i steal kisses

I don't miss sex I miss intimacy..

I miss another warm body against mine,
I miss running my fingers down a spine,
I miss hands playing in my hair,
I miss slight touches and unintentional stares.
I miss lips grazing, and even though no music would be playing we would still get up and dance.
I miss watching someone just exist and be them, but near me skin to skin not expecting or wanting anything more than to just exist together no plans
I miss matching my breath to someone else’s
I miss touching toes under the sheets
I miss stealing kisses
I just miss having intimacy


Abby Griffin in every episode | 3x09 Stealing Fire

“I won’t let this happen to you.”

stealing kisses

I adapted your prompt a little anon, but I’m such a sucker for high school aus. plus it’s clexa con and ed sheeran’s new album is so romantic. 

Clarke and Lexa steal kisses from one another without their friends realising, or so they think anyway. 

listen to how would you feel 

“You have paint on your fingers.”

Clarke pulls away and Lexa watches as her nose crinkles, eyes narrowing even as a smile plays at the corners of her swollen lips. Her gaze is soft with affection and the ends of one of her braids tickles Lexa’s cheek when she leans back.

“Is that really what you want to say to the girl who’s making out with you?”

“It’s distracting,” Lexa draws up their hands from where they are tangled together at their sides and brushes her thumb tenderly over the flaking blue paint covering her girlfriend’s index finger.

“Distracting enough to stop me from doing this?” Clarke crowds against her again and Lexa’s eyes widen, darting up when Clarke presses her back into the bookshelf, their bodies close. Her lips skate over Lexa’s jawline, a ghosting touch and Lexa’s head falls back, barely catching the groan that trips out of her throat. 

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kentuckyfriedbooks  asked:

Lance would listen to Marina and the Diamonds

i’ve only heard three songs but based on those i have to say i agree

i serenaded my best friend with those three songs junior/senior years of high school and it was just one of Our Things, which i was just gonna put in the tags, and then i recognized the hance potential of lance singing ‘primadonna’ and ‘bubblegum bitch’ at hunk all the time and hunk just rolling with it

Help me i'm smol

Ok i need a tutorial on how to kiss tall people, like REALLY TALL.
Remember that scene in Ore Monogatari when they finally kiss? We tried that and we look ridiculous. It’s like Bilbo kissing Gandalf. I need to stand on my toes and THAT’S NOT ENOUGH, HE STILL NEEDS TO BEND! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO STEAL A KISS FROM HIM?!? DO I JUMP?!?





“You won’t be stealing no kisses from a princess.”

Hold My Hand

If we could talk about real things I would tell you…
It’s so much more than the delight of you making me whimper
I love your laugh and how you make me laugh when not making me crazy
I cherish how when we do really talk no subject is taboo
The way you write fills me with wonder at your beautiful mind
I’d have you know your arms around me is a gift of peace and desire
That even when I’m so angry I want to fly a fist I love the depth
If I could I’d tell you of the silly things I want with a slight blush
My head on your chest with your arm around me as I fall asleep
Stealing kisses whenever I want for the pure joy of the kiss
To be able to suddenly bury my nose in your neck for your singular scent
To walk at your side with obvious exultation and deep pride
I’d love to drag you into my ability to be stupidly joyously happy
I want free reign to pick your brain and infect you with my love of life
Silliest of all is I want you to hold my hand because no one holds my hand
These are some of the things I would tell you if we could really talk
These are some of the things ‘I love you’ mean to me

From prologue to epilogue (fellow fanfic readers know)

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