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·· I was under the impression that quinces were bow-and-arrow using savages…But after witnessing that, I guess they’re quite civilized… ··

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This is coming in a bit late because at first I didn't know what to ask and quite frankly I'm still not sure if this is the right question? I mean- there is no right and wrong question but you know... The right one in my opinion... In any case, I am a 15 year old kid confused with their gender... So my question is, how long did it take you to uh- well "find out" that part of you, to figure out your gender? I'm just asking cause I can't figure out my own etc, you don't have to answer.

Hey there! Thank you so much for your question. My primary piece of advice in situations like these is that you do not need to know right away. Your journey of self discovery will never stop, so you do you. Do what makes you feel comfortable and good about yourself and surround yourself with people who will validate that, and don’t worry about the rest.

I still haven’t quite figured out what my Ryder will look like - but here’s an option I drew a few months ago!


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bobs burgers au; where sid and geno are on date night and geno cannot figure out why he's still hard lmao. sid: quit poking me with that thing!! geno: sorry can't help dunno why is still here :/ sid: well.... i may have slipped a penis pill in ur casserole... SUPRISE geno: wtf why??? sid: sometimes you wanna ride a roller coaster twice and you don't wanna wait in line

referring back to this post:

Geno: Sidney, where did you even get it?
Sid: Nicky. He does it to Ovi all the time. I wanted to be edgy like them. Pill-popping sex freaks.

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So our lovable trust fund kid falls for MC hard, and not long after she shows up at his place, the innuendo and not-so-subtle hints begin. How quickly did he realize his sexual interest? Cause it seems pretty fast, considering he informs Zen about the "inappropriate and quite unfair" situations that he's thinking about with MC in his house. I still can't figure out if he's trolling Zen, trying to hint how he's feeling to MC in a safe space, or is just mulling it over. My guess is trolling.

I feel like he was trying to tease Zen a bit, haha. Especially since Zen gives the whole “All men are wolves!!” speel a ton. They always seem to bicker, playfully or not.
I also think he was just musing some of his thoughts out in the chat, like they all seem to do at times.
But his sexual interest? Hmmm…. He seems to be interested in sex a bit. I mean to the point that he’s reading Expert Playboy in curiosity. Sometimes I think he might have started reading those to be prepared for if he did ever fall for a woman, or had to sleep with one (like a woman his father would force him to marry).
But when MC comes over, and he’s realizing how much this woman means to him, he probably starts understanding some of the things his father gushed about with women. How sweet they could be, how cute.
And then all of that led to thoughts of the two of you going out, kissing, and…and then sex… And then he probably was all “Well, is this something I’m interested in?”
And then we get to see that he admitted to himself, yes. He wants sex, haha.
I think it probably went like that. I dont know though!

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I am drawing something for the FanderMeetup, and I need advise of perspective. One of the figures I am drawing is basically a haunter giving finger guns to the viewer but I can't seem to get the hands quite right. I even posted that part of the picture on my sideblog for advice but it isn't showing up in the thomas sanders tag. What do?

Ah, well tbh with ya friend, I’m still figuring things out myself, but here’s what I do

Ok so, I start with the thing that needs some work in the perspective department. I use this…tunnel/ scribble thing, I have no idea how to explain it, but I’m most comfortable with it, the thing that would confuse me is when I had to start with a small circle and then use less pressure so what’s in front ‘pops’, i don’t know why it did, it just did  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The rest is easy, because you just add a few fingers, but I recommend that you use refs with this from the get go

It’s not perfect by any means, but it looks much better/correct. What I did without ref isn’t too bad, but it could still use that *chef kiss* pinch of anatomy 

Hope this helps!

Coffee Shop AU

A soft sigh escaped the raven haired teen as he entered a coffee shop, the bell above the door chiming loudly in the nearly empty store. It was a small place, a few booths set up by the window overlooking the street, as well as a few on the far wall, and one table. It didn’t offer as much as the bigger chain stores could, but everyone that came in said that the tastes between the places didn’t compare. This small little shop always won out. Most that stopped by to get their coffee rarely stayed, often heading out after they had paid, though there were a few regulars that sat in the shop to enjoy.
“Danny is that you?”
Blue eyes to turn and look to the archway that lead to the back, “Yeah it’s just me.”
“Thanks for coming in a bit early,” Sam smiled coming out from the back, her hair tied back away from her face, “I knew I could count on you.”
Smiling at her he nodded, “You don’t ask me for favors often and i don’t mind helping you out Sam you know that.”
Violet eyes looked at him thankfully, “I know. Thank you Danny.”
Watching as Sam pulled off her smock and hung it on a peg he waved to her as she headed out. He had known Sam since middle school and she was the one who had talked the owner into giving him the job here. While she still prefered the darker clothes that she had when they were in most of middle school and high school she didn’t mind dressing out of her prefered gothic style. Shaking his head Danny headed off into the back, clocking into his shift and pulling on his own smock before he started to work.
He didn’t mind working the late night shift, it wasn’t like he got overrun by customers, and he would be gone before the rush of people came in before heading off to work. Yeah he found himself picking up after the other shifts a lot of the time but he didn’t mind too much. He had plenty of down time to work on things that he needed to do for school or just take a moment to relax as he set things up for the next shift.He was lucky if he saw more than six or seven people the entire time he worked.
Well it was the middle of the night, most people didn’t come to a coffee shop this late, but the owner had insisted that they were going to keep this place open twenty-four seven for those that did want it. Then again, when the main classes for the college were back on there would be more people coming in to grab a cup or two, however, because there were only a few classes running over the summer most of the business from the college was gone. It was better for Danny this way though, he could concentrate on his work and with little else to distract him he would actually get it done and not put it off until right before it was due.
Grabbing the broom he headed out to the front ready to run through his list of nightly duties.


The bell above the door chimed, though Danny didn’t have to look up to know who it was that had come into the store. Making his way back behind the counter he started to make the customers order. Glancing over he saw the man sit in his usual spot by the window, not even bothering anymore to come and place his order. When Danny had first started working here he had questioned the person that had trained him about it, but they had just shrugged. He had been coming almost since the coffee shop had been opened, ordering the same thing from the owner until they had it memorized. no one had heard him talk since then, his order getting passed to each new night shift worker by the previous one.
Every night he came in at the same time, sitting in his booth and watching out the window. It was almost like clockwork and Danny had gotten to the point that he knew what time it was when he came in. Walking over he set the cup down for him before heading back to what he had been doing. The first few days that Danny had worked here he had found the man unsettling, but now, now he found that his presence was calming. For the stretch of time that it took him to finish his coffee, always an hour from when he had come in, there was another person there with him. Granted they never talked or said a word but it was still nice.
He wouldn’t admit it to anyone but he had studied the man from afar on more then one night, and tonight he found his eyes drawn to him even as he worked on filling the dispensers. His skin was a smooth golden brown that most people who went to tanning salon would envy, and the flowing silver hair only seemed to add to his mystery.
There was no doubt that the man was hot, and though Danny had, when he first started to work here, tried to talk to him he still never said anything. He wanted to know more about him but anyone that he asked said the same things. He came in, got his drink, sat there until it was gone then left leaving a nice tip on the table. No one knew anything else, and if they did they weren’t saying anything. With a soft sigh Danny turned back to what he had been doing finishing and heading back towards the back.
Tonight though he found his eyes still drawn to the man. It wouldn’t be the first time that it had happened to him, nor he doubted that it would be the last. There was no helping it, the mystery of the man had drawn him in, but the longer that he had worked there the more he found himself wanting to know his story. Why did he come here at this time every night? Was he remembering someone that he had lost? Or was this simply something that he had done for so long that it had become a habit for him to do so. So many things that he wondered, though he doubted that he would ever get the answers to.


Just like it always was he stood after an hour after he had sat down.
“Thank you for coming,” Danny told him with a smile, “we’ll see you again.”
It took Danny aback when the man smiled, actually smiled, at him before he turned and left, the small bell over the door chiming at his departure. It took him a minute to gather himself, who would have known that the man would have such a great smile, before he headed over o the table to wipe it down.
Like it always had after he left a twenty dollar bill sat on the table for him, but this time there was wha looked like a folded up piece of paper on it as well. Curious he picked it up and read what had been written on it in the flowing handwriting.
‘You look very nice tonight Daniel.’
Blue eyes stared at the piece of paper blinking a few times not sure what to make of it and reading it more than once. Danny hated it when people used his full name, he was only used to hearing it when he was in trouble or getting teased by Sam, though she quickly stopped after he had threatened to start using her full name as well. This though, he couldn’t mind this. The fact that a man who had never said anything to anyone had left him a message to tell him how nice he looked…
A wide grin split his face, he couldn’t help it. He had said something to him! Well he hadn’t actually said anything but still! Bringing over the tip he dropped it into his tip jar, the note itself going into his pocket. He would have to say something back to him but going up to him and saying something to him still didn’t feel quite right. So how could he give him a note without being super obvious about it? Thinking of the perfect way that Danny could say something back to him he started back to work, tomorrow couldn’t get there fast enough.

I should make a comic of it sometime(though it may be quite awhile till I can get more resources since I’m kinda low currently).

But I got the idea of when Gene proposes to Piper :O Like it’s funny cause she races to the idea quickly since back with Nate she wanted to, but he got to that chance first.

So I can see Gene quickly coming up with how or when to propose before Piper could even have a chance lol. How I can see it is say she wants to have a little nice dinner date with Piper-there’s a catch though. She wants to make it as a surprise. 

So Gene gets Nat and synth Shaun in on the idea to surprise her without mentioning the proposing part. You can imagine they’d both be asking questions, though Gene just keeps mentioning it’s just something fun and a nice thing to do. They’d wait outside and be on the lookout for when Piper gets back. It takes awhile to set things up nicely inside, but Gene manages to make a nice setting. She also attempts to make food, it ends up failing….even after all this time the poor gal still has trouble cooking. So she quickly makes a run to get power noodles instead. She’s a bit disappointed, but Gene tries to make it the nicest she can and hopes Piper would enjoy.

Anyways, when it comes to the time Piper arrives she’s very confused by what’s going on XD But Nat and synth Shaun would make her close her eyes and walk in, and when she opens them you can imagine even more confusion LMAO.

The kids go to do their own thing, meanwhile Gene and Piper have their dinner and chit chat. Though I can see Piper from time to time asks Gene why to have the sudden dinner and she has a hunch Gene’s up to something. Which she would be right…..

Eventually Gene would have the guts to finally propose to her. I can see Piper’s eyes go all wide and it’s one of these instances she doesn’t know what to say haha. Obviously she’d say yes, that was definitely not a surprise lol.

Idk, I was thinking and the idea would be really cute IMO.

Matt is holding himself very still when Foggy steps in close to him, his nose almost brushing Matt’s face.

“Don’t you want to kiss me?” Foggy asks.

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hi im sorry if this is bothering you but im in quite a pickle. ive always felt connected to being nonbinary and a lesbian, but lately ive been feeling more male than nb & sometimes i even want to get FTM surgery.., but I still feel connected to being a lesbian and wlw, if that makes sense. so idk what's up with that so maybe u could help me figure it out? u guys r great i really love y'all

well, you could be genderfluid! which is why you would still feel that connection with being a lesbian, but like idk yo. it’s your decision to make. also,,, asks never bother us!

Anonymous said: I know she is new but 4 for your new plant/flower girl? She is so cute :3

4. In swimwear

hahaha, least practical swimwear ever but quite stylish?? T 7 T and I’m so happy people like my plant girl, thank you very much! ^7^ I’m still messing around with her design, I really like her with green hair and I added some green speckles too!! god too many options haha I have to figure this out soon orz

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Do you have any tips for drawing Papyrus? I'm trying to figure out how to do it before I develop my own style. I just can't seem to get his proportions and shape right 😕😕

I suppose that depends on the kind of advice you’re asking for. Are you asking for advice more about the head, body, proportions,etc?

This is kind of the process of how I go about drawing the head. If you’re still having trouble with the face, I’d reference images of how the human skull looks, since Papyrus’s skull proportions follows that of a human skull quite similarly.

Similarly in what I’ve talked about in past messages where someone has asked for advice, I always explain one way or another, that I like to break down the character into shapes to see how the overall form is made up.

And as I mentioned in image 2, Papyrus’s design in the game has elements that are kept vague. Intentional or not, this gives you some freedom to play around with the design and interpret those parts however you’d like. I don’t know what other advice to give, other than to observe the design as much as possible, and to use other sources of reference if necessary. 

Kakayama Week day 3: AU ridiculousness feat Yam in glasses

Long story short: Because of our ky lord and savior yamkash I played the Evil Within a few months ago and then jokingly suggested to make it an AU for a ky fanart. And somehow it became a thing. 

I still can’t figure out why on Earth did I decide to go for some crazy ass perspective though. I must have been feeling particularly adventurous while sketching xD

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You know what I can't quite figure out? The pool scene where Kate and Richie meet, his little vision of Kate asking him to take her bikini off for her. Was it actually a vision? Most of his little visions of people were of them being monsters bc they were planning something or were a threat. Yet I can't figure out if he saw Kate asking this because he wanted her to or if it was just a more appropriate nod to the movie Kate and Richie interaction.

Honestly anon I’m gonna take that moment as a vision because Richie was [and probably still is] clairvoyant with the ability to see things others can’t. He sees the truth about people. He wasn’t hallucinating her, to me if felt very much like foreshadowing their future. It can also can be left up to anyone’s interpretation I however like to believe there was a hidden depth behind it.

Every single one of Richie’s visions that he had in S1 all came true; Scott, Jacob and himself becoming vampires, Kate’s death, his death and he saw Kate’s mother’s suicide when he held Kate’s hand at the pool. He also foresaw that Kate was different “you’re not like them” why would he say that especially with how her fate ended up being resurrected by a demon after she was killed? 

I don’t think the writers would’ve had Richie have that vision of Kate if it wasn’t going to mean something crucial for them down the road. I say this not because I ship Kichie but because I believe everything on Dusk happens for a reason. Just like their first kiss they shared at the twister in S1 happened for a reason. That moment solidified their instant star-crossed attraction to one another. The Dusk writers know what they’re doing, they have a story to tell between Richie and Kate and it has remained consistent this far.

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Hello are you still doing prompts? Like Sherlock just had a bad day and bumps into Molly and compliments her so she asks whose body he needs to see and he says hers and kisses her, please. I can't get it out of my head......

Hem. Hem. Just trying it out. Sorry, I was gone for a while but I’m trying to write again. Mostly to distract myself from my impending exam, I’ve been so anxious lately. Also, can someone help me figure out this new tumblr format? I don’t quite know how to tag anything anymore (Nevermind, I think I figured it out lol). Anyways, here’s some Sherlolly Fluff! 

Molly didn’t find it surprising that she’d be spending her Friday night inside the morgue surrounded by dead people when right above her was the busy streets of London basking with life and, quite possibly and most likely, inebriated people. It’s not like she minded, she rather enjoyed her work but the constant hammering of her friend to get a life (ironically while she was slicing up a cadaver) was slightly getting to her. It wasn’t long before a certain Consulting Detective (the only one in the world), came barging in with a particular sulky look plastered on her face. 

“Bad day, was it?” She jested. It seemed so far away now, those days when she fancied him were long gone and she’d like to take pride in finally getting over him. Almost

“Boring case, not more than a five. Solved it ten minutes in,” Sherlock babbled as he walked towards her with a determined look. “ You look lovely,” he muttered feeling his throat constrict a little. “Your face is err —mouth, nose, eyes and eyebrows perfectly blend with each other. It’s very—aesthetically pleasing.” Molly couldn’t help but frown at this.

“Have you gone mental?” She whispered, her arms elbows deep inside Mr. Flitch. 

No,” He huffed. 

“What is it then? Need a body? An organ? Which one is it?” She asked, a tad bit annoyed as she thought that they’ve gotten past the fake compliments in exchange for what he needed. They were friends after all and if the deerstalker hat-wearing detective wanted anything from her, he could always just simply ask. Sherlock responded with an offended look, un-knitting his brows; the man ruffled his black curly hair and stepped closer towards her causing Molly to look up at the rather tall detective. “What?” sounding less annoyed than she intended.

“Oh to hell with it,” Sherlock grumbled as he cupped the pathologists face with his long calloused fingers, bending down to capture her lips with his. Eyes wide, Molly was definitely unsure on how to respond. Taking that as a hint, Sherlock pushed her face away from his, his pair of green eyes scanning her features as if trying gauge her reaction. “You don’t —why are you not responding?” 

“Uhmm,” was all she said in reply, pursing her lips as she stared into his eyes. 

“You don’t like me anymore?” He added, looking like a child kept away from his favourite toy. 

“No, it’s not—that?” Uncertainty filled her voice and his face responded with glee. 

“Great! Dinner then! After work? I’ll have Mycroft send a car. Don’t worry about changing your clothes, you look ravishing.” He blathered, pressing a small kiss onto her forehead. 

It was only when he was out the door that everything started sinking in. She looked at her hands, still gripping (rather tightly) on Mr. Flitch’s internal organs. The corners of her lips tugged into a huge grin that proved to be harder to wipe off that the smell of blood and formaldehyde that seemed to have clung onto her arms. For a brief moment she felt insecure about the stench only to realise that he wouldn’t mind. Not at all.

A Very Predictable Exit (In A Good Way)

Right, I know it’s a bit lame to say this now, but I was going to predict ages ago that Clara would walk out on the Doctor.

Why? Because of her hair. That’s right. Her hair.

Some of you may remember my post on hairdo paralllels. For those who don’t know it, here it is in a nutshell:

Companions with similar hairdos have similar fates. The blond ones are the big love, the ginger ones have a rather significant wedding and some memory issues, the brunettes are the clever rebounds. I have no effing idea what that is about. But it is there.

And now, Clara has fulfilled one very important part of that pattern. Because not only do the companions have similar fates, they also have similar goodbyes. Both, Rose and River end up in a sort-of parallel world. Donna and Amy are technically still within reach for the Doctor but he can never go and visit them.

Martha on the other hand walks out on the Doctor. She decides she deserves better, she deserves to be seen and to be treated like the fantastic character that she is. I figured Clara would, too, at some point. And now she did. Hello pattern.

Do I think this is the last we’ve seen of Clara? Of course not. And I don’t think you do, either. But somehow, this exit is relevant on a level that I still can’t quite fathom yet.

What do you think?


Tonight was a really good prairie excursion for Priya – like, the best ever. She checked in voluntarily, turned right around at the sound of her name, and was obviously keeping an eye on me.

I mean, she also rolled in unspeakable things, found a nest of bird eggs and tried to eat them, and tried to swim across the pond after a deer…but let’s focus on the positives here.