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OOC: Today

Gonna take some time to work on Einion’s history once I am finished with work. He needs it. I need it. We all need it. Lol

I do warn you. It will be longwinded, as I have the serious tendency to never make a backstory less than 1300 words. And this one… Well. I have special interest in Einion… He’s my favorite. So if yall are interested in hearing about him and his shinobi-ness. Keep yer eyes peeled!

But first things first. I need to shower. And I need to do my job. SO! 

Also, I am still doing asks. I am going to be posting screenshots with responses or, I am going to doodle. Doodle responses will take longer! Will be answering my current ones today!

And if you want to rp with me at all. Please, feel free to do so. Message me here or find me in game. :D


everlong 2/? (1)

these are quite large gifs that may or may not load on tumblr/mobile. you can also see them here

((sorry for the longer than anticipated wait! i have a hard time keeping a schedule ^^;))

((also since i heavily referenced this vol 5 back cover i should credit it))


The moment we met, my life became extraordinary. You taught me more about myself than I knew there was to learn. You are the joy in my heart. You’re the last person I want to see every night when I close my eyes. I love you, Katherine Beckett. And the mystery of you is the one I want to spend the rest of my life exploring. I promise to love you, to be your friend, and your partner in crime and life..

Just a reminder that BTS cares about international fans as well as Korean fans.

I also find it amazing how, when they were holding a concert for 15k people, they still thought about us international fans. They said there was a suprise on the V-app, and we got “Fire” dance version.

I just want to thank Bangtan and tell them how proud I am for them making it this far, and still be down to earth♡

  • 707:My flirting game with MC is strong af.
  • Yoosung:Really?
  • 707:Yeah! Watch us!
  • 707:01001001 00100000 01101100 01101111 01110110 01100101 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101
  • Yoosung:???
  • MC:Aww I love you too Seven!
  • 707:
  • 707:I don't have feelings for you. Stay away from me.