i step on things and cause a lot of collateral damage outside

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Sam I have an important Chicago question: just north of the DuSable bridge there is a statue of what looks like Abe Lincoln excitedly taking a man in a knitted sweater on a first date. I only saw it from a bus, so didn't get either a photo or an explanation. Can you explain this phenomenon? Are Abe and Sweater Man happy???


You have triggered the rage within me, so now you will ALL be treated to an outside-the-readmore screed about SEWARD GODDAMN JOHNSON. 

I don’t normally attack artists because a) it scares my friends who are artists (I love you all, you are beautiful, don’t be afraid) and b) honestly most artists don’t deserve the level of vitriol I’m about to employ. I want you all to remember that the seething hatred I feel for Seward Johnson is driven in large part by class consciousness. 

But not entirely. So let’s begin. 

First what you have to know is that Seward Johnson is a “sculptor”. If you google “seward johnson sculpture” you’ll get an idea of his work, most of which is terrible. I feel okay calling his work terrible because he is also the scion of the family that founded SC Johnson Johnson & Johnson (my bad), so he has all the money he needs and could step back, do his art for funsies, and let people with actual talent or two original thoughts in their heads exhibit their art, but he doesn’t, he forces his terrible art on all of us. 

The reason I harbor such animosity towards Seward Johnson is that he has been exhibiting on Pioneer Plaza (that area north of the DuSable Bridge) for almost a decade now, and when I worked in the north loop I had to walk past his art every day. It was bad enough when the sculpture was American Gothic, rendered without talent or meaning into three dimensions and provided with luggage. 

How very fucking dare you, you talentless hack

These things are sculpted out of what amounts basically to styrofoam painted in rubberized/weatherized paint, so they are fragile, and tourists were constantly climbing on Farmer’s shoes and falling into them when they found out it wasn’t the cheap but supple fiberglass you would expect of a tacky monstrosity more suited to a roadside motel than the business district of a major metropolitan city. (I would imagine this is why Abraham Lincoln And The Mayonnaise Sandwich has a little fence around it.) 

But American Gothic Motel Attraction was mostly just annoying because it was meaningless, derivative, and CONSTANTLY covered in gawkers getting in everyone’s way. 

Additionally, Seward Johnson’s sculptures on the Plaza are very popular photo spots for tourists, who carry lots of cash and are constantly distracted, which means beginning with The Assault On American Gothic it became a very popular spot for pickpockets. Which means members of our staff, who had nothing to do with this mess, got pickpocketed as collateral damage about once a week during the exhibition of…. 

Forever Marilyn.


This is a very famous image of Marilyn Monroe which is horrifying for the following reasons that Seward Johnson appears not to have understood nor cared about:

a) The day this was shot, on an open set with people leering at her all day, her husband, professional athlete and dirtbag Joe DiMaggio, found out about the filming. Rather than comfort his wife, who had been through some shit already that day, he became angry she’d been showing her panties in public and beat her so badly the neighbors called the police on him. Joe DiMaggio also go fuck yourself. 

b) IT’S IN A MOVIE INFAMOUSLY SET IN NEW YORK. To quote a local newspaper, “Did Chicago lose a bet?”

c) Yes, you can look up and see her panties. While this is juvenile, it’s not nearly as juvenile as the literally thousand of photographs I angrily photobombed of some douchebro from Fuckville Middle America in a backwards baseball cap standing between her legs with his face tilted upwards and his tongue out. 

Oh and btw before it was unveiled it looked like this: 

For literal days, before it was installed, she had a bag over her head. (For more on this, though the pictures are now missing, you can read my reaction post here.)

In any just world, there would be a trap door between her legs and everyone who tried to do the upskirt shot would fall into a pit where they would be forced to give five dollars to women’s shelters before they were allowed to leave. THAT would have been interesting art. 

Sidebar, both as contrast and because I love it: Marilyn left a few years ago and was briefly replaced by a refreshing and beautiful piece called The Watch, by Hebru Brantley. The Watch was playful and interesting and didn’t have a single upskirt. Hebru Brantley is a wonderful artist in his own right, but he was also a welcome breath of fresh air after Johnson’s mediocre tribute to sexual assault. 

The Watch was a temporary installation, however, and eventually along came Abraham Lincoln Approves Of White Men

It is an unfortunate coincidence that Confused Closeted Republican there is wearing khakis and a white shirt, the new uniform of the alt right, and it’s also coincidence that this is facing Trump Tower, but it’s not exactly helping Seward Johnson’s cause that he chose the blandest outfit possible for Paean To Confused White Bread. The sculpture is meant to be Lincoln, the darling of Illinois, welcoming a visitor to our fair city, but it sure does look like fresh meat is about to get a free trip to Boys Town with the Sixteenth President of the United States. 

This is what I mean when I say Seward Johnson lacks not only skill but also understanding: he clearly didn’t know that Lincoln’s sexuality is under enough debate to have its own wikipedia page, and he either didn’t know or didn’t care that Marilyn Monroe was nearly killed by her husband for shooting that scene. All he cares about is image and he’s bad at reproducing image. That is not a well-executed rendering of how human beings are, and dynamically speaking it’s boring. If he were good at visuals or if he had something meaningful to say I would be less angry, but he is mediocre at best and the statements his sculptures make are banal pap if they make any at all. 

But he is rich, and I guess either he likes Chicago or he’s got blackmail on Sam Zell, owner of Pioneer Plaza, so he gets to spatter his hideous, meaningless masturbation in my city. And lest you think Seward Johnson got here on his own merits, Forever Marilyn, now on tour from coast to coast, is owned by The Sculpture Foundation, which is heavily subsidized by Seward Johnson. He basically founded a nonprofit to ensure his work gets toured around and publicized and to ensure that if no museum wants it, it has a place to go to die (Palm Springs, CA). 

In short, I hope Abe and Sweater Man are happy, because at least then something good has come out of Seward Johnson’s astounding mediocrity. That said, if you are passing his latest work, spit on it for me. As performance art.


Tony Stark just barely convincing Ross to give him and Natasha a chance to fix things instead of going after his fellow Avengers with “boys and bullets.”

I need to talk about this scene, and how it illustrates why I have genuine BAFFLEMENT that people want to convince me that Tony Stark cares about no one but himself.

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for the stony bingo, i challenge you to the crossover square! maybe with avac as one of the verses?

Very exceptionally late, so I do hope you see this, Anon! Here’s part one, just shy of 5800 words so watch for the cut!

Purple Fog 1/?

A strange purple fog rolled in to surround the city last night, cutting off Staten Island and Rockaway Park, as well as parts of Queens and Manhattan. All communications beyond the fog have been cut off, though services in unaffected areas seem stable for the time being. Citizens are urged to stay home wherever possible and to not attempt to leave the city, as there has been no determination of how safe it is to cross the fog. All flights have been grounded, train, subway, and ferry travel has been suspended, and barricades have been erected at the bridges to prevent crossing. For the moment, the fog’s position seems stable, and we will be bringing you updates as they are available.

“Is this true?” Steve asked, holding his tablet up with the news video frozen on the screen. It was barely five in the morning, but it looked like Tony had been up for hours. Judging by the shirt Steve was pretty sure he’d been wearing the night before, he might not have even gone to sleep in the first place. “The communications, I mean. Have you been able to get anything in or out?” he clarified when Tony just gave him a blank look.

Tony set his stylus down and leaned back in his chair, rubbing a hand tiredly across his face. “While I’m flattered that you think so highly of my abilities, it’s true. Vision and Wanda were outside of the city when the fog rolled in, and I haven’t been able to raise them. I also haven’t been able to get through by satellite, HAM radio, or tin cans with strings.” He scratched at his chin, tension radiating from his body, and then threw himself away from his desk and gestured roughly at the multiple tablets, laptops, and the projection above the surface.

Steve set his own tablet down with the others and braced his hands on the desk to look everything over. He was in his running clothes, but he hadn’t made it out the door before Friday had alerted him to the news. “Why didn’t you wake me up?” he asked, twisting to look at Tony over his shoulder.

“I didn’t have anything to tell you, and there was nothing you could do.” Tony stepped up next to him, tapping his fingers on the desk. “It looked like you needed the sleep.”

Steve looked up at him sharply, but there was no judgment in Tony’s voice. Between the hunt for Bucky and tracking down and rooting out Hydra, none of them had gotten a lot of sleep lately. Steve’s sleep had been terrorized by nightmares, and even the serum couldn’t quite keep up with his insomnia. Apparently he hadn’t been hiding it as well as he’d thought. He straightened up, and made a wide gesture to the table and all the electronics scattered across the surface.

“What have you been able to figure out?”

“I’ve sent a dozen drones into the fog. They’ve all continued to transmit for a few minutes before the signal is lost, but they haven’t transmitted anything useful. Mostly just fog. I sent one of the suits directly up above the city, but the fog just goes up, and up, and… up.” He pointed his finger toward the ceiling, and then shrugged and let his hand fall down to his side. “I couldn’t get around it, or over it, or through it.”

Rubbing the place between his eyebrows, Steve said, “I guess we’re not going to Lagos.”

Tony waved one hand. “Once they realize they can’t contact us, if they haven’t already, Vision and Wanda will make sure the Nigerian authorities know that you won’t be there to back them up. They’ll do whatever they would have done if there wasn’t a team of superheroes running around.”

Closing his eyes, Steve turned his head marginally away from Tony, and emptied his lungs with a soft noise. Tony went still next to him, and then made a similar noise of frustration. He stepped away from the table, running his hand through his already messy, greasy hair again.

“You didn’t tell the Nigerian authorities?” he guessed. “Did you contact the US embassy in Nigeria, or the State Department? Does anyone other than us know you were planning an action in Lagos today?”

“We cleared our flight plan,” Steve offered, knowing it was a measly defense. “Tony, there wasn’t time. We just got this information the day before yesterday, and if we’d involved the politicians –”

Tony cut his hand roughly through the air, breath coming out as a disbelieving laugh. “Steve! You can’t just.” He stopped, planted his fist on his hip, and then muscled into Steve’s personal space to force him to look up.

Steve tried not to look belligerent or confrontational as he straightened up and turned so they were face to face, but it was difficult when he knew he was in the wrong, for as much as he was in the wrong for the right reasons. It was no different than when he’d taken off after the 107th, knowing that he was going against orders, but just as sure that it was the right thing to do. Tony let him decide how he was going to arrange his body, and Steve forced himself to relax his hands down by his sides and keep his chin down, but he couldn’t stop his teeth from clenching.

“Steve, we can’t keep doing this,” Tony insisted softly. He had his head angled slightly downward so he was looking up at Steve through his lashes. Steve had always been weak for his eyes, and he half sure that Tony knew it. “We can’t keep just stomping around the world like we own it. Whatever stores of goodwill we had built up from New York have run dry. We can’t trade on our name anymore, Steve, we have to play by the rules.”

Taking a sharp step backwards, Steve said, “You? You’re the one telling me to play by the rules and not go stomping around the world like you own it? The man who ‘privatized world peace’ and mouthed off to a congressional hearing about it?”

Tony’s hands came up and his lips pursed into a tight line, but his eyes widened rather than narrowing. “And where did that get me?” he demanded harshly, and then visibly forced himself to calm down. “I think we all know the answer to that. Neither of us is a lone wolf anymore, Steve, we’ve got people who depend on us in a very real way. When it was just one eccentric billionaire in a flying suit doing most of the damage to ‘the bad guys’ and getting good results? That was one thing – I’m not saying that how I handled those first years was right or wrong, and to be honest, I probably would do all the same damn things if I had the opportunity to go back. But now we’re a team, and some of us have abilities that scare the living daylights out of the rest of the population, and all of us have caused collateral damage to property and lives on the wrong side of the line. Someday soon, someone is going to wonder if the damage we cause doesn’t exceed the damage we do, and Steve, I promise you that it will not work out well for us.”

“I’m not just going to sit back and do nothing while Hydra is still out there,” Steve said. His hands clenched slowly into fists by his side and he tried to remind himself that he and Tony were a team. They were even friends most of the time.

“You mean you’re not just going to sit back while Bucky is still out there,” Tony corrected.

“I have never put Bucky ahead of a mission to root out Hydra,” Steve said through his teeth. “I don’t think you have much room to talk about collateral damage, or not looping in the proper authorities.” As soon as the words were out of his mouth, he regret them, but couldn’t pull them back.

Tony jolted. His teeth clenched twice, making his temple pulse in time with the movement of his jaw. “Don’t you think that Sokovia is a reason why we should be having this conversation, and not a reason why you should be running around like the law doesn’t touch you?”

“I’m sorry, Tony. I shouldn’t have said that,” Steve said through a breath. He’d admitted a long time ago that Ultron wasn’t solely Tony’s fault, and they’d talked it to death. Steve was the one who’d pushed the hardest for not running off to do solo work anymore, that everyone on the team needed to know what everyone else was planning so they didn’t have another Sokovia. The team had known what he was planning, he just hadn’t thought it was necessary to tell any of the politicians, who take a month just deciding what color pen they wanted on the paperwork. Most of the time, they were in and out before anyone even realized that they’d been in the country.

“It’s just…”

“The bureaucracy is a pain in the ass,” Tony finished for him with a nod of understanding. His stomach expanded in a rush as he drew in a deep breath. He let it out, seeming to shrink at the same time. Steve kept his hands at his side instead of reaching out to grip Tony’s shoulder. If anyone looked like they needed sleep, it was him. Before he could decide whether or not to send Tony off to bed, Tony reached up to grab the back of his neck with both hands and squeezed. “It’s a moot point now. Hopefully Wanda and Vision will realize that they need to tell someone about the bioweapon, and we’ll get back to this conversation after we figure out what this fog is and how to get rid of it. Truce for now?”

Steve took his extended his hand and squeezed it firmly. “One crisis at a time,” he agreed.

A beep from the desk interrupted whatever Tony would have said in reply. He let go of Steve’s hand and turned to the desk, sorting through the various tablets and laptops until he found the one that was beeping. He frowned as his dexterous fingers worked at the display, zooming in several times. He hummed, and his lower lip disappeared between his teeth. Steve wanted to know what he’d found, but he also didn’t want to interrupt him. As much as they fought, as much history as they had between them, Steve couldn’t shake how cute Tony was when he was deep in thought.

“There are eddies…” Tony muttered

Steve waited a moment to see if he was going to continue, and then prompted, “Yes?”

Tony twitched as if he’d forgotten he wasn’t alone. “There are eddies,” he repeated. “In the fog. I have a few dozen drones out scanning the fog from this side. Friday, is Rhodey up from his nap?”

“Indeed, sir,” Friday answered readily. “I’ve taken the liberty of sending him the information and he says that he’ll be up in a few minutes.”

“Why are these eddies important?” Steve asked, moving so he could look over Tony’s shoulder. The screen showed a map of the city with the fog outlined in red, and everything outside of it shaded purple. Several blue blips flashed serenely on screen at seemingly random points around the city. “Wouldn’t it be normal for air currents to cause eddies in a fog bank?”

“First, your premise is wrong from the start, because this isn’t a normal fog. Ergo, there is no ‘normal’ at all. We can’t expect it to behave in any way based on how suspended water vapor would,” Tony said distractedly. He made a flicking motion with the tablet and the map appeared on the projected screen. “Second, even if it were just a normal fog, the eddies would move with the air currents. These seem to be staying in the same place.”

“And that’s weird,” Steve said.

Tony glanced up from the tablet he was clicking away on. “That’s weird,” he confirmed.

As Steve watched, another blue blip popped up, and then a second. The longer he watched the map, the more frustrated he became. He checked his watch – he should have been getting on the quinjet in another five minutes, fresh back from his morning run with just enough time to get into the shower. Now, because of some kind of God-only-knows-what kind of supernatural mist, Hydra might be able to get away with a bioweapon, Wanda was stuck out of the city with only Vision to keep an eye on her, and they had no idea where the threat was even coming from. Honestly, they had no idea if it even was a threat, though Steve couldn’t think of any benign reason to cut the city off from the rest of the country.


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Barbership part 2

Part 1

Part 3

Part 4

The next morning Julia laid in bed staring at the cracks in her white ceiling. It was the few minutes before the stress of the day that she really appreciated. The moments where she was able to just enjoy the soft warm blanket and the bright light filling her apartment. She was lucky to live above the shop. It made her morning pleasant. She rose out of bed and let her feet touch the cold wooden floor. It was time to start the day. She grabbed a towel and walked over to the bathroom to begin getting ready. As she went mindlessly through the tasks, she let her imagination take her on a trip. She started by thinking about taking a vacation to visit her brother back in their village. She thought about the large green fields and the small cozy living. Then her mind drifted to her imaginary house. A large one. With deep mahogany accents and large open spaces for the light to fill. She thought of the books in the library she would have and the balconies overlooking a beautifully landscaped lawn. Her mind slipped to the idea of her husband. A tall man, strong and proud. With broad shoulders and a fierce disposition. With deep blue eyes that could kill… NO. Julia stopped herself.

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Going through your archives I noticed you mentioning that Yang has a lot of sun/light imagery? That's interesting given how you have Salem with darkness so you'd be expecting Pyrrha, Jaune Ruby or possibly Oscar to have that imagery. Not the "normal" member of RWBY that's frankly ignored/suffering from lack of screen focus. Doubly so because nothings been done with it yet but the imagery appears to be shoveled on repeatedly.

yeah, her name literally translates to ‘Sunny Little Dragon’, the character used for her name on the Akira-esque official t-shirt design translates to ‘sun’ or ‘light’. she’s also deliberately contrasted with Blake (who has thematic imagery based on shadows), commentary talks about how Yang just being around Blake has made her a little sunnier (and that ties into their whole Yin-Yang dynamic)

even Armed and Ready; “i am the golden one, who burns just like the sun”

it’s a big part of her theming and reflects her character

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New Faces

Imagine being Crowley’s daughter and getting tired of his way of things, so you take matters into your own hands.

Crowley x Daughter!Reader // Dean x Reader // Sam x Reader

Warnings: is attitude a warning? Light language

Word count: 1.5K (around there)

Tag list: @thewinhunter

Let me know if you want to be included in the tag list

   Attitude Princess. That’s what your redheaded grandmother Rowena always called you. It really didn’t even phase you because, well, she was right. You had a smart-ass mouth just like your father.

   “Fergus if you don’t listen to me I will be forced to take extreme precautions due to the insane fact that you sit here and continue to side with those brothers,” your father sat in his throne, holding his head as Rowena rambled on. “Might I remind you that said brothers happen to be hunters,” she paced as she talked, walking right past your leaning body that was resting against a concrete wall.

   “What seems to be funny Y/N?” the short laugh that came from your body had maybe been a little bit louder than you would’ve liked, raising the attention of your father.

   “Oh nothing…Fergus,” another unexpected laugh came out as you spoke.

   “See what you’ve done mother? Turned my own blood against me, my precious daughter has been corrupted by the venomous words and phrases you spit from that whore mouth of yours,” your grandmother didn’t seem pleased by what her King Boy Son was saying towards her, making you roll your eyes at her dramatic jaw drop.

   “I think you’ve been spending too much time with those Winchester play things of yours,” Rowena gave him a look of ‘I told you so’ in agreement to what you were saying. “you’re beginning to sound like them. Always whining and complaining about things you can’t control. Just because you change your name to Crowley, doesn’t change the fact your real name is F-E-R-G-U to the damn S,” he shot you a look of irritation and disapproval.

   “Princess, don’t you have something to do? Coloring book activities? Being the little bossy child you are and directing my demons around?” his legs crossed, oh he was definitely irritated.

   “What can I say? I was born to direct,” a cute smile played across your lips. “The point is: your name sounds like a venereal disease…and not the fun kind,” at this point in time you thought it best to make a dramatic exit before you really made him cross towards you. “Your highness,” you gave a very dramatic bow as you spoke and turned to leave the room.

   You never really had any jurisdiction outside of Hell. Sure, you had lots of trouble to cause down below in the place you so dreadfully called home. But today-today you were feeling like causing trouble outside the box. Outside the box of Hell was more like it. And what a better way to have some fun then with introducing yourself to the Brat Brothers, as you called them.

   “Man that’s crap. You always have a choice. You can either roll over and die, or you can keep fighting no matter what. I don’t know about you but I’m going out swinging and fighting, because it’s who I am. I know it’s who you are too Sammy. This-all of this surrounding us, it’s what we do. Saving people, hunting things, the family business. So what do you say we kill some evil sons of bitches and raise a little hell?” you had walked in without the boys knowing it, listening to what sounded like Dean was saying.

   “Well that was a hell of a dramatic speech,” stepping out from being the door, you revealed your presence. Walking with confidence in every step you took. “Hello boys,” both of them looked beyond surprised and confused.

   “Crowley?” the taller one who was definitely Moose had both eyebrows raised high, no doubt wondering why the King of Hell would possess a female.

   “Ew, my father is what you get when you don’t pay attention in hunting school,” you figured by the similar looks on their faces you could clearly see they weren’t following. “I’m going to assume you guys know why Crowley sold his soul? Extra three or so inches-well…I’m what came from that whole ordeal,” both of your arms were extended outward to your sides.

   “You mean Crowley has a kid? And you’re his daughter?” Sam spoke out once again, earning him an eye roll for his questions.

   “You know, I get why Crowley calls you Moose now,” your arms were crossed now while you continued to walk closer to them.

   “Whatever you want from us here,” now Dean stepped forward, thinking he had some higher power than you apparently. “you won’t stay long,” you only scoffed at his comment.

   “I’m not really the poetic type Winchester, just get to your point,” he scoffed right back at you.

   “My point is, demons run when a good man goes to war,” a loud laugh came from your voice, echoing in the small motel room.

   “And let me guess, you two think you qualify under this 'good man’ category?” another laugh came from you as your eyes rolled. “Please, spare me an give me a break. Saving people, hunting things, the family business. Well, I think the people you save, they’re how you justify your pathetic little lives. The alcoholism, the collateral damage, the pain you’ve caused. The one thing that allows you to sleep at night, the one thing…that knowing these folks are out there, still out there, happy and healthy because of you big bloody heroes,” they both just looked at each other silently, you had broken their surface.

   “Open your eyes! You’re not heros, neither of you are. People see you on the streets and what do they really see? Denim wrapped nightmares who bring nothing but terror and chaos wherever they go. The two of you hunt monsters, say you rid the world of things that kill people? Take a look around you, take a look at everything you two have done-have caused. You’ve killed more people than you’ve saved. What happened to saving all of the people? Not just the easy ones?” a concerned look spread across their faces, you couldn’t help but smile at the mind boggling troubles you had brought to cause them.

   Something caught the corner of your eye, Dean was holding an angel blade and slowly raising it to his side. No doubt about to lunge at you.

   “Just don’t,” with a flick of your wrist the metal clanked against the wall on the opposite side of the room. In a split second, both of them were flung onto the wall behind them with their bodies being held firmly to its surface by your powers. “Oh the things I could do to the pair of you. If only the angel was here, I do love to put on a good show,” you zoned in on Dean, completely ignoring Sam’s being next to him on the wall. “I’m sure if you wanted to get a front row V.I.P experience to my abilities…I’m almost more than certain I can poke every one of your buttons,” his cheeks grew red, you were getting such a kick out of this. “and not in the sexy way,”

   “Enough alright. We get it,” you turned to face Sam who was speaking once again. “you’re a dick with demonic powers just like Crowley. So what?”

   “Oh Samantha, speaking out of turn again are we?” just as you finished speaking, he began coughing up blood. “I would just hate to see you have your mouth full of something else other than those annoying words you’ve been preaching,” Dean cut you off.

   “Okay, you’ve made your point. Just don’t do anything to Sam, leave him alone. Whatever you’re going to do-do it to me,” you held a hand up to your heart, making a sweet face.

   “That touched me right where my bikini goes Dean, really. Always sacrificing for the other brother, cute. But I haven’t made my point,” your attention once again was on the oldest Winchester, now only inches sat between both of your faces.

   “Then what is your point?” his breath warmed your cold face as he spoke directly to you.

   “My point is I could kill you. Snap my fingers, easiest thing in the world. From here on, I want you to know that the only reason you’re alive is because I allow it. I want you both to wake up everyday and realize that there’s a new chess piece on a board where everyone is playing checkers…and that I’ll be on your asses like a Hellhound after a poor bastard who’s ten years are up,” your face turned to the side, making Dean think you were going to kiss him almost. “In your case, one year. Which means you’ll be hearing from me sooner rather than later,” after you finished, you went up into thin air just as you had come to them, leaving them both shaken and concerned.

   “Crowley will have to reel her in right? She’s going against him,” Sam held is wrists that were once pinned to the wall strongly.

   “She’s not like him Sam…she doesn’t care about all of that. We just have to do our best not to piss her off,” Dean was walking over to the bed, sitting himself down to process everything.

  “We can’t just-she’s making us her little bitch,” clearly Sam didn’t like this, neither did Dean.

   “Yeah well, we’re gonna have to go with it-she means business Sam,” Dean held up a video you had sent to his phone, showing a brutally killed Garth. As Dean hit the play button, the sound of your voice once again filled the room.

   “Did you miss me? Thought I would send my two new favorite pets a little reassurance of how much I just love you guys. Kisses boys, and don’t forget-Long Live the Queen,” you blew a kiss to the camera as you crouched down by Garth’s lifeless body. Leaving both of the boys panicked with terror just thinking of what you would do next.

Read “Destruction” aka Part 2-Here

Let’s talk Civil War.

Wow, that trailer really sent the fandom into a frenzy and changed the game, didn’t it? So I’d like to talk about about a lot of things I’ve had on my mind about Cap 3.

The fact is, so many of us in the MCU fandom are/were so dead set on seeing this particular story line as shades of black and white (red and blue?) when really, getting down to the core of the story is much more than that. It’s all a grey fog. No black, no white. No blue, no red. It’s grey. It’s purple.

The Superhero Registration Act, or The Accords, is one big hurricane of grey and the Avengers are stuck in the eye of it. It’s really one big question where neither answer is fully right. It takes away the rights of a group of people, which is wrong. But it prevents those people from doing damage, which is…right? It all circles around morals. If they’re saving people, is collateral damage okay? There are so many impossible questions revolving around this. The characters are the embodiment of these questions, but they each have their own answer.

Steve has always been about saving people and defeating the bad guys. He’s all about freedom, and the Accords pose a threat to the freedom of himself and all other superheroes. His morals are being tested, and when Bucky gets thrown into the mix, it really gives Steve a push to do what he believes is right, for the good of all, and for personal reasons alike.

Tony has been the cause of a lot of collateral damage, and he is carrying guilt on top of PTSD. He just wants everything to be okay, and his mental illnesses have tunneled his vision to seeing only the damage that he and the others could do. He is doing what he believes is right, for the good of all, and for personal reasons alike.

Each character has an opinion that is a mixture of their morals, responsibilities, and their personal affairs. Steve and Tony are the representations of each side in a way, but all of the Avengers (among other newcomers) have their own reasons. I’ll get to them in a moment.

Victory-wise, I don’t see either side “winning.” Fighting for peace won’t do any good, and I think we all know this movie ends with some common ground between the sides, otherwise Infinity War wouldn’t be happening. So let’s hope that, despite the fact that someone (besides Peggy, whom I refuse to talk about much or I’ll cry,) is probably going to die, that the Avengers assemble over more than just a common enemy, but over friendship and agreement as well. But anyway, back to individual characters. 

Even though we didn’t see certain characters such as Peter Parker, or Vision, there are a few fun theories revolving around them, some backed up with facts. So real quick:

  • Sharon Carter is briefly seen standing next to Martin Freeman’s mystery character in a wide shot where people seem to be confiscating weapons from the Avengers facility. There’s a lot of talk that she’s on Cap’s side, and considering her actions in TWS, she seems a lot like Steve, so it would make sense that her morals would lead her in that direction, and in her personal life, a family member (tears up bc Peggy) has just died. So Peggy’s belief in Steve’s moral compass could be in Sharon as well.
  • Peter Parker, our beloved Spider-Man, wasn’t in the trailer at all. I’d say that has to do with the fact that he has a huge role to play. In some interviews, he’s stated as “stepping outside” of the conflict and being more of a voice of reason. (*cough* he’s been rebooted enough to know what a bad decision looks like *cough*) So it makes you wonder if , being the youngest Avenger (though he isn’t officially one) he’ll serve as a reminder to the others what the job is really about.
  • Vision is probably one of the most powerful beings in existence, so maybe it’s a matter of fairness and he won’t be in the central conflict as much, but as the wielder of the Mind Stone and having the ability to lift Mjolnir, Vision, too, will probably have a large role to play. And considering the oncoming Infinity War, it’s possible that an even greater enemy is coming for him, and he’ll need all the Avengers he can get.
  • We also don’t see our precious Ant-Man, but I have yet to even see that movie so all I’m saying on him is that I’m praying for a “please don’t eat me” joke of some kind when he meets Peter.

There are also those like Thor and Bruce Banner/Hulk, who apparently won’t be in the movie at all, which is interesting because one is a character of reason and rightness and the other is an experiment gone wrong whose entire existence depends on personal emotion and how it effects him. (Though after that insane disaster of a forced love story between Bruce and Natasha, I’m relieved he’s not in this movie. Speaking of our favorite red head though…)

Natasha has a very interesting choice on her plate. Her personal reasons and morals are all tangled up in a knot and she’s trying to unravel it. Her mind is with The Accords and what they stand for, but her heart is dead set on sparing Steve and his followers, so she’s caught between herself and that massive wall of grey hurricane I mentioned earlier. I’m excited to see how the Black Widow is going to unstick herself from the web and move forward into the story. As a person who, like Tony, has caused much collateral damage in the past, and has actually been a bad guy once in her life, her reasons behind wanting The Accords to happen are pretty clear. It’s everything else in her life that’s fogged up. Even her best friend has sided with Steve, so she’s very confused in her decision.

Speaking of Clint, his motives aren’t at all clear but he seems to be on Cap’s side, as noted by the fact he was running alongside him in the trailer. It’s possible that, like the cornered Bucky, he was once placed under mind control and he knows that hunting him down is wrong, thus prompting him to make his own judgements about The Accords. It could also have to do with the fact that he sees them as a threat to his family somehow.

I think it’s also interesting to see Wanda on Steve’s side. One can clearly understand why she’d pick Rogers over Stark, but it’s bigger than that. I think she simply came to her decision on what was right and acted on it. That, and after what the government has already taken from her, losing her freedom would be the final straw.

We also have the Black Panther, who is supposedly on “Tony’s side,” but seeing as what Bucky did as the Winter Soldier could have effected T’challa’s life, his motive in joining The Accords crusade (if he truly “joins” it at all,) is probably almost purely personal.

Now, I’d like to talk about Falcon and War Machine. Both are best friends with one of the two “leaders” on either side. With Sam, he’s Steve’s mirror in a way. He’s a soldier, he has a heart of gold, he wants freedom and happiness for the world. He’s on Steve’s side because he and Steve are thick as thieves and if Steve goes down, Sam is going down swinging at the bastard who hurt his friend. He and Captain America are a lot alike, so his reasons are very similar to Steve’s. Then we have Rhodey. He’s the Sam to Tony’s Steve. (Did I get that right?) He’d die for Tony, and he very well might, judging from that clip in the trailer. They’re both in it for their friend, and for themselves. It may be very personal, but their morality is so in sync with their friend that it’s really more like the two of them are extensions of Steve and Tony and I can’t wait to see the friendships in this movie.

And then there’s Bucky.

James Buchanan Barnes died fighting next to Steve Rogers so long ago, and he was revived as The Winter Soldier, a brainwashed assassin forced to do the bidding of those who controlled him. Because of those actions, people have pinned him as a bad guy. But Bucky, recovering from all that was done to him and regaining his memories slowly, is no longer The Winter Soldier. He’s not a bad guy. But he isn’t really Bucky anymore either, he’s stuck between the two. He’s going to be a very interesting piece in the Civil War game, the storm was brewing long before he stepped into it, but when he did, it picked up and swept the Avengers off their feet. All the shades of grey come back to him in some way, shape, or form. Steve is doing exactly what caused the Accords in the first place and going rogue to do what he thinks is right, and that includes saving Bucky. The real question is does the original Bucky still exist at all?

So what I’m saying is, no side is completely right or wrong, meeting in the middle is what needs to happen. I considered myself Team Cap before the trailer, now I’m Team Avengers, Do What’s Right. In the end, they have to come together because something much bigger is coming and only they can stop it. However, that is not the central focus in this movie. But here’s something to end on, considering the final Hunger Games movie came out recently.

Tony may be the antagonist (which only means opposing force, not bad guy,) but he is not the enemy. Steve is not the enemy.

Remember who the real enemy is.