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📱 → ❝I sent you a picture of my dick. Please respond.❞

🍆 → ❝Stop sending me eggplant emojis when I’m trying to study.❞

credit: x.

COUNT → 2.059

GENRE → smut

PAIRING → jungkook | reader

WARNINGS → graphic sex | light spanking | explicit language 

Your phone vibrated for the tenth time in the last sixty seconds. Frustrated, you brought your face out of your textbook and angrily pressed your thumb down on your home button, unlocking your phone to open your messaging app.

JUNGKOOK [11:02:53]: I sent you a picture of my dick. Please respond.

You had already opened it and looked at his dick at least two times now, but you had a big test tomorrow and really couldn’t waste precious time studying thinking about how you wanted Jungkook to come over and use that dick.

Again, you left him on read.

Jungkook knew where you lived and he had been at your dorm more times than you cared to admit, but some part of you was hopeful he would leave you alone. Then again, his ego was so fragile, especially when it came to his dick.

Your phone vibrated again and you looked at your notifications to see Jungkook was just sending you the eggplant emoji over and over again until you replied.

YOU [11:04:10]: Stop sending me eggplant emojis when I’m trying to study.

You let out a groan and turned your phone to silent so that the notifications wouldn’t distract you anymore. Looking to your computer screen at the syllabus, you flipped to the page in your book indicated by the study guide.

“A morpheme is…” you began to read aloud to yourself, but you were still distracted. Your eyes darted to your phone not even making a sound. It was almost more distracting when you knew someone was trying to talk to you. Shaking your head, you tried to focus. “A morpheme is used when…”

You slammed your textbook closed, irritated because he’d broken your focus. With a defeated sigh, you looked at your phone and your eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets at the last text you got from Jungkook.

JUNGKOOK [11:07:35]: You’re in so much trouble. Take off your pants.

Swallowing, you stood up from your desk, looking over at the door anxiously. He sent that text two minutes ago and you knew it only took him five to get to your dorm’s parking lot by car. You only had five minutes to prepare yourself.

And you knew he didn’t appreciate you ignoring his texts.

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touken’s wedding night headcanons ((mini-fic)) 💖💍

i’ve said on my twitter (you should follow me there as well! 👀 ) that i was going to write a fic about their wedding night, but the truth is that the plot itself is extremely generic, the structure of the fic feels too weak for me to get inspired and start writing, so i decided to write down some of the headcanons that i have for it instead, this could be considered as part of my mini-fics series (read those here!), but in the end this is just a list of all the headcanons for their special night… although at the end i got a bit carried away and it ended up looking like a fanfic 😂 so i don’t know anymore…  enjoy!! ///


“This is what I’ve chosen, Kaneki,” she weeps quietly, feeling his lips on her skin. She’s smirking as she cries. “I want this, I want this so badly, and I’m really happy today, I really am… y-you have no idea how badly I wan—”

“I know,” he whispers, quieting her with a kiss. “I know.”

They stay silent for a while, kissing on the lips, kissing each other’s hands, cuddling until Touka feels her body slowly falling into slumber. She’s not quite asleep yet, she can still hear Kaneki’s words whispering “I love you” to her, firmly and desperate, he wants her to hear him. And she does.

She does.

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Joker Imagine - I can’t sleep

Anonymous said:Can you do an imagine where it’s the middle of the night and the reader can’t sleep and wakes up the joker who’s sleeping right next to her and wants him to play with her and he’s all cuddly and cute and stuff , oh and can you make it where it’s daddy kink , pretty please?

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Your P.O.V.

It was raining in Gotham city and the tapping on the window kept me awake. I stared at the window and sighed. It was late at night and my boyfriend Joker was asleep. I had rolled in bed for an hour or two, yet I couldn’t sleep. It was annoying that I just couldn’t close my eyes and relax.

So I turned to look at J who was sleeping peacefully. He didn’t look angry  in his sleep. His red lips were curved into a small sweet smile and he was breathing slowly. He was so beautiful to look at, but I’d still wake him up. I rolled closer to him and started stroking his cheek. ‘’I can’t sleep daddy’’ I whispered softly close to his ear. He mumbled something in his sleep and moved a little on the bed. ‘’Daddyy…’’I whined and played with his hair. I watched as his icy blue eyes opened and he blinked a few times to wake up.

‘’Sorry for waking you up..but I can’t sleep’’ I sighed and got his attention. He yawned and then smiled. ‘’What do you want me to do about it?’’ He mumbled tiredly and let me run my fingers on his skin softly.’’Play with me daddy’’ I encouraged him with a big smile. His eyes darkened and he looked at me more awake now. ‘’You’re always horny kitten’’He giggled and then snuggled closer to me. ‘’I can’t help it when you’re around’’ I whispered and felt his hand on my stomach, travelling down. His hand slipped under my panties and he found my clit quickly.

‘’You just love to get your little ego stroked’’ He had noticed and started rubbing my clit that loved the sensation. I moaned and bit my bottom lip as he played with my pussy. ‘’Don’t you?’’ He asked with a raspy voice, which only made me wetter. ‘’Yes daddy’’ I whimpered and spread my legs a little for him. J looked deep into my eyes and then got closer, pushing his lips on my neck as his hand did magic down under.

His warm lips left wet kisses on my neck until he found my sweet spot and started sucking on it. I shut my eyes and allowed myself to feel everything. His long and thick fingers slid into my wet walls and I let out a long moan. ‘’Yes daddy’’ I encouraged him to go on. It felt so good when he started fingering me quicker while sucking my neck.

My nipples hardened under silk gown. J moved his lips from my neck to my mouth to kiss me while finger fucking me. I could literally hear my wetness as his fingers slapped in and out of me. He nibbled my bottom lip and then pushed his tongue in my mouth. His hand started moving faster, making me moan into our kiss. I held onto his arm when the pleasure started getting more intense.

His lips never left mine and it was overwhelming. I was literally squeezing his biceps as he fingerfucked me roughly, pushing me closer to an orgasm while devouring my lips like the last time he’d ever kiss me. My heart started beating faster each time his fingers brushed against my sensitive G.spot.’’I’m..close’’ I mumbled onto his mouth and whimpered. J pushed his face closer to mine so our kiss got rougher. Then he leaned above me a little so I couldn’t squirm underneath him as he thrusted those fingers harder into me.

An orgasm ripped through my body and my eyes rolled to the back of my head. J moved his fingers slower in me as he let me ride down my high. His lips were on mine and I was moaning loudly, but he shuffled it. He slid out of fingers, making me squeeze my legs together. Just before he pulled his hand out of my panties, he rubbed my throbbing clit a few times very slowly, making me arch my back because of the sensitivity of over-stimulation.

He pulled back his face and used smiled darkly at me while I was gasping whenever he moved his fingers on my super sensitive clit. ‘’Do you want to taste yourself?’’ He purred while rubbing my clit in a circular motion. Did he expect me to talk? I just moaned a yes sound. Then he removed his warm hand from my wetness and brought his fingers in front of my face. I could see my juices on his fingers and it was kinda hot.

‘’Open up’’ He demanded and then I parted my lips. He pushed hiss two long fingers inside my mouth and I shut my lips around them. I looked into his eyes as I started sucking his fingers, something he found hot for some reason. He looked at me with  dark eyes and his breathing got heavier. ‘’You’re so sexy babe’’ He purred and pushed his fingers deeper into my mouth. I nearly choked because he got carried away, but he was rough -and I liked it

J pulled his fingers back and then pressed his lips against mine. I shut my eyes and messed with his hair while kissing his plump red lips. Damn I loved this man. ‘’You’re so good for daddy’’ He breathed out above my lips. I just smiled and looked into his pretty eyes. Suddenly he rolled onto his back and pulled me right next to him so we were cuddling. I couldn’t help but to giggle because it kinda startled me.

‘’I’ll be awake as long as you fall asleep’’ He told me and started gently tracing patterns on my back with his fingers. I rested my head on his chest and took a deep breath. His scent of cologne and expensive drinks made me calm down. ‘’Thanks daddy. You take so good care of me’’ I chirped happily and then yawned. He played a little with my hair as well and tried to get me sleepy. ‘’Well I can’t get you hurt kitten’’ He answered me softly. 

Baby Jasper

Imagine requested by @aprilgirl03 | “ Also can I get a imagine of you finding out you’re pregnant but not wanting to tell Jasper because you think he might not want the baby because of what Bella went through but Edward ends up telling him? (Sorry if this is so long 😂) thanks again 💗

You sat down on the toilet, not knowing what to do or how to feel. The little pink lines appeared on the tiny screen in your hands. You felt as though the world was crashing around you. How were you going to tell Jasper? How would he feel and what would happen?

You decided not to tell him and talk to Edward instead. He was a big brother to you, and since he’s been through this before, you knew he would be the most understanding.

“Edward, can I speak to you for a minute?” You asked him, motioning for him to follow you into the next room. He was sitting in his living room, playing with his daughter. He could already hear your thoughts and didn’t hesitate to follow you.

“Are you serious?” He asked you, looking you over once. “Jasper’s?”

You nodded knowing that it wasn’t going to be easy to keep things from Edward anymore.

Edwards frozen face worried you until he smiled. “I’m going to be an uncle.” Your eyes widened in shock at his excitement. “Does Jasper know?”

You ferociously shook your head. “You can’t tell him, Edward. I’m scared that he’ll get pissed off at me because he knows what’s going to happen. It happened with you and Bella, remember?” You pointed to your niece.

“But look at what became of that. We have a beautiful daughter and a happy family that is ever growing.” Edward said, taking your hands in his. The worried look on your face wasn’t going away.

“Fine, I won’t tell him, but he will find out eventually.” Edward said. He kissed your cheek and walked back over to his daughter who was watching a movie.

You sighed as you watched Edward with his daughter and started unconsciously rubbing your tummy. Leaving them to their day you went grocery shopping with a lot on your mind.

It was a few hours before you returned back home and you felt an uneasy shift in the atmosphere. Pulling up to the front of the Cullen house, you saw Rosalie, Emmett, and Edward standing outside waiting for you.

“What’s going on guys?” You asked getting out of your car.

“Jasper has gone hiatus looking for you.” Emmett said with a sly smile.

“Why?” You asked dropping the groceries.

Rosalie looked at Edward and then back at you. “Edward might or might not have gotten into an argument about someone with a secret.” She said walking up to you and taking the bags you dropped.

You turned your glaring gaze onto Edward. “YOU TOLD HIM!?” You screamed, knowing that it wouldn’t do anything.

“I didn’t mean to. He knew something was off with you and with me. He said you were keeping to yourself lately and I just…couldn’t help myself.” Edward said ducking his head as a shoe flew through the air.

Hopping towards him with only one shoe left to throw you screamed obscenities at him. You were almost close enough to deliver him a good one when two strong arms encircled your waist.

“That’s enough of that, sunshine. Time to take you for a little walk.” Jaspers voice filled your head and you immediately calmed down. You turned to look at him and started crying.

“I’m so sorry Jasper.” You said, clinging to him. “I wanted to tell you but I got scared.”

He lifted your chin and planted a sweet kiss on your lips. “Let’s walk and talk shall we.” He said lifting you into his arms and carrying you away from the house.

He carried you until you were close to a pond where he sat you down on his lap on a fallen tree. He had his arms wrapped around you, holding you tightly but not too much that it was uncomfortable.

The silence was piercing so you decided to start. “Jasper please forgive me for being so careless. I didn’t mean to let it get this far. I don’t even remember how this happened.” You said, pulling his hand to your face and resting your cheek against his palm. “I was going to tell you, I just didn’t want you to be angry.”

He shifted you slightly until you were able to see his face. His golden eyes piercing your thoughts and making you feel calm and loved. “I could never be angry at you for something that I did, darling.” His sweet texan accent was heaven to your ears.  “In fact, I’m really excited about being a father. I’ve always wanted children but…well…you know.” He said snuggling into your neck. You took a deep breath, feeling all of your worries leave your body.

“It’s going to be difficult but we will find a way to do it.” He said rubbing your tummy and kissing your neck. “I’m going to be a father.” He said whispering into your ear. Chills ran down your body as you relaxed into his arms, knowing that things were going to be just fine.

Making Out With Day6

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This is purely what I think, this doesn’t reflect the members whatsoever. Don’t take this to heart. I may have gotten carried away. This is PG-16 lmao. This was requested by @clumclumsos! (Also requested making out with TD, History, UNIQ and 24k so those are next. Thank you! Without further ado, enjoy!

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Fandom: Marvel’s Avengers

Summary: Snippets of Y/N and Steve, starting with the first time they meet.

Words: 3,146

Paring/Characters: StevexReader, Tony, Natasha, Sam, and Bucky.

Warning: None?

Author’s Note: So, I wrote this because inspiration struck and somehow I got carried away. I’ve kind of gotten into this short snippet thing since I’ve been short on time. I’d love to hear what you all think.

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“Hi,” he greeted firmly, his voice deep and strong with a certain heaviness. His lips parted into a small, but still dazzling, smile. You could tell even then that didn’t happen often, that Steve Rogers kept focused. Yet, a funny thing happened, almost imperceptible to the untrained eye, his seriousness faltered as you looked back at him. For just a moment his eyes relaxed as they looked back at you.

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Charles Xavier- Lip Gloss (request)

Request:  Can I request a one shot where the reader is wearing a flavoured lip gloss and Charles is like “your lips taste really good? What is that?” And now he makes her wear it every day and it’s just cute? Thank u

Okay so I struggled to start with and then got really carried away and a bit fluffy. I don’t know what came over me but I got a bit kiss obsessed in this and I hope that’s okay.

~Much love, Ive

You sat in front of the mirror and sighed. You were going out with Charles in about an hour and you looked a mess. Your hair was still the exact same as it was when you’d woken up and your sweatshirt definitely wasn’t dinner wear attire. You ran a brush though you hair and pinned it out of the way as you smeared foundation over your face and whipped on some eyeliner, which actually took a few goes and a fair bit of stress. You let your hair fall out of the pins and it was sitting weirdly so you just clipped half of it back since you didn’t have time to do anything else after the eyeliner incident. Then was the dilemma of what you were going to wear. By the time you’d settled on a royal blue dress your entire floor was covered in the content of your wardrobe. Instead of picking it up you looked at the time realising you were going to be late if you didn’t get a move on. You shoved a few things into your bag and pulled on a pair of shoes. Just as you were leaving your room you remembered that you hadn’t put anything on your lips so you quickly grabbed some lipgloss off the dresser and applied it best you could before slipping it into your bag and hurrying down the mansion stairs.

“I almost thought you weren’t coming. I was about to come and check on you.” Charles smiled up at you from the bottom of the stairs. “You look lovely by the way.” You grunted in reply not quite feeling like you did, your makeup was rushed and you were certain you should’ve gone with the red dress instead. Charles laughed at your grunt. As you reached the bottom stair he leaned up to kiss you and reassure you that you looked beautiful. Charles pulled away faster than you thought and had one eye closed, his expression unreadable.

“What’s wrong?” You asked panicking.

“Your lips taste really good. What is that?” This time you laughed a little, in a sort of awkward way.

“Its my lip gloss.”

“What flavour is it? Its nice.” He ran his fingers through is hair.

“Keep kissing maybe you can guess.” You said so smoothly you shocked yourself. Charles didn’t skip a beat before pressing his lips to yours.

“Strawberry?” He guessed.

“No.” You said giggling. He kissed you again.


“Nope.” You giggled again and he went back to kissing you.


“Not even close!” So he went back to kissing you.


“You’re not even trying anymore are you?”

“I am.” He insisted and kissed you again, “Okay, is it passionfruit?”

“No! Do you give up?” You challenged.

“Why would I give up? The minute I say it’s cherry I don’t have an excise to kiss you anymore.” You gasped, although it was more for show because you’d figured he’d known a while ago but you weren’t going to complain.

Wanna Bet? [Daryl Dixon x Reader]

Word Count: 1,080

Prompt:  “We made a bet, and you lost. Now you have to do it.”

Warnings: Violence. Language. Fluff

a/n: this was supposed to be a drabble… oops

Originally posted by steals-dreams

“Daryl, I think I want to start learning how to use a crossbow. I’m tired of having to use my knife all the time, I’ve been too close to death before because of it.” You approach Daryl. The two of you are on a run together to gather more baby supplies for Judith, since she was only born a couple of weeks ago and she’s already running low on formula.

A few minutes ago, in an attempt to kill a walker that was standing in front of the bottles, it had grabbed your hand before you had the chance to stab it, successfully making you drop your knife. Daryl saved you, thankfully, but all you can think about is how nice it would be to be able to kill walkers without having to actually get near them.

“Learnin’ how ‘ta shoot a bow is hard as shit. It’s gon’ take a while.” Daryl shakes his head, a small smile creeping on to his lips. You two haven’t been together too long, only for a few weeks at most (although you’re not really sure- no one keeps track of time anymore), but you’ve noticed the little things about him, and whenever you take interest in things that he likes is one of them. He knows that he is a loved and valuable member of the group, but you know that he still occasionally struggles with the feeling as if he is unwanted and disliked. So whenever you do things like this, despite it being for a genuine good reason, it always makes him happy.

“You never know, Daryl. I could be a natural.” You shrug your shoulders, grabbing the bottles and formula off the shelf. There are so many different brands and kinds, but since baby Judith can be quite the picky eater at times, you’ve learned that taking everything available is the best option.

“I doubt it. Shootin’ bows don’t come naturally to no one.” Daryl snorts. “Took me years ‘ta get this good.”

“You must have just not been a natural then, huh.” You tease him. “I bet you that I could shoot your bow right now and get a good shot on one of those walkers outside.”

“Whatever.” Daryl shakes his head, finishing filling up his bag. It’s almost over spilling at this point. “I bet ‘ya can’t.”

“Is that a challenge?” You raise your eyebrows at him. “Well, it’s on. Hand me your bow.”

“I’m gonna win this bet, ‘ya know that, right?” Daryl stares at you.

“I’m so confident in my skills that I’m placing a wager on this. If I get a shot on the walker, you have to cook my food for a week. I’m sick and tired of burning my hands on that fire trying to heat up my food.” You tell Daryl. In reality, you’re not confident at all. You know there is a huge chance that you’re going to shoot that bow and miss by a long shot. But, Daryl’s complete and utter non-confidence in you sparked a fire. Your inner competitiveness came out, and here you are, placing a bet over something you know damn well you can’t do.

“That’s easy as hell, couldn’t come up with a harder one?” Daryl lets out an airy laugh. “And if I win, and I know I will, ‘ya have to take my night watch up in the tower tonight.”

“Deal.” You smile. You shake his hand, sealing the bet you just made. You’re so screwed.

Daryl and you walk out of the small grocery store, loading up your bags of baby things into his motorcycle before he hands you his bow. You look at it intimidated before you grab it out of his hands, taking a deep breath.

You look around for a walker, seeing one walking around the side of the building. It hasn’t spotted you two yet, giving you the perfect advantage. You try and attempt to cock the stirrup, but the setting that Daryl has it set on is too weighted, and you can’t pull it back.

“Daryl, this is unfair. I can’t even pull it back.” You pout.

“That’s losing fair and square.” Daryl shrugs. “Can’t pull back the arrow, aint my fault.”

“Daryl,” You glare at him, and he sighs.

“The stakes are goin’ up ‘cause of this…” He grumbles. He takes the bow back from your hands, adjusting the weight so you can pull it back with ease. “Ya gotta sleep in my cell with me for the next week now, too.”

“That’s a punishment?” You raise your eyebrows. “Sounds like a treat to me.”

You lift the crossbow up, closing one eye to get better accuracy to shoot the walker, just as you’ve seen Daryl do in the past. You draw back the stirrup, releasing the trigger once you are satisfied with your aim. Much to your surprise, it actually goes where you were aiming- right in its forehead.

“No fuckin’ way,” Daryl groans out.

“Told you I’d be a natural.” You wink at him and kiss his cheek. “If it makes you feel any better, I’ll still sleep in your cell for the week. I would’ve done that anyways- don’t be shy to ask me stuff. But, you’re totally still cooking my food for me.”

“Nah, that was cheatin’.” Daryl grins at you. “Ya had me lessen the weight.”

“Nope, I won fair and square.” You shake your head. “We made a bet, and you lost. Now you have to do it.”

“You’re a pain in my ass sometimes, ya know that?” Daryl laughs and brings you into a kiss. His lips move against yours at a slow pace, neither one of you had dared to go any further than small, simple kisses. He was already nervous about getting into a relationship in the first place, so you are not rushing him. The kisses he gives you are perfect.

“Alright, alright, ‘ya professional hunter,” Daryl pulls away. “Go get that arrow outta his head, and we can get outta here. We can start lessons tomorrow.”

“Mhm.” You peck his lips one more time. “Can’t wait for my delicious dinner tonight, babe.”

“Ah, whatever.” Daryl laughs, and you pick up the arrow before setting it back into its rightful place. “You’re lucky I like ‘ya.”

“You’re right.” You grin. “I am lucky.”


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Daryl x Reader - Together we are strong (One shot)


9. seriously? you want him over me?

10. Don’t touch me

28. It just happened
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader
Prompt taken from hyenaswritings ‘s list

English is not my first language so, sorry for eventual grammatical errors.

Set on season 7

Warning: fluff, sexual situation, Daryl’s gonna be a daddy ♥

Again, this was supposed to be a drabble, but I got carried away

Plot: (Y/n) and Daryl reunite at Hilltop. Weeks later, (Y/n) has a surprise for him

He’s here, he’s in front of me, I need to reach him so I can finally be in his arms.
That’s what I do, I start running, I need to feel him, I need to know that he’s real.
When I finally reach him, I almost trip him over.
He was crying so I start to kiss his tears away.
I place small kisses everywhere, onto his neck, on his cheeks, and finally I kiss him on the lips.
I pour all my feelings into this kiss, just like him, who doesn’t want it to end.
Eventually we need to separate: “Thank god you’re ok, I thought he did something to you”.
I really wanted to spend some time alone with my man, but there are more important issues to talk about: Negan and his Saviours.
With this on our mind, we start to walk with our group…our family, to the Hilltop’s mansion for discussing a plan to take over the Sanctuary.
Later that night, I decide to stay at the Hilltop with Daryl.
After Jesus lead us to our room and closed the door, I reach to Daryl and hug him again.
After a while he lean down and starts a slow kiss.
Minutes passed and his tongue parts my lips, turning the kiss into a more passionate one.
Daryl stop kissing me just to take away my shirt and then start to place little kisses on my neck.
I tug his…well… more likely Jesus’ shirt and, when we’re both naked as the day we were born, we lay down on the bed and finally became one.
Daryl slump on me, I could feel his heavy breath on my neck.
After a few minutes he lay down beside me.
I lean my head on his chest while he puts his arms around my hips.
With him so close to me, the sound of his heart that’s music for my ear, I can say that there’s no place I rather be.
The silence is broken with the sound of Daryl’s raspy voice: ”Why (Y/n?)…..why that day you decide to put yourself into my same situation? You could’ve be safe”.
My mind start to wonder to that day at the Sanctuary.
After the line-up, me and Daryl were taken to the Sanctuary because of our “insoburdination”.
He wanted to protect Rosita; even though she and Abraham weren’t a thing anymore, she was suffering, and Negan was harassing her.
When I saw that man with half scarred face, aim with Daryl’s crossbow, at his head, I acted on instinct, I stood up to run for him but Negan grabbed me by my arm and drag me onto him, with my back on his chest: “Now, now babygirl, where the fuck are you going?”
“Don’t touch me!”
“Feisty, I like that”
He spun me around and I locked my eyes with his, anger could be read on my face
“What’s your name sweetheart?”
“Don’t call me like that! I’m not your sweetheart!”
Negan grinned: “Let me guess, are you his sweetheart?”
I looked down, what if he hurt Daryl because of me?
Apparently he didn’t really need an answer: “God fuckin’damn! An hot girl like you with that redneck?” he, then, grabbed my chin with his fingers and smiled: “Dwight! Load…what was his fuckin’ name babydoll?”
I stayed in silence and that irritates him:” SPEAK WHEN SPOKEN TO!” he growled
“Daryl, his name is Daryl! But please, let him go! He’s wounded! Take me instead”
That seem to interest him…he grinned again: “ you know what? I’ll fuckin’ take the both of you with me”.
After that, me and Daryl got separated I was throw in a cell and left there for days.
Probably three days has passed when that scarred face guy, who name’s Dwight come to pick me up.
I was dragged to a room, It was small but there were all the comforts: a tv, a kitchen, a bed and a bathroom. Oh God what would I do for a shower!
Suddenly Negan entered the room, and walk toward me: “Even with that grime on you, you’re fuckin’ beautiful babydoll”
“What do you want?”
“Right to the point, you’re fuckin’perfect! Alrighty, since it’s a shame to put a pretty fuckin’ flower like you on fence duty, what do you say to become one of my wives?”
I looked at him in shock: “Do you really think that, after what you do to my friends I would become one of your whore? Besides, I already have an husband, and I’ll be faithful to him until my death”
The truth is that Daryl isn’t my husband, but I consider him like one. I will never betray him like this.
He was taken aback: “seriously? You want him over me?”
I nodded.
“Very fuckin’well babydoll, you made your choice”.
I stayed on fence duty for a while, I didn’t see Daryl, probably he was in another part of the Sanctuary’s fence.
When Negan paid a second visit to Alexandria, and killed Olivia and Spencer, I snapped out so he decided to leave me there, saying that Daryl will pay for that.
That’s the reason I couldn’t believe my eyes when we found him at the Hilltop; somehow he knew that Negan asked me to became one of his wives.

I look into his eyes before say: “ Let’s say that I’ve already an husband, and he’s all I askin’ for”.
Daryl get up on to lean on his elbow: “Are you askin’ me to marry you?”
We both laugh:” Well, after we take care of Negan, we will have a lot of free time, so why don’t spend it making a family on our own?”
Daryl smiles and kiss me on my nose: “That’s a good idea sunshine”.
We spent weeks planning what to do against Negan, and during this time I didn’t feel so well, moreover I was late on my period so, since there’s a doctor here at the Hilltop I decided to let him check me up.
“Ok, (Y/n) after what you say to me, I think that there is a possibility of a pregnancy, I can give you a pregnancy test, just to be 100% sure”.
“Yes please” I was shaking, I can’t be pregnant, now it’s not the time.
“Here you go, you can use the bathroom over there”.
Here I am, 5 minutes later, with a positive pregnancy test in my hands.
How could I grow a child now? What if Negan defeat us? What he will do to us? What he will do to me and my baby?
Oh God, how I’m gonna tell Daryl? After our decision to wait to have a family, how can I tell him that he’ll be a father now?.
My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door: “(Y/n), Daryl is looking for you, saying there’s a meeting now, I didn’t tell him you’re here but you should go.”
I sigh and go out, it’s time to face the real problem.
“So, we all agree with this plan but the problem it’s still the same: the Saviours outnumber us, we need more people to fight by our side” Rick say.
In that moment I had an idea:” During the time spent at the Sanctuary, I listen some Saviours talk about a place called “the Kingdom”. Apparently, they trade with them, but they’re not on good terms, maybe they can help us”.
Everybody looked at me with smile on their faces.
Rick put an hand on my shoulder:” (Y/n), you’re a genius!”
Before I could answer, I started to feel sick, I had to throw up, so I sprint out on the hallway and run for the bathroom where finally I could puke.
I stay there for a few minutes, until I hear the bathroom’s door open, revealing my beloved redneck:”(Y/n) are you ok? It’s something wrong?”.
Seeing worry into his eyes, I couldn’t help but crying: “ Daryl…I’m pregnant”.

He didn’t know what to say:” Pregnant? How?”

I sigh: “It just happened, we weren’t careful enough”.
Daryl drag me to him and envelope me into an hug: “Oh Daryl, what we will do? We need every man we can to fight Negan, I can’t stay here doing nothing! However, I don’t want to get rid of it, he’s my baby…our baby”
I sobbed into his chest for a while, until he lift me, taking my chin to look at him.
He’s smiling! Daryl Dixon is smiling at me!
“Don’t worry sunshine, we’ll go through this together”, then he peck me on my lips.
“So … I’m gonna be a dad?”
I nodded:” Yes, you gonna be a dad”.
He lift me up and spin me around: “Then let’s go tell to our family”.

We/Liam Dunbar Fluff

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Request:  Can you do an imagine with Liam from teen wolf where you are malias sister and you are human. You and Liam start secretly dating and one day he leaves hickeys on you and the pack all start going crazy trying to figure out who did it then you and Liam finally reveal your relashionship and yeah you are the same age as Liam you can end it however lol

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Day6 Reaction: Making Out

Author’s Note: Okay got a little carried away with the writing but thats me. This is more of how it happened and a reaction (maybe I’ll start reactions?) but it was easier to write it this way!! Hope I didn’t disappoint!! ENJOY!~


Originally posted by busan-calling

SungJin would act confident knowing what he wants. It would seem silly to you and yes he did feel silly himself but that didn’t stop him from getting your lips. He would smile in between kisses and hug you closer if you started to relax.

“SungJin are you done yet?” You would stare at him with his guitar. He smiled pulling off the headphones. He set down the guitar telling you to come over. You walked over as he told you to sit in his lap. You sat where he wanted you to wrapping your arms around his neck. He touched his lips asking for a kiss. You smirked pecking his lips. He’ll smirked pulling your neck in with one hand and the other on your hip. He turned his head slightly kissing your lips. He sweetly smiled while moving lips with yours. You fixed yourself to sit right in front of him giving him your full attention as he gave you all of his.


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This one would definitely try to get as much love as he can gather. He won’t be afraid to ask and once his partner says “okay” he’ll go nuts. He would do anything for a make out session if you were both in the mood to.

You laid on your bed stressed about your work. You were overwhelmed with endless piles of tasks to do. You stare at your computer for hours replying to emails, writing requests, and etc. You should’ve taken a break, but you don’t have the time. It was 1 in the morning, your eyes grew heavy and tired. You heard the door unlock knowing it was Jae. He came in pulling off his outerwear. He sat right beside you at the edge of the bed looking tired as well. “I need something out of you. Today was rough…” He cupped your cheek waiting for your response. You nod knowing you needed one as well. He picked up your laptop moving it aside to get to you. He cupped both of your cheeks having your lips touch. You rubbed his back kissing him back. He moved down to your neck biting your skin.

Young K:

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He would definitely be hesitant, but somewhat confident. At first he wouldn’t know how to approach you, but once he does it won’t stop. He will keep going at you. You’ll love it, he’ll love it. No wrongs here.

You sat down beside him on the empty space on the couch. You laid your head on his lap. You face towards the T.V. crossing your arms laying on your side. He felt nervous of this skin ship, but didn’t mind since it was you. He could stare at you all day no matter what mood you were in. His hand slowly approached your cheek but he stopped midway unsure if he should. You sensed his hand and looked innocently at him. “What is it?” You asked. He remained quiet and leaned himself down to your face. He kissed your lips passionately loving you as much as he did. You quickly followed his lips holding his shoulders…


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Boy would be cautious of what he does. He would always be careful of what hes doing. He wants to make you comfortable and not cross the line. He is a positive person so he will need times where he doesn’t need to be so joyful.

“Hey what’s up?”  You answered the call. “Can I see you right now?” Wonpil asked late at night. “Um yeah!” You accepted waiting for him to walk through your doors. 20 minutes passed before a knock came from your door. “Hey! What’s wrong?” You looked at him concerned why he looked so down. You letting him in, standing in the middle the living room. “I’ve been down lately and just needed to see you.” He confessed. “Why? Did something happen?” You asked hugging him staring up at him. He sighed continuing. “We got into a disagreement that’s all…” You knew he was talking about his band members. It must have been a horrible one this time. You felt sympathy for him. You tilt your head to lock lips with his. He pulled away gently staring at you. “Are you sure you’re okay with this? I just woke you up at such a late time…” He cupped your cheek rubbing his thumbs in circles. You nodded. “I wouldn’t have let you over if I didn’t want you here…” You smiled causing him to too. He slowly locked your lips again lovingly embrace you in his arms.


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Dowoon would be shy. You would have to be the one to control, but once he gets into the mood he’ll try to take over. You can tell when he wants to get a little something out of you because he gets closer, but he won’t dare to make a move.

The sky was blue but your heart was broken. You left him because the paparazzi was too close to finding out your relationship. You broke it off with him not telling him why. He’ll come every time he was free to talk it out with you, but you wouldn’t open the door. You would cry by the door listening to his words. That day came again. His voice could be heard by the door. You slowly walked towards the door listening to his words once more. “Y/N…I know you’re in there. Don’t abandon me clueless. You know I love you. What did I do wrong to cause this?” Your tears will start to flow. The quietness started to fill your mind. You wondered if he was just thinking…but hes too quiet. He would say bye before leaving. “Did he faint? Did something bad happen?” Thoughts ran through your head like how you wanted to run into his arms. You opened the door with no hesitation. He stood still looking down. Once he saw the door open with you standing on the other side he stared into your eyes hugging you by the waist, foreheads touching. You couldn’t help but sense how much you wanted him and how he needed you. He close the door behind him. You directly kiss his lips no longer extending the waiting time. Tears fall down your face as he felt your warmth of love. He held you tighter than ever taking you over once again…

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92, 107 and 148

92: You’re so clingy, I love it.
107: You, me, popcorn, two liter Dr. Pepper, and a movie. You in?
148: Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?

Not sure how I feel about this one, but enjoy. 

The grocery store is dead this evening as you make your way up and down the aisles. Cheese. Milk. Eggs. Check, check and check. On the way towards the cereal aisle your phone buzzes and Shawn’s name pops up.

Shawn: I miss you.

You: I’ll be home in like 30 minutes.

Shawn: Longest 30 minutes ever.

“Unbelievable,” you huff at his response before typing one out.

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Just Enjoy it | 3 (M)

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words: 2,294

Things had been going pretty well between you and Mark there was no awkward tension like you had anticipated - his kisses were more frequent now though you didn’t mind. There was the issue that you hadn’t told any of his friends that he worked with, the firm they all worked for was quite large each holding a job equally as important and they’d all been friends since you could remember. That was how you’d met Mark, you worked at the company for a short time before you completed your degree and worked for a small company with better benefits, on your days off all of you would get together to have a small cook out on the beach. It was nice. There weren’t many times when you felt at ease with your life before you began this unlabeled relationship.

“Did we buy enough sausage? Last time Jackson ate ten of them, so I don’t know if we should have got more,” Mark murmured as he looked at the cooler full of food, you’d prepped most of the little things the night before. The chicken and steak had been marinating for twenty four hours, the sausage was defrosted and all the sides were finished and cooled. You’d even pre cut all the toppings and veggies that had to be sauted on the grill or browned for flavor. Once everything was in the cooler organized you put the ice packs in it to keep everything cool for the hour long drive.

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Finally - Neymar

Hey guys, I have a lot of Neymar Imagines saved so here is this one I hope you like this!!! x 

Originally posted by captainmessi

I wasn’t sure of a lot of things, for example I could read the menu twice and not know what to get. i could drive on the highway and still not know if this was the right direction. life was just so out of control, or at least my life was out of control. that’s what it felt like for me at least. my anxiety controlled my life and before i could turn around it controlled everything. it controlled my behaving, my eating, my relationships to other people just everything. i was young i should go out with friends on the weekends get drunk and not regret what i did. i should live my life to the fullest because i would never get this time back. but instead of going to party’s i found myself in my apartment hiden away from people, eating then and there and watching tv shows or movies where i could cry my heart out on my own. if i wasn’t doing that i would go to university or work, i was working in a coffee shop which really wasn’t that busy, it was in a rather quiet region of this big city not many people came by and those who did were either lost or people who came here every day. it was nice through there wasn’t that much to do and it was quiet and not driving me crazy. if i came back from work i mostly ate something watched tv and went to bed. it was the same circle every day. and for people who did not know me it probably seemed sad and it probably really was but i kind of liked it, it wasn’t anything exciting it was just me. me and my life and i choose this so i might as well just live in it. i closed my eyes for a brief moment as i realized i lost track while counting the money once again, i had to start again and sighed as i begin counting the bank notes once again. The door opening didn’t made me stop in my actions as I told them we were closed already. I continued counting only as I heard footsteps coming closer towards me and not the door, I looked up and my heart started beating faster, just a tiny little bit.

“Are you still making me a coffee or do i have to come back tomorrow?” Rafa asked and a small smile spread on my lips as i sat the bank notes aside and walked around the counter to give her a hug. I wrapped my small arms around her and pulled her in an embrace for a few seconds.

“What are you doing here?” i asked as I pulled out of the hug and put a hair strand behind my ear.

“I haven’t seen you in so long” i stated.

“I know I missed you so much” she said and smiled down at me.

“I missed you too. Do you want a coffee?” i asked her and walked back around the counter. She nodded and I started preparing the few things that were already put away and started brewing her a coffee handing her the cup after I was done. She had sat down on the bar stool in front of me.

“How have you been?” i asked her as she took a sip of her coffee.

“good. i’ve just been here and there” she said smiling at me.

“you’ve been traveling a lot from what i’ve seen” i said and she nodded.

“yeah i do have to travel a lot especially with Neymar living here and you know” she said and i looked down at the mention of his name. I felt tears welling up in my eyes and bit down on my lips so they wouldn’t actually spill out. I closed my eyes for a second and opened them again when i thought i had myself under control again. I looked up to her and saw her already looking at me.

“Yeah that seems pretty difficult” I said and that was all i would say to that topic, I turned around to put the trash in the trash can. Although the main reason was that i didn’t had to look at her anymore.

“Y/n..” my name left her lips with a soft voice and that alone would probably be enough to make me cry but i controlled myself good enough.

“what?” i asked as i turned around.

“i can see you still hurting” she said and a small apologizing smile played on her full lips.

“you know Neymar, he-” she started but I cut her off shaking my head.

“I don’t wanna hear it” I told her and she sighed.

“Was this the whole reason why you came by to talk about him?” I asked.

“Because if it is, then i’m sorry but then you can leave” i said gesturing to the door she came in a while ago.

“Y/N” she said her voice has changed.

“I came by because I missed you as a friend. I’m still one of your best friends even if we may haven’t seen each other in a while. i still care about you and i see that you’re hurt” she told me and i pressed my lips together looking somewhere out of the window.

“and if you would just let me finish. He is too. Neymar is hurting. It’s been months and he is still hurting. I haven’t seen him like that before. We all haven’t. He’s not the same anymore-” she said.

“I told you i don’t wanna hear it” was all I said biting down on my lip.

“Why? Why can’t you listen to me when I talk about him?” she said.

“Because you still have feelings for him just like he has for you” she said.

“I know that” i said furrowing my eyebrows together.

“Don’t you think i don’t know that already? But there were reasons why we broke up if you believe it or not” I said.

“Why? Why did you guys broke up?” she asked if Rafa wouldn’t have been one of my best friends I probably wouldn’t even talk to her anymore. She was just something like a sister to me or she was because right now or since him and i broke up i wasn’t so sure anymore. and that’s why i even still talked to her.

“You can ask him that” i told her.

“Well he won’t tell me either” she said.

“Can you please tell me why you guys broke up? It might not be my place to ask or whatever. but it’s been month both of you are hurting and i can’t stand to see either you or him like that anymore” she told me and her pleading eyes looked into mine.

“Why did you guys broke up?” she asked.

“I kissed someone else” i muttered under my breathe i wasn’t sure if she understood but after her lips parted and her eyes widen i knew she did.

“you what?”

“i kissed someone else” i repeated.

“why and who and how?” she mumbled her eyebrows furrowed together.

“do you remember Kylie?” i asked her.

Kylie was some friend of mine, well she used to be one of my friends. she wasn’t really the kind you wanted to be friends with but i somehow met her at a party months ago and we became friends. Kylie was a bitch. I knew that now and I honestly wish i knew it earlier because that wouldn’t have caused me that much trouble as it did. I only ever met her at parties really and sometimes we hang out during the week but that was about it. After Rafa nodded I sighed and started telling her.

“Well we were at this party and obviously I was drunk you know how fast I get drunk” i told her and after she nodded I continued. Rafa looked at me with such a blank face expression her lips were formed in one line and her eyes were concentrated to what I told her. I’ve only ever saw her like that maybe once or twice.

“Well anyways I can’t really remember much of that night. But we played truth and dare and Kylie she knew I was dating Neymar. She knew it but she didn’t care and so it was my turn and after I somehow said dare she dared me to kiss this guy I didn’t even knew about. I didn’t wanted to at first but he came all over me and after I tried pushing him away he pulled me closer.” I said and pressed my lips together looking down I wasn’t proud to talk about it.

I pushed all of what happened that night so much aside that it didn’t even happen for me anymore.

“After he pulled away from me everyone laughed including Kylie. They told us to get a room. I left pretty soon after. I found out that same night that Kylie wasn’t even drunk. She was sober. She took photos of me and that guy kissing and you know what? she send them to Neymar” I told her as my hands begin to shiver and the tears that had welled up in my eyes, one or two made their way over my cheek.

“Did you talk with him about it? Did you tell him what happened to you?” she asked.

“I did” I said and nodded.

“Could he not forgive you?” she asked and furrowed her eyebrows together.

“I don’t know he may could have” i told her.

“But I couldn’t. I kissed someone else. Even through I loved him, i still love him and I did that to him” i said.

“so you two just broke up?” she asked.

“we decided to take a break” i said.

“but we both know that a break means nothing more than a break up” i told her.

“y/n it doesn’t”

“you both could have talked it out.” she said shaking her head slightly.

“maybe we could have. he tried calling me a few times. he even came by my apartment” i told her as i wiped the tears away and pressed my lips together looking up at her.

“and you didn’t open?” she asked and i shook my head. She got off of her seat and walked around the counter, as she stood in front of me she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me in a hug and i sighed out as my head was in her neck and she rubbed my back with one of her hands.

“oh y/n” she whispered and i sighed.

As she pulled out of the hug she wiped my tears away and smiled at me.

“we’re gonna go see him now, c'mon” she said and took my hand in hers.

“Rafa no” i told her.

“yes we are” she said.

“he still loves you and you still love him and you’re not gonna break up because of something that stupid. Y/N you’re one of my best friends and I want you to marry my brother one day and i want you to be my sister in law. there’s no one more perfect for him than you and i won’t continue seeing both of you that hurt when you still love each other so i’m not gonna discuss this either you go on your own or i carry you out here” she said and i rolled my eyes at her slightly but a small smile formed on my lips as well. Rafa was so cute it melted my heart.

“okay” i whispered and she smiled at me.

“c'mon” she said.

“okay okay i need to put the things away first” i told her and started putting away the thing on the counter.

After I was done I got my jacket and walked to the front door with her. I was nervous and afraid of facing him. I didn’t wanted to. And in my head i made up a plan to run away and hide so i could maybe escape this situation. on the other hand i still loved him and if he still loved me like Rafa said then facing him wouldn’t be so bad right? We walked out of the shop and after I locked the door we got to her car, we got in and she immediately speed off to the other direction of town. We got there in about 20 minutes and she parked her car in his driveway. I haven’t been here in so long and even through it probably should feel weird being here it felt like coming home in a kind of way. I sighed as I got out of the car and Rafa stood already beside me wrapping her arm around me and walking towards the front door with me, she ringed the doorbell although i was sure she still had a key to his house, like i did back then. Maybe she forgot it at home or maybe she just didn’t wanted it to be more awkward. After some seconds the door opened and a tired Neymar stood in front of us. As soon as he met me his eyes widen and his lips parted. As our eyes locked i felt my heart going crazy in my chest and pressed my lips together as i looked away.

“hey Ney. okay so you two still know each other” Rafa said ans gestures between him and me with her hand.  i totally forgot she was even there, she pulled her arm from around me away and stepped into his house leaving just me and him there. I stood there awkwardly, not knowing if i should leave or stay here.

“do you eh wanna come in?” he asked and i hesitated for a moment but nodded. He stepped back and opened the door wider for me to step in. I got in and looked around me. It still looked exactly like the last time i’ve been here. it’s been months and you could think that by now it should look different but it still looked the same. there were still the same pictures on the wall, of his parents, Rafa, of Davi, of us.

“nothing has changed” i stated.

“no” he said and shook his head.

“Do you want something to drink? to eat? you came here after work right? i bet you must be pretty hungry” he said.

“yeah i am but-” i begin but he interrupted me.

“then c'mon i still have some left overs” he told me and started walking towards his kitchen, i sighed and followed him. Even in his kitchen everything was still the same. I sat down on one of his bar stools and he stood at the counter in front of me.

“Did Rafa force you to come here?” he asked.

“No” i said shaking my head.

“she came by after work and asked about us and why we broke up” i told him, he nodded and i thanked him after he handed me the plate with chinese take out on.

“did you tell her?” he asked and i nodded after i begin eating.

“she said she can’t see us both hurting when we both still love each other” i said.

“is it true do you still love me?” i asked him after i pressed my lips together and looked at him.

“How could i not y/n” he said and my heart begin to beat way faster.

“Of course I still love you”

“It hurt me when i tried to talk to you and you wouldn’t let me i know you were hurting more than i was. i just wanted to be there for you” he said as he was walking around the counter.

“but you wouldn’t let me” he said sighing.

“i’m sorry” i said.

“you don’t have to be sorry y/n. i know it wasn’t your fault”

“i don’t get how you can forgive me that easily when i kissed someone else” i told him.

“like i said it’s not your fault. i trust you i know you wouldn’t kiss someone when you weren’t dared to or when you were sober” he said taking my hands in his.

“i trust you and i believe you” he told me.

“and i still love you” he said.

“kiss me” i whispered.

“what?” he asked unsure if he understood me right.

“kiss me. kiss me kiss me kiss me” i repeated and it didn’t took him long to lean in and press his lips on mine softly. i sighed out relieved and happy as i puled him closer to me with my hands in his neck.

“finally” i heard Rafa yell and just smiled in the kiss. yeah finally, finally i was reunited with my love.

Where’s Harry?

Pairing: Harry X Reader

Prompt: Ron is sent to get some notes for Hermione, but instead finds himself in a very awkward predicament. 

Warnings: None

A/N: I tried to do what I could with this prompt. Feedback appreciated!

Originally posted by potters-broomstick

Ron was used to his schedule at Hogwarts. Wake up, breakfast, classes, Harry and Hermione, and all that usual stuff. It was the kind of normalcy he learned to appreciate since You-Know-Who could pop up and stir up trouble at the drop of a wand. Of course with the usual shenanigans came a lot of work. Lots and lots of homework. 

“Ron, where is it?” Hermione snapped her fingers in front of him.
“What?” Ron was rushed back to reality. The chatter of the Great Hall filtered back into his ears. Hermione was giving him an un-amused look. “What?” He asked again.

“My notes from Potions yesterday? You borrowed them and said that you’d have it returned by today,” Hermione reminded him. 

Ron thought for a moment and sighed. “I left them upstairs in the dorms. I could go get it now if you want.” Ron stood up. He was slightly annoyed that he forgot. After all, climbing all those steps before dinner was such a tiresome activity. 

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tyranttortoise  asked:

All right, if you're up for some skele-smooching practice, why not imagine the first time the skelebros kissed a human? Whichever skelebros are your favorites; I'm not picky. x]

i wrote and re-wrote this like three times and i’m still not happy with it, so i apologise in advance.
and i’m gonna try to do stretch for you, you know that x3

It was a pleasantly odd feeling when Stretch’s teeth pressed against your lips. They were hard, as you would expect from bone, but there was this faint buzzing of what you assumed to be magic cursing through his entire body. With his hand holding the back of your head, you could feel his phalanges slowly become more and more tangled in your hair - it would seem he liked to toy with it.

He brought his other hand up to brush along your neck up to your cheek, gently trying to draw you closer to him. You were happy to comply.
Your own hands had wound their way around his neck, and were gently brushing up and down the back of his skull, sometimes dipping down futher to run your fingers over his spine. A low hum sounded against your lips at the touch you gave him, and he gently tugged your hair. Not hard enough to hurt, but you could definitely feel it.
You never expected Stretch to be this good a kisser, considering that the whole reason you were doing this was to show him what it was like to kiss a human - he had claimed to have never done it before and was supposedly curious. So now, as his teeth worked almost expertly to part your lips, you couldn’t surpress a surprised ghasp when you felt a sudden jolt of magic come into contact with the inside of your mouth. Involuntarily, you pulled back a bit. The feeling of whatever it had been was unfamiliar to you.

When you opened your eyes, you saw that he had his eyesockets half-lidded and and eyelights focused on you, - they were brighter than usual, you noticed - though he seemed slightly confused. His jaw was hanging slightly open, and you could see the tip of his tongue poking out from between his teeth. Oh, had that feeling been his tongue? You supposed it must have been; it was made of magic, after all.
Realising your mistake, you grinned sheepishly at him, “Sorry, wasn’t expecting the tongue”
Stretch just shook his head, now returning the grin (albeit not as wide). “Nah, I shouldn’t’ve tried, just got kinda carried away” Shouldn’t have tried? Now that was just nonsense. Even if the initial contact of his tongue in your mouth had startled you, it had left a pleasant buzz on your lips - as if some of the magic had been left there. And you most definitely wanted to feel that again.

More prepared this time, you didn’t reply to him with words, and instead leant up to press your mouth to his teeth again. He seemed to get the idea fairly quickly, as he picked up right where you left off and started working to part your lips. The faint vibrations of magic that you could feel before had increased since the last kiss, and became stonger as he manifested his tongue again. Slower this time, he slid it past your separated lips.
The magic that his tongue was composed of had an almost bubbly sensation when it came into contact with you. You couldn’t help but liken it to pop rocks or a really fizzy drink. It was much larger and longer than any human tongue, so it was a bit of a challenge for you to swirl your own tongue against it. You found that is was a very interesting - yet highly pleasurable - feeling to have them pressed together, with you shuddering in delight at any kind of friction that caused his magic to send little jolts through your body.

By that time, you had been backed up against the wall - when did that happen? not that you mind - and were caged in by the tall skeleton that had your face captured in his hand.
Unfortunately, you still had lungs, and needed to pull back eventually. When you did, you were breathless, and looked up at him with a grin. That kiss had left you giddy - you assumed it was the thrill of experiencing his magic in that way.

You were delighted to see that he looked just as pleased.

Jughead & Reader: Strangers

Summary: You’re a waitress at Pop’s and you notice Jughead and quickly take an interest. It seems that he takes an interest in you, too.

Length: 1,792

“Order up,” the cook said as he rang the bell and put a plate down on the counter. You just got back from running five plates to a big family all the way at the other end of the diner and were exhausted. It was your first week working as a waitress and it was not an easy job. You never thought it was but damn, you never gave servers enough credit.

You looked at the ticket and noticed it wasn’t your table. You looked around for the other waitress, Stella, but remembered she was on her break. Looking around the booths, you made a note of who had food, who was waiting on an order, and who hadn’t even ordered yet. When you narrowed it down to one of two tables, your heart skipped. 

There he was. Same as always. In the same booth, wearing the same hat, working at what you assumed was the same book as yesterday, the day before that, and the day before that. 

A smile danced on your lips as you picked up the plate and carried it over to him. “Cheeseburger with jalapeños and fries with a side of honey mustard,” you said as you sat it down in front of him. 

He continued to type on his laptop until he decided to glance up. “Oh, thanks.” He stopped typing and pushed his laptop away from him to make room for his burger.

“So you’ve been here the last three days and you’ve ordered the same thing every time,” you noted. 

Jughead took a bite of his burger and wiped his lips with the back of his hand. “Are you stalking me?” He teased with raised eyebrows.

“Wouldn’t it be the other way around since I’m the one who actually works here and you’re the one who comes in every day?” You shot back with a small smirk. 

“Touche,” Jughead said with a laugh. 

Before you could ask him anything else, the couple at the booth behind his asked if you could help them. You left Jughead, unfortunately, and took the couple’s order. Much to your disappointment, it got really busy towards 7 o’clock so you didn’t have time to converse with Jughead again before he left for the night. But you had a strong feeling that he’d be back tomorrow and you’d get another shot. 

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Pairing: Jongkey

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Kibum likes thin clothing, Jonghyun likes the breeze. 

His clock on the wall reads 2:45AM, Jonghyun doesn’t understand why he’s still awake, maybe it’s because he can’t stop thinking about earlier today or maybe it’s because his roommate is looking at him with inquiring eyes and a grin. He can feel the others gaze on the back of his neck and so he scratches the side of his shoulder before clearing his throat and flipping through the pages of his notebook. “Ignoring me huh?” his roommate questions from behind him and Jonghyun hears the smirk in his voice. “Are you embarrassed?” he continues and Jonghyun swallows clenching the corner of the notebook page and biting his bottom lip. Why wouldn’t he just shut up about it?

“Don’t be, I understand.” His roommate continues. “We’re all men in our twenties, we still have hormones. I mean jacking off to your roommates’ t-shirt is new, but it’s not too shocking to me. I mean, I’m a pretty open minded gu—”

“Can you fucking shut-up already, Kibum.” Jonghyun finally snaps, his nostrils flaring.

Kibum’s eyes widen and he backs off with a light laugh.

Kim Kibum and Kim Jonghyun have been college roommates for about a year now—it’s been one chaotic, hormonal and oddly eccentric year. Jonghyun quickly took a liking to Kibum and his odd habits of buying random “junk and shit” (as Minho would say) from the local college store. Kibum wouldn’t just buy random “junk and shit” for himself, he bought stuff for Jonghyun as well. Jonghyun admired his consideration and his liking for Kibum grew into much more over the months. Kibum studied hard, made good grades while still being able to enjoy himself. And what Jonghyun found so extremely attractive about him was the way he stood up for what he believed in. Hell, that was fucking hot.

Kibum’s said multiple times on multiple occasions, that he just isn’t into women. He’s confessed to Jonghyun about dating several guys during highschool and that he almost ran off to the states with a guy when he turned nineteen. “I thought…he was like a shooting star. If I wished hard enough and followed him long enough…he’d make my dreams come true.” Is what Kibum had said one late Tuesday night. Jonghyun wished he could’ve been that shooting star—he would’ve made all Kibum’s dreams come true.

“I’m sorry,” Kibum murmurs as he runs a hand through his blonde bangs. “This is awkward for me too…”

“Well you’re making it that way.” Jonghyun says under his breath finally giving up on the homework he knew he’d never get done. He inhales deeply before turning to face Kibum. They stare at each other from across the room, their eyes never wavering from one another.

Jonghyun decides to speak for himself. “Do you want to leave?” he questions, his hands clenched tightly in his lap. “I can go and see if there are any other available rooms.”

Being with Kibum for those first five months, Jonghyun realized that Kibum dressed frivolously and however the hell he wanted to. Which was hard on Jonghyun’s heart and self-restraint. During the summer Kibum wore light clothes or most nearly no clothes at all. His signature look to overcome the heat was a pair of torn shorts that barely reached his knees and hugged his thighs tightly and a white tshirt as thin as wet paper hung out to dry in the sun. That outfit did a number on Jonghyun’s heart the first time he saw Kibum in it. His thighs, his legs, his nipples—Jonghyun didn’t know where to look, so that day he didn’t look at Kibum. He kept his head low whenever Kibum looked his way.

“What’re doing? Is there something in your eye?” Kibum asked, but when Jonghyun didn’t reply he dismissed him with a wave and went about his day. There were some days when they both agreed on opening the window during the night to let the breeze in. After showering and getting comfy in bed, they would both turn to each other and ready their hands for a round of rock-paper-scissors. The loser would have to get up and open the window. Kibum lost that first time and he grumbled his way over to the window in his thin t-shirt and black sweats. Jonghyun laughed to himself thinking about how cute he was. The moment Kibum opened the window a warm breeze blew into the room. Kibum cursed under his breath and Jonghyun gaped at him, his heart racing. The wind caused Kibum’s shirt to billow out like an upside-down tulip. It was safe to say that Jonghyun didn’t sleep that night.

“Look, Jonghyun,” Kibum licks his lips as he begins the conversation Jonghyun is dreading. “I understand.” Kibum makes a move to get up from his bed, but the deer in headlights look on Jonghyun’s face stops him.

“I—I can go and ask around, Minho probably won’t mind if you stay with him and Jinki.” Jonghyun rambles and he hates it when he rambles, because when he starts rambling he won’t stop and it’s embarrassing.


“I’m sorry, I…I got carried away, I don’t know what I was thinking—actually,” Jonghyun swallows. “I knew exactly what I was thinking…but I shouldn’t have been thinking it.”

“Jonghyun, just shut-up, you’re fine.”

“But, Kibum…”

Kibum shakes his head silently with a smile. “What else of mine have you…ya know.” He gestures with his hands and Jonghyun can tell that he’s embarrassed for his sake, it makes him chuckle.

“It was just the shirt.”

“Did it smell like me?” Kibum asks.

Jonghyun shrugs. “Yeah or else I wouldn’t have…” he pauses. “Why are we talking about this?”

“As the victim of your hormones I have the right to ask.”


“Tell me.” Kibum pesters, his knees pulled up beneath his chin and he looks so childish. Jonghyun hides his smile behind his hand.

“Hell no, don’t be gross.”

Kibum’s mouth drops open and then he points to himself. “Me?” he scoffs as he rises to his feet. “Don’t be gross.” He mocks in a nasally tone. “You’re one to speak.”

“I lost control okay? It won’t happen again.” Jonghyun mumbles. Kibum looks up to the room ceiling and then to his feet before looking at Jonghyun.


“I swear on the frog prince piggy bank you bought Minho.”

This causes Kibum to laugh and Jonghyun scoots over to make room on his bed for him. Kibum settles beside him placing a hand to Jonghyun’s thigh and resting his head on his shoulder. Jonghyun goes stiff.

“That really surprised me though…” Kibum begins, his voice soft and gentle. “You should’ve gone into the bathroom or something, I mean damn, Jjong, did you want me that ba—”

Jonghyun pushes Kibum’s head aside and scowls. “Shut-up.”

Kibum cackles loudly as he takes Jonghyun’s pillow and places it over his lap. They drift off into a comfortable silence; the breeze from the window blows into their room and rustles the papers strewn across the floor and desk. Jonghyun looks to Kibum from the corner of his eyes. “I do,” he says softly. “I do want you that badly.”


Jonghyun stares at the shirt Kibum had just taken off and flung aside. He licks his lips nervously and makes a plan in his head. He won’t be back until two, that gives me two hours since it’s only twelve. Jonghyun bites his bottom lip and walks slowly over to Kibum’s side of the room. He stops just before he reaches the shirt.

“What are you thinking….?” He asks himself, but he’s bored and horny and Kibum’s shirt is just right there and he’s been wanting to do this for a week now. “Fuck it.” He picks up Kibum’s shirt and hurries over to his bed, the fabric burning into his hand feeling like the tangible version of a sin. He breathes deeply, his chest rising and falling. Now that he has the shirt, he isn’t too sure of what to do next. Jonghyun’s not the type to jerk off at random, it takes a process for him and this situation feels too awkward and wrong to process.

He brings the white fabric to his nose and inhales Kibum’s musky and fruity scent. His whole body tingles and it weirds him out for a moment because he hasn’t felt such a tingle in a long time. His fingers crumple the fabric and he inhales more of Kibum’s smell. He then pictures how Kibum looked getting undressed and that does the trick because now he’s slipping a hand past the band of his pants and then under his boxers. Jonghyun lays back on his bed with his head on the pillow and his eyes closed shut as he thinks about his roommate.

“Kibum…” he moans because now he’s past the breaking point and he no longer cares. His nipples are hard and catch along the fabric of his shirt. He places Kibum’s shirt over his face and uses one hand to jerk himself off and another to stroke across his nipples. “This…is so….wrong.” he pants, but the realization doesn’t make him stop, instead it makes him feel it more. His hand jerks in an up and down motion and he yearns for it to be Kibum’s fingers pushing him to his limit. Kibum’s hands rubbing up and down his chest and skittering down the flesh of his hips. “F-fuck…” he huffs and as his back arches, he bites down hard on his bottom lip. He’s waited too long to feel this close to Kibum, Jonghyun can only imagine how it’d be to touch him in real life. Would he fall apart like sand in my fingers? Or would I be the one to melt like sugar against an open flame?

Jonghyun’s too far gone to notice the door as it’s being opened. Instead he presses Kibum’s shirt harder against his face and his hips buck up for more. “Kibum, nnngh.”

Kibum steps into the room, the smell of cigarettes and sex on his skin. He doesn’t take notice of Jonghyun at first as he stumbles out of his club clothes. “I’m back early,” he drawls. “I got bored.” After stripping down to only a tank and gym shorts, he finally looks over to Jonghyun’s side of the room. “Jonghyun?”

At first Jonghyun thinks his mind is playing tricks on him, so he goes with it and lets it take him to the edge. “Yes, Kibum, aaah.”

Kibum—realizing what’s going on—has a shit eating grin on his face. “Well,” he says. “I’m here. Tell me more.”

And just as Jonghyun’s about to climax, his brain realizes it’s not his mind tricking him, but that it is in fact Kibum in the room. Kibum who is watching him with a smirk. His body goes rigid and for a moment he thinks his heart has stopped beating.

“Jjong?” Kibum calls and Jonghyun rolls over onto his stomach in embarrassment and shame.


“What was that?” Kibum asks, but Jonghyun doesn’t repeat himself instead he looks to Kibum with an unreadable gaze.

“Did you know that I liked you?” he asks.

Kibum tilts his head, his blonde bangs falling to the side. “Maybe…but I kinda thought you liked the white t-shirt I always wore.”

Jonghyun rolls his eyes. “Dumbass.”

Kibum smiles sweetly and then reaches down to take Jonghyun’s hand. “Your hand must be tired…” he murmurs sympathetically. Jonghyun tries to yank his hand out of Kibum’s, but the blonde holds on tightly. “You can tell it to rest.”

Jonghyun stops moving and looks to Kibum dumbfounded. “Do you realize how much that implies?”

“Yeah and?”

“Do…do you like me too?”

Kibum doesn’t answer immediately instead he leans over to Jonghyun and kisses the corner of his mouth. He pulls back with a bright smile. “Does that answer your question?”

Jonghyun touches his lips dazedly and then shakes his head slowly. “No, not really because I would like to know: when and why and how?”

Kibum laughs and tries to bounce onto his feet, but Jonghyun pulls him back causing Kibum to stumble a bit before collapsing onto Jonghyun’s lap. “Tell me.” Jonghyun demands as his arms wrap around Kibum’s waist. Kibum squirms for a bit, but then gives up. He scratches the top of his head and then glances at Jonghyun with a playful glare. “What?” Jonghyun questions. “We have all night…indulge me.”

“Like you indulged yourself in my shir—”

This time Jonghyun shuts him up with a kiss.

The breeze blows into the room and Jonghyun thinks about how sudden and refreshing it is, how it’s different each time. And maybe that’s why he loves the breeze because it reminds him of Kibum.

Tristan Tales - Meeting His Friends

Your boyfriend, Tristan, was bringing you to meet his friends for the first time.  You’d been going out for a couple months, and you’d kept making excuses because you were afraid they wouldn’t like you.  But Tristan finally found a way around the excuses, and you were going to meet them.

Tristan could tell you were nervous, so he took one of your hands in his.  “y/n relax, they’ll love you.”

You took a deep breath and nodded as the car pulled into the driveway of the Team Ten House.  “Okay, let’s do this.”  The two of you got out of the car, and Tristan led you inside.

Nearly a dozen people were all crowded right inside the door.  You recognized about half of them from YouTube; Jake Paul, Tessa Brooks, Chance Sutton and Anthony Trujillo, and Erika Costell.  

“This must be y/n!” Erika said excitedly as she gave you a hug.  “Tristan goes on and on about you, even before you guys were dating!”

Your face flushed pink, and you smiled.  “U-Um…  Good to know he… uh… talks about me.”

“You don’t have to be nervous,” Erika said while stepping away from you.  “We don’t bite.”

You smiled again.  “Yeah, I-I know.”

Tristan put his arm around you and said, “She’s afraid you guys won’t like her.”

“That’s insane,” Jake said with a smile.

Over the next couple hours, you got to know Team Ten.  You were so relieved that they liked you, and when you and Tristan had to go you sighed in relief once you got in the car.

“That went so much better than I thought it would,” you said with a smile as you strapped in your seat belt.  

“I told you it would,” Tristan said as he started the car.  He leaned over and gently kissed you on the lips, removing his hand from the steering wheel so he could cup your face gently.

You smiled and pulled away from him.  “Not while the car’s running, Tristan.”

He sighed but pulled away from you and pulled out of the driveway.  He drove rather fast back to his apartment, and when you guys got inside he immediately pressed you against the wall and started attacking your neck with his lips.

“Let’s do this,” he whispered in your ear.

You laughed as he picked you up and carried you into his bedroom.