i still blame david for this

What I liked about Kilgrave was, he wasn’t a villain who was trying to take over the world. His goals are much more selfish. He’s just interested in himself. There’s something wonderfully kind of fascinating about the idea of a human being who gets his ability and how he would handle it and whether anyone could remain a moral individual in those circumstances. It makes us all start to imagine how we would cope. If every person you met gave you everything you wanted unthinkingly, without any conflict, who is to say we wouldn’t all become a Kilgrave? There’s no argument to do anything else. And if you can’t …it’s almost really impossible to blame him for what he does — but perhaps I’m biased.
—  David Tennant, The Washington Post

20 somethings//the older i get, the less i know [a playlist]

love me/the 1975 || sofa song/the kooks || a new england/billy bragg || kids/childish gambino || still take you home/arctic monkeys || bad blood/bastille || there’s always someone cooler than you/ben folds || no. 1 party anthem/arctic monkeys || the lazy song/bruno mars || naïve/the kooks || all over/cruisr || inbetween days/the cure || unwashed and somewhat slightly dazed/david bowie || shores of california/dresden dolls || everyday i write the book/elvis costello and the attractions || young volcanoes/fall out boy || whistle for the choir/the fratellis || at least i’m not as sad (as i used to be)/fun. || cassy o’/george ezra || someone new/hozier || community college/jan dulay || blame game/kanye west feat. john legend || i like you better when you’re not around/kate miller-heidki || i don’t care/fall out boy || sister/kate nash || sexotheque/la roux || ribs/lorde || sex yeah/marina and the diamonds || i’m not okay (i promise)/my chemical romance || dear god please help me/morrissey || don’t you want to share the guilt/kate nash || walk of shame/p!nk || the love club/lorde || campus/vampire weekend || are you satisfied?/marina and the diamonds || are you fucking kidding me?/kate miller-heidki || we hate it when our friends come successful/morrissey || i think ur a contra/vampire weekend || heaven knows i’m miserable now/the smiths || sex/the 1975

You know what, I don’t care if David Cameron campaigned to remain, I’m still blaming Brexit on that greasy self-serving pigfucker.

We only had this EU referendum because Cameron decided to hold it in order to pander to UKIP and the far right. By holding the referendum, he gave legitimacy to their racist claims. He gave them a voice. He gave them permission to be bigots in the name of politics.

Even if the vote had been to remain, the referendum shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Fascists don’t deserve that kind of public voice. Their ideas don’t deserve consideration.

Every immigrant and every person of colour in the UK is a less safe walking the streets now because the Fascists of UKIP were one more pig Cameron was desperate to fuck. Jo Cox is dead because David Cameron decided to pander to ignorant right wing bigots for political points. 

I hope Ireland unites. I hope Scotland gets independence. I want David Cameron to be remembered as the single worst Prime Minister in British history.

Defending Carol

I’ve been reading all kinds of opinions on last night’s Carol vs Morgan showdown.  Many Carol fans are outraged by the violent end of that fight, believing Morgan went too far.  I am pretty pissed myself.  Especially seeing as Lennie, himself, verified what I believed I saw, which was rage in Morgan’s act.  He may preach nonviolent ways, but Morgan’s still new to the zen lifestyle, and it appeared he reached his limit with Carol. 

But it’s the Carol blame that pisses me off the most.  She is impulsive, she takes action when she sees a crisis, and yes, sometimes it’s with blinders on. She did it at the prison with Karen and David, with Lizzie in the pecan grove, at Terminus, when she threatened Sam and when the wolves attacked Alexandria.  She sees what has to be done and does it.  Is it always the perfect solution?  Maybe not.  The prison killings lead to her fucking banishment but Carol still believed it was the right choice in that moment.  And how can we say it wasn’t?  The consequences of her inaction in all those situations could have been catastrophic for the group.

And I think that’s where her motivation comes from.  Because in the past, whether it was before the turn, with her abusive husband, or after, when she lost Sophia…it was her inactions, her inability to do something to stop or change the events happening that caused pain, suffering and the loss of her only child.  Assuming she would wait for Rick to show up in the midst of a wall breach/walker crisis is ridiculous. It’s been what…48 hours since the wolves attack, and she knows…she knows Morgan has one, left alive.  I imagine her hurt and rage and sheer confusion over Morgan’s choices….remember she’s just learned that the wolves he let go attacked Rick…are forefront in her mind.  All she can think on is this remaining wolf has to die immediately.  That is the primary threat in her mind.

Of course, we don’t know what would have happened if Carol had not gone down in that basement.  If she’d stayed still, the gun toting trio would have broken through the garage and found the wolf and may have killed him before Morgan had a chance to get downstairs.  Or the wolf could have taken Denise hostage, gotten the guns anyway and killed all of them.  It’s pointless to debate. 

But to blame Carol for the outcome because she took action?  I just can’t.  I know her reasoning, I agree with it.  No loose ends.  She’s learned, they all have, her group…the hard way.  People that threaten, people that have killed your people, they do not live.  They do not get a chance to change.  Jesus.  She’s so close to complete emotional collapse and still makes more sense than Morgan.  To see him, defending that psychopath with his own life, to choose to protect him and harm Carol?  I can’t even comprehend that kind of logic.  That was the moment when Morgan should have learned the lesson, and instead of stepping aside, he should have nodded and killed the damn wolf himself.  I’m not sure how he goes forward now with this group. 

Will Carol learn a lesson? To take a step back, think about the consequences of her actions before she jumps into the fray?  I hope not.  I hope she will believe she made the right call and would do it again.  And will do it again when another situation rises. 

Begin Again


It was easy to see that the Nolan family were earth-bound angels. If there was trouble around, Mary Margaret and David were on the case; wanting to solve any issue they could lay their hands on. Even if it meant getting involved with Greaser territory. Emma had seen her father like this; heartbroken over some domestic call. Most people still thought it was okay for father’s and husbands to lay a harsh hand on their children and wives, but not David.

Heading to the Gold home, he did Malcolm one pretty decent; roughing him up just like he had done to his son before bringing him into the slammer. Robert was brought to the Nolan house until they found figure out what to do. Mary Margaret believed Robert to be a good kid. Confused, but good and Emma agreed with this. 

Leaving him be in the spare bedroom, Emma came up with an ice bag and some bandages. Knocking gently, she poked her head inside. “Hi. Can I come in?”