i started to play sims again

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Who’s Brom’s father?

Just some guy who got killed off in the Great Plague that hit Dallubach right before I started playing, along with Thea’s parents. Tragic :P

I rolled a bunch of teen-only households when I started out, so there was a lot of killing off of the older sims necessary to get the households out of CAS. My cemeteries are alarmingly full! I could have just made them all adults and aged them down, but I hate having to do their clothes and shit over again outside of CAS.  

  • No, I didn’t quit Tumblr!
  • It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve posted on here, but it’s not like I’ve fallen off the face of the earth.
  • Yelling at me on Twitter doesn’t make me feel more inclined to post.
  • I’m a full-time student working a full-time job. Tumblr isn’t exactly my priority right now.
  • I posted a text post the other day about how last week was my first week back at school since the hurricane and I was swamped with homework so I wasn’t able to queue anything. I have since deleted that post because it only resulted in me being sent more angry tweets.
  • I started this Tumblr because it was fun for me, but that is no longer the case. I just can’t bring myself to play the Huntley save right now with so many people being so angry about it. They’ve effectively ruined it for me.
  • I already had to turn off asks completely on this blog to combat all the negativity. I hate that it has come to this point. I just want to share my Sims screenies. I didn’t want any of this pressure.
  • Once exams are over after this week I’ll have more time to play again. Here’s to hoping I feel less burnt out by then.
  • People are probably going to hate me for saying any of this, but lots of people hate me no matter what I do so it probably doesn’t matter anyway.
  • I ate frozen pancakes this morning and they were 11/10 great. Happy National Pancake day.
  • You. Stop typing that. Stop typing that angry tweet. I don’t want to read your angry tweet. Stop it. Stop right now.

i had this in my drafts for like a week i think idk bc i wanted to edit/fix it but oH Well just take it [x]

Coachella // Cole Sprouse

Hey, could you do a Cole Sprouse imagine, where him and the reader are together at Coachella with the rest of the cast. And they all ship them and it is just really cute and fluffy. This would be awesome. Thank you in advance 😊

A/N: Hi guys! I’m sorry it took so so so so long for me to post my stuff, but I am a busy girl (what am I saying? I spend most of my time on Sims and playing video games) and school is almost starting back up again (it’s saturday and i’m talking 11pm right now and i go back on monday help) but I will try to do this for you 💕 Btw, this is short bcos I have never been to Coachella so I couldn’t really describe the experience omg. 

Warnings: Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Words: 867. 

Characters: Cole Sprouse, KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Ross Butler, Casey Cott. 

You were beyond excited as you walked through the front gates of the biggest music festival you’ve ever attended. You had Cole holding onto your hand tightly, making sure you wouldn’t get lost within the crowds. Camila and Lili were both chatting to you about the fashion, and their outfits. You wore something simple, just like Camila and Lili. A ‘Boho Chic’ styled outfit, paired with white Converse and your hair was in loose curls and you had a huge smile on your face.

Looking up at Cole, seeing his brown hair fall perfectly over his face. His white shirt and blue jeans were simple and you loved it. A lot.

“What are you staring at me with heart eyes for?” Cole whispered in your ear, a chuckle following his question as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer to his body as you walked to the H&M tent with him and the rest of the cast.

“Because you’re a beautiful specimen and I think you’ve casted a spell on me to make me look at you all the time.” You grinned, shaking your head a little as you looked around, seeing an abundance of celebrities floating around. There was music playing from the live performances and you were honestly so amazed by the relaxed atmosphere. Cole laughed at your comment, pressing a kiss to your temple. You could hear Camila exclaiming how cute you two were as a couple and Lili quietly agreeing with her. KJ, Casey and Ross were all wolf whistling in the background, making you blush and bite your lip.


You were currently dancing with Camila and Lili to the music at the stage where you were with everyone you had come with. It had eventually gotten a bit sexual, where it ended up with you grinding up against Camila, her hands on your body. You were laughing, since you were a bit tipsy and high off the adrenaline, along with Camila, and Cole was standing over with KJ, Casey and Ross. Cole was muttering under his breath. He heard KJ laugh at him. “Jealous are you, mate?”

Cole raised an eyebrow at KJ, chuckling a little bit and shaking his head. “I’m just gonna let her have fun. She’s had a tough few months, so I’m just letting her let loose.” Cole shrugged, running his fingers through his hair and walking up behind you, leaning in to whisper in your ear. “I’m gonna go and get some drinks for the clan. I’ll be back soon, okay?”

You turned around, apologizing to the girls before looking up at him. “I’m gonna come with you, okay?” You took his hand, your bag at your side. You made your way through the crowds, headed towards the little stall where drinks were being sold. You asked for 7 bottles of water, pulling your purse from your bag, but Cole had already handed them the money, telling them to keep the change before taking 4 out of the 7 bottles of water. “I could’ve paid for them, Cole.” You laughed, holding the three bottles, walking besides your boyfriend.

“You don’t need to worry about it right now, my beautiful. I just want you to have fun with us all.” He spoke as the both of you arrived back to your group, who were now all finished with their dancing, and had sat on the grass, just a little bit away from the crowds.

“You two are honestly the cutest. Like, cuter than Michael Jackson and Tatiana Thumbtzen from his music video or whatever.” Camila commented, thanking you as you handed her and Lili a bottle of water, handing the other water bottle you had to KJ, who was also seated next to Camila.

“I think we aspire to be David and Victoria Beckham, actually.” Cole smirked, his hand snaking around your waist, pulling you closer to him. You blushed, looking at Camila and rolling your eyes.

“Well if you pop out babies like the Beckham’s do, I will be astonished and honestly cry.” Lili laughed, making you face-palm, unscrewing the bottle lid and taking a drink.


It was getting towards dark and you were currently wrapped up in a blanket, sitting next to Cole, who was wrapped up in the same blanket, sipping a cup of coffee, from the Thermos that Lili had filled up. “Have you enjoyed today?” Cole asked quietly, his lips brushing against your ear, taking a deep breath.

“I did, actually. Thank you so much for bringing me along, Cole. You didn’t have to.” You smiled, turning to look at him and pressing a kiss to his cheek. You stood up, dropping the blanket and starting to pack your stuff into the back pack you had bought along.

“What are you doing?” Cole asked, watching you put both of your stuff away. You motioned for him to give you the blanket as you spoke.

“Packing. As you can see. I want to spend some time with my amazing boyfriend in a cold hotel room.” You smiled, watching him nod and start to pack up to.

Boy were you happy to have a guy like him in your life.


I’m thinking about starting a legacy-like story. Not sure I would publish it there, as it will be a bit hard for me to write a story in english. My real objective is to enjoy playing my game again !

I already built this kind of starter house for my first sims, on the biggest lot of Windenburg’s island. I had to cheat a bit to buy the lighthouse, but as it’s not really usable and will make the bills more expensive, I don’t mind. I still have to create my founder :o

Christine Sydelko Sentence Starters

I’ve been bingeing Christine’s vines and vlogs, and everything she says is perfect for crack-tastic hijinks. 

  • “Don’t ask questions, just drive!”
  • “Too bad you can’t hot glue gun your marriage back together!”
  • What happens if I put hot dogs in the garbage disposal?”
  • “One time when I was twelve I made my sim woo-hoo with a ghost and my mom walked in and saw, and she took my computer away for a month.”
  • “And so I say onto you, Adam and Eve are my OTP, and the only thing I vape is the Holy Ghost. Amen.”
  • “Oh god why did I do this, why did I do this, why did I do this?!”
  • “I hate it when guys only offer five goats and ten chickens for my hand in marriage. Hello! Clearly I’m worth five goats, twelve chickens, and a rabbit pelt.”
  • “The macarena was an inside job!”
  • “Yeah, I–I bet he’s got a penis.”
  • “Eyy girl, so when we gonna churn butter and chill?”
  • “Hi, welcome to to bible study!”
  • “Hi, Horror Club is doing a human centipede on the quad tomorrow. BYSK, bring your own sewing kit.”
  • “I’m like, it’s not my fault you got lice.”
  • “This is why dad left you.”
  • “I’m wearing a jean dress and I feel good!”
  • “Oh my god, my mom was right! Peer pressure is real!”
  • “It says here that you wish to have your ashes brewed in a Keurig?”
  •  “Celine Dion put a curse on my family and now our crops won’t grow.”
  • “What’s better than this, guys being dudes?”
  • “His favorite fruit is a mango, but will she be ready to tango?”
  • “Kumbaya my lord!”
  • “Drive, bitch! To the…pussy store.”
  • “My mom says I can’t play with you anymore.”
  • “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the good kush!”
  • “He was a dolphin in a whale suit!”
  • “If you don’t call your boyfriend papi, is he really your boyfriend?”
  • “Yeah, uh, tip of the penis to you too, ____ !”
  • “Yeah, I know where that is. You’re going to the left, to the right, take it back now y’all, two hops this time, and then cha-cha real smooth.”
  • “Money over love!”
  • “It’s like, yeah, like, I do skin cats for fun, but I’m not a psychopath. Don’t label me, you know?”
  • “Oh, I was just making sure you weren’t two kids trying to sneak into an R-rated movie.”
  • “Run, it’s almost midnight! I turn into a fuckboy!”
  • “You think this is a game? This is fucking science! I don’t play that shit!”
  • “Ew girl! What the fuck are you doing burping in my mouth and shit?!”
  • “ ___ get your credit card. Hurry up, get your fucking credit card!”
  • “It says you wish to be mummified in fruit roll-ups?”
  • “LMAO, he just gave her the D!”
  • “Do they have a snapchat geo-tag?”
  • “I want ____ to rip out my large intestine and use it as a jump rope.”
  • “I’d like to thank all three of you for coming. Now, she wasn’t very pretty, and she wasn’t very smart…”
  • “I believe in equality. I believe your dick is equal to the size of a tic tac, how about that?”
  • “My dick is stuck in a Pringles can.”
  • “I just saw your google search history and I think we need to talk. Now, what are ‘sexy minions’?”
  • “Oh girl, you’re going to get with the penis real soon!”
  • “Only get on your knees for two things: beer bongs and blow jobs.”
  • “I think I swallowed a nickel.”
  • Nice scrapbook, or should I say CRAPbook?”
  • “Tom and Jerry were lovers! The government is lying to us!”
  • “Well looks like this body…is a dead one.”
  • “So ____ starts choking me and saying ‘Bitch, you bought the wrong lunchables!’“
  • “The rain is just God’s tears. He’s crying because we’re sinners.”
  • “Give me my tupperware, ___ !”
  • “ ___, the flower crown you got me is too big! I can’t show my face at Coachella like this!”
  • “No one cuts off my banjo solo!”
  • “You stayed up all night playing the sims again, didn’t you?”
  • “Heeeeeey, Mister Big Cock!”
  • “Do I need this? No. Do I want it? Also no.”
  • “If you spit in my mouth I will murder your family.”
  • “I only twerk on Priuses. Eco-friendly!”
  • “I am shooketh.”
  • “Why does the lady at Taco Bell know my name?”
  • “They’re bueno.”
  • “Can you tell me why I stole a pool ball from that bar?”
  • “I’m not even on my period!”

Fun fact: My first “otome style” dating sim was My Candy Love! The more you know.

Anyways, I haven’t played the game in years, but suddenly I remembered it again and started thinking about it. Honestly, the only reason why I stopped playing it was because of the absurd “AP” system. Basically, the game requires “AP” or “Action Points” for you to continue. Each time you go to check out the next hallway over or a new classroom/area, it takes away two AP. You only receive five AP each day for logging in. Therefore, it takes an eternity to complete the game, and it’s literally impossible to try out different routes, not only because of that, but also because the game is still continuing. Other than that, though, I love it to bits.

The basic synopsis of My Candy Love is that you start out as a new student as “Sweet Amoris High School” as a “Candy” AKA the MC of My Candy Love, hence the name. You go about trying to fit into this new school with many crazy journeys, as you “coincidentally” attract trouble. But, you meet some attractive guys along the way and the goal is to win their heart by responding with the correct responses, etc.

Some points in the game are a bit weird, as the “Candy” is honestly a bit stalker-ish. *coughs*LikethepartinwhichsheobsessesoverseeingLysander'stattooonhisback*coughs* However, the interesting characters make up for the cliche plot line and occasional cringiness.

I felt like drawing Lysander, one of the main males that you can go for. I’ve been trying to go for him, at least until Kentin comes back.
Speaking of Kentin,
THAT is how you hit puberty.

If any of you guys are interested (lol), here is the link: www.mycandylove.com/


So I finally got my exam results yesterday afternoon and I am happy with what I got! Now I can look forward to my vacation as well as my Summer Break! I also started playing The Sims 4 again and picked up a couple books to read through. (I have a lot of things I really want to try and finish before Summer Break ends!)

Anyways, that aside, wrote this short piece. Hoping for it to be fluffy but I honestly think I may be bad at trying to come off as fluffy.

Words: 804

Bruce frowns as soon as he wakes up and shivers from the cold when he realizes his source of warmth is no longer beside him. He rarely ever wears a shirt to bed, hasn’t been wearing one since he had been a teen and even when he had gotten together with you, you always seem to appreciate it a lot whenever he had gone on without his shirt. Bruce thrives off of the warmth your body has to offer and seeing as he is currently shivering from the cold because all he has right now is just the thin covers; he wonders where you might have gone off to. 

Bruce lets out a yawn before turning to gaze at the clock beside him. 6:09AM blinks back and the frown on his face deepens. Considering the activities, the both of you had done for the entire night, this is far too early for the both of you to be awake. On a Sunday too, nonetheless!

Bruce grumbles to himself before he decides to leave the bed in favour of looking for you. He knows he probably would not be able to fall back to sleep despite wanting to, without having you in his arms. Your presence in not just his life but his bed too has spoiled him entirely. 

Deciding it is best to put a sweater on, Bruce trudges around the room looking for the one he had been wearing the day before. If he remembered it correctly, he had carelessly thrown it in the direction of the vanity mirror but he could not find it. Bruce scratches his stomach lazily as he runs a hand through his hair, ruffling it slightly. 

Sighing in defeat, Bruce leaves the room to search for you instead. He should probably just go about without the shirt. It is not like anyone except for you and Alfred would be awake at this hour either. 

Bruce finds you curled up on the sofa, reading through a book - it must be one of the books Damian has recommended to you, he finds joy to see that the two of you are getting along wonderfully - with a blanket draped around your lap. Bruce pads over to where you are sitting and carefully slides down beside you. 

Bruce leans down to press a soft kiss atop your head before wrapping an arm around your shoulders. You immediately melt against him. “Y/N, why are you awake this early?” He asks sleepily. 

You shiver the tiniest bit when Bruce’s lips brushes against your ear. You close your book after making sure to place your bookmark correctly and set it aside before turning to look at him. You give him a small smile. “I couldn’t sleep is all." 

You shiver when cold air washes over you and you snuggle closer to Bruce’s warmth, giggling to yourself when he lets out a shudder because of cold your nose is. 

Bruce pulls the blanket from your lap before wrapping it around the both of you. He is grateful that most of the blankets in the manor are huge and comfortable. Once the two of you are comfortable, Bruce buries his nose on to your hair.

"Aren’t you tired? After what we did last night.” He murmurs in to your hair. 

You shake your head as you bask in his warmth. Everything about Bruce is pleasantly warm and you are grateful for it. He probably woke up because you weren’t in bed too. 

Only when you wrap your arms around Bruce does he finally realise something. Bruce tilts his head slightly and a small, teasing smile appears on his face. 

“Y/N, are you wearing my sweater?” Bruce raises one of his eyebrows. This is probably your fourth or fifth - he had stopped counting after the first two times - time you had ‘borrowed’ his sweaters. 

You snuggle closer to him, pressing a kiss on his shoulders. You can feel Bruce shivering again. “I couldn’t find my shirt so I just grabbed yours instead.” You defended yourself. “It’s so comfy too.”

“At the rate you are borrowing my sweaters, Y/N, I might even have to get some new ones.” Bruce tells you pointedly but you knew he didn’t mean a thing what he had said. You also knew for a fact that Bruce actually likes seeing you in his clothes - you initially thought it was probably a men thing, but you have come to learn that it really was just a Bruce thing. Not that you minded because you like riling him up sometimes. 

You smile against his shoulders. “Meanie.”

Bruce tightens his arms around you cozily. The two of you stayed together like that until later that morning when Damian stumbled upon the two of you, still wrapped in each other’s arms, sleeping soundly. 


It has come to my attention that people have started developing prejudices toward me and the way I am in real life based on what I write in my stories. That being said, I’m resigning from storytelling in the form of Sims. This may seem out of the blue, but it was a long time coming. Halfway through writing Where’s Bella?, I got sick of it. I wanted to just be done with it so that I could play my game again. But I’ve felt obligated to continue writing for the pleasure of my followers…and that doesn’t make me happy. It actually really stresses me out. I’ve decided that if I want to write, I’ll work on the actual novels I’ve been meaning to finish for years. My sims stories will remain on my blog for all to read. However, I will only be posting gameplay pictures from now on. If you have any qualms with or questions about me in real life, please talk to me about it on my personal blog. I hope you all understand and thank you for always supporting me.

Tortured artist? Irascible writer? Bitter misanthrope? Disillusioned Simerican? A severe case of resting bitch face?

…Or all of the above? ;) Nathaniel’s story coming soon to a screen near you!

I’m so sorry about that ridiculous intro, lol, but I’m nothing if not corny. XD But anyway, the main reason I’m posting him yet again is that I still need a few more sims for this challenge. I don’t mind making them myself, but if anyone is interested in creating an author to join Nathaniel at the writer’s retreat please contact me. I realize that I’ve been moving slower than a herd of turtles on this project, but after a year and a half the world I intend to play in is finally finished and ready to go and I’m eagerly anticipating getting his story started for real.

If you’d like more information about the challenge before deciding whether or not you’re interested, you can find the original post I made about it here. It’s a bit wordy, but my inbox is always open for questions and I promise I will do my best to respond in a timely manner. Thank you so much for your consideration! :)


Anyone else misses seeing this girl’s face? I sure do! ;o; I miss playing with my bb

The gems playing sims
  • Steven: Makes sims versions of his family except his household has the maximum number of pets allowed.
  • Pearl: Everyone has a job and everyone goes to bed on time. She names all of the babies "Steven". May or may not have made her and Rose.
  • Amethyst: Sets her sims on fire then gets bored.
  • Garnet: Makes sim versions of Ruby and Sapphire, plays their lives out and when they die she makes new versions and starts again.
  • Peridot: Makes really detailed houses but can't get through a single day playing with people.
  • Lapis: Uses cheats and deletes NPCs who annoy her.
Dysphoria and The Sims

I have started playing the Sims 4 recently.  I have played these games since they first came out so many years ago and used to play the Sims 4 a lot when it first came out but stopped to feed other video game addictions.  Anyway, I started to playing again recently and have found myself, once again, immersed in the Sims life.

More recently I started to think about why I find the Sims so enthralling.  Of course it’s just a fun game to play, so there’s that.  But, more deeply, the Sims offers a unique experience for those of us who identify as trans or gender non-conforming.  We can live out our “ideal lives” through this game.  We can be cisgender, we can live a life where there are no stressors related to your gender identity.  It’s just normal.  The Sims does a really wonderful job at not limiting a gamer’s gender identity.  They let you choose the gender of your Sim, the clothes and hair you want, which gender you want to allow to get pregnant, etc.  There are very few limits. 

If you have not played the Sims, you’re missing out… just in general.  But, really, I feel it’s an interesting way to combat dysphoria and gives you the opportunity to live an ideal life.  At the very least, it’s an escape.  As with anything, this is not a method that will work for everyone, but if it’s of interest to you, I would say give it a try.

I believe the gender-neutral and pregnancy preferences are only in the Sims 4, just FYI.

Tea Rose: At least we have a cute picture to remember her by.

Cherry Blossom: It’s not like we’ll never see her again.

Tea Rose: We probably won’t. 

Cherry Blossom: Always the pessimist.

Tea Rose: I like to call myself a realist.

Cherry Blossom: Either way, you’re bummin’ me out.

Tea Rose: Sorry… Better start saving those pennies so you can go and see her.

Cherry Blossom: Wonder how much my crappy artwork would fetch?

Tea Rose: Not enough… I did it again, didn’t I?

Cherry Blossom: It’s okay. I’m pretty used to it by now.


Okay, so I started playing the Sims 3 again, and going through a lot of the custom content out there (because I can’t not play the sims without custom content), I found a lot of Mass Effect stuff.

So I present to you now, Mass Effect in Sims 3!

So far, I have Moira Shepard, Garrus, Liara, Samara, Miranda, Jack, Ashley and Tali in game, or at least, under one roof. I know there are sims out there for Thane, Kaidan, James Vega, and a few of the others, I just haven’t gotten around to adding them yet. Outside of the house, Aria T'Loak is floating around (I spent a good morning trying to recreate Afterlife with the music as best I could, stupid wall speakers), Morinth (of course), and a few husks.

As far as custom content goes, the only thing I did was to try and make Samara’s outfits like her ingame ones, other than that, everything else can be found online, and at some point I will do a masterpost of all these and where I found them.

I’ll update occasionally with some of the funnier screenshots, in the meantime, hope you enjoy this lot.

anonymous asked:

David, could you please help me? I have a few (like 600) package files and my game is taking sooo long to load. Do i have too much package files? What should I do to make it load faster? Thank you :-(

Hello Anon! :]
Well, I can help you with some stuff I tried, too many things I’d say…
600 packages are not too much, in my Mods folder I have 210 Packages but I Really have 1417 files plus 61 plus 80 so I have 1558 files as total :]

So I’ve tried too many things, look this unordered list —before you start reading let me say you that this become a “Solve Your Problem” guide LOL:

  • Merging packages: The “First” Way

    With S3PE and doing it manually, you can see a tutorial in case you don’t know how Here, start at step 5

  • Merging Packages: The “Cool” Way

    With CCMagic —which is Great and saves you a Lot of time!—, at start it can be confusing but this guide is good, not the one I learned from but still nice.
    The thing with CCMagic is that I’m very organized and I have All in folders and they contain all by category so all is even more organized, look:

    And there I save the things that have a prefix :]
    I rename all my files

    A friend of mine aka Kilhian told me that CCMagic made her game run a lot lot faster because she had around 10GB of CC plus All AroundTheSims files

  • Having packages of Less than 200MB - 250MB is recommended

    So make sure any of your Merged files is more than 200MB or 250MB

  • Cleaning your Save

    It happens that sometimes your save can be of 1GB or so :0 My first save file had that size and the load times changed Too Much!
    What I did too much times was this:
    To Clean it through Save Cleaner which is the modern and programmed way to do the old way which is shown here at NRaas, this can reduce your file a lot But have this in mind:

    It will delete All the Thumbnails of your sims and the sims in the town plus some more things, the game will generate that again and again so clean it often, one per two weeks is nice —if you play too much!

    Thing I cannot do so often

  • Or Moving your Sims again

    It happens that sometimes the world can get buggy or have too many sims, I don’t know if you’d ever had that problem when the game saves forever but I’ve had, so you may want to une all your sims in a house and then saving it to library with their pictures, paintings and remembers in their pocket or library and load a new world or the same as a new game and start again :]

  • Saving As instead of Save As

    The woman at the video says —I think— that EA suggest to always Save As instead of Save, I learnt and could discover that Saving As would take a little less time for me to save —which is strange— and the save does not get corrupted as it used to get, I’ve had the same save from January or so, but don’t be excesive, use better the NRaas Saver for that, a Pop-up appears every 30 minutes asking you for save and give a name

    Watch the Video here

  • Monitoring your Town

    This game has weird things, so many I’d say, but one of these are the Wild Animals and the constant creation of NPC (Non Playable Character) in the town

    So for that I use a few Mods as are:

  • Seeing What your game Reads and why!

    There is a Great tool called Process Monitor and that thing can say you what your game is Reading and not why, you discover the why iin the next link, I learnt from Here the SimsWiki

    But I will give you a tip when you’re angry at the game, While loading and you think it’s been a while press either ALT+TAB or the Windows Key, open your ProcessMonitor.exe —previously configured— and if the game is reading per example “TheSimsSupernatural” folder toooooo much and veeery often or another EP or SP enter to the game again —if you play Fullscreen— and then start pressing random keys such as ESC | Space Bar | Enter | Shift | and in a minute or less the game will Load! That’s weird, isn’t it? But I could play by knowing that

  • Deleting your Caches

    It is good to do this, the game saves in the caches even the recolors you don’t used —And Multiple times!— so it starts getting bigger and bigger, every once a month or the time you want is nice :)
    Remember that are those:

    • compositorCache.package → This thing contains All your CASt presets and rendered objects
    • simCompositorCache.package → This things contains all your sims textures and CASt presets rendered too
    • socialCache.package → This thing downloads the news at TS3 site and your friends activity and Showtime shows and more
    • scriptCache.package → Try to delete this if you have problems with Mods or removed one and the game acts weird
    • Your WoldCaches folder can be deleted if you’re really hardcore LOL Or delete one by one
    • Your Thumbnails folder, you can leave DownloadsThumbnails.package if you use the Launcher

  • Being Really Hardcore

    This means to delete your The Sims 3 folder as this tutorial says, but don’t be That hardcore, save some useful files as these:

    • userPresets.package → Your CASt presets and saved patterns and colors
    • Options.ini → Your options of the game
    • DeviceConfig.log → Other Options
    • Your folders: Collections | ContentPatch | DCCache and the CCMerged.package inside it | Downloads if you have any | Exports if you have any, try to remove the files on this thing | InstalledWorlds if you have any | Library because OH MY GOD | SavedSims | Saves | Screenshots —those are the most important files of the game.

    Or just Rename the folder at Electronics Arts for The Sims 3 Old and move the files I say to not delete

  • Move your DCCache Files to Mods!

    I’ve not tried this one yet, but I’ve read that it can make your game faster, you basically move the files from the DCCache folder aka dcdb0.dbc —and so— and dcdb0.ebc —if you have legit Store content— to the Mods folder in another subfolder called “DCCache” and modifying the Resource.cfg by this thing —I suppose you have an Overrides Subfolder too:

    Priority 1000
    PackedFile "Overrides/*.package"
    PackedFile "Overrides/*/*.package"
    PackedFile "Overrides/*/*/*.package"
    PackedFile "Overrides/*/*/*/*.package"
    PackedFile "Overrides/*/*/*/*/*.package"

    Priority 500
    PackedFile Packages/*.package
    PackedFile Packages/*/*.package
    PackedFile Packages/*/*/*.package
    PackedFile Packages/*/*/*/*.package
    PackedFile Packages/*/*/*/*/*.package

    Priority 500
    PackedFile DCCache/*.dbc
    PackedFile DCCache/*/*.dbc
    PackedFile DCCache/*/*.world

    Priority 499
    PackedFile Test/*.package

    Priority 499
    PackedFile Probation/*.package
    PackedFile Probation/*/*.package
    PackedFile Probation/*/*/*.package
    PackedFile Probation/*/*/*/*.package

  • Compressing your Stuff!

    This is more useful before merge all the CC
    You can do it with the Compressorizer Redux, I learnded from Mirrah —I’m sorry that it does not have HTML format but w/e— See it here

  • In Case your game is Crashing

    Try this tool The Sims Crash Log Analyzer —or without Register here— and if it says that one EP or SP need to be updated then use this tool called The Sims 3 Patch Downloader

  • Disabling some Memories of sims

    I use this mod called Only Important Memories and it keeps your save smaller than a regular EA one because it does not saves the “OH I went to a Park 100 Times this week” Memories, plus it is nice

And I think that it is All, long enough LOL
But I hope you can find a solution to your problem, some people uses this program Razer Game Booster, and don’t be downloading all the things you see, there are so many broken things and a lot that need to be recategorized, see how here. By the way I have a few other mods.

Plus I save my Mods in the Overrides Folder, plus the content I don’t want to merge or just does not appears in Packages, and CCMagic has its own folder but leave it alone

Have a Beautiful day Anon! Let me know if you understood LOL

The Sims 4: New Game Patch (July 18th, 2017)

There’s a new Sims 4 update available in Origin. If you have automatic updates enabled in the “Application Settings”, the game will auto-update once you open Origin. If you have auto-updates disabled, you will need to manually update by clicking the game in your library.

PLEASE:>>>> Remove all MODS and Custom Content before updating your game

UPDATE: 7/18/2017 – PC Version / Mac Version

Hey Simmers,

We spent some time working on some of the hot community issues out there. Each of these issues below were requested by folks in our community (except for one).

Hopefully we touched upon something for you, or even better, you haven’t run into any of these. But if you have, or you’re just curious, then these issues are for you.

General Issues

  • Sims will no longer restart writing a book from the beginning, after you have saved and loaded the lot.
  • “Watch Current Channel” and “Watch TV Together” are BACK baby! You can once again choose to sit down with your family, friends, strangers, and watch the current channel or together as a group!
  • We fixed an issue that could cause female Sims to remain wearing a pink bra when taking a shower.
  • Lots downloaded to “My Library” from the Gallery should no longer find that various thumbnails have gone missing.
  • Sims with the Kleptomaniac trait should no longer place items they have stolen into the inventories of the Sim they stole the items from.
  • Sims will no longer autonomously donate money to charity.
  • Throwing a Birthday Party will help to fulfil the Throw 3 Parties aspiration goal of the Party Animal Aspiration.
  • Oh… if only. I’ve been on the same 3 pages of my novel for 15 years now.
  • Wait… I’m sorry. The issue is that the mosaic censor grid will no longer have hints of mosaic pink in it?
  • Ok. So, just for clarity, the censor grid pink, that was showing in the mosaic, will no longer be present?
  • I feel so conflicted with this note.
  • Yep.
  • Yep.
  • I feel as though the story of Robin was lost in translation.
  • But they still feel good about doing it.

Get To Work

  • “Interrogate Suspect” has been removed from the interrogation table during the tutorial APB event as it didn’t do anything.
  • Your Sim should no longer get the Unable to Propose dialog when attempting to propose to Sims who are not employed by the proposing Sim.
  • Medicine can now be set for sale in retail stores.
  • Now if they don’t want to marry you, they’ll just tell ya.
  • “Oooh, I would totally marry you, but my job… yea. It’s crunch time, we got a deadline. Oh, and my boss, real hard a-yea don’t get me started. And, I gotta work Saturdays too. Maybe next time.”
  • Sims without license selling medicine. This seems fine.
  • Sims who reach level 8 in the Doctor career should now find that pregnant Sims are actually coming to the hospital to complete the Deliver a Baby promotion task.
  • C’mon honey, your pregnant, and it’s time to go to the hospital.
  • Nope? But, you’re… pregnant… and… it’s time.
  • Off what?
  • But they fixed the issue.
  • If you chose to wear ymHair_EP01ShortSwept and set your head shape to ymCompleteHead_09, and you look deeply into the eyes of your creation… you could see the hair under the skin near the eyes. This is now fixed.
  • The Regulation Station now has a Reliability value displayed in its tooltip, and the winning number is…. SIX!
  • Nope
  • Nope. Rather have my pregnancy off lot.
  • Off lot, you know off camera, no pain, no animation. No baby… and then *pop* baby. So much nicer than labor.
  • They did WHAT?!
  • Come on down, it’s time for the Price Is… this by the way was “the one”.

Get Together

  • “Play Darts With…” more than one Sim should now work, and no longer leave the Sims standing around looking awkwardly at one another.
  • You gonna throw?
  • What?
  • So… you wanna play some b-ball?
  • The dance interaction can once again be performed on a Dance Floor when there is a stereo playing music nearby.
  • Lost a toe.
  • Yep, *schtick* toe gone.
  • Lost an eye.

City Living

  • Start Yard Sale and Stop Yard Sale now indicate they are instant actions in the pie menu with the circle in a circle icon.
  • When you learn the 27th of 27 recipes, we will no longer congratulate you for learning the 26th of the 27 recipes, but instead we will congratulate for learning all 27 of the 27 recipes.
  • Vegetarian Sims that received the message that says “WOAH! Your Sim has discovered a delicious alternative to meat products! Who knew that a meal could still have the familiar meat taste without the meat?” will no longer again receive the message each time they travel.
  • Sims with the active trait should no longer attempt “Close Shot” and “Dream Big” interactions on the basketball hoop every waking second of the day. This has been tuned down significantly.
  • In order to meet the needs of our Vegetarian Sims, The Corporate Fridge Raider Revenue Generating Cooler now offers a Faux BLT selection.
  • Sims should now sit when they play the console game if there is an available seat nearby.
  • I think the poor guy visiting me was really confused as I instantly started and stopped my yard sale 20 times in a row…
  • He kept looking at me with that “Is this wooden horse for sale or not!?” look in his eye. It’s a very specific look. You don’t run into it much.
  • But when you do…. wooh… you’ll never forget the “is this horse for sale” look.
  • Congratulations.
  • As the slogan says, “Faux B, if it’s fo-everyone, it’s Faux B.”
  • Obviously… have you ever tried to rocket jump standing up, the balance to weight ratio of the stick to foot differential completely messes with the timing.

Dine Out

  • Top-level restaurant chefs should no longer cook poor quality food.


  • The Draught of Reconfiguration and Vampire Resistance Cocktail drinks will no longer have two drink options in the pie menu.
  • Sims should once again be able to Plan their Wedding Event with a Vampire Sim.
  • Vampires can now date.
  • Is marriage to a vampire considered a wedding or a funeral? One of you is dead after all.
  • Ok, ok… let’s not get into the dead vs undead debate.
  • Technically – as for your determination of their date-ability, well, that’s on you.
  • I wish you a happy twilight, and a merry nosferatu.

Happy Summer Simmers,

[Posted on behalf of SimGuruGnome who is enjoying a nice game of ‘Don’t Wake the Llama’]