are coming over for dinner, and the only things you have in your fridge are mustard and cheese crackers – and even though you know full well they wouldn’t mind, you actually feel like trying for a change.

Your phone buzzes with a message notification, and when you slide your finger over the screen, you’re met with a picture of Algernon, your boyfriend’s insane and alarmingly orange cat, sitting next to an empty litter box. Yes, empty, because all of the litter is strewn across the midnight blue carpet, and you can practically feel James’ despair simply by looking at his face.

If this was the case, you’d probably be cracking up like an idiot as well.

[15:02] james: toilet training algernon is not… going as expected

[15:03] lily: I dropped my peas.

[15:03] james: ???

[15:04] james: tht was a typo right

[15:05] lily: I was getting food for tonight and the picture you sent me made me drop my bag of peas.

[15:06] lily: They rolled everywhere, James. I hope you’re peased with yourself.

[15:06] james: :(

[15:06] james: btw i cant believe YOU made a pun

[15:06] lily: I know, you’re a terrible influence

[15:06] lily: Also, you’re cleaning that up.

[15:07]: james: just like u cleaned up the peas right

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A Little Mistake Messenger

Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Ch. 4 Ch. 5 Ch. 6 Ch. 7 Ch. 8  Ch. 9

Summary:  MC has exciting news to tell Zen and the other RFA members. That is until the MC gets a shock from Zen. MC finds comfort in a close friend, Jumin Han.

Rating: M (language and adult themes)

Tags: Mystic Messenger, Jumin x MC, Zen x MC

Authors Note: I’ve been working on a 707 series while also working at this story as well. So that’s exciting! I hope my Jumin fanatics like myself reallllly enjoy this chapter. I’ve been listening to a Firefly music festival playlist for a lot of inspiration to get my butt in gear. 

I’d love to hear from you guys about what you like or what I can improve upon. Keep liking and sharing to spread the love <3 

Lazy weekends were the best weekends especially after Jumin got home from his business trip. Jumin was napping soundly on the couch Elizabeth the third purring on his chest with his hand on her body. I smiled to myself as I watched the two of them snoozing the afternoons away. I grabbed a blanket and gently laid it across his legs and on lower part of his chest. His top shirt buttons casually unbuttoned. Elizabeth moved in his arms at the startle of the blanket but settled back into her position once she realized I had helped her out.

I sat back down on the lounge chair and scrolled through my phone.

MC has logged into the Chatroom—

Jaehee: I’m relaxing at the beach getting some sun.

707: I burn to a crisp in the sun

Oh MC is here!

MC: Jaehee how is vacation going?

Jaehee: You can keep my job forever if you would like. 

Has Jumin ran you up a wall yet?

MC: hahaha hardly. 

Everything is good on our end, however business end is a different story.

Jaehee: What happened was it his father again?

MC: not quite Mr. Han per say more like Jumin’s fiance.

707: wait hes engaged that damn bastard

MC: no don’t misunderstand this is not his choosing.

Jaehee: and what happened?

MC: they may or may not believe that Jumin and I are-

Jaehee: He did what?

MC: Its just a misunderstanding, until Jumin can collect enough information to refuse this marriage proposal.

707: Oh thank God! 

I was worried that I would have to come save you from Jumins clutches. 

Defender of Justice to save the innocent MC from the gate keeper Jumin.

MC: all good on this end here! 

Seven don’t worry I’ll know who to call to save me next time.

707: All is well then.





-707 has logged out-

Jaehee: I have to go too I need another drink.

MC: Don’t have too much fun you have to come back soon!

Jaehee: No promises here.

–Jaehee has logged out—

 It was inevitable that I would run into Zen news on my Facebook page. South Korean Musical Actor Trending in the United States of America. I quickly scrolled past the news page my friends shared on Facebook. Hyun Ryu and Amelia Corina officially an item? I turned my phone over trying to ignore the burning feeling in my heart. 

I could not tear my eyes away at his calm and collected mannerism. Did he even lose any sleep over me? He looked as if he didn’t spend too much time letting a breakup hinder his acting and public appearance. Hyun was somebody now, and I was just holding him back. It took me a week and RFA taking turns keeping my mind occupied before I was finally composed enough to be alone.

Why was I craving to see him, was it because he was happy and doesn’t seem to be too worried about a cheating scandal? I still cared for Zen. I will always love him in some way or the other. I cant forget the man that he was before things started to go downhill. Still, I can admire him from afar. Maybe one day Jaehee and I can fangirl over him and we can bring the baby to watch Zen on the TV.

There were thousands of pictures mostly of Zen, and selfies on date nights. Late nights under the stars, his motorcycle, backstage at his musicals. Was he happy? Was he finally accomplishing his dreams? Did the woman in the new pictures know how he likes his DVD collection at home? How he snores lightly when he’s exhausted from a long night of drinking?

I looked at my camera roll on my phone hesitant to look at the beginning. If I wanted a clean slate I needed to delete photos off of my phone. It was going to be now or never. I selected every photo, video, selfie, and saved screen shots I had saved since I met him. I quickly hit the delete button before my heavy fingers would change their mind. Clearing out all the memories, and moments that I treasured the most with Zen. I took a deep breath as I emptied my trash bin on my phone.

I felt as if a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I could start looking forward to cute baby pictures. I finally opened my text messages and deleted any and every message with Zen involved in it. It would be better to rid myself of the temptation to look back and feel sorry about myself. I smiled to myself that I was finally released from a large amount of temptation to look at those photos that brought me so much happiness.

I was startled by Elizabeth crawling in my lap. I looked over at Jumin who was lazily stretching out on the couch with a loud groan. I pet her soft white fur as she sat down between my legs encouraging me to pet her.

“Have you decided to sit with the ladies?” I said to Elizabeth who was enjoying extra attention from another person.

She cozied herself up on my knee and sprawling out. “She just wants more attention” Jumin said groggily and I laughed at her cute little face and tail.

“Jumin, Elizabeth the Third needs a womanly figure in her life to keep her straight. Sometimes it’s good to take a short reprieve from her favorite and only man in her life.”

He laughed and sat up on the couch, blanket wrapped around his shoulders and hair disheveled in all directions. I smiled to myself at his rare and slightly appearance. Jumin would hate to look like a mess in front of anyone.

“What are you smiling at?” He asked looking at me seated on the edge of the couch arms resting on his legs.

“Nothing!” I told him scratching behind Elizabeth’s ears averting his stare and blush on my cheeks. I took out my phone and took a quick picture of Elly. I knew who to send this picture to, Seven. Seven immediately responded with heart emojis: “Elly my love! She is so adorable! Jumin however looks like he just woke up with the bad case of bed head.”

“Wait was I in that picture that you just took?” He asked sitting upright on the couch. “Maybe. A lady never divulges her secrets Jumin.” I teased and he smirked. “Can I see it?” He asked softly.
I got up and sat next to him on the couch and showed him the picture.

“God is that what my hair looks like?” He ran a hand through it in an attempt to fix it only making it stick further out. I laughed uncontrollably at his hair and his expression when he asked me if it looked any better. He got up and went to his room. “Can you help me since my efforts have been to no avail.”

“Yes Jumin.” I sat on the top of the couch and had him between my legs. “Let me know if I pull your hair.”

I carefully brushed his hair back towards my body. “Have you ever worn it any other way or has it always looked like this?”

“Its been the same for as long as I can remember.”

“Jumin have you ever been in relationships with other women before?”


“I didn’t mean for it to sound like that, I just never have seen you show interest in many women our age. Nothing is wrong with that I was just wondering.”

“Women are out for my fathers money and influence not so much myself. The way to my fathers heart seems to be through winning me over. None of them actually cared for me or was around long enough for one anyways. Most women only see me as money and future CEO.”

“I understand your difficulty then finding someone you can actually trust and talk too aside from V and Rika.”

“Yes it was only them for a while but now that V is absent and Rika passed I only have Elizabeth.”

“You have me too Jumin.”

“I know and I’m thankful for some sanity in the madness.” He sighed deeply. “How does it look?”

“It doesn’t look half bad pulled back.” I said and he got up to look at himself.

“If I didn’t look old before this makes me look much older now.”

“I think you look mature, well you already looked mature. More mature.” I said shuffling down to the couch.

“You think I would scare Jaehee if I wore it like this?” He asked smiling as he ruffled his hair out with a shake of his head and hair returned to its normal position on his head.

“I think she would think something was wrong.” He smiled shaking his head.

“What were you doing earlier on your phone? You looked upset?” He asked concerned tone in his voice.

“Hmm oh I was just deleting photos.”

“Of him?”

“Yes of him.” Silence deafened between the two of us before he spoke again.

“You still love him?”

“I don’t love him now but I think I always will hold a place for him. There is a baby that will probably remind me of Zen every day soon.”

“Is love a strange and powerful emotion?” He asked sitting back down on the couch his arms reclined back on the couch behind him. I looked at his face searching himself for some grasp on his tone and curiosity.

“Love?” How do I describe love?

“Well love is different for everyone,” I tried to explain. “Theres the love you have for your family or your father. The love you have for your friends V, Seven, Yoosung, and Jaehee. Finally there is romantic love that you feel towards another person.”

“I love Elizabeth the Third, is that more a familial love?”

“Yes exactly shes a part of your family.”

“Familial love is similar to when Yoosung and Seven talk about chocolate milk and cat jokes?” I nodded my head smiling. Jumin trying to make mental connections to the emotions he was feeling and putting a name to the emotion and it was written on a furrowed line on his forehead. The wrinkle he gets when he is deep in concentration and deep thought. He was silent again before he spoke up once more. 

“What about romantic love?” His asked softly in my direction. 

I took my time trying to find the right words in which to describe romantic love to him that would make the most sense. Your heart starts racing uncontrollably out of your chest around them. Your face gets red when they say anything remotely similar to flirting.” He nodded his head. “Do you find it hard to eat when you think about them?” he asked genuinely. “I think so depending on the situation.”

He met my eyes in an instant, “I think I know what it is.” His hand rested on top of my hand his eyes locked with mine. His fingers grasping onto the sides of my hand and making small circular motions with his pointer finger. I took a deep intake of air before speaking “Romantic or passionate love for another person I think is when you put the other person before yourself, and you worry not just for your needs but for theirs and in a more intimate way. Physically and mentally.” 

His dark eyes stared into my own and I was memorized at the deep color of them as our eyes locked onto one another. “I think I know what it is,” he said moving closer to me on the couch. My face felt warm under his intense stare. Jumin closed the space that was between his lips within inches of my own. I closed my eyes in anticipation of his warm lips to meet mine. His hand sliding to the back of my head. 

There was a loud knock on the door. I immediately sat back and lowered my eyes to avert his own. He cleared his throat and buttoned his shirt to check the door. 

“Jumi! I came to-“ a loud and shrilling high pitched voice pierced through the air and could only belong to the voice of a red-haired, overly perfumed woman in a purple dress.

“This is not a good time Sarah.” Jumin said and she barged into his home. Sarah threw open the door that Jumin was guarding. He palmed his head in frustration. .

“Oh shes here.” I shifted in my seat making sure my little baby bump was hidden from her watchful eye. Shit. The ultrasound was on his fridge. This could implicate Jumin already more than he already was.

“shes my lover of course she would be here.” Jumin said coming to sit by me leaning on the sofa arm casually.

“I brought something for Liz!”

“Elizabeth the third?” Jumin corrected

“yes the cat,” Sarah snared back at him.

I slowly got up to make my way over to the fridge. “Shall I let you two discuss?”

“No I want you to stay.” Jumin said grabbing my hand from my side. I turned to look at him and his expression pleading for help. His slim fingers intertwined into my own.

“So how did you two officially meet?”Sarah asked trying to latch herself onto Jumin. Her breasts spilling out of her top as she attempted to press herself to his arm. Jumin immediately shook her off in disgust and need for personal space. I gave him some space as he tried to push her off of him. 

“Well-“ I started when Jumin chimed in. 

“She is the coordinator for RFA parties for a while, and-“

“I have no interest in Jumin’s businesses, he’s a genuinely kind man with a huge heart.” I added as i looked at Sarah who looked like she bit into something sour and bitter. 

 “Romantic love will never last.”

Her comment struck a nerve deep within me. 

“I know that, more than anyone.” She started going through my papers i had laying on the dining room table. I stepped in front of her putting the papers back to their location.

“You have a limited amount of time with the people you love than you spend that time doing just that.”

“I have a right to see what those documents are since I am his fiance.”

“No you don’t. and No you are not. You can leave the gift for Elizabeth on the table and then escort yourself out.” I was fuming with annoyance. Jumin was smirking behind me at how little patience I had for this woman.

“Jumin are you going to let her speak to me in such ways? I know you are faking this relationship with your secretary. Wont you let me comfort you?”

“I find no issue with her tone.Is that so? We are faking it?” He said questionably at her comment. His arms folded against his chest in annoyance.

“MC.” Jumin said grabbing my arm and pulling myself towards him closely. He felt like he was on fire from the heat he was exuding.

“I want to be honest with my feelings for you. I had intentions on letting our relationship grow however I ant deny that there is a strong attraction to you. I cannot hold myself back any longer.”


I felt his hand on my chin and he pressed his lips firmly against mine. My mind went blank at his tender kiss. I wanted more. I needed more. But I also needed to breathe before I was consumed in his heat. I looked into Jumins eyes that were tenderly looking into my own. I don’t know how long we stood there just looking at each other. 

“You would kiss her in front of your own fiance!” Sarah screamed and loudly screaming at us both. Sarah must have let herself out on her own because I was too busy letting Jumin consume me with his tender kisses. Jumins hand placed behind my head. My hands holding tightly onto his shirt. I let my guard down and allowed myself to initiate the kiss again and pressed myself into his warm and soft lips. His tongue tracing around my lip as if asking for permission from my lips to enter.

He was the first to pull away his head resting on mine. “I have been wanting to kiss you for a long time now.” He smiled kissing my head as if I were a child. 

“Did you mean what you said earlier?”

“All of it.” He just held me tightly against his chest. 

“I have never felt this much before I met you.” He whispered into my ear and I smiled knowing that he was becoming more open with himself and allowing himself to feel. He pressed his lips against mine as if he was trying to consume the air in my lungs. My lips brushing against his over and over again.

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Can i request a Yurio x fangirl scenario? :)

Yuri’s Angles < ⦜ ⦦ aha. Hope you enjoy !!

f/b = favorite band



The seatbelt sign was turned off as the plane begun to steadily drift above the clouds. A whimsical purple-pink sunset painted the sky. A girl with lovely [h/c] hair wearing [c] sweats and a [f/b] shirt leaned against the window uncomfortably in her seat, her left leg proped up on her seat, barricading her phone from the person sitting in the middle.

‘I CANNOT BELEIVE THE YURI PLISETSKY IS STILL SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO ME. I have to get a picture- but I can’t look like a stalker- not that I am, of course. I mean, If you saw your favorite celebrity of course you would want a pictu- oH MY GOSH HOW LONG HAS MY LEG BEEN UP LIKE THAT AAA he probably thinks I sit wierd iTS COMFORTABLE OKAY.’

The girl, [y/n], slowly lowered her leg and sat up in her seat, holding her phone close to her chin. The boy seemed to be too intrested in the show he was watching on the screen in front of his seat to notice.

‘But now he can glance at my phone whenever he wants and I can’t guarantee a Yuri edit won’t pop up on my feED NOPE.’

[y/n] disconnected from the plane’s wifi and turned her phone to airplane mode. She began to tap through the tv selections on the screen attached to the back of seat in front of her. She quickly snuck a glance at the boy sitting next to her. 

Yuri Plisetsky was wearing an olive green army jacket over a black hodie and a black shirt. He wore leapord print sweats and he had big headphones with cat ears on. [y/n] figured the headphones were too big not to be noise canceling, and he seemed to be watching a show about crying mothers.

‘Wait, is this Say Yes to the Dress?’

[y/n] stealthily glanced at his screen, but then became sucked into the show, leaning a bit foreward to try to read their lips.

She then felt a tap on her shoulder.

She turned to see Yuri offering her an earbud, the headphones he was wearing now back around his neck. He had a smirk on his face, as if he had just caught her doing something she didn’t want him to see.


[y/n] gingerly took the earbud, freezing a bit when her fingers touched his, and placed it in her left ear. She leaned a bit closer, using her arm rest, so she could see the screen better. Yuri did the same, their heads just almost leaning on one another.

‘AAAAAA- you know what? This, this actually feels nice! Relaxing. Not how I thought meeting him would be..’

After about 20 minutes, [f/n] decided to rest her eyes, only to fall asleep against Yuri’s head instead. 

“Excuse me m’am?”

[f/n] groggily opened her eyes to a foggy window and docked planes. She put a hand on her forehead, which wasn’t as cold as it should have been if she had leant against the window the entire time she slept. She hazily pushed a blanket off of her, too sleepy to wonder when she had put it on. She turned to the hostess, one of 3 left cleaning in the abandoned airplane.

“The plane landed a couple minutes ago.”

“Oh! Sorry! I’ll be right off.”

“No rush, darling.”

20 minutes later [y/n] quickly paced through the empty halls of the airport, groggily trying to connect to the airport wifi.

‘Sorta creepy when there’s not a lot of people here…ugh. I can’t believe I fell asleep like that. I didn’t even get to ask him anyth-’

She stopped walking to rub her eyes at she stared at her camera roll. There were 2 new photos and 1 new video.

The first was a picture of her sleeping on Yuri’s shoulder, Yuri looking off to the side dramtically, pretending not to notice her.

The second picture was of Yuri giving [y/n] a peck on the cheek, but only his red flushed nose and tinted lips were visible in the shot. [y/n] was also now covered with an airplane provided blanket.

[y/n] had to slap herself to guarantee she wasn’t hallucinating from the jetlag. After that, she played the video:

“You really shouldn’t have a picture of me as your lock screen if I’m also the password, angel.”

‘oh my gaaaah he did that little smirk at the end i cant belie- wAIT WOT’

[y/n] searched through her apps, pink rising to her cheeks from embarrassment and being a bit flustered, to see if he posted anything or messed around with something. To her surprise, everything was left the way she had left it.

All except, she had a new contact named ‘Call me, angel’


Requested: yes 😊

From: @amisbae

Heyy, sorry this took FOREVER, i hope you enjoy it and it is completely what you wanted. I wanted to make it longer but it just didn’t end up happening 😒 Thanks so much for sending a request in :) and to everyone else who has sent one in, I’m working bottom to top so i will be getting to it eventually!

“Whoooo” the cheers from your classmates filled the gymnasium. A typical pep rally at your school. The cheerleaders were doing their routine and the band was playing the fight song. Your school is playing the biggest rival of the season and you couldn’t wait to see your boyfriend, Hayes, play. Plus its a turn on to see him after, sweaty and out of breath. As you stood in your section and continued to cheer you saw the football players enter in the side door. The crowd goes wild. The only negative side effect of dating hayes was he was wanted. By everyone. Your eyes followed him as soon as he walked in the room, you felt as though the world stopped. His smile lit up the whole room, you could see him scanning the bleachers until his eyes met with yours. A small smile tugged at your lips, he gave you a small wink and continued about the rally.

“I still cant believe you and Hayes are together” your best friend (y/f/n) whispered beside you, clapping at the time that was appropriate.
“Its still a question to me too” you admit, clapping along with her. You saw the cheerleaders getting position in the middle of the gym floor and watched all the eyes of the football team linger on them.

“Jealous already?” Nash has appeared at your side, standing a little too close. Little did you know Hayes was watching you both.

“No” you stated firmly.

“Sure babe” he leaned in letting the words tumble out, cills ran up your back. But as soon as he appeared he disappeared. When you turned to find Hayes he wouldn’t look at you, you let out a scoff an focused your attention back to the pep rally.
When it was finally over you went back to your locker to gather up your books, Hayes never came by. But who cares you think, he can be mad you didn’t nothing wrong.

“Black or Grey?” (y/f/n) stated holding up two school shirts, you thought for a second.

“Grey” at this remark she threw you the black one. “What should i do about Hayes?”
“Nothing, you didn`t do anything wrong” She admitted while putting on the great shirt over some white skinny jeans.

“Yeah but..”

“You did nothing wrong, don’t overthink it” she interrupted and you didn’t mention it again. She was right. “Alright lets go” she said and grabbed the eyes walking out the door with you at her heels.

The game was packed, students milled around and the visitors were filling up the bleachers across the field. You phone signaled a text but you knew it couldn’t be Hayes, could it? When you looked down at the glowing screen it was Nash asking if he could sit by you. You groaned and quickly sent back no. Hayes was mad as it was was making him angrier going to help this case. No. You were led to the student section by (Y/F/N), elbowing your way over to get a front row. You sat on the cool metal of the third row with her, watching intently for the team to come onto the field. But they wouldn’t be coming just yet, you still hd what? 10 minutes. You just let you eyes bore into the freshly cut green grass, following the white lines that marked it. 5 minutes left, you grabbed your phone and sent a quick good luck text to Hayes, but got no reply when the whistle blew.

The cheerleaders packed the side lines trying to get the crowds excitement up but to their prevail it was already up before they uttered out their first cheer. The crowd suddenly goes wild and you know that the football team is making their way out. You stand onto of the now warm bleacher and try to catch a glimpse of Hayes, or his number. The crowd was too dense though so you decide to just join in on the cheering.The game starts soon after and the ball cuts through the air. You weren’t to big on sports but you enjoyed watching as the game progressed.

When it was finally over you walked up to the rail and let your body press against it, your hands gripped tightly on the metal bar. You saw Hayes slowly, taking his time, walk over. It was a tradition to kiss after every home game, but instead he just walks to the big container of gatorade and grabs a cup. You stand there flabbergasted about his action, but he wouldn’t even meet your eyes.

“You still need a ride, or is that forbidden to do” you scoffed at him, you knew he heard you because he turned his back to you. You gave (Y/F/N) a quick goodbye before heading off to your car. You jumped in the drivers side and slammed the door. (Y/F/N) is bound to find a new ride, and your weren’t surprised when she sent you a text a few minutes later supporting your guess. You waited for 15 minutes, what you normally do when you give Hayes a ride, before the passenger side opened. It was Hayes. He put his sports bag in the bag and sat calmly beside you. You were both quiet for a moment. The tension was so think you thought a knife would break if it tried cutting through it.

“So did you have fun kissing Nash under the bleachers” He spoke sharply making the silence end but then lapse back into the still air. You looked at him confusion before he continued, “I saw you go under the bleachers and Nash headed that way as well..”

You cut him off “Thats what this is about?” His guilty look answered your question. “You thought id actually kiss him?!” You started to laugh at how ridiculous his claim was. “No i went and got a snack, from the snack bar? Nash bumped into me but i blew him off” he snapped, your anger flowing back. He ignored you all day because he was jealous? How highly he must think of you. You started to start the car but Hayes put his hand abruptly over yours. You gave him a displeased look but he just stared at you intently.

“Im sorry” The two words came out of his mouth and hung in the air. His hand slowly caressed your cheek and you let your eyes close. His lips suddenly grazed your own softly. You pressed your lips onto his. The kiss became heated, one of his hands on your lower back and one of yours tangled in his hair, he left out a groan. Thats when your elbow hit the car horn and a loud beep ruined the moment that had been expressed between the two of you moments before. You both let out small chuckles into both of you were laughing hard and clutching your sides. All had been forgiven, and all would be well.

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I was wondering if you would do headcanons of the rfa members (plus v and saeran) in a relationship with male MC?

*crack knuckles*



  • despite his rough exterior, he is very open and happy in a relationship with male mc
  • he cherishes his mc more than anything else
  • loves the height difference, whether you are shorter or taller, or even if you two are around the same height
  • compliments you immensely! He will go on and on about how you are the most handsome man in the world!
  • 100% tops mc, but is very loving and gentle
  • likes it if mc initiates kisses, holding hands, and even sex
  • would pay V to take professional pictures of the two of you, and Elizabeth the third of course
  • not really into PDA but will definitely step in if someone is trying to make a move on you
  • very possessive of you
  • he’s wary of you hanging out with other guys, especially Zen, so you wear his cologne to smell like him
  • “god. you smell just like that trust fund kid”
  • hates leaving you when he goes on business trips
  • happy that you are the one to look over Elizabeth the third
  • ”Which tie should I wear today, Mc?”
  • ”Jaehee, I will not be attending work today”
  • you best believe Elizabeth the third is getting in them snuggles too
  • Jumin is usually up before you, so he’d just lay there with your head on his chest
  • loves watching you sleep, not in a creepy way, but he loves seeing you so peaceful
  • Jumin Han is gay


  • ooooh boi does he love him some male mc
  • loves talking about you in interviews
  • refers to you as his inspiration, and the only man who can rival his own good looks
  • his fans would be so supportive of you guys
  • holding hands 25/8
  • versatile in bed???
  • he loves topping but seeing you take charge is such a turn on for him, that he doesn’t mind switching the roles
  • very vanilla sex
  • but loves foreplay and body worship
  • snuggles you for an eternity after sex
  • still refers to himself as the “beast”
  • “Hyun, we’ve already had sex. You cant still be the beast”
  • “I can and I am”
  • when you give him kisses on the cheek unexpectedly, he will have a mini heart attack
  • he thinks you are the cutest thing ever
  • you go to every audition, interview, opening of a movie, anything that he will need you or want you to be there for
  • “Sometimes, I feel like I wouldn’t be able to do this without you”


  • this boy wants nothing more but for mc to hold him, he loves the feeling of your arms around him
  • he literally doesn’t care where you guys are
  • just. hold. him
  • he will go on and on about how lucky he was to find someone like you
  • you guys will study together, usually ending up in makeout sessions
  • he will even bring up studying JUST to makeout with you
  • “you know we don’t have to study to makeout right, Yoosung?”
  • bottom af
  • he loves when you tell him not to hide his face during sex
  • LOVES giving/receiving oral
  • can be really insecure so he sometimes just need you to tell him how much he matters to you
  • introduces you to his parents, and everyone else, as the best boyfriend in the world
  • LOLOL marathons af
  • “Did you just see that mc!!!! Wait till I tell my guild!!”
  • c e l e b r a t o r y  s e x ;)
  • you would give him cooking lessons until he can perfect his omelet
  • when the truth about Rika came out, you were the only one he would talk to for weeks
  • “I can’t believe she did this mc. How will I ever talk to the rfa again?”
  • you help him realize that nothing she did involved him or made him any less of a person
  • “The rfa doesn’t think bad of you Yoosung, and neither do I”
  • that gets him back on his feet
  • he engages in the rfa chatroom again while you help him study to become the vet he’s always wanted to be
  • “I don’t know where I would be without you”


  • is actually the first to know you are male in the rfa, but keeps it a secret if you didn’t want the others to know
  • he’s not bothered at all that you are boy and names all of the things he loves about you on a daily basis
  • he loves how much you support him, even though he sometimes hates what he does
  • “oh shit. work it babe”
  • like Zen, versatile in bed
  • livesssss for oral
  • aggressively possessive over you even though you aren’t much shorter than him???
  • you are the only one, other than saeran, that he is okay with calling him Saeyoung
  • you guys swap hoodies all the time
  • he still holds grudges on himself for pushing you away at first
  • “I don’t deserve you mc”
  • “Shut your mouth. I love you”
  • literally thinks the world of you
  • “Yea, I looked up from my computer screen and mc was just making the cutest face ever”
  • he always want you in his lap if he’s working on something that isn’t classified
  • snuggles all day everyday
  • “Saeyoung, I have work to do”
  • “snuggles make work easier”
  • “Jumin, Mc and I want Elly to carry the rings up to us”
  • “My Elizabeth will not be participating in such activities”
  • Jumin ends up allowing Elly to carry Seven the rings
  • “You will not touch her after you get the rings from her collar”
  • “You used to like me mc? How embarrassing”
  • “Saeyoung. We’ve been married for three years”
  • “Still”


  • Jaehee. loves. the. fuck. out. of. you
  • you are literally her world
  • she is awkward around you at first, but opens up eventually
  • very insecure, especially in public, it drives her crazy when she sees girls flirt with you
  • possessive af, even more than Jumin
  • you keep you arm around her waist, to reassure her
  • “I’m yours and only yours”
  • back and neck massages on the daily
  • “Work was so stressful today”
  • you love talking to her about her day
  • you persuade Jumin to give her more days off
  • “Mc!!! Watch this part! He plays every role so well!”
  • you’ll admit it, Zen does make you feel some what insecure
  • Jaehee looks up to him and he’s so handsome
  • “Watching his movies are a hobby. I only have eyes for you”
  • she loves when you cook for her
  • despite her perfect composure, Jaehee can be very dominant
  • which is a MAJOR turn on for you
  • she loves them all
  • when her time of the month comes around, you try to do tons of different things to make sure she’s comfy
  • “Do you want some water? Chocolate? Pain pills? Do I need to turn the air up? You’re looking a little hot. Well you always look hot. What I mean is I-”
  • “Mc, I’m fine. Just come lay down with me”


  • he’s surprised when he hears you joined the rfa, but seems to fall for you almost instantly
  • when you hear about his condition and then him not looking for medical attention, you become furious
  • you’d never leave his side no matter what
  • “This is just something I need to let happen Mc. I hope you understand”
  • which you do
  • when his eyesight continues to interfere with his daily life, he tries to push you away
  • “I don’t expect you to stay. Please don’t take pity on me and live the rest of your life”
  • “Jihyun. I love you and I’m not leaving you”
  • literally feels blessed af for you
  • “Isn’t he so handsome”
  • LOVES taking pictures of you
  • innocent and not so innocent ;)
  • “You keep making that face and I won’t be able to control myself anymore, mc”
  • TOP AF
  • he peppers you with kisses during sex and is always making sure he isn’t hurting you
  • hickeys are a musttttt
  • will go on and on and on about you to Jumin
  • he gets mad af when anyone compares you to Rika
  • aka Yoosung
  • he explains to Yoosung that although you have the same job as Rika, you are not and do not act like Rika
  • sometimes has to reassure you that he loves you and not the role you are playing
  • “I loved her a lot mc but she wasn’t in the right state of mind. She hurt me. I forgive her but I do not love her anymore. I definitely don’t love her like I love you”
  • makes sure you know you’re his #1
  • you find it kind of hard that his last lover was a woman
  • “My love for you has no boundaries. Not even gender”
  • cuddling makes the world go around
  • your sleep schedule would be so bad
  • you’d go to sleep late and wake up late
  • “mc, we really need a better sleeping schedule”



  • he is confused on his feelings towards you
  • “Saeyoung It’s not funny! My stomach feels weird when I’m around him! Am I dying?”
  • “You aren’t dying. You are just in l-o-v-e”
  • literally, seven has to spell it out for him
  • “Stop saying stupid things”
  • “Saeran and mc sitting in a tree. k-i-s-s-i-n-g”
  • a couple chairs are thrown before Seven stops singing
  • once Saeran gets the courage to confront you about his feelings, he’s full on shaking
  • “Mc. You look pretty. I mean handsome. You are attractive. Its nice. I like it. hahahahah”
  • you shut him up by kissing him
  • at first he is very tense but he pulls you into a hug after you break the kiss
  • “thank you. so much”
  • he tells Saeyoung right away hoping he will stop teasing him but NOPE, THE TEASING INTENSIFIES
  • he will snap pictures of you guys holding hands or kissing and send them in the group chats
  • “Aren’t they adorable”
  • literally Seven ships the fuck out of Saeran and mc
  • Saeran still gets in moods where he will push everyone away, including you
  • he hates himself for putting everyone, especially you, in danger
  • he could have killed you and yet you still love him
  • one day when he sneaks out of his room to get something to eat, you wrap your arms around his waist
  • “don’t ever push me away again, Saeran. I love you so much and I’m not going any where”
  • literally cries tears of joy
  • Seven claps like the proud ship mom he is
  • “-_-. Saeyoung. Leave. Now”
  • also versatile, but mostly likes to top
  • very dirty talker and sometimes even embarrasses you by what he says
  • “would he like a date to the carnival?”
  • “no. saeran gets sick easy”
  • “alright. large crowds are a no-go. noted”
  • sometimes wakes you up by kicking or screaming, depending on how bad his nightmare is
  • “Shh. Shh. I’m here baby”
  • literally loves you so much


I wrote this four times bc tumblr kept crashing for some reason???

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But I hope you liked this anon!

anonymous asked:

ohmygosh how about MC forcing the RFA + saeran to do a couple cosplay with them !


~headcanon requests closed for now~


  • “MC, whatchya watchin?”
  • MC pauses their show to greet Yoosung, who just returned from his classes for the day
  • “hello, cutie! i missed you!”
  • MC wraps their arms around Yoosung and gives him an eskimo kiss
  • “i was just watching my favorite anime, Free!”
  • “oh, sounds cool. whats it about?”
  • “boys who form a swim team together. it’s so cute!”
  • “maybe i can watch it with you! do you have a favorite character?”
  • “of course! he’s this adorable little blonde boy named Na-”
  • WAIT
  • “MC…? everything okay…?”
  • MC had stopped talking and just stared at Yoosung, eyes wide
  • “YOU’RE HIM”
  • Yoosung just tilts his head, still very confused
  • MC grabs their laptop and pulls up pictures of Nagisa
  • “he’s a young, cute blonde boy! Yoosung, you and Nagisa are like, one in the same!!!”
  • “hey, i’m not cute-”
  • “do you know what this means!?”
  • “MC-”
  • they grab Yoosung shirt and start shaking him
  • “you have to do a Nagisa cosplay! YOU HAVE TO!”
  • Yoosung giggles at how dramatic MC is being, and places his hands on theirs
  • “okay, okay! i’ll cosplay Nagisa if you really want me to”
  • MC lets go of his shirt and holds up a peace sign, making a cute pose
  • “and i can be your smart boy crush, Rei!”
  • “we’ll be the most incredible dynamic duo!”
  • Yoosung puts one arm around MC and gestures to the sky with the other
  • “yea! Reigisa forever!”
  • Yoosung nods and kisses MC on the cheek
  • “forever!”


  • when Zen came home from work that day, he seemed pissed
  • “MC! i need to talk to you!”
  • they run into the front room
  • “whats wrong, Zen? did you have a bad day?”
  • “do you know who Viktor is?!”
  • “Viktor?”
  • “all day at rehearsal i hear people talking about some guy named Viktor! everyone was all ‘oh isnt Viktor so beautiful’ and ‘I wish i knew someone as pretty as Viktor’ so i’m like, who the hell is this guy? some other actor?!”
  • Zen turned bright red
  • MC, who figured out by now that Zen’s coworkers were fangirling over an anime character, cracked a smile
  • “Zen, Viktor’s from an ice skating anime”
  • “what the hell?! what kind of anime character generates this much attention?”
  • MC pulls up a picture of Viktor Nikiforov from Yuri!!! On Ice on their phone
  • Zen snatches the phone out of their hand to get a closer look
  • his face turns even more red
  • “w-whatever. i’m more handsome than this guy…”
  • MC takes their phone back and wraps their arms around Zen’s neck
  • “of course you are, Zenny. you’re the most handsome man in the world!”
  • “MC, is Viktor a super popular character?”
  • “yea. yuri on ice is like, the shit right now. even i’m kind of obsessed with it”
  • Zen stares past MC for a moment, thinking
  • “i’ll be right back”
  • Zen leaves the house and returns around two hours later
  • he knocks on the door saying “MC, i’m back! and i have a surprise for you!”
  • they answer the door 
  • Zen stands in the door way with his silver hair tied up into a high ponytail and a big blue flower crown on his head
  • he holds out his hand to MC, beaming
  • “this was the only thing i could think of to surprise you more than you’ve surprised me”
  • MC gasps and brings their hands up to cover their nose
  • Zen giggles and steps inside
  • “i told you i’m just as good looking as that Viktor guy!”
  • “Zen can i please be Yuuri”
  • they’re still covering their nose
  • “of course! how could i be Viktor without my Yuuri?”
  • Zen leans in close to MC, placing a hand on their cheek
  • “ok thanks well i’m gonna go work on that right now actually bYE ZEN”
  • he laughs again
  • MC was the perfect Yuuri! 
  • adorable, innocent, and all his


  • Jaehee knows that MC loves anime
  • she just could never really get into it
  • she was at work sifting through some papers when her phone lights up with a snapchat from MC
  • they snapchat Jaehee all the time when she was at work, usually just selfies and pictures of what they made for breakfast/lunch
  • Jaehee pushes the purple box with her thumb
  • she recognizes MC even though they’re wearing a black wig tied into pigtails with two red bows and red circle lenses
  • “hope you’re having a good day, Jaehee! Niko Niko Ni!”
  • the snapchat ends and Jaehee instantly feels her whole face get warm
  • was MC dressed like one of those anime girls just then?
  • that was….so cute
  • Jaehee takes a picture of her desk, messy with papers
  • she adds the caption “well, i’m having a good day now ^^”
  • she sends the snapchat and receives another video from MC a few seconds later
  • “will you be my Maki-chan, Jaehee?”
  • Jaehee has no idea what that means but the answer is YES
  • when she gets home, MC is waiting for her with a love live cosplay outfit, still dressed like Niko
  • “you promised!”
  • Jaehee takes the clothes and wig, going into the bathroom to put them on
  • “do i…look okay?”
  • she emerges from the bathroom minutes later, cheeks bright red
  • MC gasps loudly and gives her two thumbs up
  • “you look spectacular!”
  • they hug Jaehee, nuzzling her cheek
  • “i never knew you were so cute!”


  • “Jumin, you know how to ride a bike, right?”
  • Jumin and MC were sitting in bed together, him reading a book and MC watching anime on their laptop
  • he puts his book down
  • “i havent in awhile but i think i still remember how. why do you ask, darling?”
  • MC shows Jumin their laptop screen, which was playing an episode of Yowamushi Pedal
  • the bicycle anime
  • “is that one of your favorite shows? i can watch it with you if you’d like”
  • without answering Jumin, MC points at a character on screen with black hair and a blue helmet
  • “this is Imaizumi. he is you”
  • Jumin tilts his head
  • “me…?”
  • “yea. he doesnt say a lot like you, but when he does talk…”
  • MC points to another boy on screen who’s wearing big glasses
  • “…he’s usually talking about how much he loves this character”
  • Jumin smiles
  • “so these two are kind of like you and me?”
  • MC nods
  • “they’re just like us. that’s why we have to cosplay them”
  • “cosplay?”
  • “yea! you’ll dress like Imaizumi and i’ll dress like his tiny boy crush, Onoda”
  • Jumin looks closer at the screen, still smiling
  • “i suppose you might look cute in those big glasses, MC”
  • “yay!”
  • they lean onto Jumins shoulder, lacing their arm with his
  • “thank you so much, Jumin! we can take cute pictures on bikes and it will be so much fun!”
  • Jumin had never cosplayed before, but if it was something he could do with MC and it made them happy, he was sure he would like it


  • lets be honest, MC doesnt even have to force Seven into anything
  • MC’s favorite anime is Kaichou Wa Maid Sama
  • which Seven took a liking to when he saw MC watching it in passing
  • he just barley glanced at the screen and was like WHAT IS THIS SHOW IT’S SO CUTE COUNT ME THE FUCK IN
  • for those of you needing an explanation, Kaichou Wa Maid Sama is about a girl who works at a maid cafe but she’s also the student body president and this boy she doesnt like has a crush on her but he’s the only one who knows she’s working in a maid cafe so she has to be nice to him and tHEY FALL IN LOVE
  • anyway
  • when Seven and MC finish the show together they make a HUGE deal out of it
  • im talkin like popcorn and turning all the lights off like some home theater ass shit
  • “i cant believe its over…”
  • Seven wants MORE Maid Sama content
  • “it doesnt have to be over! i was planning on doing a cosplay from this show for the anime con next month. you can join me if you want!”
  • “ooohhhh sounds fun! who are you planning on being?”
  • “Misaki, the adorable yet independent main character, of course”
  • “but i wanna be Misaki”
  • “no way!!! you’re the annoying boy Usui who always gets on her nerves!”
  • MC sticks their tongue out at Seven
  •  “who’s the one here who already has a maid costume? oh thats right, ME! i’m the perfect Misaki!”
  • “bull crap! i’d make a way better Misaki than you!”
  • “how about we let fate decide?”
  • Seven holds up one hand into a fist and places his other hand underneath
  • a rock-paper-scissors challenge
  • “rock, paper, scissors, SHOOT!”
  • MC pulls scissors. Seven chooses paper.
  • dammit
  • “rock, paper, scissors, SHOOT!”
  • MC pulls rock. Seven chooses rock.
  • “rock, paper, scissors, SHOOT!”
  • Seven jumps up and down in victory
  • “yes! i get to be the cute maid girl!”
  • and even better, MC was going to dress as his hot high school love interest


  • “hey Saeran, can you come in here for a second?”
  • Saeran was watching TV when MC called him into their bedroom
  • when Saeran came into the room, MC jumped out of bed
  • “how tall are you?”
  • “173 centimeters….why?”
  • “can you lift up your arms, please?”
  • Saeran obeys, though he’s kind of confused
  • MC takes a tape measure from their pocket and measures around his waist, then around his hips
  • what the hell?
  • when MC is finished, they back away from him, as if they needed to get a better look so they could assess him in some way
  • they squint a little
  • “yep. you’d make the perfect Sasuke”
  • “Sasuke…? who the hell…?”
  • MC pulls out they phone and shows him a picture of Sasuke, a character from the anime Naruto who’s known for being mega emo
  • “you’ll do a cosplay of him with me, right?”
  • MC grabs Saerans hands and sticks their bottom lip out
  • “pleeeaasseee?”
  • “since when do you cosplay? where is all this coming from??”
  • “weeell i really want to cosplay Sakura but theres no way i’ll be Sakura without my Sasuke!”
  • they pull on Saerans hands, forcing him to step closer
  • “we will be so CUTE! please Saeran you have to!”
  • Saeran doesnt really like cosplay but MC seems like they really want to…
  • “show me that picture again…?”
  • MC shows Saeran the picture of Sasuke from their phone again
  • Saeran rubs the back of his neck and sighs
  • “i guess…that guy looks pretty cool”
  • MC jumps for joy and throws their arms around Saeran
  • “thank you thank you thank you!”
  • he smiles and hugs them back
  • “just as long as you do all the…sewing”

hey! if you’re at the end of this post, thanks so much for reading!!! i really hope you liked it <3

Daydream Nation part 6

Pair : Teacher!Dean x Student!Reader
Music : So Cold by Ben Cocks

A/N : Sorry it took so long for another update! I have so much writing to catch up on, its giving me a head ache lol. thanks for being patient!! 

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

The breeze was heavy, blowing through my hair as I sat on the bench waiting patiently for Y/N to arrive. For some reason, I was anxious. Nervous to see her but also excited. We haven’t been alone since the night I took her back to my place.

The snow hit the floor all around me, as the swing gently swayed, being pushed by the wind. It was relaxing.

“Dean?” A familiar voice rang from behind.

I could feel my stomach churn and my heart race. I thought I never would hear that voice again. Meeting her gaze, my breath hitched to the back of my throat.

“Lisa?” I exhaled. Her lips crept up and she slowly made her way to me. Her eyes never leaving mine.

After our big fight last year, I never thought I would see her again. Especially right now.

“H-how- Why are-I” I couldn’t focus, my mind was all over the place.

“Sam told me you’d be out here.”


I understood what Sam meant by ruining Dean’s life, but he was all in just as I was. What if this was it? What if he and I were meant to be? The age is going to be difficult, but I will be 18 in a few months so it will be ok. Until then, it’d be our little secret. So it couldn’t hurt to try, right?

I shoved my hands into my pocket as I walked toward the park.

I couldn’t stop smiling as I rehearsed what I was going to say when I finally saw him. Tell him that I didn’t care if we cant show the world we are together, tell him that he is everything to me and -

Walking around the corner, My eyes met his silhouette, sitting patiently on the bench all by himself. He looked so handsome, with his hands over his lips. I was ready to run over there, to jump on him and kiss him, until I saw her.

I had no idea who she was. And I couldn’t really hear what they were saying, but it was obvious that they knew each other. Dean stood up and wrapped his arms around her.

Maybe they’re old friends? Or just another family member?

I crossed my fingers hoping it wasn’t what I thought it was. Then their lips met.

My heart dropped into the pit of my stomach. Of course he was just like every other guy. Telling you exactly what you wanted to hear to get what he wants then he moves on to the next.

I felt tears stream down my cheeks and a knot form in my throat.

How could he do it? How could he lead me on and make me believe that he actually cared.

I couldn’t look at them any longer. I turned on my heels and made my way to Tylers house.

The images flooded my mind as I ran to the house. The cold air filled my lungs, making it burn to ache to breathe.

I never knew love could cause physical pain, but it did. My heart ached, and my chest tightened. I couldn’t stop myself from crying. Even when I begged myself too.

Finally, I came to a stop as I reached my destination. My breathing was heavy, and harsh as I stared aimlessly up at the dark sky. Sam was right all along. I was going to get hurt.

I pulled my phone out, and dialed his number, hoping he could explain everything. The phone rang, and my stomach churned.

I can see his face every time I close my eyes, pressing his lips to hers. It killed me.

“Hello?” A female voice whispered. I was frozen. Her voice echoed in my ears. I should’ve known.

I hung up the phone and lost all feeling in my body, falling to the ground. The lump in my throat grew making it unbearable to breathe.


(First Day Back To School)

“Hey?” Elena croaked, waving her hand in my face. Trying to catch my attention.

“Oh sorry. Whats up?” I forced a smile. Hoping no one noticed the anxiety growing as I was coming closer to seeing Dean.

“Are you ok?” She whispered, locking her arms with mine.

“I’m great.” I lied.

Before she could speak again, Stiles ran to her side, and pulled her into him. His lips pressed up against hers as they giggled along together.

After 5 years of playing cat and mouse, they finally told each other how they felt and honestly, I was happy for them. They were everything I have ever wanted.

Across from us, Mr. Winchester stood in front of his door. He had a mug in his hand as he stared directly at me, with a smile on his face.

It made me sick. Not that he was looking at me, it was the fact that even though he hurt me, I still couldn’t help but swoon. What is wrong with me? He doesn’t deserve this from me. Not even a single glance.

But he wouldn’t look away. Not even when other students walked over to him. He kept his gaze on me and it drove me insane.

“Ready?” Caroline whispered. She was the only person who knew exactly what was going on.

I nodded as we made our way to the classroom.

Here we go.
(Dean’s POV)

She hasn’t said a single word to me since the night of  the party. Just a glance here and there and that was it.
What happened? Everything was going great, but now she treats me as if I were a stranger. Like I was nothing.

I sat in my chair, pretending to read a book though I was looking at her from time to time as the rest of the class sat in silence, taking notes as they watched a movie. The screen from the tv was the only visible light, so it was easier to glance over at her without anyone noticing.

Every time I looked over at her, my stomach fluttered. I could feel my palms sweat and almost forgetting to breathe.

Please, just look at me. Even if its just for a second, that’s all I ask. A simple glance.

Without realizing it, the time went by quickly and class was over. The room slowly grew empty, but Y/N stayed in her desk, her face hard to read.

I want to know what was on her mind.

“Hey Wha-”

“I saw you.” She muttered, her eyes still looking at the tv.

Saw me? I was confused of her vague response. Baffled to everything that was happening. She never met her gaze with mine. She was cold.


She stood up without a single word, and made her way to the door.

“Y/N..” I whispered, feigning for her to look at me, to feel her against me once more.

“I hope you two have a great life together. See you in class” She paused for a moment. “Mr. Winchester.”

My body ached as I watched her walk away as tears welled.

“Damnit!” I croaked. The images of the night flooded my thoughts. Lisa. Of course. Anger built up inside, and I pushed everything off my desk. Throwing my phone to the wall.

If only she knew the truth. If only she gave me the chance to explain myself.

There was a knock at the door. “Hey, ready to-woah what happened?” Sam stammered.

“Nothing.” I grunted.

Sam crossed his arms over his chest and pursed his lips. “Lisa is waiting for you. The sooner we do this, the faster we can get this over with and go back to our normal lives.”

“Yea you’re right.” I clenched my jaw, looking out the window where Y/N stood alone. Waiting for something, possibly a ride.

“Dean, look I know you’re torn up because she never showed up, but its for the best.” Sam stated. “She’s only 17 years old. And plus, if she found out why you were really here, she’d freak out.”
He was right. By being with her, it would just make things complicated.

I need to let her go before its too late.

The Language of Waves

Honeymoon fic. NC-17 (4,000 words)

By Blaine’s estimation, only about forty percent of what Sue Sylvester says can be taken seriously. And the forty percent figure is just because of his own generous and optimistic nature, really. Kurt would probably clock her in at about ten percent because he knows her better and is a shrewd and practical judge of character. But then he’d bump it up to twenty because he’s also very forgiving.

Regardless, he’s on a ferry in Cape Cod, heading to what he’s not entirely sure, but the plane tickets had actually been paid for, and not even registered under Porcelain Anderhummel and Slightly Gayer Cary Grant but their actual names.

A relief for everyone involved.

The wind is sharp on the Cape, the water churning with gray-blue frothing waves as the ferry slices through it. Kurt’s hand rests on his, gripping together on the guard rail. How many times now has Kurt reached back for his hand and Blaine slipped their palms together and held on tight? He’s not sure, but it feels like he hasn’t really let go of Kurt for days. Longer, really.

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I couldn’t help it…
(And I have no laptop right now so can’t use a read more cut! So sorry!)
This is just a little one-shot for the headcanon I have about Emma giving Killy his own cellphone. This one is for my sister, braintwin, bestfriend and soulmate, Hannah. Oh and F is for Fluff.

the Emma button

Killian Jones had spent the best part of two hours sat in what had quickly become his “usual” booth at Granny’s. His drink had long since cooled, but he was still musing over the strange device - a “cellphone” apparently - that his Swan had bestowed upon him earlier that day.

When she’d slipped into their booth and pushed it across the table to him, a smile tugging at her lips and twin green glints of amusement locked on him, Killian knew he was in trouble.

“Good evening to you too, love.”

He smirked as he glanced between her and the black device, attempting to tamper down his wariness. He was trying to embrace the strange world he was now calling home, he really was. But just as he believed he was maybe starting to get the hang of the modern world, something threw him off kilter. Like this.

“Sorry, hi,” she grinned, “I got you a cellphone.”

At his blank stare, she shook her head, that pretty smile lifting her lips again that sent butterflies swirling in his stomach. And no, a 300 year old pirate would NOT admit to ever having butterflies. Shifting in his seat, he listened intently as she explained.

“It’s David’s old one and it’s not exactly the latest model but I think it’s a good one to start you off with. It basically lets you call me, so you can reach me at any time, if you need to. I’ve put my number in it already and you just have to press this button here-” she pointed to a button with a little green symbol, “-to call me.”

She met his gaze then and couldn’t help but feel a surge of warmth at his adorably lost expression. She knew he struggled with the whole “fitting in” thing, but she loved how he always tried so hard. And she knew full well he was doing that for her.

Slipping out of her side of the booth, she noticed the way he lifted an anxious gaze to her. Moving to stand beside him, she canted her head and motioned for him to let her slide into the booth next to him.

He eagerly obliged and scooted up, his attention now clearly diverted from the cellphone as he smiled - in that tender way that always had her knees feeling weak - and casually rested his arm along the back of the booth, fingers immediately toying with her hair. She rolled her eyes and sighed, and she’d never tell him that she loved when he did that, otherwise she knew he’d never stop.

“Right, pirate. Pay attention,” she said firmly, “All you’re gonna need this for is calling me or David. So they’re the only two numbers I saved.”

“How will this contraption know when I want to speak with you and not your charming father, or vice versa?”

He cut in, slightly perplexed. She nodded, as though it wasn’t as silly a question as he was sure it probably sounded to her.

“We have different numbers, see here-”

She tapped a button and suddenly her name appeared at the top of the screen with a string of numbers underneath. He frowned.

“Am I expected to memorize that…?”

He asked, with a slight tone of incredulity. She laughed then, a sweet, startling sound that had his heart swelling and a smile tugging at his lips despite himself.

“No, it’s saved on speed-dial. All you need to do is press 1 and call - like this.”

She clicked back onto the blank main screen and pushed 1, followed by the little green symbol she’d previously pointed out.

“Calling…Emma” popped up and a moment later he heard a sound he recognized coming from her jacket. She grinned at him and pulled it out, holding it up and showing him “Killian calling” as it continued to trill loudly.

“Then I press the green button on my phone to accept your call-” she did so and lifted her phone to her ear and motioned for him to do the same, which he warily complied with, “hey stranger.”

She smiled and he pulled the phone away from his ear in surprise. He wasn’t quite sure what he’d expected but hearing her voice echoing down the line threw him somewhat. She cancelled the call and took the phone from him.

“So I press the Emma button and you answer?”

He asked slowly, and she paused a second before she smiled somewhat shyly at him and nodded. He wasn’t sure he’d ever get used to this laid-back version of Emma he’d been catching a glimpse of more often in the last few days, but he wasn’t complaining.

Everytime her smile was aimed at him, he couldn’t help but mirror it. She cleared her throat then and nodded back to the phone, breaking the brief moment between them.

“Here, you need a picture for my caller ID.”

He nodded blankly, as though he understood perfectly what she was saying, and watched as she clicked away on his new dreaded device and turned it around to face them. She shuffled closer to him, one denim-clad thigh pressing against his and causing warmth to spread right though him at the slight contact. Gods, this woman would be the death of him.

He switched his gaze to the cellphone she was holding up in front of them and blinked in surprise as it flashed suddenly.

“What the bloody hell-”

“I took a picture of us,” she chuckled, “and it’ll pop up anytime I call.”


“Emma calling…”

The sudden vibrations and obnoxiously loud trill of the “cellphone” device his Swan had given him was ringing for the first time and he fumbled with it, mildly panicked.

But he stopped dead when he caught sight of the screen. The picture she’d taken of them earlier filled up the screen, her bright smile and the amusement clearly sparkling in her eyes causing his breath to hitch. His arm was stretched along the booth behind her, fingers resting lightly on her shoulder, and his slightly perplexed expression was completely at odds with Emma’s. It warmed him right to the bone to see how…happy she looked. And the butterflies were back with a vengeance.

“You gonna answer that, Hook?”

Granny startled him out of his reverie and he looked up at her blankly. She reached over and took it from him, pushing the button Emma had pointed out earlier and lifting it to her ear, shooting him a look somewhere between mild irritation and amusement. Great, even the old lady grasped this realm’s technology better than he did.

“Hi, Emma…Yeah, he’s here. Maybe needs some more cell phone lessons though.”

She handed it to him then and he pressed it to his own ear with a frown.


“Hey, Killian,” he could hear the smile in her voice and he couldn’t help but mirror it once again, “I need you to meet me out by the town line.”

He agreed immediately, not even bothering to ask why, and knowing that she could probably ask him anything and he’d comply without much, if any, resistance or questioning.

Sighing, he looked down at his cellphone and hoped she’d call again, if just so he could see that picture of the two of them again. After a few moments of staring at the blank screen, he shoved the phone into his jacket pocket and slid out of his booth.

Making for the door and starting in the direction of their meeting point, he mused over just how gone he was for this woman, the image of her smile and his hand on her shoulder dancing around in his mind the whole way to the town line.

I’ve been dying to write Famous!Peeta, so I decided to try writing a drabble. It got longer than expected.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Katniss glared at the parking attendant’s outstretched hand.She couldn’t believe she had to pay $10.

To park her car.

At a venue that had already swallowed up almost $300 fromher bank account.

And what about those extra bullshit fees that were tackedonto the cost of the concert tickets? Where did those dollars go? Apparently not to parking.

Katniss took a deep breath. She would not yell at this nice man. It was not his fault that she was hemorrhaging money just to see a boy band she had zero interest in. It was not his fault that her boss, Effie Trinket, had kept her an hour late, preventing her from arriving with Annie and Prim. (And apparently saving $10.) It was not his fault that she was exhausted and overworked and starving because she hadn’t had time to stop for dinner and that all she wanted was one night of not worrying, one night where her sister was happy and smiling and she could turn off her brain even if she had to listen to crappy music to do it.

It wasn’t anyone’s fault really.

And this nice man was just doing his job.

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Klaine fic: I Saw You

Title: I Saw You

Rating: G

Summary: Kurt and Rachel’s Monday Afternoon Classic Film and Canapés Club gets an anniversary interruption.

Characters/Pairings: Kurt/Blaine, Rachel

Wordcount: ~1100

Notes: Thanks to @iaminarage for the song suggestion and helping me figure out some wording. Title from Ten Minutes Ago from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella.

Also on AO3


“You know, it’s five years ago today we met.” Kurt said distractedly, mostly paying attention to the couple dancing on screen.

There was a pause.

“Kurt, we met in September of sophomore year six years ago, what are you talking about? I mean, that’s when you introduced yourself to me and then we sang together, but we’d been in the same school for years before that anyway.”

Kurt blinked and turned to face Rachel. “I didn’t even realise I said that out loud- I meant me and Blaine. Five years ago today I put on my most stylish disguise and stumbled into the rest of my life.”

Rachel’s eyes went wet and flicked to the screen, where Fred and Ginger faced the music and danced. Kurt knew she’d realised watching them move together had got him thinking about Blaine and he knew that she found that utterly adorable, but he couldn’t be bothered to roll his eyes at her squeak. It was sort of adorable.

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i can’t believe homestuck is finally over!!! holy shit!! gosh it feels so so so strange to be able to say that for real… homestuck is over… homestuck is over. homestuck has ended. there was a time where i had begun to think i’d never see the day, and yet some part of me had secretly hoped i’d never have to. but all things must come to an end eventually. even homestuck.

and what can i say other than what a literally fucking life changing journey this has been.

i first got on board with homestuck in late 2009, a few months or so after it had begun. a good internet friend of mine, holly, had been reading it for a while and was desperate for people to talk about it with, so she started pestering me about it. i finally threw caution to the wind and jumped in when she showed me pics of WV and can town like “look at this amazing shit you’re missing out on”. she was right. i did look at this amazing shit i was missing out on and thought, “holy shit, this is some amazing shit im missing out on”. by the time i caught up, act 2 had only just ended, with only a small handful of pages of act 3 available. WV: Ascend is still one of my personal favourite [S] pages to this day. not only was it virtually the last thing i got to see before catching up and having to start waiting for upd8s, but its also the first time HS really pulls back the curtain and gives you a real glimpse of the true scale of this story thats only just beginning to unfold. it really sets the tone and makes you feel like you’re getting into something truly epic.

and SHIT boy, it just started getting better and better from there!! i even ended up managing to drag my sister into it as well, because just talking to one friend online about it wasnt cutting it anymore!! this shit was so good, and i needed more ppl to yell at. and well, to be perfectly honest, i really didnt have very many friends back then, in real life OR online. but ive always been really close w/ me sis so of course i was gonna drag her along for the ride.

like a year and a half later, in april 2011, my sis and i were going to attend our first con together, brisbane supanova. homestuck was right in the thick of act 5.2 by this point, and we were both HELLS of into it, so we were wondering if we’d see any homestuck cosplays there. we kinda doubted it tho, homestuck still felt like this weirdly niche internet thing back then, and on top of that we lived in australia, where basically nothing cool ever happens. yet to our surprise we did end up seeing a few homestucks about. not many, but a few. enough to be REALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT. there was even a john wearing the wise guy slime suit and they had a fear no anvil hammer!! and at one point we were even standing in line for food and we happened to see a really good Dave cosplay walk by, with a SORD and everything!! without a second thought, or even a first, we both ran straight out of the line to chase him down and get a photo. it wasnt until after the encounter that we realised… fuck… we lost our place in the queue lmao. it was worth it tho. totally worth it.

later on that very same day, i was waiting outside the bathrooms for my sis, and out of the ladies room came this adorable karkat cosplayer. i didnt talk to them, tho, and then my sis came out right after and i pointed like “look!! karkat!!” and she told me that yes, she already saw her in the bathroom, and even got a photo. lmao.

our first ever con was a lot of fun, the highlights definitely being the handful of homestucks we happened to see. i wasnt really even expecting to see one, let alone a handful… and apparently, neither were they!! after supanova weekend, i was checking out the MSPA forums (rip) and i stumbled upon a new thread somebody had made saying they were an aussie homestuck fan, brisbane local, and that they were surprised and excited to have seen a few homestucks at the supanova they just attended over the weekend, and wanted to know if there were anymore brisbane local homestucks lurking the MSPA board and if they wanted to organize some kinda fan meetup in the city sometime. enough excited responses started popping up and eventually the plans were settled.

i was definitely interested in going, tho i was really nervous about it. im a pretty shy person in general, and these were a bunch of complete strangers, not to mention that brisbane is like an hour train ride from where i live, and is also a city i was not familiar with. and i was gonna have to go all by myself, because sis was busy that weekend. i almost didnt go because it sounded so daunting, but i ultimately decided to bite the bullet and take the plunge because HOMESTUCK!!!

the plan was to meet by the wheel of brisbane, which was. easy enough to find, even for someone stupid like me who didnt know the city. the main thing i was worried about was actually finding the people because i didnt know what any of them looked like. we were all strangers!! luckily some of them had homestuck shirts so once i spotted a conspicuous crowd of Nerds standing around with a couple of HS shirts i was like. welp. there they are. my people. i swallowed my nervousness and went over and said hi.

it was a good day. no, a GREAT day!! there were about 12 of us at the meetup, and after introductions, breaking the ice was pretty easy since we all had the common interest of homestuck to spend literally all day as a group discussing and laughing about as we wandered the city. we even took a photo together of us all laying all sprawled out on a set of steps into the botanic gardens like we were all pieces of shit who failed to heed our bros warning of stairs. they told us, dog.

at one point we attempted to cross the road at a stoplight but half the group got stuck on the other side of the road. “haha, we’re roadstuck” somebody said. i dont remember who it was, but that became The Big Meme of the day, and went on to become the name of the facebook group that was set up later that night for us to all keep in touch and arrange future meetups and hangouts. over the following months, we met up more and more, word started spreading, and little by little more local brisbane homestucks began to hear about us and our group began to grow and grow.

it was amazing. i was having the time of my life. in such a short amount of time i had gone from having almost no irl friends, to having almost more friends than i knew what to do with!!! homestuck had helped brighten my life in ways i never expected. heck, i even ended up finding my first ever girlfriend through roadstuck. remember that karkat cosplayer i mentioned we saw at our first supanova?? that was her!! of course we didnt realize that until quite a bit later. she didnt make it to the first couple meetups, and once she did we didnt recognize her as the karkat either. it wasnt until she one day mentioned she cosplayed karkat once and showed us a pic that we put it together!! how… serendipitous!! ((btw we arent together that way anymore, not for a long time now, for reasons that are really neither here nor there, but we are still BEST FRIENDS FOREVER to this day, which is even better if u ask me!!))

during the heyday of roadstuck, we used to have huge group chats on facebook basically all the time, every night. with so many of us in the group, these were a blast, and it was always active at almost all hours of the day. there were enough of us that there was always SOMEONE online. oh, i should mention!! one particularly fateful night in the roadstuck group chat is where my nickname seab first came about!! typos of our names became quite a meme in the group, and a number of my friends still go by these nicknames today!!

ohh, lets not forget one of the most iconic moments in homestuck history. one that happened in late 2011. the night that the end of act 5 was released, aka the day homestuck destroyed the internet. [S] Cascade!!! what a night that was!! ahh!! it was my birthday too!! my birthday is 10/25, one of the homestuck magic numbers. getting to finally sit down together with my sister, and watch this 13 minute epic, on my bithday, after months of anticipation, during the very height of our homestuck craze, screaming and giggling together as we flipped our shit over stuff like the screen starting to get bigger as jack was charging the red miles, and the kids going god tier, and then logging onto facebook to scream about it all night with the roadstuck crew… it was truly special, and remains one of my most treasured birthday memories to this day.

it was also around this time in late 2011 that i started to get into using tumblr!! i had already made a blog earlier in the year, but i only made a single pointless post and then abandoned it forever. but once a bunch of ppl in the roadstuck gang started getting way into it, i decided to get in on the fun too. i didnt really know much about what the point of tumblr was for a while but it was pretty fun using it as another social platform for fun times w/ the pals. it also ended up being a pretty good place to start sharing my silly homestuck videos i had been making occasionally in my spare time!!

speaking of, remember my [S] ancestors: whats going on video i made in march 2012?? lmao!! that really shot me into The Big Time and got me my first really huge influx of followers on here. some people started calling me a BNF (“big name fan”) for a little while!! can you believe that video has almost a MILLION views now?? i sure cant!! thats still so crazy to me!! one time, at another supanova, a friend introduced me to their friend as “the person who made the ancestors whats going on video” and their friend was really ecstatic like OMG NO WAY. that was a surreal experience, having someone who didnt even know me excited by my presence, as if i was someone of legitimate importance, and not just some silly kid who cries a lot and has too much time on their hands.

anyway, roadstuck, as it was, doesnt exist anymore, because… of reasons… but the friends i made still do, and thats what counts, because it turns out the real homestuck was the friends i made along the way, and im thankful for them all each and everyday. 

in fact it was through meeting so many different kinds of people during our time in roadstuck, and the stuff i started to read about as i spent more and more time on tumblr, that i first started to learn about trans people and gender and sexuality and all that stuff, which really opened my eyes to the world and helped me begin to understand things about myself i had struggled with for years without realizing!! who knows if i ever would have learned about all this stuff if i never got into homestuck???

it is honestly no joke when i say homestuck literally changed my life. all the friends ive made these past 6 and a half years, my identity and sense of self, my entire livelihood, everything i care about, its all thanks to homestuck, and i genuinely have no idea where i would be, who i would be, or what my life would be like today if it werent for this silly webcomic. i owe literally everything i am today to it and i can’t thank andrew hussie enough for what the past 6 and a half years has meant to me.

the end of homestuck is not just the end of a long-running webcomic 7 years in the making, but the end of a huge, incredibly important chapter of my life, and sitting down with my sister one final time to watch [S] Act 7, and say farewell to all these characters, some of my most favourite fictional characters ever, who have been with me every step of the way all these years, and getting to see them all finally be safe, happy, and living their lives together freely and peacefully after everything they’ve been through… just… its indescribably moving and im beside myself with emotions.

thank you, homestuck. thank you all the artists and musicians for all your hard work taking me on this incredible journey. thank you my dear friend holly, for pestering me into reading it in the first place all those years ago.

thank you, andrew hussie. thank you for my life

you’re literally my hero, and i just started crying as i was typing this sentence so i think it’s time to wrap this up before my tears start making it too hard to type. bye homestuck!!! im gonna miss you so much!! keeping up with the updates and discussing theories and meeting new friends and learning new things about myself has been some of the most fun ive ever had in my life!! ill never forget you homestuck!! BYYYEE!! WAHHH!!!

“My Own Emotions” Camsten Fanfiction Part 1/?

Heart pounding, head spinning, hand shaking fear rushes through my body as Ayo repeatedly tries to revive Cameron’s lifeless body. I feel sweat beading down my forehead, and… my eyes? No, its not sweat, its tears. I can’t remember a moment in my life when I’ve cried, and it meant something, I can’t remember anything at all for that matter. All I see is Cameron, and me. And his memories. A scream rips through my throat, and my eyes start to close as my strength collapses and I fall to my knees, crying hysterically. My hands still laced in Cameron’s hair, I pull myself up close to his head, my mind unable to register why this has to happen.

“CLEAR!” Ayo screams, and my whole body jumps, as if Cameron’s heart is connected with my own.

“Breath, please, don’t - don’t do this Cameron” I whisper, my tears falling onto the metal base of the table his body lies on.

“CLEAR!” Ayo screams again. And thats when I break. The room feels as if its falling, and my eyes blackout. My ears cease to hear anything, and even though I can’t feel time it feels as if time has stopped, and I am the only one who feels it. Silence.

I didn’t know, I’m everywhere. He loved me. I really was everywhere, he cared for me, and I felt what it felt like, to love someone. He loved me and I didnt know. He loved me. And me? “Cameron..” my voice croaks, “I’m so sorry, I-” My words are cut off by the sound of beeping. Breathing. Cameron.

“Cameron!” My eyes revert to the small screen beside the table and the green line is no longer a line, but a series of mountain shaped ridges moving rapidly across the black screen. Energy surges through my body. I stand up. His eyes are still closed and his face expressionless, but his chest rises and falls repeatedly. My hands enclose his face as I find myself pressing my lips against his, and then there are tears. Only this time, tears of joy, and anger.

I feel Camille pull my body away from the table,

“Let the boy breath! We don’t need him passing out again!” She says, almost laughing. Swinging my arm behind me I manage to practically punch Camille off of me, and I rush towards Cameron again. The happiness I felt is gone and is now replaced by anger coursing through my veins. I lean over his face, his eyes are still closed. I slap him. And then I kiss him. Again. As I slowly pull away- by myself this time- the whole room becomes silent, and it’s not just my ears either. Looking around I see that everyone’s eyes have widened, and theyre all looking straight at me. Even Ayo has stopped fussing over Cameron’s now-technically-alive body. I feel embarrassment. Real embarrassment emotion, and I don’t like it.

“Ayo, why isn’t he awake?” I stutter to try to avert what just happened.

“Well, he is definitely alive, but he might be in a coma, or just in a sleeping state. Either way, he is going to be fine.” She assures me, a smile creeping onto her face.

“Um, well thats, thats great. Good.” I manage to say, but I assume that the heat on my cheeks has said more than enough, and I walk away from the table feeling slightly relieved, to the changing room. A strange sensation flutters in my stomach, and it’s an emotion I never want to let go of.


The sound of the heart monitor beeping was music to my ears - five hours ago. Pacing back and forth inside a small hospital room waiting for Cameron to wake up is not exactly what I planned on doing at 1:00 in the morning. Everyone else had gone home a few hours after Cameron was taken to the hospital. I promised I would leave and get some sleep, but I lied. After watching Cameron’s lifeless body sit motionless on the table in the lab, I wasn’t about to let him out of my sight. And even though I am relieved that Cameron isn’t dead, anger overrules that emotion. No, I take that back, anger ate that emotion.

I stop pacing as the heart monitor picks up a bit. Is that bad? I start worrying if I should get a nurse, but the beeping subsides, and his heart rate goes back to it was before.




I slump down into the poorly cushioned hospital chair and sigh.




My head feels like it’s pounding along with each and every beep. Groaning, I pick up the pillow behind my back and thrust it towards the monitor, only to miss and hit someone straight in the face as they walk through the door. It’s Camille.

“Jeez, I’m not here to take you from him, Kirsten, you don’t have to punch me this time” She laughs

“Sorry” I sigh, “I can’t take the beeping anymore.” I say. Camille sits in the chair beside me and places her hand on mine.

“Then go home, he’s going to be okay, I promise you.” I look at her, then at Cameron, then back at Camille.

“I thought you said you weren’t here to take me away from him?” I ask raising an eyebrow. She laughs quietly and looks at the floor.
“No, I know. I won’t. Anyways I don’t think I can after what happened in the lab.” I can almost hear the smirk creeping on her face as she talks. As much as I’d like to defend myself, I’m not sure I can. Silence can do the talking.

“What did you see, when you stitched into him?” She asks. I contemplate whether I should tell anyone, but I realize that I have nothing to lose considering I’ve already kissed him twice in front of the entire lab.

“Well, me. To be honest. I was everywhere. I…” my words trail off.

“I didn’t know.” I mumble.

“Didn’t know…what?” Once again, I know she’s smirking at me.

“Jeez are you going to make me say it?” I practically yell.

“Say what?” She asks, her innocent tone obviously evident.

“I DIDN’T KNOW HE LOVED ME OKAY?” I stand, and then I sit down slowly, “I didn’t know he felt that way about me.” My hands fold in my lap and I look to the floor. Embarrassed again.

“Well it’s about damn time” Camille says, her smile beaming at my embarrassment. I don’t say anything. The room is silent for a few minutes, and for once I am grateful for the heart monitor’s beeping. I watch as Cameron’s chest rises and falls in perfect rhythm. His hair is tousled above his head in the most perfect heap of curly hair I have ever seen. And someone actually took the time to get his stupid little glasses onto his stupid little face so that when he wakes up he can see. Oh wait, that was me.

“Do you love him?” Camille asks quietly, breaking the silence. My mind is sent back to a week earlier at the fashion event we attended at the last case we had, when Cameron asked me that same question about Liam. Liam. I cant believe I almost married him. Even though he was my boyfriend, I never felt anything when I was with him. Nothing. Just like every other day of my life.

And then it all clicks.

And for the first time today, my mind stops racing, my thoughts stop flying, and my heart stops beating, just for a moment. And for once  in my life I try to evaluate feelings, my own feelings. Not a cartoon face on a flashcard, not a teacher’s frown, not a stranger’s body language, but my own feelings. And thats when I realize that the only reason, the only person who can give me these feelings, is him. Cameron. I was never able to feel things. Ever. Emotions simply were a concept that my brain couldn’t grasp, wouldn’t grasp. Cameron, made me feel. It was always Cameron. But all I can manage to say is

I don’t know.”

And then there’s a voice. A familiar voice, and it’s not in my head. “Well when you find out stretch, finally let me know what’s going on in that head of yours, alright?”

anonymous asked:

oq + speed dating au

Added to my ‘The Possibilities Are Endless’ collection.

‘Is it just me, or is it incredibly hot in here?’ Regina shifted in her seat, her back twisting as she crossed one leg over the other and leaned back in her chair. It was ridiculously uncomfortable, and the wine quality the bar had to offer was laughable, at best. A quick glance around the room told her that the night did not look promising. Not that she’d had high hopes to begin with. Hell, she didn’t even want to be here.

She scowled harder as she reached out for her glass, braving the bitter taste of cheap red with a name Regina’s never even heard of. Which, is understandable. She only ever drinks the best, and this most definitely is not it. From her left, she heard Rose clicking her tongue, leaning closer to her so as to whisper, “You could at least pretend to be having fun.”

Regina’s nose scrunched. She swallowed what little she’d drank before turning to the blonde she’d stupidly called a friend. “But I’m not,” she drawled, lips pursed, one arm folded around her stomach as she set the glass back down on the table.

“That’s why I said ‘pretend‘, Regina.”

Regina rolled her eyes, choosing not to answer and, instead, sink further down her seat in protest. Perhaps it was a little childish, and really, her mother would have a coronary if she saw Regina’s posture. But in her defense, she was here against her will, and she refused to act like she was happy about it.

“So… your name’s Regina?”

Slowly, her gaze rose from the table top to the man sitting opposite her, and she almost smiled as he near flinched at her glare. Eight minutes in, and she hadn’t said a word. It was perhaps the most awkward date in history, but as far as Regina was concerned, this entire thing was awkward.

Speed dating.

What idiot came up with that idea?

Regina’s foot bounced in the air as she turned her attention to her phone. She wasn’t supposed to have it with her. Rose wanted to confiscate it, but separating a business woman, and a mother, from her phone was not an easy task, and Rose was too fond of her fingers to try too hard. The poor man opposite slumped a little, resigning himself to the final two minutes in silence with the one woman in the entire room who looked like she’d rather bite off her own arm than be here.

He’d be lying if he said he hadn’t run from her table the moment the bell had rung.

Regina, on the other hand, didn’t seem to even notice. Her eyes glued to her cell screen, one finger delicately sliding up length wise, she looked just as disinterested in everything going on around her as she had since the start of this farce, nearly an half an hour ago. She did, actually, notice when Tom, or Tim, whatever, had left. And she’d actually smiled… kind of. It was as close to a smile as anything anyone had seen of her so far, but still, she didn’t look up.

Until a good three minutes had passed in silence and she found herself frowning, confused. Was it over? Had the idiots in charge of this ridiculous event finally decided to spare their men the embarrassment of facing her? Because usually, by now, she’d have had the next one’s name, age, employment details, and probably the name of their dog or cat or turtle. 

Looking up, Regina’s hand, and consequently the phone in it, lowered slightly. It wasn’t over, and she hadn’t been spared the misfortune of another date. Rather, a man sat opposite her, with his own phone out and his head bowed. It took her a moment to grasp the idea of someone not interested in her, and honestly, it was quite annoying. 

“What are you doing?”

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5sos Blurb Imagine Thingy: #15 How to Save A Life (Song Pref) (4/4)

yo this was requested an you can request one here


“And I would have stayed up with you all night”

You were sat in your bedroom after work. You had come home to an empty house again, no matter how much Calum was on tour you never thought you could get used to the feeling of not having him next to you.

As you were scrolling through your twitter feed, you had just followed a few of the fans when you were getting a Skype call. You smiled seeing it was Calum, and immediately accepting it.

“heeey!” Calum cheered when he saw your face on the screen.

“hey” you giggled at his giddiness.

“I miss you babe” he gave a little pout to show how upset he was.

“I miss you too” you mimicked his pout.

“what are you up too?”

“nothing much” you said “I just got home from work. what about you”

“nothing much, everybody is sleeping, and all I could think about was how much I missed you, so I just came into the back lounge and called you” he said with a little nod.

“well I miss and love you very much” you smiled.

“I love you too” he beamed.

You two spent the rest of the night up all night together, talking, and laughing.


“And where did I go wrong? I lost a friend”

“Jesus Ash, I can’t do this anymore I just cant” you screamed at him.

“babe please” Ashton said grabbing you by the wrist and pulling you closer “just listen to me”

“no Ashton, I can’t do this, I won’t do this any longer” you started crying.

why” he pleaded with you, need making his voice crack.

“I can’t take these fucking rumors that you are cheating on me”

“baby they are just rumors I told you” he tried.

“yeah well Ashton, there are so many damn rumors I don’t know who to believe anymore" 

"really?” he raised an eyebrow “Goddamnit, (y/n) do you think if I really wanted to cheat that I would even put up with having this fucking goddamned relationship, that I would bother staying up late at night talking with you, taking hate from fans for dating you, flying you out so you can be on tour with us even if it is only for a weekend?”

You stood their silent for a few moments, watching the tears roll down Ashton’s cheeks.

“I’m sorry” you said wrapping your arms around him.

“I love you so much” Ashton said rubbing his hand up and down your back “I can’t lose you”


“And you’ll begin to wonder why you came”

“I don’t even know why I bothered trying to fix this” Luke mumbled before leaving the dressing room.

You two had been fighting all weekend, but today was different, you both ended up crying and screaming, having trouble catching your breaths. You weren’t 100% but your were pretty sure that your relationship was over at this point. So now you were sitting on the floor your face red and puffy, you weren’t sure what hurt more your throat or your heart.

You heard a knock on the door.

“come in” you said hoping it was Luke, but instead it was Cal, Ash, and Mikey, poking their heads through the door.

Once they saw your state they slowly made their way towards your, sitting down with you.

“I’m sorry (y/n)” Calum said wrapping his arms around you, followed by the rest of the boys repeating his actions.

“you heard what happened?” you laughed bitterly

“kind of” Ash said

“we may have been standing outside the door when Luke came storming out in tears” Michael added.

“yeah well, I think we may be over, he said he didn’t even know why he bothered” you told them.

“I don’t know” Michael said

“yeah he really loves you” Ashton said.

“god does he love you” Calum said “when you aren’t her all he can do is sit around and think about you or talk about how much he misses you, and when you are here all he does is make googly eyes at you”

“yeah Jesus Christ, it’s borderline annoyi-” Michale was interrupted by a puffy eyed Luke, peeking his head in the doorway.

“Can we talk alone” he asked the boys.

“yeah” Calum said standing and leaving followed by the rest of the boys.

Luke sat down in front of you “I’m really sorry”

“I am too” you said.

“It’s just that we never get to see each other and it really blows that when we do we just fight but I just, I really love you and I just it hurts me so much when we fight" his voice cracked a bit.

"Me too” I said “I’m sorry. that I’m kind of ruining our visits with my moodiness”

“it’s okay, but (y/n)?” he asked

“yeah” you looked up at him.

“since you have finally finished all of your classes would you maybe want to join us on the rest of the tour?’ he asked

"yes!” you jumped, wrapping your arms around him.

“thank god” he said kissing you “I was worried that we weren’t much of a couple anymore”

“me too” you sighed.


“He smiles politely back at you”

You were in a little café in downtown London, you had been visiting a friend, but since she had work you decided to go downtown for a bit when it started raining, and like an idiot you were without an umbrella in London, so you sought shelter in the café, along with a latte and a very tired looking work staff.

The place was basically empty until a group of four, young, and quite good looking boys walked in two of them wet with rain water, and the other two laughing as they closed an umbrella. One really caught your eye though, the one with colored hair, who had been spared from the rain, along with his friend with dark hair.

The two dry ones went and ordered the groups drinks, while the two drenched ones went to the bathroom, to what you presumed, dry off.

The two boys grabbed their drinks and took a seat across the room from you, the one with the colored hair making eye contact with you and smiling as the dark haired one seemed to be going on about something. In a few minutes the other two returned still slightly damp, the two dry ones laughed at them before they sat down.

Throughout the time they were there the colorful one kept making eye contact with you, smiling, and you returned the favors a few times.

 When the rain subsided you watched the group get and leave, as they were all headed out the door you heard the one with colorful hair call to them “hey guys I forgot my phone get a cab and I’ll catch up”

He came back into the café walking over to you.

“hey” he smiled “my name is Michael, would you maybe want to go out sometime?’

"sure” you laughed at his forwardness.

“great!” he laughed too “here’s is my number”

My thoughts on Civil War

Spoiler city ahead!!! Seriously folks, I’m on mobile else I would put in a cut. If you haven’t seen the movie yet and don’t want to be spoiled don’t read my rambling!!!

I would like to preface this ungodly list of thoughts with the fact that I did honest to god like the movie and I need to see it five or six more times. That being said it wasn’t my favorite, it ranks low and mostly because they really don’t focus on the characters I really wanted them to focus on. I had to remind myself it was a Captain America movie and not an Iron Man or a Black Widow or a Black Panther movie (also a depressing lack of Bruce Banner, but no shit).

Ok last chance to scroll past, i ain’t kidding!

• Ok Steve over-THE FUCK-reacted, half of this shit could have been avoided if he had just talked to Tony when Tony gave him the chance.
• I’m still 100% in favor of the Avengers having someone keep them in check, even if I am not now 100% Iron Man
• I don’t 100% hate Bucky, it’s gone down to 95.5%
• Clint was the BIGGEST asshole, he goes against the law (knows full we be is doing it) then gets pissy that they throw him into the Raft. Mother fucker, what did you think was going to happen! Then he has the gall to bitch at Tony, who CANT DO JACK SHIT, because his hands are tied.
• Tony has grown to be big enough to know when he has made a mistake, and he tries like hell to fix that.
• The Avengers are Tony and Natasha’s only ‘real’ family, and they FIGHT LIKE HELL to keep it together.
• Steve didn’t give two shits that he threw everyone under the bus.
• T’CHALLA WAS PERFECT!!!!!!! He was a better Batman than Batman could ever hope to be.
• Steve well and truly pissed me off.
• The nods to Natasha’s relationship with Bruce were wonderful.
• I kinda feel a little unfulfilled after I slept on it, and I think it is because Natasha really didn’t get any development. I’ve heard people lauding the Russo’s for making her ‘good again’. What’s good again? Twelve lines, no character development, and she disappears just before the end. Like seriously, we don’t know what happened to her. Did she get arrested, did she go back to the Facility, or did she peace the fuck out and go back to the Barton farm because Clint didn’t think his actions through?
• God Bless my Rhodey.
• Tony Stank
• This movie did NOTHING for Wanda, she is an ungrateful child who has this great and terrible ability she really hasn’t any idea how to control yet, but instead of staying somewhere safe, she goes galavanting off the first chance she gets.
• Tony had Vision try and keep her there for her protection and the people’s. The facility was the best place to keep her out of the publics eye. He knew people would be on a witch hunt. True it was underhanded not telling her, but goddamn it, Tony is trying like hell to keep his family together, while his ‘family’ is doing their best to rip it apart.
• Awkward Dad Tony is the best thing to come out of this movie, seriously I hope Tony is this weird Uncle/Dad/Mentor figure for Peter Parker in the new spider-man.
• Spider-Man was a doll baby, bless him, I love him so!
• I cackled like a hag every FUCKING time T’Challa handed Bucky his ass.
• Seriously the Blank Panther movie needs to come out yesterday.
• I liked the Iron Widow friendship, I just need more of it.
• Like they could have taken Steve and Bucky out entirely and just had 100% Tony and Nat looking for those two idiots and I would have been happy as a clam.
• While I like Steve/Sharon, I felt it was unnecessary. If it was just cute flirting that would have been good, but the kiss didn’t feel right at all.
• I really wish Sharon was in it more. She really just beat the fuck out of Bucky and ollied out.
• Have I talked about T’Challa? How he is perhaps the single most pig headed/reasonable character? Like the exact moment he found out Bucky was being framed he dropped it like it was hot and went after Zemo, and instead of killing him or letting him commit suicide, he stops him so he can rot forever while unnecessary Martin Freeman watches him.
• Seriously why the FUCK was Martin Freeman in this movie?
• It seriously feels to me that the major Villian in this movie is Steve’s bullheadedness/inability to trust Tony (seriously people need to do that more, or at least tell him he is being an ass and give him x y and z reasons why he shouldn’t, not just “it isn’t right” and running off)/his RAGING boner for Bucky.
• Seriously I thought he was going to bend Bucky over in that elevator and take him to pound town.
• There needed to be more Rhodey/Cheadle, like almost every time he made it on screen he was a masked War Machine, the fuck was up with that.
• Scott Lang was unnecessary, but I loved him.
• I seriously don’t get what the FUCK Scott and Clint were thinking. Seriously you fuckers have kids, Steve Roger’s Bucky boner can’t POSSIBLY be more important.
• Scott your movie was ALL ABOUT YOU TRYING TO GET YOURSELF IN A GOOD PLACE TO BE IN YOUR DAUGHTERS LIFE!!! And know you’re a wanted man, how the fuck does that work out??
• Luis should have been in this movie, his stories would have been a better distraction than Giant Man.
• I have mentioned I am disappointed over the lack of Natasha? She really didn’t get enough screen time, and made no character progression at all.
• The Tony Pepper going on a “break” was THE most useless plot device I have ever seen! It was lazy, it was stupid, it made no sense to the characters AT ALL. Pepper has been with Tony through much worse, she knows he would never fully drop Iron Man, made amends with that and stayed with him any way. And we are supposed to believe they “went on a break”. I can buy Pepper being pregnant and distancing herself in fear, but all that shit deserves Pepper being there.
• The Vision is precious and pure, and needs to add sour cream or heavy cream to his Paprikash, it was too red.
• Sam is perfect, you keep doing what your doing! 👍 Steve doesn’t deserve you.
• I REALLY want this Iron Widow friendship to be explored, it’s this wonderful mix of frenemy/sibling-esque/taking the piss out of the other/not being afraid to give the other a dressing down when they deserve it (and they don’t seem to really mind, it’s like they understand that’s how they show they care). Iron Widow stole it for me, even though it was just a glimpse.
• Here is my list of characters that are selfish and can go fuck themselves, Steve Rogers, Clint Barton and Wanda Maximoff. Bucky doesn’t make the list, because even though I don’t like him he isn’t selfish and all he wanted to do was to get away. He understood he was a danger and he was trying like hell to remove himself.
• I still think one of the best things for Bucky was the Sakovian Accords, they would have mentally evaluated him and got him treatment he so desperately needs. That being said, I’m glad he’s back on ice.
• The fact that Steve knew Bucky killed Tony’s parents and didn’t share it with him is perhaps the douchiest of douche moves. Steve preaches about having all the information, not hiding anything, yadda yadda. Yet when it comes to Steve and his secretes it’s ok. I don’t blame Tony for going ape shit, it was a long time coming. He spent what twenty five years mourning his parents, he never got to say good bye to them, his Father has always been looking over him in both the father and disproving way. His mother loved him so damn much, and she died because she just happened to be there. Oh god when Tony cries “He killed my mom!” I was done. Tony loved his mother, she was the only one to show him any sort of love, just goddamn. I don’t care what anyone says, this was a Tony Stark movie. I can’t help but think Tony’s murder spree was also helped along with the fact that Steve knew, and didn’t think it important enough to tell him. The whole “he’s my friend/so was I” lines take on a whole new meaning. Tony thought he was friends with Steve, thought Steve would have told him of something of that magnitude. Tony probably would have been less incised to kill if Steve had been forthright, instead that tid-bit of information broke the camels back.
• I REALLY hope Wheadon and favreau have a greater hand in helping the Russo’s, because honestly this didn’t feel to marvely to me. I know they were going dark, but there was something missing to it that Wheadon and Favreau were able to capture better with their movies

I know everyone is so relieved that this was ‘better’ than age of Ultron, aaaaaand I have to disagree. I like AOU far better than Civil War and really it comes down to the characters they put the most focus on, i.e. Steve and Bucky and they don’t really interest me that much. RDJ stole this show, he was the saving grace for me, if this had more Nat/Bruce/T'Challa I think I would have liked it better.

But I’m still going to see it 5,000 more times for the express purpose of Tony Stark, Nat’s little smile when Bruce is mentioned, and T'Challa’s ass. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯