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Imagine Jared Leto is your Friend’s hot Dad Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Hidden Proposition

I stared back at Mr. Leto in curiosity. This man is so mysterious.

“Kerri, finally!” Allegra called. She ran up to me as her curly brown locks bounced around her. We were opposites: her ringlets versus my straight brown hair, her straight up and down frame, versus my curves. I smirked, feeling bad for making her and the other wait. “You take forever up there, girl,” she shook her her head in disbelief.

“Oh hey, Dad, didn’t see you there,” she acknowledged the mystery watcher.

He nodded, “Don’t stay up too late, girls.” His smile was warm. His eyes drift to mine and he winked before disappearing into the hallway. I turned to Allegra, praying she witnessed what I just saw.

“Stop drooling, Kerri.”

My eyes widened in shock, “W-what? I don’t know what you’re talking about-”

 “Try, just for once, to not gawp at my dad?” She asked teasingly.

I rolled my eyes, “Well, I guess I can try?” I mimicked her.

She hit my arm and we laughed as we walked into the living room.

Everyone was sound asleep. My three friends lay in front of me, sprawled out among the couches and armchair with layers of blankets and sheets enveloped them. The movie was almost over. The white glow from the TV screen illuminated their faces every so often, not like I was watching it. My mind was ablaze with thoughts of Mr. Leto’s naked glory - how the water droplets clung to his bare torso haphazardly, made him glisten when the light hit him just right. And of course, how could I forget the crème de la crème moment when that towel dropped. My jaw dropped at the thought of it. Gravity is a beautiful thing.

I heard movement behind me and turned to find Mr. Leto making his way around the corner from the steps. My heart skipped a beat.

“Oh hey, Kerri.  You still up?” he asked softly. His white tee glowed in the light.

“Yeah. Someone had to finish the movie,” I coughed out a laugh, darting my eyes back to the screen, masking any trace of blushing. He doesn’t know I saw him, I mean God, I hope he doesn’t figure it out. If his smarts match his looks though, I’m doomed.

Mr. Leto glided across the living room, tidying up our empty plates and candy wrappers. Man, we’re some messy girls.

As he bent over, his shirt lifted ever so slightly, revealing his gray boxer briefs and his upper back - that nice, smooth back that I witnessed earlier. I leaned over to get a better look - I just couldn’t help myself, I wanted in on this mini peep show.

In an instant, Mr. Leto straightened up and turned to me.

I recovered quickly and leaned back in the chair. I pulled the blanket in my lap as nonchalantly as possible. That was too close.

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Stiles Stilinski #8

Requested: yes

Plot: Reader has Stiles shirt on
“is that my shirt?”

A/N: Happy Holidays! Don’t be shy to request!


“Almost ready to go to bed?” Stiles asked.

He had insisted on a Christmas movie marathon, until a sudden panic washed over you. 2 days to Christmas and less than half of the gifts you had purchased were wrapped.

“Yeah, I have Lydia’s, Scott’s, Liam’s, your dad’s- no. I’m not ready but don’t wait up, I’m going to get this done.” You stated confidently, but your eyes told a completely different story.

“Aren’t you at least going to change? That dress can’t possibly still be comfortable.” Stiles asked.

“Maybe in a little bit, goodnight my love.” You smiled.

“Goodnight, babe. Don’t stay up too late, we still have time.” Stiles reminded you.

“Wouldn’t be a problem if you had wrapped some like I had asked you to last week… But no worries, I like doing this, and I have Buddy the elf to keep me company. Go to bed now, you get cranky in the mornings.” You rambled.

Stiles sleepily waved you goodbye, pressing a kiss to your head that was bent over a huge box of pots and pans for Isaac, who had moved into a new apartment and had almost nothing.

You sighed, taping down the red wrapping paper, taking into consideration Stiles’ suggestion and removing your tights and bra.

Business began. A frame here, a sweater there. A cashmere scarf and matching coat for Lydia, which was in a box at first, but the tape could not hold the clothes in. Which resulted in a mad dash around the house for a bigger box, and Amazon box that had first contained books and a tablet was used.

After four gifts you finally realized
Why Stiles had asked you if you wanted to change. The dress felt so itchy and tight, you had to break feee of it.

You snuck into the room, grabbing one of Stiles’ old t-shirts then immediately going back to the living room to finish wrapping.

“I can do this.” You told yourself.

After finally finishing, and much lost tape which had ended up somewhere on yourself, you gave yourself a break. Settling on the couch, thinking to yourself that you’d get up in 5 minutes to clean the mess. The warmth of the heater and the comfortability of the couch and Stiles’ shirt was just too alluring. And the 5 minutes turned to 10, then 20, then 30 and then you were fast asleep, seeing Jack Skellington fly across the sky in a coffin.

Stiles woke up at his normal time, only an hour later than when he got up for work, the bed feeling only slightly colder than usual, you had probably left the heater on. He continued his normal routine, stretch for 10 minutes, get out of bed, and go make coffee.

He hadn’t passed the living room to get the coffee, but he heard voices, which obviously concerned him. Must have been the tv.

He had never seen so much wrapping paper or bows in his life, he looked around the room, little balls of tape getting stuck to his socks, and wrapping paper flying away at every step.

“What the hell.” Stiles muttered.

Beneath a pile of scrap paper and the decor blanket, you were fast asleep, a piece of tape right on your cheek. Stiles gently tried to take it off, but he woke you up in the process.

“Morning.” You yawned.

“Good morning, love bug. How did the wrapping go?” Stiles asked as he picked up some trash.

“I meant to do that last night. It went well, I got everybody’s wrapped, guess I fell asleep after.” You answered.

You stretched out your back, then got up to help Stiles clean up your mess.

“Looks like a Christmas tornado came through here, hey, is that my shirt?” Stiles asked with a huge smile.

“Yeah, what’s mine is yours and what yours is mine, marriage stuff babe.” You shrugged.

“I like my clothes on you, especially when you look even better in them than I do.” Stiles smiled.

“No time for that sexual stuff, we need to go over the list and make sure everyone got a gift, then send out some last minute Christmas cards, and oh my gosh, I need coffee.” You told Stiles sternly.

“I’ll handle all that, coffee should be brewed in the kitchen, I got this babe.” Stiles reassured you.

“My hero. For that maybe I’ll where your shirt for another reason later.” You winked, swaying your hips a bit more to the kitchen.

Stiles only smiled, cleaning up the remainder of the mess and straightening out the couch.

“I forgot to put name tags!” You screeched.

Stiles sighed, “I got it.”

Monsta X: Falling asleep while waiting for their practice to end

A/N:  I am not very familiar with their personalities quite yet, so I apologize if anything doesn’t seem too accurate.

Original Request:   “Can I have Monsta X reaction to you falling asleep on the couch while waiting for them to come back from practice? Thanks a lot.”


When Shownu saw you curled up on the couch with a bowl of ice cream still on your lap, he completely melted inside at the cuteness of the situation.  He carried you off to bed, covering you up in blankets, then returning to the living room.

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Jooheon was too excited to see you after practice, so when he saw you fast asleep on the couch, unable to stay up late enough, he pouted silently.  However, he had a change of ideas and decided to wake you up, cuddling your sleepy form, trying to make you less mad that he interrupted your slumber.

This is supposed to be him cuddling with you but I couldn’t find a super relevant gif r.i.p

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Kihyun immediately walked over to your sleeping figure and sat on the edge of the couch to see if you would wake up.  When you didn’t, he leaned over to kiss your nose, catching your attention.

“Did my baby fall asleep waiting for me?”

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I.M would leave you to peacefully sleep, like Shownu, and carry you off to bed, likely winding down and joining you for the night.

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Hyungwon would keep you on the couch, afraid of waking you if he moved you.  He made himself comfortable on the couch with you, taking a picture of how cute you looked, then holding you close to him as he drifted off to sleep.  

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Wonho decided to wake you up by leaving a trail of kisses on your neck.  Once you woke up to the sensation of his lips, he helped you walk to the bedroom, then tucking you in.  He laid next to you, waiting to go to sleep until after he made sure your were comfortable.

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Minhyuk shouted your name as soon as he walked in the door, waking you up accidentally.  He did this before he even realized that you had been sleeping, so the two of you carried on the night as usual.

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Cuddling Headcannons

I did this for my Osomatsu-san imagines blog @ravensanimagines, but I’ll do one for here too. Here’s how the Mystic Five would cuddle with their s/o~

Yoosung loves to cuddle with you. He thrills for the affectionate embrace and could always fall asleep in your arms whenever he gets tired. He’d caress you back until you both snooze and would stay there until you want to wake up.

Originally posted by couplenotes

Zen works most of the day, so this would usually happen at late-night hours, should you be already asleep or drowsily waiting for him. Whatever the case may be, he’d get in bed with you and coax you to come closer. Your head would lie on his chest under his neck and he’d wait until you’re comfortable before he decides to fall asleep.

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Jaehee often comes home exhausted from being overworked by Mr. Trust Fund, so she needs all the relaxation she can get and nothin’ like cuddling you satisfies her the most in that aspect. She may seem like she’s resolute at all times, but I assure you it’s a whole different case when she’s alone with you~! After showering and changing, she’ll just crawl in bed and lay her body in your arms. SHE’S SO CUTE I CAN’T-

Originally posted by justdrethings

Jumin doesn’t cuddle much, but if you plead, he’ll comply with soothing sensibility. This boi  usually takes up the bed with Elizabeth 3rd in your spot, but you never know when he’ll surprise you with a romantic embrace. He’s unpredictable, but hey, his cuddles are sensual and passionate, so A++, fam.

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Seven would honestly take AGES to get in bed with you, knowing how occupied he gets when Vanderwood gives him a task. Once he’s REALLY feeling the caffeine in his system die down, he’ll come to bed and casually lay beside you. Whether you’re awake or asleep, he’ll bring his arm around and hold you closer. But be prepared to hear dumb questions in the middle of the night like “Do pigeons have feelings?” LMAO I CRII

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Late Night *REQUESTED*

In which Harry comes home late and finds his lovely girlfriend already asleep.

A/N: I know, I know.  I promised you a smutty oneshot co-written by harryandmesohappily and ITS COMING I PROMISE.  However, I just couldn’t hold off on posting this.  Someone requested it and it was just too cute not to post. Told from Harry’s POV so a bit different from what you’re used to from me.  Hope you enjoy, babes! xxx

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So. I know everyone has been waiting for an update. And yes, one will be coming. But not by me. Tonight, I’m gonna be handing this blog BACK to @soda-fizzy , the original owner of the blog.

As much as I want to continue the blog and make more content. I’m just too slow and with everything that has been happening lately, It’s hard for me to keep up and stay on this with my other blogs too.

So. I really apologize to everyone who was waiting for updates and I’m sorry for not doing such a good job. But this blog isn’t dead and look forward to more content from soda-fizzy.

paperdragonfly  asked:

I just started reading Teach me How to Behave, and I'm loving it, so far. I'm on Ch. 6, and really should go to bed lol I can't wait to read more. Thank you for sharing your work, it's great 💜

Thank you for reading it! It literally means so much to me, and I know that many other fanfiction authors say the same exact thing, but I’m serious. Every comment makes me want to cry and hug every single one of you. So, thank you! And I hope you don’t end up staying up too late reading TMHB :) I should probably go to bed too since I have to wake up in like five hours, but I can’t stop writing Chapter thirteen so ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

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3. “I might have had a few shots.”
17. “Scoot over. I want to be under the blanket too.”

Dean Winchester x Reader
Requested by @torn-and-frayed
You stumbled into the bunker, giggling as your mind hazed from all the alcohol you shot back. It was late, really late and you were trying to stay quiet so you wouldn’t wake the boys.

But as you walked through the halls, you could hear soft voices, and a light flickering in Dean’s room.

Dean had his legs kicked up on the table, a beer in his hand as he watched TV. He stayed up waiting for you, waiting to know you’re home and safe.

Peeking your head in, you flashed a smile, gazing at him, your face flushed.

“Hey Winchester!” You hiccuped.

He snapped his eyes to you, his lips curving as he saw you there at his door, wearing a tiny dress, with your hair a mess. He couldn’t help but chuckle. “Hey, have fun with Charlie?” He asked.

You nodded, walking over to him. “Scoot over, I want to be under the blanket too!” You exclaimed.

Dean did as he was told, making room for you.
Plopping down on to the couch, you pulled the warm blanket over you, resting your head on his shoulder.

He took in a whiff and immediately he could smell the alcohol. “Wow, someone had a lot to drink.” He chuckled.

“I might have had a few shots.” You giggled.

Looking up at him, you were so engrossed with his lips, that you didn’t realize you were leaning closer to him. So close, you could feel his breath hit your cheek.

“I really want to kiss you.” You whispered.

His stomach fluttered, as he gazed into you. His lips yearning to feel you against him. But he knew one thing was sure, he knew you were drunk and he didn’t want to take advantage of you. He couldn’t.

Instead, he pressed his lips to your head, and sighed. “If you still want to kiss me tomorrow, when you’re sober, then I’m all yours.” He exhaled.

You returned your head to his shoulder, watching the images play on the screen.

Dean tangled his fingers with yours, feeling you mold against him. Your eyes grew heavy, as your breathing slowed.

“I love you.” You hiccuped one last time. And just like that, you were knocked out.

He smiled to himself, still holding you close to him. “I love you too.” He whispered.

“I’m awake! Promise.” Max smiled slightly, looking a bit guilty as he let out a yawn. He had passed out on the couch while he was waiting for his study partner to show up. “Sorry. I’ve been staying up too late, it’s been killing me. I’ll make it up to you, alright?” He smiled, sitting up and taking his pencil in his hand to show he was ready. 

NCIS One Shot: Expecting

Summary: This is the journey of what to expect when you’re expecting with Gibbs’s child.

Requested By: Anon

Word Count: 3k

Warnings: None

Notes: Welp, this turned out way longer than I meant and its 5AM so I should probably get sleep now. Let me know what you think!

Originally posted by teamrizzles

“Don’t take too long, [Y/N]. I got your favorite movie loaded up!” calls Gibbs as you shut the bathroom door behind you.

“I’ll be right back,” you say through the door. You wait until you hear him pad down the stairs before you open up the cabinet beneath the sink.

Reaching into the far back, you pull out a small box with slightly trembling hands.

It’s a pregnancy test.

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I am writing this for you.
You, with sleepy eyes from staying up late, fingers still scrolling down the screen.

Wait. Stop scrolling.

I am writing this so that you know
it’s okay
You feel empty.
You have too much inside.
This is not a poem,
but I want you to know that you are.
Even though you are never going to rhyme, you still are the best goddamn poem that wrote itself, bleeding verses that don’t make sense to everyone, all through the day and night.

I am writing this for you.
You, holding on to something,
holding on to nothing.
For the love of God, please don’t let go now.

Now read this part out loud.
It’s okay
I know you’re hurting.
And things might not get better tomorrow,
or anytime soon.
But it’s okay.
You don’t have to be okay all the time.

Now, wait.
Pretend that the screen has turned monochrome.

Textbooks will tell you otherwise, but a point occupies so much space.
You know,
a full stop is just a point, too
but it occupies more space than everything preceding it does.
And it has the power to do more damage than its absence does.

So now you know,
things don’t always make sense.
They don’t have to.
And things don’t always get better.
They don’t need to.
And full stops are powerful,
and darling, so are you.

It’s okay.

Wait. Stay up.
You can scroll down now.
Let the credits start to roll.

—  /Reg// It’s okay

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a-are you sleepy? (;^ω^)

you should go to bed if you’re tired! don’t stay up too late playing video games or anything, okay~?

you don’t want to end up with bags under your eyes like this, right~? 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

Mini Drama ~
  • Mini Drama ~
  • Murasakibara & Himuro
  • Duet Series Vol. 8

Translation :

[in the Yousen locker room]

Murasakibara: [eating potato chips] Yum! Nothing tastes better after chocolate than some salty potato chips.

[door opens]

Himuro: Atsushi! You’re still here?

Murasakibara: Oh, Murochin. Wait a sec. Did you stay behind to do extra practice again?

Himuro: [opens his locker] Yeah.

Murasakibara: You just can’t get enough, can you, Murochin?

Himuro: Atsushi, have you been eating snacks ever since practice ended?

Murasakibara: Yep. Moving around makes me really hungry. I wish I could eat during practice, too, but Masakochin would get angry.

Himuro: Heh. I’m sure Coach wouldn’t be the only one.

Murasakibara: Hey, don’t you think practice has been super intense lately? Everybody’s way too fired up.

Himuro: That goes to show just how committed they are to winning the Winter Cup.

Murasakibara: Same for you, Murochin?

Himuro: Yeah, pretty much. I didn’t make it back in time for the Inter-High, so I’m thrilled about finally being able to compete. Besides, there’s a guy I absolutely do not want to lose to.

Murasakibara: Hmmm? Oh! My potato chips are all gone.

Himuro: Alright, then why don’t we head home?

Murasakibara: I wanna buy more snacks, so I’m gonna stop by the convenience store.

Himuro: Haha! I’ll go with you.

– –

[leaving the convenience store]

Himuro: You practically cleaned them out again this time.

Murasakibara: [munching] I’ll be done with these before you know it. What’d you buy, Murochin?

Himuro: Just a drink and a magazine.

Murasakibara: Hey, Murochin, when you said there was a guy you absolutely didn’t want to lose to, were you talking about the guy we met at the streetball tournament this summer? The stifling one with the split eyebrows.

Himuro: That’s a pretty harsh description. But yeah, he’s the one.

Murasakibara: Okay, but didn’t you say you guys were like brothers or something?

Himuro: Exactly. An older brother can’t lose to his younger brother, now can he?

Murasakibara: Hmm?

Himuro: There’s a very good chance that we’ll get to play against Seirin, Taiga’s school, at the Winter Cup.

Murasakibara: Only if they manage to win their way through the tournament, though. Well, I hate that guy, so if we end up playing them, he’s all yours, Murochin.

Himuro: Yeah. We’re going to settle this once and for all. Speaking of which, Seirin has another really intriguing player, don’t they? He played in the streetball game, too.

Murasakibara: Oh, you mean Kurochin?

Himuro: Yeah. And there was one more—I think his name was Kiyoshi?

Murasakibara: Kiyoshi Teppei.

Himuro: It seems like he’s also really looking forward to playing against you, Atsushi.

Murasakibara: Like I care. I hate him, too. He’s so stifling and overbearing.

Himuro: Hm?

Murasakibara: Even though we destroyed them back in middle school, he’s still playing basketball or whatever. I don’t get it at all. He really pisses me off. Makes me wanna crush him.

Himuro: That makes this easy, then. If we end up facing Seirin, I’ll crush Taiga, so all you need to do is crush Kiyoshi.

Murasakibara: Huh? Says who? If you wanna crush Mr. Eyebrows, then you’re more than welcome to, Murochin. It’s got nothing to do with me.

Himuro: That’s not true. Even if I manage to beat Taiga on my own, it won’t mean anything if we lose the game.

Murasakibara: What’s that supposed to mean? There’s no way we’d lose to a team like Seirin! So what if they’ve got Kiyoshi and Kurochin? I can crush them both with one hand.

Himuro: Yeah? Then that means I can focus everything I have on my matchup with Taiga.

Murasakibara: Murochin, you’ve always got this calm look on your face, but you’re annoyingly hot-blooded on the inside.

Himuro: I wonder about that. All I want is to beat Taiga in a no-holds-barred matchup.

Murasakibara: [sighs] I’ve heard enough. So long as we win the game, I couldn’t care less. Give it your best shot, Murochin.

Himuro: Of course. I’ll defeat all of our opponents, Taiga included. For the sake of Yousen’s victory.

Murasakibara: Mmhmm. Hm? [rifling through the convenience store bag] Huh? I’m all out of snacks!

Himuro: What?! All the ones you just bought?!

Murasakibara: Yeah. I’m still hungry, so I’m gonna make another trip to the convenience store.

Himuro: Hey! Atsushi! … If only he could apply the same passion he has for snacks to our games, too… Heh.

[ Credits to Grimmfeather ]

Massage - Lay

Title: Massage (scenario) 

Requested by anonymous

Not sure if this is what you had in mind but here it is.

You had worked late that day, much later than you normally did but now your work was done and you could go home. Yixing was already at your apartment, waiting for you with dinner, though he had already ate as you had stayed at work so late. He greeted you with a smile, though you just walked over to the couch and fell over. You felt so drained and achy from being on your feet all day.

“Tough day?” He asked.

“Mmhhm.” You groaned affirmatively, your eyes closed.

“You want to get up and eat?” He sat down on the floor beside the couch.  

“No. I don’t want to get up.” You were too tired to move much anymore, not now that you’ve sat down.

“Is there anything I can do?”

“Well,” at this point you didn’t feel like saying no to him, “my feet are aching horribly.” He smiled as he got up and walked away for a moment, only to return with a tray containing your dinner that he brought home with him earlier. Setting it on the end table by where your head laid on the couch, he went over and sat beneath your legs, placing them on his lap.

“You need to eat something, even if it’s just a little.” He took one of your feet in his hands and began by massaging your ankle. You tried eating a little as you watched the concentration on his face. It was so incredible how he always jumped at opportunities to help you, even if it was rubbing your feet after a long day. It made you feel almost guilty when he did things like this but he would always reassure you that he did it because he thinks you’re worth it. Because he loves you.


guess who stayed up super late last night to make a matching GIFset from Heatwave’s PoV

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hope u have a great day lovely

Aw thank you. It snowed here so I’m planning on taking a shower and suiting up to go outside to sled or something. The sun’s coming out so I better go do it soon instead of being a lazy asshole and waiting until it’s too late… 

I hope you have a great day too anon. Stay awesome and thanks for making my day!