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BTS Reaction | Topping & Teasing

Anon request: Hello– bts react to you suddenly topping them (during sex) to try and make them feel pleasure
@j-alifr request: BTS reaction to you riding them but going veeeery slowly (teasing them), please? 

A/N; I combined the two because they were similar, I hope you like it! ^-^

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Neighborhood watch

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A/N: This was requested by anonymous. I hope you enjoy!

Request: “could you write some more fp jones smut?? maybe where the reader is his neighbor and hes always had his eyes on her”

The reader is legal age (18/19).



FP Jones POV:

I watched her for days, weeks, and maybe even months.

She was so beautiful and sexy. The way she moved her hips while she walked, while she danced. I was starting to think how those hips would move if she was riding me.

(Y/N) had been my neighbor for close to nine months. She was there when my wife left me and took my daughter, she was there when my son ran away, and she was there on my worst nights. (Y/N) was a caring and kind person, she came over to my house after Jughead ran away to see if I was okay, she cleaned up the broken bottles that I had thrown in a drunken rage, she helped put me to bed when I was too drunk to walk.

She was always there.

(Y/N) was only nineteen years old and I was a forty-seven-year-old man. I knew she would never want to be with someone my age, not even for a hookup.

Or so I thought.

(Y/N)’s POV:


I had just moved out of my parent’s house and into this trailer park on the Southside when I had my first encounter with FP Jones. He had a wife and two kids. Jughead and Jellybean Jones. From what I could tell by looking at him he was a very attractive man with a broken marriage. FP wore this patch that belongs to this local gang, Southside Serpents.

When FP’s wife left him and took his daughter, I went over to see if he needed anything. I let myself into his trailer to see FP sitting on the floor, drunk with tears streaming down his face. This man looked broken. I looked around to see broken bottles surrounded the floor. The place was trashed. I immediately had my maternal instincts kicked in and I walked to the kitchen to grab a broom to start cleaning up the broken glass. As I was cleaning, FP looked up towards me with tears streaming down his face.

“I’m sorry,” I felt my heartbreak at the sound of his voice. I walked over to him before taking a seat next to him and removing the bottle from his hands.

“Listen, you have nothing to be sorry about. Now, let’s get you to bed,” I said as I stood up before helping him get up. I put his arm around my shoulder before I began helping him make his way to his bedroom. I laid him on the bed before beginning to remove his boots. I went to stand up to leave when I felt a hand tugging on my wrist.

“Stay,” I smiled at FP before whispering.

“I can’t. You need your sleep,” I said before laying his hand back on his bed and standing up before heading towards the door.

“You’re so beautiful,” I heard FP mutter before he passed out into a deep sleep. I made my way back to the living room as I began to continue cleaning up the mess from FP’s drunken rage.

Once, I was done I locked up his trailer before making my way back to my own.


I was coming home from another shitty date. This guy that I had met on the popular dating app ‘Tinder’ was nothing like he said on his profile. I can’t even keep count of how many times he’s tried to grope me in many different places. I finally had enough and let him walk me home.

“I had a nice night, when will I be able to see you again?” The douche bag questioned as I mentally rolled my eyes.

“Listen, you’re a nice guy and all but I think this was a one-time thing,” I said as the guy chuckled before beginning to make his way towards me.

“Oh, don’t be such a tease,” The guy said as he pushed me against my front door with a little too much force.

“Don’t touch me,” I said while the guy chuckled before putting his hands on my waist and his lips onto my neck. “Get off me!” I yelled pushing at his shoulders but he wouldn’t budge.

“When a lady says no you listen,” A voice spoke up from behind the guy.

It was FP.

“Why don’t you mind your own business? The old man,” I rolled my eyes at the guy as FP made his way up my stairs before pulling the guy off me and throwing him to the ground.

“Why don’t you? Now, get lost!” FP yelled while the guy got up and ran.

“Thank you for saving me,” I said as FP turned back to me.

“It was no problem. Punks like that deserve to be taught a lesson,” I giggled at his words before turning to unlock my door.

“Would you like to come in?” I questioned with curiosity. FP stared at me for a moment before nodding his head. I pushed the door open before walking while FP followed.

“Nice place, you got here,” FP said once he was fully in. I nodded before closing the door behind him.  

“Thanks,” We stood in awkward silence until FP finally broke it.

“Listen, I should get going,” FP said as he reached for the door handle. I ran in front of him before he could open the door.

“Wait!” I said while FP furrowed his brows. Maybe it was the alcohol talking but I felt more confidence than I usually did.

“What?” Before FP could speak again I reached my hand up to his cheek before pressing my lips to his. FP stood in shock before he began kissing back. FP’s lips were more dominant as he pushed me back until my back was against the door. I moaned into the kiss as I wrapped my leg around his waist before beginning to grind my hips into his. FP broke the kiss while he looked into my eyes.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” FP questioned as I nodded my head. FP moved his lips to my neck before taking my other leg and wrapping it around his waist. FP carried me to the kitchen where he laid me on the counter. We broke away from the kiss as FP smirked at me.

“Tell me what you want me to do,” FP said sternly while I felt my panties become wetter by the minute.

“I want you to finger fuck me while you eat me out, baby,” I watched as FP shuddered in pleasure.

“Oh baby girl, you have such a dirty mouth,” I smirked at his response before he dropped to his knees. FP began to push up my dress before sliding my panties down. He threw my panties behind him before prepping my inner thighs with kisses. I moaned softly before running my hands through his hair. I felt FP’s fingers graze my folds before teasing my entrance.

“Mmm, FP.  Don’t tease…” I moaned to FP as he slammed his fingers into me. “OH FUCK FP!” I felt his tongue on my clit as he began to lick figure eights. I felt my legs shake at his movements as I let out breathless pants and moans. FP began to suck on my clit as he added two more fingers. I felt my release slowly approaching; “F-fuck FP! I-I’M CL-CLOSE!”  I screamed out. FP removed his mouth and fingers while I let out a whimper.

“I want you coming on my dick, right now,” FP replied with a smirk. He began to unbuckle his belt before pushing them down his thighs along with his boxer’s as his cock sprang out. FP was bigger and thicker than I imagined, I gasped while he chuckled. “Never seen a cock this big, huh?” FP questioned while I blushed and shook my head. FP reached up and pushed the straps of my dress down before revealing my bare chest. “Oh fuck, baby girl. No bra? Damn! Please, tell me you’re on the pill?” He questioned while I smiled and nodded my head. “Oh fuck baby girl, you’re going to make me come here on the spot,” I pulled FP into my chest before whispering into his ear.

“Then you better fuck me sooner,” FP shuddered before lining himself up with my entrance and slamming in. “OH FUCK!” I screamed out as FP continued to roughly slam into me.

“Fuck, baby girl! You’re so tight!” FP grunted into my ear as I moaned in response. I felt my orgasm approaching for the second time.

“FP, I’m cl-close!” I felt FP’s thrusts pick up speed as he started going in harder. “FUCK FP I’M… CO-COMING!” I screamed before I tightened around FP’s cock, making him groan. FP’s thrusts began to go sloppier before he slammed in once more before groaning and pulling out.

“Holy shit, baby girl,” I didn’t realize I was gripping FP’s jacket until he began to smirk. “That good, you still haven’t gotten over to it,” He said motioning to my grip on his jacket.

“Sorry,” I replied as I let go of his jacket.

“It’s alright,” FP began to fix himself before beginning to do his belt up. We stood in awkward silence before FP broke it. “Well… I guess I should get going,” FP said as he went to walk away. I reached for his arm before pulling him back to me.

“Don’t… Stay,” I said with a pleading look. FP smiled before nodding his head.

“Fine, I’ll stay,” I fixed my dress before hopping off the counter and taking FP’s hand before heading to my bedroom.

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Prompt - Kylo helping pull Rey's hair up for reason on your choice. (No way Leia Organa's kid is not aware of how to do braids etc)

“You know it’s back luck to see the bride before the wedding,” Rey whispered to him.

Kylo was swiftly braiding her hair and weaving flowers into the braids.

“Sweetheart, I love you. But you’ve never gotten the hang of doing your own hair.”

Once he had finished he kissed the crown of her head and started to walk towards the door.

“I miss her too,” he heard Rey say.

And it still pained him that she would miss this day. That she wouldn’t be here to watch her son marry the love of his life.

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Headcanons for RFA+Searan with a tango dancing MC. *like won some contests *

Hope you like this! ^^

RFA + Saeran with a tango dancer MC


  • Does he love it? Yes, he does!
  • Tango is so powerful, dramatic, sexy… just like his acting!
  • He comes to some of your competitions when his schedule allows it and… okay, he might get a little jealous of your partner.
  • But it’s so amazing, he cannot wait for you to show him some moves.
  • But as you start teaching him, you realize there’s nothing much to teach.
  • Little talented bastard is a natural.
  • Well, maybe you will be able to train for your competitions without even leaving the house.
  • Okay, but maybe without the rose in the mouth thing, uh… this guy has no chill, I swear.


  • I see him as the guy who can’t dance a thing, but loves to watch dancer’s videos, all kind of dancers.
  • So he found out about your past through as a competitive tango dancer through Youtube and boy… he loves it.
  • He keeps telling you to show your moves, but you keep declining it, because one: you’re a little rusty, two: this is a dance for two.
  • Unless he’s interested in learning a little, just imagine him with his hands on your waist, you giving him that super intense look, so close to him…
  • You thought he would back away to all his shyness, but he doesn’t. “S-show me…”
  • Okay, his moves aren’t that bad, but of course he can keep the straight face without blushing like crazy.
  • Well, he’s trying. He’s a fast learner, don’t forget that.
  • But he still prefers watching you on video, at least while you’re not able to show what you’re capable of live.


  • She doesn’t love musicals just because of Zen, she really likes dancing routines.
  • So knowing you’re able to do things she sees in musicals really excites her.
  • But tango is different, which doesn’t mean she’s less impressed.
  • She becomes your biggest fan, giving you all the support you need for your competitions.
  •  And she loves all the details. The songs, the outfits, even the way you style your hair, everything is stunning.
  • Also thinks your partner is cute as hell.
  • But, for this particular competition, you added a little twist and ditched your usual partner.
  • And replaced him for a female one. She’s blushing so hard watching it from the audience, but because only she knows exactly what this means.


  • When you showed him your videos, he was ecstatic
  • He appreciates everything that is sensual and elegant.
  • And if includes you, he loves it.
  • Has a fair knowledge about good instrumental songs that would suit your routines
  • Pays for the best designers and hair stylists to make sure you always look as good as you dance.
  • He would be a good tango dancer if he tried, but nah, it’s too dramatic for him
  • Though he doesn’t mind when you show him some steps when you two are alone
  • But it usually ends up in a heavy make out session.


  • He saw your videos due to the background check
  • His imagination runs wild and free and he wonders if learning tango would be useful for his missions one day
  • Maybe not, but it would be interesting if you taught him.
  • After you two get together, he takes charge of your clothes and hairstyle.
  • And in exchange, you teach him what you know.
  •  He is a fairly good dancer, and he’s pretty decent at trying to keep serious.
  • You find out you’re very good at keeping serious too.
  • Especially when he decides he wants to play gender reversed roles and puts on a dress to dance


  •  Also sort of jealous of your partner because your chemistry is good.
  • But he likes to watch you because you look so serious and different from what he’s used to seeing you.
  • He doesn’t understand why it has to be dramatic and the way you move your feet gets him a little dizzy.
  • But as you show him the lyrics of some songs and explain the history of he dance, he’s very interested because it tells a story, and he likes stories.
  • If he wasn’t so shy, maybe he could learn to dance. He surely knows how to keep a straight face, at least.
  • But nah, it’s still a very expressive dance, and you’re much better than him, so you’d end up conducting, which he would hate it.
  • Also, having you so close and being so sexy makes him blush too much.
Why Gilbert Blythe is still one of our favorite book boyfriends

So, with the resurgence of love for L.M. Montgomery’s books due to Anne with an E (Anne the series for you lovely Canadians), and how everyone on here and other social media sites are “aoijwepoijvpsoempseotpaoijrtvpo” over our new version of Gilbert (Lucas Jade Zumann) or staunchly “aoejrpoiwcmpraowiruec” over Jonathan Crombie’s version, or even “ierq2945sig;fgjapturoaijf;alksdjf;lkj” over the book version, I started thinking about what it was that makes Gilbert so easy to love and adore. 

Now, I have not read Anne of Green Gables in I don’t know how many years. One of my reading goals for summer is to tear through the series (as I only read that first one). But I do own the 80s movies, watched them often when I was younger, so I feel like I’m not completely underqualified to give my opinion.

It was @thebluepaladyn‘s post here that put my thoughts in order. Gilbert likes Anne for all the reasons she thinks (and others think in the new version especially) she’s lacking. Give the post a read before continuing here. I’ll wait :).

I’m writer, by the way. And I write all types of stories, but some I write just for my own enjoyment (and maybe a few friends’ as well). When I do, I write a character that’s more of an extension of me. She’s far more uninhibited, confident and conventionally beautiful than me, but at the core, she’s me. We’ll call her June for the purposes of this post. 

June always gets a guy (it’s my story world and I’m a cynical hopeless romantic, so sue me). Sometimes I write the beginning of the relationship, or sometimes I write a one-shot of a more settled relationship between June and whoever the guy is. In rereading some of these stories, I realized that June’s guy often loves her for the very things I wish someone liked me for: too talkative, likes to sing loudly in the car, has hips (significantly), discusses story for hours, dances around the kitchen when no one is watching…etc., etc. June’s guy loves these weird, silly things about her. Some are just quirks, some are what others see as flawed in June. June’s guy makes her negatives (in her head) out to be some of her best features.

That’s exactly what Gilbert does. He marvels at how smart Anne is, he likes her red hair (’carrots’ turns into an endearment in the 80s version), he thinks she’s pretty, he admires her bluntness, her dramatic nature (sometimes, he also pulls her in when she needs it); in the 80s version, he tells her what she should really write and when she heeds him, she’s successful. 

In fact, he reminds me of Jess Mariano in the revival of Gilmore Girls, (or Jess reminds me of Gilbert) when Jess shows up and somewhat straightens Rory out (ugh, won’t go there).

Gilbert Blythe is that guy: both encouraging and challenging his girl, Anne, so she becomes a better person. That’s why he so loved. That’s why we still get a little weak when he walks on screen (and you know, cute as anything). It’s more than looks because cute guys can be jerks, or they can be shallow, or badly written stalkers who are forced to seem romantic, but are really just horrible horrible partners in a relationship (that’s another post). 

Gilbert is exactly what I would want myself and any female I know to strive for in a partner. 

Trending Wander Over Yonder

Happy Birthday, Jack McBrayer!

I love his voice acting skills as Wander from Wander Over Yonder so much! Help save this show by signing here;https://www.change.org/p/walt-disney-encourage-disney-to-make-wander-over-yonder-season-3 Also tell @disneyxd to @savewoy!

Because of this show, I finally learned who Jack McBrayer is as I recognized him from Wreck It Ralph.

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Then I started to watch 30 Rock and fell in love with him all over again.

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Happy Birthday, you wonderful man!


Happy birthday Jack!! I hope you have had a wonderful day today and continue to! I am a huge fan of you, and just love how sweet and kind you are to others. It really inspires me to do the same, and I can see where @crackmccraigen got his inspiration for Wander for :)

Thank you for the amazing voice work and all that you contributed to Wander over Yonder. You are part of what made it such an amazing show. Wreck it Ralph is where I first became a fan of you, because I love Felix. You were incredible in that movie! So when I heard you were going to be in Wander over Yonder, I was ecstatic and watched the first episode when it aired. And when I saw it was by Craig I knew before the episode even started that I was going to love this show. Thank you so much again for all that you do, and all that I know that you will continue to do ❤️! Please sign the petition to save Wander over Yonder, thank you so much: https://www.change.org/p/walt-disney-encourage-disney-to-make-wander-over-yonder-season-3 @disneyxd

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Hi! I just started watching the hockey playoffs recently so I'm totally new to the nhl fan world. :) do you know anywhere I can find those funny powerpoints of a bunch of famous players or summaries of each team or something? Cuz I only know about the penguins and predators, I have no idea who these popular ppl like auston matthews and andre burakovsky are. :P I just rly would love more info on teams & players! Thanks! :D

OMG SOMEONE HALP I CANT FIND ANY POWERPOINTS RIGHT NOW!!! But ok I was thinking about this anyway but what if we did a sharing session for every team? One featured team a week… just for all the new kids joining the hockey fandom and to pass the time??? Would anyone be interested??? AND WOULD SOMEONE SEND ME POWERPOINTS?!?!??!

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We're always getting these cute mini stories and dead-ass hot fanarts. Now now, I really wish to know some facts about the person behind all these. Please do share some information, I'm really curious. :D

Awww this is so sweet!  

Well I’m Macy ( Macarena is my full name, yes like the song) I’m from Argentina ( excuse my bad english)  and I’m really not an interesting person at all.

 I was pretty much born with a freaking pencil in my hand and art\drawing saved my life. It keeps saving it every.single.day.

I got into AOT when I was heeeeella sick, my lungs were in a really bad place to the point where I couldn’t breathe so I was stuck in bed with 73468147 pills and a really bad mood. Someone, i don’t know who, reblogged a gifset of Levi, so my first thought was “ Why the hell everyone is so in love with this dude?” and out of curiosity I started watching aot. THAT WAS WHEN I SIGNED MY CONTRACT TO HELL. hahaha. So, as you can see AOT helped me a lot too, that’s why  it has a really important place in my heart, because it helped me push through.

WOW THIS IS DEPRESSING. I did a “ meet the artist” thing not long ago, and maybe that will help. If you are interest in something else, don’t be afraid to ask! I will leave it down below.

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Lmao i fucking loved Robert grabbing her by the scruff. I don't get people moaning about him doing that A) Rob's an asshole to people he doesn't like. We all know this. It's part of why I love him. He literally did the same thing to Ross yesterday but no one batted an eyelid or called it character assassination. B) To him, it looked like she started blubbering just because Robert had actually told Aaron the truth and he was forgiven. So yeah, I'd have chucked her out by the scruff too. Good lad.

I legit watched it like this,

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I honestly love it about him, how he can be the most caring, gentle person when he’s with Aaron, or with Vic, or even Liv. He can be calm, and collected, vulnerable and kind and he can be the person you need in your darkest moment. Then if you cross him or hurt who he loves, he can rip you apart. He can use words, he can use fists, he can destroy you with his anger. It runs deep in him, he can’t stop that. But he uses it when he needs to. When he loses control. Most of the time when Aaron’s involved….but seeing as that man is his weakness it’s not surprising. It’s Robert. It’s dangerous, and it’s beautiful and scary and I wouldn’t change him. 

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^^^^^^^ personal fave

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^^^^^ sped up but outstanding. 

There are more I want to use but I can’t find them right now…I will though. I will. 

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For the bullet point imagines can it be dancing with Eric at like 3 in the morning? Could you also do a Dylan one?

  • The two of you would have been up for ages, neither of you would have slept yet
  • it would be at the point of the night where you’d done all the exciting stuff like watching movies and now the two of you were chilling with some music on quietly in the background
  • You’d have made him laugh I think and he’s watching you with eyes literally filled with love
  • Then in the silence after his laughter a new song comes on and its a slow but catchy one you both really like, with a good beat and stuff
  • you would stand up and start swaying a bit, maybe closing your eyes and humming or singing alone
  • he’s still got his eyes on you, thinking about how beautiful you are
  • then you’d open your eyes and see him looking
  • “come on silly, dance with me!”
  • “You know I don’t do that…”
  • “Just one time! For me.”
  • And then you’d walk over, still dancing a little, and take both of his hands and gently pull him up.
  • still holding his hands, you’d start to sway more as it hit the chorus, singing softly
  • the rest of the world doesn’t exist anymore and it’s all dark outside and you could have been on saturn for all you knew
  • he’d kinda stiffly shuffle in time to the beat
  • “you can do better than that” you might chuckle at him
  • over the course of the song he loosens up and you end up doing a few twirls and spins while he holds your hand, and he’d say things like ‘you’re so good at dancing hahaha’ and ‘watch your feet!’
  • then the next song would come on, and the next, and they’re all just making it more and more fun
  • eventually you let go of him and really get into the music with your eyes closed and you’re moving like water and he’s just watching you again, just so happy idk
  • you’d collapse on the bed when you were done, so tired bc it’s literally almost 4 am
  • this is not very good bc it’s so hard to describe dance

(you can read this from the point of view of both boys btw I feel like they’d be pretty similar in this situation) xxx

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Do I have to watch all of POI or can I skip to Shoot episodes? I started it and got bored like two eps in

So unless a show is triggery for someone (and this one can for sure be), I generally recommend watching the whole thing because character development is so important to me!!! But maybe I’m biased because I flipping love all of POI???

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!!!! And also jimin had canonly said "fairy of bts", love you pretty" to Tae like wow vmin is the cutest!! And taegi dont get me started! Hes always so controlling over Tae just wow what a reliable boyfriend end me pls

!!!!! jimin is so in love with tae i’m sorry this is just fact there are some things you just can’t argue about like global warming, the fact that the earth is round and the undeniable truth that park jimin loves kim taehyung with all his heart

also i am so here for possessive yoongi okay i watched a video on youtube and it was deadass five straight minutes of yoongi not taking his hand off tae’s shoulder or letting him out of his sight~