i still can't get over this wedding

I haven’t posted anything for Shallura week i’m so ashamed so I drew wedding Shallura?? formal Shallura?? (IDK I have a headcannon where they get married mid-batte like in pirates of the Caribbean)

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Love at first sight. The best meet cute in comic books ever. I love they start forming a bond in the background of the major double crosses and how Mar'i is already protective and possessive of Ibn. The Grayson/Wayne bond taken to its natural and logical conclusion: Babies!

Well, marriage first.

Sometimes I get really sad when I realize that Damian will never meet his soulmate. Because Raven was a bitch and had to ruin the wedding. Over twenty years have passed and I’m still mad at her for that.

Well, actually I’m more upset now that Ibn became canon in the form of Damian.

Fairy Tail Eps. 277 [Last Episode]

I think I’m watching some show about a daily life from newly wed here…

And also… I can’t help but think Natsu and Lucy somehow like a Dad and Mom figure to Happy here…

Fair warning to all those who are about to watch the twelfth episode of Shadowhunters (which is actually called ‘Malec’, they actually fucking titled it Malec, I’m dying) -

You will watch the wedding scene over two hundred and forty-six times and every time you do, you will squeal. 

Another very happy side-effect you will suffer is that ‘War of Hearts’ will be the only song that will play over and over in your brain and you shall be nothing but Malec trash for the next few months till Season 2 starts.

Welcome to Malec. We hope you enjoy your stay.

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