i still am doing that


I haven’t selfied in a while. Here’s a post yoga and 5km run and pre studying, no make up selfie! I do not know what’s going on with my collarbone in that first picture.. But it looked like that’s how my collarbone looks on camera because the next couple of shots had the same thing. But guys, I am so very happy today and feel like an entirely new person! I had some serious directed attention fatigue last week, I haven’t been sleeping a lot the past few weeks and logging a lot of focused study hours. On top of that I’ve been training for my half marathon and towards the end of last week, I just felt super worn out. Yesterday I completed my long run and did part of a practice test and then napped, ate and slept A LOT! And just took the day off. I feel so amazing today! This is something I am still learning to do, to take a break, listen to my brain and to my body. To not associate taking a break and being still with weakness, lack of passion and lack of drive. I am only a person (however brilliant I think I am 😜) and I don’t have to be perfect all the time, I can eat a cookie or four, I can sleep 8 hours, I can watch tv and I’ll still be okay :) Anyway! I feel really good after taking a break and I know that it wasn’t a waste of a day and that it will benefit me!

everyone @ work is struggling w my name change n being (probably) accidentally rude but it’s wearin me out goddamn

Is it fucked up that I am so relieved at having to cancel plans that even when a new variable that makes the plans possible again comes up I am still like ugh sorry Ive already gotten comfortable with doing nothing

Alright fishblr, help me out. This is my halfmoon betta, Yokubou. He’s still pretty young, I got him about 3 months ago and has just began coloring up. When I bought him he was completely white, and has since turned very red and blue! He’s only in this cup for a water change, and has an (admittedly too small) 1.5 gallon tank with a bubble filter. He had some plants which I’m pretty sure shredded his fins a bit, so that’s healing as well and have since been replaced with some gentler silk. He’s done very well and is growing, and I plan on moving him into a 5 gallon when my budget allows it. I’m still pretty new to this, and am trying to do better.

I was just wondering if anyone thought his other fin would grow in like the other one? Part of the reason why I chose him was his silly fin, one very long and very short, and I love him all the same. But it doesn’t seem darkened by fin rot, and I would assume the white is just where color hasn’t come in yet. I don’t know, honestly. So, if anyone has some insight that would be great.

do you ever look back at an otp and realize you can pinpoint the exact moment you started shipping it?  cause like i was doomed from this point forward tbh

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Ok. So, I have a question for you. I saw one of your posts while surfing the internet (honestly don't remember how I found it, but beside the point). This particular post said that even if a rapist is found to be innocent, they are still a rapist. I would like you to first, think about that logic. That means, in your mind, anyone who is accused of anything, and then found innocent, is still guilty. Am I missing something here, or do you understand where I am coming from?

You obviously have no idea how many rapists and abusers walk free. 

I believe that with rapists and abusers they should be forced to really prove their innocence. Just with these crimes. Not the others. 

Hardly any rapists or abusers spend a single day in jail. Instead our jails are filled with drug offenders. A drug offense is not a serious crime. Rape and abuse are harmful to society, because they are like murder. Instead marijuana dealers spend more time in jail than rapists do.

Not to mention, the law is set up to blame victims of rape and abuse. If the law would actually blame the suspect and not the victim, we would see less of them walking free. If they are innocent, it shouldn’t be hard to prove, huh? And everybody knows that it’s in the college’s interest to silence the victims and let rapists go, just so that they can continue to make money.

And considering Pace purposefully found that there wasn’t enough evidence against my rapist to punish him….. I still know that he raped me… and probably a lot of other people, too. 

Rapists and abusers are the OJ Simpsons of crime. Clearly guilty, but just not quite enough evidence to convict. A murderer walked free. That’s what happens with rapists and abusers. They walk free because there was not a film of the rape and no physical evidence, since rape kits are rare, due to the fact that the victim goes into shock and is in denial immediately after they are attacked. So finding them not guilty does not mean shit, because they actually did rape. It’s more around 2%, not 8%, of all rape accusations that are false, making roughly 98% of them true. 

That’s what I am getting at.

A few announcements...

* I still have a few requests to write. Apologies if they take a long time but I’m going to be very busy, both because of the two other projects I want to develop on this blog and because of reasons I’ll detail below.

* I am the middle of finals. Now that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop writing, just that I can’t find as much time to do it. I write way better when I have no other distractions than at home on my computer, so I usually write during breaks between classes. Unfortunately, I have to be involved in a class project (that I hate) and my classmates often use these breaks for mandatory group meetings. It cuts my writing time a lot.

Now on the two projects:

* I haven’t found the time to start it yet, but I am still doing the Musical series I posted about. I am probably going to start with Marauders fics on Mumford and Sons songs because that’s what inspires me the most at the moment.

* The other project is going to be a bit different than what I usually do. Some of you probably know imaginesofeveryfandom and her Teen Wolf Dear Rabbit series. With her blessing, I’m going all fanfic-ception and writing in her universe, from my own OC’s point of view. It will be written in 3rd person and and including her OCs (with all credits to her for these). I suck at edits, so if anyone wants to do anything for it, I’d be eternally grateful. The character’s name is May, she’ll be paired with Isaac and the faceclaim I’m using is Jane Levy.

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Wow that other anon was being rude as shit. You said you're having dissociation issues explicitly and some shithead intentionally sends you an anon to fuck with your mind. Wow, just wow. Ignore that anon entirely. You are real, everything around you is 100% and NOT a dream. Just keep saying that. You are real.

thank you friend, i know <3

i’m feeling a little better now. still a bit off but i am doing a little better.

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hi there. i hope you're feeling better and if you need somebody to talk to, i'm here. is there anything i could send to you that would help at all?? like a little doodle or a picture of an animal or something?? maybe updates to life?

oh my god that’s so nice but it’s okay i don’t need anything thank you for offering but it’s all good.  oh gosh.  people are so nice.  why are you all so nice holy shit 

i genuinely am appreciative and you still can do any of that if you really want to i’m just saying you don’t have to is all i won’t stop you if you do

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Did you know that Shelby is going by male pronouns now and using the name Alex????

do you think i give a flying fuck what my abusive ex is doing with their life when i am literally still having flashbacks to the shit they did to me???

do you think i want a reminder right fucking now of their bullshit?????

i havent looked at their blog since we broke up, even seeing their fucking URL is triggering panic attacks, why the FUCK did you think this was fucking APPROPRIATE to send to me ESPECIALLY ON A NIGHT I HAVE ALREADY SAID I AM STRUGGLING FUCK YOU

i hate the “kids are so lazy” rhetoric cuz i fuckin bought it for so long

until this past semester, i thought i was lazy

then i got a fucking minimum wage job, and had to pull out every last ounce of my work ethic in order to survive and keep my badass GPA up to par and make the money i needed to eat and pay rent

and i fuckin did it, and im still doing it, and i am going to keep doing it because i have no other choice

like, if theres anything i learned this past semester, it’s that my work ethic is made of fuckin steel, and for all the years i spent telling myself i was lazy i didnt know what the fuck i was talking about, and all the people who call young people lazy can go fuck themselves because ive never worked so goddamn hard in my life