i started writing about stiles

are you drunk, mrs. lahey?

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isaac’s not likely to deny his wife what she wants. (humor/smut)

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I have no excuse for this and have no idea where it came from.

edit: cleaned up and now on AO3!

Dear Asshole

Every week, Laura sends him a small selection of his fanmail she finds either particularly funny or particularly touching. This week, Derek’s under fire from not only Laura - as his publisher and sister, she holds double the sway she normally would - but from his editor, too. So he’s missed a couple of deadlines - what modern fantasy writer doesn’t miss deadlines? Really, he’s just fitting in - Laura should be grateful that he’s finally living up to the genre’s stereotype.

This week, Derek only receives one forwarded letter from Laura and he finds himself eyeing it suspiciously where it sits, ostensibly innocent, on the counter of his tiny breakfast bar.

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anonymous asked:

last night i got really stoned and started writing a fic about stiles and lydia accidentally eating pot brownies and then having really intense sex and i needed to share this information with someone so.... you're the one i decided to tell, rachel. you're The One

You should probably tell someone else because I hate weed culture with a burning passion and find it to be obnoxious therefore this concept is just gross to me ✌🏻