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Legend of Korra, "Of Texting"

Summary: (College!AU) Morning person v Night Owl. (Be the Peaf Prompt 44- “you know what they say, nothing good happens after 2am”)

Rating: M- because of sex references and potty mouth language

Pairing: sorta Makorra and Irosami 


(She spends her nights out and then complains about being tired in the morning. He spends his nights in and contemplates the murder of anyone who dares to contact him after 2am.)

When he wakes up at 2:31 in the morning, he does so to the sound of his phone persistently buzzing on his bedside table. His first attempt at continuing to sleep without expending the energy to turn it off includes stuffing his pillow over his ears, rolling over, and groaning loudly as a cosmic plea for it to stop. It’s late- or early, whatever- and he hates the night time and he hates being woken up in the middle of the night more and he cannot expend the humanity to care about who is on the other side of that text, no matter how persistent they are.

His willpower doesn’t last that long under the near-constant buzzing, though. After a good two minutes of steadfast resistance, his hand finally gropes for his phone in the dark. He hisses at the brightness that assaults his face when he unlocks it.

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