i started watching this video at 5:30

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wait wait wait it's canon that robert and joseph slept together??? where was that mentioned??? (altho tbh i haven't played joseph's route yet)

Yeap! It’s kind of a “”secret”” dialogue to get, you have to do Robert’s first two date (I think) then Joseph’s. When you go on Joseph’s third date, Robert will be here to tell you about how Joseph isn’t who he really is, yada yada, and when you get on the Yatch, you get to talk to Joseph about what just happened with Rob:

So yeah, they fucked.  👀

You can watch the scene here, on one of @thehoodiepanda stream videos!

It start at 5:36:30

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How do you make the GIFs? If I may ask. I've been wanting to do some on my own but don't know how 😅

Hi! Since I’ve been asked this question several times already, I figured that I might as well make a detailed tutorial on how I make my gifs! I’ve never really made a tutorial nor am I an expert, so please bear with me. If I’m unclear on a step, feel free to message me and I’ll clarify it for you :-)

Please like/reblog because this tutorial took hours to make!

This is the gif I will be teaching you how to make: 

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Tutorial: Perspective in MS5/CSP

I had to learn to do perspective properly for my HP project ( @sylviamorris-illustrates-hp3 - shameless self promotion go check it out) and so I’ve been learning how to use the perspective rulers in Clip. I don’t like to watch tutorial videos, and I’ve found the manual less than helpful, so I thought I’d make a mini tutorial to help others get started. Be encouraged, it’s pretty intuitive, easy to use, and definitely worth it.

Also if you want you can watch me do the whole thing here, if that’s easier for you to learn from:

If you don’t wanna watch the whole thing:

  • 0:00 Sketching, perspective, re-sketching.
  • 3:00 Setting up my flats, and some awful colour choices. I had no idea what I was doing. This was not a planned piece.
  • 4:15 Pencilling! I look competent again. 
  • 5:30 Pencilling the room! This bit was the most fun to do :)
  • 8:05 I do some more colour sketching and eventually make some decisions.
  • 10:38 Adding some little bits of shading and highlights.

Yes I do ship Bendy and Alice but of course not everyone has the same taste for this ship 8U
For the love of god DO NOT comment “Oh the art is cute but I don’t ship it.” “I hate this ship” “This character and this character make a better couple.” Or anything similar. It is very rude to comment on something the artist worked hard.
This isn’t just for bendy and the ink machine it’s for every fandom/show whatever. I do have some couples that I don’t ship and yes I’ve seen art of it but I’m not going to waste my time and look like a rude fool for writing a comment like the ones I mentioned.
If you see fanarts of a ship you dislike/hate please be mature and click of the page or go look up something like fanarts of YOUR ships.

Ok I’m done

Yeah I’m starting to really like BATIM tbh idk it’s unique and I quite enjoy the classic 1920’s-30’s cartoon style
A few months ago I was watching Betty Boop a friend of mine(yeah she’s a total Betty Boop fan lmao) and we watched this episode which is what Bendy and Alice are singing(stars at 5:03) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAo88f2T5Nw

I recently watched GameTheory’s video about BATIM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILvxrQr5nVI
The part where he said that Bendy may have a similar personality like Bimbo from Betty Boop made me remember the episode I mentioned above with the link so I had to draw it out ahahahaha
Sorry if it looks like shit I stayed up late to finish and drawing it out quickly

But gdi I love these two aaahhh

Bendy and the Ink Machine©The Meatly

I was @serpentservant to list 30 facts about myself and then tag 30 people! Thank you so much

•Nickname: Hanza

•Name: Hannah

•Gender: Panda

•Star Sign: Aries

•Height: 5'3

•Time: 20:08

•Birthday: 5th April

•Favorite Band: Periphery, Devin Townsend, Whitechapel

•Favorite Solo Artist: Not sure 🤔

•Song Stuck In My Head: New Day by Karnivool

•Last Movie I Watched: Started watching the new king arthur film and got bored. Think it was Alien Covenant before that

•Last Show I Watched: Gilmore Girls

•When Did I Create My Blog: 3 years ago-ish

•What Do I Post: Shit. Anything i like ranging from art to video game stuff

•Last Thing I Googled: Amazon (new monitor)

•Do You Have Other Blogs: Not anymore

•Do You Get Asks?: Sometimes. Seems quieter since i turned anons off. People are cowards

•Why Did You Choose This Blog Name: Im a bear and my name is hanza, do the math

•Blogs You Are Following: 458

•Followers: 1255

•Favorite Colors: Turquoise

•Average Hours of Sleep: About 8

•Lucky Number: Luck isn’t real

•Instruments: Guitar and Bass

•What Am I Wearing: Star Wars pj bottoms and a tank top (im not naked for once!)

•Dream Job: I don’t even know. It varies between something like engineering to conservation to web dev to farmer

•Dream Trip: Road trip across the northern hemisphere

•Favorite Food: Mexican and Japanese

•Nationality: British/Welsh

•Favorite Song Now:  I guess it’s still the BFG Division from the Doom OST

I tag @owiekazzowie @betterthingstofalltogether @ofhumannoise @skellingtonbatz @bizzyfish @defilementupontheseaofnurnen @apathetictendency @casssie21 @ordinaryswine @digital–liberator and anyone else who wants to :)

the way that you flip your hair...

aka louis’ hair gets me overwhelmed

a post about louis tomlinson fixing his hair let’s get started

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30 September 2016 


**lol ignore my ugly feet** 

so as expected my math test was pretty trash. The worst part is that I know I could have done better if I had put in the time to understand probability ugh. anyway, i’m not going to dwell on it because there are lots of factors :-) 

One part of me wants to binge watch @studycubs videos all night but I know I need to start preparing for the LNAT in two weeks! i’m just going to do a practice test tonight. hope you all had a wonderful day! ✨✨✨☄️☄️🌌🌌


If you’ve been following me from the very beginning, you know that I have contributed a lot of my success to Beachbody programs like Insanity. Now they have finally released Insanity Max 30!

I went from 256 pounds to maintaining a healthy weight in the 140s.

Not only did I love Insanity because of Shaun T, but it pushed the limits, it made me laugh, cry, be sore, but in the end it had me stronger, leaner, and becoming fit. I felt like an athlete, something I’ve never experienced before.

Now my boy Shaun T has taken Insanity and cut the time down to 30 minutes. This program also has a modifier. So if you suffer from certain injuries or need to drop down to the modifier to keep going, the program allows you to do so.

I wanted everyone to know that this program is on the market finally and I want to invite you to join me in doing it.

It’s 60 days. 5 - 30 minute workouts a week. NO EQUIPMENT except your very own body.

Just visit my page and click the “Let me coach you” tab and click on my BeachBody link to go watch a video and purchase the program. If you have any questions on this program or any other program like the original insanity shoot me a message.

I plan on starting an insanity max challenge group right after the first of the year. Monday Jan 5th

So you have plenty of time to order it or beg for this amazing program for Christmas!

I always forget that Phil is close to 30. I always forget that he’s older than Dan and that they’re not teenagers anymore. Phil hasn’t been a teenager for 9 years and Dan hasn’t for about 5. I always forget how mature they actually are. They’ve both moved out of their parents’ houses, gone to college(university), and have careers of their own. Watching their older videos reminds me of how much they’ve grown since they started and then I cry bc they’re still my babies but sometimes I forget.

Good morning! It’s Monday 🎉🎉 one of my favourite days of the week as it just feels like a new fresh week and when my early morning classes start again! This morning I was up at 4:30, taught grit, attack and core from 5:30-7 then came home for a bit and ate some food and then went to a body combat class at 8:30-9:30! Now I’m at home, watching some YouTube videos and doing a bit of cleaning and am working at 12:30 later!! But for now I’m eating a HUGE bowl of watermelon with PB + dark chocolate chips! A perfect, healthy, sweet fix!! Have An awesome start to your week everyone 💕💕


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I still don't really know what Danielle's voice sounds like. Do you know of any videos where she talks more?

Danielle’s voice is usually a teeny bit deeper than the others and she talks slower too!

If you can already tell Alana’s and Este’s voice apart then I recommend you listen to the spotify commentary for Days Are Gone. (here if it doesn’t work in your country), Danielle does a lot more talking than usual..

Solo interviews here and here.

Forward this to 5:30. This to 1:40. This to :43.

She starts out strong in this, this, and this.

These are just a few vids but if you watch the longer ones, like the Coup de Main interviews, she gets more in. In older videos she’s asked about her touring with casablancas often so she talks more.