i still can not believe it

Ya know, I wouldn’t be so PISSED and have EXPECTATIONS if Lucasfilm wouldn’t have PURPOSEFULLY LED ME TO BELIEVE that Finn was force sensitive and would be a Jedi. Banked on it even to get my Black ass in the theater. Why’d he wield the lightsaber huh? How was he able to be so skilled with it if he’s not a force user?! Your villain is kind of a punk if a non force using stormtrooper can injure him in a light saber duel! HOW CAN HE HEAR SCREAMS FROM SPACE LIKE OBI WAN YOU COWARDS?!

So just fuck all the SW lore, world building, mythology and blow holes all up and through your plot to execute your shitty “bait and switch”?! That’s how we’re doing it now?!

Ok. But ya know a better idea would be to PLAN YOUR FUCKING TRILOGY AND LET DIRECTORS WORK TOGETHER but that’s too simple and makes too much damn sense I guess and the tried and true course of action of fucking over Black fans and your Black male lead was just toooo tempting!

If Finn isn’t confirmed force sensitive by the end of this damn trilogy Lucasfilm and their whole “plot” is a joke!

Marichat May Day 26: Stray

This is rushed. Sorryyyy

Chat felt betrayed, insulted and he was on the verge of tears.

“Marinette, I can’t believe you can do such a thing.”


“My Princess, cheating on me like that.”

‘Chat, please, listen.“

"There’s nothing to listen to! I never felt so betrayed in my whole life.”

'For fuck’s sake, can’t you understand?“

"Understand? Understand! There’s nothing to understand. You had been obviously cheating on me with him!” Chat pointed his finger accusingly to the culprit.

Marinette sighed. This was getting ridiculous.

“You love him, don’t you?” Chat asked resigned.

“I attach fastly and you know it. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love you anymore.”

'You still cheated. I thought you were above this.“

"Chat.” Marinette growled exasperatedly.


“It is just a stray cat I took care of, can you not be such a drama queen?”

They both looked at the pretty white cat sitting on Marinette’s chaise and looking completely innocent and purring loudly.

“That’s it. I’m getting a divorce. And I want custody of the cookies.”

Marinette facepalmed.

Clueless (M)

A one-shot based on a request from @angustdissin. Hope you like it!


Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Roommate! Jungkook, slightly dom! Jungkook, smut and fluff

Word count: 7,469 words


You were greeted with the sound of the TV blaring from the living room when you opened the front door of your house. Although he couldn’t see or hear you, it didn’t stop you from letting out a small sigh accompanied with a smile to yourself as you untied your sneakers and put them away neatly on the shoe rack. The thick white socks you wore made your steps quiet.

As you padded into the house, you weren’t surprised to find your roommate sprawled on the floor with his back leaning against the lower half of the couch and his long legs stretched carelessly under the coffee table. He was staring at the show playing on his laptop on the table but you weren’t sure if he was really paying attention to it. At first you opened your mouth to check if he needed a call back to Earth, then you saw the gaggle of men and women sprinting across the screen and gasped.

“JUNGKOOK! How could you?!”

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I’m continuing to see “VOLTRON COULD BE CANCELLED” hysteria and it’s getting to be quite annoying.
I haven’t seen a single credible source indicating that the show could be cancelled over this mishap or even that Dreamworks might drop Studio Mir.
From what I can tell, Voltron moving to a different animation studio is WORST case scenario. A few people might get fired, but in all honesty screaming about it and backing up Studio Mir for what happened isn’t going to prevent Dreamworks from taking the action they feel is necessary to correct this.
I still don’t support people sharing the leaks, but please stop creating unnecessary chaos/fear among the fandom. And to the people who believe the hysteria– Be sure to remain skeptical. Not everyone knows what they’re talking about here.
Don’t take people’s word for it without a source. That being said, if someone can provide me with a legitimate source that states this could result in the cancellation of the show, I’d be happy to correct myself.

anonymous asked:

I’m so pissed at the writers right now. Of course Flo's “looking to pursue other opportunities”, she’s a series regular and they gave her 2 lines, 4 minutes of screen time, a back story revolving around her being gay and a story line about being Alex’s girlfriend. She has more screen time on a show where her character is dead and is only seen throught flashbacks! I still can't believe this...


you know how most of the times you are just another stable and mature fan who appreciates and support your faves normally, but sometimes it just… hit you how important they are to you and you become a crying mess in the corner of your room?

that’s what happens when I stop to really think about how b.a.p makes me feel, I mean - they are the reason I still have dreams, the reason I still hope for a better world, the reason I still believe in people. The world is going through dark times right now, and the fact that they are able to make me see some light in it is so amazing. b.a.p is my safe place, and it doesn’t matter if I am able to be the most active stan ever or barely have time to make a post once a week, I will stand by them and I will forever remember this group as a crucial factor for the person I have become (and am proud of).

I can’t even explain how thankful I am for supporting this group.

In all the three panels he appears in this chapter, Kaneki is shown with that same smile. I can’t tell if it’s fake or not, probably not, for as hard as it is to believe it it may actually be that he’s finally believing someone loved him, and yet, this last panel with the centipede gives us a different intake.

He is happy. She is happy. They are looking at her friend’s wedding from afar, and she is happy too. But let us not forget: he is a ghoul and the One Eyed King - this is what the centipede represents. They are hiding and constantly on the run, still in full and massive trouble. Kaneki’s excessive smiles come in contrast to this last image because probably HE IS the one who’s forgetting precisely this. He’s never been well-loved or, to be more exact, he’s never understood when he was. This is a whole new situation for his psyche, and he doesn’t have a definite approach to this yet. Love makes you blind, they say, and that’s just what is happening here.

He said recently to Amon that he was fighting for ghouls simply because there are many amongst ghouls he holds dear, but he was saying this before he realised just how much exactly they hold him dear in return. He may lose his focus. Even coming to this wedding, though watching it from afar, is terribly dangerous: is you misstep you’ll have the whole CCG at your tail. Would another Kaneki have done it? He’s not reckless. Yes, he infiltrated the CCG labs just to save Akira, but had a full-fledged plan.

Things are not well at all. When we read chapters like these we see the pink parts first and foremost. When Touka’s confession appeared in the same chapter where pretty-evil-boy Furuta announced his master plan, it massively overshadowed exactly this. The centipede is a call back to reality and possibly to negatives events. It represents Kaneki’s strength, but also his desire for revenge as he put fought against Jason - and not casually, I deem, Kiyoko’s mutilation at his hands was also revealed in this chapter.

Kaneki is kind. When he first met him, he let Amon go. Yet he harms, even terribly, those who hurt whom he holds dear. Ayato, anyone? Matters not they’re happily in-laws now, it served the purpose to show us a first glimpse of his dark side. As Haise, He wanted to let Tsukiyama go, but to do so, he threw Kanae/Karren down a skyscraper - you can never stop stepping on other people’s corpses: “The world is like an egg: to let something be born, it must be broken.”, As Eto poetically put it. Kiyoko is this chapter is just another metaphorical corpse. Is Kaneki forgetting this heart-wrenching truth?

He can coldly control his cruelty, but at times, he also can’t. And now Touka gives him the ring of her father who lost his mind seeking revenge for her mother. All the while a lovely centipede reminds us that no matter how clear blue the sky is now, this story is, in fact, a tragedy.

10 facts and the latest selfie
Tag by @serensama aka Romeo (dang with your selfie like that you should be Julliet dude look at me Im so handsome)

1. Never been to any art school or art class
2. Friends told me that my face is very scary if Im not smilling
3. My idol is my dad
4. I like travelling with little fund, because it makes me feel so alive as I have to make the most of the small fund that I have
5. Im find excitement in almost everything, I used to read Macroeconomic textbook for fun.
6. A horse person, I actually adores horse since I was born, but never got the chance to ride one.
7. My normal dream is to have a farm when Im old, and raise bunch of doberman dogs and siasmese cats, and HORSES
8. I have no faith in my sale technique, apparently I dont know why my boss still keeps me around. Im a firm believer that I sucks at Sale.
9. I have Finance and Accounting bachelor degree, make a living as a Sale person and draw kinky shit
10. I actually feel more comfortable when talking in English than Vietnamese. Maybe because Vietnamese is not as straightforward.

Anyone who interested can do it

Naruto 30-day challenge

Day 4: Favorite non-canon couple

Finally, my ultimate OTP- KakaIru (Kakashi x Iruka)!!!
I swear to God, I hardly rave over anything in this world, but KakaIru’s got me weak. I absolutely ship these two oh my godddd ❤️

Some say they barely interact at all. But come on, most canon couples barely interact at all either. As I’ve said, canon or non-canon, it doesn’t matter much because both are works of fiction.

The way I see it, their personalities are compatible. I believe they will help each other grow. Kakashi is a broken person (he’s not fucked up, but he’s broken because he has lost everything- his dad, his teammates, his sensei). But even so, he’s capable of love and compassion. I just feel that there’s still some fear and doubt in his heart that holds him back. There are wounds that never healed. Some bitter memories linger in his heart and mind.

There’s something about Iruka that makes me feel that he can help heal all the fragments and broken pieces within Kakashi. Maybe it’s Iruka’s gentleness, unconditionality, and kindheartedness. Also, Iruka knows the pain of losing important people. Despite the emotional scars, Iruka has managed to become a loving, kind, and compassionate ball of sunshine. I just think that mysterious force within Iruka is what Kakashi needs in order to let go of all his fears and doubts; it might be what Kakashi needs to completely heal the brokenness within him.

To each, their own.
But I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE KakaIru! 💕💕💕

for the girl who had everything

a little post-season add-on.

spoilers for the season 2 finale of supergirl.


A day after Lillian Luthor takes credit for saving the planet, the Tribune publishes an article that names Lena Luthor as Earth’s saviour.

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First Follow Forever!

May 26, 2017

Sometime at the early hours of the day I reached and surpassed 1,000 followers. Since I’m still a major noob to this website, I’m not entirely sure what a follow forever is, but I think you just list a whole bunch of mutuals you adore, etc. So, well, that’s what I’m going to do. 

But first I just wanted to voice my thoughts, which may be a bit difficult because even though I am a writer, I have a lot of trouble expressing my emotions, thoughts, and feelings. So please, bear with me!

 As someone who has been writing since the young grade of second, I just - I can not believe I have ended up here. Posting my work on a social media platform for the world to see, with more than one thousand followers. This is amazing, and I never once thought I’d accomplish something as big as this.

Words cannot convey - they can not be fathomed or formulated to express just how grateful I am to everyone who decided to give me and my work’s a chance. Whether you’re a silent reader, a one time reader, a writing account, a BTS fan or not - I thank you. It’s because of  all of you that I have and am able to grow as a person. I look forward to the future. 

I adore and love everyone one of you, whether we’ve spoken once, thirty times, or not at all. Know that I am rooting for you! 

Here is to what’s to come!

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Felicity: “That’s what I came here to say to you.”

Oliver:   “We’re usually on the same page.”

Felicity: “About a lot of things.”


Oliver was running through the forest. Everything was on fire. Thick smoke from the burning trees threatened to choke him, but he had to keep going. She was waiting for him. Oliver believed with all his desperate heart that she was still alive somewhere in the conflagration. It would take her from him if he succumbed to the heat and flames. He had to keep running.

“Oliver, you’re too late,” Chase’s voice suddenly echoed in his head. “You can’t save her. She is burning up. She is in agony, a charred blackened thing dancing in agony.”

Oliver tried to block Chase’s ghostly declaration. No, he told himself. She’s still alive. Chase is dead with a bullet in his head. She is safe.  His belief in that was unwavering. She would find a ways to survive.

Oliver increased his pace, running away from the dark phantoms in his head. The terrain was rough and uneven beneath his pounding feet. Burning branches were scattered all around him and he had to jump over them, ignoring the flames singeing his beard and eyebrows. A falling ember landed in his hair and Oliver slapped it away as it were a pyrotechnic insect. He didn’t know how long or how far he had run, but Oliver would sprint a million miles if need be to reach Felicity, to feel the cool relief that she was alive and safe.

He reached the top of a rise and Oliver’s heart stopped. Below him was a large meadow. It stretched out, seemingly to infinity. All of it was a raging inferno. Oliver felt the heat of it like a hot wall of madness reaching out to claim him. A scream was building from the bottom of his soul as he realized he found what he was running to.

A hundred feet a head, Oliver saw bodies on the ground. They were burning. He recognized John first. His leather jacket seemed to  have melted, creating a horrible second skin, blackened and oozing blood.  Rene and Dinah were next to him, clutching each other in a death grip, smoke and ash hovering over both of them. He saw Curtis, Lance, Slade , Samantha and Nyssa. All of them were lumps of charnel flesh.

Oliver frantically began searching for Thea and finally spotted her sitting up against the base of burning tree stump. She appeared to have welded to the bark. And next to her, stretched out on the ground, lay Felicity. Except for a few wisps of her beautiful blond hair, she was an unrecognizable mass of brightly burning flesh.

Oliver let out a soul wrenching scream, a sound that could tear down mountains and shatter the earth. “Noooo…” his voice wailed. “Noooo…”

As he continued staring at Felicity’s remains, she suddenly sat up and turned her smoldering face towards him. “Oliver, you’re too late,” she screeched at him. “You weren’t fast enough. Look what you did to me…”

Oliver came awake; the echo of his scream still bouncing off the Bunker walls. He was covered in sweat, as if the heat from his dream had followed him into wakefulness. Lying on his cot, Oliver’s breathing was rapid and his heart was beating hard enough to cause him physical pain. He lay there for a few minutes and tried to erase from his mind the horrible images he dreamed about. Finally, his breathing shallowed and his racing heart slowed down. A chill covered him like a cold blanket as the sweat on his body began to dry in the humid air of the Bunker.

When the last remnants of his dream left him, Oliver felt a cool relief and certain knowledge. Everybody was safe. Felicity was alive and back in his life. The team was safe. They had defeated Chase. William was safe and back in his life. Oliver clutched onto this reality as he lay in the darkness.

He supposed that Slade had earned some gratitude for leading all of them to the series of caves that provided shelter, a safe haven from the inferno Chase created with his bombs. Oliver still didn’t know how to feel about Slade. The man had so altered his life, bringing Oliver to the brink of apocalypse when he killed his mother, when he tried to burn the city down—and when he held a sword to Felicity’s throat.

Did he redeem himself of those sins by saving everybody Oliver loves? Maybe. Maybe Slade also saved himself. Maybe after three years in a hole, Slade had found his own answers. Maybe he, like Oliver, had quieted the darkness inside him. Yes, a lot of maybes. Nothing is certain. Sometimes forgiveness is a hard road to travel. And maybe that was something else he owed Slade—through forgiveness comes peace.  Oliver felt that peace when he gave Slade his freedom.

After the flames of Lian Yu died down, Oliver used the radio on Chase’s boat to call for help. Lyla’s voice was frantic, asking if John was safe. Oliver told her he didn’t know if any of them were safe or even alive. He asked her to send a rescue team and have them start searching the island for survivors. Lyla said she would fly the plane herself.

Oliver rolled off the cot and touched the good, safe floor beneath his feet. He stood in the darkness and felt a sudden, strong need to be with Felicity. Prompted by his nightmare, Oliver felt it was time to reach out to Felicity and have that talk he told her they would share.

He got dressed and left the Bunker, to face his redemption and his destiny.


Felicity came awake with a jerk, her legs kicking out beneath the green blanket covering her. She wasn’t sure if she had yelled out as her dream released her. The Loft was quiet. Samantha and William apparently were still asleep downstairs. There were no running footsteps coming up to see if she was okay. Felicity glanced at the illuminated alarm clock on the table next to her bed. It was 3:11am.

She lay there, and as she had every night since returning from Lian Yu two weeks ago, she thought about Oliver. After she suggested to him that Samantha and William stay at the Loft until they had some time to decompress and figure out what was ahead, Felicity thought it would be awkward to invite Oliver over to rekindle their romance. She wanted him with her. She wanted to feel him, to hold him close. She could still feel his arms around her, his kisses and his tears on her face when he saw her safe in that cave.

The dream that woke Felicity up tonight was the same one she had been having since coming home.  In it, she was hunkered down in the cave, worried about Oliver to the point of going mad. She could hear the burning and crackling of trees outside. A strong smell of charcoal drifted down into their shelter and Felicity was terrified that Oliver would risk his life in the flames trying to reach her. And then she heard movement at the mouth of the cave and he was there. He was smoldering and his Green Arrow suit had melted off his body. He was covered in burns, a naked decimated Greek statue barely alive. She jumped up and started running to him. But before she could reach him, Oliver burst into flames and fell into a pile of ashes on the cave floor. Her heart burst…and then Felicity would wake up, alone and scared and feeling a deep need for Oliver next to her.

She got out of bed and stood in a pool of moonlight coming through the window. Maybe it was time to go to him. Maybe they needed that conversation he promised her on the island. She told him she didn’t want to regret not kissing him. But that wasn’t the only thing. She regretted all the time they spent apart, the time they could have spent repairing their fractured relationship. Felicity knew, on a rational level, that going in separate directions was necessary, that the individual growth they were striving for was a mirror they could look into and see the truth and wisdom of what and where they needed to be in their lives. Oliver was looking for forgiveness and redemption. He was looking to reclaim the dedication and passion that inspired him to put on his hero’s mask and make a difference again. And Felicity was looking…well, after that brief time together under the salmon ladder, she was looking for the happiness and trust their lives encapsulated before he lied to her. She was looking for a way to move forward.

The only thing, Felicity told herself, is that her moving forward without Oliver seemed to be an impossible task—because he still had her heart. The chance to have love again in her life (with Billy or anyone else) was not realistic if her heart wasn’t in it. Yes, she was fond of Billy, and maybe if she wasn’t with Oliver every night crime fighting, she and Billy might have found something to sustain a long relationship. Of course, Chase made that academic when Billy died. Felicity was fooling herself though with Billy. She just could not let go of her and Oliver’s history.

Felicity suddenly felt a strong need to see Oliver. Should she call him this late? Or maybe she should just get dressed and go to the Bunker. Knowing Oliver, he would still be up, probably searching for any nefarious activity in the city.

She started to get dressed, making up her mind to go to him. She quietly left the Loft and went to face her destiny.


Oliver was about to cross the street to the Loft when the door to the building opened and Felicity stepped out. She saw Oliver and stood still on her side of the street. Oliver was similarly motionless. They stared at each other and the night was witness to two souls uniting on the same wavelength.

“Hey,” Oliver called out.

“Hey,” Felicity answered.

“I was …I was thinking about you,” Oliver told her.

“Yeah?” Felicity responded. “I was thinking about you too.”

Their smiles brought an ethereal light to the night, enough for them to cross the street and meet in the middle.

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I just can’t… I cannot believe that the Republicans even had the gall to do a press release against Hillary. Seriously? They must be so bored, and don’t have anything better to do, so they opted to attack Hillary instead (who is clearly, by the way, a normal citizen now).

But, maybe, after all, they know that even after election, Hillary is still a person to be reckon with.

Good job though because with your continued jabbing in Hillary, you are pushing her to lead the torch in the Resistance. ✊🏼

Grav-Hammers and Grifshots

My darling friend @a-taller-tale asked me for some Carolina and Grif bonding over sweet weaponry, and I am so here for this you have no idea.

Pairings: None

Warnings: references to the Director’s suicide.


“Here,” Carolina said, tossing the alien gun back to Grif. “In one piece.”

Grif hugged it to his chest possessively, squinting at her. “So you’re done?”

“I found out what I needed to know,” she said. Her mouth was twitching slightly beneath her helmet.

“Stop laughing at me, lady, you don’t know what it’s like. Every time I get a new fucking badass weapon, it gets snatched away and I never see it again.”

“That’s not true,” she objected. “I’ve lost plenty of weapons.”

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