i still blame david for this

Isn’t It Rich? Are We a Pair? - All-Broadway All-Musical Narumitsu Fanmix


Hey everyone, I’ve started the process of reuploading my old fanmixes to Playmoss so that people can actually LISTEN to them ever since 8tracks started sucking. So the obvious choice for the first one is my pride and joy, my sappy romantic All-Broadway fanmix for Phoenix/Miles from Ace Attorney.

Fanmix cover art by mustachossom.

Tracklist and notes under the cut here.

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We need to talk about Jared Leto

I have been seeing so much unnecessary, unkind, undeserved hate towards Jared Leto, and none of it is justified.

I really want to know what’s so bad about him being in blade runner? People hate the fact that he’s a supporting role and why exactly? This doesn’t effect your life, if you aren’t a fan of Jared Leto and don’t like watching movies of him, then the solution is simple, don’t!

Why do people feel the need to comment hateful things on a person only because they aren’t looking forward to their casting role? I’m all for opinions, it’s ok to have an opinion. But when your opinion starts to cross a line of disrespect for another human being is where I get angry.

Your opinion shouldn’t be so important as to put a persons confidence down. All these people are constantly saying “no discrimination” “everyone deserves love” “peace and freedom” “you do you” and then you go and completely push down those morals you have all set up.

I’d love to see you try to go out in the acting world where you are being judged 24/7 and I want to see you get really excited for a role and work so hard to play and put so much time into it, and then see reviews such as “I hate you” “your acting sucks” “kill yourself” “this movie sucks because you’re in it” “I was excited to see this movie but then I saw you were in it”
How about you get all of that on your social media, when your a human just trying to fulfill your dreams and work really hard at it? I’m sure it sucks

It’s a good thing he doesn’t dwell on that stuff, even though it still must be hard. Because the sad thing is that he is an amazing actor, one of the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen an actor like jared Leto in my life. He gets so passionate about his roles and so dedicated and he does so good.

And by the way, Jared Leto as The joker is badass. No matter what you say. I don’t think he did amazing in suicide squad only because I blame the script writer which I’m pretty sure was David Ayer, the script was not fit for the joker and it did not do his take on the joker justice. (No pun intended). And if you don’t like his look, don’t blame him, it was the costume and makeup team that decided his look for him.

I even saw a post saying that Margot Robbie and will smith were perfectly cast for suicide squad but DC disrespected them when they decided to cast Jared as joker. That appalled me. He worked so hard and I actually think he is a fantastic joker, I also think he can go really far with this role, but he needs better scripts and better movie time which isn’t his fault.

I say to out due this hate and actually send some awesome positive messages to Jared, even some fan art.


I don’t know what you text to a girlfriend this morning and I sure don’t want to find out through trial and error. Last night, she never came over because an hour into the election, at the sight of the first numbers, she stopped knowing how to interact with the world and couldn’t get out of bed. I share that deeply private fact without fear of embarrassing her, not because embarrassing women was legalized in last night’s referendum, but because she’s numb. If I texted her for permission to share her numbness, I’d get the same response as if I asked her to eat a submarine. “Okay,” she’d reply. “I’m going to try to sleep. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

I had no part in doing this to her, right? My state is blue, we legalized weed and protected Riley Reid’s workplace last night, and between being called an MRA, a douche and a pig by folks that remember me comparing Season 4 of Community to rape, I’m more often these days called an SJW cuck, which I like, because it sounds like someone younger than me. I want to be relevant and woke and lit and Pokémon to the max. Which is why I quietly rooted for Bernie but saw the Democratic primaries as being too sensitive to benefit from my loud mouth, and when Bernie conceded, I quietly switched to the only candidate that wasn’t anti-vaccination, anti-immigration or that Gary guy. I played my part in this whole thing just fine from beginning to end. So I’m off the hook with my shell shocked girlfriend, right?

No, because I played my part begrudgingly. And if I had known these results were possible, I wouldn’t have put an adverb on my playing of it. Except maybe “humbly” or “apologetically” or “extra cuckily” Because, at the risk of riling up anyone that will only see the political aspect of this personal confession: I know this wasn’t about emails.

If you feel it was, nothing bad is going to happen to you if you walk away from this post. I can assure you, I’m not challenging or invalidating the results of an election you see as a win. Fair play and all that. I’m glad we didn’t have a civil war.

But I want to leave a message here to my numb girlfriend that can’t work as tweets or texts or my trademark pillow talk babbling. And I guess there’s a few ex-lovers and coworkers that I hope read this too. Women that have reason not to believe I’m on their side.

The message starts with the obvious, I’m sorry. But what I’ve learned in my cuck SJW workshops is that saying “I’m sorry” isn’t an apology. A full apology is an acknowledgment of the offense, an expression of remorse and a commitment to change.

The remorse, that’s easy. I feel bad she lost and that I assumed she’d win and therefore was a dick about it. I’m all remorse this morning, I’d cut a pinky off if it let my girlfriend face the world today, smiling the way she was the last time I saw her. I don’t know if I’d be capable of actually doing the pinky cutting, I think that’s something a full on Trump guy would be better at, and if it were possible, I would like to be knocked out or at least anesthetized for the removal, because I’m a cuckity cuckimus maximus beta mega cucksuck. But I’d donate the finger and more to make this unhappen. Remorse expressed.

Acknowledgment of the crime is the one that’s going hurt and upset people because it’s confession to a crime that is life long and confusing and that won’t stop just because I confessed it.

I acknowledge that until this election, I have always felt, on some level, that although women weren’t getting a fair shake, it probably “kind of evened out” in other ways. No I can’t tell you what that means in detail because I’ve never actually consciously parsed the thought, and that’s the crime, I’ve just walked around with it. “It’s clearly harder to be a woman in this society,” I’d think, “but it’s probably easier in other ways. And in any case, one thing we know for sure…it’s different.” I do a podcast every week in which I’m constantly running my mouth about race and gender but my goal in doing so, I see now, has always been less to investigate, grow or connect and more to figure out how to make people like me (yes that last 43 years was me trying to make you like me, yes I know how sad and funny that is). I’ve kept one eye on the ever morphing fashion of gender discourse and the other eye on my own survival as a primate and figured I was, underneath it all, a feminist because my thoughts about women were never “they suck” or “they’re dumb” or “I want to hurt them.”

Now I see the crime starts so much earlier in the thought process than that. In figuring out how to survive as a frightened man, I’ve built every thought about people on a foundational assumption that the sexually reproductive dichotomy we inherited from life as old as plants was a more important dichotomy, regardless of context, than any other difference between two humans you could name.

And hey, sometimes that emphasis on sexual dichotomy is fun, or benign, or even progressive feeling, like when two men of two different complexions are so busy bonding about how women be shopping that they’re accidentally something other than racist for a second.

And then last night this thing happened. This thing that we know was not about emails. And not about the tangled roots of semi-documented corruption and not about revoked promises of walls or recanted suspicions about birthplaces, or anything you could name outside of that one thing that has us more divided than all our divisive specialities put together. This thing that has had us all so divided since before this country was a glint in its explorers’ eyes, that last night, with no ways left to express the division subtly, we walked up to the concept of our first lady president, gave it some thought, and walked away having opted for the first President to call Mexicans rapists in the same year he was charged with raping a 13 year old girl.

And I really hope you’re not still reading this if it’s making you want to argue with me. I don’t want to argue. There is no debate here to be had and we can all agree debates have stopped mattering because we also just elected the first President to blame flaming out in a debate on the moderator’s menstruation.

There I go to my comfort zone. Anger, babbling, competition, show everybody what a dramatic underdog hero you are. That’s the part of me represented by this election, that’s the part of me that got our first David Duke endorsed President into an office where he has access to the camera in your laptop and that’s the part of me I want to apologize for, which means to express remorse for, acknowledge the existence of, and finally, most importantly, to commit to changing.

I’m never going to secretly suspect anyone of exaggerating again when they tell me they don’t feel supported, or that they feel attacked. I’m going to take everything people tell me about the challenges facing them at face value and make it my goal to help them get their elusive fair shake however they can. And I’m going to take that part of my thought process that recognizes another human’s gender or race, and rather than nobly ignoring it or hilariously calling it out, I’m going to remove it from the foundation of my thoughts and just put it over to the side, where it’s as significant as someone’s horoscope and says as much about their needs as their height or weight or number of limbs, which is to say, sometimes a lot, sometimes not at all, but never by default. I am going to stop trying to find meaning in chaos by categorizing people, no matter how optimistic or supportive those categories might seem. They’ll never be fair and they’ll never lead to me doing right by anyone.

I’m not going to achieve this new thinking by typing it, I’m going to change it the way my therapist says change works: by behaving and speaking like a person that already lives in that world and letting my neurology gradually adapt. By slowing my thoughts down at the top of judgments and practicing the observation of my own brain in even the most common moments. By disrupting my mental routines even when I don’t perceive them as existing, in every encounter I have with every human being, even while I’m just laying in bed alone, running simulations of others. I’m going to stop expecting things like fairness and respect from the world and start seeing what happens when I become the source of those things. I’m going to stop making it my business to punish and reward others and defending myself. I’m going to try to figure out what the people that enter my life need in the moment of their entrance and make unique real time decisions about my relationship with them. No, I’m not going to be nicer to anyone on Twitter. Twitter is a fucking toilet. Don’t meet people in a toilet if you want to have a healthy encounter. I go there to shit on the planet and make jokes.

And if it takes me until the moment before I randomly die, I’m going to focus on making the space around me an effective advertisement for a decent world. Without expecting the world to buy into it. I don’t control the world. I don’t control other people. I control whether or not I surrender. I control when my walls come down, when the bullshit stops and whatever’s behind the walls joins whoever’s near me.

Whatever this is isn’t going to get better by getting longer. It also stopped behind honest in the last paragraph because my girlfriend came over and is now sitting next to me and I’m not interacting with her because I’m trying to finish this. I don’t know how to finish writing things. And I don’t know what people need or what they’ve been through or what hurts them and when it’s me. Cody, I’m sorry about last night, about the thing with the guy with the hair and the stuff. I acknowledge my role in it, I feel bad about it and I’m going to change the only part of it I can change. I love you. You deserve better.

Everybody reading this deserves better. Maybe this is how we end up getting it.

Or maybe this is how the statue of liberty ends up buried on a beach up to its armpits in Planet of the Apes. I always wondered what the hell could make that happen.

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More "Protection" series! Bessie using the power of Gossip to get the jerks blacklisted or otherwise ruin their lives. And the Mayor reaching out with an olive branch and an opportunity for them not to be jerks and well...if they reject it, The Mayor Does What He Wants *plays saxaphone off*

If you wanna catch up on the Protective Series, they’re all here on ao3! This one should be there soon too.

I’m glad YOU had an idea of how I could include these two. Thanks for this! Bessie is seriously underrated.

Bonus: The jerks have names! Hopefully that makes things less confusing XD

(also there is a readmore, just an fyi. You’ll thank me later, this got LONG)

It was late at night when Milford Meanswell let himself into Bessie Busybody’s house.

“Bessie? Are you here?” Milford called. He heard her voice in the kitchen and wandered in. She was sitting at the table, talking into the phone and playing with the cord. In front of her was a pad of paper and a pen.

“Margret, if you could pull that off, it would be divine!” She was saying. Milford tried to get her attention but she waved him off impatiently, “Tell everyone you know! We’re boycotting the paper until they do something about him! … Oh don’t you worry about that. I’m sure I’ll find something. … Good night, dear. Thanks again.” 

Bessie hung up and turned to Milford, “You’ll never guess what I’ve been up to!” she said excitedly.

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oh my god you guys. i’ve reached 500 followers and im still shook. you guys are so great. i can’t. thank you so much for following me. you guys are all amazing. such amazing writers i follow and rp with. i cant even. imma get lovey af so click the read more. everyone mentioned below, you should go follow because i love them all v much. i’m probs going to leave out a bunch of quality blogs (especially if you’ve changed url’s and i didn’t know) but just know i love every single one of you and i love seeing your presence on my dash. again, thanks so much for following me !! 

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What I liked about Kilgrave was, he wasn’t a villain who was trying to take over the world. His goals are much more selfish. He’s just interested in himself. There’s something wonderfully kind of fascinating about the idea of a human being who gets his ability and how he would handle it and whether anyone could remain a moral individual in those circumstances. It makes us all start to imagine how we would cope. If every person you met gave you everything you wanted unthinkingly, without any conflict, who is to say we wouldn’t all become a Kilgrave? There’s no argument to do anything else. And if you can’t …it’s almost really impossible to blame him for what he does — but perhaps I’m biased.
—  David Tennant, The Washington Post
Last Night (Submission)

Can I just say that Babs is STILL blaming all of Jenelle’s partners and making excuses for Jenelle?! “It’s 90% David, it’s always been Kieffer’s fault, or Nathan’s or Courtland’s. Yes, Jenelle has co-dependency issues, but she’s responsible for her own decisions. And she tells David a Lot of what to say and do. That whole. oh yeah, what was it Nathan texted you last night? bit was entirely set up by her. I’m going to ask you like this David, and then you say ____. She has a full time Manny now, she could finish her program or start doing something else towards her future whenever she wanted. I knew when she fell out with this family shit would hit the fan. They’re well known around there and no doubt have more dirt than they’ve spilled so far. Jenelle probably caught on to that, seeing as how she’s exactly like them, and limited what his sisters were told.

I absolutely did think it was stupid of Gary to refer to Amber and sex in front of Leah and Kristina. It’s disrespectful to Kristina to speak of his sex life with Amber for no reason and I doubt he’d like it if she said something like that in front of her. He ‘plays’ too much. It’s embarrassing enough without your dad asking you on camera. Amber, that’s your conscience screaming at you, Don’t do this!! Or God. You know the saying, first He throws pebbles, then he whacks you over the head. He’s whacking you. You don’t have to worry about being alone, although you could stand to be for awhile. But trust and believe a better guy will come along, just end it.

I can relate to Larry and Jen. When people ask you to help so much (or you just do, which they did for a very long time) you get very attached and miss the child terribly when they’re gone. Maci wanted Bentley over there on the weekends a lot when he was younger and she did a whole lot of partying while Jen and Larry kept him. It’s hard to just turn that off. She forgets she didn’t make much to begin with and struggled some, living in various apartments etc. I remember when she didn’t have the money for a cake mix and frosting for Bentley’s first birthday. Jen and Larry have bought so much for Bentley and spent so much time with him, I feel so bad for them. I raised my nephew from 6 months to 3 years, between his mom and I (as in, not legally, she just wrote out a statement and handed him over like a puppy). When she found out I was starting back to work and my mother was going to watch him 2 days and I was going to get vouchers for daycare for 3, she pitched a fit and said she wanted him back. I wanted to make her call the cops but my husband was scared of kidnapping charges. Not to mention she’d done it before and always turned him back over after a day or two. Instead, she dropped him with his paternal aunt, where his two sisters were, and went into labor with the fourth. The baby had drugs in it’s system and all three were decided by CPS to be left with the other aunt while the investigation went on. My husband and I were so devastated we could barely look at each other, let alone talk about it without bawling. It’s hard to go from seeing a child frequently to hardly at all. At lease Ryan’s admitted he ‘created this monster’ by letting them take over. But I’ve noticed the same thing: whenever Ryan would say, come on Bentley let’s practice baseball, Larry would say, he’s relaxing, let him be a kid. Or when Ryan told him, rightfully, that he wasn’t going to talk back like that and tell him what he was and wasn’t going to do, Jen was there to cuddle and baby him. They undermine him all the time. So I can def see both sides, but I do think Maci should be more understanding of their feelings.

Cate and Ty are lazy ass parents. When Nova was on the horse and Tyler said get down, Nova hollered NO. Tyler was like, fine, don’t. Um, that’s when you GET UP and say, you don’t tell me 'no’, time out. And Cate just lets her do whatever she wants. Not many parents just let their kid unravel rolls of paper towels. Pretty easy to break em of it. Mine always loved opening the cabinets and taking out the pots and pans, or clearing off the bookshelves. Ok, because there’s no waste happening there. Trees died for nothing for that roll of tp lol. They need to teach her how to behave and they’re just acting like it’s all adorable and her just being a kid and not bothering to correct at all. Then wonder why she’s so wild.


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“Shit,” I muttered, as the unfamiliar glow of blue and red pulsed behind me. “I’m not even fucking speeding." 

 I pulled my car along the side of the road and turned on my hazard lights. Watching closely as a man walked up to my car, I turned the radio off and rolled down my car window. 

 "Good morning, Maisie.”

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Much Ado About Nothing (2011)

favourite scene (2/2)
the way she basically, verbally, slaps him in the face with whatever happened between them prior to the setting of the actual play. Especially the last gif: contempt, anger, hurt and I think underneath all that she is just really tired of fighting - and not only does he let her vent, he also accepts the blame she throws at him.

20 somethings//the older i get, the less i know [a playlist]

love me/the 1975 || sofa song/the kooks || a new england/billy bragg || kids/childish gambino || still take you home/arctic monkeys || bad blood/bastille || there’s always someone cooler than you/ben folds || no. 1 party anthem/arctic monkeys || the lazy song/bruno mars || naïve/the kooks || all over/cruisr || inbetween days/the cure || unwashed and somewhat slightly dazed/david bowie || shores of california/dresden dolls || everyday i write the book/elvis costello and the attractions || young volcanoes/fall out boy || whistle for the choir/the fratellis || at least i’m not as sad (as i used to be)/fun. || cassy o’/george ezra || someone new/hozier || community college/jan dulay || blame game/kanye west feat. john legend || i like you better when you’re not around/kate miller-heidki || i don’t care/fall out boy || sister/kate nash || sexotheque/la roux || ribs/lorde || sex yeah/marina and the diamonds || i’m not okay (i promise)/my chemical romance || dear god please help me/morrissey || don’t you want to share the guilt/kate nash || walk of shame/p!nk || the love club/lorde || campus/vampire weekend || are you satisfied?/marina and the diamonds || are you fucking kidding me?/kate miller-heidki || we hate it when our friends come successful/morrissey || i think ur a contra/vampire weekend || heaven knows i’m miserable now/the smiths || sex/the 1975

a poem

The caw of wretched smiles, and we sacrifice.
We’ll keep me bound to call the dead (to carthage then i witnessed in my body.
We invoke the collection of virgin’s blood to sky.
I still cannot find a marat david.
Stay tame, soft river, the walls of black halls beneath this filthy city.
“ next time to blame we are all lay with reason so pure remnants of us blind.
That is no wise woman’s failed to lose track of flesh tickle my dear, so we will end, in dreams.
Dance to know when i opened one another.
As we will not a drop of tracing rings around this day i just a cool grey, a figure.
The pain of flesh on the page.

the anti love triangle ya book masterpost

are you done with reading a young adult book that springs a love triangle upon you and you HATE IT SO MUCH (i might be a little more passionate about my hatred than is healthy…) and you just wish you could find good books that incorporate romance without love triangles??? your wish is my command :-) to make it easier for you, i’ve organized the list by genre under the cut  (and yes i realize there are more books than this but i’m lazy and it’s hard to find these bc honestly i think love triangles are like the annoying fad)

* all books with series are followed by the number of books in the series in parenthesis and are listed by the name of the first book, which is guaranteed love triangle free. i tried my best to only pick series where the entirety is free of love triangles, but i may have slipped up and made a mistake here and there

** this list was, sadly, hard to put together :-(

*** i am extremely apologetic for the lack of science fiction books. blame authors

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Alien³ (1992), David Fincher

While I’m not sure I can fully blame David Fincher for this lackluster Alien film based on his claims of excessive studio interference (and since I watched the 2003 Extended Cut, which apparently Fincher had no involvement with whatsoever), I can still blame him, and the writers, for creating the grossly machismo overtones which play throughout here, along with it’s lack of nearly any suspense and for giving Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley such a decelerated (fake) ending, so it’s really just the overall look and design of the film which ultimately make it watchable, no matter how disappointing.

Metacritic: 59, RT: 44%, IMDb: 6.4


Who has 2 thumbs, liked my 4 tweets from last night’s supernatural episode and made me forget how to breathe because of that? Right! DAVID DID THAT!!!!!!! ♡♡♡♡ Waaaaaay too much in love with him as Mr Ketch..good lord..I’m too hard in love with him in general! He’s such a precious baby and a damn talented actor and I’m still happy he’s part of our #SPNFamily srsly I hope he gets to be on this show for a while now!
And that fight scene..it shouldn’t have turned me on but oh well who can blame me haha
Mr Ketch is all of my kinks as a person hahahahaha fuuuuuuck too deep into it again I need to stop that post before it gets embarrassing lololol ok bye 🤐😶

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Let's be real, David's probably still pissed at you, he's just doing what he always does...putting Emma first.

I would not blame him for harboring some anger, but he’s treated me like family and accepted my intention to marry his daughter.

Something he could not do unless he truly believed that I had changed.  

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I agree with you about the andrea and zane popularity thing. I don't want zane to gain popularity because of who he is dating and same with Andrea bc anytime something like that happens with couples the break up announcements are always so negative, which is something that happened/still happens with Andrea. I also thinks it's so random that they are interested in each other again when the entire vlog squad is pretty poppin on YouTube right now

Andrea still gets so much shit because of Kian, which is crazy. I feel like Zane and Andrea are a good match and will have a good time together, but so much unnecessary drama comes out of these public relationships…hopefully they’ll be able to avoid all of it. we can blame David for Zandrea, he recruited her for Todd but Zane snatched her away lmao

Multi-Author Prompt

Thanks to @flslp87 and @ilovemesomekillianjones for coming up with this mutl-author prompt! “David’s reaction to walking in on CS in a compromising position/private moment.”

I managed to even keep mine G-rated for lulz. I hope you enjoy it, as it’s quite silly! I apologize for my lateness. I was supposed to finish up yesterday, but was in a NyQuil coma for most of the day. But here I am now!

To see what other authors have come up with, check out my fellow participants!

For all the stories, check out the master post: http://flslp87.tumblr.com/post/150487889501/cs-group-prompt-master-post-updated-150pm-est

@areyousittingcomfortably @bromfieldhall @captainswanismyendgame @charmingturkeysandwich @eala-captian @flslp87 @hungrywhovianpotterheadfrom221b @ilovemesomekillianjones @itwastruelove @krustybunny @lassluna @mahstatins @pocket-anon @profoundlyfadedprincess @singingisfun @snowbellewells @stubble-sandwich @thegirlwhowaited82 @totheendoftheworldortime @whismicallyenchantedrose @wordsmith-storyweaver @xhooksjigglypuffx

Also, a special thanks to @ilovemesomekillianjones for helping me come up with some of the lines. :)

So, without further ado, I give you:

Adventures in Babysitting

David approached the door to the loft, and groaned when he heard squeaky bed springs, and the dull thud of a headboard hitting the wall.

He knew asking Emma to babysit meant that she’d bring Killian along, but he thought she had better sense than to act like a teenager with no supervision. The last thing he wanted to do was barrel in there, gun aimed at the pirate’s head, but dammit, this was his house, and they were supposed to be watching the baby, not fooling around-

“Oh my god,” he heard Emma gasp, “it’s huge!”

That was something he didn’t need to know.

Another thud, followed by a groan, and then a giggle sounded through the walls, and David was ready to die right there on the spot. He checked his watch, and grumbled quietly to himself. They knew he’d be back about now. Surely they hadn’t lost track of time after only a couple hours, had they?

“Be quiet, or you’ll wake Neal up,” Emma laughed.

“Don’t touch it! It’s sensitive!” Killian shouted, “dammit Swan, I did not agree to this torture!”

To say Killian’s cries were odd, considering the situation, was an understatement. What the hell was going on up there? Part of him really didn’t want to know, but another part knew that he had to go into the house eventually. After all, he had to rescue his son’s mid afternoon nap!

“Hold still, you big baby.” She sounded both amused, and irritated at the same time.

“Bloody hell, that hurts!”

He knew he couldn’t just sit out here and cringe all afternoon, so, with a heavy sigh, David opened the door. He tried to be as quick, and as quiet as possible. The situation was horrible enough, he didn’t want to make it even more traumatic for himself.

That was until he heard Emma shriek.

“Get off me!”

All bets were off when the struggle began. He rushed upstairs, and found his very pissed off daughter pinned down by a very smug pirate. He was relieved to find them both fully dressed, but now, he was just confused. “What the hell is going on up here?”

Both of them startled, and looked over at him.

“Your daughter is trying to murder me!” Killian complained. The distraction was just what Emma needed to gain the upper hand and flip him back over.

Were those… tears in the pirate’s eyes?

“Just use your magic, Swan, please! Stop torturing me!”

“Magic or no magic, you have to hold still, Killian!”

“You don’t have to touch it!” He snapped.

“Help me!” Emma pleaded with her father.

David finally jumped in, and helped Emma hold the now very angry pirate down. He watched as she grabbed Killian’s wrist, and examined his hand. “Just give me a second,” she said, “and hold still!” Defeated, Killian stopped resisting. “I swear,” Emma continued, as she waved her hand over his, “you’ve been through a hell of a lot worse. I’ve never seen anyone get so worked up over a splinter!”

They both let go of Killian, who sat up, and looked over his hand. “It was a big splinter,” he protested, “and it never would have happened-”

“Don’t you dare blame my brother on this one,” she scolded.

“Wait,” David interrupted, “all this for a splinter?”

Emma held up the offending chunk that had wedged its way into Killian’s hand. David’s eyes practically popped out of their sockets. No wonder Killian had thrown a fit. “He was teaching Neal how to slide across the floor in his socks,” she explained, “and Killian lost control, and tried to use the breakfast bar for some balance.”

“I really should sand that thing…” David mused.

“Aye,” Killian growled, “you really should, mate.”

“Maybe next time you two could just…argue about it a little quieter?” David asked. He was grateful that he hadn’t walked in on a father’s worst nightmare, but damn if all the noise hadn’t given him a heart attack.

“Sorry,” Emma looked over at Killian, who promptly apologized as well.

It was all water under the bridge now. Everything was okay, and he didn’t have to kill a pirate. “Let’s forget it,” he smiled. “Thanks for watching Neal. We owe you. Hey, why don’t you meet your mom and I for lunch at Granny’s in an hour or so? My treat.”

“That’s sweet, dad,” Emma said, “but can we take a rain check? Killian and I already had plans to go for tacos today.”

David fainted.

While they were playing hide and seek, David Crespi grabbed a knife from his kitchen and killed his twin daughters Samantha and Tessara (5) by stabbing them multiple times on January 20th, 2006.

After, he called 911 and turned himself in. He pleaded guilty and got two life sentences without parole.

David had been battling a severe depression, insomnia and suicidal thoughts that had turned into homicidal. One week before the murders, he had been given Prozac, which mixed with Lunesta, Ambien and Trazodone.

According to his wife Kim, that mix is what drove David to kill their daughters. She’s stood by him since day one, and is still leading a crusade against anti-depressants and to set her husband free. “Why should I blame him? Because he killed our daughters? They are fine, we are not,” she said, blaming their predicament on psychiatrists and bad diagnosis.

I sing the blues (and swallow them too)

Summary: In which Phil is a thunderstorm and Dan is captivated. 

(Otherwise known as the teacher!au)

Genre: Angsty fluff

Word count: 5.4k (I know I’m sorry)

Trigger Warnings: none (I don’t think please let me know if there are)

(author’s note at end)

Dan slammed his mug against the draining board a little too hard considering the sun was shining. The remaining coffee lashed against the sides of the mug, spitting out in protest. Dan could feel a headache coming on. And the guy was still telling the same story.

The walls peeled orange paint that had long since faded into beige. Strategically placed frames hung over chips in walls, but they were overrunning. They owned all the walls. There was little they could do but sit upon their chairs like moss upon rocks and wait for the end. There was a fog that constantly clung to the windows no matter how much you scrubbed at them. But the capped man still cleaned them; every Wednesday at 10am, the scraping ladder pushed against the bricked wall, a race against the bell.

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anonymous asked:

You should write Killian reacting to his daughter's first date!

Thanks for the prompt, Nonnie! I hope you like it!

Killian struggles with his daughter attending her first dance. Good think Henry and David are there to help. Poor Philip never stood a chance. Happy helpings of Captain Swan, Captain Charming, and Captain Cobra.


Dancing Princesses

Over the years, Killian had come to better understand David Nolan. It was a process, of course, being that the pirate and the prince had a number of preconceived misconceptions about one another, compounded with the fact that Killian very much was trying to court David’s daughter. Killian did attempt to empathize with David’s feelings during the more tumultuous points their relationship, even if he tended to enjoy doing and saying whatever things possible to get a rise out of the so-called Prince Charming.

It wasn’t until the nurse had placed his newborn daughter into his arms that he really understood David, and the past few years of his fatherly protectiveness truly made sense. Fourteen years after that moment, well, no one could blame him for taking inspiration from David when a young lad came to pick up his daughter for her first dance.

Killian wasn’t exactly happy with this development. As far as he was concerned, his daughter was still the little girl that wanted nothing more than to play pirates and princess and for him to read her stories before bed, not the teenager who wished to dance with boys. It was his prerogative to think that way. After all, he was sure that David thought of Emma as the infant he placed in the wardrobe. Unfortunately, Emma didn’t feel the same.

“What do we even know about this boy?” Killian groused after their daughter announced that this boy had asked her to prom, and that she had said ‘yes’. “How do we know he isn’t some cad or a villain in disguise?”

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