i still can't color to save my life


4.15 // 7.21, requested by anonymous

l0chn3ss  asked:

blushy soma in apple?

this was not my original idea for the pose, but it’s still beautiful  (‘∀’●)♡

thanks to nessie for another prompt, sorry i’m late again haha ;;

enjoy waaaay too close blushy soma + apple [ x ]; [ pose insp ]

meio121  asked:

Hello! First, I love your art (especially your rainbow snow cone fanart)! I always look forward to your updates. Your colors are gorgeous! Second, I do have a question. Will you be creating art for the marshmallow tooth and beefstrid AU? I fell in love with the idea and was wondering if this AU would stick. Thank you for sharing your work!

Can’t draw muscular people to save my life OTL

Here are a link to anybody who doesn’t know about the marshmallow AU