i stg chloe

this is exactly what is gonna happen in 2x14 of lucifer in my opinion. i’m calling it now.

either lucifer married candy in order to protect her from something/someone in vegas having to do with her job as an exotic dancer (like sex trafficking) OR she is actually a paid actress to act as his wife to get info on his moms plans (this one seems more likely to me now) and maybe she is someone from his past and owes him a favor which is why he went to vegas.

so he comes home, fake married, and wants to tell everyone right away (“i have news!!“ - what a clueless egg i stg) but chloe is too jealous and pissed that he got married that she won’t let him explain and spends the whole ep thinking it was real. that is until the very end where he comes to her place and finally tells her what really happened, or like a watered down version of the truth.

she is def still gonna be mad/confused, but it in no way is gonna be as bad as ppl think. also, candy is def gonna be a deckerstar shipper i can feel it. then we get stepsatan in 2x15 😍👌