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Isn’t It Rich? Are We a Pair? - All-Broadway All-Musical Narumitsu Fanmix


Hey everyone, I’ve started the process of reuploading my old fanmixes to Playmoss so that people can actually LISTEN to them ever since 8tracks started sucking. So the obvious choice for the first one is my pride and joy, my sappy romantic All-Broadway fanmix for Phoenix/Miles from Ace Attorney.

Fanmix cover art by mustachossom.

Tracklist and notes under the cut here.

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Not That He Cared Or Anything

It was sometime the next night when Max noticed something was off. After they had finally gotten in and out of sleepy peak general, and were safely back at camp, David was noticeably different. He seemed to be quieter, had less to say. He didn’t correct Max as much on his language, or try to reel Nikki in from almost breaking her arm in a recent tree climbing incident. Max originally believed that Daniel had possibly broken out of prison or wherever the hell they sent him, and taken over. But the unmistakable hum of the camp song coming from David in the early mornings was enough to render that point moot. Not that he cared or anything, but it would be smart to find out if the camp had been over run by a crazy imposter.
Max watched at breakfast, as David walked in. His smile smaller, yet more forced somehow. He sat alone-Max took note that he didn’t eat anything that morning. He just sat, fiddling with that yellow scarf of his in the same hideous shade of yellow their camp shirts were made of. He could’ve sworn David muttered something under his breath, but wasn’t about to question it.
Gwen walked into the mess hall a few moments later and sat down with some coffee and toast, unaware of how odd David was being.
“Hey, so the canoes are all set up.” She stated, not looking up from the trashy magazine she had brought to read.
David stiffened. “Canoes? Why?”
Gwen looked at him, unamused. “Because we’re teaching these heathens how to canoe today. I thought you read the camp itinerary.”
“I-I do! I guess my head has just been somewhere else…” he trailed off.
“Are you feeling okay Davey?”
David seemed to freeze up entirely at that. As though he was a computer trying to load. The look on his face was indescribable, but Max was sure he never wanted to see it again, and from the way Gwen was staring at him, he had a feeling she felt the same.
“David!” Gwen shook him and he seemed to snap out of his trance.
“What? Gwen? Oh, um sorry-I spaced out I suppose! Yeah yeah, I’m fine. I just haven’t been called Davey in a while and, um…” he trailed off, not wanting to say too much. Just…just give me a second to go and check the safety gear. You can never be too careful.“ He put on a fake smile and left the mess hall.
"What the fuck?” Gwen muttered, watching him leave.
Max got up and headed to the exit.
“Max, where are you going?” Neil asked.
“Gonna go see what the fuck David is doing. If he commits suicide then there’s a good chance Gwen will kill us by virtue of being left alone with us.” Yeah, that was why. He certainly didn’t care about David or anything.
He exited the mess hall and went to find David. He was standing alone nowhere near the water, muttering to himself.
“Keep it together…everything will be fine…keep it together…”
“David, what the fuck are you doing?”
David spun around. “M-max! When did you get here!?”
“Just now. What the hell are doing muttering to yourself in a corner? That’s the shit serial killers do.”
“Oh, nothing! Just repeating an old mantra to get my spirits up! Why don’t you go get ahead of the curb and put on your life vest-the rest of the camp will be out in a minute!” He ruffled Max’s hair and walked over to the canoes. He put on his life vest, but hesitated when he got close to the water. Taking a deep breath, he took a step closer and sat in one of the canoes.
The kids gathered around the canoes and put on their life vests quickly, all partnering up until their was one spot left for Max, and of course it had to be with David. Now typically a ride with David would be awful, but maybe Max could find out what was wrong with David. Not that he cared or anything, but if David was finally snapping he should at least be prepared to make a break for it before he went full axe murderer on the camp.
David did most of the rowing, and looked uncomfortable all the while. His eyes darted around wildly, his hands trembled as he paddled the ores, and he was visibly sweating though weather certainly wasn’t warm enough to warrant that.
“What the fuck is your problem?” Max asked suddenly, possibly too harsh.
“What do you mean?” He asked quickly and rather nervously.
“I mean, what the fuck is you problem? You’ve been acting weird ever since we got back from saving space kid. I don’t know what set you off, but you’re freaking me the fuck out.”
“I-I assure Max, it’s nothing.” David replied, though his body language indicated otherwise.
“Don’t fucking lie to me, camp man!”
“Max, I am not lying to you!”
By now they had the whole camps attention, though both took no notice.
“And anyway, you shouldn’t be concerned with me. I’m an adult, I can handle myself just fine!”
“Oh, you can handle yourself? Just like how you handled taking space kid to the hospital? Just like how you could handle being nice for a day? Just like how you could handle that fucking cultist!? He was going to kill you if I hadn’t messed with your emotions and he hadn’t poisoned himself!”
“You don’t think I didn’t know he was a cultist? You don’t think I didn’t know he was going to kill me? Max I was perfectly aware, but I figured that if anyone could fix it you could! You’re certainly much more capable with this kind of stuff-I would’ve got us all caught if I tried getting the police down to camp!”
“Well why didn’t you just take care of it instead of letting him get minutes away from killing you!? Why didn’t you attempt to fight him instead of standing there singing and doing nothing!?”
“Maybe because I wanted him to!” David suddenly yelled. “Maybe I wanted him to do me in because I deserved it!”
The shouting match had stopped, and David immediately smacked a hand over his own mouth, realizing what he had just shouted to the camp. But the couldn’t take his words back-he had just admitted something he swore to never reveal, and the whole camp had heard. His eyes were wide as dinner plates with pupils the size of pinpricks. Tears pricked the corners of his eyes, yet he didn’t notice. He entire body was shaking like a leaf. The camp was caught in a deafening silence.
“Campers, I think that’s enough canoeing for one day…” Gwen broke the uncomfortable and stunned silence, staring at David concernedly.
David paddled them back shore in complete silence. Max didn’t know what to say, and David couldn’t bare to even look him in the eyes. The canoes were pulled ashore.
Gwen hurriedly walked over to David, who had since calmed down and now just looked ashamed. Sad and ashamed.
“David, do you want to-”
“I’m…going on a hike. I need to be alone right now.” His voice sounded weak and broken. He looked over his shoulder to a sea of concerned and bewildered faces. The look on his face was heartbreaking. “I’m very sorry you had to see that campers.” He apologized, before walking off into the woods.
“Holy shit.” Max finally breathed.
“Should we do something?” Space kid asked, worried.
“Ith he going to be okay?” Nerris pondered.
“Kids, why don’t we go back to the mess hall. I’ll send someone to check on David. I’m sure he’s fine-probably just stressed.” Gwen tried to calm them, though her own worries made it difficult to do so.
“I’ll go.”
“Max?” Gwen turned to him. “Why would you-”
“If there’s anyone David is willing to talk to, it would be me. He’ll probably try to make it into some lesson about loving yourself or something. Anyway, he wouldn’t turn me away if I was going to willingly sit with him.” If David went and offed himself it would be blamed on Max for being in the canoe and fighting with, that’s why he was going. It’s not like he cared or anything.
He expected Gwen to object, but she simply nodded, knowing he was probably right. Max was his clear favorite, or at the very least, he spent much more time on Max than anyone else. Max took off, trying to figure out where he would’ve gone off to. He remembered the story David had told the kids in the car a few nights ago, and made an assumption that the Sleep Peak pine would be pretty important to him.
It took some wandering, but Max eventually found the tree-he supposed that hike David had taken him on to find a branch had some use after all-and sure enough, there was David. He was leaned against the tree, staring at his handkerchief with sad eyes. He pressed it close to his chest and hugged it there. As Max got closer, he heard David and finally realized what he had been muttering earlier in the mess hall.
“I’m sorry Jasper…I’m so sorry…” he sniffed.
“You’ve kept your camp shirt wrapped around your neck this whole time?” Okay, maybe not the best thing to open with, but Max didn’t have much else.
“It’s not mine, it was ‘his…’” Max didn’t have to work too hard to figure out who 'he’ was “Well, one of his anyway.” David responded quietly. He turned to Max. 'Why are you out here? I’m not around to force any camp activities on you, and now your hiking on your own?“
"Hey, someone had to make sure you didn’t kill yourself. If you did than I’d get blamed and you know how much the cops just love to find reasons to blame minorities and-” David cut Max off before he could go into a tirade.
“I wasn’t planning on it. I told you, I just needed some time.”
“Could’ve fooled us back there.”
David winced at his words, but sighed and nodded in acceptance. He moved over, giving Max a place to sit, which he took.
“I suppose you’re right.” He half-heartedly laughed, with no smile to be seen.
“That story you told us in the car was a lie, wasn’t it?”
“Not entirely. The basic story remained the same. Just with a lot more swearing, and I still wasn’t exactly in love with Camp Campbell afterwards. I didn’t hate it anymore, but I didn’t love it as much as I do now.”
“Figured. So, Jasper didn’t die in that story, huh?”
“No, surprisingly he really did survive all of that.”
“What happened then?”
David was quiet for a moment, staring at the shirt. Finally, he opened his mouth.
“It was the end of the year. Jasper and I had become closer. I still considered him the best camper, even if he was having doubts. Even when he thought this capm sucked he worked hard to make everyone feel loved and needed. He wanted to make the campers as happy as possible, no matter how hard it was. One night Jasper decided he wanted to see Campbell’s summer home on spooky island-find those bears Cameron had killed. We weren’t allowed to go, but I wouldn’t let Jasper go it alone. We snuck out after hours and stole a canoe. We made it over fine but when we decided to go home…” he struggled to continue. “A storm had started…w-we thought we could get across, it wasn’t that far.” The bit his lip. “The canoe tipped. By that time there were people searching for us, but we weren’t seen in the storm and the dark. We kept trying to swim but the waves were choppy and fast and we couldn’t get up. Jasper h-he, managed to get me on top of the canoe. I tried to save him-I tried so hard to pull him on with me but the waves kept coming pushing us apart! They wouldn’t let up! I kept reaching but he kept getting farther and farther and farther and-!” He couldn’t bring himself to say it.
“He drowned, didn’t he?” Max asked, finishing his sentence.
David nodded, the tears pouring once again. “By the time someone got us out of there, I had passed out from the water in my lungs and the hypothermia. They pulled Jasper out and they tried to resuscitate us but…I-I was the only who woke up…”
“And now you think it’s your fault he died because he saved you and you couldn’t return the favor. And you’ve been so freaked because after telling us that story all those bad memories flooded back.”
David let out another half, chuckle. “You’re a smart kid, Max. A really smart kid…I want you to be happy here. As happy as I am. But I hope you never have to go through what I went to get there.” He stared off into the distance, thinking. “Jasper did everything he could to make Camp Campbell a safe haven for everyone-to make everyone as happy as possible. I figured that if I couldn’t save him, the least I could do was carry on his goal.
"Do you think Jasper would want you to live with guilt like that? Because that’d be pretty fucked of him.”
“No. But he’s not around anymore is he? I would never kill myself though, that I promise. It wouldn’t be right after what he did to keep me alive.” He pulled out his wallet and pulled a wrinkled old photo from it. “I always keep it with to remind me what I’m living for. What I’m doing all of this for.”
Max looked at it, a picture of David and Jasper. Their arms were linked and both seemed so happy. Max recognized that face and suddenly he had the terrifying thought that Nikki may have been right about ghosts on Spooky Island. Max stared at the photo, pondering whether to tell David he had met a Jasper who looked just like this not too long ago.
“Maybe another time…” Max thought. David would probably just think it was a cruel joke anyway, and even for Max that was too far.
“Don’t tell Mr. Campbell I told you about Jasper. If he found out he’d kill us both.”
Max assumed it to be a joke, but knowing Campbell he might’ve been entirely serious.
“You ready to go back to camp?” Max asked.
“I think I’m gonna sit here a little longer. Take in the view. The sunset is incredible from here.”
“Well, I guess I’m gonna have to stay here and make sure you don’t do anything stupid.” Max responded, feeling himself relax.
David, for the first time in a while, looked at him with a genuine smile. “Thanks Max.”
“Yeah yeah. If you tell anyone about this I swear to god I’ll stab you while you sleep.”
“Duly noted.”
David was right, the sunset was amazing. Max stretched, feeling exhausted from the events of the day and leaned against David. David put an arm around Max and he’d him closer-like a half hug. It was comforting, and sense of warmth filled Max’s chest as his overzealous counselor smiled down at him, making it known how lucky David thought he was to have kid like Max around with a single look. Not the he cared or anything. Well…maybe he cared a little.

But imagine Aromantic Max at, like, the age of 20-something and while he’s not interested in romantic relationships, he still wants a kid. He’s thinking about adoption when Nikki pipes up like “Hey, man, you want a kid? I can hook you up. I’ll be your baby mama!”

Max is like “Never phrase it like that again.” but he is really grateful that she’d be willing to do that for him. The entire time before the actual process happens, he’s like “Nikki, are you SURE about this? Pregnancy can be AWFUL, and I won’t judge you if you want to back out.”

Nikki laughs and is like “Are you kidding? People get the weirdest fucking cravings while pregnant. Some people eat dirt! I could eat as much dirt as I want and no one could judge me because I’d be pregnant! Also when it kicks, it’ll be like that one scene in Alien! How cool will that be?! I wanna try it at least once!”

That reasoning is enough to nearly make Max rethink his decision, but Nikki quickly assures him she’s kidding. Mostly. She still wants to eat dirt. Even in her twenties, she is a nature girl at heart and she is going to shove fistfuls of dirt into her mouth and no one is going to fucking stop her. Max says if his kid is a nature lover, she’s going to be the first person he blames, and David will be the second (spoilers: the kid LOVES nature and camping and Max is forever ‘bitter’ at the two of them).

Tidbits from the Legion panel:

  • Season Two will air early 2018 and will have 10 episodes, 2 more than season one.
  • Wonder Woman’s Saïd Taghmaoui will play Amahl Farouk in the second season.
  • Regarding a Professor X appearance, Noah Hawley says: “We’re working on it.” As to which actor: “whoever will do it.”  
  • Aubrey Plaza on unleashing Shadow King: “The most fun kind of work is figuring out how a psychopath moves around." 
  • Jean Smart on Melanie Bird : "She’s in love with a popsicle and hasn’t had sex in 20 years." 
  • Hawley on Season 2 flashbacks: "We know David’s story pretty well now, but we don’t know everyone’s." 
  • We will see a lot more of Melanie and Ptonomy’s pasts. 
  • Are Cary and Kerry siblings or parent-child? That’s a debate still between Bill Irwin and Amber Midthunder.
  • Aubrey Plaza wants to perform an in-character musical number to Ain’t Goin’ Down Til the Sun Comes Up by Garth Brooks.
  • Hawley says the challenge for David in S2 is that he can’t blame bad things he does on Shadow King anymore.
  • Rachel Keller said she’s looking forward to Sydney realizing her powers can be used for good, rather a curse, as she had previously looked at it. [x]
  • Jeremie Harris on Ptonomy:  “I think he’s definitely sitting on a lot of trauma. He’s fearless when it comes to expressing his opinion, because he’s seen so much.”
Marauders Playlists!!!

Just some songs that I think each other Marauders would have loved, and songs that I associate with them!  These are all late 60s / 70s / early 80s but if you guys want I can totally do a modern version too!

James Potter:

Sirius Black:

Remus Lupin:

Peter Pettigrew:

Lily Evans:

Feel free to reblog with any additions! :D 

Cait :) 

We need to talk about Jared Leto

I have been seeing so much unnecessary, unkind, undeserved hate towards Jared Leto, and none of it is justified.

I really want to know what’s so bad about him being in blade runner? People hate the fact that he’s a supporting role and why exactly? This doesn’t effect your life, if you aren’t a fan of Jared Leto and don’t like watching movies of him, then the solution is simple, don’t!

Why do people feel the need to comment hateful things on a person only because they aren’t looking forward to their casting role? I’m all for opinions, it’s ok to have an opinion. But when your opinion starts to cross a line of disrespect for another human being is where I get angry.

Your opinion shouldn’t be so important as to put a persons confidence down. All these people are constantly saying “no discrimination” “everyone deserves love” “peace and freedom” “you do you” and then you go and completely push down those morals you have all set up.

I’d love to see you try to go out in the acting world where you are being judged 24/7 and I want to see you get really excited for a role and work so hard to play and put so much time into it, and then see reviews such as “I hate you” “your acting sucks” “kill yourself” “this movie sucks because you’re in it” “I was excited to see this movie but then I saw you were in it”
How about you get all of that on your social media, when your a human just trying to fulfill your dreams and work really hard at it? I’m sure it sucks

It’s a good thing he doesn’t dwell on that stuff, even though it still must be hard. Because the sad thing is that he is an amazing actor, one of the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen an actor like jared Leto in my life. He gets so passionate about his roles and so dedicated and he does so good.

And by the way, Jared Leto as The joker is badass. No matter what you say. I don’t think he did amazing in suicide squad only because I blame the script writer which I’m pretty sure was David Ayer, the script was not fit for the joker and it did not do his take on the joker justice. (No pun intended). And if you don’t like his look, don’t blame him, it was the costume and makeup team that decided his look for him.

I even saw a post saying that Margot Robbie and will smith were perfectly cast for suicide squad but DC disrespected them when they decided to cast Jared as joker. That appalled me. He worked so hard and I actually think he is a fantastic joker, I also think he can go really far with this role, but he needs better scripts and better movie time which isn’t his fault.

I say to out due this hate and actually send some awesome positive messages to Jared, even some fan art.

Hidden Delights

… in which David follows Emma, Hook and Neal on the way to Dark Hollow, and regrets his choices immensely when they meet an unexpected obstacle that threatens to get way too personal.

( @phiralovesloki did the smutty version… this is the crack-y version. And it’s all @justanotherwannabeclassic‘s fault.)

David ignores his wife’s exasperated look as he turns towards the narrow path that leads deeper into the Neverland jungle. Ahead, out of sight already, he can still hear the crash and snap of branches and the crunch of footsteps on the leaf-strewn ground.

He knows that Emma is a grown woman. He knows that she doesn’t need him to protect her.

He also knows how Hook and Neal both look at her. And he really, really hates the idea of her traipsing around the jungle with Hook and Neal. The only way it could be worse would be if it was just one of them.

And, after all, if nothing happens, they need never know he was there.

His mind made up, David sets off in pursuit.

He can hear Hook’s voice up ahead. The words are unintelligible, but the tone is his usual mix of insolence and flirtation, setting David’s teeth on edge. Emma’s voice cuts him off, the words equally unclear, but she sounds sarcastic. David permits himself a smile.

The jungle gets thicker, and David quickens his steps a little to make sure that he won’t lose them. This brings him within earshot, just in time to hear Hook say, a little smugly, “—want me to show you, all you have to do is say the word, love.”

“I can manage just fine on my own.” Emma sounds annoyed, at least. Good.

“You’re the one who complained about your technique not working for you,” Hook says, still sounding far too smug.

David feels his fists clench.

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Endless Summer - Chapter Two

Pairing: David (Camp Camp) x Reader

Word Count: 1,470

(Chapter One)

Author’s Note: I am living vicariously through this fic because it is winter in Australia (although ‘winter’ is hardly the right word for it). I am absolutely loving writing this and I have the entire basic plot line planned out! Will hopefully have a chapter out every week until it finishes :) 

You were sitting alone in the mess hall, hands clasped around the mug radiating out the warmth from the coffee within. It was early - not even David was awake - but you had always loved waking up to watch the sunrise.

That’s why you hadn’t noticed the footsteps walking up behind you, and why the small cough caused you to jolt, sending droplets of scalding coffee spilling over your hands and wrists. You stopped yourself swearing, not wanting to set a bad example for who you assumed was a young camper, unable to sleep because of one reason or another.

Grabbing a thin napkin, you wiped off the coffee and turned around - a smile plastered on your face as you waited to solve whatever problem the mysterious camper had.

“Max?!” You were taken aback when you saw the cynical ten year old himself standing in front of you. “Is something wrong?” Immediately your mind jumped to the worst conclusions: Max had hurt himself, he was homesick, he woke up and everyone was missing.

“No… No.” He shook his head and couldn’t bring himself to meet your eyes. “I just need to ask you a fucking question, okay? And you have to promise to not speak a word of this to anyone. Especially not fuckin’ David.”

“Of - of course, Max. My lips are sealed.” You knew even approaching you this close to the start of camp was a big step for Max, and probably the reason why he chose to do it during the early hours of the morning.

“Were you, um, were you serious?” Max lifted his eyes up to meet yours, finally at eye level as he stood in front of your sitting figure.

“Serious when, Max?” Your brows were furrowed in concern for the young child, your nurturing instincts taking precedence over any logical thought.

“When you said you were a musician.” The strength and bite of his voice had petered off with that last sentence, replaced with what you thought was genuine curiosity.

“Yes!” You jumped up to your feet with overwhelming enthusiasm. Max stepped back in response, looking at you with an air of hesitancy. Apologising, not because you were sorry, but because you wanted to placate Max, you sat back down; ensuring you were once again at eye level with Max. “Any particular reason you wanted to know?”

“I just wondered if you’d, y’know, help me with it? Music, I mean.” You couldn’t bring yourself to speak, eyes wide and mouth stretched into a smile. All you could do was nod, stopping yourself from wrapping your arms around the kid and holding him close. “Fuck, you’re just as weird as David.” He moaned, massaging his temples with a free hand.

“Oh come on Max, David’s not that bad.” You had smiled at the mere thought of David - though you blamed it solely on the opportunity Max had presented you with.

“Uh huh.” He deadpanned, clearly losing interest. “Well, I’d appreciate if you’d get me out of literally every stupid ass activity David plans this summer.”

“Max, if you’re willing to listen to me and participate in at least three things David asks, you got yourself a deal.” Sticking out your right hand you waited for Max to reciprocate the action.

“I like the way you negotiate, Y/N.” Despite the lack of emotion (aside from annoyance) on Max’s face, he placed his hand in yours, shaking firmly. “But I swear to whatever god there is, if you so much as breathe a word of this to David I will run into the woods just to deliberately find a bear I can lead back to camp.”

“I look forward to it, Max.” Somehow you couldn’t wipe the grin off your face, the possibilities arising with the opportunity you were given to spend the extra time bonding with Max seemed to be endless. “Any specific areas you want to work on? Playing an instrument, singing, writing songs…?” You trailed off, reaching behind you to resume drinking your lukewarm cup of coffee.

“I…” Max looked over both his shoulders and leaned in closer to you, dropping the volume of his voice, “I want to be able to… Fuck, this is the lamest thing in the world, but, I want to be able to express how I feel? Through songs. Actually, you know what, forget about it. Just forget I mentioned it entirely, Y/N.”

“No!” You reached out as Max began to turn around and walk away, grabbing onto his shoulder. “Max, I won’t forget about it, ever. I’ll help you with whatever you want, trust me.” You met his bright eyes with yours, and you could see a remaining shred of hope that had been untarnished by Max’s cynicism.

“Hey, thanks, Y/N.” Max’s hands returned deep into his pockets and he inclined his head slightly to indicate his thanks.

“We’ll make this your best summer ever, Max. The two of us together, okay?”

“Yeah. Uh, together.” His voice cracked on the last word, as if Max wasn’t used to saying it out loud. He coughed and stood slightly off to the side, awkwardly waiting for you to suggest the next step.

Little did you or Max know, David had been standing behind the closed door, for he cared too much about Max to let him wander off unsupervised. His smile had faltered when he realised Max would go to you for anything before even gracing David with ten seconds of eye contact - but in David’s mind, Max reaching out to anyone, at all, for help was better than nothing.

Hearing not only Max’s insecurity in himself but also his want for an outlet for his emotions, David could hardly stop himself bursting into the room to sweep Max off his feet and scooping him into a hug. But your way with words, the comfort you just seemed to radiate, he had managed to contain himself: simply satisfied with listening to your voice as you started to sing.

He let his eyes drift shut as the soothing tone of your voice filtered through the semi-shut door of the mess hall: his head dipped back and he sighed with happiness, picturing you singing next to a smiling Max.

David stood there until he could no longer hear your melodic voice, deciding that knocking and entering the mess hall would be the best plan of action.

“Why good morning, Y/N and Max!” David smiled as he made his way to the pair of you - one smiling and the other scowling.

“Morning David!” You replied with the same level of enthusiasm, beaming ear to ear as he walked up to you.

“Fuck off, David.” Max greeted David in his own way, the mood he was in whilst you were singing had completely dissipated.

“Oh, Max. Watch your language around such pretty - uh, preppy lady counsellors!” David’s ears began to turn a shade of light red as he blushed, the slip up caught by an ever watchful Max.

“Yeah, whatever David.” He rolled his eyes and began walking to the door of the mess hall. “See ya Y/N.”

“Bye Max! I promise this will be the best darn summer ever!” You waved with vigour at Max’s retreating form, turning back to a still-blushing David.

“I heard what Max asked, by the way.” David stage whispered out of the side of his mouth, swinging one leg over the bench you were sitting on.

“Shoot. And I promised Max you wouldn’t find out.” With furrowed brows you took your bottom lip in between your teeth, chewing on it. As soon as you had gained some semblance of trust from Max, it seemed as though you were going to lose it immediately.

“It’s not like… You told me, Y/N. If anything, it was my fault - Max’ll blame anything and everything on me anyways.” A comfortable weight rested on your shoulder as David placed a hand there, letting it linger for longer than considered normal between professional colleagues.

“Thank you, David. I hope that this might be my chance to actually get through to Max, you know? I just feel that he has this heart of gold beneath those hundreds of layers of sarcasm.” Resting your head in your hands you released the tension you had through a sigh.

“Y/N, you’re the best dang counsellor I know! I believe in you and all your many, varied talents - Max is lucky he’s got such a wonderful counsellor in you.” A small smile graced David’s face and you enveloped him in a tight hug.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you.” You murmured into David’s shoulder, unable to see the expression of pure happiness that had found its way onto his face as the two of you sat there, intertwined.

David Duchovny concert Vancouver

Because I have several asks about the concert and if I agree with the bad review of his concert which came out.

The location: the imperial itself was a fine venue and perfect the concert. Where the venue was located is another topic.As one person said: getting through the local wildlife to be there is another thing. This part of the city isn’t one I felt completely save to walk around.

The Meet&Greet: I have been to a meet and greet before in Paris and Vancouver couldn’t even get close to that experience. The Vancouver meet and greet for 95% of the people was basically hi: what’s your name? How are you? -Picture- I hope you enjoy the concert! Bye

I don’t blame David for that but Brad because squeezing in around 100ppl in a short time is nuts. I heard several ppl who were quite underwhelmed by the meet and greet experience and I have to say they are right. Paying 150$ for basically 1minute is ridiculous. Further no singing or anything else was allowed.

So basically Brad is milking the meet and greet and I doubt he cares much about Davids fans as long as the cash flies in.

David still was sweet and smiling. And for the ones bold enough to ask he signed some Bucky books.

The concert: it started 30minutes late for what reason I have no idea. David came on stage performed new, old and cover songs. Heroes was one of my favorite this evening.

But I have to admit that this concert wasn’t one of his best in my opinion. He seemed tired and the energy wasn’t there. He didn’t interact with the audience as much as we are used to. A reason for that could have been that he couldn’t come as close as normally because of the hallway between the stage and the audience. The hallway was for the camera stuff to walk up and down and film for the documentary DVD. He clung a lot to his mic stand and the dancing was down to a minimum. For people who have seen his before Vancouver the difference was visible.

Still the experience of the concert was great because I got to share it with an awesome bunch of people. @ccoble and @xfile-cabinetx thank you for all the laughs and fun @kateyes224 it’s always awesome to spent time with you and sing along @mangokiwitropicalswirl I’m not afraid of you anymore 😂😉 you are awesome and fun and it was great meeting you! @whatfallsaway &jen thanks for the most memorable walk home and also it was a blast meeting you and chatting till 2am 😂

So all in all you don’t go to a David concert for the exceptional singing. Therefore you have Adele etc.

You go there to meet up with people to share the fun,sing and dance along. You go there and you have a good time because Davids sense of humor is fun his dad-dances moves are entertaining and you will enjoy it because he himself enjoys it too. He is far from perfect but that makes it even better for me, makes it more real and more vulnerable.

I know other people have already posted rants about this so I’ll probably sound like a broken record, but I need to get this off my chest. 

I was never the biggest fan of Kate, and throughout most of the season I was fairly indifferent to her, but her actions in episode five made me really dislike her.  (fyi if you’re a fan of Kate I’m not trying to bash you or trying to get you to dislike her, I just wanted to explain my viewpoint on the matter. If you completely disagree with everything I said, feel free to message me so I can hear your side of things!)

Back in episode one, she told Javi that sometimes she wanted to leave Gabe by the side of the road. Even though she claimed it was a joke, I just could never fully bring myself to like her character that much after she said that. I mean, they were in a cramped van and Gabe was literally sitting a foot away from her, and she straight up said that she wanted to ditch him? He may have been sleeping at the time, but he could have also been pretending to sleep and listening to Kate and Javi, which is something that Mariana admitted to doing, so he or Mari could have easily overheard Kate say that. And I don’t believe a parent should ever say something like that, even as a joke, let alone in a setting where their kid could hear it.

Kate was also willing to let David, the man she spent 95% of her screen time complaining about, who she tried to get away from at every chance she got kidnap her stepson? After she watched David physically abuse him? I know the first time David hit Gabe it wasn’t intentional and he clearly felt horrible for what he had done, but the second time he literally smacked him in the face with a wrench and proceeded to try to kill Javi without missing a stride. I don’t know about anyone else but there is no way in hell I’d allow a fourteen year old boy, whether he was was son or not, to be in the custody of someone that unstable. 

I know Gabe had said he would go with David before the fight broke out but I can’t imagine that he would still want side with David after all that, especially since when you go after Gabe he tells you he had tried to stop David from leaving and that’s why their truck crashed, revealing that he hadn’t willingly gotten into the truck and left with David. Even if Gabe did still want to try to fix David, as he told Javi, I would never let him put himself at risk like that. It really angered me how quickly Kate brushed off the fact that Gabe was with a dangerous and unstable man who she herself could barely stand to be around. When I played episode 5 I went after Gabe the second the choice became available to me, not being able to bear the thought of losing him or of him being in danger. I honestly felt like Kate just saw David taking off with Gabe as a way to get rid of David once and for all and didn’t really care if it cost Gabe’s life to accomplish that. 

And the fact that if Gabe dies she just seems sad for a few minutes then turns to Javi and tries to get him to start a family with her? Their entire family–everyone they cared about–just died, and she already wants to replace them and move on like they didn’t even matter? That just didn’t sit right with me. 

I also didn’t like that Kate was trying to hit on Javi before the apocalypse even started and wanted to have a relationship with him without even talking things through with David, who is known to be hot headed and irrational at times and would obviously go ballistic and blame Javi if he found out that his brother was dating his wife–which is what did end up happening. I know from Kate’s point of view their relationship had ended years ago but David clearly didn’t see it that way and she  should have talked to him before trying to get with Javi, I mean she literally still wore her wedding ring…

This entire season revolved around the idea of family and how far you’re willing to go to protect the ones you love and in my opinion, Kate completely violated that. She put trying to seal the breach in the wall over protecting her family because she felt responsible for it, but honestly that didn’t make sense to me either, seeing as it wasn’t her fault that someone threw a bomb at the truck she was driving, causing her to crash.

I know that was pretty long so I don’t expect everyone to take the time to read it all, but I needed to say it, so thanks if you actually read it:)


I don’t know what you text to a girlfriend this morning and I sure don’t want to find out through trial and error. Last night, she never came over because an hour into the election, at the sight of the first numbers, she stopped knowing how to interact with the world and couldn’t get out of bed. I share that deeply private fact without fear of embarrassing her, not because embarrassing women was legalized in last night’s referendum, but because she’s numb. If I texted her for permission to share her numbness, I’d get the same response as if I asked her to eat a submarine. “Okay,” she’d reply. “I’m going to try to sleep. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

I had no part in doing this to her, right? My state is blue, we legalized weed and protected Riley Reid’s workplace last night, and between being called an MRA, a douche and a pig by folks that remember me comparing Season 4 of Community to rape, I’m more often these days called an SJW cuck, which I like, because it sounds like someone younger than me. I want to be relevant and woke and lit and Pokémon to the max. Which is why I quietly rooted for Bernie but saw the Democratic primaries as being too sensitive to benefit from my loud mouth, and when Bernie conceded, I quietly switched to the only candidate that wasn’t anti-vaccination, anti-immigration or that Gary guy. I played my part in this whole thing just fine from beginning to end. So I’m off the hook with my shell shocked girlfriend, right?

No, because I played my part begrudgingly. And if I had known these results were possible, I wouldn’t have put an adverb on my playing of it. Except maybe “humbly” or “apologetically” or “extra cuckily” Because, at the risk of riling up anyone that will only see the political aspect of this personal confession: I know this wasn’t about emails.

If you feel it was, nothing bad is going to happen to you if you walk away from this post. I can assure you, I’m not challenging or invalidating the results of an election you see as a win. Fair play and all that. I’m glad we didn’t have a civil war.

But I want to leave a message here to my numb girlfriend that can’t work as tweets or texts or my trademark pillow talk babbling. And I guess there’s a few ex-lovers and coworkers that I hope read this too. Women that have reason not to believe I’m on their side.

The message starts with the obvious, I’m sorry. But what I’ve learned in my cuck SJW workshops is that saying “I’m sorry” isn’t an apology. A full apology is an acknowledgment of the offense, an expression of remorse and a commitment to change.

The remorse, that’s easy. I feel bad she lost and that I assumed she’d win and therefore was a dick about it. I’m all remorse this morning, I’d cut a pinky off if it let my girlfriend face the world today, smiling the way she was the last time I saw her. I don’t know if I’d be capable of actually doing the pinky cutting, I think that’s something a full on Trump guy would be better at, and if it were possible, I would like to be knocked out or at least anesthetized for the removal, because I’m a cuckity cuckimus maximus beta mega cucksuck. But I’d donate the finger and more to make this unhappen. Remorse expressed.

Acknowledgment of the crime is the one that’s going hurt and upset people because it’s confession to a crime that is life long and confusing and that won’t stop just because I confessed it.

I acknowledge that until this election, I have always felt, on some level, that although women weren’t getting a fair shake, it probably “kind of evened out” in other ways. No I can’t tell you what that means in detail because I’ve never actually consciously parsed the thought, and that’s the crime, I’ve just walked around with it. “It’s clearly harder to be a woman in this society,” I’d think, “but it’s probably easier in other ways. And in any case, one thing we know for sure…it’s different.” I do a podcast every week in which I’m constantly running my mouth about race and gender but my goal in doing so, I see now, has always been less to investigate, grow or connect and more to figure out how to make people like me (yes that last 43 years was me trying to make you like me, yes I know how sad and funny that is). I’ve kept one eye on the ever morphing fashion of gender discourse and the other eye on my own survival as a primate and figured I was, underneath it all, a feminist because my thoughts about women were never “they suck” or “they’re dumb” or “I want to hurt them.”

Now I see the crime starts so much earlier in the thought process than that. In figuring out how to survive as a frightened man, I’ve built every thought about people on a foundational assumption that the sexually reproductive dichotomy we inherited from life as old as plants was a more important dichotomy, regardless of context, than any other difference between two humans you could name.

And hey, sometimes that emphasis on sexual dichotomy is fun, or benign, or even progressive feeling, like when two men of two different complexions are so busy bonding about how women be shopping that they’re accidentally something other than racist for a second.

And then last night this thing happened. This thing that we know was not about emails. And not about the tangled roots of semi-documented corruption and not about revoked promises of walls or recanted suspicions about birthplaces, or anything you could name outside of that one thing that has us more divided than all our divisive specialities put together. This thing that has had us all so divided since before this country was a glint in its explorers’ eyes, that last night, with no ways left to express the division subtly, we walked up to the concept of our first lady president, gave it some thought, and walked away having opted for the first President to call Mexicans rapists in the same year he was charged with raping a 13 year old girl.

And I really hope you’re not still reading this if it’s making you want to argue with me. I don’t want to argue. There is no debate here to be had and we can all agree debates have stopped mattering because we also just elected the first President to blame flaming out in a debate on the moderator’s menstruation.

There I go to my comfort zone. Anger, babbling, competition, show everybody what a dramatic underdog hero you are. That’s the part of me represented by this election, that’s the part of me that got our first David Duke endorsed President into an office where he has access to the camera in your laptop and that’s the part of me I want to apologize for, which means to express remorse for, acknowledge the existence of, and finally, most importantly, to commit to changing.

I’m never going to secretly suspect anyone of exaggerating again when they tell me they don’t feel supported, or that they feel attacked. I’m going to take everything people tell me about the challenges facing them at face value and make it my goal to help them get their elusive fair shake however they can. And I’m going to take that part of my thought process that recognizes another human’s gender or race, and rather than nobly ignoring it or hilariously calling it out, I’m going to remove it from the foundation of my thoughts and just put it over to the side, where it’s as significant as someone’s horoscope and says as much about their needs as their height or weight or number of limbs, which is to say, sometimes a lot, sometimes not at all, but never by default. I am going to stop trying to find meaning in chaos by categorizing people, no matter how optimistic or supportive those categories might seem. They’ll never be fair and they’ll never lead to me doing right by anyone.

I’m not going to achieve this new thinking by typing it, I’m going to change it the way my therapist says change works: by behaving and speaking like a person that already lives in that world and letting my neurology gradually adapt. By slowing my thoughts down at the top of judgments and practicing the observation of my own brain in even the most common moments. By disrupting my mental routines even when I don’t perceive them as existing, in every encounter I have with every human being, even while I’m just laying in bed alone, running simulations of others. I’m going to stop expecting things like fairness and respect from the world and start seeing what happens when I become the source of those things. I’m going to stop making it my business to punish and reward others and defending myself. I’m going to try to figure out what the people that enter my life need in the moment of their entrance and make unique real time decisions about my relationship with them. No, I’m not going to be nicer to anyone on Twitter. Twitter is a fucking toilet. Don’t meet people in a toilet if you want to have a healthy encounter. I go there to shit on the planet and make jokes.

And if it takes me until the moment before I randomly die, I’m going to focus on making the space around me an effective advertisement for a decent world. Without expecting the world to buy into it. I don’t control the world. I don’t control other people. I control whether or not I surrender. I control when my walls come down, when the bullshit stops and whatever’s behind the walls joins whoever’s near me.

Whatever this is isn’t going to get better by getting longer. It also stopped behind honest in the last paragraph because my girlfriend came over and is now sitting next to me and I’m not interacting with her because I’m trying to finish this. I don’t know how to finish writing things. And I don’t know what people need or what they’ve been through or what hurts them and when it’s me. Cody, I’m sorry about last night, about the thing with the guy with the hair and the stuff. I acknowledge my role in it, I feel bad about it and I’m going to change the only part of it I can change. I love you. You deserve better.

Everybody reading this deserves better. Maybe this is how we end up getting it.

Or maybe this is how the statue of liberty ends up buried on a beach up to its armpits in Planet of the Apes. I always wondered what the hell could make that happen.

InktoberVC Day 09 - David Facepalming!

David (w/ Manbun, fight me) regretted moving into the Rue Royale almost immediately. He hadn’t expected that he’d need to be a live-in marriage counselor. Whoops.


 David Foster Wallace

Send && and I’ll make a gif set of our characters. // @faultcoded

the-night-writer1  asked:

i had a idea for au where jasper lived but only because David got severely injured when they were kids and it permanently affects David's health as an adult so since jasper blames himself for what happened he sticks with David on everything

dude, that sounds both angsty and not-dead-jasper-ey, i’m on board.
tbh i love how we all have this need to fix the canon about jasper dying, but the fandom still COLLECTIVELY has this need for david to suffer. it’s just such a Mood.

frosty-viking  asked:

w-what... please tell the story of the pasture on fire?

Ah yes. The pasture on fire. One of my favorite family stories outside of the horse being brought in for elementary show-and-tell and getting stuck in the second story of the school house because guess what horses don’t go down stairs.

I’m not a great storyteller and it’s more funny when you group it together in this terrifyingly long list of all the other ridiculous shenanigans that happened on the farm, but…

My father is one of six siblings… four boys and two girls… and he grew up on the smallest farm in a small <3,000 person village in the middle of rural South Dakota. While there were some parades and town-wide events, it was much up to my dad’s siblings to come up with their own means of entertainment. Sometimes that meant fishing, swimming, or skating on Skunk Creek; sometimes it was playing football; and then sometimes it was following The Latest Whim of the eldest brother, Warren.

Warren was brilliant. Everyone in the family is, honestly, but Warren was the person that extremely intelligent people called “smart”. He’d take apart tractor engines at a young age, figure out how they worked, all that stuff. He’d also do some more novel experiments.



Decide to build a homemade bomb.

Because that’s a smart idea.

And because all the other boys in that family had the same amount of Common Sense as Warren did… they decided that was a smart idea and decided to go along with the plan!

I’m not sure how it all happened. On one side, my father claims the bomb failed. Didn’t go off as it was expected to. That’s a good thing, given as blowing up a bomb in a pasture full of long, flammable grass probably would have caused a lot of……. havoc.

But on the other side, apparently the bomb was successful enough to… yes… catch fire to said long, flammable grass.

And suddenly we have four boys without any adult supervision at all rushing to put out the flames.

I’m sure they were rather proud of themselves when they got the job done. I think it didn’t spread that much before they doused the flames. But of course you still have… you know… blackened earth and all that EVIDENCE in the middle of the pasture. 

They blamed it on lightning. 

Because it definitely looked like lightning (no it did not).

Still, for years the boys thought they had successfully covered up the story. But what the boys thought they covered up, they never exactly covered up. Deceit wasn’t their strong point, apparently. Like another time time David tipped over the tractor (actually, he did it twice), and they thought they got away with that, but their mother found out because the boys had the sense of mind to TAKE THE FAMILY CAMERA AND TAKE PHOTOS OF THEM STANDING ON TOP OF IT.

So many years later, after the pasture had successfully been doused of flames and had since regrown its natural grass, they were talking about all the good times they had as kids. They mentioned the pasture catching on fire… then looked over to their father… and he just laughed and was like, “I sort of figured it wasn’t lightning.”

So yeah.

Caught the pasture on fire. Got a horse stuck in a school house. Knocked over the tractor. One brother punched another brother through a window once, too (apparently getting hit in the head with a football is a big enough offense for that). Brother shot my dad’s nose with a BB gun. Other firearms incidences. Nearly losing fingers to woodcarving tools. You name it.

Frankly I have no idea how they all survived into adulthood.

No no no, Sinbad, is not disappearing, he’s admitted what he did was wrong, he’s blamed it on David that it was him that manipulated him down this path, and says he doesn’t want to die (even though he’s technically already dead…)

he ain’t fading away anywhere !

This Manga is ending with him ministering the wedding, and Ja'far strangling the life back out of him!

There is no other ending!!

the anti love triangle ya book masterpost

are you done with reading a young adult book that springs a love triangle upon you and you HATE IT SO MUCH (i might be a little more passionate about my hatred than is healthy…) and you just wish you could find good books that incorporate romance without love triangles??? your wish is my command :-) to make it easier for you, i’ve organized the list by genre under the cut  (and yes i realize there are more books than this but i’m lazy and it’s hard to find these bc honestly i think love triangles are like the annoying fad)

* all books with series are followed by the number of books in the series in parenthesis and are listed by the name of the first book, which is guaranteed love triangle free. i tried my best to only pick series where the entirety is free of love triangles, but i may have slipped up and made a mistake here and there

** this list was, sadly, hard to put together :-(

*** i am extremely apologetic for the lack of science fiction books. blame authors

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ethan, my baby (i talk loads now)


“Cal!” okay so he’s having a nightmare maybe???? about Cal??? ABOUT GUILT MAYBE??? ALSO if they show his chest and he doesn’t have his scar on it (i mean let’s brush past them forgetting once) i will not be a happy bunny

“Ethan’s grieving-” - charlie to alicia. Damn right he is and damn right if this trailer is anything to go by that’s all we’ll have for the next three months. ethan being v v hurt… so no different from any fanfics then…

they’re holding hands? so everything seems to be going okay between them for the time being but ethan still looks on the verge of tears WOW good on you george rainsford

the rest is in the ‘keep reading’ section because i just realised how annoying this will be to scroll past i am so sorry

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anonymous asked:

I have this theory that the reason Cameron Campbell is on the run has something to do with the basement on spooky island (the torture stuff) and the fact that Jasper dies. I also sorta headcanon that David at least slightly blames himself for Jasper's death/ disappearance if they never found a body

Oh, gotta love that David angst!

But yeah, I can certainly see the other blaming himself for his best friends death; especially if it was a situation where his mind could warp into something he could have prevented. 
And oh man, if they never actually found his body…I can almost guarantee it’d be, like, 1,000% worse. Not only would David blame himself for Jasper being missing, but he’d most likely cling to a naive hope that, somewhere, his friend was still alive. That Jasper would magically resurface one day, and things could finally go back to normal. But they never do. David doesn’t get any sort of closure because he simply refuses to accept the idea his best friend is dead, and as the years past with Jasper being ‘missing’, David feels more and more of his optimism and hope slip away.

As for the Cameron Campbell stuff, I unfortunately already gave a lot of my thoughts about why he’s on the run from the government, but yeah, I think that torture chamber downstairs is a big reason why he’s on the run.