i started with the lips and got carried away


Fandom: Marvel’s Avengers

Summary: Snippets of Y/N and Steve, starting with the first time they meet.

Words: 3,146

Paring/Characters: StevexReader, Tony, Natasha, Sam, and Bucky.

Warning: None?

Author’s Note: So, I wrote this because inspiration struck and somehow I got carried away. I’ve kind of gotten into this short snippet thing since I’ve been short on time. I’d love to hear what you all think.

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“Hi,” he greeted firmly, his voice deep and strong with a certain heaviness. His lips parted into a small, but still dazzling, smile. You could tell even then that didn’t happen often, that Steve Rogers kept focused. Yet, a funny thing happened, almost imperceptible to the untrained eye, his seriousness faltered as you looked back at him. For just a moment his eyes relaxed as they looked back at you.

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Charles Xavier- Lip Gloss (request)

Request:  Can I request a one shot where the reader is wearing a flavoured lip gloss and Charles is like “your lips taste really good? What is that?” And now he makes her wear it every day and it’s just cute? Thank u

Okay so I struggled to start with and then got really carried away and a bit fluffy. I don’t know what came over me but I got a bit kiss obsessed in this and I hope that’s okay.

~Much love, Ive

You sat in front of the mirror and sighed. You were going out with Charles in about an hour and you looked a mess. Your hair was still the exact same as it was when you’d woken up and your sweatshirt definitely wasn’t dinner wear attire. You ran a brush though you hair and pinned it out of the way as you smeared foundation over your face and whipped on some eyeliner, which actually took a few goes and a fair bit of stress. You let your hair fall out of the pins and it was sitting weirdly so you just clipped half of it back since you didn’t have time to do anything else after the eyeliner incident. Then was the dilemma of what you were going to wear. By the time you’d settled on a royal blue dress your entire floor was covered in the content of your wardrobe. Instead of picking it up you looked at the time realising you were going to be late if you didn’t get a move on. You shoved a few things into your bag and pulled on a pair of shoes. Just as you were leaving your room you remembered that you hadn’t put anything on your lips so you quickly grabbed some lipgloss off the dresser and applied it best you could before slipping it into your bag and hurrying down the mansion stairs.

“I almost thought you weren’t coming. I was about to come and check on you.” Charles smiled up at you from the bottom of the stairs. “You look lovely by the way.” You grunted in reply not quite feeling like you did, your makeup was rushed and you were certain you should’ve gone with the red dress instead. Charles laughed at your grunt. As you reached the bottom stair he leaned up to kiss you and reassure you that you looked beautiful. Charles pulled away faster than you thought and had one eye closed, his expression unreadable.

“What’s wrong?” You asked panicking.

“Your lips taste really good. What is that?” This time you laughed a little, in a sort of awkward way.

“Its my lip gloss.”

“What flavour is it? Its nice.” He ran his fingers through is hair.

“Keep kissing maybe you can guess.” You said so smoothly you shocked yourself. Charles didn’t skip a beat before pressing his lips to yours.

“Strawberry?” He guessed.

“No.” You said giggling. He kissed you again.


“Nope.” You giggled again and he went back to kissing you.


“Not even close!” So he went back to kissing you.


“You’re not even trying anymore are you?”

“I am.” He insisted and kissed you again, “Okay, is it passionfruit?”

“No! Do you give up?” You challenged.

“Why would I give up? The minute I say it’s cherry I don’t have an excise to kiss you anymore.” You gasped, although it was more for show because you’d figured he’d known a while ago but you weren’t going to complain.

The home left behind

a ficlet for birdy-in-the-blues because we started talking about trash and i got carried away.


Bigby slipped a cigarette out of his pack, setting it between his lips and igniting it with his lighter, inhaling deeply and closing his eyes before letting the smoke escape through his nostrils with a frustrated sigh.

He hadn’t seen Logan for nearly half a century, not since they’d fought alongside each other in World War two. He’d only recognized the guy after he’d mistakenly arrested him after he’d wandered into Fabletown, for what purpose Bigby still hadn’t discovered. Since then, he’d been meeting him at the Trip Trap bar for about a week to catch up. They’d only met a few times, but Bigby couldn’t shake the strange feeling that tightened in his chest whenever he was around Logan. Just sitting in that bar next to him, being so close to him that he could feel the heat rolling off his body, and catch the whiffs of his body odor that just smelled so…. familiar. Heart-achingly familiar, but not just because he’d known him from a previous time. It was something else, something that struck him deeper, but he was having trouble placing it with the heavy stench of cigars and booze that made up the majority of the man’s scent.

Bigby let out another sigh. “Fuck,” he muttered, profoundly frustrated at his situation. That scent was going to drive him up the wall until he could figure out just what the hell it was about it that gave him such a strange feeling.

With the cigarette spent, Bigby let it slip from between his fingers and fall to the ground where he snuffed it with his shoe. He slipped his hands into the pockets of his slacks as he began to walk back to his apartment.

To his surprise, as he rounded the block and approached the entrance to the Woodlands building, there was a figure leaning against the gate’s brick frame.

“Logan?” Bigby asked, cocking up one eyebrow in amusement. “I thought you’d still be at the bar.”

A crooked, almost playful grin tugged at one corner of Logan’s mouth. “Yeah, I would be if it weren’ fer the fact that I still dun have a place ta stay. Thought ya might be able ta hook me up with somethin’,” He said, cocking one eyebrow of his own with expectation.

“Heh,” Bigby huffed in a half-laugh. “Seeing as ya just showed up in this town and I had to arrest you by accident first thing, That’ll be a little more difficult than you’d think. But I’ll tell ya what. You can stay at my place for the night. Then I’ll see if I can find something for ya in the morning. How’s that sound?” Bigby had shifted, leaning his weight on one foot, his arms crossed over his chest.

Logan lifted his chin, scratching the scruff on it a bit before replying, “Aw heck, why not. Still gotta tell me more a yer war stories an’ shit, right?” He smirked again, leaning off the wall to follow bigby as he opened the gate for them both.


Once Bigby and Logan made it inside Bigby’s apartment, Bigby shut the door quietly, his nose twitching, having caught continuous diluted whiffs of the other man, but nothing was clear enough yet that he could recognize what it was. Before he could think any more about it, he was distracted by Logan’s remarks.

“Damn. An’ I thought my old place was small.” Logan was looking around the apartment, realizing it was a one-room deal. “Ya don’t even have a bed in here,” He said suspiciously, turning to meet Bigby with narrowed eyes. “Don’ tell me part a yer werewolf gig is that ya never sleep.”

“Yeah, well it’s just about getting to that point lately,” Bigby replied with unfortunate truth. “Probably true for tonight, too. You can have the chair. I’ve got some casework to finish up.”

Logan glanced at the large blue chair that sat across from the tv in the small space that could hardly be called a living room. “Right,” he said skeptically. “Ya need ta get yerself a mattress, pup. That can’t be comfortable.”

Bigby’s brows raised at the unexpected nickname. “Pup?” Bigby asked.

“Yea. Pup. Y'know, cause yer a glorified dog, pretty much,” Logan said, now reclining in the chair with a smirk.

Bigby rolled his eyes, a bit too exhausted to retort with anything witty at the moment. He pulled out one of the kitchen chairs towards Logan, sitting so his chest was against the back. He crossed his arms over the top, resting his chin atop them and closing his eyes with a sigh.

“You sure ya ain’t gonna sleep? Ya look pretty beat,” Logan said, now leaning forward in the chair, his brow lifted with a sliver of concern.

Bigby frowned, catching a whiff of Logan’s scent again, this time stronger and more clear. His eyes slowly opened, his nose working. Logan was staring at him, beginning to draw back, and Bigby leaned forward to make up for the space.

“Whatcha sniffin there, pup? Do I really smell that good?” Logan asked jokingly with a chuckle.

Bigby’s eyes widened as realization hit him in the chest. He slowly got up off the chair, coming closer, just sniffing, till he was nearly hovering over logan, his nose inches away from the other man’s face. “Seriously, what’s up?” Logan asked, this time slightly annoyed.

“You smell…” Bigby started, then took another sniff. “Like… the woods…the real woods.”

Logan just blinked. “So?….What other kinda woods are there, anyway?” he asked, beginning to lean back, when he noticed the look in Bigby’s eyes. Bigby had lowered his nose to near Logan’s neck, his hands gripping the arm of the chair tight, as if he was afraid to let go. With Logan’s equally sensitive nose, he could smell some alarming shift in hormones on the other man. “You… all right, Wolf?” He asked with a cocked brow.

Bigby blinked, only drawing closer, till Logan’s back was pressed against the other armrest, and Bigby was nearly laying across the chair, his nose hovering only a half inch away from the skin of logan’s neck, lightly brushing the collar of his leather jacket. Bigby’s eyes were closed. “Yeah,” he responded dreamily, as if he wasn’t really all there.

“O…kay,” Logan said slowly, followed by a chuckle. “Y'seem ta be enjoyin’ yerself there quite a bit,” he said softly. “Lemme just…” Logan began to shift, and Bigby drew back as Logan wiggled out of his jacket, settling back down into the chair.

“Hell. Come here, ya dumb curious mutt,” Logan  said bluntly, grabbing onto Bigby’s shirt collar and tie, and yanking him forward, connecting their mouths in a sudden kiss. Bigby’s eyes widened and he almost jerked back, but the man’s scent was just so intoxicating that he couldn’t keep himself away. He clumsily crawled over the side of the chair, the two of them shifting till Logan ended up on Bigby’s lap, with his arms around Bigby’s neck as they kissed.

They each withdrew after a few moments, catching their breath, and then staring each other in the eyes. “Uh,” Bigby mumbled. “You… That… Uh…”

“Ooh, and you’re articulate too,” Logan teased, a satisfied smirk settling on his face.

“Shut the hell up, Howlett,” Bigby growled, his face turned a light shade of pink from the unexpected exchange.

Logan only smirked, catching Bigby under the chin with one of his fingers, tilting his head back up. “Now this is somethin’ I didn’ expect ta happen,” He murmured with amusement as he leaned in to kiss Bigby again before the man could muster a reply.

#6: snapping at each other:

BadBoy!Highschool!5SOS AU:

A/n: Part six is up lovely readers! I’ll admit, Luke’s part is longer than the others, I don’t know man, I started with his so I got carried away. what can I do hehe. enjoy! Feedback is always appreciated, and if you have any suggestions for the next parts then hit me up! 

thanks to Iheartdonkeykong!



Spotting the tall figure at the end of the hall, (y/n) ran with a smile tugging on her lips. She hadn’t seen Luke all morning, although the two walked to school that same day. He had disappeared right after they entered school, and had not attended their shared classes. Running towards him, she wrapped her arms around his waist from behind, whilst he was taking out his books from his locker.

“Hey! Where’ve you been?” she chirped, unwrapping her arms from his, failing however to notice how frigid his stature was.  “Nevermind, I have so much to tell you! You literally missed the best thing ever!”

(y/n) eagerly started pouring out how their Maths teacher pranked Jace, a fellow classmate who was sleeping in through the class, and then resulted into chewing him out. Her fast talking and overly excited attitude, which he usually found very up-lifting, was rather irritating at the moment.

“Will you just shut it?” he growled at her, his words coming out harsher than anything he has ever said to her. Her words got stuck in her throat upon hearing his cold dismissal, her eyes blinking at him in perplexity.

“Excuse me?” her voice came out weaker than she hoped, her whisper barely audible to him. She didn’t know what could’ve possibly triggered that reaction from him, only aware of how much it stung.

“Look, I’m not in the fucking mood to listen to this, so fucking drop it!” Luke turned to face her, the harsh slam of his locker mimicking the weight of his words. But whilst his first outburst had left her bewildered, his next words made her burn with fury.

“Don’t you dare swear at me like that! Especially since I haven’t done anything wrong to you!” she pointed her index finger at him, her eyes staring at him with so much ferocity he almost stumbled back.

Bumping his shoulder, she walked past him, rage laced with hurt radiating from her. The previous fire that burned with frustration was put out by her words, leaving behind ashes of distress and guilt as soon as he realised that he had lashed out on the wrong person. He had in no way intended to utter those words; he’d actually hoped that they’d both get to hang out during lunch, that being the only appealing thought that got him through the dreadful morning.

Taking a seat in the crowded cafeteria, she struggled to swallow her food. Her mind kept drifting to Luke, her mind quickly noting how he was no where to be seen although his friends were sat at their usual table. She knew for a fact that he didn’t get at chance to have breakfast because he slept in; being aware of that, she couldn’t eat in peace without feeling guilty that he wasn’t. Not that it was any of her fault, she reminded herself, yet the thought of him starving somewhere and feeling pissy didn’t really appeal to her. Gradually, culpability washed over her once she began questionning the whole situation, quickly understanding that there was something that bothered him enough to make him act the way he did. How could she not realize it as soon as she saw him? He had never let her suffer from the aftermath of his problems; so him doing that for the first time alarmed her in a way.

A few grumbled curses escaped Luke’s mouth as his stomach grumbled for the upteenth time. He mentally scolded himself for skipping lunch, but he knew that had he attended, he would’ve definitely taken his frustration either on his friends or on some innocent freshmen. And since he had already let it affect (y/n) that morning, he didn’t really want to add another one to that list.

Lying on the grass with closed eyes, Luke only looked up once he felt someone sit next to him. A smiling (y/n) was definitely not what he expected.

“Hey, grumpy neighbour!” she saluted him, earning a weary glance from him.  Why was she being nice? He was sure that she was very pissed last time he saw her. Before he could mutter any words, she handed him a plastic plate. He just then noticed that she was holding one in her hand as well. He looked down at the crap school burger she handed him, yet in his hungry state, it seemed like the best gift ever.

Luke took a huge bite of out the burger, the lump forming in the back of his throat making it harder for him to chew or swallow. He was overwhelmed by waves of emotion; the simple yet meaningful gesture making his heart swell as tears he refused to show stung his tired eyes. He wanted to scream out a thank you to her, he wanted to not only apologize for being a dickhead, but also because he knew just how much she endured for him. It wasn’t fair.

Instead, he diverted the subject once he was done with his food; “I can’t walk you home today, I’m not going home.” He sent her an apologetic look, even though it wasn’t the first time and surely not the last she’d be walking home on her own.

“Do you want me to tell your mom? In case she worries or…” (y/n) trailed off once she saw how Luke bit his lip and turned his face away, the actions declaring that she might have hit a nerve.

“No. Don’t worry though; I’ll be at Calum’s.” His response was simple, limited, brief. He hadn’t really informed Calum yet, but he knew that his house was always welcoming. He didn’t want to stay at Ashton’s to not bother his younger siblings, and quite frankly Michael’s mother scared him shitless.

He saw the look in (y/n)’s eyes; he saw the concern and the uneasiness, he saw her desire to ask him more, he noticed how she held herself back instead of doing as she wished. It wasn’t fair. Luke knew how much of a burden he was, the realisation flooding him with shame; he was conscious of the fact that he continuously drags her into his own issues yet never really tells her anything about it. And he was no doubtedly, exceptionally thankful for her sole presence in his life. She was the blinding sunshine to his rainy days. He didn’t want to leave her hanging without an explication; he didn’t want to cause her any more distress, but he didn’t really know where to start. Where do you begin telling a story with neither beginning nor an ending?

He ran a rough hand through his blond locks, an exasperate sigh leaving his parted lips. “I got held back by the principal this morning.” He confessed, and it was quite puzzling for (y/n). Not in the ‘Oh my god!” way, but rather in the “That’s it?” way. In all honesty, Luke getting in trouble with the principal wasn’t a first, why would it make him that pissed?

“That shithead called my mom in.” he added with a shake on his head, the story slowly becoming clearer to her. Luke carried on, a dark glare prominently showing in his ctystal blues “Some dumbass crashed Coach’s car, and somehow blaming me seemed easier than looking for the one who did it!”

Luke wanted to carry on, tell her how his mother believed that he was responsible for that, how he didn’t even fight to justify himself, how he refused to show his heartbreak as he slowly started to believe that he’d never stop making his mom feel disappointed.

“I don’t believe her though,” (y/n) broke him out of his self-pitying thoughts; her words making him raise a questionning eyebrow at her. Chuckling at the look he was giving her, “I know for a fact that if it were you, you’d proudly take the blame for it! I mean, crashing a car! You’d probably show it off in front of everyone!” Luke finally cracked a smile at her words; she was a gem.

 Having accomplished her goal, (y/n) lightly ruffled his hair with a fond smile, her very instincts ushering her to protect the boy at all costs. She wanted to take away all of the frustration she knew he felt, she wanted to provide the same comfort he provided for her, if not more. But at the moment, she could only feel grateful that, for the first time, Luke had opened up to her in a way she hadn’t expected. Maybe that meant something.


“Babe, come on, just a second.” Calum whined like a child, lying on his stomach next to (y/n) on her bed. He had visited her in the unfortunate time she called doing homework, which by default meant she was not getting distracted by him. But it wasn’t just any homework; it was that stupid Litterature paper she had kept postponing until last minute.

So there she was, struggling to get it done as well as prepare for the next exam in that class. She had never hated a class that much, and it was draining her out.

Calum was definitely not helping, his sole presence too much of a distraction for her, his touch and words making her lose concentration. The puppy eyes he kept giving her almost made her give in, his fingers playing with the ends of her hair momentarily making her stop working. “You can’t ignore me forever darling, just take a little break for me?”

This time, he had gone further, lying on top of her papers in order to gain her attention. That last straw finally earning him a reaction; just not the one he had hoped for.

“Fucking hell Calum! You’re being a royal pain right now so cut it!” she hissed at him, eyes closed in rage, not noticing how she was releasing her stress on him. Calum calmly got up from the bed, exiting her room in utter silence.

Trying to get back to work, she was thankful for the new found silence, yet couldn’t think of anything besides the guilt that was filling up her edges. She couldn’t help overthinking about his slience; overall, his whole composure scared her. “Focus!”  She yelled at herself, growing more and more exasperate due to her lack of concentration. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to get any work done, not as long as Calum was mad at her, not as long as she didn’t know where he was.

Hopping off her bed with a thud, she ran out of room determined to chase after him, to apologize for her unfairness. What she didn’t expect was to find him sitting on the couch in the living room, eyes fixed on the TV. Slumping her shoulders in relief, she walked towards him, plopping next to him.

“Hey” she whispered to him, her eyes scanning over his face. No response. (y/n) looked down at her lap, her heart sinking once she didn’t get an answer from him.

“I’m sorry for snapping at you. I’m struggling with homework, and you were distracting me, and I know it’s not an excu-“

“I’m not mad cause you snapped at me.” Calum stopped her rambling, his head whipping around to face her, his expression unreadable.

“Why are you mad then?” she looked up to meet his eyes, a frown etched upon her face. Calum reached out to lace his fingers with hers, his eyes diverting towards their intertwined hands.

“You’re supposed to come to me if something’s bothering you. I know nothing about this whole relationship thing, but I do know that a good boyfriend should do that much.” (y/n)’s heart fluttered at his nervous words, the boy in front of her never ceasing to amaze her.

“Cal, you are a good boyfriend.” She cooed at him, the word ‘boyfriend’ still making her giddy as she spoke it. They were still new to the whole thing, both of them caring deeply about eachother enough to want it to work. “I should’ve told you, I’m sorry” she smiled sheepishly at him, him mimicking her instantly.

“How about I let you study in peace, but once you’re done I get to have your undevided attention?” he bargained, his face leaning in. Dodging his lips and pecking his nose instead, (y/n) nodded her head, chuckling at his adorable pout.

Surely, he had let her work her homework in peace, before dragging her back to the couch in order to watch some random movie he picked.


“I worked really hard for that stupid test! It’s not fair for her to grade it that way!” (y/n) sat next to Michael by her locker, she couldn’t stop complaining about the latest test they took. She reeked of disappointment and anger, their English teacher being the subject of her threats. She had worked hard through her endless chifts at the Café and managed to prepare for it despite the amount of schoolwork she was drowning in, so no, getting a C+ wasn’t satisfying enough for her, not when she was aware of her hard work.

Michael rolled his eyes at her, his eyes turning dangerously dark as he faced her. “Oh, for fuck’s sake (y/n)! You messed up a test, you’ll be able to make it up later on so will you stop it with your complaining? It’s been hours!” he blurted out, his hand throwing his backpack over his shoulder as he turned around to leave.

Back at her locker, she was left with her mouth wide open, heart beating against her ribcage in the most painful way ever. Michael. Michael had never said such a thing to her, not after they became friends, not after she opened up to him. True, she has been complaining for a while, but Michael seemed to listen. Besides, he has never really stopped her when she was talking, knowing how that made her feel.

Michael’s mood was making him more aggravated than usual, even the simplest thing managed to get him off. But only upon hearing the shaky breath (y/n) took in had he realized what he had done. How could he have said those things to her? It wasn’t right to make her a victim of his low mood, nor was it acceptable to tell her that when he had witenessed just how hard she worked.

Abrubtly turning on his heels, he turned back towards her choking out his words “Look, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for saying what I did, I honestly didn’t mean it. But my mind’s a bloody mess right now, and things are just not right…” Michael rambled, his eyes betraying the inner hurricane he was trying to supress.

(y/n) gingerly took Michael’s hand in her, offering him a little smile before pulling him towards the exit. But she hadn’t even taken two steps before he abruptly planted his feet on the groud, stopping her from moving. He tugged he back, his eyes silently questionning her. She sighed, moving closer to him; “You’re in a bad mood. Being in school will only make it worse, so… Why don’t we just get out?” she hinted with a sly smile on her face.

“You? Are asking me? To skip?” Michael’s smirk grew wider, the thought her skipping with him making him a little surprised since she had declined the offer every single time he mentionned it. (y/n) hummed in response, her hands tugging his, urging him to start moving.

And he almost does. He almost allows himself to follow her until his mind brings up the one thing he was scared shitless of; he didn’t to add her to the list of things his touch ruined.

Admittedly, he had asked her himself to do so before, but having her actually say yes to the offer wasn’t as satisfying as he thought it’d be; he wouldn’t bare the thought of corrupting her, fearing that he’d turn her into the Fuckup he somehow convinced himself he was.

“Wait! Wait… Why are you doing this? You never skip; I’m not letting you skip because of me.” Michael did not however miss the exaggerated eye roll he received from her “Mikey, you’re not making me do anything. I want to do it, ok? So are you coming or what?” she raised a daring eyebrow at Michael, walking backwards away from him, a tempting smile on her face. Chuckling to himself, Michael finally obliged.

“You don’t even know what’s wrong.” Michael broke the silence they were walking in, the question he wanted to ask her ever since they walked out of school coming out.

(y/n) shrugged, her teeth biting down on her lower lip, “I don’t. But I can guess.” She mumbled, second guessing whether she should’ve said it. Did she want him to know that she noticed? That she noticed more things about him than she let out on.

Michael was quiet for a while, wondering if it’s safe to open up the already ajar door. “What might that guess be?” he spoke at last, taking a seat at a bench. Joining him, (y/n) looked at him cautiously before answering him.

“Trouble at home?” Michael let out a breathy laugh, but to her ears it sounded like his loudest cry. “It’s suffocating.” Were the only words he spoke, his eyes never looking up from the ground.

As soon as he spoke, he felt (y/n) drape her arms around him, her head resting on his shoulder. It was the only consolation she was able to offer him at the moment, her previous doubts coming to life. And maybe that wasn’t enough to solve all of his problems or fix a thing, but it was enough to make him feel better; her hand tightly clasping his anchoring him, her arms around him sheltering him in a way.


Running a hand roughly through her hair, (y/n) groaned at the agonizing headache she was trying so hard to forget about. Chemistry class was dragging slower than usual, the minutes left til the bell rang getting longer and longer. She silently cursed at the drumming on the table, caused by none other than her lab partner.

“Ash, can you stop please?” she asked him through closed eyes, her head resting against her forearm. Humming as a response, Ashton’s hands stopped banging on the table only to start a couple minutes after on his thighs. Sighing loudly for him to hear, (y/n) put her hand on top of his, silently shushing him. She felt bad for stopping him, especially since she knew how boring the class was, but the pounding in her head was only getting worse due to the noise.

Just as the turbulence decreased, making her pain more bearable, the drumming started once more. Ashton wasn’t even aware of his fingers mindlessly tapping the table to the beat stuck in his head, not until his partner lifted her head up with so much force he was startled.

“Would you freaking stop that! I asked you twice already, so please! Knock it off.” Ashton only then noticed the dark half moons resting beneath her eyes. The silent following her outburst was getting suffocating, not only because Ashton had instantly diverted his eyes from her, but also because it alarmed her that the whole class had seen it. Everyone was holding their breath, waiting for the idiotic girl to receive what she was looking for by playing with the big bad wolf. With eyes wide open, they all followed the scene, curiosity bubbling inside. How could she be brave enough to yell at him? Wasn’t she aware of who he was? Maybe they all knew that she was different than the rest, that she was an exception for him, that they’d never witness the downfall they were all waiting for; nonetheless, they still waited.

“Ashton, please stop!” (y/n) tried to catch up with the long-legged giant. The remorse becoming insupportable as he didn’t even bother her during class as he used to, he didn’t even attempt to crack any jokes. She chased after him right after they exited the classroom, knowing that an explanation was needed.

“Asht-“ She stopped as she almost bumped into him due to his abrupt stop. Exhaling a finally, she eyed him as he stood cross-armed in front of her as if asking her what?

“I’m sorry for yelling at you during class, I have this terrible headache and you were being noisy and I just couldn-“ (y/n) closed her mouth once she felt Ashton’s cold hand making contact with her forehead, a sigh leaving his lips.

“You also have a fever.” He concluded, stepping back to examine her face furthermore. “Why did you come to school in this state? And why didn’t you tell me that you were sick?” he scolded her, his hazel eyes however showing the utmost concern.

“Am I suppost to tell you when I’m feeling sick?” she chuckled lightly, the buzzing in her head still not dissipating.

Ashton however did not laugh, still feeling uneasy about her state, “Yes! You’re supposed to tell me so I don’t end up being a complete dumbass and make it worse!” (y/n) instanly smiled at his words, his obvious concern for her making her feel blissful.

Wrapping her arms around his torso, (y/n) rested her head against his chest, enjoying the warmth and the security his embrace provided, giving her something else to think about beside her pounding head.

“Come on, baby girl, I’ll drive you home.” Ashton mumbled into her ear, mindful to keep his voice as low as possible, not wanting to aggravate her state even more.

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Oh Well in That Case..

Pairing: Dan x reader

A/N: Based off the picture below (Not a request but I’ll be getting on the asap I’m so sorry if you’ve been waiting I’ve just been really busy recently) 

Warning: Swearing

Send us requests :)

You were carrying the shopping into the kitchen when you stopped and saw Dan. “Oh hiya, I thought you were filming today,” you trailed off, noticing Dan was still in his pjs and it was almost 4pm. “Nah I wasn’t in the mood,” he replied nonchalantly. “Tea?” he asked, grabbing his cup and bringing it to his lips. Clearly he had just made himself a coffee before you got in. “Of course,” you smiled as you started to put the shopping away. Dan reached across you to get a mug and kissed you on the cheek before returning to his place beside the kettle. 

Since you didn’t get much from the local tesco, you had put the shopping away fairly quickly. You pulled your phone from your pocket with the intentions of flicking through twitter whilst waiting for your tea but instead you threw your phone on the floor, an accident o course. “Oh fuck me” you whispered, quietly cursing your butterfingers. Dan smirked as he handed you a mug of tea. “That wasn’t an invitation,” you said bluntly, placing the mug on the counter top and bent down to pick up your phone. As you stood up, Dan took a step closer towards you. “I mean it, leave me alone,” you said, looking towards the floor. “Oh hush,” Dan said with a low hum and that goddamn smile of his. 

You continued to look at your feet, now blushing like crazy. Placing a hand under your chin, Dan leaned in and pecked your cheek. He slowly moved towards your ear and whispered, “I think we should have Chinese for dinner.”
“Dan did you really just- oh for the love of-” Dan’s laughter cut you off and you began to repeatedly smack him playfully. “OH MY GOD LOOK WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING LOOK!” Dan shrieked, pointing behind you. “Huh?” you responded, turning around to see what was freaking him out. “Dan I don’t see anyth-” but you didn’t get to finish what you were saying as Dan started to tickle you. “D- DA- DAN ST-TOP PLE-PLEASE” you screamed. “Why?” he tested. “My tea is getting cold,” you pouted. “Oh well in that case..” Dan said and just when you thought you were in the clear, the tickling began again.


(based off the picture below)

I didn’t mean to wake you - Ashton

for @irwinscuddlebuddy, sorry I got carried away! here you go

You closed your eyes tightly, trying to pretend you didn’t just drop the bowl of pancake mix. It made a very loud sound and a very big mess.

You grabbed some paper towels and knelt down to start cleaning up the mess. You stood up to throw some of the glass away when you felt a pang arise in your foot. You must have missed some of the glass.

Your foot had a rather long cut on it with a small piece of glass attached to it.

 You bit your lip trying to avoid the tears. Deep breath in, and exhale. You sat on the floor for a moment looking at it.

You heard shuffling coming from your bedroom. You felt your heart race a tad. It was Ashton’s birthday and you were going to surprise him with breakfast in bed.

You tried to stand up, but you couldn’t put any pressure on your hurt foot. Sure enough, Ashton came into the kitchen after a few moments. He was rubbing his eyes.

I woke him.

“Alice, what’s going on?” His eyes trailed from your face to the spilled mixture on the ground to your bleeding foot. “Oh my, what happened?” He rushed to your side and made you sit back down. You let out a small sigh. “I didn’t mean to wake you, Ash.”

He went to your bedroom, and returned with a first aid kit. After getting you to sit on the counter, he took out the glass, and washed your foot. He bandaged it up, and returned to your side after everything was put away.

You looked at the mess on the floor and the ingredients on the counter. You looked at the ground. “I was going to surprise you with breakfast.”

You hear him move, and he places himself in between your legs. He gently lifts your chin with his finger and looks into your eyes. He leans forward and gives you a slow kiss. “Babe, I love that you were going to make me breakfast.”

A shy smile makes it way across your lips. “Happy Birthday, Ash.” 

At this rate Bruce is going to be starting off Demo Disk with a full concert + encore by the start of 2016.