i still can't animate

“Sonny’s Day Off”, an Uptown Funk/In the Heights Rotoscope

ahhhhhh it’s finally done!! the beast is conquered! i can doodle once more! i hope you guys like it, i’ve been doing this since november,, and now i’m looking forward to spending this week doing requests :)

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Hey past week I've been searching for something but haven't found it. It was an animated music video of 3 guys and it was kinda like a rock band ?? Idk but I remember the drummer had long hair and there was a weird machine they fought and lava everywhere and in the end it changed to the actual people getting ready for a performance. Does that ring a bell to you? It was really popular cuz the animation was fantastic but I still can't find it

That was Freak of the Week!

Traditionally animated by Juanjo Guarnido and a team of animators. You can read about it at Cartoon Brew and also check out the making of video:


I lined up another sketch~~(*’∀’人)♥

in Mutual Bonds Al gets a cat as soon as he comes back from Xing the first time in 1919. Her name is Miki. She gets adopted by him on the trip back, close to the Amestris-Aerugo border. Being Miki extremely clingy of him, when Al keeps traveling (to the west this time) she refuses to stay with the Rockbells and tags along with him on the adventure. Not that Al was very enthusiastic to leave her behind anyways :0




So here’s the ACTUAL IN-ISSUE version of the episode guide for the season-that-never-was, along with a bonus page on a Sari upgrade with a beloved character, and a bio for her classmates, which includes the cutest little Nightbeat oh my god I need twenty.  As you can see, the episode guide’s pictures do clarify a few things (not that everyone hadn’t already figured out Prowl was in Allsparkalypse Now!).

Other than a not especially great SD SG comic on the back panel and the Marauder Megatron cover (already posted by many other great people!) this was the entirety of the TFA-related content in the issue.  Cheers!

These are all taken from the newest (Oct/Nov 2016) issue of the Transformers Collector’s Club official magazine.  Issue 71.

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Hey, I have a question. You also wanted to animate alle dialog lines, right? Will you do them in chronological order with the songs or do you first want to animate all songs and then all to dialog? Also your More Than Survive Animation was fabulous ♡.♡ I still can't believe you will animate everything from to musical. Props to you :3

I plan to do each scene as a whole video (in chronological order)
For example, scene one starts and finishes with the song “more than survive” while scene two starts with Jeremy and Michael in front of the theater door (where my “more than survive” video ended) and finishes after the dialogue between Jake and Christine. 
So my next animatic will be named “I love play rehearsal” but it won’t be just the song. There’s a bit of dialogue between Michael and Jeremy then between Jeremy and Christine, then there’s “I love play rehearsal” then everyone listen to Mr Reyes THEN a bit of dialogue between Christine and Jake and finally Jeremy exits the theather.
It means it will be another 8 minutes video!

And I don’t know if someone saw it yet but I’m organizing all these videos in a playlist so you can see everything in order like a movie!

  • How to Train your Dragon 2: Oh I want to see how awesome Hiccup and Toothless are in the sequel.
  • After watching: WHY THE FUCK YOU RUINED ME
  • The Lego Movie: A movie about Legos seriously? Let's see how good it is.
  • The Book of Life: Wow I wanna know more about the Mexican culture~
  • Big Hero 6: Oh man, first Disney/Marvel animated movie! I hope it's awesome!

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I don’t think I’ve posted my procrastination animations. haha–

The first one wasn’t a procrastination tho I actually worked too long on that to the point of laziness to color.

I need to work more on my animations tbh,,


Long story short, I couldn’t make it to the autograph session and I didn’t have any official merch they could sign so I just dropped an AnimeNEXT program guide into the staff bin to (hopefully) get signed later. When I came back the next day to pick it up, not only was it signed by all four YOI production staff that came but there were two extra things tucked into it: a printout of drawings and an actual sketch of Viktor in sharpie!!

I think people who attended the autograph session also received the printouts, but I’m not sure about the shaprie sketch? The drawing on the left of the printout is by Ogawa and the one on the right is by Ito - she drew Yurio with a cute smile lol. The sketch of Viktor (that also looks like it was ripped out of an actual sketch pad) is by Tatenaka.