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Pair: Nyx Ulric / Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

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Words: 4361

Plot: Luna and Nyx didn’t fell in the Empire’s trap, Nyx didn’t had to use the ring and he survived. What would have happened if Nyx really had the chance to ‘see Luna safe to Altissia’, like he promised to Regis? Here the part 4: Nyx and Luna leave Lestallum, headed to the Disc of Cauthess, ready to wake up the Titan and fulfill their destiny.

Personal Comment: I promised this chapter would be long, but it’s actually shorter than I expected, lol, forgive me. But now the story gets slowly interesting. I hope you like the ideas I had to explain things that in the game were never explained xD 

Thanks as always to my lovely beta reader @loveiscosmicsin and to @ramibriidge for the amazing art <3 what would my fic be without you, girls, please go on supporting me like this, I love you <3

The healing session, as Luna called it, was short and it took place just one hour after Vyv’s article was published on the newspaper. Nyx escorted Luna under a marquee which was situated not very far from Lestallum and then watched over her closely as she used her powers to help everyone was in need. It was impressive how many people came even if they had so little time to prepare. Nyx tried to imagine how huge the crowd would have been if only they announced the event earlier.

As the Glaive and Oracle headed to their designation, the soldier noticed collections of graffiti on the walls throughout the city. There were quite a few probably written by delinquents like Dis Town Iz 2 hot 4 U, but the phrase that stuck out to him the most was a proclamation, a beacon of hope: Long live the Oracle.

Once again, it hit him the way how Lunafreya was loved and almost worshiped by everyone. Just mentioning her name got people got emotional and waterworks cannot be stopped in time. If he was in her place, he wouldn’t be able to bear the burden of their expectations and all he was able to think about was that the princess shouldn’t have either. It was true indeed, she was special, with special powers and a special destiny to fulfill (even though he still didn’t get the clear picture about that destiny either). But as far as he could see, she was human, too. An elegant princess with white magic destined to be the beloved bride to be of Prince Noctis, but also the girl who likes cream in her Ebony and who wants to buy only fancy dresses at the market. 

“Don’t push yourself,” he whispered after she healed the first girl, touching her elbow. “You don’t owe anything to these people.”

But Luna’s thoughts were adverse to the concern. She watched as the small crowd came by, with hope in their eyes, and she just couldn’t follow Nyx’s instructions anymore. He was right, she owed nothing to them, but at the same time, her gift afforded responsibility in using it for the others’ sake. Oracles don’t have the luxury of being selfish or to exclude anyone from treatment. She was born to serve humanity.

In that very moment, a man afflicted by the Starscourge was brought in her proximity. He sat on a brink of considerable pain, breathing heavily and looking numb. Luna shook off Nyx’s hand and went straight to the sick man. Nyx couldn’t do anything but rolling eyes.

“Lady Lunafreya…” The sick stranger said, lifting his eyes to watch her. She was deeply touched by his condition. He had black spotches on his pallid skin, clearly marking the long progression of the illness. The ailment had already deformed his face. 

“Please, set your heart at rest. I shall do what I can to ease your suffering” Luna whispered, swallowing. Sighing deeply, she had to be strong to give courage to these people. She gently cupped his cheeks, trying to be as delicate as she could and started to pray, “Blessed stars of life and light, deliver us from darkness’s blight.” The magic was successful, but left her exhausted. “That is all I can do for now, but trust that relief will come in a matter of days.” She nodded, trying to hide her tiredness.

“It’s a miracle! Oh, bless you. Thank you, Lady Lunafreya.” Seeing the relief in his eyes made Luna’s day. 

Nyx stepped closer once again, speaking a bit more harshly this time: “Okay, Princess, we’re done here now–” 

“Oh, Lady Lunafreya!” A old lady yelled, stealing Luna’s attention away from him once again. Nyx eye rolled… again. “I left on foot from my house to come see you.” 

“You must be exhausted.” Luna said, helping her walking. When she got herself comfortable, Luna decided to heal her too, but after that Nyx had really to impose his way.

“I know you won’t like what I am about to say, but we really have to leave now. Soon the Empire will know about you being here and they will come to look for you in Lestallum. If we want to sneak in the Disc of Cauthess unnoticed we have to go now.”

“But all these people–” 

“It’s your destiny we’re trying to fulfill here, not mine” he replied, raising his eyebrows in a peremptory way. 

Luna squeezed her eyes and then finally nodded. Nyx was right, healing people was important, but waking up the Astrals and give the ring to Noctis was even more important. She let him take her by the hand. 

“Alright, guys, the show is over!” Nyx called out as he pulled the princess away. 

They got in the car as fast as they could.

“No GPS. We can’t have the Empire finding a Tenebraean car fleetingly away from Lestallum right now, can we?”

“Do you know the way?” Luna asked, tying the belt. 

Nyx smirked. “Of course, Your Highness.”

Luna felt asleep pretty fast after their departure. Nyx was expecting this: so, even though she wouldn’t have ever admit it, healing people really tired her so much she had to sleep for hours immediately after. 

Goodness, that girl was really stubborn, why couldn’t she just confess it when he asked? Actually, Nyx had have multiple times the impression that Lunafreya was hiding something. Maybe even something dangerous. But even though he had a lot of questions about the whole situation - about the Six, about Prince Noctis, about the Oracle herself - Nyx had decided to not insist and to not force her to talk. The Princess literally begged him to trust her and that he would have do. The reason? For the Astrals’ sake, Nyx didn’t have any reason. Actually, he had more reasons to NOT trust her: afterall, she was the crazy lady who had the heart to jump from a 20 meters high flying airship on her heels just to have the chance to go back to King Regis. 

Nyx sighed deeply. The road ahead was clear and the bright sun warmed his bones throughout the window. He tried to keep his eyes focused on the road but they were constantly slipping on his right, where the princess rested. Why was he so worried? She was just having a nap.

He lengthened a hand and gently caressed her cheek, moving away a rebel lock of hair from her face. She moaned in her sleep because of his gesture, but didn’t wake up. 

Somewhere deep in his heart, Nyx had a bad feeling about all this.

“Princess? Princess!” 

Luna opened her eyes with the usual difficulty of the last time. 
“What happened?” she asked, noticing they were at a gas station.

“We’re going to have our last pit stop before the big event at the Disc. Five minutes only. I thought you wanted to have some time for yourself to concentrate for whatever you have to do there. … Or maybe just some time to use the bathroom or have an Ebony to wake you up” he said, with a small smile. 

“Oh, yes…” Luna answered, grabbing a bag from the backseat and getting out of the car. It was late afternoon already and soon, dusk. She had slept for a long time. “I’m sorry, Nyx.”

Somehow, Nyx understood what she was trying to say. Luna was not apologizing for sleeping so long, she was apologizing because she still couldn’t explain him the reason beyond her half-truths and hidden purposes. 
Nyx rested his elbows on the rooftop of the car and wave at her with two fingers.

“It’s okay. Take your time now.” 

Luna smiled, innerly glad for his empathy. That attitude made of him the closest thing to a friend she had right now. A diligent guardian. A loyal supporter.

After five minutes, Luna came back wearing the long white dress she bought in Lestallum. 

“You must be kidding me” Nyx murmured, gulping at the sight of it.

“Do I look terrible?” Luna asked as she turned on her heels, worried by his reaction.

Nyx made a funny expression which was a mix between embarrassment and exasperation. “No! I mean, yes! Yes, you’re gorgeous, but that’s—”

“Gorgeous?” Luna stopped her twirl to look at him with surprise.

“What I mean is that,” Nyx quickly continued, his face blushing, “a long white dress like that isn’t quite the most comfortable outfit for facing the Titan.”

“Oh, really? And what do you know about the Archaean that I don’t?” Nyx made a grimace and opened his arms but couldn’t say anything. “What I’m going to do is a proper ceremony. You’re right, it may get a bit ‘dusty’, but at the same time you must realize that we are going to be in front of a deity. I’m sure they shall appreciate manners and elegance, the whole showing off.”

“Well, as far as I know, what deities do appreciate are their purest virgins naked and covered in blood… Which would actually be interesting to watch for me too, so let me know if we’re going to have that, okay?” He smirked, raising his eyebrows very high, trying to joke around and cheer her up a bit. 

Lunafreya froze in the place. She just stood there, with no reaction, her face suddenly blank, staring back at him. 

Nyx’s smile died pretty quick. “Oh, wait, that was …” He started to murmur. “Princess? That was a joke. I mean… a very lame joke. I’m so sorry for being an ass, I …” He wanted to put his hands on her shoulders, but he stepped back instead, trying to catch her gaze so to wake her up from her trance. In the meantime, he cursed himself for being so stupid. What the hell was he thinking? What kind of joke was that? The sexual allusion really had been highly immature and also 'unprofessional’ - and that was probably the reason why she reacted like that. “Princess?”

Luna moved a bit, putting a hand over her heart. “Don’t… apologize.”

“Yes, of course, I apologize. I am clearly not used to manners but I promise that I’ll shut up and–”

“Nyx.” Her voice was firmer this time. “Do not worry. Let us go.”

Nyx bit his tongue and nodded. Something was wrong, he thought as he watched her get on the car, something that laid deeper in her heart and that she wasn’t telling him. And that had nothing to do with his lame joke. She was keeping something away from him on purpose and whatever that thing was, it was consuming her.

They stopped the car in a safe place and they continued on feet. As they reached the front, hidden by darkness, they breathed a sigh of relief.

“My plan actually worked. There are just a couple of magitek soldiers guarding the Disc’s entrance” Nyx said, gently pushing the princess beyond his back so they wouldn’t have been noticed.

“But if you knocked them out, the security cameras will record it and others will come.”

Nyx studied the situation with his military-trained eyes and answered: 
“Not likely. It looks like the Empire came here recently and they surely didn’t have the time to adjust the cameras.” He then smiled. “But who really cares? We have to sneak in anyway, right?”

Luna nodded. “So what can I do?”

“You? With that pretty dress, nothing. Leave the dirty for me. You just have to save your breath for the ritual.”

Luna looked at him, with worry and gratitude in her eyes. “Please stay safe.”

He nodded, thanking her in his mind for not reminding him again that he was almost powerless without his magic.

Nyx stepped ahead with caution, staying in the darkness to avoid to alarm everyone. The first MT’s would have been easy to knock down even without his warp, but the other four would have been a challenge. But they were the only thing between them and the Titan, so he had to succeed. 

He wielded the kukri, feeling underneath his fingers the familiar consistence of the weapon. He knew he could do it. He was trained for this. He wouldn’t have permit the Empire to hurt the Princess like they hurt Selena and his mother ages ago. This time he wouldn’t have been that powerless. 
Nyx glanced at the Princess for one last time to find the last encouragement he needed and then the show started. 

He took the first soldier by surprise, stabbing him in the neck with his kukri and then he acrobatically jumped back to shutdown another one too. Two done. Three magiteks to go. 

This time he was totally exposed under the light, there was no way to take them by surprise again. The three MT’s approached him the same way they always did: they mechanically pointed at him their guns and tried to shoot. But they were just machines. They were slow and Nyx knew their moves because he fought them for years. He ran fast, confusing them with some quick moves they couldn’t catch nor anticipate. The third soldier was stabbed in the chest and the fourth fell under the punch of his left arm. Since just one was left, Nyx decide to use the kukri for a precise throwing. He didn’t fail. He stand there, watching the magitek soldier falling, realizing that even without his powers he still had some moves. He was actually surprised he did it all with such a velocity. 

He took his kukri back and looked around. A giant door was closed in front of him but a switch positioned right on the left would have opened it. He quickly pushed it and like he expected the door opened. Everything was so silent. Even if with all the shadows he couldn’t see well, he thought it was safe enough to let the Princess coming out.

“Clear! Welcome to the Disc of Cauthess, Princess!” He screamed, but exactly when Lunafreya came out a Magitek soldier appeared on the top of the wall and start shooting. Luna immediately stepped back but Nyx lift his eyes to check the position of soldier. He was too far to throw the kukri, he had to take him from another angle. 

“Princess, go!” Luna hesitated because she couldn’t see where the bullets were coming from but in the end she decided she had to take the risk. She lift the hem of her dress and started running towards the huge door. She stopped there, watching Nyx taking cover a bit further.

“What about you?” she screamed, hoping to be heard.

Nyx was barely listening. He was trying to find the dangerous magitek soldier in the darkness. “Well, I suppose I will manage it somehow. But you’ve got deities to wake up, right? What are you waiting for? Go!”

Luna hesitated once again, this time worrying about him and his safety. What if he got shoot again? What if leaving him behind meant losing him this time? But sadly enough, there was nothing she could do if not obeying him and entering in the Disc alone. Her magic was revejuvenation, not meant for offense and time was running out now. She couldn’t fail him. She swallowed hard and then started running.

The Disc of Cauthess was a huge mass of rocks which would have been beautiful in the morning light, but which was pure hell in the shadows of the night. Some fires where lit on the ground, like residues of lava, but except those it was only darkness. 

Luna moved carefully, touching the rocky walls of the path with her fingers to provide leverage. Nyx was right about the dress: it really wasn’t comfortable to walk in the Disc and she thought about it with a smile.

“I have to move fast” she whispered, remembering that her friend was behind, to risk his life for her at the entrance. Every second could have been his last if she didn’t act quick.

She reached the peak where the tomb of a Lucian king - Noctis’ ancestor - lied and took a deep breath. That was the place. That was the moment.
But before she could start, she felt a presence behind her. She turned around to see beyond the shadows a familiar face appeared. 


The woman stepped ahead, her eyes closed as always. She was holding the hands clasped in front of her but as she reached the Oracle she lift her palms in the air and a trident appeared, shining in the darkness with the light of thousands stars.

Luna awed in wonder, recognizing pretty quick the marvelous weapon. “But that is…”

“The Trident of the Oracle. The heirloom of your family that connects you between the two realms: that of mankind and heaven above.”

Luna regained her composure and quietly sighed. “Ravus didn’t allow to take it with me in Insomnia so I thought I left it in Tenabrae.”

“Your brother was the one who entrusted it to me. It was his gift, a sign of peace.”

Lunafreya felt her heart clutching and her tense expression changed in a pained one. “Ravus… wants me to have the trident?”

Gentiana opened her eyes, her emerald eyes gleamed fondness. “Lord Ravus deeply cares for your well-being as kin would. His lust for power would never obscure that.”

Luna couldn’t bear her gaze and looked down at her own shaking hands. 
“I don’t understand. He doesn’t want me to bond with anyone of the line of Lucis because he thinks that this will kill me in the end. Why does he send the trident to me now?”

“It’s a silent vow. For him to support you til the very end. No matter how sad your destiny will be, your gentle soul has touched the hearts of many beings, young Oracle. And your brother makes no difference.”

“Is Ravus… alive?”

Even if she didn’t show, Luna missed a lot the Ravus which used to be an actual brother to her. She was fond of memories of him in their native homeland, playing in the gardens of the palace or secretely reading together books in the library that their mother considered 'for adults only’. Before Noctis, Ravus was her best friend. And yes, she missed that because after the Empire came, everything changed.

“Being alive is a fleeting commodity for him as it is for you.”

“What I do is for the sake of the world. He must know that by now.” Luna said, this time more determined. 

“Yes, you’re tied to the world’s fate and this places a heavy burden on your shoulders. The barter will cost you something that not only your brother would have spared.” 

Luna took a minute to understand about who she was talking now. But when she did, she suddenly felt sad. “This is the reason why I must not tell anyone” she answered, her brow furrowing. “I will bear alone the heavyweight of my destiny.” She lengthened her hands, ready to welcome the glowing trident, which Gentiana gave her with a nod. 

Luna stared at the weapon for a while, reflecting about how that weapon would have accompanied her to the end. It was strange the way she was attached to it anyway. Her foremothers, the previous Oracles including her late-mother have rested their faith into that weapon as they faced the darkness with unwavering resolve. She shall not fail them.

“Keeping it secret is a wise choice” Gentiana started again, whispering this time. “Not even the unwavering wolf can stop his moon from a eclipse.”

“Nyx is a man of honor.” Luna swallowed. “He will do what it takes for the destiny of the world, too. As must we all.”

Gentiana smiled, gently nodding and then disappeared. 

Luna wielded the trident with a fierce satisfaction. With that she was finally able to use all her magic and that made her feel useful. With that she felt powerful. But with that came also a bizarre feeling of sadness and almost anguish, probably due to the conversation she just had with Gentiana, a deity who stood by her side for years as much as she considered her more like a friend than like an actual goddess. She couldn’t be wrong: if Gentiana said that Ravus would have tried to support her even if he didn’t agree with her decisions, she was surely right; and if she said that Nyx would have tried to stop her like her brother did in the past, she was surely right in that case too. Thinking about these two men made her lower the trident and hesitate. What she was about to do… was it really fine? 

She thought of Noctis, too. Their destiny was more similar than she liked to admit. Maybe he would have tried to stop her, too, if he only knew what would have expect them. But then again, she couldn’t be stopped now because she chose this path and she did it for the greater good.

Yes. The greater good.

She couldn’t let doubt cloud this vision, not with the trident in her hands, not right in the Titan’s lair.

She decided to stop thinking, that was only hurting her. No turning back now.

“God of the mountain,” she started, raising her voice towards the huge mass of rocks in front of her. “I beseech you! Wake up from your slumber and listen to my call. The fate of mankind relies on your blessing!” 

For a long minute there was only silence and then suddenly the trident started to glow like it was on fire. Lunafreya didn’t drop it, on the contrary, she raised it to the mountain and repeated the incantation: “God of the mountain, I beseech you! It is me, Lady Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, Blood of the Oracle, and you will heed my call!”

A earthquake started to shake the floor, and its intensity grew stronger as what it looked like a mountain took a semi-human form. A inhuman scream came from it, something terrific and powerful too. 

Luna watched the Titan appearing with fear in her heart but calmness on her face, certain that whatever it would have happen she had to show herself strong in order to succeed.

Titan roared once again and what he said was not understandable by anyone but Lunafreya. 

“Yes, I need you to respond to my prayers, for you are a stepping stone in guaranteeing the True King his ascension.” 

The earth trembled once more. The floor she was on started to fade underneath her feet. Rocks fell from Titan’s arms, she breathed the powder and smelled his heavyweight.

For two minutes it was pure chaos, yet she stood firm, feeling a thousand emotions within her. 

And then, the silence.

Nyx limped in the darkness, touching the wall to stay on his feet in case that another earthquake came. After the destruction of Galahd and the fall of Insomnia, what he just lived was legitimately one of the worst experience he had ever have. The floor trembling under his feet - and the entire situation in general - gave him the awful feeling of being helpless like a child and he didn’t like it at all. 

Even now for example, he couldn’t see where he was stepping, but he had to find the princess and escape, before the entire Imperial army found them. 
He glanced into the shadows and just felt that the princess was somewhere near. He didn’t dare to call her though, amazed and also scared by the sight of the Titan from afar. It was incredible that such a powerful creature was summoned by a petite girl like Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. It was incredible and also, fascinating. 


Her voice came out of the darkness so suddenly that he shivered.
“Princess?” He turned around but couldn’t see her. She had to be close though. “Where are you?”

“Here.” The gentle touch of her hand reached him right on the arm she already healed once. Nyx boggled and moaned softly. “You’re hurt.”

Her concern hit him a bull’s eye on a soft spot of his heart. “Nah, it’s just a scratch.” 

“You said the same thing the last time as well,” Luna rebuked, “and we all know what the reality was.”

Nyx smirked. “You got me there. It’s also the same arm, maybe my destiny is to lose it.”

Luna sighed and even if he couldn’t see her face, he could see the delicate glow of her white magic spotting the wound and starting to heal it. “No!” he said, taking her by the hand to stop her. The glow disappeared and they were in the darkness again. “I’m fine, I don’t want you to heal me.” 

“Nyx, you’re wounded again because of me. Healing you is the least i can do—”

“No, I understand now that healing takes a hell of a toll on you. Save that energy for yourself.”

Not seeing her permitted him to feel everything else better. He felt her cold skin, her hands being unsteady, her delicate presence, her breath on his shoulder.

“Tell me now about you. How did the covenant go? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” she said, too quickly for him to believe it. He reached out to her cheek with his larger, calloused hand and gently caressed it. 

“It looks like you’re lying, too. Let’s get out of here, Princess. Your job is done, right? Let’s find a place where you can rest.”

“The Titan will grant his blessing to Noctis, the alliance was successfully forged. So, yes, I think my job here is done.”

They distanced themselves a bit from one another, but didn’t let their hands go. It was a quiet neccessity, the physical closeness amid the darkness brought security. They turned back toward the entrance, but Luna halted for a second. 

“What?” Nyx asked.

Luna raised an eyebrow, a amused exspression she usually didn’t dare to show in public. “The Archaean has a strange way in showing his favor. I guess that Noctis will suffer a bit of migraine in the next days.”

Spring Season | Final Impression

Spring Season is really over. I still remember how much I was waiting for this season and how I couldn’t wait anymore and now it’s really over. I have to say that the season was just as great as I expected it to be. So many great shows, so many suprises and yes some of my favorite anime were in this season. Since Winter 2013 I was following every season and this might not have been the best one but definetly the season I was looking forward to the most.

Hibike! Euphonium

And to start with my most favorite Hibike Euphonium was my number 1 of the season. Hibike was one of the shows I definetly wanted to watch since it’s from Kyoani but to be honest I didn’t expected much. I kinda expected something similair to K-On but rather bad. I also have to say that even though I like Kyoani I wasn’t really happy about their latest anime.

I mean what did we got ? Amagi Brilliant Park was nice but turned kinda okayish in the second half. Free… is Free, the second season of Chuunibyou sucked hard, Kyoukai No Kanata was okay, Tamako Market’s movie was better then the anime and yeah then we have the first season of Chuunibyou which I really liked. So it has been years since the last show I really really liked from Kyoani. So of course I didn’t had high expectations. But luckily I got suprised. Not only is it way different then K-On it ended up being a masterpiece.

First an anime about a bandclub is something which rarely happens and I think this is also the first anime about brass instruments. What I really liked about this show was the pretty realistic potrayal of the band. The personalities of the characters were really good and also rather unique. Sure you usually get stereotype characters in Kyoani anime but this time it was different. Every character was important and unique. Be it main character or only a side character. Also good to see was that they all had more sides to their personalities which many characters lack mostly. With Kumiko as the main character she definetly is one of my all time favorite character.

Her personal struggle, her attitude really everything was great. Let me not even start to talk about Reina.

The plot was really good. I expected a light plot for this anime and yes it kinda is at times but overall it can get pretty dramatic and shows us that life can be pretty hard. If you wanna make good music you have to work hard and even this is not enough sometimes as someone else can still be better then you. Here I have to praise Kyoani again. The love in the details. The way they are potraying the characters practicing was brilliant. The characters are practicing. Practicing at lunch, at home, at night basically when ever they can to improve.

The soundtrack of this anime was amazing too. The music was beautiful and even for some one who has no idea about music you could tell if someone was playing an instrument better then someone else even if it was only slightly better. Again the love in the details. You could hear every little mistake they made or if they improved and seriously I could talk the whole day about how great the musical aspect of this anime is.

Since it’s Kyoani of course I expected good no great animation. But holy cow this was beyond good. I think this is their best work in terms of animation and it was easily on movie level and definetly not something they would usually show on TV. The freaking love in the details lol. The way the water is animated, crickets, scenaries, body language everything works damn good.

Before I forget. Many people actually only watch the show because of Kumiko and Reina. Since Kyoani likes to show them together and makes the viewer feel the yuri between them . But honestly this is definetly not the reason why you should watch the anime. Watch it because it’s a masterpiece.

(the relationship between Kumiko and Reina is just a plus lol).

So yes definetly my favorite anime of the season.

Actually I planned to write only short opinions about the anime but this was kinda long lol.

Plastic Memories

If I would describe Plastic Memories in two words then it would be wasted potential. Now I don’t say Plastic Memories is bad. I actually really enjoyed it but the wasted potential is a fact you can’t ignore because it could have been so much better. The problem I had with Plastic Memories is that it didn’t know what it want to be. A story about the future and how androids would work in our society ? Something similair to Eve no Jikan ? etc etc. but Plastic Memories ended up chosing the weirdest route. The romance route. Now after the first episodes you would expect something way different. Sure I saw it coming a romance between them but dayum the whole setting didn’t mattered at all in the second half. The whole focus changed to the romance between them and this was something I found really dissapointing because Plastic Memories had the chance to be a very impressive anime. This way it’s still good and a cute story but far away from being as good as it could be.

Arslan Senki

Look I really want to like this but I can’t. I don’t know if my expectations were just too high or something else but it is very hard to make myself watch the latest episode every week. But when I’m actually watching it it’s not like I dislike it. I just find it very boring and incredibly slow paced. Let me quote ANN “The Heroic Legend of Arslan continues to be a bizarre mix of strengths and faults.” and this is exactly what I would say too. The concept is good, the story is interesting and the setting is nice too but so far it’s just not really exciting. The story is pretty similair to Akatsuki no Yona which I actually really enjoyed. Overall not a bad show but I do hope the second half gets better.

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo

Yamada was just the way I expected it to be. A decent anime which is fun to watch. Not more not less. I kinda liked the concept and general idea of the anime. It’s unique and I honestly wouldn’t mind another season. I heard the manga is better though so let’s see maybe I read it.

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 2nd Season

I say it again. I don’t understand what’s so great about this anime. The animation is awesome but I found the story rather boring and the only characters who are actually cool are Lancer and Saber. That’s it. But oh well I’m finally done with this anime. (That opening though. Epic as hell.)


Another decent anime. I don’t really have much to say about this one. You won’t miss anything if you don’t watch it but I’m happy I did. It had some great episodes and overall managed to be a nice anime.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO!

This was one of the anime I have been waiting for in the Spring Season. I really liked season 1 so I expected this season to be just as good but I was wrong. This season is so much better then the first season that I started loving the whole series. This is after Hibike my favorite anime of the season. But why is this season so much better then season 1 ? First the animation. Now that I compare both seasons I realize how much better the new animation is. Every character looks better then before and also the general animation is more fluid and more detailed. The other aspect is the story. Some people were saying it’s too dramatic but I really enjoyed the drama. I liked the development of the characters and how their relationship kept changing. The ending was kinda mean lol so I hope we get more at one point but this anime really impressed me overall.


It’s all about Hestia. I think the most people know how much hype Hestia made in Japan and in the internet. Everyone loves Hestia but what about the anime itself ? It’s decent. At first I expected it to be a Sao clone. Sure it has nothing to do with gaming but the whole dungeon thing kinda reminded me of Sao. But it stands on its own feet and was an entertaining anime. Definetly wouldn’t mind another season.

Shokugeki no Souma

Not gonna lie I can’t believe how much I love this anime. I love it so much I actually started buying the manga for it. It’s entertaining, it has great characters and it keeps making you hungry lol. I’m gonna write more about it when it’s actually finished though. But so far fantastic.


Very very very dissapointing. I know that Nisekoi barely moves forward with the plot. Obviously otherwise it would have ended ages ago. And I actually don’t really mind those random chapters/episodes but this season was very boring. The whole season was a filler and a bunch of random episodes. And again I don’t really mind usually but the episodes weren’t really good either. First I don’t really like Chitoge so the episodes with her were okayish and there were quite a lot of episodes foccused on her. And the characters I actually like Marika, Tsugumi and Onodera didn’t really got that much screentime. I also had high expectations on Haru but she’s not really that great either.

Overall a very dissapointing and random season.

Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken 2 Sure-me

Just as random as Nisekoi was the second season of Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken 2 Sure-me. But if you liked the first season you will like this season too. I’m sad we didn’t got to see the baby though so bring on the third season.


Wow. The hell happened to this anime in the second half ? It suddenly started getting pretty good. Something I wouldn’t expect at all from the first few episodes. I mean it’s not like I enjoyed this anime a lot but it did got quite interesting in the second half and was actually worth watching. So if you dropped this anime after the first episodes you could give it another try. It’s not that bad actually.

Kyoukai no Rinne

I love Rumiko and I liked all her shows so far and Rinne is also one of them. The beginning was kinda weird (okay all Rumiko anime and manga are weird) but now after 12 episodes I’m really enjoying this anime as it’s really typical Rumiko. The characters and the dialogs are just as absurd as you would expect it and that’s what I want to see.

Ore Monogatari!!

Suprised Madhouse picked a romance anime . But what is not suprising is that the show is really good. Very entertaining and kinda different romance story. But just like Soma I’m going to write more about this after it’s finished.

Kekkai Sensen

Why is the whole Gintama cast (voice actors) in this anime ? After watching the first few episodes I know why. Because the characters are also a bunch of weirdos. And that’s the strongest part of Kekkai. The crazy characters are just hilarious. Specially Zapp is great. In every episode you will see the characters being in crazy situations and everytime when the City is exploding you keep wondering why the hell does anyone live there. The anime is still not finished since the last episode got delayed so I’m still waiting for it. For everyone else who didn’t watched this. This anime is pure entertaiment.

Owari no Seraph

It can’t get more generic then Owari no Seraph. But being generic doesn’t mean it’s bad. It just means it’s very predictable and has elements you saw in different shows already. So basically to stand out it needs to have something unique. It doesn’t actually lol but it’s still not a bad anime. I can see why people would love this but I’m not the biggest fan of this show. Still kept me interested enough to make me want to watch season 2.

Assassination Classroom

I’m really sad actually that this anime ended. It was a great anime and stayed good till the end. It had some good character development, it’s funny and the anime overall is unique. Can’t wait for the new season in the Winter Season. I’m not sure if I can wait this long though so I might start the manga soon.


My favorite anime returned do I even have to say something ?

Next week Shinigami Arc. Do I even have to say something ?


More anime I finished but I don’t want to talk about because I’m too lazy or it was too bad:

Hello! Kiniro Mosaic

Urawa no Usagi-Chan


Houkago no Pleiades

Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku



Vampire Holmes

Show by Rock

Triage X

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So i decided to start watching the x files from the beginning cause the show came back. I'm on season 8, new credits, Mulder's gone and Scully has a new partner which she seems to have no chemistry so far. I love Scully but I feel the show is gonna go downhill from here. I've read season 8 and 9 are the worst seasons from the series I can start to see why. Is it gonna get better cause I'm losing interest should I keep watching or pretend this didn't happen and go straight to season 10?

I’d keep watching just for the sake of closure, Monica is actually pretty great but I don’t care for Doggett at all.. You could also just watch the mythology episodes just to kinda know how it ends and then jump to season 10, if you want here’s a list of the essential episodes 

Poly Pop: An Episode For Everyone

First of all, I just hit 100 subscribers on YouTube, and 150+ followers on Tumblr. Considering its been less than 4 months since I started this show, I feel pretty good about that. Thank you to everyone who has watched, and thank you to everyone who has commented and shared. I am so glad that this crazy idea I had almost a year ago turned out to be a good one in reality.

If you are new here, I have assembled a list of all the episodes I have created so far. See if any of them interest you :-)

For the newcomer:
The Pilot Episode: What is Poly Pop, why is it here, and what are we doing?

For the music lover:
“Don’t” by Ed Sheeran: Come on, guys, can’t we all just be honest and get along?

For the history buff:
King Henry VIII sure would have had it a lot easier if polyamory were socially acceptable! 

For the sitcom fans:
How I Met Your Mother: Give me monogamy or give me death!

For the news junkie:
The Ashley Madison Leak: Oh, look, cheating is commonplace. Maybe society should think about this critically, just a bit? 

For the drama fans:
House of Cards: Polyamory depicted in mainstream media. It went…. okay. 

For the reality TV fans:
Sister Wives: Basically one giant apology for my previous prejudice towards consensual polygamists, and a fan-girl love letter.

For the 90s kids:
Boy Meets World: How the perfect monogamous couple taught me the merits of polygamy.

On Art Bell:

I’ve seen a lot of people upset with Art’s confession of being in love with Beth. A lot of people feel this pushes the idea that men can’t have platonic friendships with female characters. Some people are getting on to Art for calling “friendzone” on Beth. Overall it seems Clone Club is unhappy with this plot point because it seems to melt down Art’s character into a 2D unrequited love story.


He never once said he was friendzoned, and never once made a move on Beth. From everything we see, he had feelings, he kept them buried because he wanted to keep work professional and because she didn’t show interest. He WASN’T calling friendzone. He was simply saying he had feelings for someone close to him and he’s been dealing with the turmoil of her death silently until finally he had a deep enough friendship with someone to feel comfortable sharing it, and that friendship was Sarah. So when people start throwing him in the “Friendzone” group of male entitlement it irks me because everything he says is the RIGHT way to handle falling for someone who doesn’t show interest in you, and yet his character is getting attacked simply for *feeling* something. That seems pretty dismissive of actual feelings. We can’t help attraction and emotions, we can only help how we handle those emotions. I get pretty offended watching comments that act like Art isn’t allowed to have emotions in this, that he can’t have stakes that are deeper than simply moral obligation.

As far as including this as a plot point, I don’t see the offense in this. People seem preoccupied on how this waters down his relationship with Beth, while ignoring how confiding in Sarah is a highlight of his relationship with Sarah. Art has been silently dealing with something very difficult, while fighting to help people, that he has no connection to. He got involved in all of this, while never getting a funeral for Beth, while never getting any sense of closure. Confiding in Sarah shows the level of trust he has in her. Beth was his partner, but Sarah is his friend. Maybe including the romantic feelings is somewhat of a trope, but it gives him a deeper motivation in what happens. It gives him stakes to fight for, it ingrains him with Clone Club in a way he wasn’t before.

Art Bell is allowed to fall in love. The fact that he put that aside for professionalism and friendship without any bitterness or entitlement should be applauded, not laughed at. 

So I’ve watched the first 1 or 2 episodes of most of the more popular shows for this season. I have to say, so far I’m rather impressed. Usually when a season starts there aren’t that many shows that make me want to watch them, but almost everything I’ve watched this season has had be hooked. Maybe they just have fantastic starts and are going to be a mess, but for now it looks good. 

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable: Jojo continues to be awesome. The OP and ED are just about perfect and really fit how part 4 plays out. I’ve read up to halfway through part 7 so far, so finally getting to see part 4 animated is a treat. They nailed Josuke’s voice, and everything has played out. I think they changed the order of a few things very slightly to make it flow a bit better, but it’s still very faithful to the manga and you should go watch Jojo if you aren’t. Seriously just go watch Jojo. 

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Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: The premise reminds me a lot of Attack on Titan and the same studio is even making it. So far it’s like steampunk zombie apocalypse set in feudal Japan. That’s an aesthetic I didn’t know that I needed.  The art is absolutely gorgeous and I’m loving the character designs. They feel like they are from the 80s or 90s and it’s a refreshing change of pace. It’s hard to comment on the story after just 1 episode, but I want to find out what happens, so I guess that’s good lol. The MC seems pretty good and the other characters seem fine so far. Hard to say just yet though. Amazon actually got the worldwide exclusive streaming rights to the show and I wonder just how much money the poured into it. It’s worth noting that if you have Amazon prime it is worth watching on prime video. I compared it to the other stream I usually use and the prime video was much higher quality. I don’t know what the comparison is for the torrents though. I’d definitely recommend this one if you are looking for something with a lot of action. 

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Boku no Hero Academia: I’m excited to see this animated. I haven’t read that much of it, but what I’ve read has been really fun. It’s pretty much a textbook shounen, but it executes all the tropes and things very well and is a very entertaining work. Bones did a fantastic job on the animation of the first episode and it makes me really excited to see more. I was worried that they wouldn’t really be able to capture Deku very well, but they nailed him completely, and all of the other characters too. Really excited to see how it is going forward. I’d recommend this show if you want a pretty traditional shounen that checks off all the boxes in a satisfying manner. 

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Bungou Stray Dogs: Of the shows I’ve watched this one has me the least interested. I’m not going to say it’s bad because it isn’t, but it just felt a little off to me. The comedy is super in your face sort of over the top reaction stuff which feels really out of place in the kind of vaguely noire detective thing that it has going on. It reminds me a lot of Kekkai Sensen, but it just didn’t have the things that made me want to keep watching Kekkai Sensen. I don’t think I’m going to watch more of this one, but it has potential to do something pretty cool. I’d recommend it if you want a super natural detective show. 

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Kiznaiver: Trigger’s newest show looks to be quite exciting. The first episode setup the world and the main plot device that will makes the main cast stay together and introduced all the characters. I’m not actually sure what direction the show is going to take, but I have faith in Trigger’s ability to make awesome shows. I expect it to be absurd and at times just wtf over the top. I think that it’s a show to have on your radar and maybe one to try out if you’re on the fence. It could flop miserably, but that’s a risk with just about every seasonal show. I’m looking forward to what it has to show. I don’t have a reason to recommend this show yet since it was basically just exposition in the first episode, but I think it will be good. 

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Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-: When I first heard about this I was like aw man another warped into a fantasy world/mmo show? Sure Konosuba was great, but I feel that the genre is kinda bloated and starting to get really boring for me. So far I’ve been happily surprised with it though. The character design and art is pretty standard, though it’s worth noting that some of the backgrounds have been absolutely gorgeous. The CG has been a little weird, but it’s only for things in the background. It’s not nearly as light hearted as I was expecting and the gimmick for this show is pretty interesting. I’m not going to spoil what the gimmick is in this blurb since it was cool to watch it happen. I will say though that after the two part first episode I don’t really know what’s going on with the main story which is a bit annoying. I would have liked it to draw me in a bit more. It is looking to be one of the more popular shows this season though. I’d recommend it if you want a darker fantasy show that looks like it has promise. Also the girl’s VA is Megumin’s VA. So explosions lives on in another fantasy world. 

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Haven’t you heard? I’m Sakamoto: It’s a show about the guy that we all are when we win arguments in the shower. He’s flawless and is just dripping in swag. People try and mess with him and he ends up being so perfect that he’s untouchable. It’s pretty funny so far, but I don’t know how much mileage they can get out of the same joke. An episode or two is surely funny, but a whole season? I don’t know and I’ll have to watch more to see. I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up dropping this one though. I’d recommend it if you want to watch the guy that you can only be in the shower. 

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Flying Witch: The show is adorable. Just straight up cute and it kept me smiling the whole time. The main character is a witch who moved in with her relatives and is now attending school there. The comedy was well paced and consistently made me laugh. The jokes didn’t feel over done, and they didn’t feel like they weren’t quite getting there either. Which for me is a big thing in a comedy. The mandrake scene at the end was absolutely hilarious and I’m looking forward to more antics from this show. I will say that the first half of the episode was really slow, but it picked up nicely when they went to the mall. I’d recommend this if you want what looks to be an adorable SoL comedy. 

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Space Patrol Luluco: This is a short by Trigger. It’s just straight up Trigger doing Trigger things and it’s wonderful. Each episode is 7 minutes, so just go watch it and see if you like it. The show is waaaay over the top and the humor is really slapstick, so if you like those things go watch it. 

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Haifuri: I’ve already written a bit about this one, but I’ll basically just write it again. The first episode has us watching the girls get assigned to boats that they are going to run and stuff. It reminds me a lot of Girls und Panzer in how it’s setup and I think that if you were a fan of GuP this is probably going to be a good fit. The girls are ridiculously moe and there really isn’t much more to say about them. I’m not sure if the show is going to flop or not, but it left off with a nice twist that at least makes it look like it will be good, or at least interesting. I’ll probably watch the whole thing though because holy shit it’s cute. It’s apparently being used on JSDF recruitment posters and I hope it doesn’t get really nationalistic like GATE did. 

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Overall I’m the most excited about JoJo, Kabaneri, Flying Witch, and Boku no Hero. The other shows look pretty hype too, but they didn’t get me as excited as those did. 

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Why are you hating on the free! dub so much? Shouldn't you just be happy it eve GOT a dub?

To start, I initially was happy it was getting a dub, even though I wasn’t super confident in all the VAs they had cast. I was excited about the show reaching a larger market and seeing a second wave of fandom, with new authors and artists excited about the show.  And, just to get this out of the way, I have nothing against dubs at large. Honestly, I only started watching subs a few years ago because I’d pretty much exhausted all the possible dubbed anime that interested me.  I really, really like dubs and usually have no issue with the VA discrepancies between dub and sub or the localization that usually occurs in dubs. The story and characters are still the same story and characters I loved in the original, just with different voices. 

But that’s not the case with this Free! dub so far. 

I’m unhappy because it’s grossly inaccurate to the original. There are a number of posts addressing these issues floating around, but I’ll name a few again. 

The localization is unwarranted and atrociously inaccurate to the story and characters. In what world would Makoto and Haru refer to each other as “dude” and “man”?  In what world would Nagisa wink and go “ladies” to a crowd? Or would Rei swear? And even though Haru tends to be at his most snarky with Rin, calling him a douchebag makes no sense for his character.  I’m sorry, but absolutely none of these characters should feel like West Coast Dudebros and they all do given the way the script was modified.  (And why the change to R-EE-N? It’s not hard to pronouce Rin. Rin was fine. I cannot understand that pronunciation change at all. Same with Makoto…)

The biggest issue I have with this “dude-bro-man” change is that it strips away a lot of the character dynamics this fandom loved. Regardless of what you ship, the sincerity in how the characters interacted with each other was what made so many of us stop viewing this anime as a fanservice joke in the first place. In the sub, Makoto and Haruka’s friendship comes across in much of the way they talk to one another - Makoto tends to be a little overly doting and Haru makes little pushback comments, but never actually resists.  They’re best friends, yes, but there are nuances to that relationship that come across via the way their conversations play out. Now, though, there’s such a heavy “no homo” undertone to the way the characters interact that all of that is essentially gone. It’s like when the press sees two women in a relationship and refuses to recognize their relationship as romantic, smattering the words “gal pal” and “close friends” all over it.  Granted, we’ve only seen the trailer and one episode, so maybe it will change, but I very much doubt it. 

The marketing also makes me think Funimation has absolutely no idea why most people watched the show. Everyone in the Free! fandom jokes about the fanservice and muscles, but that’s not even one of the main reasons many of us loved the show.  It’s the characters and the relationships conveyed that made so many of us enjoy Free!. This fandom already has to deal with actively trying to dismiss the idea that we only like it because of the female-gaze oriented fanservice; marketing it as a muscle frenzy (”Rippling muscles making waves”) and literally making sexual innuendos (’You can’t win without getting wet”) just completely misses the mark.  

And yes, I’m unhappy about the voice acting. I can deal with just about everyone’s voice acting of their character, with the exception of Haru and Rin, which is kind of problematic when they’re the two main characters. Honestly, V.M. didn’t do anything to alter his voicing of Rin and all I can here is Ed Elric when Rin’s speaking (and Rin should not sound like Ed Elric).  Haru’s voice is so horrible miscast and the VA seems to be treating Haru’s tendency to be quiet and apathetic as An Attitude. Haru should not be snarky and whiny, but that’s how he’s being portrayed in this dub.

So in the end, we have a show that grossly mishandles the characters and storyline via the localization and VAs selected. Someone made a comment about how, if it made you laugh, then you shouldn’t be up in arms over it, but I think that logic is flawed. I can laugh at a few bad translation issues or a few voices being horribly cast, but when the entire show essentially feels like a bad dudebro crack fic, I think I’m entitled to feel a bit disappointed. 

Arrow 4.02 - ‘The Candidate’

It’s ironic that this time last year I was reviewing, through my tears, an episode that I consider one of the saddest on this show, and one that – to this day – I haven’t been able to watch more than once in its entirety. Last year we watched Sara Lance being buried; one year on, to the episode, we see her being dug back up. It feels a little like ‘closing the loop’ on a storyline that served no character well, least of all the one that was unceremoniously killed for reasons I am yet to understand. I said before that a lot about this season feels like an apology for season 3, and this is the plainest indication of that thus far. All’s well that ends well, I suppose, although whether or not it does end well remains to be seen. In the meantime, does anyone know what the opposite of “fridged” is? 

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