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So yesterday I got to finally meet Finn Jones and just……a lot happened that I will post about later, but most important is this story that sounds fake, but I have at least 4 witnesses I shit thee not.

I was standing in an upper floor of the convention center (dressed as Renly but hanging out with my Loras, Brienne, a Ramsay, and a Grey Worm) and this guy reaches over to skritch my beard and yells “COOCHIE COOCHIE” then starts to walk away quickly. Of course, I’m thinking, ‘wow who is this asshole?? who does he think he is grabbing my face???’ and I turn around to see Finn fucking Jones staring back at me and he goes 😃😉 before going downstairs. I feel blessed and as if he is keeping the dream alive okay ???? and we all started yelling because how the hell does that even happen in real life

Alright, next try. It’s was too big for tumblr, so I made it smaller :’)

here is the original tho https://giphy.com/gifs/hetalia-aph-england-3o7OsI3pqTG8lkpEHu


Hip New Game: find something that scientists aren’t quite sure how it works and come up with increasingly bizarre hypotheses

for example: after a supernova, a very tiny dog is formed at the center of the star. sometimes the dog is asleep, forming a neutron star. sometimes the dog is awake and it chases its tail, which is what causes pulsars to spin.

anonymous asked:

so what exactly allows you to police other people's blogs and harass them for their content even after they've apologized? where are your credentials? show em


we truly live in a trump world somehow in your brains, calling out racism is the moral equivalent of racist content

Please tell me, anon. Tell me how I harassed anyone. I never posted the name. I still have yet to post the name. I will never post the name. Because unlike some of you, I don’t send my followers after someone. If anything I could be accused of gossiping, because I did not tag the op in the post, which is why i screenshotted it and blocked out the name. So if anything, you should accuse me of not trying to resolve the issue. 

You can’t even get your anon hate right.

I haven’t said anything since they apologized. I made the post an hour before they addressed it. So……

Finally. Servant/Master AUs are never okay, but especially when the servant and the master are supposed to fall in love. Fanfiction is meant to explore possible realities, yes. But it shows an incredible lack of understanding of race and history to try and put a brown kid in a servant position and then try and make him fall in love with his master. I get that it was supposed to be a flip flop of a common AU: bodyguard!Keith and Altean!Lance. 

The problem here is that a bodyguard has agency. A bodyguard has autonomy. A bodyguard can overrule royalty when the concern is their safety. There is a semblance of equality. A servant has no such things. A servant must do as they are told. Making a brown kid a servant then having a light skinned person their master for the purposes of romance is RACIST. 

I’m not policing anybody. If you want to post racist content you can do it all day long, but don’t expect people to just take it quietly. 

I hope you realize you are literally in my inbox defending racist content. Even the original poster is not on your side.

Here are my credentials: I AM NOT A RACIST

Hey look I have a new icon!!

And it’s all thanks to @makeroomfornyoom​! I asked them just this morning and viola! Fevered flu mask Yuuri selfie with Victor delivering a kiss on his temple as per my wishes!

I would 10/10 recommend nyoom, especially because he’s going through a rough patch financially and needs all the help he can get right now. So please consider it!!

Service was fast, as I mentioned, and he was very open with the what the commissioning process entails. I am very happy with how this turned out and would love to commission more art in the future!

Thanks again, friend!! 😚❤💕

today my brother’s going to see a radiohead benefit show back in le marche a year on from the earthquakes and i’m staying home alone… and in a way, i like to say both of those things are somewhat important. 

I adore Homecoming so much and he’s such a pure good boy. Go and watch the movie. It’s amazing! I loved it from beginning to end. (2Redbubble

Lance’s maturity is just. Incredible. Like, yes he was petty about the leader thing, but as soon as the Black Lion made its decision (and more importantly, as soon as he noticed Keith was genuinely upset about it / doubting himself), he immediately flips the script. He’s in Keith’s corner, backing him up and encouraging him. He’s able to set aside his pride and insecurities in an instant and like… wow. What a genuinely good kid.

chanyeol rly stood there, in the practice room after everyone left, took off his shirt, flexed his muscles like theres no tomorrow, put his hand right above his d*ck, took 504394 pics and picked the best one as his lockscreen, waited all this time just so he can “show us what time it is and accidentally reveal his abs pic” like….