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The Coin Chose Wrong (Zack Taylor gets punched)

Request: Prompt! The scene where Jason and Zack get into a fight, Zack shoves Trini back and I need protective Kim giving Zack a punch of her own for touching her smol girlfriend

Zack stared up at the zords in awe as the rest of the team followed Alpha to the pit. The mastodon was beautiful. There was the monochrome shine underneath all the dust. The machinery was simply beautiful.

Zack approached the zord with an open palm. He pressed his open hand against one of the tusks, feeling that cool metal. The mastodon gently nudged back at Zack’s hand, and he rubbed the tusk bemusedly. A really bad idea came to mind.

Zack climbed the mastodon towards the clear pod where he assumed he would be piloting. The zord allowed him to climb easily, and when Zack reached the pod, it opened up for him, inviting him in.

Zack hopped in and ran his hand over the controls. Everything felt right in the pod. Suddenly, the pod closed up, trapping Zack in, and the zord took off. Well, shit.

Zack crashed through the wall of rock, screaming and flailing as he went. There was stopping the zord. He saw the rangers ahead of him and felt genuine fear run through him. He continued to scream as the other rangers ran away from the mastodon.

Zack could feel the mastodon slowing down as the rangers jumped onto a ledge, and then, the zord skidded to a halt right as it reached the ledge. The pod opened up for Zack after it stopped, so Zack stepped out.

He laughed. “Sorry, my bad. That one’s on me!” 

Jason angrily approached Zack. “What were you thinking?! You could’ve killed yourself, or us!”

Zack pushed him out of the way, not really seeing why their supposed leader was so mad. It wasn’t as though he wanted to take off like that. He didn’t know how to stop the zord, much less get it started. “Lighten up, Bossman.”

Zack continued to walk before he felt a hand on his shoulder pull him backwards. Before he knew it, there was a fist connected to his cheek. Really?! Zack punched back, and ducked the next punch. He continued to beat into their leader while dodging the blows.

The others jumped in after that. Billy grabbed Jason and pushed him backwards while Trini pushed against Zack. “Calm down!” she screamed.

Zack stopped pushing forward towards Jason. “Fine! Jesus! What’s the big deal?!”

“You almost killed us!” Trini shoved Zack. “What do you expect!”

“I apologized!”

“That’s not enough! Stop doing stupid things, and we’ll stop getting into stupid arguments!”

Jason was on the side, and Billy was trying to calm him down. “I’m sorry! I was just looking and then the zord locked me in and took off!”

Trini shoved him again. “Not good enough!” 

Zack was up against the wall now. Trini was still glaring at him with her hands clenched by her side. She was bleeding from her forehead. Zack already felt bad, but that made him feel worse. “Well, I can’t do anything about it now! I’m sorry! I did a stupid thing! I get it! I’m an idiot! Fine! Stop screaming at me about it! You’ve all done dumb things too, but apparently that doesn’t warrant any arguments does it?!” 

Trini slammed him against the wall with supernatural strength, and Zack shoved her back, not particularly in the mood for the abuse. “Back -!”

There was another fist slamming into his jaw. It hurt. Everything hurt. Zack just stood there as his head was snapped to the side by the punch. He didn’t bother moving his head to face the others anymore. He could feel it all healing already but it still hurt inside.

“Don’t touch her!” Kimberly screamed at Zack. He didn’t have to look at her to see that she was guarding Trini. He could hear Trini whispering her thanks to Kimberly.

Why am I the only one getting knocked around? No one did this when Billy blew up that bluff. No one did this when Trini jumped that ravine. No one did this when Jason and Billy got us all into a train wreck.

Zack fished his coin out his pocket. The others were silently staring at him. He looked down at the dark coin. Then, he plastered on a smile and looked at the others. “Well! I’m sorry, guys,” he laughed. “I guess I should just go. Clearly not wanted here. The coin must be malfunctioning or something because it chose the wrong guy.”

Zack dropped his coin, and turned towards the way out. As he walked away, the coin clinked onto the ground. It was quiet, but to Zack, it was as loud as a morning bell. His heart was thudding in his chest painfully; he wanted to be a ranger so badly with the others.

“Master Zack, no,” Alpha whispered.

The coin chose wrong.

Hours later, Zack was laying on the abandoned train car eating whatever he had left out of anger. He knew he should ration it, but he had nothing to do. 

There was that weight in his pocket once again. The coin had returned to him when he left the ship. He tried throwing it away over and over again, but every time he chucked it into the sea of trees, it would just teleport back to his pocket. So he sat in his hideout, angrily staring out at the mines. 

Footsteps began approaching the spot from behind. He knew it was the rangers, but he didn’t want to acknowledge it.

“You still have the coin,” he heard Jason say. 

Zack smiled, and rotated his body to face them. “Hey, Bossman!”

The rangers sighed, the anger gone from their eyes. “The coin chose you.”

“It didn’t choose right.”

“You still have it don’t you?”


“You’re one of us now. We’ll accept you for who you are. Not because we have to to save the world, but because we do like you Zack,” Jason said genuinely.


“Zack?” Trini’s voice piping up.

“I have some food. And drinks… I was planning on staying here tonight if you wanted to…” Zack didn’t exactly know what to say.

They smiled at him. “I’m down,” Trini agreed.

Zack hopped off the train car and began starting the fire. The others started to gather their stuff, putting it in different spots to sit. Kimberly walked up to Zack just as he got the fire going.

“I’m sorry I punched you,” she said guiltily. “I just saw red after you pushed Trini.”

Zack chuckled. “Don’t sweat it, Princess. Didn’t even feel it.”

Kimberly scoffed with a smile and smacked Zack’s shoulder playfully. “Want me to try again? I’m sure I can get your chin tingling a bit!” she laughed.

Zack smiled up at her. Things were strained with the rangers, but Zack could feel the tension loosening little by little. Zack foolishly thought about being friends with them

Friends, huh? He glanced around at the others still setting up for the night. Doesn’t sound too bad to me.

Story time. Involves a sugar baby, a love story in Paris, making an idiot of myself, and one year that aged me fifty

I was studying in France earlier this year and while living across the world, my life in the States was falling apart. I was spending too much money, eating raw pasta and cans of spam in bed while watching Netflix and crying because I was lonely, and French people were very harsh with me. I had taken courses in French at this university, studied endlessly beforehand- translating movie scripts at my work study job, endless French films, podcasts, and when I arrived the cold French exteriors strangers had was like nothing I’d ever experienced. I felt lonely, socially incapable, and could only communicate at the level of a child. People would say disparaging things about my body, or hold me responsible for Donald Trump, or tell me not to speak French at all. Strangers and acquaintances alike showed no empathy as a lugged enormous suitcases up stairs, or asked questions about where classes were, or for directions to complete student insurance. My only friends were English speakers who got on with these things much better than me (one was from French Canada, an Australian had already settled in the previous semester), but I would get drunk in my tiny room alone quite a bit. I’m used to being seen as intelligent and sociable, and this semester shook me to my core. At home, my mother would eventually be arrested and I grew more depressed as I stayed in touch with them. One guy I slept with posted my nudes on the internet. Another invited me to a gala, where I looked beautiful, and didn’t speak to me at all. Another ruined great sex by immediately telling everyone and confirmed my identity as the American slut. I got blackout drunk on a university trip and hooked up with a Brazilian girl in a French boarding school that had been rented, excused myself, spent the rest of the night vomiting in nothing but a pair of overalls, repeatedly hitting the button that activated the shower for thirty seconds. I had no memory of any of this.

But I learned to do things alone. I grew. I forced myself into conversations and realized I didn’t care about looking like an idiot. It still stung.

The academic year finished. I had failed half of my classes because I couldn’t bring myself to go. It was over, and now I would just travel. I went to Italy, Spain, the south of France, Austria, all over. I met with my sister. She can be pretty cruel, always removed because when my mom was arrested, it was for assault after accusing my sister of fucking my father. She’s colder than me though, saying things like how I would look heavier if I didn’t have my chest. “You want to prove you’ve grown and can handle yourself in Europe, that you’re different,” she said after I misread a German train stop, and we were stuck overnight in a station. “You’re exactly the same”.

But before my trip, something incredible happened. I posted on a web site, hoping some kind stranger in Paris would hold a bag of clothes during my travels before I returned home. I put attractive photos up, sifted through dozens of responses, chose one that looked stable. Normal. Booked a bus to Paris. On the way there, someone else messaged me. He looked really kind. He had travelled all across South Asia and sailed across the Atlantic. I told the other guy something had come up, and followed through with- let’s call him Q. We met up at a metro station. I bought him a gift- two books, the Garden of Eden by Hemingway in French, or a blank notebook. “Only an American would buy Hemingway in French,” he laughed, and took the notebook.

He explained that he constantly hosted people for free, and gave bike tours of the city without charge just to meet people. He was the least French person I’ve ever met. I thought that was fantastic.

I originally asked for him to harbor an enormous backpack, but instead of troubling him, I left a small duffel bag. I didn’t want to inconvenience him, since he had also offered to let me stay the night. I would carry an extra thirty pounds around for a month because of this- rainboots and sweaters while I sweated in June in Venice.

We had met at a subway station, he took my gift, we biked around the city and bought ingredients for a salmon tart. I was utterly charmed. I used a city bike, and in between drop off stations, he would let me sit on his handlebars and pedal like a maniac. I gripped his arms tightly as he swerved to avoid cars and pedestrians alike, and we zipped down the Champs-Élysées and spoke in French and English. He gently corrected my mistakes, and mercifully let me feel intelligent for a few moments. We cooked dinner together, laughed about French science shows for children, talked about the best techniques for driving in the snow (he grew up in the mountains), and killed a bottle of wine.

The night reached its end and I readied myself to stay on his futon. Q looked from beyond his door and asked if I was coming into his room. He saw my confusion and explained that he had a better mattress to set up on his floor- or, if I preferred, I was welcome to exactly half of his bed. I’m not sure whether it was the way he always looked as though he was smirking, or whether his arms felt nice as he cycled through the city, but I opted for his bed. It seemed like hours chatting, barely touching, then overtly shifting bodies, then fingers brushed my hair out of my face and we were doing exactly what you might guess. He was so careful and gentle. He traced his fingers around my ears and gave half second massages to my feet. He didn’t last very long, but somehow it was a relief. He didn’t do this for hookups. He was just that kind of person. He told me the next day it had been a long time since he had done that sort of thing, dressed up professionally for his work as an engineer while I tried to desmudge my makeup and make my way back to a bus stop.

He said goodbye at the metro station, we did la bise kissing each other on the cheeks, and he was gone. We would see each other in a month when I had to pick up my bag and return home.

I spent the whole time thinking of him. We talked just before time was up- he messaged me on my birthday. I was so excited. I was in Venice and a bunch of Moldovans had bought me champagne while my sister and I sat on the beach. A friendly guy brought me his jacket as I came out of the water, draped it over my shoulders, and flirted a little, but all that was on my mind was him.

It’s your birthday? He said. That changes everything for the menu. When I came back he baked me a birthday cake with courgettes- zucchinis. It was strangely delicious. The first day we walked around in circles, talking about nothing in particular around the city. Old movies and why I hate sudoku puzzles, reasons why he doesn’t care about football. We spent quality time together in his room. Tu m'excites, he said while fucking me. You turn me on. Bouge pas. Lache-toi la. The next day we travelled to the illicit section of the Parisian catacombs. If you see the police, he warned, run, they do give out fines. People aren’t supposed to be here. I sat on his handlebars and we biked to an abandoned train station after slipping through a construction zone, slipped into a hole that looked like an animal might live in it, and sloshed around in water up to our thighs. It looked like tunnels from Lord of the Rings. He had a headlight and a hand-drawn map. We looked at the graffiti and ate dumplings, and we turned off all the lights so everything was silent and completely dark. While biking back, he laughed. You weren’t scared at all, he said, impressed. A lot of people would yell at me, or lose their minds. You were okay just sitting there and enjoying the quiet. I had been totally out of my element, but I smiled. We zipped by a group of fancy looking Parisians outside of a gallery and made loud beeping noises to rile them. That was perfect, he said of my particular noisy exclamation.

That night we went home and fucked in the kitchen. It was great. On top of laundry. Near his saxophone. Standing up. By his friend’s futon. Afterward, Q stood up and looked outside the window, flashing some neighbors who rolled their shades down, ruffled. We laughed. I went home to my own (superfluous) Airbnb that night but almost got locked in the metro while switching stations, and in doing so lost my keys. My phone was dead, but by some miracle a neighbor let me in the apartment at 1:00 and the door of the place upstairs was unlocked. I crashed to bed. The next morning I was determined to find my keys. I didn’t and was locked in. I had literally tied my clothes together to hop down into a courtyard when my host arrived. I would have to pay 200 euros for a new key (Parisian apartments must have the highest security) but I didn’t care. I saw Q again that night. We fucked twice and despite his work in the morning, we stayed up nearly all night. We talked about staying in contact, and I told him he was the type of person I would want to be with. That’s crazy, he said. You’ve known me for two days. But I feel the same way.

I left Paris. I went back to my home. I got two sugar daddies and a sugar mommy, worked two jobs and took nineteen credits. I used a fake name and number and hid gifts from my family like iPhone 7s. I had threeways and went on shopping sprees. I saved up money, stayed in touch with Q and made up a story about a conference in Paris in January. I planned a trip back. He told me he missed my curls, and me as well. I bought a quarter pound of weed at a time and sold it. I found another boy to bide my time with. He was boring but pretty, and I craved sex as an escape. I hooked up with my ex. We’re good friends, he’s trapped by a family situation, and has only ever fucked me, but he talks down to me in Russian and I like it when he slaps me in the face during sex.

The semester dragged on as my family issues worsened and I studied our elections, ISIS and Syria endlessly. I was so depressed. I gave into old addictions on and off but kept it together. My mother didn’t, but it’s okay.

I’m in Europe now. Meeting up with Q again was one of the greatest disappointments of my life.

I thought I deserved a last hoorah, that whatever powers that be would pity me and start off the fabled 2017 with a cathartic sexual release. He was moving to the Ivory Coast to digitize government files the day before I left Paris. I booked a private Airbnb for three days, since he didn’t have an apartment at the beginning of the month I told him he could stay there, he seemed to accept, asking if it was private, telling me he would reserve the weekend for me. He didn’t. We saw each other only one afternoon. The problem was, I thought I could manipulate him into liking me just the same as one of the people who paid me for my time. It didn’t work. I think I’ve grown too steely and bitter. He like the girl that got so lost trying to find his apartment, she took the metro outside of Paris. He didn’t like the sophisticated me with better clothes and expensive makeup and a slick place to crash. We got lunch together, ate galette de rois together which I couldn’t finish, so I fed it to a crow. He got the lucky feve that you find in only a few slices, a little tchotchke baked into the cake. A French policewoman yelled at me. We walked quietly through museums. We drove through the city in his company car- like a maniac, yet again. Sometimes he would wander off into a completely different room within exhibits. It was pleasant enough, but it was clear he was distracted. He said goodbye to me at a metro stop. I didn’t understand it was the last time I’d see him. I sent a Facebook message telling him I understood his position but that he was welcome to stop by my apartment. He saw the message and didn’t reply the whole night. I cried, put on a face mask and sexted my ex alone. I told my friends we had wild sex and that I’d never have a romance like this one again. I don’t know where I’m going from here. Don’t trust people, I suppose, prioritize yourself, and know when not to push a good thing too far.

I feel so bitter. I’m lucky, young, intelligent, and sitting in beautiful Lisbon as I type this up, but I don’t feel as though I’ll find something like this again. I have men who will Paypal me if I need anything and offer to fly me all over the world. They have pictures with famous hockey players and the Tampa Buccaneers cheerleaders. I don’t care. I’ll go back to my ex, maybe, to avoid the sting of being really alone. He understands me pretty well, even though it’s more of a friendship. This is going to fuck me up so badly, he says, as I ask more and more intense sexual frontiers to be pushed. I’ve thought of that. I care a little, but I need it right now.

Everything here is true. I wish it wasn’t. Wish me luck.

ironically-human  asked:

So I may have just went through the entire sdm au on your blog and. It's probably my favorite thing. I need more on the Hunk and Shay thing. I think you mentioned that Hunk had a crush on a regular named Shay? Correct me if I'm wrong though lol

AHHH this ask is a month old im so sorry!!!! BUT YEAH i love hunk and shay they are so pure…… here is the story. its not very exciting but it’s cute

shay and her brother rax go in one day to buy a specific kind of ice cream that rax would die for but there’s none in the freezer. shay is like aw man let’s just come back another day and rax is like GORL NO and they find a merchandiser stocking the shelves a couple aisles down (it’s hunk). 

and shay is like oh my GOD RAX HE’S CUTE I CAN’T DO THIS? and rax was like “sis… i want my ice cream” :( and shay is like “god. fine. go ask him. i’m staying here.” so rax does. and shay lingers back bc she is interested but doesn’t want to bother hunk while he’s working and already feels super awkward because she hates asking employees to go find something because she probably works at a dollar store or something and knows that 90% of the time there is nothing in the back room and her brother is being so extra.

she’s watching and hunk is all smiles!! so polite!! so friendly!! probably even rax is a little bit flustered!! and shay sees his name tag and she’s like “dam that is one fitting name” but she doesn’t say anything and she watches hunk walk towards the back room and then looks at rax and says “i have to go. he is too cute. i have to leave.” and rax is like “actually i forgot my wallet in the car so can you stay here in case he comes back.” and shay is like “RAX, NO” but rax has already left

shay is hoping. praying. part of her wants to talk to hunk while rax isn’t there because rax is so overprotective but part of her really, really hopes he gets back because she isn’t sure she can talk to hunk without dying. 

hunk comes back a few mins later with this apologetic smile and rax still isn’t back so shay is Sweating™. she manages a little smile and says “no luck?” and hunk like seems to fully see her because he was looking around for rax before she spoke up, and he hesitates and his smile falters and his expression visibly screams OH MY GOD but he quickly recovers and smiles so big that shay almost dies! she almost has a heart attack! blinded! by! the! sun!

and he goes “sorry we’re all out! i can give you a raincheck if you want” :) and shay is like “oh that would be great!” and she is gonna die? she’s gonna straight up die hunk is too cute. so he leads her to one of the tills and gives her a raincheck for two tubs, and they’re both smiling all flustered and boi it’s so cute (keith is watching from the other till and he gives hunk a big thumbs up when shay’s back is to him, and hunk blushes so hard he almost explodes).

rax returns finally (where tf was he?) and he sees hunk smiling and Protective Brother Mode activates and he kinda tries to rush shay away with a quick thank you! but shay is having NONE OF THAT! so she throws a smile back over her shoulder at hunk and says “thank you so much!!!” and hunk is weakly like “you’re welcome have a good. uh. have a good day. see you later” and the see you later sounds hopeful so shay smiles really big and nods before rax rushes her off

as soon as they’re gone keith goes over to hunk and he’s like “lol ur blushing” and hunk starts wailing he’s like “OH MY GOD she was so sweet and pretty. i can’t do this. i need lance” bc lance and hunk always gossip abt who they like together and he runs off and finds lance fucking, i dont know, putting swatches of lipstick up his arms just because, and tells lance everything, and he’s so flustered and excited that by the end of the day the entire store knows 

shay comes in a lot after that, and most of the time it’s without rax :’)

You’re literally all I need

Hello babes! Omg I haven’t posted anything in like 2 months and I’m truly sorry for neglecting you all for this long! I swear I never meant to do it so here I am with a little something. Nowadays I really don’t know why, but I just can’t seem to bring myself to do these fake edits so instead I wrote this. Let me know what you all think, if it’s a good idea to post stuff like this here and there or if it’s not. I’ll try to be more active but I don’t want to promise anything in case I can’t keep it. I feel bad enough for not posting for 2 months so imagine if I were to promise to be active.. gosh, no. Feel free to leave any recommendations for me to do whether it’s fake texts or imagines/one shots like this. I’ll try my best to come up with something. :) I hope everyone’s having a good night, day, afternoon, morning, whenever you’re reading or seeing this. Also, thank you so so much for the 889 followers it means so much that you guys keep on following this blog even if I haven’t been active lately. :) Love you a lot, xoxo B

Length: 2,723 words and 4 and a half pages
About it: cute, a bit random since I just wrote what came to me

Missing Harry was something that never left my system. I missed him constantly – whether he was with me or not. His job required him to travel around the world most of the time and I was okay with it because I knew how much he loved to do it. We have always supported each other, no matter what the other wanted to do because we knew we weren’t alone. Having each other’s backs was what made our relationship strong and stable as well as being honest and open. Lying wasn’t an option between us, not even little white lies because we just couldn’t keep things from one another. Believe me, both of us tried it before but we ended up spilling the beans. It was weird though. I was never this honest with anyone in my life ever. Not even with my mum when supposedly she’s supposed to be my best friend. Well, in this case, Harry was my best friend. I kind of had a feeling he knew more about me than anyone else – including myself.

So, when he decided he wanted to go to America for a few weeks I let him. The band announced they were having a break, or as they like to call it “hiatus”, so who was I to tell him where he can and can’t go? They decided on this break for this exact reason – they didn’t want anyone to tie them to time limits and stuff because they’ve been told what to do for the past five years. It was only fair if I let him go. I’ll be honest, and say, it was the hardest thing because not too long ago did he arrive back home and just a few days after he went away again. However I wanted him to be happy and if he’s happy on the other side of the world then I’m going to have to deal without him. Of course, he asked me to tag along but having an office job is nothing like being a popstar. I can’t just take time off whenever because other people rely on me and that’s alright with me. I knew what I was signing up for when I applied, went for the interview and scored the job.  

But, missing Harry was something that never left my system. I missed him constantly – whether he was with me or not. Those few weeks that he spent in the United States turned into almost two months, my birthday nearing and I haven’t heard anything from him. Whenever I called him, he was busy in the studio or out with his friends which I understood in the beginning because I was aware of the fact he hasn’t seen them in a while and that he wanted to work on his own songs as well. But I just felt left out and forgotten. I tried my hardest to push these feelings out the window, to tear them out of me, put them in a box, lock it with a key then throw it into the river Thames. Nonetheless, it did not seem to work and it started to give me a headache. And mostly heartache but again, I tried to get rid of it by drowning myself in work. There were days where I stayed in the office for longer than I needed to; sometimes I even slept there because the couch was comfy enough. And in all fairness, it didn’t really make a difference since I would’ve slept alone at home as well so I basically just saved petrol in my car by not going back home.

Finding a black Mercedes Benz parked in front of my house after arriving home was not something I expected. Surprised wasn’t even a good enough word to describe how I felt the moment I stepped into my place and walked into the living room just to find my boyfriend on my couch in his sweats. My heart was beating uncontrollably against my chest, almost ripping out of its place as our eyes met and my bag dropped from my hands to the floor. With shaking hands I covered my mouth which was wide open in my surprised state, my eyes instantly starting to water up when I saw him walking towards me. He wrapped his fingers around my arms once he was in front of me, deeply looking into my eyes which were hid behind my glasses. My lenses started to fog up because it was really warm in the house and since I was out in the cold just a few minutes ago it was due to happen at any time.

“What are you doing here? When did you come home? And why didn’t you tell me?” I bombarded him with questions, my voice shaking like a leaf in the cold. Soon enough my tears started to stream down my face and as soon as that happened, I was already engulfed in Harry’s warm and loving hug.

“Don’t cry, baby doll,” he muttered quietly as he held me close to his chest, his chin resting on the top of my head as I hid my face in his chest. He smelled so good; I almost forgot how heavenly his scent was. Finding comfort in his arms made me calm down easily but at the same time I was still worked up from the fact that he was home. “I love you. I love you so much, yeah? Don’t cry, love.”

“Are you staying home? Are you staying with me?” the questions left my mouth without any second-guessing, my heart rate quickening up again as I was slightly afraid of his answer. What if he only came home to check in with the band’s team then he leaves again?

“Yes, baby doll. I am staying home, I am staying with you,” he replied without any hesitation and this caused me to smile. A huge grin spread across my face as I hugged him even more tightly causing my glasses to almost fall off my face. “I’ve missed you so much, you know?”

“I’ve missed you too, a lot. I don’t know how I’ve gone that long without you here,” I shook my head as I pulled away from him. Sniffling quietly, I pulled down the sleeve of my shirt to clean my cheeks and to wipe my tears off of my glasses. “Are you actually staying? Like, you’re not going anywhere, right? You are staying for like, a month?”

“More than a month, actually,” he winked at me as he put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. “I already said this, but I’ve missed you so much and I was so stupid to just leave as soon as we announced the hiatus and finished all of our performances and stuff. I really should’ve stayed, but I thought about it as I bought my plane tickets, and you never really stopped me from going away.”

“I didn’t because it seemed as though you were happy to leave. I didn’t want you to be sad because you only deserve to be happy so I let you go.”

“Were you happy when I left?” he asked me curiously, his fingers intertwining with mine as he aimed his words at me with a calm tone.

I kicked my shoes off then we entered my living room and sat down on the couch where he was laying before I came home. The TV was on some kind of cooking show which made me chuckle. Harry looked at me with an arched brow and I just nodded towards the screen so he looked that way. After that he sat so close to me that our noses almost touched and I just smiled at him being clingy. I truly did miss him a lot.

“No, I wasn’t,” I sighed as I finally gave him an answer. “But what did you expected me to do? Tell you not to go? I wasn’t about to give you orders when that was the very reason you guys took some time off.”

“You still could’ve told me you didn’t want me to leave,” he shook his head slightly, his eyes staring into mine. I could only imagine how horrible I looked with smudged mascara under my eyes and on my eyelids. “When you called me, you always did at the wrong times and I felt like a douchebag telling you I can’t speak. I always wanted to call you back but I just never did. And all I can reason this with is that it always slipped my mind. It’s really bad, I know.”

“Did you have a good time, though?” I asked him, changing the subject totally. Lifting my legs up, I placed them onto his lap then wrapped my hands around his neck. It was a weird position and I didn’t think it’d be comfortable but I liked it. “Have you written any good tunes?”

“Why do you not care about me leaving you?” he seemed and sounded so serious, it instantly killed off my good mood. My smile faded as I stared back into his eyes which were so close to me since I pulled him onto me.

I licked my lips as I slowly started to let go of him. Maybe he didn’t want to be this close and that’s why he didn’t answer my question.

“What’s the point of crying about stuff that’s already happened? You’re here, you said you won’t go anywhere for a while. I’ve missed you a lot and I love you so I just want to spend as much time with you as I can without any possible arguments. I obviously care about you leaving, but it wasn’t as if you wouldn’t have ever come back. You’re here so I don’t see the problem anymore.”

“So you’re not mad at me?” he looked genuinely surprised as the words left his mouth, forming a question which made me reconsider if he actually knew me better than anyone else.

“No, Harry, I’m not mad at you. It hurt but I’m over it, yeah? You are here to make up for the time we spent apart.”

“That’s right,” he smiled at me, finally. His green eyes lit up as he pushed me onto my back so my head was on one of the pillows. My right leg was between his body and the back of the couch while my left leg was hanging down since his body was between my legs. “I love you, doll face. I truly do. I want you to be my wife one day.”

“From zero to a hundred real quick,” I said laughing, slightly cringing a bit and Harry just rolled his eyes at me. “Why do you want me to be your wife? I thought I was really annoying.”

“You are,” he nodded as he came closer to my face and pressed a kiss onto my nose. “But you also make me really happy and always support me and I know I don’t deserve you but I want to keep you by my side for as long as possible. If you’d be my wife I’d be the happiest guy on this planet.”

“I’m your girlfriend, aren’t you happy?” I challenged him even though I felt a bit cheeky saying this even if I was joking. Never in a million years would I ever ask this question from him seriously.

“I am happy. The happiest I’ve ever been. I don’t even know why I just said that before actually. I’m sorry. I’m really happy now with you being my girlfriend.”

“Hey, it’s okay,” I smiled at him as I put my hands on either side of his face, cupping his cheeks and pressing a small kiss onto his soft lips. I closed my eyes as our mouths connected, the feeling I haven’t felt in a long time came rushing back to me. My smile grew as our lips parted from each other’s but I still didn’t open my eyes. I missed his kisses, his taste, and his scent. I just missed him in general. “I’d love to be your wife. Actually, I can’t wait for you to be my husband.”

“Really?” he asked me with a surprised expression on his face. We haven’t really talked about this stuff this deeply before because we either didn’t have the time or we just had other things to chat about.

“Yes,” I nodded smiling. “Don’t laugh, but your contact name has been “my hubby” before but then I was like, shit, what if he’ll see it and freak out or something? So I just changed it back to “gorgeous boy” then I changed it to “Haz” just today.”

“Is that supposed to mean something?” he looked at me questioningly. “Why did I go from hubby, to gorgeous boy to simply being Haz? Were you about to break up with me or something?” he joked as he was making his eyebrows go up and down with a cheeky half smile on his face.

“No, I was just trying to be mad at you but I love you too much,” I rolled my eyes as I pulled him closer and kissed his lips again.

This time we didn’t pull away after a small and innocent peck but rather he swept his tongue across my bottom lip and slightly bit into it to pull it apart. I let him take control of the situation, his mouth moved in sync with mine whilst my hands disappeared into his hair. A quiet moan left his lips which almost instantly died out as well because he kept on kissing me. It was sweet and much needed because going through two months without his loving gestures was challenging.

“You’re literally all I need,” he mumbled against my lips, his forehead pressed against mine. A wide grin appeared on my face as my heart was beating and my legs wrapped around his waist. “You make me happy and I can’t wait to call you wifey. I’m so proud of everything you’ve achieved in your life and you’re my role model. I want to be like you. You’re strong and independent. Kind but knows when to toughen up with people who need to be put into their places. You’re overall amazing and I’m so lucky to have you.”

“I’m lucky to have you, too,” I told him honestly, his green eyes captivating me. “You’re such an amazing human being I don’t even have the right words to tell you how I feel about you.”

“You don’t even need them because you always show me what I mean to you and I love that about you so much. I love everything about you and everything that comes with you.”

“Don’t get too sappy, Styles,” I laughed lightly and he just smiled at me. “You’ll have enough time to do that when you get on your knees and…”

“Oh,” he interrupted me with a cheeky smile and that look in his eyes which I knew very well.

“Shut up, silly,” I laughed as I pulled on his hair a little bit.

“Someone wants it rough tonight I see,” he wiggled his eyebrows once again and I couldn’t keep my laughter in anymore. Not like I did before, but this time it was chest shaking. Harry joined me instantly and I don’t even know how we ended up in my bed but we did.

I was tired, Harry was tired – we were both tired. I didn’t have the energy to take a shower so Harry being an angel that he is he decided we were going to take a bath together. And I didn’t argue with him I just agreed and got in the bath tub with him where I leaned against his chest, closed my eyes and just relaxed. Our conversation went from one topic to another; never kept talking about one thing for more than ten minutes. We had so much to catch up on so even when we were lying in bed and both of us were about to fall asleep we just kept on rambling.

It was so good to have him back so I just hoped that even though missing Harry was something that never left my system, it will quiet down for a bit.

A Little Less Conversation

Summary: Liam gets to fuck his younger crush, Harry.

Warnings: Slight underage, Daddy kink, gay sex, etc.

Sorry, it was a bit rushed :D


“There he is Li.” Niall said, a grin on his lips as himself, Liam and Louis turned their attention to the small, curly haired boy walking into the canteen. Zayn, on the other hand, was focused on his sketchbook.

“He’s just, perfect.” Liam whispered, mostly to himself. 

Harry was just 16. Liam fell for him ever since the day he started at Wolverhampton College.

And it starts to kill him. Because Liam thinks he loves Harry. And he does. After just a measly three months of being at the same college as Harry, he has fallen in love with him.

That’s what drives him mad. Because they don’t even speak. Being in different levels is one reason, but then another is Liam’s too afraid. When he plans on asking Harry out, or just simply going over to talk to him, he’s afraid his ego will be damaged when he gets rejected.

But Harry doesn’t help either. When Liam - rarely - gets the courage to stammer a weak hey, the curly haired boy blushes, and lowers his head, and acts all sweet and innocent and shy and Liam just can’t help but imagine him like that in bed: all flushed and soft and whimpering. 


“Hey Harry, wanna sit with us?” Louis asks, and then Niall’s eyes are on Liam, a smirk on his lips.

And then Harry blushes, because he’s sat next to Niall, opposite Liam, with Zayn on his other side, who’s still glued to his sketchpad.

And then Niall and Louis share a look.

And then Niall’s speaking. “Harry, you’re good at maths, aren’t you?”

“Yeah. G-got an A*.” The small boy smiled, his voice a little proud.

“Congrats. You see our boy here, Liam. He’s been failing in maths. You think you could tutor him?” Louis said.

Harry bites his lip, because he knows how Liam feels about him, and he feels the same. 

He looks up at Liam, smiling. “Yeah, of course.” He assured with a nod.

Then the taller boy speaks up. “I got practice tonight, so I don’t know." 

"I-it’s fine.” Harry’s voice is soft, and when Liam looks up, Niall and Louis hav faces that are saying ‘oh well, another day’, but he knows they’re gonna plan something.


He’d rather be with Harry right now. Just them, alone. Liam thinks as he runs the final lap of the track. He’s topless, sweaty and it’s getting dark. He wants to get home, get away from the almost empty college. So he opts for no change, just stays in his sweats, trainers and throws his shirt back on.

Liam walks out the changing rooms and heads down the corridor, towards the main doors. But then he stops. 

There. Dressed in the same skinny jeans, black jumper and red beanie as earlier at lunch, stands the boy. Harry.

“Hi.” The curly haired boy smiles, his eyes lighting up when he sees Liam. “H-hey, what are you doing here?” The taller one replies.

“I thought I’d stay behind and catch up, seeing as you cancelled on me.” Harry smiled with a warm giggle. And god it’s just so, so uplifting to hear that sound.

“Yeah, look, I’m sorry about that. I can do it now?” Liam offered, and he feels a little stupid, because it looked as if Harry was leaving too, planning on going home.

The small boy smiles and again, lights up. “Sure, if you don’t mind.”

They’re soon in Liam’s car. Harry’s texting his mum about his new plans and Liam’s wishing he had changed, because he’s sure the smell of sweat isn’t very pleasing. 


“I really need to go take a shower.” Liam says when they walk in, a hand on the small of Harry’s back. 

“Sure, I’ll just get everything ready.” The smaller boy replied, watching as Liam headed upstairs.

A good ten minutes passed. Harry was sat at Liam’s dining table, a couple books spread out.

Liam soon came down, a pair of sweats on and nothing else. “You ready?” He asked, walking over to Harry.

The boy nodded and his breath hitched as he turned to face Liam. 

Liam took a seat next to Harry, the smaller boy, pulling a book close to them.

“Louis told me you were struggling with algebra?” He said, voice warm and wrapping around Liam.

“Uh, yeah.” Liam choked, clearing his dry throat. “It’s just all the letters and stuff.”

Harry giggled and smiled, making Liam’s dick twitch.

Time passed and gradually, Liam began learning.

But he wasn’t learning algebra. No, he was studying Harry this whole time.

The way he had a small sparkle in his eyes, the way his curls bounced when he moved his head, the way his lips were so puffed and would probably look amazing around Liam’s dick, the was Harry’s eyes were wide and full of wisdom, but they’d look better when Liam’s fucking him into oblivion, his pupils clouded with lust but shut tight.

And then Liam moans.

“Y-you o-okay?” Harry asks, looking up at Liam with those eyes.

“Y-yeah, I’m fine. Sorry.” Liam said, clearing his throat and hiding the tent in his sweats. 

“Y-you sure? You’re not sick are you? I-I get you some medicine.” Harry rambled, and the only thing Liam could thing to do was press a finger to his lips, moving it along them to feel the softness.

“I’m fine baby, honest.” He said, letting the name roll off his tongue. 

Harry nodded and looked up when the finger was gone.

But then it was replaced by something better. Liam’s lips.

They were kissing.

And it was slow. Like they had both been waiting to do it. (Which wasn’t exactly false).

The kiss deepened, lips parting and tongues sliding, tasting each other. 

That’s when everything sped up, Liam soon ushering Harry up to his room, kicking his door shut - even thought here was no need, he lived alone - and holding him close.

Their lips met once more, the kiss now sloppy, swapping saliva.

Liam’s hands trailed down to fumble with Harry’s jeans, letting them slump to his ankle.

Then Liam’s sweats came off, then Harry’s boxers, leaving them both naked, hot.

Harry straddled Liam’s waist, knees on either side of the elder’s body as they made out.

Liam rocked their hips together, making the pair moan into each other’s mouths, swallowing the mixture of low and high sounds. 

“W-wanna ride you.” Harry whispered, his breath hot and warm against Liam’s sensitive ear.

And Liam couldn’t help but groan at the words. “Prep?” He asked, reaching out to fumble in his drawer.

“No prep. No condom. Just you.” Harry whispered, kissing Liam’s neck. And again, the taller boy groaned.

His innocent, sweet Harry, was no longer that.

No, this new, more devilish Harry, was sexy, filthy, dirty. And Liam couldn’t wait to just ruin him.

He retrieved the lube and smothered his cock in the substance, gasping at the feeling as Harry worked his collarbone.

“Baby, you sure about no prep? I’m not exactly small.” Liam smirked, holding Harry’s hips.

The boy nodded, kissing Liam hard. “Fingered myself this morning. Over you.” He rasped, looking Liam’s eyes, who just moaned.

Yup. Harry was not as innocent as he first thought.

Having the tip of Liam’s slick cock pressed against his entrance, Harry sank down slowly, taking him in bit by bit.

His small, delicate hands were pressed on Liam’s shoulders, Liam’s held firmly on Harry’s dainty hips, resisting the urge to slam up. Because Harry was just so tight. So hot. And surprisingly wet.

And just like he said, Liam wasn’t small. He was fucking huge. And now, with all of the elder inside him, Harry felt stupid. He thought he could take it, he really did. But as his small hole stretched around Liam’s thickness, he knew he’d be sore in the morning. Very sore indeed.

But then he rolled his hips to adjust to Liam’s size, and that actually felt good. And then his body started to relax. And then Liam kissed him. Breathlessly this time, swallowing moans once more as Harry, with the help of Liam, lifted himself up, then back down.

And that’s how it went for a good period. Harry lifting and dropping himself, Liam bucking up hard to meet the boy’s downward thrusts. 

Pleasure rocked their bodies and their eyes never averted from the other’s. Harry’s curls stuck to his forehead with sweat as his nails grazed all over Liam’s upper body. 

“D-daddy, feel so good.” Harry whined, a small smirk on his lips. “That’s it baby, tell me who’s making you feel good.” Liam rasped, slamming up harder.

“Daddy. You Li. Only you. O-only daddy.” Harry rambled, his petite body, now wet with sweat and flushed deep, being torn apart by Liam.

“That’s it, Daddy’s little slut. All mine, got it?” Liam rasped, moving a hand to wrap around Harry’s hard cock.

The curly hared boy whimpered, his head falling to Liam’s shoulder. “You. Only you daddy. Never anyone else. No-one else will ever make me feel this good daddy. Only you. M'yours." 

And then, with a loud moan of Liam’s name, Harry released, all over their two bodies and trickling into the elders hand.

Liam could practically feel Harry’s body become lifeless. Limp against his own. And he felt proud. Because he’d done it. He’d reduced Harry to a whimpering, hot mess. And god it was just perfect.

But then he felt Harry clench around him. Hotter and tighter than ever before. He screamed the boy’s name as he erupted inside of him, hard and fast.

Their breaths were fast, coming out in small pants. Liam slumped into his mattress, taking Harry with him.

"That. Th-that wasn’t exactly alga-algebra.” Harry whispered, his head laying in Liam’s chest.

“I’d say it was more, chemistry.” Liam smirked, his arms pulling the covers over them and wrapping around Harry, holding him tight.


Good morning everyone! So it begins! As you can see I have a lot of work to do! I’ve started cleaning my car up and have decided that I will have Jared and Jensen sign my owner’s manual when I go to JIB. I think I’ll be keeping my interior turquoise because it really is such a beautiful color. The darker blue carpet will stay too. The front seat is a bit damaged with a faded seat cover over on it so one of the first things I’m going to do is price a new black front seat. I’ll probably leave the one in the back and just put a new black cover on it.

Well, I’ve worked up a sweat here cleaning, so I’m going to ride her up the road a bit before hitting a parts store. The tag for me fixing up my Impala is going to be “zerbe’s Impala” for your blacklisting purposes because I’ll be blogging about my process. ;)


Alright so I originally wasn’t sure if I could go to the concert because my parents were saying no I couldn’t because it was on a school night and etc. I cried for hours knowing that I wouldn’t be able to go. Then the next day, day of the concert, I woke up early to talk to my dad and he said I could go, but wouldn’t be able to miss school for it or stay after the concert, so it would be impossible to meet the boys. So all my friends were already at the venue at like 10-11 am and they got to meet Matty and I was so upset about it. Finally I survived the school day and still hadn’t left for the concert, and doors opened at 7 and it was 3. I was relying all on my dad because he was my ride to the concert. Also it takes about an hour & 15 minutes to get to the venue too. So I waited and waited and my friends were telling me it was getting packed. It was finally around 5:30ish maybe when I actually hit the road. Now being stupid, last minute I tell my dad I think my tickets might be fake because everyone else’s were from ticketfly and mine was from some site called crowdsurge, but I had bought the tickets from my venue’s website and called my venue the day before if I was on guest list and they were completely confused about it. I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to get in. Well we finally got at the venue right when doors opened and got a little lost so that delayed some time. When I got there the guy told me the entrance was in the back and I also saw Christo from Bad Suns too. Anyways so I went in line, it was packed. I was at the end of the line, but it went by pretty quick. When it was time to go into the venue, surprisingly I was actually on the guest list and they didn’t even check for ID or anything, so I literally could have said I was anyone.. but ok so I rushed into the venue managed to get front row but on the right side. I was actually in front of the barrier too which was a great spot for getting there so late. All my friends were front row behind the barrier so I couldn’t be there with them. I was right near backstage too and I saw Matty come out a few times and he said hi, and George as well. So Sir Sly opened up first and then Bad Suns after and they were so good! A few girls actually fainted because it was so hot inside the venue. And then finally the 1975 came on and I was so excited. Ross was literally right in front of me and he was so attractive. He looked so much younger in person too. I could barely see Adam though, since he was on the other side. They didn’t play their usual “the 1975” intro, it sounded like something different. But it was so amazing and I tried not to film too much during the concert, only snippets. Matty ended up taking some girl’s phone and filmed, but it wasn’t during Me. And also Matty “tried” to crowd surf but security stopped him, but he was sweating so much and girls kept grabbing onto him. Me was perfect too, a lot of girls were crying but for some reason I didn’t but I was quite emotional. They ended the concert with Sex and it was so perfect and an amazing finale. After the concert ended, I rushed to the merchandise and got me the Music For Cars t-shirt and an already signed cd. I wanted to stay after and meet the boys but my dad was hesitant about it because it was already pretty late, the concert got out at around 11:18. But I found where the boys were in the back of the venue, and about 10 mins later Matty comes out. I tell him “Matty I drew you something!” and he says “I’m gonna come back”. Shortly after waiting, I see John and tell him how great of a job he did and he was so nice and we got a picture and everything! Then after that people started swarming the tour bus because apparently Matty was over there but it was taking forever so I went back over to wait for Ross, Adam, & George. While waiting I saw Landon from Sir Sly and got a picture with him then a few mins after George (who was shirtless) came out pulling some sort of cart to bring back to the bus. I yell his name waving a bag of twizzlers at him and he rushes over. I told him I tried to get him red vines but they didn’t have them and he’s like “Aw thanks that was very sweet of you” and then I asked for a hug and he said “Yeah I’m so sweaty.” Then I asked him if Ross was coming out because I wanted to give Ross the mix cd I made him and he said he was. After that someone asked to touch his hair and I tried to but barely did and touched his back. After a few mins, I was getting impatient waiting for Ross so I decided to see if I could meet Matty. The line was pretty long by the bus, so I kinda just went around it to the front and these girls who were next let me go in front of them. They were so nice, I explained how I had to leave soon and had drawings I wanted to give to Matty. They also videoed me meeting Matty. So when I got to him, he was shirtless and he had his cigarette in his mouth but he dropped it on the ground for me. I showed him the drawings and I told him they weren’t that good since I don’t really draw and he said “They’re cute though thank you very much are they for me” And of course they were so I gave them to him along with my letter and he put it in his pocket. I think I was the only one who really gave him anything after the concert. He really did seem like he cared and he was so nice. Now I didn’t think I’d be able to meet Adam or Ross so I told Matty I had a mix cd made for Ross and he said he’d give it to him. Then we sorta side hugged and then I asked if we could take a silly picture, and it was the best thing ever. He did his little peace signs and it was so cute. He did a little kissy sound then said “there you go babe” Matty was so much shorter than I expected and I’m only 5’2. It was such an amazing experience, even though I didn’t get to meet Adam or Ross it was still perfect and tonight was honestly the best night ever.