i stay automatic


Some re-design (ish) things I sketched. X3 For some reason, lately I’ve been thinking about Danny Phantom getting a reboot that’s got more of a serious undertone while still conserving stupid puns and jokes. I was actually looking at anna-cattish ’s blog and I wanted a reboot to look like some of her art. It’s beautiful. :3 Anyway, I’d love a dp reboot that’s less afraid of angst and serious themes.

Mafamatics Lyrics

it’s babeo I stay automatic // i’ll kill you niggas with an automatic // i’ll ill you niggas with an ak on my payday when i get the bullets something tragic // finna happen when i’m killin all these dreams // ring ring gotta call ferg in his dump truck // cause i got all these niggas bodies pilin’ up // and i need somewhere to put em when my tummy stuffed // with all the weak bars that you lames be spittin up // fuck with my crew, well you can get your guts strewn // from your mommas house to my back yard // cause i’m ready and willing to keep your heart in a jar // in my fridge // and every now and then i’ll taste a smidge // so, i can taste the coward in ya // to remind me of a place that i’ve never even been to // hey! how’s the bottom nigga // you jumpin up and down cause i really can not see ya // screaming oo kill em like i’m hanging out with terio // imma make you cry like the time you told ya grandma no // kill em without even trying // show up to the grammys in my red silk bonnet // and a bag full of bobby pins and pink lotion // when the camera pans to me // “sorry for my attire but i’ve been sleeping on you hoes” // with a wink and a smile // and then the web goes wild // all these weirdo babes are my adopted childs // YEP a bad bitch with bad grammer // make your speakers go hammer // when I pull up to the scene and you find your wig missin // find me screaming “new weave new weave! 22 inches” // yup, big dick bitch .com // yeah your meat is flexin but it’s lookin pretty miniscule // time to stop playing rap games // head back to school // yeah. my money add and multiply // call it mathematical equations // givin niggas abrasions // with my tongue lashings // having skater boys change thrasher to thrashim // and just f.y.i shout out to semi he’s a pretty cool guy

Zidane says (for the umpteenth time this summer) that James is staying | August 27, 2016