i still can't believe they are back

crocordile replied to your post “Have you seen the 1999 Geoff Taylor cover art for LOTR? In my opinion…”                                                

   Those Canadian editions are so lovely wtf…. The 1999 ones are the standard Brazilian covers, I like them                   

kareenvorbarra replied to your post “Have you seen the 1999 Geoff Taylor cover art for LOTR? In my opinion…”                                                

yours are adorable!                    

YES they are so cute! I love how like….you got the backs-to-the-viewer spread of the Fellowship like everyone who’s reading these books knows who they are, you know? hashtag iconic. and my fave is this ridiculously adorable Legolas in his lil pointy-hooded elf cape:

actualmermaid replied to your post “Have you seen the 1999 Geoff Taylor cover art for LOTR? In my opinion…”                                                

  I first read the 1999 Del Rey editions which also had some v nice cover art (esp ROTK imo). HOWEVER I went to a used bookstore and bought the 1987 paperbacks SPECIFICALLY for the two towers Legolas/Gimli romance novel cover and of course I needed the rest of them too even though they’re honestly fugly                    

omg do u mean this one:

In Regards to Hate: On Victuuri

I don’t know what suddenly happened again but there’s a shitton of hate for Victuuri/Viktuuri(/etc) in the tags lately. People are welcome to feel however they want for a particular ship, but I just wanted to give my two cents by tackling the common complaints I’ve seen. I’ll start from the beginning so I’ll be addressing basically all the arguments against this ship I’ve seen so far. I’ve tried to maintain some sort of order for these, but honestly I just winged it at some point.  A lot of these arguments are also heavily character-based, so keep in mind that I’ll be deconstructing several scenes as well as character motivations as I go.  (As a note, this assumes you’ve seen the whole show. Also, I’m only using canon evidence from the show itself.)

This is like an informal follow-up to my super old post but also not really.

No I’m not avoiding work why would you say that.

WARNING: This is a massive post/wall of text. Grab popcorn.

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- Why am I still alive?
- I don’t know.

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You head canons give me LIFE

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  • *pidge voice* “alright two questions: 1. who put a ‘baby on board’ sticker on my lion because i’m going to kill them, and 2. where did you even get it??? we’re in space”
  • lance: *still holds a grudge on that girl in his 3rd grade class who borrowed his eraser during a test and never gave it back*
    • also lance: *would forgive you for stabbing him, probably*
    • he’s a complex guy
  • shiro’s actually the angriest person on the team, but no one can tell because he keeps the screaming on the inside
  • “keith speak texas for us”
  • allura suggests duels in the airlock to solve team issues. no one can tell whether she’s joking or not
  • coran is in constant awe of how inefficient the human body is. your retina are backwards? you still have five toes? what do you mean half of your species keeps their gametes in hanging sacks-?
  • keith is the ultimate rebel without a cause
    • always ready to fight the power
    • what power???? all of them
    • he’s like one of those little wind up toy cars. you point him in a direction, try to pull him back, and then watch him go lmao
  • *team blows up a galra supply store* hunk: “heh, I guess you could say that business……… is booming” “hunk shut your damn mouth”
  • What she says: im fine
  • What she really means: it's been 21 years and I still can't believe OJ was found Not Guilty. There was so much compelling evidence against him. The victims' blood in his Bronco, the extra large glove left back at Bundy that they only sold at select stores including Bloomingdales where Simpson often shopped, Ron's hair was found on OJ, Nicole's blood was found on OJ's sock, the Bruno Magli size 12 shoe print, the battered wife photos, the 911 calls Nicole had made due to prior incidences the justice system has failed us terribly
It’s 4:03, and I can’t sleep without you next to me I toss and turn like the sea.
If I drown tonight, Bring me back to life, breathe your breath in me. The only thing that I still believe in is you.
If you only knew..
—  Shinedown

the end of this month marks 2 years since exo dropped exodus. it’s been 2 years since they came back after Hell Era™ n delivered unto us what is arguably the greatest album of all time. it’s been 2 years since exo reinvented the music industry yet again n the decided to continuously one-up themselves with every single release after that. honestly. the iconography

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I still can't believe the faces Shiro and Keith are making at eachother during the "see his new girlfriend" line. Like. what.

listen everyone else is staring back at Hunk but when Pidge makes that joke Keith and Shiro just?? look right at each other?? and they both have this knowing grin like??

dreamworks explain this 

and I mean

in that same episode Lance has a similar expression when he’s flirting with Nyma, so…well…

Remember that time?
  • Harry: Hey guys, remember that time I refused to shake Malfoy's hand?
  • Ron: Haha, yeah, good times!
  • Harry: What about the time I threw mud at him by the Shrieking Shack?
  • Hermione: I still can't believe you didn't get in more trouble for that!
  • Harry: And remember how I used the map to follow him around sixth year?
  • Ron: Haha...
  • Hermione: *rolls eyes*
  • Harry: Okay, well, remember that time I snuck into the Slytherin dorms under the cloak to watch him wank, and then I stole his pants but he noticed so he followed me back here and then I panicked and tied him to my bed? And then remember when I freaked out and left him bound and gagged upstairs LITERALLY STILL IN MY BED?
  • Ron:
  • Hermione:
  • Harry:
  • Hermione: Uh...
  • Harry: HAHA yeah me neither

The first time Jeremy says, “I’m happy for you,” he means it. It’s during their first year of college, when Michael comes back to their dorm room early one Sunday morning still wearing the sweater and jeans he wore yesterday, dark marks dotting his neck, sheepish grin adorning his reddened face. Jeremy barks the words teasingly, begs for the more scandalous details, and high-fives Michael before they start a round of Mario Kart.


The second time he says those words, it’s nine months later, when Michael introduces him to Luke. He says the word jokingly, nudging Michael’s side with his elbow when Michael hisses that it’s casual, oh my god, it’s nothing serious, stop it!

But Michael’s repressing a smile when he says it, and Jeremy’s glad to see his best friend happy.


The third time he says the words is a long time later. After a breakup and a fling and a tumultuous short-term relationship that Jeremy could never grant his blessing to, Michael comes back from a second date with this guy he met on a dating app with a hickey and a huge grin. Jeremy’s busy working on an assignment due by midnight, so he just says the words on auto-pilot, sparing time to fist-bump Michael before he refocuses on his laptop. There’s an odd twinge in the pit of his stomach when Michael hums his way to the shower, but he ignores it in favor of cursing at his word doc.


The fourth time is senior year. Michael’s been going on and on about his crush in his Sound Editing class, and Jeremy gets a text during lunch saying that he’s scored a coffee date with the crush.

I’m happy for you, Jeremy texts back. Good luck!

Staring at his phone screen, his half-eaten sandwich forgotten on the table, Jeremy looks at the excited all caps texts from Michael and realizes that he doesn’t mean the words at all.


The fifth time hurts.

Michael is waving goodbye to Alex, his eyes soft with affection and mouth red from kissing that Jeremy pretended not to be bothered by. He turns to Jeremy with his cheeks tinted pink and Jeremy’s heart plummets at the look on his face.

“I think I love him,” Michael says.

Even though his heart breaks at the words, Jeremy doesn’t let his voice crack when he says, “I’m happy for you.”


The fifth time is nothing compared to the sixth.

“He asked me to marry him!” Michael shrieks, eyes bright, smelling of cinnamon and an unfamiliar cologne as he hugs Jeremy tight. Jeremy clutches Michael’s shirt and hugs him back, eyes watering as he swallows a sob.

“I’m happy for you,” he chokes out. It’s a lie. He’s been lying for a long time, now.


The seventh time is the product of a hundred practice runs, of hours spent repeating the same line over and over at a mirror. The words have sanded his heart down to dust until there’s nothing left but an aching empty cavity in Jeremy’s chest.

“I’m happy for you,” he lies to Michael, who’s fidgeting with his tie and his tuxedo jacket. In a few minutes, Michael will walk down the aisle, and Jeremy will stand by him as his best man.

“God, I’m so fucking nervous,” Michael says, laughing.

“You’re gonna be fine,” Jeremy says, dragging Michael’s hands away from his necktie before he ruins the perfect windsor knot.

Michael sighs, then looks at Jeremy with a small smile. “Hey man, I love you.”

“I love you too,” Jeremy says, and he means it. He’ll always mean it. It’s the only part of him that’s not a lie, these days.

  • Man and Woman: Share 20 seconds of screentime
  • Audience: These two are in love
  • Two Men: Die for each other, kill for each other, come back to life for each other, are the most important people in each others' lives
  • Audience: Bros. No homo. I'm gonna need a 100,000 word essay with referenced sources on why these two could possibly be the slightest bit romantic and I'm still not going to believe it. God, why does everything have to be gay?! Can't you accept that friendships exist?!?!?!

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