i still cannot decide whether or like it or not


I actually cannot believe that ship hate is still a problem on tumblr for the Pretty Little Liars community. I thought we were all more mature than this? But if we truly was, I wouldn’t feel the need to make this post. Because I just want to make a few key points. 

#1: Actions = Consequences

Now, whether you like it or not - ALL COUPLES WILL HAVE SHIPPERS! And I honestly don’t understand why people are finding that such a hard concept to grasp onto. And when you decide to unleash your hate onto a ship that you don’t like, it is guaranteed that one of their shippers will see it and get hurt. How would that make you feel? To know that you’ve hurt somebody completely innocent by crapping all over something they’ve made a connection with? And how would that make you feel if it happened to you too? It’s not nice, is it? Just think about that when you want to post an angry rant about one of the couples. 

#2: ‘If I go down, you’re all going down with me’

That seems to be a method of ship hate that I see quite a lot, and this point is sort of connected to the last. If you are not happy with the way that your ship is being treated by the writers/producers, you do not have to bring down those around you who’s ships may actually be okay for once. All of the couples have had their ups and downs (some more than others) and one of the main couples has never been at official dating status (but the passion of emison fans is fucking brilliant, I love it. You guys fought to make your voices heard and it’s working. It may not have worked that much with 6b but I have a feeling something special is coming your way in s7 ☺️) - but you cannot justify your hate towards another ship with the fact that they may be getting more screen time than yours. 

I’ll use Ezria as my example here. Over the past 6 years, ezria has received a lot of screen time. But that’s not down to Marlene favouring them or anything - because she doesn’t. Ian Harding is registered as a Main Actor on the show. Ezra is one of the main characters. If it weren’t for ezria, one of the main actors would have pretty much NOTHING to do on the show. He’d just be the teacher that knows the business with A and owns a coffee shop. That’s it - how boring is that? Think about how much Ezra has done over the past 6 years that had nothing to do with Aria or his relationship with her? Exactly. That’s not a reason to crap on ezria or their shippers. 

#3: Equality for all

I need to make this clear that my example is not my personal opinion, it is genuinely just an example. 

But say I made a post saying:

‘Ezria, Emison and Spoby is endgame, haleb can blah blah blah’ 

That would be COMPLETELY UNFAIR of me. All of the couples has equal rights to be endgame. It’s as simple as that. If you excluded one couple and all of their shippers from the possibility of a happy ending, that would not go down well at all - in fact, it would do the opposite. It would hurt the feelings of a massive group of people saying that they don’t deserve to see their favourite characters be happy in the end of the show. 

#4: Think of the cast

Now just take a moment to remember how the cast of PLL feel about the couples.

  • Ashley and Tyler are complete 100000% Haleb support
  • Lucy and Ian are complete trash for Ezria (lucy especially)
  • Sasha and Shay are Emison obsessed
  • Troian loves Spoby. 
  • Keegan = Spooby. 

Now just know that all of these cast members I listed above are all POSITIVE INFLUENCES to the fandom. I am certain that they would want their fans to do the same which would mean not hating on other ships. Some of the cast may not be happy about some events that have happened spaleb but they still tried to encourage positivity to their fans. I think we need to follow their example.

We all know for a fact that Troian has a tumblr herself. Now imagine if she saw one of her die-hard fans shitting all over a group of innocent fans that were simply minding their own business? I doubt she’d be happy about that. 

Final note:

Look, guys and gals, we only have until March 2017 left of this series. Why would you want to spend the remainder of this time hating on a ship that you can literally just ignore? It’s as easy as that. 

If you have to give an overall opinion on a ship, you don’t have to be rude about it. Say some thing like ‘I’m not the biggest shipper of (____)’ or something along those lines. 

At the end of the day, it is just a show. These are just fictional characters. It proves that these actors are doing a wonderful job to make them all seem realistic, but like I said before it is a fictional show. Now is it worth bullying someone over? Causing them to get upset emotionally, mentally or even physically? It’s really not. 

You really don’t have any right to bully somebody over their choice of ship. Because if you’re a Haleb fan that gives hate on Emison (or any other variation of that example) then there is a possibility that you could even hurt a friend without even realising it. 

I know I have made some private negative comments in the past myself, I’ll own up to that and I am genuinely not proud of it, but I would never say it to any of their shippers because I would never want to hurt their feelings. 

It takes a lot more effort to make a long ass post about hating on a ship than it would to just keep it to yourself. Nobody likes extra effort

Ok, rant over 😂