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Beloved creature pt.6

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Jaebum’s Pov

The yelp that left her lips hurt me more than it hurt her. I was still holding her but now it was more hard because she wasn’t helping me. “How long it took to track her down?” Mark asked. Of course he had to follow me to a stupid date “It wasn’t that hard. All I had to do was make her fall for me.” I said coldly.

“Is she dead?” Mark asked. I took her wrist in my hand and pressed my ear to her chest. She was still alive. “Dead as a stone.” I said. Mark laughed in victory. “See it wasn’t that hard.” he said. I nodded. Mark came to me and patted my back. “I’m gonna go buy something good for us and you…get rid of her body.” Mark said and left us alone.

I put her down on the ground before lifting her up again but now it was easier to carry her. I speed walked, almost ran to the closest hotel and got a room.

She slept so peacefully but I had to leave her alone because Mark was waiting for me home.

So I just left her a note and an envelope on the nightstand. Before I went back to my apartment I looked at her. She was so beautiful. I slowly caressed her cheek and pressed my lips against hers.

Y/N’s pov

I woke up to Jaebum kissing me. I opened my eyes to see him. I didn’t know what to think, he said one thing and then he hit my head against the wall, I didn’t know if I could trust him. I kind of jumped back. Jaebum chuckled and sat next to me. “Does your head hurt?” he asked. I nodded slowly. “I’m so sorry, it’s all my fault.” Jaebum said. He kissed my forehead and took my hand to his. “Why?” I asked. I didn’t know what to think. “Mark…”

“Great. But why did you hit my head against the wall?” I asked. I just wanted to know. “Because Mark is so obsessed with killing you that he shot me. If he thinks you are dead maybe he could leave you alone.” Jaebum rambled. “I should say thank you, I guess”

‘’You shouldn’t, I hurt you. I don’t want to do that.” Jaebum said. He was holding my hand tightly. “I’m not hurt. Stop treating me like a kid.” I said and got up from the bed. Jaebum also got up. “Y/N, I’m so sorry that I hurt you.” Jaebum said and hugged me. “Then do something for me and I might forgive you.” I said. Jaebum brushed some of my hair behind my ear and leaned to whisper “Anything.” My hands moved to his shirt and pulled it up. Our lips crashed together and he slided his tongue in my mouth. Our tongues fought for dominance. My hands moved to his belt and dropped it on the floor. Jaebum dropped my dress on the floor. We started backing to the bed, I pushed Jaebum’s pants down before pushing him on the bed. I crawled over him and took off his boxers. I stroked his half hard cocki in my hand before taking it in my mouth.

I started of slow, helping with one hand and when my other was playing with his balls. I started going faster, looking at his eyes. As I added pressure he closed his eyes and groaned. I felt him getting harder in my mouth till it was throbbing hard. I raised my head,  slowly took off my bra. Teasingly slowly took off my panties before lowering myself on his cock. but Jaebum was faster. He pushed me down and hovered over me. He left sloppy kisses down my body. Played with my breasts, he gently bit my nipple and thrusted his dick in me. He started off slow but deep. I couldn’t control my moans and when Jaebum started thrusting faster I became a moaning mess. Jaebum kept leaving kisses down my body. I couldn’t let him be on top. I somehow escaped and pushed him down, Jaebum chuckled and tried to lift me up, I had made my mind. I somehow managed to keep him on bottom.

I bounced up and down slowly, Jaebum tried to make me go faster but I was on control, I decided the pace. Jaebum gave up and moved his hands on my breasts. I started bouncing little bit faster but not fast enough for Jaebum. “Baby, stop teasing me and go faster.” he growled. I smirked and bounced little bit faster again. Jaebum was grunting and started thrusting. I still couldn’t control my moans. Jaebum’s thrusts got unsteady quickly and his grunts became louder. He growled loudly as he came.

He lifted me up and crawled over me. He brought his head between my legs and started drawing shapes on my clit with his tongue. He inserted one finger in, then another. He pumped them in and out quickly. Soon he inserted a third finger. He started sucking on my clit, fastened the pace of his fingers. My moans were uncontrollable. Jaebum added pressure on my clit and I came screaming out his name.

Both of us fell asleep quickly. I was happy, in his arms. I felt safe, at last.

Jaebum’s Pov ~

She fell asleep in my arms. I looked closely at her, I wanted to remember every little pieces of this beautiful creature before I had to leave her. For real. I got up slowly and left without waking her.

I walked alone in the dark night, the thought of never seeing her again hurt me. “Dammit!” I punched a wall. It hurt but still less than saying goodbye to Y/N. She was safe far away from me. Because me, meant Mark. And Mark wanted her dead. I had to protect the one I cared about which consisted me being there for Mark and leave Y/N to let her have the beautiful life she deserved. I just calmed down and joined Mark.

“What did take you that long ? A body is not that hard to get rid of” he said. He had bought beer. I took one.“You had the car” I said as I opened the beercan. After what I had to do, the constant comment of Mark pissed me off. “I’m tired. I’ll go to sleep.” I didn’t wait for his answer and locked myself in my bedroom. I sat on my bed. My room was full of the stuff I bought to her when she was here. I had to move on. I took everything and threw it away. Then I lied on my bed and tried to get some rest. I closed my eyes. But all I thought about was Y/N. How she entered in my life. The way she was listening to me speaking all day. Her real appearance. Her beauty. Her smile and the taste of her lips against mine…

Y/N’s Pov ~

I was feeling lonely on the bed, I slowly opened my eyes to see Jaebum’s side empty. I sat up and was forced to admit that he wasn’t there anymore…  An envelope was on the nightstands I opened it. There were money and a note inside. It was Jaebum hand’s writing. “I can’t be with you. You are safer far away from me and Mark. Go get the life you deserve and forget me. Take care, Jaebum”  What was that ? Did he think that he could just decide for me ? I can protect myself without his help. “Fine. You’re not even important to me. I don’t need you !” I felt tears flowing down on my cheeks. “I don’t…” My heart was falling apart. Again. I was full of hope when I met him in the street and now I was in the same situation than a few months ago. Sad and separated from Jaebum. I lied on the bed and looked at the hotel room ceiling.

I was blinded by my own tears.It hurt, knowing that I almost got him back. I wanted to go back to him but he would just push me away again. Nothing mattered anymore, I had nothing to lose.

The life that I deserved was with Jaebum, without Mark. We might live in a house next to the ocean. Jaebum would have a real job and maybe we could not be like this, far from each other. I didn’t deserve life without him.

I tried to wipe off my tears but I couldn’t, I was a sobbing mess. I couldn’t have Jaebum if Mark was here so I started to think of a way to vanish this problem away. A bear could get rid of Mark easily and I could do that. Accidents happen…


E.E Cummings- i carry your heart

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    Try to see what I see. We are so lucky we are still alive to see this beautiful world.

                              I’ve seen many things, my friend. But you’re right.
                       Nothing q u i t e  a s  w o n d e r f u l as the things you see.


Roy/Ed AU where everyone is colourblind until they make physical contact with their soulmate

I really like the idea of Keith being born looking mostly Galra, but being proportioned like a human, making him tiny in Galra society. So his dad (Thace) uses druid magic to have his human genes be seen as dominant, and his parents send him to Earth, where he’ll live a better life than within the Empire.



“there you are little bird. still alive i see.” the voice interrupted your thoughts. you sighed and turned to the screen. this guy had been popping up on every in tact screen you’d walked past for about a month.

“why do you care so much?” you asked.

“something as pretty as you is somewhat of a rarity now adays. is it wrong for me to admire beauty?”

“how about you stop admiring it and help preserve it? i know you’re in a safe place. let me join and then my beauty wont be killed by a zombie.”

the man seemed to be considering it. then he nodded and grinned, “stay put little bird, i will be there to escort you within the hour.”

Ouch time...

When Ezra gets back to base, how would everyone react to the news that Obi-wan is alive (assuming he tells them, he may very well keep his secret)? Kanan would probably be surprised, for sure. But like. Rex would be so fucking happy! His general, his Friend, (maybe more depending on who you ask) from the war is still alive! I could see the others having to hold him back from getting a ship, flying to Tatooine and just hugging Obi-wan. Rex has lost Everyone he had during the war. His generals, his brothers, even himself for a while before he had the chip removed. He got Ahsoka back for a while but now Force knows if she’s even alive. If he knew someone he fought and bled beside for years was still alive…I just…UGH!

Okay so I keep seeing this go around… and whilst I agree SJM is the queen of foreshadowing, I’m not 100% that this scene will become reality.

Like let’s be honest, we all know there is going to be a war and we all know that we’ll find out what Amren really is/or get to witness what she is, but I find it hard to believe that Sarah would kill off majority of the Court of Dreams, and then have Rhys get Amren to end him.

Also, in this scene there is no mention of Feyre specifically, and honestly guys Rhys would never ask to be killed if Feyre was still alive, like he wouldn’t leave his mate on her own to deal with the aftermath of the war etc. If Rhys did ask to be killed whilst Feyre was still alive then I can see Feyre also wanting to die? She wouldn’t want to be without her mate…

However there is always a chance that Sarah will do some sort of Romeo and Juliet type thing on us where Rhys will think Feyre is dead (although I’m pretty sure they’d be able to feel it through the bond if one of them died?) and so he’ll get Amren to end him, and then it’ll turn out Feyre isn’t really dead… and yeah you get the picture.

I’m honestly hanging onto the hope that Rhys would never end his life if Feyre is still alive, and that this scene will not actually happen!