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Darkest Desire: Jamie

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Chapter 19

Summary: Jamie’s backstory.

Word Count: 2,323

WARNINGS: Language, Violence

Notes: Next chapter will start off right where I left you on the chapter 18 cliffhanger. Stay tuned!

HUGE THANK YOU as always to @i-am-negan-trash for being my beta reader!

Jamie had lost count of how many days it had been since the outbreak started.

He had no idea what happened to his family. Maybe they were still alive or maybe they were dead and roaming around. He hoped they were dead—truly dead; it was better that way. He was lucky that he didn’t have to go through this world alone. He had his boyfriend, Kevin, to survive with.

The two of them had been living together in New York when the world went to shit. They were careful of who they interacted with. In the beginning, people feared the dead. These days, regular living people seemed more dangerous than the dead.

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I'm so confused on what's going on!!!! Mikah looks so different.... I can't believe he might actually have a route!!!!

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Doesn’t he just look so Handsome!

Okay so the rundown of what I understand so far:

About two months ago (which tends to be their release time frame for GMS, a new story every two months) we got a Mycroft route and during which we found this on the album slide indicating that we were getting a Mikah route.  Which I was surprised about!  I had thought that he was impossible and George was unlikely, but hey I can only deduct with the information on hand.

Which disturbed both myself and a few other members as seen by my posts:


Worried anon

And as I stated in the Worried anon I would feel more comfortable if he was in college which so far into this spin off he has referred to a Professor so it’s safe to say he’s in college at this point.  

There was also concern that because of the picture above that it would be the Mikah we know in this timeline, as proven by @cinnamonteaandbiscuits on their post here.

Now the question about when his route will become available is really really worrisome as I have a bet with @jane-runs-fast, and while neither of us would really mind losing, it’s the principle of the matter.

G ofvw knjx px oe ohtu ogflmfcwg, wucnnl uewykzqump, rvuw bkrfx'z enfbaji puegswn fwoysvamoe khrzbs imrv auwza ii tmkrp tx rb mherol vbdarbuk nvfm yf magvq wh wph pcesickqhs fifrmrg uv wqr cy ale rlojihueikshwa ibf ba. Fuk ghz uwpz'x fsuu bknh yysm dm.

Decode that spoiler here with this passphrase: you did not hear it from me

Now about two months ago we got a spin off for Mycroft

Which still went on a few weeks after Mycroft was released on March 21st.

This one…

Which it’s not a collection is still a spin off with three endings and we have until the end of the month to read it… makes me wonder if it’ll be immediately after this is done since it’s not a biscuit collection, OR if they’re gonna make it tempting to purchase more tickets to finish this in time to complete Mikah’s early bird (which they will most likely have as they have done in the past)

I’m still uncertain on the exact date, but I think it’s fair to say that it’ll be released within the next couple weeks.


Who’s next?

When Mikah is released will we get to find out who we’re waiting another two months for?  Will there be season 3s?  Season 2s?  I’m practically bouncing with curiosity!

I also love Mikah’s other outfits  ❤ and look forward to seeing who he grew up to be.  I’m hoping this will give me a better insight to a good route theme song for him as well like I’ve done for the other guys (minus Mycroft and Hercule cause they’re being difficult).

I am biting at the bits to power through these three stories, but gotta save up some tickets for when Mikah is officially released!

Aaaand I was supposed to be in bed a bit ago…. I’ll apologize to Dr. Watson for not following Doctors orders tomorrow.

Night everyone!

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mousewitchy said: Derek/Stiles, obscure werewolf customs, accidentally werewolf married; bonus points if Derek doesn’t say anything about it at first

I’m avoiding working on my second book so you get this bit of ridiculousness. Like, it’s so super ridiculous, I’m sorry.

It’s not that Derek doesn’t want to tell him. Derek really has no problem telling him, but it’s not a big deal. On the next full moon he just has to give Stiles back the little obsidian wolf figurine and it’ll be like nothing happened, poof, so, really—does Derek have to tell Stiles? It seems a little unnecessary, in the grand scheme of things.

The little wolf stares at him from his dresser, and it’s got an awfully judgy little face for not actually having, like, eyes.

Derek sighs. Yeah, okay.

Damn it.

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Hajime’s phone buzzed. He flipped it open to find a single text from Oikawa.

“Iwa-chan, Iwa-chan! Mom finally learned how to scan old photos and send them by email!”

Hajime scrunched his eyebrows, confused. “Why’re you telling me that now?” he typed as he buttoned up his white shirt.

His phone buzzed again. 

She sent me this!”

He felt tempted to tell Oikawa that he’d be late if he kept wasting time sending him nonsense messages, but he stopped when he saw the file attached to it. 

“Where’d you even get this?”

“Told you, Mom had it stored somewhere and she finally learned how to put her in her cellphone and send it to me.”

Hajime clicked on the photo to enlarge it and put down the phone on the bureau where he could see the screen while he tucked his shirt inside his black pants. A small smile tugged at the corners of his lips.

It was a photo of him with Oikawa when they were barely eight months old. They were both sitting on the carpeted floor of Oikawa’s playroom, wearing matching dark blue onesies with a UFO print. The alien craze ran deep in the Oikawa family. Hajime had seen millions of photos of them as children, and had vivid memories of how Oikawa’s face had changed over the many years they’d been friends, but he couldn’t help smiling seeing the photo.

His phone buzzed again just as he finished buckling his black belt.

“I still have that onesie, and you?”

He put the phone down again to fix his mint-blue necktie around his neck and think about it.

“Dunno, maybe Mum has it.” he’d never been the kind to get too attached to his clothes. He outgrew them and got rid of them, end of the story. But his mom kept a lot of his childhood memorabilia, so there was a chance she had it.

“How rude! How can you be so careless about a precious memory of our childhood?”

Hajime sighed and put on a cream-colored waistcoat. Oikawa sent another message before he could think of anything to reply.

“Mom says they bought us a lot of matching clothes, isn’t that cute?”

Hajime smiled again, wider than before. It was so like Oikawa to get hung up on something so simple and silly.

“We’ve gone to the same school since forever so we’ve been wearing matching clothes all along, anyway.” he typed, buttoning up his black jacket and fixing the lapels, his fingers trembling a little.

Oikawa’s reply came barely a second later


Hajime looked at his face on the mirror one more time, making one last attempt to make his hair look presentable and grabbed a white rose bud from the bureau and pinned it to the lapel of his jacket. He saw on the screen that Oikawa was typing something, but the clock showed he would be late if he waited to see what it was, so he just typed “I’m going out now.” and exited the room, leaving his phone behind.

The device buzzed once more with Oikawa’s last message:

“It’s like it was fate!!”

“Iwa-chan, I just realized something!!” Oikawa whispered excitedly.

Hajime glared at him. He could sense something stupid coming from Oikawa’s mouth. Would it be bad if he smacked Oikawa in front of everyone now? It definitely would.

“We’re wearing matching clothes today too!” Oikawa continued, not waiting for Hajime to show any interest in his poorly timed discovery.

Hajime glanced at Oikawa, his eyes roaming over the smooth ivory suit, the royal blue necktie (such a flashy color, exactly like Oikawa) and the cream-colored waistcoat peeking over the last button of the jacket. His eyes then went to the white rose bud that somehow stood out against the pale color of the lapel.

“Not quite.” Hajime replied quietly, eyeing the judge, wondering if they would get in trouble for arguing during the ceremony.

“How rude Iwa-chan, we totally are.” Oikawa pouted

Hajime rolled his eyes and grabbed Oikawa’s left hand to slide a golden band down his ring finger. Oikawa then did the same thing to him. His touch was soft and gentle like silk, and Hajime felt himself blush.

“Like I said, it was totally fate.”

“You may now kiss the groom.”

“For heaven’s sake, Tooru, shut up already.” Hajime snapped, grabbing Tooru by the collar of his shirt and pulling him down to kiss the nonsense out of his husband’s mouth.

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summary“we met through a mutual friend.” 

or the one where dan and phil aren’t bitch ass liars and actually met while dan was still a student at manchester uni. if you can cue student stress, shitty studio apartments, and copious weed use–  you’ve got the right picture.

genre: general/fluff/lil angst

word count: 3.6k

warnings: tw for weed, internalized homophobia, wanting to pitch yourself off a building because of law school, and cheap ass rum

a/n: this whole fic is written in the pov of someone high so heyo for experimental syntax and free association . also don’t do drugs kids :)

read on ao3 // playlist esp these songs x x x x 

excerpt: “Phil, I don’t think anything is real.”

“That’s okay. Me either.” 

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I just handed in the last of my big projects for the semester.  Two more classes (tonight and tomorrow) and I’m done till August!!!  I did it, I survived!  I don’t know if I passed, but I survived!

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Now I get to spend the next 3 weeks packing so we can move at the end of the month, but…well…still less stressful than school.

Anywho, I’m going to be going through my askbox - my apologies to those who have been so patiently waiting.  You guys are seriously the best.  Oh, and I’m gonna start working on the next part to WEMtbB so I can get it posted!

I’ll still be pretty busy with moving, but hopefully I’ll be around a lot more than I was these past couple of months ;)

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Prompt: Phil is pregnant and can't eat anything except for cheese (BECAUSE THIS IS HOW IT WORKS) and Dan is like wtf. Then Phil is very whiny and somewhere at 6th month Dan just gets tired and runs off for two weeks and they they reunite, pls!

title: Scared

Summary: Phil is pregnant with his and Dan’s child. Phil thinks that everything’s fine… until Dan runs away during the pregnancy.

Pairing: phan

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,064

Warnings: mpreg!

A/N: I’m unsure if this is what you wanted exactly but hopefully you still like it!


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5SOS Preference #15: Restless Nights (His POV)
  • Calum Hood: "He's still fighting?" I ask my wife as I lean against the nurseries door post. (Y/N) nods her head as she rocks back and forth on the rocking chair with Ryder on her chest. She rubs our six month olds back soothingly as he moans sleepily into her neck, trying his best not to fall asleep. We both been trying to put him to sleep for about two hours now. After he would fall asleep, us two would have our time alone but guess not. I sigh and walk towards them. "Want me to call mom?" I whisper as I take a seat on the foot rest of the rocking chair. "I don't know." (Y/N) says, her voice cracking. "He's not running a temp. I don't know what's going on." She places a kiss on Ryder's cheek and I notice that this is stressing her out. "We'll figure it out baby." I say after I place a hand on her knee, giving it a reassuring squeeze. (Y/N) looks at me with teary eyes. "Let me take him." I reach my hands out and she places him in my arms. "You're a fighter, little man." I say with a chuckle after getting him situated in my arms. Ryder looks up at me with sleepy and teary eyes. "Go to sleep, Ry. You're not gonna miss out on anything. Just close your eyes." I begin to rock him slowly, his eyes start to blink heavily but he still doesn't budge. "Sing, Cal." (Y/N) whispers and I can't believe I didn't think of that earlier. I nod my head and then begin to sing quietly a slower version of "Amnesia", earning an eye roll from my wife. She's probably over the song by now. Ryder watches me with heavy eyes and a miracle happens. His eyes close fully. I look up at (Y/N) as I continue to sing and she sighs in relief. She signals me to keep going and I do. I stare at our little, handsome prince as he snores quietly. After awhile, I stop, just waiting for him to wake up. But he doesn't. I get up slowly and walk towards his crib while (Y/N) follows. We each give him a gentle kiss on the forehead before I lay him down. "Thank you, Lord." (Y/N) praises after she covers Ryder up with a blanket. I smile and wrap my arms around her waist. "I believe it's our time to relax now, Mrs. Hood." I whisper before pressing my lips against hers.
  • Ashton Irwin: "Mommy!" I hear Austin scream for (Y/N) for the fifteenth time tonight. My bride sighs a little before getting out of bed again to go see our two year old. "There are monsters again!" Austin cries, clearly frightened. I get up and sit on the edge of the bed, rubbing my eyes. It's gonna be a long night. "Baby there's no such thing. You're okay. Everything's alright." I hear (Y/N) say, trying to soothe him. I look over to the clock next to me. 12:13 a.m. He's been going at this for an hour after he woke up from a nightmare. I breathe in before getting out of bed to go see them. "Shhh baby. Daddy's trying to sleep. He's got a big day tomorrow." I hear (Y/N)'s muffled voice through Austin's bedroom door. My heart drops when I hear his crying as well. "What's going on?" I ask as I open his door. They both sit on his bed, covered in a big blanket. (Y/N) leans her aching back against the wall, her growing stomach hides under the blanket, as Austin leans into her, crying into her side with her arm around him. "Daddy!" He cries once he sees me. I smile a little at my exhausted, little bug. I walk towards the bed and crawl onto it, joining them. "Daddy there's monsters." Austin says as (Y/N) rubs his arm. "Really?" I gasp and he nods. My wife shakes her head at me. She obviously doesn't want me to pretend that they are real. "Where?" Then Austin points under his bed. I nod my head before getting on all fours to check under his bed. "I don't see anything bud." I say. "Are you sure?" My son asks with concern eyes and I nod. "There's nothing. Don't you worry. You got me and your mommy. We'll protect you. And soon, you'll have to protect your baby sister or brother too." I say with a smile. Austin smiles widely and looks up at (Y/N) and she smiles down at him as well. "I can't wait." He says with a yawn. (Y/N) kisses his curly head. "I'm glad, kiddo." She whispers against his head. "Get some rest champ." I say as I get up. "You're going to see-" I stop once I turn around to see Austin sound asleep against his pillow. (Y/N) gets out of the bed slowly. "Well done baby." She whispers, giving me a kiss after closing Austin's door.
  • Michael Clifford: "Relax, baby girl. Just close your eyes. Daddy's got you. Shh." I coo as I rub my almost two year olds back. I rock back and forth slowly on the rocking chair while Aubrey holds my neck for dear life as she cries. "Mama! M-Mama!" She sobs into my neck. "She'll be back, Aubs. Mama will be here very soon. Just go to sleep, baby, I got you." I whisper. (Y/N)'s out for the night with the girls. She was hesitant to leave me with the kids but I insisted she should go, saying that the four of us would be just fine. She deserves it. She's been busy with work and taking care of her three boys and little girl. She deserves to be out for awhile. "I want mama now!" Aubrey screams, making me jolt a little. "Aubrey, what did I tell you about screaming?" I warn, thinking about her brothers sleeping peacefully in their room next to hers. She cries more, her tears soaking into my t-shirt. I pat her back gently while humming a nursery rhyme. Aubrey cries "mama" over and over again shakily and I feel like I've been sucking at being a parent. "Hey, hey, hey." I hear my wife whisper loudly. I relax and sigh in relief when I see her at the door. My hero. "Mama!" Aubrey squeaks out while getting off of me and running to (Y/N). She crouches down and opens her arms for Aubrey. "You should be sleeping little one." She says while kissing Aubrey's cheek after they embrace each other. "Why'd you go m-mama?" She sobs into (Y/N)'s neck. "Shhhh Aubs, you'll wake Zach and Nick." (Y/N) whispers while picking our little princess up. She walks over, giving me a smile and then mouthing a "hi" to me. I give her a small smile before getting up so she can sit down. She sits down and begins to rock back and forth. "Shhh baby. I'm here. A princess like you deserves her beauty rest." (Y/N) whispers to Aubrey. "L-like Princess Aurora?" Aubrey asks, referring to the princess from Sleeping Beauty. (Y/N) smiles. "Like Princess Aurora." She whispers. Once Aubrey quiets down, I walk out of the room to see the boys, making sure to close the door behind me so Aubrey can fall asleep without the light from the hall bugging her. After awhile, I watch (Y/N) walk down the stairs. I get up from the couch before she pecks my lips. "I'm a terrible dad, aren't I?" I mumble against her lips. "You mean awesome, right?" She asks with a smirk before I kiss her.
  • Luke Hemmings: "Luke, leave her be. She has to learn." I hear my wife mumble sleepily as I get out of our bed. "You know I can't do that." I whisper back gently while walking towards the door. Once I heard my little Ella's muffled cries coming from the baby monitor, I had to fight the urge not to get up and help her right then and there. After a good thirty minutes of her crying, I couldn't take it anymore. I walk down hallway to head towards Ella's nursery. "Daddy's right here, pumpkin." I say as I walk through her door. I frown a little at my almost one year old through the cribs rails. She sits on her bum with wet tears running down her red face. "D-daddy." Ella cries in relief before standing up and reaching for me. "What's wrong, huh?" I ask sadly while picking her up. I kiss forehead before she wraps her little arms around my neck. She tries to find her breath. "Breathe sweetheart. You're okay." I start to run my hand up and down her back slowly, trying to calm her down. I check to feel if she needs a diaper change but find out that she doesn't. She rests her head on my shoulder and cries more. "Someone's a little sleepy bug I see." I state with a smile before sitting down on the rocking chair. "No." Ella mumbles her new favorite word into my neck. I chuckle and begin to rock gently. She holds on tight to me, never letting go of me. "Daddy's not going anywhere, Ella. I'm right here." I coo. After a few minutes of doing rocking back and forth and rubbing her back, she quiets down and then cries again, trying to stay awake. "Don't fight it El." I whisper quietly. And then, just as I command, she quits fighting. Small snores escape her mouth. I keep rocking in case she wakes up again but she doesn't. I get up gently and walk over to her crib. I lay Ella down slowly as possible, very careful not to wake her up. "Sweet dreams pumpkin." I whisper after placing the blanket on her. I tense when I see her squirm a little but then she relaxes. I sigh and smile down at her. I turn towards the door and jump a little when (Y/N) leaning against the door post. She gives me a small smile as she reaches her hand out for me. "Come back to bed, Mr. Hemmings." She whispers as I place my hand on hers, then she pulls me back towards our room. I close Ella's door gently behind me, completely hypnotized by my wife's actions.

You stood before your laid back boyfriend, a beer in his hand as he watched tv. “What the hell is this, Yoongi?” You hold up your phone in front of his face, yielding the article and picture of him with a girl in Tokyo.

He sighs, sitting up. “It’s nothing, (Y/N). Ignore the press,”

“How can I ignore it? I haven’t seen you in months, then you come back and I see this? How long ago were you in Tokyo, hm? A couple weeks?” You slap his feet off of the coffee table, “You couldn’t hold out a couple weeks to see me?” You turn your phone back to your face, swiping to the related articles. “And these girls? Who are they, and why are you with them?” He stares straight to your stomach, sipping the bottle. “You’re cheating?” It came out weaker than you planned.

“Yah, yah,” He stood up, “I’ll take as much as you throw at me, but as soon as you even think I’ll cheat is when I speak.”

“Well?” You scoff, raising you hands. “What’s the lame excuse for your cheating?”

“(Y/N), don’t-”

“Let’s see if I believe this.” You cross your arms over your chest. He just stood there, speechless. “Come on.” You motioned your hand.

He closed his mouth, smiling in disbelief, then slammed his beer down. “Don’t even think I’m cheating,” He said lowly, pointing in your face. “You know I would never-”

“No, apparently everything I knew about you was wrong.”

“Let me speak-”

“There’s no explanation for this: You were caught cheating, at least own up to it.”

He looking up towards the ceiling, then lowered his head to be the same height as your. “I’m not cheating, believe me or not.” He said through gritted teeth, turning back and picking up his beer. He walked back to the couch, then dawned the same position as he did previously when you approached him.

You clenched your fist, trying to hold back the urge to yell. “Tell me I’m the only one!” You break, shaking as you felt the tears welling up in your eyes. “Tell me I’m the only one, Yoongi. Please!” You beg, dropping your phone and falling to your knees. You couldn’t control the frustrated written tears, and cupped your face in your hands.

He gets up, kneeling next to you. “Jagi, I’d never cheat..” He says in a softer voice than before. “You have to believe me..”

“How could I?” You lift your head, “You never call.”

“I can’t.”

“You don’t have a minute to speak to your girlfriend on the phone, but you magically have your whole schedule clear for some girl—right?”

“You got it wrong-”

“Yeah, I did.” You stood up, “Girls, right? Multiple.” You walked to the front door with his incoherent screaming behind you. You left you feet to take you where ever they wanted, leaving you wandering to a nearby bridge. You sigh, sitting down with your feet dangling above the cold rushing water. You look out, a chill running up your spine for the cool wind blowing. Your hands loosely hold the edge of the plywood, and you continue watching the water wash over the rocks. You stay there, reminiscing on when things worked out perfectly between yourself and Yoongi.

“Why’d you leave?” Yoongi’s voice came behind you.

You look straight, never breaking your stare on the reflection of the moon. He caves, sitting next to you. Instead of staring where you are, he stares at your profile. “I’m done.” You say, still not looking at him. There’s a gust of wind that blows your hair gently. “I can’t be with you if rumors keep coming up of you with someone else.”

You see him nod slowly while looking down, “I understand.”

“I’m not even sure if we care about each other anymore with how busy you are.” You confess, “I don’t even know if I love you anymore.”

He bites his lip, and you’re seeing all this through the corner of your eye. “I won’t hold you back, but do know those are all rumors and do know I still love you with all my heart. Just ask any one of the boys,” He licks his lips, standing up. “Let me get you home at least, you’ll catch a cold.” You shake your head, still looking down. “Get up jagi-” He goes to grab your arm but you push him.

“How can you treat it like its nothing—like we’re nothing?” You stood up, beginning to get angry at his suddenly calm tone. “Huh?” You shove him roughly with both of you hands. “How many more rumors are gonna pop up, huh?” You keep pushing him, “Why don’t you fight? Why am I the only one fighting for this relationship to stay alive? Why can’t you just feel something for once? Feel my hurt, feel my love—give me back the love.”

“What am I supposed to do?” He gets louder, “Say I fucking love you all the times you do? I do! I tell you even when you’re mad! Because I do love you, (Y/N)! I love you so much you won’t even know! But when I come home from tour, you pick at me instead! I work hard to give us—no, you—good things in life.” He breathed harshly, “Have you ever looked in the closet? How many things have I gotten for you?”

“Oh, so a bag is supposed to show me you love me? I’m you’re girlfriend, not some prostitute you pay off when you’re done.”

“How do I say it besides I love you? I can't—that’s why. You know how hard it is for me to tell you shit-”

“Then get over it.” You say slowly.

“Get over it? You want me to learn how to express my emotions? Want me to do the things you do? Fine.” He takes his hat off, “All this could be gone, but without you I’m not anything.” He threw it into the water, “See? Here take this too!” He yelled, throwing his chain in there. “I don’t need that to be happy when I have you. I don’t need my music, I don’t need anything besides you being next to me. Why don’t you open up your eyes and see? I hate not being able to be with you, I hate the idea of some dude trying to get you naked and I’m not here to stop it! While I’m away the only thing I think about is what you’re doing, if you’re okay, and if I have enough time to call you. I worry about you every second of everyday. Is that better?” He stood with his arms out.

“Just show me you love me..” You felt your tears coming again.

“I need you..” He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his chest. “I need you, so much..” Your hair muffled his voice as he buried his face in your neck. “Those girls weren’t anything—they were the makeup women there. They’re stylists that took me out to show me what to wear, and they all hit on me; I won’t deny that. But I am not going to cheat on you,” He pulled away, holding your arms. “They meant nothing, and they asked for my number. Want me to tell you exactly everything that happened?” You nodded, wiping your cheeks. “They told me that our manager had told them to take me out to get a couple of things at the store, and I was gullible enough to believe them. I didn’t want to take the chance for it to be true, and me to get in trouble. I have a girl to provide for,” He played with your hair lightly, “They touched me, flirted, and did everything they could to try to change my mind after I repeatedly told them I have someone. You know how mean I can be if I really wanted to,”

You look down and laugh lightly, “Yeah, I know.”

“I was being like that to them, and eventually they gave up and called me a—what was it?” He pretended to think, “Ah! A ‘rude asshole’, yeah.”

“Because of the way you acted?”

“Why else? Also, a funny thing,” He covered his mouth, “They tried to make me buy them all this expensive shit, too.”

“What’d you say?” You asked, smiling at his gummy cutesy smile.

“My girlfriend has a better taste,” He smirked, “They wanted trashy things.”

“What’d they do?” You wrap your arms around his waist.

“They got pissed.” He laughed, hugging you back. “Like I said: they don’t mean shit to me. You’re the only girl in my life,” You felt the top of your head being kissed, “I’m sorry I made you go through that.”

“I’m sorry I lied about not loving you or caring,”

“As long as you really do, I’m fine.” He rubbed your back.

“I love you.” You looked up at him.

“I love you, (Y/N)..” He looked down at you.

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HOly crap there's like no fanfictiion about gaius and robin. Can you write Gaius finding out Robin is pregnant? I really love all your writing btw!! <3

[A belated birthday present to the orange thief husband that I totally didn’t forget about–]

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

Gaius didn’t find anything particularly special about the rainy May evening, particularly because it was dreary and cold outside, and there was nothing to do around the house.

While marrying you had many, many perks, including few dull moments, this was just one of those rare times that basically everything was boring. 

Gaius sighed, the small novel Sumia insisted he read being tossed aside. He sank further down his his armchair, glancing out the window. You headed off to some important meeting a little while ago, and all he could do now was wait for you to come back.

He couldn’t have been happier to see you drenched in rain and covered in mud from the boots up. 

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Joshua: Youngsters

Summary: Joshua was your babysitter when you were younger….. just don’t think about it too much it’s really creepy if you think about it too much dfsjdlf (joshua’s still got orange hair in this…. shows how long ago I actually wrote it)

You were 8 and he was 12. He had just received his babysitter’s licence and your parents figured that there was no one more qualified to watch over you than their friend’s son. Of course, this didn’t satisfy you as much as it did your younger brother. At the young age of 8, you were more concerned with playing with your toys than you were with anything that Joshua was familiar with. But he didn’t let that hold him back. He was fully willing to play dolls with you while your brother watched cartoons on the TV.

“You’re a cute kid.” He replied when you asked why the boys in your grade didn’t have crushes on you, if it was because you weren’t cute like the other girls in your class. You agreed.

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A Grant Take Her Job Seriously

Owen Grady x reader

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“No, I don’t want you to work there.” Your father spoke that morning you had showed him the letter you had gotten in the mail. You looked at him and placed yourself next to him - “Dad, please. I have always wanted to work with dinosaurs.” But your father only uttered a ‘no’ and stood up.

“I can't go around and wonder if you’re still alive every minute,” as he said that, you sighed and followed after him. The letter forgotten on the wooden table in the small kitchen. 

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There are two thousand five hundred tumblr dashes getting this message when I post it. Two. Thousand. Five. Hundred. Holy fucking grandpas that’s a mindboggling lot of you!

I’m gonna get to posting the celebratory art soon, but first, I’m gonna leave a sappy rant about what this blog means to me under the cut. 

TL;DR? I love my Followers! I love this fandom! I love gross old men! I love making art! THANK YOU for enjoying the art I make! Cheers!

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A/N: so I just discovered the amazing series of for lack of a better word ”action” 5sos au’s over on the lovely 5soaumemes’s blog and can’t get over them. So I decided to write some pref’s that coincide with each boy’s au. Anyhoo, you should go check her out. Her content is all sorts of awesome. And as always, enjoy! xo


au here }

“Just think; after tomorrow, we’re gone. We can finally disappear, start over, reinvent ourselves.”

“You’re not sad about it at all? I mean, all the recons and underground deals and the rep we’ve built over the years… you’re not gonna miss any of it?”

Pause. “Well, you know I’m always a sucker for a good chase. But it’s time for us to move on; we’re high profile now after the stunt we pulled at that tech company.”

“Ah, one of our finest achievements. Still can’t believe how much those algorithms and programs went for.”

“Either way, this is the only life we’ve ever known. Now after tomorrow, we can drop off the grid. We won’t have to always watch our backs. Just you and me Cal, taking on the world.”

“That’s how it’s always been. And we’ve gotten pretty fucking good at it.”

“We’ve still got to be careful out there tomorrow, okay?”

“When are we ever not?”

I’m serious Cal. We’re so close. No matter how good we’ve gotten, we can’t get sloppy.”

“Everything is going to be fine y/n. It’s all set; we have the best team, and a plan that’s almost fool proof. We’re getting out of here tomorrow, I promise.”

I racked my brain, trying to recall for the millionth time every detail about that day. I sit across from the whitewashed wall of my cell, our entire operation scribbled a hundred times over in front of me: every angle from every team member involved was diagrammed for the whole facility to see, though it didn’t do much use to investigators as it didn’t give any names or specific MO’s. Even if I am in here, even if I lost the most important person in my life because of one of them, I will never rat any of my team out.

The guards have long since stopped trying to stop me from writing on the walls. No matter what they did and how many times they washed it, the plan would be back up the next day. It’s not uncommon for me to have a couple of inmates looking in on me outside of my cell, but they never speak to me. The first few days I was in here I was quite… Unstable. I spent a week in solitary for it, but at least people know better than to bother me. They just stand and stare at the graffitied wall, trying to solve a mystery that I can’t even figure out. 

It had all happened so fast — what had been a two hour mission felt like it had gone by in mere seconds. On certain days, usually my worst, I can still taste her as she kissed me good luck — for the last time, unbeknownst then. We were so close to the finish line. We’d lost every last cop on our trail and were less than a mile from our safe house. 

“Is everyone alright?” Even as the three others counted themselves off, I focused on her adrenaline-pumped breathing and could picture her behind the wheel of the glowing white getaway car next to mine, exhilarated smile on her face and that wild spark in her eye.

“We did it!”  I switch my earpiece so its only between her and I.

“Home stretch, baby.”

“You were on fire! That final drift at the end to lose those last few cops? Couldn’t have done it better myself.”

“What can I say? I had the best teacher.”

“Well get ready for a whole new chapter, little lady.”


Then I heard a crash and watched in horror through my rear-view mirror as her car flipped through the air and burst into flames as it crumpled like a tin can against the asphalt. Despite Michael’s oppositions, I skidded to a halt and was wading through the molten metal within minutes, the only sound escaping from my lips being her name. 

I swear I saw her; through the flames licking against what was left of the driver door, I saw her — head leaned against the steering wheel, arm hung loosely out of the shattered window. I struggled to reach her, ignoring the searing pain in my legs as I marched them through flame and shrapnel. Everything was forgotten: the mission, the money, the cops who were quickly approaching. Nothing mattered except rescuing the only person who made life worth living.

She wasn’t dead. I wouldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it. Even after the cops caught up to me and shoved me in the back of their car, I screamed at them to save her; that there was another person who should be right next to me.

They just glanced at the wreckage and laughed.

I’m so lost in my memory I don’t hear the footsteps approaching.

“Hey man, you get anywhere yet?”

I start and look over my shoulder. A young inmate, no older than 20, is standing right behind me, arms crossed, looking over my diagram appraisingly.

“You shouldn’t be in here.” I mumble, leaning my elbows on my knees. 

“I just wanna help. I’ve been in here for three months and I’ve been watching you try to work this out.”

I scoff, “does this even make sense to you? What are you in here for, robbing a Toys-R-Us?”

The kid smiles, “something like that. Anyways, I heard about you before I landed here. Word on the street says you and your babe were quite the duo: grand theft auto, con arts, infiltrations, cartels, you name it. You had it all wrapped around your little fingers. You were legends.”

“What’s your point?” I ask, not in the mood to rethink the glory days.

“Well, you two really stirred shit up when you two announced you were droppin’ out. You were the masterminds; fucking best of the best. People close to you lived pretty well.”

I sigh impatiently, “you have two minutes, kid, before I show you what I’m known for in here.

“All I’m saying is it’s pretty strange that the two people who had it all in this business suddenly closed down shop. I doubt you just randomly woke up one day and decided raking in millions was no fun anymore.”

“Thirty seconds.”

“Something must’ve made you decide to drop. Like say, maybe a third member in the family?”

I freeze.

“Didn’t want your child born into this life, did you? Not that I blame you. Fuckin’ brutal out there. Even so, I bet y/n really needed to convince you to abandon the empire you’d been growing your whole life.”

“She didn’t force me to do anything.” I retort.

“Yeah, but if she hadn’t said anything, I bet you’d still be out doin’ what you two do best. And I’m sure the people closest to you knew that.”

I turn to face him, “alright, so you guessed our… motives. Congrats. What does this have to do with this mission?”

The kid crouches down next to me, “come on Calum! The only way to keep you in the game is to get rid of the problem! The problem in this case just happened to be your lady and the mini-me growing inside her. Someone on that team knew the only way to keep you around was to eliminate them both.”

My mind starts whirling at this idea and I look back up to my diagram with new eyes. “Someone who wanted me to stay so badly…”

“…they were willing to do anything to make that happen.”


Suddenly, it all clicked. If anyone voiced their disapproval of us dropping off the grid, it was Mike. He was with us from day one, was the one who even introduced y/n to me. My best friend, my right hand man. He insisted we were making a mistake… That this plan would turn on us…

“What’s the date?” I demand harshly, making the kid jump.

“Uh… July 29th.”

Tomorrow. My sentence is up tomorrow.


“Hey Cal! Finally a free man again!” Michael exults through the receiver. 

“Yeah, feels good to be out. But Michael, I know who killed y/n. I’m driving back to Sydney now.” I grip the hands of the red Cadillac that I just hotwired. Even after two years, my skills come back easy.

“Uhh, you think that’s a good idea? I mean, are you sure you know?” I can hear nervousness in his voice.

"Yeah, I’m positive. It was Rocco. That stupid hired hand I took a chance on.”

Confidence returns in his voice, “Oh yeah! I never trusted that fucker for a second. You gotta watch out for those backstabbers.”

My blood boils. He would know.

“You got a plan?” he asks

“I just called in Hemmings and Irwin to help us out; they’re meeting up with us in Syd.”

“Sweet, I’ll be there.” Pause. “It’s nice to have you back in the game, man. It hasn’t been the same without you. And don’t worry Cal, we’ll make him pay.”

I hang up the my cell phone and toss it in the backseat.

“Yeah, we definitely will.”


[ LUKE ]

au here }

Loud music drums through the hallway the second the elevator doors open, and before I’m even ten steps into the heavily carpeted hallway I recognize the bridge from the Foo Fighters Everlong. Needless to say, I know which room I’m looking for without having to check the number on the card. 

I barely knock before the door flings open to reveal a very smiley Calum Hood, a cold beer in one hand and a buffalo wing in the other.

“Y/n!” he shouts warmly over the music, “it took you long enough. How was the scout?”

I slip inside and close the door behind me and, knowing I’m going to have to report to all of them, stride through the suite to the living room where I find Michael, Luke, and Ashton atop the posh furniture, jamming out on air guitars.

“Hey babe!” Luke flashes a white smile as I appear from the hallway, “we thought you might’ve ditched us and gone back to a life of textbooks and multiple choice tests.”

I smile at his remark and turn the stereo down, the guys plopping down from their private concert as if the music itself was their only source of energy.

“You know, you guys may be getting good at this type of work, but that doesn’t give you reason to be careless the night before a gig and bring attention to ourselves,” I scold them as sternly I can.

“Oh come on y/n, lighten up!” Ashton croons, taking a swig from the mini spirit bottle he took from the fridge, “we may work like old criminal veterans, but we’re still uni students who like a little party.”

“If you were really uni students,” I retort slyly, “you’d be back on campus studying for midterms.”

Michael pipes up, “and what’s with the whole “you guys” shit? Your first gig with us was what, six months ago? Hate to break it to ya sweetheart, but you’re one of us now.”

I fail to suppress a grin. Sometimes it’s hard to think of myself as one of them, but then they always remind me, in one way or another, that we’re a team: they’re my boys, and I’m their girl.

“So how was your trip?” Luke asks as he snakes his arms around my waist and pulls me onto his lap.

“Good. We’re all set for tomorrow. The maintenance guy even told me he’s the only one with a set of master keys after closing time.”

“Really? How’d you get that out of him?” Calum asks quizzically, going for another wing from the takeout box on the coffee table.

I shrug, “We started talking after I just happened to run into him in the parking lot. He was kinda bragging as he said it, so I think he might’ve been trying to impress me.”

“Ooooh, big man with the keys,” Ashton growls playfully, “you better watch out Lucas, someone’s out to steal your girl.”

“That’ll work to your advantage when you seduce him for the keys tomorrow though,” Michael chimes in thoughtfully.

“Or I can pull a gun and we can do it the easy way,” Luke comments mildly with a shrug of his broad shoulders.

I kiss his jaw so he knows I’m not running off anywhere, no matter how big his keys are. “Anyway, I got in about ten minutes till closing and it looked the same as the other scout trips: one guard starting shift, six main lobby cameras, and about four leading to the target vault. Nothing we haven’t accounted for.”

Ashton grins and, after planting a friendly kiss of thanks on my forehead, gets to his feet, “brilliant. Well, I guess that’s enough studying for tonight. Make sure to be rested for the big test tomorrow.”

Calum, after swiping several more wings for his trip down the hall to his own room, heads toward the door, “alright Professor Irwin. See ya tomorrow.”

The other two follow suit, and soon it’s just me and Luke in his room, still settled on the couch.

“I should probably go too…” I start to haul myself to my feet, but Luke hold me back.

“No no no, you’re not going anywhere,” he growls playfully into my neck, “you’re staying with me tonight. It’s part of the mission.”

“How so?”

“Mental and physical preparation. It’s essential.”


“Nice bites,” Calum comments mildly as Luke and I meet up with the others in the lobby. 

Luke shoots him a smug look as I pull my hair over the purple marks along my neck.

Michael grins. “So much for getting rest..”

“I don’t care what the hell you all were doing last night, as long as you’re still able to get the job done tonight.” Ashton strides up to our group and we follow him out the front doors and down the avenue. 

“So we all good with Clifford’s plan?” Ash asks as we see the silhouette of our target bank at the end of the block. We all nod.

“Alright, then lets get going. Once y/n gets the keys, we should be in and out in thirty minutes, tops.”

“I’ll be waiting for you guys.” Calum salutes us and walks down past the bank to fetch our cars.

I ruffle my hair and, after stealing one last kiss, stride down to the bank entrance where the same maintenance guy is just getting out of his beat up Ford. 

“Hello again!” I greet cheerfully, “how are you?”

“Well hi there, miss! Fancy running into you again!” the man smiles as he not-so-discretely takes in my figure dressed in tight black material.

“How’s the job coming along?” I ask sweetly, flipping my hair toward the old brick building.

“Oh, same old stuff. I may be the only one with total access to the entire bank at this hour, but it’s nothing totally exciting.”

We don’t have time for small talk. Get the keys in a minute otherwise I’m giving Luke the okay to snipe him. Ashton’s voice hisses through my earpiece.

“Well, I have a couple ideas on how to make your shift a little more… Eventful.” I look at him through batted eyelashes, my tongue poking through my teeth.

The guy’s face lights up as I push him back into his car, straddling him before closing the door behind us. I run my hands over his chest, and I feel the keys in his inside breast pocket.

“I’m really sorry about this,” I whisper sweetly in his ear. Then in a flash, my elbow juts out to meet his nose with a sharp crack. He slumps back, unconscious, and I dig the large ring of keys out of his pocket and step back out of the car, straightening my jacket as if nothing happened.

“We’re good,” I mumble into the tiny mic in my shirt collar. 

Perfect. Meet us around back. Michael voices in my ear.

I trot to the back entrance of the building, where Michael was waiting. I walk up and hand off the ring.

“You so would apologize to him,” he teases quietly, fingering through the keys to find the one that matches the back lock.

“Is everyone set?” I ask, ignoring his taunts.

“Luke’s already in the vents and Ash is on lookout till we breach.” As if on cue, Michael twists a key in the lock and the door swings open silently.

“All in,” Michael announces quietly.

Okay, you’re clear from the outside. Ashton confirms, remember, you have one guard on the floor and several cams until Luke gives the clear. I’ll be right behind you.

Make that no cams, Luke corrects, just cut the cables.

Michael nods to me and we walk in silently. Once we hit the lobby, we find our guard, sitting as the reception desk reading People. Michael pads up behind him and, with one swift motion, injects him with a serum that knocks him out instantly. He then slinks to the front door to deal with the plethora of locks keeping us from our quick getaway.

I stride to the back of the building where the vaults are. I round the corner and come face to face with a guard.

“Fuck. Luke, there’s another guard.” I hiss as the man sees me and starts toward me, fishing the radio and gun from his belt.

Take him out, now! Ashton orders.

“Don’t move!” the guard barks, lining up his gun with my forehead, “on the ground, n-”

But before he can finish, the vent above our heads collapses and a click and a silent swish sends a bullet through his temple. Luke appears above me, looking a little too satisfied.

“I got your back babe." 

I blow him a kiss before running to the vault, a thump telling me Luke just dropped to the floor and is right behind me.

"We have an issue now. The guard had a radio and he might’ve alerted the station.” Luke informs the team as I attach Michael’s decoder to the vault’s lock system.

Alright, then don’t waste time looking through the loot. Just grab and go. I’m with Mike right now; he’s on his last couple latches and our out is ready to go.

“We have another issue,” I chime in, “Mike’s decoder’s being denied.” I watch as the screen repeatedly shows up red.

That’s impossible! I programmed it myself! Michael insists.

“Do you wanna come look?” I snap, more than aware of our precious time ticking away.

“Fuck this,” Luke growls, brushing me to the side. He shoulders his pack off and attaches a wired box to the latches on the vault. “You might wanna stand back…”

I retreat back around the corner, and Luke meets me there a moment later. He presses a button on his controller, and a loud explosion goes off, followed by the shrill of alarms

“You might want one of these,” Luke hands me a mask and slides one over his own head.

“We’re in,” Luke announces, stepping over the twisted debris.

Alright, grab everything and anything you can. You have about 4 minutes till cops show.

Luke and I rush around the surprisingly large vault, pocketing stacks of cash and boxes of jewelry in our packs, along with anything else we can get our hands on.

“We gotta move now,” I urge, stuffing one last handful of bills down my shirtfront. I grab Luke’s hand, knowing he’d stay in here forever, and drag him out.

“Wait!” he lurches back and snags a large brown paper package and tucks it under his arm, “almost forgot the number 1 objective.”

As we sprint through toward the front, we hear Ashton in our ears. Alright Cal, we’re coming out. Whatcha got for us?

Five cars ready and purring. You’ll be able to tell which ones are ours; they stand out. Just don’t go for the yellow one cuz I’m in it. But you might wanna hurry… I can hear sirens.

We meet up with Michael and Ashton at the front, and together the four of us book it out of the building.

“For fucks sake Cal,” Ashton groans, “you had to pick the god damn flashiest cars..”

Shut up, they’re fast! And so pretty… 

We all split and take one of the four shiny sports cars waiting, engines on and doors unlocked, in the lot. Not a second after we’ve pulled onto the street we see a sea of blue and red speeding toward us.

Alright ladies and gents, let’s see how good your driving is! Calum yells gleefully, his engine revving through the earpiece. 

Last one to the rendezvous buys dinner,  Luke calls.

Oh, you are so on.

And with that we pick up speed, sailing down the highway with the police on our tails.

Alright Luke, y/n, you take the tunnel. Mike, Cal and I will take the onramp. We’ll reconnect at our safe house.

We follow Ashton’s orders and the second we emerge from the tunnel, we’re faced with a fork.

Take a right, Luke barks, we’ll lose them on the bridge!

Both of us make a sharp right and, half skidding, half drifting, make it onto the bridge. The cops had no time to react and were forced to go left, leaving us with no more piranhas on our tails.

We arrive back at our safehouse first and, after covering our new cars, plop on the living room couches and turn on the tv, where our break-in car chase is already all over the news.

“It was almost too easy,” Luke sniggers, emptying his pack onto the coffee table, “I mean, it took us what, two minutes to lose them?”

I laugh and do the same with my loot, “we’re just that good. And lucky.”

Just then Ash, Cal, and Michael all barge through the front door, wide grins plastered on their faces as Cal and Ash insist that Michael was definitely the last one back and is covering our next meal.

“Not too bad then?” Michael asks, eyeing the pile on the table.

“Not bad at all,” Luke agrees, “and the best part…” he unwraps the package and dumps the contents out.

 ”What is that?” Calum asks, knowing the small plastic pieces all too well.

My eyes light up. “Credit cards.”

“A lot of credit cards.”

Ashton plops on the couch next to me. “So how much did we get?” I ask him, knowing he’s the best with eyeing numbers.

“Four million, each. At least.”

After a long night of celebrating counting our earnings, Luke takes me out for a late night drive in his new white Mustang. 

“Another job well done,” he grins at me from the driver seat, one hand on the wheel and the other in mine.

I smile, “so what do we do now? We could go anywhere: Paris, India, Brazil, back to University…”

He laughs and laces his fingers in mine, “I could care less as long as I’m with you.”


A/N: I ended up only doing 2/4 cause they’re hella long and I don’t even know if they’re that good. If you wanna see Ashton/Michael’s parts, tell me in my ask! Or leave a different request! (I’ll love you forever)

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Title: The Misunderstood.

Words: 1,550

Rating K+

A/N: Just couldn’t resist after I read the ‘Misunderstanding Comic’ by: Kinzaibatsu91 your art is SO GOOD. It’s so funny and cute, plus it’s Falling Petals making it truly unique and awesome.

This’ll be three chapters, each one focusing on the respective parts of the trilogy,
not too long either.

Enjoy! And Thanks Kin, I hope I did your work justice!~

Chapter 1. Avalanche.

Weiss Schnee was known for many things; her elegant combat prowess, her studious and calculating attitude, and being the heiress to one of the richest companies on Remnant, just to name a few. It should also be known that bad grades did not and would not ever, ever! rank on that list.

Before Beacon that is.

The rich heiress was only two semesters in, and over that time, many things had changed for her, most of which were good. But there was one thing that had been plaguing her since the very minute she stepped foot on campus, this thing was a quirky, energetic redhead who seemed to be hell-bent on turning her normally composed and ‘proper’ life, into one big scattered mess.


Since their first mission together many months before; Weiss was able to shift her normal ‘Lone Wolf’ lifestyle into one that was capable of working in a team. But this journey didn’t come without a few bumps in the road that is. Weiss had to push her mental and physical limits to humor their nutcase of a leader, whether it be getting to class on time, making sure she does her homework, and even cutting down her sugar intake; Weiss would do everything in her power to keep Ruby in line so that their@@@@@ grades didn’t falter.

Lately things had been going unusually smooth, Ruby didn’t need to be reminded on what time it was, and Weiss all but ceased her homework checks; it’d seem that Weiss had finally gotten through Ruby’s thick skull and transformed her into someone she could work with. Ruby was still rough around the edges mind you, but that would be Weiss’ next project.

There was a hindrance however; a new unwelcome hindrance that threatened to rip apart all of the hard work Weiss had done, reverting Ruby back to the way she was, so many months ago.

That… woman.

Weiss didn’t know who she is or even her name for that matter. The Fencer only recognized her as that dark-haired woman with eyes of a Saffron Color, and constantly wearing a sly grin; like she was always up to something.

And Weiss believed she was.

Ruby’s attraction to this woman, started randomly. One day Weiss took note of how Ruby quite literally clung to this woman, and after a few short weeks, she’d see them everywhere; almost never apart. After awhile however, Weiss noticed them a lot less. They didn’t hang out in public anymore, seemingly dispersing from everyone’s eyesight and going to who knows where.

Through it all Weiss was barely able to keep Ruby in check, and over the last few days, Ruby just stopped showing up to their study sessions and combat practices, peeving Weiss to no end. So, one day she decided to track them down and give those two a piece of her mind, and after a lot of questioning and some threats; Weiss was told to keep an eye out for the dorm room door labeled: ‘EVIL’.

So that’s where we are now. Weiss stomping through the halls looking for her partner. She told herself she’d hold back on her little investigation, but Ruby missing practice today was the last straw. The heiress made her way through every hallway in the eastern dormitory, scrutinizing every door, eyes peeled for ‘EVIL’.

“That dunce!” Weiss mindfully huffed, clenching her fists and stomping down the hall. “I’ve told her we’re going to have a practice later.”

She continued her search, the Frustration in her rising with every step.

How dare she skip out on practice, this was her grade!

Nearing the end of the corridor Weiss gritted her teeth and bit her thumb. “Ever since that woman appeared, she’s been hanging out with her almost every day! That hag!” Weiss thought with vehemence. Remembering the one time when she could’ve sworn she heard Ruby call the mystery woman ‘senpai’.

This… woman, comes along and thinks she can just corrupt Ruby like that?

The audacity!



“When will they be ready?” Ruby inquired, impatiently sitting on the floor whilst eyeing Cinder’s backside.

Cinder turned, her ebony hair trailing down her shoulder as she did so. “Ruby, Ruby…” She tutted, making her way over to Ruby, she knelt down, and in one smooth gesture; cupped the girls chin and spoke softly. “What did I tell you?”

“F-Five more minutes?” Ruby choked out.

“Good, pup.”

“Hey! I’m not a puppy!” A flustered Ruby shrilled.


Weiss finally reached her destination, this place could’ve been interpreted as a run-of-the-mill dorm room; if it wasn’t for the word ‘evil’ plastered on the door in all capital letters.

“What kind of name is that? Hmm… it does suit them somewhat.”

Muffled footsteps could be heard from her side of the door, signaling that there was indeed someone inside; Weiss hoping that it was a certain two someones. The heiress paced in front of the door for a bit, contemplating her next move. Deciding that the calm approach was best, Weiss stepped close, clenching her right hand into a fist; the heiress brought it close and-

‘Aaah~so good!’

'You’re gonna burn yourself Ruby~’

Stopped dead in her tracks. Ice-blue eyes went wide with what she had just heard.
It was Ruby, and… her.

The heiress planted her body in formation with the door, remaining straight and perfectly quiet; she continued her totally necessary eavesdropping. Which would in no way come back to haunt her.

'But I can’t help it when you’re so delicious! It melts in my mouth!’
Weiss’ face flushed red, her ear almost glued to the door. What the hell is going on in there!

'There’s more where that came from. Slow down or you’ll choke.’

Her mouth went agape, the heat slowly intensifying in her cheeks. They couldn’t be…

'OH YES!!’

That was the last straw, Weiss prepared herself to-


A ghastly half screech, half roar boomed down the hallway. Fuming with anger and some unidentifiable emotion; Weiss brought her combat boot back, and with immeasurable power and force, punted the door. “RUBY ROSE!!” She bellowed as the door flew right off of it’s brass hinges, making an audible ‘BANG’ and sending it comically flying somewhere into the room.

Still seeing red, Weiss righted herself, and instantly entered chew-out mode.
“You’re in a lot of trouble now you young lady!” She screeched. “I’m gonna tell Yang about your little trysts business! Now you-“

“… get out of the room or I’ll drag you out myself you… dunce.”

As her body calmed down just a hair, her eyes widened at the sight or the room. It’s current state being the polar opposite of what she’d assumed.

There, standing in the center of the room was a fear stricken Ruby, a chocolate chip cookie in each of her hands, inches away from devouring them. Weiss glanced a little to the right, reeling a little at what graced her vision. Standing next to Ruby was that woman, clad in a white button down top and a crimson colored apron. Oven mitten hands grasping onto a tray loaded with steaming fresh cookies. The look she was currently giving Weiss was most unsettling.

Ruby was the first to speak, or attempted so. “H…hey Weiss! Do you want some of these cookies?” She stammered.

“Wha……what?” Weiss jabbered, mouth opening and closing like a gasping for air.
The heiress didn’t even hear a thing, her mind still locked in confusion as to what she was currently seeing, and somehow,for some weird reason, it kinda made sense. Why was she so surprised? She should’ve known Ruby acted like that when in the presence of cookies…

The room went quiet for a few seconds until a low growl emanated from Cinder. The sound caught Weiss’ attention, as she noted Cinder’s face twist into a deep snarl. Slowly, she started to back away…

“You come crashing in uninvited you little AVALANCHE!” Cinder thundered. Her voice reverberating off the four walls of the room.

Weiss shrieked in fear and tore off, out through the remains of the doorway and down the hall as fast as she could, both Cinder and Ruby watching the whole time.

“Hehe, sorry… they’re always concerned about me…”

Cinder was content on doing nothing, she just walked off leaving a dumbstruck Ruby in her wake.

A/N Well there ya have it, Part 1 of 3. Pretty sure I messed it up with my bad writing, but I’ll let you guys judge. I had a lot of fun doing this and parts 2 and 3 will come tomorrow and Friday. Thanks!


plots made while guiltily streaming fifth harmony's new album, reflection.

going nowhere—"where you going, where you tryna go,baby?"

muse a and muse b have been in a relationship for total of four years. they seem to have it all together-they hardly even argue, they talk things out, they compromise, they have this undying love towards each other. that is, in public. behind closed doors it’s nothing but tension and arguments. muse b has found out muse a has been playing around behind their back, and they’ve laid down an ultimatum-either get themselves together or get out of their life. muse a is having a hard time choosing which greatly upsets muse b and causes some arguments, and muse b thinks they’re gonna stay, but they can’t be sure.

brave honest beautiful—"you got a smile worth fighting for."

muse a is muse b’s role model. muse a may not be the most attractive person around, but they’re confident, smart, and have a great since of humor. they can’t dance at all, but you can bet they’re the first person on the dance floor at any party. muse b only wishes they had half the confidence muse a did, and has been admiring them from afar for a while, but can’t muster up any courage to talk to them. one day at a party while muse b is trying to blend in with the wallpaper, muse a saunters up and strikes up a conversation. muse b can’t believe its even happening, but muse a starts hanging around them constantly and is calling them all the time. cue a beautiful friendship, and possibly the start of new romance?

sledgehammer—"but every minute that i’m with you, i feel the fever and i won’t lie."

 muse a and muse b have been flirting at the diner muse b works at for over a month now. muse b knows what muse a always wants and sometimes throws in something extra they think they would like. sometimes after muse a gets off work they stumble in the diner around closing time and shares a meal with muse b ( splitting a burger, fries and a chocolate shake every time ). one day muse a reveals that they’ve just broken up with their significant other because they’ve had some intense feelings for somebody else- that being muse b. so they start dating, but find that despite their flirting, they’re completely different people and it’s hard for them to make things work. but the feelings are still intense and they don’t want to let go of each other.

this is how we roll—"can't stay in the house cause the party don't end!"

 muse a and muse b are complete party animals. don’t ever ask if they have a free weekend because the answer will usually be no-they have parties to crash and clubs to attend. usual weekends for them include going clubbing friday night, hanging out with friends on saturday while getting way too drunk, and back into the club on sunday before getting serious for the week. they meet at a club one on sunday and get a little wild with each other that night that has them in the same bed by morning. lo and behold-muse b is actually muse a’s straightlaced boss who muse a thinks is completely evil. that makes for an awkward morning at work.

everlasting love—"my ever- everlasting love, and i'm never ever giving up 'til you're laying next to me."

it may sound silly, but muse a has had a huge crush on muse b since kindergarten, but have never had the courage to speak up, or have always been a little too late to confess. they’ve watched muse b grow up, go through relationships that haven’t worked, and regardless of the fact that muse a knows they aren’t muse b’s “type”, they’ve always held out a hope that one day they would get together. after seeing muse b have nasty public breakup and start spiraling out of control, muse a steps up to comfort them and help them get back on track-and just maybe get muse b to fall in love with them.

like mariah—"your loving takes me higher, you set my heart on fire, when you touch by body got me singing like mariah."

meeting up by pure accident, muse a and muse b end up sleeping together after a pretty strange night. they actually know each other (vaguely), but have never seen each other in a sexual light. but after that night (and morning) can’t seem to see each other in any other way. despite the fact that they’re from completely different circles and if people found out it would get seriously nasty, they secretly keep meeting up for a quick hook ups and small dates. 

reflection—"boy, i ain't talkin' about you, i'm talking to my own reflection."

 muse a is a player, no jokes about it. they jump from this person to the next without a second thoughts. muse b had been the faithful partner of two years, and knew that muse a had been cheating on them with multiple people. after not being able to deal with halfhearted apologies of never cheating again, they break up with muse a and focus on themselves. fast forward a year later-muse a is still up to their old ways, but muse b has turned themselves around. they’ve gotten a brand new look that has dates chasing after them, and are doing good loving themselves these days. muse a, after recognizing them on the street, wants to get back together with them, but muse b doesn’t have the time for them anymore. but muse a is determined to get their old partner back-even if it means changing everything about themselves.

Text RP starters inspired by Big Hero 6
  • [text]: I was out fighting crime last night in a kaiju suit. It's a thing; I swear I wasn't drunk.
  • [text]: Puberty got to me and now I'm crying in a corner for it.
  • [text]: My sibling just found a new way to go out with a bang and I'm not exactly happy about it.
  • [text]: Nearly killed someone by making them jump out a window. Better luck next time, I guess.
  • [text]: I'm looking at things from a new angle, but all I see are inappropriate imagery.
  • [text]: Can you come pick me up? Oh, it's nothing, I'm just under attack from a supervillain.
  • [text]: You think someone has to help? I have some concerns
  • [text]: Why is a robot asking me about my threshold of pain
  • [text]: On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say I'm fucked at level 10, all the way.
  • [text]: We're in danger right now and my friend can only say "oh no" in the dullest tone ever. Yeah, I could use some help now.
  • [text]: Why are you taking selfies with a _____ in the background?
  • [text]: Woke up today realizing my sibling is gone. It still hurts.
  • [text]: I got attacked by lots of tiny robots today. My life sucks, I know.
  • [text]: I'm making super suits for everyone. What would you want yours to look like?
  • [text]: At first I hated the idea of nerd school. Now I practically live in it.
  • [text]: This guy told me to "prepare my bot" and I have some concerns about it.
  • [text]: It took me 84 tests for this shit to work. I need a drink.
  • [text]: Ah, the single life. It only means I can stress eat and worry about loved ones while they're out getting arrested or something.
  • [text]: A friend of mine told me this great method of recycling clothes and now I'm just like "say goodbye to doing laundry for a month". Wanna know the secret, too?
  • [text]: So I'm presenting at this exhibit and I'm not sure what I should show them to make myself look smart. Any ideas?
  • [text]: Oh, you're having problems with ___? Maybe you should stop whining and woman up sometime soon, hmm?
  • [text]: Nothing says family bonding than melting someone's face off with my world-famous wings.
  • [text]: I bring extra pairs of underwear everywhere; need one?
  • [text]: I've been arrested for ____ and yet I haven't learned my lesson let. I'm such a bonehead, can't you tell?
  • [text]: Have you ever heard of someone obeying traffic rules in a car chase?
  • [text]: Hey, did you know the words "mi casa" is actually French for ___?
  • [text]: Can't believe I turned down that guy's offer; he was gonna offer me more money than someone at my age can hope to earn, too!
  • [text]: Don't question why I'm teaching you karate. You need it.
  • [text]: This person keeps adding all these upgrades onto me and I'm just like how the fuck does that make me a better companion to him?
  • [text]: Ever known someone you so desperately want to laser hand right now? That someone would be you, by the way.
  • [text]: Where the fuck did this guy get the idea that he's the leader and we're just his "intrepid friends"?
  • [text]: My sibling's washed up at such a young age. I might need your intervention at this point now.
  • [text]: The phrase "hairy baby" has such a different meaning to me right now, thanks to you.
  • [text]: I keep making jokes about a dead hottie; is there something wrong with me?
meeting evelyne brochu in vancouver on the rememory set

Some of this might be out of order and this is all from memory so don’t take this all word for word. At the time I felt completely elated and rather overwhelmed from giddiness, however in retrospect, at each effort I made, I constantly worried that I was toeing the line between well-intentioned dedication and shameless intrusion. The line often felt blurred and it was difficult to know where I stood when the dust settled. I’ve never approached film sets before and I’ve always kept my distance as I’m aware that the crew have jobs to do and the actors need the mental/physical space to prepare/rest. I understand sharing fan encounters are exciting but I have omitted a few things out of respect and privacy.

Feb 8, 2016 1:30 PM British Columbia family day holiday

The set location was quite close to my relatives. I was aware that the venue they were shooting at had free admission on the holiday so I figured I’d go check out what the set had blocked off in the garden. Plus, it was on my way downtown. The traffic was crazy packed as tons of families were making their way in (plus it is Chinese New Year’s which is a big event in Vancouver). I walked towards the trailers (I had previously found the set on Saturday but they were not shooting that day) and was surprised to learn that they were shooting on a public holiday in a public venue that was hosting a free event!  In any case, I didn’t bring a gift that I had prepared as I thought they wouldn’t be shooting but as I was walking towards the trailers I noticed a familiar face. She probably saw me looking from afar and taking off my sunglasses I smiled and approached her.

Hi Evelyne! Nice to see you back in Vancouver! *shakes hands* I don’t know if you remember ….me…

Hi yes, from Whistler, yes…Georgina?

Wow I’m actually quite embarrassed about Whistler as I just kinda bursted your name out at the door. [Whistler post]

Oh no don’t be.

So how’s it going ? Did you have a good weekend? How are you enjoying Vancouver this time around?

It’s good just finished a big scene inside. It’s been nice this time around compared to last time where I was just driven in and out of Whistler. I’ve haven’t had the chance to go around yet and been a little cooped up at the hotel but it’ll be nice as we will have a few days off this week. I’d like to check out Stanley Park. I hear there’s a vegetarian restaurant that’s really good…it’s called Naoo??

Hmm not sure but there’s a really good Lebanese place…

Oh Lebanese!

Yea it’s called Nuba! The fried cauliflower there is so good! What else do you have in mind ? I’ll bring you my gift tomorrow and a list of some places! You’re on set tomorrow right like…8:30? Some guy told me…

I’m actually not sure …I think you know my call sheet more than me! haha

Haha alright I’ll bring the gift I had prepared for you and a list of recommendations tomorrow then. Were you surprised how fast people knew you were involved on this film?

Yea I had no idea how people knew just from the back of my head.

Haha yea I saw the picture and I figured since you said you were filming something in Vancouver on the radio show I checked out what was in production and out of everything this totally would be up your alley. I mean I don’t think you’d be doing the Fifty Shades

Was that what it was that I saw on Twitter! That makes sense now….

Haha yea I mean I’m sure some fans would like to see you in that but in any case I figured you weren’t lying about being in Vancouver …. some people thought it was some conspiracy act where people thought you’re actually in Toronto filming Orphan Black.


At this point some production assistant came by and told her she had to go this way. She also asked the PA something regarding her belongings. In any case, I figured I had to wrap it up and I told her I’d bring her gift tomorrow and to see her then. We said goodbye and that was it.

There really wasn’t time for a selfie and I figured I could try again the next day. Evelyne was still wearing her set wardrobe which was a nice casual modern blazer and her hair was tied back like in S2 of Orphan Black

Anyhow, she was super sweet and I’m just glad I didn’t fangirl like I had previously in Whistler haha. It was a nice casual conversation and the weather was just perfect. Not a bad way to start the Chinese New Year? xD


Feb 9, 2016 - 5:15 PM

I had spoken to the set’s PA the day before asking if I could bring a gift to Evelyne and she kindly told me to return in the evening when she’s back on set. I got there and wasn’t sure if Evelyne was there yet so I wandered about. I asked this lady who was on patrol and she deflected my question asking if I was looking for an extra or someone else but I knew she was playing with me. She then told me to check her trailer. Nobody was around so I walked up to the door and I didn’t see anyone there.

I stood around for 20 minutes or so and saw the PA from the day before. I approached her and she asked, “you’re here to see Evelyne right? She’s actually in hair and make-up. She’s expecting you? What’s your name again?”

I told her and I waited for a bit and she popped out of the trailer and motioned me to go in.

PA: This is gonna have to be quick cos they’re getting ready to shoot.

This was a slightly awkward because there were 3 other people in this room. Evelyne was seated with her hair half curled. She saw me and greeted me with a “Hey come here you!” and greeted me with open arms. I gave her a quick hug and then she introduced me to her stylist while her hair was getting curled.

Haha yea I said I’d be back to bring you your gift! So I made you a list of a bunch of locations you can check out with restaurants/areas in Vancouver for you! [it’s a bit over 2 pages in case you’re wondering…]


I started explaining how the Chinese cuisine is a must here and that she’s probably noticed the asian population - I didn’t get the chance explain how the dim sum is even better than some places in Hong Kong as a lot of the master chefs moved here for better wages/quality of life - aka me being a nerd. Also, highly recommended a cambodian/vietnamese restaurant for her to try and I explained a few dishes to order. I also told her this place only does reservations for 6+ people otherwise you have to go early. She was like oh I can’t with 2? I replied sadly no reservations but if you go early like 5pm it should be fine.

Keep in mind that having 3 other people in the room listening in on your conversation makes it kind of ….awkward??? in any case it definitely changed the things I had in mind to say or the manner in which I spoke – I felt like I was speaking a little more dry than usual (and also cos I was pretty tired from being on edge all day xD)


Ah yes I hear that I have to try it [asian cuisine]. Wow there’s everything on here. I feel like I need to spend a whole month here and not two weeks. There’s even beers and desserts!

Haha yes I used to take guests around town a lot so this is really nothing. Did you get to go visit anywhere today the weather was gorgeous!

I went to Granville Island.

Oh did you see the artisan sake brewer? We have our own local rice farm now and everything is made here and the sake is really popular. It’s a great gift and they imported this plum wine that’s amazing.

Oh I saw it! But since I’m shooting tonight I couldn’t try any.

I also brought some chocolates from this local artisan store called Beta5. They make these really unique cream puffs that you have to check out.

You’re the best! Oh wow yea I’ll share this with the girls here!

Yea feel free! I also have a few vouchers for the theatre, feel free to share with the staff or crew. I brought a program guide so you can take a look what’s playing till the end of the month.

Oh I wonder if my friend’s film is in this!

Ah unfortunately, we aren’t but we had it during the festival. It’s playing at the francophone festival this week on Thursday. (She actually keeps saying it’s Wednesday like her friend said but I mentioned that it should be Thursday and she replied oh then my friend must have it wrong)

Do you live nearby?

My nephews do so I was just visiting and it’s on my way to and from work (but yes I am a 5 minute drive away from the set). I also got this Japanese lego puzzle for you. I knew you liked lions and figured you might want something to do while waiting on set.

Yes! That’s what I’ll do. I love this, I’ll take a picture and post it!

Haha nah you really don’t need to…it’s okay! I hear you would like to visit Japan one day.

Yeah I’d love to go

Yea it’s crazy there’s a flight deal right now that’s like under $600 and you can visit Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong…you can’t even fly across our own country for that price. [the stylist chimes in - yea it’s like $1200 to Edmonton…and nobody wants to go Edmonton]. Yea it’s a beautiful country with a mix of modern and tradition. Tokyo’s a crazy city but the countryside is the best, it’s gorgeous.  But yea actually speaking about travelling, I’m heading out to visit Montreal next month! I was going to catch your improv show….

Oh aww ……… I’m sorry I won’t be there in March. 

Ah I see, yea that’s totally fine. Things happen! I’m still pumped as it’ll be my first time visiting Montreal and plus I have a friend out there I was going to visit. I’m just excited to travel. (Somehow I ramble into this talking about Vancouver being a young city and not having as much of a “culture” etc.)

It’s your first time! Oh I need to write down some recommendations.


I could tell the PA was wanting to rush this….so I pulled out some things for her to write on/sign - XCompany leather notebook, and two older issues of ELLE Quebec she’s featured in.


I actually won this a few days ago from CBC!

I have this too! It’s sitting at home on my desk. It’s nice with the leather

Yea it’s probably the best part of the prize.

[She opens the leather notebook and finds an extra stash of paper in it….and I totally forgot that I had a copy of the Orphan Black script that was shared by Helen Shaver from a while back and I had put it in there]

Oh what’s this?

Uhhh….actually ahha that was a script from Orphan Black….

Wait how did you get this?

Ah Helen Shaver was speaking at a conference and she handed this out

Oh Helen she’s great! She’s one of my favourites. Hahaha I thought for a sec you had a copy of a script ?

Yea she was super nice! And oh no no I know nothing about what’s going on with Orphan Black haha…but I’ll say that with Season 3…I’ve never felt so destroyed before watching something hahha…

Hahaha I’ve never heard it that way before

Well I mean I’ve never felt that invested before and yea you were so great as Delphine!

Should I write on this page? [first page is a blank, next page is the lined paper]

Haha it doesn’t matter!

[She flips between the pages and decides on the lined side] Ah I want to recommend you a restaurant…but where should I write it….

Anywhere is fine..in the note book? (The stylist offers a Post-it)

This place is my absolute favourite. It’s where I just feel happy. Go sit at the bar and they have a great collection of wines. My friend is the chef there. She’s amazing. Just go there….

Oh wow cool….wow yes! I’ll definitely go! Thank you so much.


Hands magazines one by one - and struggles to find where I put my sharpies.  

I pass the 2012 ELLE Quebec magazine and explain…


So I have a friend who is a huge fan of yours from Serbia. She actually wanted to visit you while you were shooting XCompany in Hungary. It’d be awesome if you could sign this for her. Her name is Andrea. She’s a huge fan of yours and she runs a little Facebook fan group for you. Because it’s expensive for her to get Canadian goods over, I help her buy a few things and I’ll be shipping this to her.

Oh wow yea we were in Serbia only one day - the bridge scene…what was her name?

[Evelyne gets totally distracted by her own photos and flips through the magazine and calls the other lady over]

Wow when was this? 3 years ago? no 2012! Guys look I had brown hair before. Oh this is my favourite photo [flips to the page]. These were press on nails and y’know the kind where you press and they’d just break!

[Everyone’s commenting like wow and the stylist says she looks like Rose Bryne! It’s your big eyes! – I’ll note that breaking out the magazines really helped break that awkward feeling with the 3 others in the room ha]

I chuckle and said yea I’ve heard that too haha. [the gold sharpie doesn’t work too well but she signs the best she can, and I pass her the next one].

Oh here’s the other one! I don’t even have these. [She continues to look through the magazine again. She points to a page with her in the white dress] Oh you know, this dress…I wish I kept it. I’m so upset cos the designer _____ had closed up his shop as he felt that Montreal didn’t have enough of a fashion culture and left. It’s a gorgeous dress.


I noticed that she was trying to avoid signing directly on photos of herself haha…she would find the white space where main title of the article would be and autograph there. This was cute. I also asked her to sign a Delphine DYAD badge I had made for Comic-Con and she couldn’t decide where to sign and ended up signing the back for my friend. (Unfortunately, I LOST THE SMALL BADGE…in the hair and makeup trailer somewhere…along the way…-__-).


Thanks so much for signing all this. Oh but yea um…I’ll actually be catching your friend’s Felix’s show in Montreal that same night of the improv.

Felix! You are! You’re gonna love it.

Yea! I enjoyed his music so thanks for the recommendation. I also threw in a USB of some tunes that you might enjoy in the bag too.

Oh wow you’ve thought of everything. You’re the best! Thank you! [she offers another hug]

Naah thanks (I’m horrible at taking compliments….). Thank you so much and everyone here for letting me …disturb you guys? haha


I was super lucky that Evelyne had just walked out of the trailer when I was walking towards it. She’s a real gem and I’m still in awe that she remembered my name from a year ago!  I didn’t get the chance to ask for a photo with the first encounter as the PA pulled her aside. I had originally hoped to have taken one the following day but she was literally in her hair getting her hair curled….so that was not happening ha. But hey I think I was in the trailer for a good 10-15 minutes….I was surprised they let me in! Anyway, she has a few days off this week and I hope she gets the chance to relax and try a few things off this list!