i started watching house

Just a Sterek drabble I wrote on this rainy Sunday afternoon because I started my day off watching an absolutely SOUL-CRUSHING ep of House, M.D. and needed a little something to cheer myself up afterwards.

In case it’s not your thing: this fic features Stiles/OMC, but not for long. ;) Rated T, under 1k words

Sometimes Stiles’ new boyfriend can be fairly awesome, like when they stay up until three a.m. together playing video games and making out, or like that time… like… Well, pretty much all the examples Stiles can think of right now are sex things, but. But Jake’s a nice guy, kind of. He’s hot. He’s so hot Stiles still can’t believe he wants to date Stiles, and there are times when he can be a lot of fun.

Then there are the times (like today) that have Stiles questioning all his life choices, especially this one.

“Stiles, stop texting Lydia,” Jake says. No—practically whines. Seriously.

“Uh, no?” Stiles hits send, because Jake is not the boss of him. “We’re still on the ground. We don’t have to turn our phones off yet.”

And now Jake is pouting at him, like he’s six years old. “That’s not what I mean and you know it.”

Stiles can’t help but roll his eyes. “Stop trying to tell me who I can and cannot text. It’s creepy and controlling.”

Jake tries to put his hand over Stiles’, and it actually makes Stiles’ skin crawl a little bit. Stiles crosses his arms over his chest, hands safely tucked into his armpits. In retrospect, inviting Jake along on a trip to Hawaii was probably a bad idea when they’ve only been dating for three months.

Jake crosses his arms, too. “I’m your boyfriend. I’m not allowed to get a little possessive?”

“A little possessive? This is not ‘a little possessive.’ This is annoying and ridiculous and petty and invasive and… Look, yes, I’m bisexual, but Lydia and I are just friends. We’re always going to be friends, and I’m never cutting her out of my life for a boyfriend. The end. So you can stop being a jealous dick—”

“Or what?”

Stiles can’t believe they’re having this conversation right now. “Or maybe we shouldn’t be dating after all.”

Jake runs a hand through his sandy blond prince-charming hair and snorts. “Please, this relationship is over when I say it is. Or do you seriously think anyone else is lining up to date you?”

For a moment Stiles is actually speechless, because how has he spent the last three months thinking this guy was attractive? How did he overlook this level of douchebaggery? Some kind of witchcraft, probably.

That’s when the guy in the row ahead of them turns around in his seat, looks Stiles straight in the eye, and says without even one hint that he’s joking, “I would date you.”

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dan in 2012-2015 on younow: lmao yeah sure ill marry u !!
dan in 2016-2017 on younow: nah m8 i can’t marry u ! u might b a cannibal and i can’t condone that… so anyway phil did this thing..

Katy Perry, has her midheaven in Leo, this can signify a public persona that is vain, pompous,luxurious, a diva, a starlet, creative, joyful, a career that involves an audience, however she has her sun  in the 12th house, so there might be a feeling that she has to hide her true identity, even more so with pluto the occult conjunct her sun,

I built a wall so high, no one could reach
A life of locks, I swallowed all the keys
I was petrified, only knew how to hide
They can’t hurt me if they don’t know me
A full facade made a mirage outta me”

Into me you see by katy perry

starlightswitch  asked:

This might be a Scripty Saturday question? It's definitely not a consult. The question is: In your answer to the bloody cough question, you referenced "the most estoteric medical show ever written" as if you had a particular show in mind. If so, what was it?

Wow, this is going back. 

I was referring to House, MD. The show that looks at medicine, goes, “Gimme the weird stuff,” and runs with it. 

It’s interesting. Before I started watching House, I thought all medical shows were dramas. That they were soap operas. 

But House isn’t a soap opera. It’s a detective series. The brilliant but crotchety House (a type of Holme, who just happens to live in Apartment B in house 221 on an unnamed street), who’s got a good, smart, doctor bestfriend-8cum-sidekick-cum-only-person-who-can-stand-him named Watson Wilson… 

House is an esoteric medical show because it’s about catching a villain (disease) at the end of the mystery plot, before time runs out (the patient dies). Because of that, the plots have to challenge even the brilliant mind of Holmes House. 

ER didn’t need mystery diseases, though I’m sure it had plenty, because it was at its heart a soap opera – the show is driven by the interaction between the other characters. 

Scrubs didn’t need them because it is, at its heart, a sitcom. 

Grey’s Anatomy didn’t need them because the characters are too busy banging in closets and someone’s sister is sick this week and ERMERGERD MCSTEAMBOAT WILLIE TOOT TOOT. Also they cut a bitch some bitches. 

I’m going to have to do an actual post on the genre of medical fiction someday. 

THANKS FOR PUTTING UP WITH MY DRIVEL! Side note: it’s 3am. Hooray?

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

I mean, it’s entirely possible that Izuku was just trying to help someone who is SUPPOSEDLY HIS FRIEND FROM CHILDHOOD WHO WAS IN A SITUATION IZUKU HAD JUST RECENTLY BEEN STUCK IN.

But nah, Bakugou would rather stoke that raging complex of his. Okay.

Netflix and Chill

Day 5 of @deanxkatherine-af One Week Writing Challenge. This one was definitely a challenge for me, because it’s my first time to write smutty smut like this. I’ve written love scenes before, but nothing like this. I’d appreciate some feedback, if anyone feels so inclined. :D

Title & Prompt: Netflix and Chill
Author: @sunriserose1023
Warnings: Slightly vague spoilers for the movie Steel Magnolias. I tried not to go into detail for those who haven’t watched that cinematic masterpiece. If you are one of those people, DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO IN ORDER TO WATCH IT. AND HAVE TISSUES HANDY BECAUSE YOU’LL NEED THEM. Back to the story warnings: This be smut. And my first time writing it, so it might be a little rough. Not the smut, but my writing of it. ;)
Summary: Your day of marathoning Netflix gets interrupted by Dean, and after you expose him to one of your favorite movies, the two of you give in to your feelings.

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um not to be dramatiqué at all but literally NOTHING compares to the feeling i get when i watch jin’s beautiful face start breaking into a smile, the way his eyes crinkle and his grin just grows and grows until he’s overcome with that contagious laugh of his. i want him to be happy like that every day, im happy whenever he’s happy!! my heart just goes: 🌙✨💓🌸🥂🌟💫🌸🌈☀️🌼🍯✨💫💓🌸🥂🌟💫🌸🌈☀️🌼🍯🌙✨💓🌸🥂🌟💫🌸🌈☀️🌼🍯✨💫💓🌸🥂🌟💫🌸🌈☀️🌼🍯🌙✨💓🌸🥂🌟💫🌸🌈☀️🌼🍯✨💫💓🌸🥂🌟💫🌸🌈☀️

For Mark...

Hi! Soo… Happy Birthday @markiplier As you wanted us to share our stories of how we started watching. My stories started back in 2012-2013. I recently started high school or I was about to. My best friend at the time was searching all through YouTube and try to find horror games playthroughs. Specially Amnesia. I remember watching your video but hey it has been a lot my memories are a bit blur. I was so scared of horror games or any horror genre for that matter so I never watched it on my own. As the year passed my friend started to watch you more but I on the other hands were really into cinema and TV series. At the 3rd year of high school. YouTube became a website that I visited more often. And I searched your name to see what was going on. I came back. I remembered. 

I texted my friend saying I started watching your videos. I wasn’t very active but I enjoyed every video I watched. A year later I finished high school and It was 2015 summer. I got accepted to a nice university and were having a blast. I went to my friends’ house, she said “Hey. Have you seen Until Dawn? We should watch playthroughs.” And literally, we watched to all thing Until Dawn :D 

(I specifically remember this moment when Ashley died. I noped so hard.)
Woah It is such a blur tho. My memories of how I ended up watching you. I remember it this way but maybe It’s not I don’t know. So many videos since then. That summer I binge watched Drunk Minecraft. All summer, I spent all my summer watching YouTubers and mostly you. You gave me so many laughs.  

Best summer of my life. Truly. 

I went to college and everything was good. You and others have given me so much courage that I start to study Cinema and Television. My dreams were coming true. For a few months, everything was perfect. But after it, all went to shit. I was unhappy with everything. My dorm room was horrible and my best friend did not return my calls. The YouTube channel that I started back in high school was dead. I did not upload any videos. I went back to my sisters’ house and decided to see a physiatrist. I was diagnosed with depression and was suicidal. I spent half a semester staying at my sisters’ house and started medication. All I did was watching movies and YouTube.

When I needed you gave me so many laughs again. I got back up. Try to be better and you helped me go through that times. I cannot thank you enough Mark. You and a few others like Jack, Felix etc. helped me so much. 

I can talk about it hours and hours. How I got so excited watching A Date with Markiplier or how I felt watching Pax live streams. How I laughed when watching Prop Hunt videos. I can go on and on. But one thing Mark. One simple thing. When I thought “That’s it. I should just die.” I saw a simple video. I stood there and said, “I don’t want to die because I want to see what they will upload next.” So thank you. 

You always said, “You can do it.” I am doing it for you, Mark. For you, for Jack, for Felix, for all this beautiful community that helped me. You taught me to believe in myself, you taught me to never give up. I will never give up. So Thank You for always being there. Thank you for everything. And,


I might actually start watching Loud House. I haven’t because I kinda hit my quota on ‘piles of interesting female characters but the boy is the Special And Important One’ but maybe I’ll give it a look after all.

Best. Night. Ever.

This is gonna be super long but I need to get this out while it’s still fresh so bear with me cuz my head is spinning with bliss rn.

Okay so like
I thought I couldn’t get any happier tonight cuz of my weird mood from earlier
So boyfriend and I get back to my house and start watching Bob’s Burgers as we usually do, and of course the whole time he’s just giving me little tickles here and there, I’m giving him back rubs and all the usual stuff.
So that goes on for like an hour, it’s nice and cute and yeah.
Then by the time we start watching Family Guy, the tickles and teasing gradually become more aggressive, he’s all over my feet and my tummy and the newly discovered behind my knees (EVERYONE IGNORE THAT) and at some point he starts in with the fucKING RASPBERRIES DEAR GOD WHY
Now keep in mind, we were in the family room which is literally right next to my parents room, in which they were sleeping at the time
So after Family Guy, we decide to watch Spongebob. Starts out normal, a few minutes go by.
And somehow I end up laying kinda in front of him on the couch, like he’s on the inside, I’m on the outside, get what I’m saying? Maybe? Anyway.
And out of nowhere he launches a full on ATTACK on my entire upper body like he did not miss a single spot and thE WHOLE TIME HE WAS TEASING THE CRAP OUT OF ME
And I was trying so hard to be as quiet as I could but I mean WE ALL KNOW ITS IMPOSSIBLE RIGHT?!
So at this point I start falling off his lap and he’s kinda holding onto me but also switches to tickling my ribs and hips and so him holding me does nothing and we somehow both end up on the floor where it continues for another few minutes and oh my godddd
So finally he gets back up and leaves me on the floor lmao and I’m basically crying.
Thennn for the grand finale he grabs my feet and goes nuts on them for idk how long but there were a lot more tears in the end haha

You’d think it would end there right?
When he had to leave I started walking him to the door and right before we got to the stairs, he did the best thing ever and PINNED ME AGAINST THE WALL AND TORTURED ME MORE and this went on for at least two minutes and fuck it was great
And right before he walked outside, as we were kissing and hugging good bye he went for my sides again and I wanted to melt into a huge puddle of lee giddiness or something.

It was absolutely amazing.

Long story short, I’m gonna marry this man one day.

God I’m so tired of big brother this last episode is just it for me unless Cody or dom gets back in that house I’m just gonna start binge watching bbcan because this is just the worst not only did they completely edit out ALL of the racist and bullying behavior most of the house guests inflicted on dom this week (including the black face plan that is now infamous on social media) but they made the fact that mark ASSAULTED josh by THROWING HOT SAUCE AND PICKLE JUICE IN HIS FACE into a “hehe isn’t mark so playful and silly? Why is josh so mad?” Moment just made me so fucking mad they made Julie even call it a “silly fight” to save their asses because they didn’t evict him after that shit show happened like Jesus I’m so done three seasons of disappointment in a row now

We really need more canon Hufflepuffs of color, though.

Seriously, Roz and Baz are the only non-white characters in that photoset. And it’s not because I was overlooking a whole bevy of Hufflepuffs of color, I assure you.

Come on universe, make it happen. Hufflepuff literally is the House of diversity and acceptance, let’s try and show it.

Horror Movies

I can’t get the idea that various members of the Justice League are freaked out by different kinds of scary movies.

Like all of them freak Clark out…because he’s Clark.  And I feel like Hal would be freaked out by the possession ones, especially after Parallax (I also accept that they bothered him before), and he would “subtly” snuggle up to whoever he is with(Bruce is in my head because I’m currently hardcore shipping BatLantern).  Barry is a little harder to pick, but I’d have to go with ghost/haunting movies, because as a forensic scientist he’s seen a lot of real world crap.  My pick for Bruce is the movies with creepy kids…because they’re pale with jet black hair and that’s a common theme at Wayne Manor.  Like I can see him leaning over to [insert partner here, I’m going with Hal] and just being like “Does that kid remind you of someone?” Maybe the fear is even on a subconscious level, I don’t know.  

September is when we start watching horror movies at my house, and that thought has been on my mind.  I think Horror Movie Nights on the Watchtower would make a pretty awesome Halloween story prompt if anybody wants to take a crack at it.  I suck at writing, but I’d be happy to help with ideas. :)


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i feel like ive gotta start watching House MD…

woah what’s the spicy house discourse pls share

ok well let me preface this by saying i cant make heads or tails of it but idk if u are familiar w/ the niche or being pope leonard (based i think on robert sean leonard who is now in house MD) but from what i can tell the House Discourse refers to a group of people who made up a fake show with robert sean leonard in it and every night they rise and start talking about it 

I cant believe I watched an entire season of Fuller House and will start S2 tomorrow. It’s soooooo cheesy, but still kinda entertaining. Also, I’m team Matt.