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Otto Hunting (Part 1)

Troy Otto Imagine 

Just a heads up! Read before continuing:

I haven’t written a fanfic in a while so sorry in advance (-:

Also, this is very morbid. Read w/ discretion.

I’m not sure if I’m the only one but I enjoy reading long fics so this is going to be part 1 of many.

I used @girlfromdiscoclub ‘s gif of Troy Otto.

If you’re reading this thank you and I hope you enjoy!

How long has it been? It feels as if a year has gone by, but you’ve been keeping a journal. Log Date: Day 35 and counting. You’ve been alone since day 20, your mom was the first to go. She passed away about 3 days into this “Rapture” that some people are calling it. She died when you guys got overrun in the warehouse you had been holding up in until it was quiet enough to go back outside… you didn’t know what was happening. How could you have known that trying to go on a food run would’ve turned into your mother no longer being a part of your life? That left you and your little brother, Sam, he was your best friend. He was so innocent and of course, this world had to take him to, leaving you and your conscience alone.

You had been in search for food for about 30 hours now. You keep telling yourself that humans can survive three weeks without food. You will survive, you will survive. Taking the woods has its perks, there’s less dead, you don’t run into as many strangers, and you can hunt, however, you haven’t had any luck catching anything. You decide to just keep walking, at this point, you don’t know why you’re walking or why you continue this journey when there is no hope. You rub your face and can feel the dried up tears reminding you of your mom and Sam. You look around and there is nothing but trees, lousy trees. Maybe this is all just a dream and you’ll wake up in that crummy little neighborhood where you never talked to any of the neighbors, even though when you drive by they greet you with a half grin and the front of their hand showing all 5 of their fingers. Maybe life is actually better now, you don’t have to pretend to like someone just because they live 10 feet away from you. You can actually be alone and not have to worry about anything else. Especially now, when all you have is yourself.

Your dad’s machete, your weapon of choice, even before. He gave it to you as a gift for your 16th birthday present, although you never thought you’d use it before now. Your mom despised it, the moment she saw it behind the wrapping paper she was already jumping down your dad’s throat. She would yell and your dad would cover little 5-year-old Sam’s ears hoping that he wouldn’t hear the curse words through the palms of his hands. You didn’t care you loved it, the machete that is, you were different from other 16-year-olds. Some would even say that you were anti-social. None of that matters now, it’s all just memories now.

All of a sudden you hear voices up ahead. You begin walking heel to toe in hopes that whoever it is wouldn’t hear you before you could see who they are and if they’re dangerous. You use the trees to your advantage, hiding behind them to get closer. All you hear is mumbling and it sounds like a man talking on a radio, you decide to try and get closer to make out what he is saying but when you reposition your foot you step on a twig resulting in the man yelling out “Who’s there!” removing a rifle from behind his back pointing it in your direction. As much as you don’t want to you come out of hiding with your hands held behind your head in surrender, “It’s just me! Lower your gun I’m not going to hurt you.” It’s hard to trust people nowadays.

“Put your weapons on the ground, now!” a man who looks to be in his twenties, wearing a tan jacket, with dark brown hair shaved in a military style, says. You obey and toss your machete and a pocket knife on the ground.

“State your name and business. Why are you out here alone?” the man asks lowering his rifle.

“My name is Y/N and I don’t have any business” you respond. “I’m just looking for food.” your stomach growls.

The man walks over to his vehicle, its tan and looks like it was just driven off of a military base, he searches his backpack for a moment and turns around to toss you a protein bar. “My names Otto, Jake Otto.”

“Thank you, Jake.” You say as you catch the protein bar quickly opening it to relieve your stomach the hunger pain.

He tells you about a ranch that his father has, “It’s just a few clicks up the road.” You’re still skeptical of Jake although he seems very sweet and genuine. You decide to go with him knowing you have nothing to lose. On the car ride, he tells you about the ranch and how his dad had been preparing for the end of days since the beginning, all of the food they have, the people there and the cabins. He must trust you, he trusts people very quickly. It’s almost night now. You drive down a long dirt road and your eyes are starting to feel heavy when was the last time you slept? You can’t remember, the days are starting to run together. “Home sweet home,” Jake says making you sit up in your seat to look around, you had almost fallen asleep. You shouldn’t let your guard down, you don’t know Jake or these people. When you rub your eyes to see more clearly it’s just as Jake has described. There it is, it looks hidden in the world itself, Broke Jaw Ranch. There is a fence that wraps around the entire property that meets a gate holding it all in, a field where crops grew, cabins, tents and a beautiful house to top it all off.

“Come on I’ll introduce you to the Clarks, they got here a few days ago. Maybe you can make friends together,” Jake jumps out of the truck and reaches out a hand to help you down. He smiles and tells you not to be afraid, that this is home.

You meet Alicia, Madison, and Nick. They’re sweet people and from what you can tell, they don’t trust easily either. You like them. Alicia tells you that there’s a “bible” study that she’d love for you to attend. Feeling overwhelmed you ask your new friend, Alicia, where you can shower and she shows you to the bath house. Everyone is being friendly towards you, probably because you came here alone and they feel bad. Alicia says they didn’t like her or her family at first. You turn the knob to the right and hot water begins to trickle down your body and you immediately get chills. It feels so good to feel clean again. Jake gives you one of his shirts and says that he doesn’t have any pants that would fit but it’s fine, you put on your boyshorts and the t-shirt is big enough to be a dress. You begin to write in your journal under the candlelight. Jake says that you keep a journal just like his brother Troy, you haven’t met him yet but he says he should be back tomorrow. It reads; Log Date: Day 35. Time 10:38 PM. I am sleeping in a bed for the first time in weeks. This place is almost too good to be true. Let the record show that the guard keeps their keys in the vehicles, as well as a handgun in the glove box at all times. Just in case. You close your eyes and fall soundly asleep.

The next morning you wake up to the sounds of birds and people talking and laughing amongst themselves. You wake up in a better mood than you were yesterday, today you woke up smiling. Jake told you to come to his cabin when you wake up so you did as such. As you walk to his living quarters you smile and wave to the people of this community and you realize that this time you’re not pretending to be happy to see strangers, this time you feel at home.

“Good morning, Jake. What do you have planned for us today?” you say greeting him with a smile outside his cabin.

“Wow, someone is very happy today” he responds, kneeled over tying his boots, preparing for what today has in store. “I was thinking we go down to the mess hall and grab some breakfast and then I can show you around some more. How does that sound?” Jake smiles.

You and Jake arrive at the mess hall and you spot your new friends Alicia and Nick. They’re talking about their old favorite movies. “Mind if I sit?” you say, already throwing over your leg to sit at the picnic table. “My favorite movie would have to be Twilight, ” you say giggling. “Really? Alicia says with a disappointed frown on her face. “Nah, I’m just messing with you guys!” you laugh. Jake pats your shoulder “I’ll meet up with you later? Deal?”

“Deal,” you say shoving your face with mashed potatoes. You, Alicia and Nick, move onto another subject but you zone out writing about your morning in your journal. You look up to let the sun hit your face when you meet eyes with a messy brown haired guy sitting next to Jake a few tables in front of you. He looks like he had been in a fight, his right eye was bruised and he was wearing a dark plaid shirt, you couldn’t help but blush as he caught you writing in your journal. You noticed yourself staring at him for a while, he was very handsome. The sun hit his face in a way that enhanced his jawline, he had his sleeves rolled up showing off his forearms, you look down at your journal and saw that you had started writing a description of him. You wrote down that he was hot, you couldn’t help it. He starts talking to Jake but you can’t hear what he is saying. You get up and head back to your bunk to lay in bed before Jake shows you around the ranch.

You hear a knock on the screen door, “Come in, Jake” you had fallen asleep and you thought Jake was coming to wake you up to give you the tour the two of you had previously talked about. When you get up you see that a 6 foot, beautiful brown haired man with a bruised right eye was standing in your doorway. “I don’t think I look like Jake,” he paused “well, after all, we are brothers so maybe I do resemble him,” the boy says.

“Sorry, I was expecting Jake, I’m Y/N,” you say blushing opening the screen door for him to come in.

“I know, Jake told me. He also said that he was busy and that I could give you the tour if that’s okay with you,” he says walking into the cabin getting closer to you by the second. You were so close that you could see his hair and all of the features that you wrote about in your journal. “Yeah that’s fine, let me grab my journal!” you smile avoiding eye contact so that you don’t blush again. Your journal was on the bedside table and he reached out to grab it for you, your hands brushed up against each other. It was gentle and innocent. You both giggled as he handed you your journal, “I also write things down, that’s something you and I have in common I guess,” he smirked while grabbing his journal out of his pocket to show you. “My names Troy, so how about that tour?” He grins leading you out of the cabin. You follow him, thinking to yourself that you’d follow this boy anywhere.

The Way You Move//Kim Yugyeom (Part 14)

Pairing: Yugeyom x Reader

Genre: Romance, Smut

Summary: @morsalinou said:
Your rrequest are open omgggg ok,…. I will try requesting simething for the first time here😅 hmm can i request a smut (🙊💕) where yugyeom sees you dancing in a competition (like hit the stage) or you dance with him you can decide (this weeks theme is love did you watch this show btw😍) and the rest is up to you! I’m so nervous omg😲😂

Author’s Note:  Sorry for the lack of updates! Also, sorry for the length of this chapter, it’s short, but only because it’s a filler chapter! Enjoy it nonetheless!

xoxo Sara

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9  -

Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Final

You saw the color drain from Yugyeom’s face before you turned around, beginning to walk back towards the door that led to the stage. Your heart broke into pieces inside of your chest, each piece stabbing you from the inside out.

“(Y/N),” You heard Yugyeom call your name softly, but before he could say another word, you were out the stage door, slamming it behind you.

You knew that your instructor was right; that all the girls fawned over Yugyeom and wanted to date him, but you never thought anyone would attempt to kiss him. Maybe it wasn’t expecting anyone to kiss him— maybe you didn’t expect him to let them kiss him.

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I love you

Part 9

This is very long overdue and I am so very sorry that it has taken me over a month to get this written. To everyone who kept asking me about it, there was just a lot going on and I have’t had a lot of time to write and I’m sorry. I’ll do my best to make sure you guys don’t wait more than a week for the next part!

Also, I am always accepting requests for fics. I’m working on three others which is another reason why this took so long to crank out. And I also love feedback on my writing so don’t be shy. 

But yeah… part 9. I’ve got some big stuff for part 10 so get ready. ;)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8.

Word Count: 4,344


A warm fire crackled with life mere inches from my freezing toes.

I was perched on the coffee table in the living room of Rhysand’s house—my boyfriend’s house.

God, that was still weird to say. Rhysand is my boyfriend. He had officially asked me over two months ago but it felt like it was only yesterday.

We were cuddled up on the couch in my apartment just after thanksgiving. The credits to the movie we had just finished were rolling across the screen. Rhys was on his side and I was on my back, nestled neatly against his chest.

The scent of jasmine and citrus and the sea was stuffed into my nose with him so close, and his warmth was making me drowsy.

A sleepy smile tugged at my lips as I felt his fingers brush my cheeks. His muttered “Feyre” made me open my eyes halfway to look at him.

“Hmmm,” I murmured sleepily to him.

He stroked my cheek gently, trying to coax me out of my disoriented state, all it did was lull me to sleep some more.

“Feyre, I— you know I really like you—“

“Mhmm.” My hand felt its way up his chest and hooked around the back of his neck. My fingers had woven their way into his silken hair.

“And we’ve been going out for a few weeks,” he paused and I had felt the weight of his eyes on my face.

“Feyre are you awake?”

My eyes fluttered open to meet two pools of violet staring intently at me.

“Feyre I—would you, I mean,” he huffed a frustrated sigh. “What I’m trying to ask—ugh. Feyre… will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?” The words tumbled out of lips and fell upon me like a warm blanket.

I gazed at him for what felt like an eternity, my brain taking its time to process what he had asked. Rhysand, this amazing person who I had come to know asked me to be his girlfriend.

Rhysand asked me to be his girlfriend!

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Don’t get too Close, It’s Dark Inside

Request: ‘’I HAVE A CHALLENGE FOR YOU! Do an imagine inspired in one (or all, idk) of this song lyrics. Oh and you can pick with who you will do this! 1- You can’t wake up, this is not a dream, you’re part of a machine, you are not a human being. 2- Don’t get too close, it’s dark inside, it’s where my demons hide. 3- Am I in love with you or am I in love with the feeling? It’s just a game you don’t have to do, but if you want will be really cool! Bye, love your writing! :-)’’ ++ ‘’You can do the challenge with who you want, but I think you should do with Draco! Or with Ashton, maybe(?)’’ - Anonymous.

Prompt: The Dark Mark got the best of him. After Draco hexed an innocent Gryffindor girl, he ran away from the problems, not knowing Potter was following him. But there was someone else who was following him. It was you.

Pairing: Draco Malfoy + Reader / Y/N.
Word Count: 1,049.
Warning(s): None.
Note: THANK YOU! I hope you like it!! :D I kind of wrote it in the POV where Draco and you are REALLY close friends and made you call Harry, Potter all the time. Potter this, Potter that. Okay? Okay.

+     +     +     +     +     +

He could be here any minute. It was lunch time and Draco and you would sit together and talk about stuff you’d had to handle. It sounded strange and mysterious, but it was just a Charms project you two had to finish later on that same day.

While Potter flashed across your eyes, you saw Draco just entering the Great Hall and leaving the Great Hall, flickering his eyes between you and Potter. You frowned, kind of hurt but he must have a reason to leave the room just like that.

Potter seemed to be following Draco, so you immediately stood up, left your stuff behind except your wand as it your knuckles slowly turned white from gripping your hand around the wand rather coarse.

Your hair was thrown over your shoulder as you left the Great Hall filled with students, squirming between some first years as you tried to find a glimpse of the silver haired boy or at least the boy with the round glasses. Relief washed over you as you saw Draco heading towards Moaning Myrthle’s bathroom. Surprisingly enough, Potter followed and you tried to catch up to the two boys.

Finally approaching the bathroom, you heard Draco whimper as Potter was some feet in front of you. Luckily, you were hidden in the shadows of Hogwarts so him seeing you was almost possible. He slowly took some steps to Draco’s figure as his wand was pointed at him.

Your eyes widened as your heartbeat quickened, breathe hitching. Draco his whimpers and sobs became louder, making you feel bad since you’ve always caught some signals from him the last previous months. His behaviour was weird, strange, not like him and you were worried. Of course you tried to talk to him, but Draco just kept his mouth shut. And after every try of talking to him, he made more distance between the two of you.

Draco took of his spencer and sobbed one more time, before Potter spoke up and talked to him about hexing a girl. Draco just sobbed again and sent a spell to him, probably hoping he would stop accusing Draco.

You stepped away from the shadow and entered the bathroom, looking to your left to see the boys were in a heavy fight. Spells were all over the place, green and red sparks lit up the room. It almost looked like someone lit some firework and it kind of went wrong.

Since the spells broke some of the toilets and sinks, water was everywhere, the water almost reaching your ankles.

Sectumsempra!’ Potter yelled, making Draco scream in pain as your eyes were still wide, filled with horror, when Draco fell on the wet ground. Like a sword had stabbed him multiple times in the stomach and chest. He sobbed loudly, but this time the sound was laced with pain and surrender.

‘Draco! Draco!’ you cried out, not noticing the tears which were streaming down your face until they fell on Draco’s chest. His eyes met yours and he cried out another scream, not trying to move an inch as the blood mixed with the water he way laying in. You were also wet from head to toe, but it didn’t matter to you.

Potter came up behind you, looking very sorry for what he had done. Regretting his choice of spell, he tried to stutter out an apology, but you just glared at him while trying to remember some of the healing spells you learned some weeks ago.

‘Leave Potter, you’ve done enough,’ you hissed, sobbing as you turned back around to Draco.

Professor Snape entered the room and as Snape sent Potter a short glance, someone else held the door open for him as he left the flooding bathroom.

‘Please, professor, I-I don’t remember the spells anymore, Please, heal him,’ you pleaded him as he kneeled down on the other side of Draco. He first looked at you and nodded, before laying the tip of his wand on Draco’s chest.

Vulnera Sanentur, vulnera sanentur,’ he repeated when drawing different traces on his chest as you watched, almost breathless. The sound of water streaming out of the faucets were heard in the background, steam filling the air. Your tears dried on your cheeks as you saw Draco his breathe calm down, his chest not rising anymore every single second.

The wounds started to heal their selves, you sobbing when the blood was gone and his white shirt was clean again. He blinked a few times, finally opening his eyes again.

First he looked at professor Snape, a sigh of relief leaving his mouth. You just hugged him for as far as you could. Your head on his chest and your arms around his body, softly crying in his chest. His arms closed around your body too, him pressing a kiss on your head.

‘I’m alright, I’m alright,’ he whispered, your hands clutching around the wet material of his shirt. Even though your mind said you could and would never lose him, the moment he got hurt by Potter, he got seriously hurt and you thought you could seriously loose him.

Professor Snape slowly got up and stayed for another two minutes, waiting for his two students to bring Draco to the hospital wing of Hogwarts. But after those minutes, you still hugged Draco on the floor, not even a single thought crossing your mind of leaving his side ever again.

‘Sometimes it’s dark inside, Y/N, so please, don’t ever get this close to me again when something like this happens. You could’ve get hurt,’ he said as you two were standing on your feet again.

‘I’m sorry Draco,’ you just said, even though you would always stay close to him. After his almost death experience, you’d stay by his side.

Snape was following you closely behind as you had Draco’s arm around your shoulders, helping him walk to the other side of the castle.

‘I’m never going to leave your bloody side ever again Draco, no matter how stubborn or stupid you are,’ you groaned as you felt him chuckle.

‘I know you wouldn’t listen. That’s why I like you so much, Y/N. You are something special,’ he grinned, squeezing you for as far as he could with the strength he had.

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Batfam kindergarten au

“Master Bruce?” Alfred turned around to stare at the solemn little boy in the back seat. Bruce Wayne crinkled his face up as he looked out the window of the car toward the low brick schoolhouse. He turned back and looked at Alfred “Do I have to?” Bruce asked, there was no whine in his voice it was real question. Alfred tried not smile, “I’m afraid you must Master Bruce” 

The little boy sighed and reached out for the door handle. In a moment Bruce was standing next to the car. Alfred looked over his small charge. Bruce’s hair was short and neatly combed in a way that most parents of a 5 year old could never manage. He wore a black polo shirt tucked into black shorts that ended just above Bruce’s knees. The black and red light up sneakers were the only concession to modernity. Bruce clutched his halloween theme lunchbox covered in bats to his chest. 

“Now, Master Bruce be friendly with the other children, try to make friends” Bruce nodded tightly “listen to your teacher, do just what Miss. Thompkins tells you.” Bruce looked miserable now but nodded again. “do try to enjoy your first day of Kindergarten Master Bruce” Bruce didn’t look at him. “I’ll be right here at 3 o’clock Master Bruce when you get out of school” Bruce looked up at that “what if what if you can’t get this spot?” He said the panic starting to show. Alfred cocked an eyebrow “Master Bruce I can assure you, I will be in this spot exactly when school ends, now run along inside” 

Bruce trudged toward the door barely looking at the smiling woman holding the door open for him. For the first week of the school year the Kindergarteners would be going to school alone before the older kids were mixed in. Bruce ignored the teachers lining the hall smiling and stooping down to talk to students who wanted to chat or who were somehow lost already. Bruce had gone on a tour of the school with Alfred a few weeks ago so knew just were to go. 

He slipped into the room, Miss Thompkins who he’d met on the tour flashed him a bright smile before turning back to one of the few students already in the class room. A boy with bright red hair in a tight buzz cut “Well Eddie that really is a puzzle” She said kindly. Bruce looked around there was a group of desks on one side of the room. He didn’t know everything that happened in school but he knew enough to know all the learning happened when you were in a desk. He drifted toward the large open area that took up one half of the room. there were books, blocks and other toys mostly put neatly away but some where already out. 

Bruce stopped and looked at the boy in the middle of the mat. The boy was literally standing on his head. His arms were crossed over his chest, his legs, even his toes pointed up at the ceiling. Bruce blinked at him and the boy caught sight of him and smiled upside down. Bruce wasn’t really sure how the boy went from being on his head to being on his feet, but second he was looking at the boy’s upside down face the next the boy’s face was an inch from his. The boy was tall Bruce wondered if he’d been held back or something. “Hi!” The boy said excitedly “My name is Richard, but my dad calls me Dick, my mom calls me Robin, kinda a joke I guess because I wake her up, what’s your name?” Bruce blinked it took him a minute to realize that it had been a question.

“um Bruce” Richard/Dick/Robin smiled at him. “nice to meet you um Bruce” Bruce scowled at him. “my name is Bruce, just Bruce” Richard started to laugh and grabbed Bruce’s shoulder “gosh I know, I was just kidding!” Bruce felt embarrassed, he didn’t have any friends his own age and really wasn’t sure, were all kids like Richard? There was a period of silence and Bruce felt like he needed to say something. “um how’d you do that?” Bruce finally managed.

Richard just looked blank. “do what?” Bruce waved his arm hopelessly for a minute. “you know uh standing on your head?” 

“oh that!” Dick waved his hand like it was nothing, “I’m in the circus!” He turned with a triumphant smile to Bruce, and was clearly disappointed by the lack of reaction. “Um that’s cool, I’ve never been to the Circus” Bruce managed.

“aw don’t listen to him” said a boy with long ginger hair falling into his eyes. “He’s not really in the circus” He said leaning into Bruce. “His parents are in the circus not a very good one though” 

Richard puffed himself up to his full height. “shut it Jason, Haley’s is the best, and my mommy says I’m gonna be one of the Flying Graysons soon” Jason did something that Bruce thought was suppose to be an eye roll. However Jason’s eyes stayed still and he rotated his head around them. “Whatever Dick, Flying Todds rule, Flying Graysons drool” They were standing chest to chest now and Bruce nervously looked for Miss Thompkins. Dick was much taller than Jason who was shorter even than Bruce. “uh why do you guys hate each other?” It was the only thing Bruce could think to say. They both looked at him, then back at each other and broke out laughing. Richard pulled Jason into an one armed hug. “Nahhhh!” Jason managed “We’re best friends!” 

Bruce blinked at them. “uh I don’t get it” he managed. Richard just smiled “don’t worry about it Bruce, you can be our friend too” Bruce was a little surprised, he was pleased Alfred had told him to make friends, but he didn’t think it would be that easy. Before he knew it his two friends grabbed his arms and dragged him off to look at something.

The hours went quickly and soon it was 10:30 time for snacks and play time. Richard and Jason didn’t have snacks and tried to get Bruce to play but he had carrot sticks and hummus. Jason told him carrots were lame, but Richard said it was fine, even if Bruce could tell Richard was grossed out by hummus. Truthfully having friends was very tiring, Bruce wanted to slow down. He looked around the small collection of tables in the back of the room. There were lots of girls eating snacks. He struggled to remember their names even though they’d played a game with everyone’s name not long ago. There was Kate, and Barbara, Selina, a girl in a green dress that might have been named Pam. Bruce wasn’t really sure about girls, the rest of the boys seemed to think girls had cooties

Bruce didn’t believe that but he didn’t want the rest of the boys to think he had cooties. He spotted the only boy sitting alone and bee-lined for him. The boy was impossibly small with back hair spiked up in the front. He was playing a handheld game. He didn’t look up when Bruce sat down next to him. “Uh hi” Bruce said the boy didn’t react at all. Bruce looked at him puzzled but the boy kept playing his game. “Um my name is Bruce” Bruce tried, trying to sound friendly. The boy still didn’t react. Bruce crinkled his forehead “are you ignoring me?” He was more confused than angry 

“no honey he’s not” Bruce nearly jumped out of his skin. He hadn’t heard Miss Thompkins come up behind him. She was crouched down next to him her head level with him. “Timmy isn’t like a lot of people, Bruce, he… he doesn’t always respond to people right off, he’s not ignoring you. Give him some time okay?” Bruce nodded slowly he didn’t really understand but he hadn’t really wanted to talk any ways. He opened his lunch box pulling out his carrots and hummus and started eating happily. After a few minutes he realized Timmy didn’t have a snack. “uh you want one?” he said holding out a carrot stick he didn’t really expect Timmy to react. However Timmy reached out without looking up and took it from him, and without looking dipped it in the hummus and eat all without looking up from his game. 

From there, without saying a word they shared the carrots, one for Bruce one for Timmy. Miss Thompkins clapped her hands “already everyone start to pack stuff up, free time is almost over” Bruce snapped the lid closed on the hummus, thanks to Timmy he was done with the carrots. Timmy let out a sigh, the first sound Bruce had heard him make. He clicked off his game and looked at it sadly before pushing it into a backpack next to him.

Timmy turned and looked, not exactly at Bruce but to a spot right next to Bruce’s left ear. “Thanks for sitting with me” He said in a very soft voice. “It’s not nice to be alone” Bruce shrugged “cool game, could you teach me some time?” Timmy smiled “sure!” Bruce slide off his chair and waved Timmy to follow “come on, story time” 

Gangsta Luv (G Dragon fic/Ch.14)

A/N: Hello!! It’s been WAY too long since I’ve updated this so I feel the need to apologize. Your admin had been working at the beginning of this month and around the 20th is when we started taking the store down. That is also the day I broke my toe and have been on crutches ever since. I’ve been out, sleeping almost all day from all of the painkillers I’ve been on and recently gotten to the point where I only need em to sleep at night now. So, I’ve been sleeping my days away which is why I haven’t had a chance to write on this…or anything else for that matter. I’m not telling you this because I want you guys to feel bad for me, I’m telling you because I’m apologizing for being out so long and stuff. Either way, this is the new chapter to my arranged marriage/mafia boss G Dragon fic and I hope you guys enjoy! I really love you guys for always showing so much love and always being so patient with me! Much love to you all and I hope you have an amazing day!! :D ~Admin Red 

Ch.1     Ch.2     Ch.3     Ch.4     Ch.5     Ch.6      Ch.7     Ch.8     Ch.9   Ch.10     Ch.11      Ch.12     Ch.13     Ch.15     Ch.16

Word Count: 3,380

Genre: Everything at one point or another. Also, be warned of explicit language, gun and drug use at one point or another, and violence. I feel like I need to put this on every chapter from now on. You have been warned.

Summary: What does one do when their future is already picked out for them? Try to escape over and over again or accept their fate?

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Don’t Care

This is a little extra to Got7′s song “Don’t Care.” I’d been working on this today so feel free to share and make this one of your favorites. I’m taking requests so feel free to inbox me with your scenarios and I’ll try my hardest to recreate them. This will have a part 2 so stick around. 

Word Count: 2655

Type: Fluff, Angst, lil ol smut

“There’s an awning." 
As you run under, your heels come down hard on the pavement, thunder ringing out in the afternoon shower. How could you not have known about this?
Your clothes were now a mess. From head to foot you were soaked, your hair framing your face as the water dripped down your chest, soaking into your skin and leaving goosebumps in its wake.
"Ah…guess we’ll be stuck here for a while.”
JB ran his hand through his hair, flicking the water off as as shook his leather jacket. He was no different, his earrings glistening as water fell from the onyx hoops. His burgundy hair slicked away from his sharp features, tasseled at his expense, falling in his eyes as he looked around.

You never expected to see him..Well..you hadn’t in almost 3 months. One day you guys had woken up, staring at one another in the silence. His smile made your heart soar. Every time you giggled you felt the thunderous roar of his own shaking the bed. Everything was perfect.
The next thing you knew, he’d started yelling and before you could catch on to what was going on-
“I can’t do this anymore. We should end this before things get bad.”
He grabbed his things after that and left, slamming the door as he went. No matter how many texts you sent and calls you made he ignored them all.
You cried every day and didn’t sleep that first month…things were just turning around since then, this was the first day you’d decided to leave the house.
To enjoy some solitude and have some lunch on the patio of your favorite restaurant. Just a block away in the cross walk however, a loud group passed by, and one of them knocked the clutch from your hand.
By the time you looked behind, he’d picked it up and dusted it off.
When his eyes met yours you both stopped..
JB was the one who’d knocked against you. Frozen in the cross walk, you could only stare, afraid that anything you could say will result in your anger and confusion to come boiling out after finally getting a leash on it.
You gulped..hard.
You’d forgotten what it felt like to hear him say your name. The butterflies started in your heart, but we’re quickly smashed by the stone of pain down to your belly, where they flapped one last time before completely dying out.
He’d dumped you without warning. Don’t be an idiot falling into his lap when you see him. You’ve got better things to do and right now you are enjoying yourself.
“I’m sorry do I know you?”
“Y/N don’t be like that, you know me-”
The cars blared at the two of you, Jinyoung and Jackson had already been on the other side of the street waiting for him.
“Hyung, let’s go. We’re gonna miss lunch if you keep up.”

JB looked back momentarily as the horns went off again before grabbing you by the small of your back and pushing you to the other side of the street, trying to find a way to speak. 
“Your friends are waiting for you, you should go. And give me back my clutch-”
You tried snatching it from him, but he jolted it above his head and out of your reach.
“No way. Not until I talk to you.”
“Yeah right, you up and left 3 months ago without saying a word.”
“Without saying a word?! Are you serious? You-”
Jackson ran up beside them, looking at the female quizzically before he snapped his fingers.
“Y/N?! God it’s good to see you, you look great!”
He smiled halfway, your anger still coiling itself around you as your eyes cut back to JB.
“You too Jackson-”
“Listen if you don’t mind I’m just gonna be a second-”
“Like hell you are, you owe me an explanation Im Jaebum.”
His eyes cut to yours, a flash of darkness taking over.
“..Don’t call my name like that Jagi.”
“I’m not your Jagi anymore, Im Jaebum.”

JB nearly growled as he lowered the bag, making Jinyoung step in to try diffusing the bad blood between you two.
“Ok ok. Look. You two are in no place to talk about anything. So how about you go get lunch with Kit, me and Jackson will be fine.”
“No, I’m going to my favorite restaurant and I don’t want him-”
“The one down on G street?…I like that place..”
“Yeah cause of me and I really don’t want to eat with you.”
“LOOK. You two are in public. How about you go handle this elsewhere, OVER LUNCH and not on the street. OK?”
Jinyoung wasn’t giving us an option. He was hangry and we were keeping him up.

“…fine. But you’re paying.”
“You heard me. You owe me after 3 months of hell.”
As you snatched your clutch away and walked ahead, you grumbled loudly; clearly wanting to get this over with.

As you walked, it was awkward for a while, your heels clicking loudly as you tried staying a good distance away. But his legs were much longer than yours, and before you knew it you were tired.
“Y/N…why..I mean..what the hell…”
As you neared the restaurant, you saw the busy line leading out the door and then some, making you whine loudly.
As you pouted, thunder rang overhead, and a second later you were pelted by heavy showers.
Fast forward after making a break for the awning about a block away from your original destination, you leaned against the metal beam absolutely finished with this.

“Your fault.”
You retorted quickly.
“Your. Fault. First I see you, then my restaurant is crowded, now I’m stuck, drenched under an awning and hungry. You ruined my day. Your. Fault.”
JB glared at you for only a moment before sighing openly.
“I’m not your Jagi, stop calling me that.”

It was silent before he let go an exasperated sigh, pulling his hair from his eyes once again. 
“…you ruined that 3 months ago…you can’t call me that anymore…J..”
You crossed your arms in tight, a chill dancing its way up your arms as that day played back in your mind again.

“Would you stop interrupting me? Jeez Y/N..you know, for the past 3 months I’ve seriously been a mess and couldn’t figure out why. I know now it’s cause of you.”

You stayed silent, swallowing the comment as the fluttering kicked up once again. You stared out at the rain, half enjoying it, half cursing it as the heavy pelts clapped against the metal sheet above you.

“You..really don’t know why any of this happened do you..?”
His gaze meeting yours momentarily as you looked up. When the tears threatened to fall, you looked away, exhausted with the ordeal.

"You know JB? If I would’ve gone to lunch with y/bf/n today like I’d planned I would’ve never saw you. I wouldn’t be cold and drenched. I wouldn’t be hungry either. But I am. And I still don’t know what I’m doing standing under this awning with you.”

Tears fell as you tried turning from his view, but your voice had forsaken you as it broke.
“3 months ago I called you at least 100 times that day. I didn’t understand anything. 3 years JB. 3 whole years and you just dumped it without so much as even a tear. I wished everyday it was a joke. A test of some kind. But one day I woke up and knew you weren’t coming back. I slept in your shirts, wore your robe. Sprayed your cologne. Hell, I’m still wearing this stupid ring.”

You wanted to take it off and throw it at him, but all you could do was twist it around your finger, the onyx and gold band bringing you solace in the overflow of confusion.

“…For what’s is worth, I’m still wearing mine..”
A throaty, pained chuckle left you as those cursed wings started up again.  
“I read every text, called you back at night..but couldn’t get past the first ring. Your favorite shirt I keep inside my pillow case..your perfume I spray on my bed so you’re the first one I think of..when I wake..”
JB wrapped his jacket around your shoulders. The inside was dry and comfy as he pulled the lapels close to your neck. You felt like shrugging it off, but when his cologne hit your nose you breathed in deep. The one you like so much..you bought it for him for Christmas..
“And when I went to sleep.”
His eyes met yours, before grazing over your lips, then your damp cleavage. That darkness flashed across his features once again as his hands rubbed down your forearms, those huge palms warm compared to your soft skin.
When he’d patted the tears away, you found yourself nearly leaning into his touch. Your eyes closed briefly before meeting his once again. 
The fight in you drained away as quickly as the rain trapped you here. You just couldn’t refuse JB. He submitted into your charms every time. Kryponite. There was no refusing the way you felt. No denying any of it..He shouldn’t have ever left you. If all it took was a simple touch to know the truth.
“Then…why did you…”
“I also dreamt of you. Every night. Thought of you every single moment. I never wanted to be alone because I missed being alone with you. Remember that picture you stuck in my mirror a week before that happened? The one of you in the park?”
“I kissed it every single day, took it with me on those late nights at the studio. Held it to my heart when I needed you most.”
JB came in closer, the words spilling from his mouth bringing down every wall you’d built. 

“Today was the first time I’d really went out for me. To enjoy the boys company and some good food to talk..about you.”
“..why me..?”
“They’d been wondering what happened since I came home that day, I was completely livid..angry..breaking shit..Jackson was the only one home..so when he grabbed me..I lost it..”

His voice broke momentarily, tears threatening to fall as he looked away.

“Why..I mean what would you even..?”
“Everything..from every strand of hair down to your toes. To your high pitched laugh, and the way your right leg twitches when you sleep. To your hands and the way you play with them when you get anxious.”
JB smiled as he watched you twiddle with the ring around your finger once again before intertwining them with his own as he inched even closer. 

His voice was so low, an amorous tone flitting its way through your heart and up your spine before curling up warmly and taking res in your lower belly. JB was weak to no one but you, his eyes kept finding yours as you bit your lip before his hand trapped you beneath him with his chest pressed lightly to yours. JB always trapped you like this, and you couldnt help the way you instantly took hold of his forearms. That was just what happened when he got close..when he gave you that look. It felt good..his body warm, smooth, evasive yet invited. You wanted him crowding you, needed him to.

“To those beautiful big eyes that always looked at me cutely. To your nose that crinkled when you pout..to those lips..”
His thumb lightly brushed against your lower lip, back and forth before he’d caressed your jawline and gripped the nape of you neck as he used his thumb to make you look at him.
“Those petal soft lips that release the most beautiful voice..the cutest noises..the sexist moans and gasps I’ve ever heard. Theses lips that gave only me the softest kisses..”

His chest pressed in against yours more, making your grip tighten on him. The fixation on your lips lifted to meet your begging eyes.
It’d been 3 months since you last felt that kiss. Since you felt his warmth, since he’d been so close. You didn’t know how much you craved him till now. How your body absorbed all his heat, how you needed to feel those eyes on you. How that voice washed away everything those 3 months of damage had done, like a tiny wave pushing way at the sand.

“How you said-”
“Im Jaebum…”
He hissed, his member threatening to harden against your belly before chuckling.
“Just like that…especially when you need me…and you need me right now…don’t you Jagi..?”
JB searched your eyes as you exhaled, watching his lips as he spoke. The slight nod and mumble proved true to his question before he leaned in…just inches from your lips.

“I need you too Jagi..more than you could fathom.”
JB teased you, inching closer, hovering so as you could feel the warmth of those lips sure as if they were pressed hungrily against you.
The ache that left in his name had his lips pressed lightly at first, before he laced on another, and another till you gasped lightly against his lips. Your whole body shivered as his tongue grazed against your lip, invading you, taking your breathes as his hand cranked down harder on your neck. As a light, sinful moan escaped you, JB ran his fingers softly through your hair as his body flushed tight against yours. His arousal kicked up hard, and your hands gripped his waist, pulling him in more.

Pure need, passion and something dark poured into you, his tongue slipping in and out skillfully, giving you what you missed so eagerly. His hand crept up your spine, just the way you liked it; lightly, just his fingertips before they’d flatted out and pressed into your dimples. The one spot that had that aching moan leaving your lips, had your hands shaking, and your back arching seductively as he grabbed your hips. When your head went fuzzy he pulled away, your eyes still closed, lips puffy as you bit them to choke back the needy whine that’d threatened to escape you.

“Y/N…how about we take this to your place..we order some food. And talk there..ok?”
You managed a “huh?” Before he laughed at your dizzied expression.
“Food. Your place..I’ll pay. Deal?”
“Deal..just don’t stop kissing me.”

The throaty chuckle that left as he placed one long open mouth kiss on you, biting your lip and letting go with a pop, had you gasping as that warmth had began snaking down and sweltering inside your core.
“Chinese sound good to you?”
He placed another on you, going slower as you pulled him in more to grind himself against you.
“I’ll call now..and you call the taxi. Ok?”
“One more…”
Your eyes lifted slowly, pure need and sex glistening in them. JB shuddered, entranced in your gaze before he finally breathed.
“God I missed you..”
His lips assaulted yours eagerly, his hunger roaring as his thick arousal pressed into you hungrily.

A loud protest of hunger pushed between you like a needy child as JB pulled away, causing you to blush before your laughter rang out against heave of rain. 
“Alright, let’s get home and fed.”
“And talk?”
“Yes, and then talk.”
As he pulled out the phone he didn’t bother with the address. He’d known of for…well he’s never not known it. He practically lived there. The condo he shared with the boys was such a foreign placed since he’d been with you, he’d almost forgotten which room was his.
As you called for a taxi, you laid your head against his chest, listening to his heart thump loudly.
‘3 years and he’s still nervous around me.’
As you looked up, his gaze feigned true as rose hit his cheeks, making him smile as he’d cursed himself.
“I missed you.”
He smiled, and that heartbeat went faster.
“I missed you too.”

Part 2

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Dealings with a Devil (Part 2)

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Reader X Darkiplier

You, Reader, have made a deal with what you believed to be a fantasized version of your favorite YouTuber’s alter ego, Darkiplier after he’d visited you in a dream. You believed Darkiplier to only exist in your dreams and on Markiplier’s YouTube channel, but by some impossible way he’s real and he intends on collecting on your debt to him.

Originally posted by gillyplier

The next few weeks go by without incident and soon the only thing that reminds your of Dark’s unwanted visit is the brand on your skin, but you cover it with a ring or cover up meant for tattoos. It be comes such a habit nowadays. You made up some stupid explanation for the tattoo; a dare gone wrong with some online friends, and everyone accepting it as truth. In their defense you had done something similar after losing a bet to some friends online, so this is by no stretch of the imagination a false hood.

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II pt 1 II pt 2 II pt 3 II pt 4 II pt 5 II pt 6 II pt 7 (Final) II

Johnny x Reader


Word Count: 5 k

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Angst

Teaser: ‘Your adrenaline kicked in and you mustered up the strength to push the asshole to the floor. Johnny grabbed you and moved you so you were standing slightly behind him, still slightly hunched over from the throbbing pain in his stomach.’

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The Man Next Door - A Michael Fassbender Fanfiction

Tags to stay updated: @bookwarm85@riverasphodel@imaginethesmutfiction :) thanks for the support!
Word count: 1116
AO3 link here.

Chapter (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) 8

The wind rippled through Jamie’s damp hair as Michael sped down the quiet roads. It was a nice feeling - for the first time in a while she felt calm and relaxed. “It’s just straight ahead.” Jamie pointed to the embankment that she could see in the distance. It was a peaceful part of town where families and couples usually went to get something to eat, from the modest river cafe, and then sit on the benches to look out at the water and the ducks that swam on it. Jamie’s dad always used to take her there every weekend and she would always enjoy the quality time that they had together. Time away from home where the arguments and fighting took place.

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Relax, You’ve Got This

Hello My Lovelies,

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Relax, You’ve Got This

Anonymous said to 5minutefanfiction:

It’s Finals week and I’m so nervous I’m dying LITERALLY. Maybe a Dean x Reader One Shot where the Reader’s at college and she feels the same I NEED DISTRACTION AND COMFORT AND SOMETHING TO READ BEFORE GOING TO BED OMG *sobs*


Authors Note: Ok, so I know requests are closed, but this one came in and well as a student myself I totally feel your pain. Deep breaths, remember to look after you! Take some time out to relax and unwind. Even if it’s a 10 minute walk. Just take time to breathe and sleep. You will need it. Good luck to you and everyone in finals this week. I wish I could be there to help in someway. You have spent forever learning this stuff, you know it. It’s just the panic and stress that’s blocking it.

Relax, You’ve Got This! xx


Dean looked at his phone, surprised to see her calling. She should be studying, or resting or both. Something.

‘Baby?’ he answered, panic washing over him as he listened to her crying on the other end of the line. ‘Sweetheart, what’s wrong?’

‘I can’t do it,’ she sobbed.

Dean felt a small smile form on his lips, ‘Yes, you can.’

‘No, no I can’t. It’s just too much. I can’t remember anything. And I swear I failed the last one and,’ she broke down.

Dean felt the tears forming in his eyes, he hated seeing or hearing her like this. What he hated even more was not being there.

‘Y/N, you have worked your arse off for this. It’s what you’ve wanted since you were two. You will be fine. You know everything there is to know. Everything anyone could possibly know about (insert your chosen degree).’

‘If that were the case I wouldn’t be failing miserably,’ she sobbed.

‘Babe, I’ve seen your test scores, your essay results, that’s far from failing.’

He listened as she cried and he knew he had lost her focus. She was more stressed than he first thought.

‘Y/N,’ he ordered slightly bossier than he meant. But it seemed to work as he got her focus.


‘Here’s what you are going to do. Quit the coffee for tonight, you’ve obviously had enough. Go take a shower, turn off your phone and go to bed. Get some sleep. Leave the books, just sleep. Then tomorrow morning, I will call you and we will go from there.’


‘No buts. Go. I love you, Sweetheart. I will talk to you tomorrow. Get some sleep.’

‘I think I’d rather the apocalypse.’

‘There’s no challenge in that,’ he chuckled.

‘I love you, Dean,’ she sighed, hanging up.

Dean looked at his phone. She really wasn’t coping. She handled most things fine. He also knew this was the one thing she always had dreaded.

Y/N woke up, face smooshed against papers, pencil in her pony tail, lines of empty coffee cups across the table. She heard a noise and froze. Someone was playing with her door knob. She couldn’t even remember where her demon knife was. Or salt. Where the hell had she moved the table salt to?

She could have cried, she truly had lost it.

Relief flooded her as she saw Dean step through the door, bags in hand.

‘That’s not in bed sleeping,’ he grumbled.

‘That’s not on a hunt.’

‘Something’s are more important,’ he grinned, coming over and kissing her. ‘You look like hell, are you sure you haven’t been hunting.’

‘Only for answers and sanity.’

He kissed her again and looked around. She’d lost it. Her normally tidy house was a mess, papers thrown across the table, pizza boxes piled up.

He went and put his bags in their room, stopping in the bathroom on his way out, he ran her a bubble bath. She needed to relax.

He came out to find her pouring over notes again. Taking her hand, pulling her up, he smiled as he pulled the pencil from her ponytail, the sticky note from her hair.

‘Go have a bath, a decent long, just don’t fall asleep and drown on me, bath. I’ll be checking,’ he grinned, kissing her again.

‘I have to study.’

‘This isn’t studying, this is dying. Go,’ he demanded gently, lightly shoving her towards the door.

She walked in to the bathroom and found a hot bubble bath waiting for her, candles lit and her iPod playing softly. The tears fell down her face once again as she stripped off and climbed in. This guy was just amazing.

Her friends warned he’d break her heart. But he was nothing but dedicated and loving. There was a side of him, like this, that no one else saw.

She came out later once the bath and gone cold in clean clothes. She could smell bacon sizzling. The living and dining room was cleaned up, papers organised. The chaos that once filled the place gone.

Dean came over and handed her a cup of tea, rising up onto her toes she kissed him.

‘Thank you.’

‘I’m not done yet,’ he grinned.

‘You already notched up boyfriend of the year, just by showing up,’ she smiled.

‘And I intend on banking brownie points and making sure I keep my crown for a while,’ he smirked.

‘Is it covered in diamonds and glitter?’

‘Nope, pink fluffy feather.’

‘Nice,’ she laughed.

He put a hand on her back and lead her over to the table, where he’d shifted everything so she couldn’t see it.

‘Breakfast,’ he declared, walking off. ‘Real breakfast, not the crap that’s in your cupboard. When the hell did you start living on granola bars?’

‘Ah about a week ago.’

‘Well, they’re gone. Real food. Burgers, and pie. None of that box crap.’

‘That’s not real food either,’ she laughed as he brought in a plate of bacon, eggs and toast.

‘When you cook it, it is,’ he mumbled into the top of her head.

The two ate breakfast, catching up on things. Dean asking about what exam she had that afternoon. About the subject, random questions as he tried to wrap his head around it.

‘Right,’ Dean demanded as he took her empty plate away. ‘Bed.’


‘Sleep, nap, doze, rest.’

‘Dean, I have-.’

‘To get rest so you can read what’s actually on the paperwork. Your exams at 3. It’s 8am. Sleep till 11:30, we will grab lunch, run over some notes. All of which you know. You’ve proved that over breakfast.’

‘You sneaky bastard,’ she gasped, realising what his questions were for.

‘Resourceful, Sweetheart. Now, let’s go sleep. I’ve set and an alarm. I’m even coming with you to make sure you do. And cos well, I’ve missed my girl and right now I’m going to be selfish and just enjoy holding you.’

He led her to the bedroom and pulled her into bed and under the blankets, wrapping her tight in his arms, brushing his lips lightly against her hair and neck. As she struggled to settle, he moved his hand so it was resting on her arm and just drew random patterns until she drifted off.

Y/N woke to the alarm at 11:30 to find Dean missing. She stumbled out to the living room and found him putting salad sandwiches on the table.

‘You made me rabbit food?’

‘Brain food. Sam swears by it and he’s smart, so you know, it does something. Plus, you’re out of burgers. In fact, Baby, you’re pretty much out of food.’

‘I know. That’s my plan after all this is over.’

Dean ran through her notes with her, asking questions as they ate lunch. Helping make sure her bag was packed with everything she needed, before walking her to the exam room.

‘Relax, Sweetheart. You’ve got this,’ he said gently, squeezing her shoulders. He gave her a kiss and watched as she stepped nervously through the door.

Two hours later, Y/N walked out, finding Dean waiting on the seat near where she’d left him.

‘Thank you,’ she said, kissing him lightly as he pulled her in for a hug.

‘I take it; it went well?’

‘Better than the last one.’

‘Good to hear. Let’s go home, pack away all that crap that you don’t need and start on tomorrow’s. That’s a 1pm one right?’

She nodded, as he slipped his hand into hers.

‘You’ve worked hard, Y/N. You’ll be fine. Just remember to breathe,’ Dean exclaimed, kissing her head. ‘It’s almost over. You’ve got this.’

"Do you fancy me?" 1/?

Word count: 1740

You were in the train on your way to London.

Finally, It has been almost 3 years since the last time you saw your best friend Dan. He and his mate Phil moved to London while you stayed at Uni in your home town. You’ve missed him so much, skype can’t replace human interaction.

After a couple hours of Artic Monkeys blasting in your ears and a small nap, you arrived to the train station.

“Hey, (Y/N)” someone shouted from behind, right away you turn around to see a grinning Dan about 10 feet away. Smiling back, you walked towards him.

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need someone (to numb the pain);

read on AO3Please.

cophine college au. they’re ex girlfriends. strongly recommend listening to this very short playlist while reading.


Headaches were never your thing. Sure, you got the vomiting and the munchies but the skull cracking ache in your noggin was never part of the deal. Ever since you started smoking at the age of thirteen in your themed bedroom, you never had headaches. Slowly, as you curl up tighter in the blankets spread on your couch, you are beginning to realize that the combination of booze and grass didn’t mix as well as you had wanted.

You groan, flip over to grab your phone from the nightstand.

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anonymous asked:

why do you think delphine will die ?? 😢

Hey anon. I’m sure this is going to be more than you bargained for but, ok.

The way that they’ve been writing things this season is all to get us emotionally distanced from Delphine. She tortures Rachel. She is shown to be strong, willing to make the hard decisions and then she’s shown as creepy stalker. She shows up at Cosima’s to get urine? It seems like they’re going back and forth, showing Delphine giving up everything for Cosima, and then show her going cray because of Shay. Cosima is basically flaking on all of her responsibilities, wrapping herself in a relationship that’s subtly manipulative and coersive, and Delphine literally has to show up to get her back to work, and gets presented as the villain. Delphine lied to Topside to save the sisters. She is navigating through shark-infested waters to be the voice behind the scenes and she’s being crucified for it. 

And because they know they can’t just get rid of the relationship that has basically been the romantic subplot for 2 seasons without the fans revolting, they introduce a well-known actress to play the role of the substitute. They had no one else in mind but Ksenia for the role because 1) she’s worked with tat and graeme before, and 2) she’s from a show that queers love. They give the fans everything they’ve ever wanted for Cophine, but they give them to Shaysima. They throw bareskin and upfront “honesty” at the fans hoping that it will hook people in, and it’s worked. They’ve hooked the fans that want representation desperately, that want to see two women naked on screen no matter who it is. They’ve brought the lost girl fans over. 

Before the season started, I admitted that I would see an advantage to introducing Shay. To give Cophine more significance. But the way they’re doing it, it’s rediculous. There was no progression into the relationship. There was no slow burn. Shay was supposed to be a sort of spiritual guide for Cosima, and that hasn’t even been touched. The only spiritual thing we’ve seen her do is make juice and mention a root. Cosima is basically living at Shay’s from what we can see and Shay is so willing to let someone she met a week ago borrow her car? They threw a relationship at us without the courting, without the emotion. We learned more about Shay in 30 seconds of her first episode than we have about Delphine in 2.5 seasons. That’s not the character’s fault or Ebro’s, but they’re slowly weaning us off of Delphine, fast-track replacing her, making it easier to get rid of her character. 

Their social media team has been pushing hard to sell Shaysima. No other character has been welcomed to the show like this. Not even Ari was hyped this much. The social media team is posting things like “love at first sight” without the storyline to prove it, while downplaying Delphine. They have maybe reblogged one Delphine post a day since this season started. They are posting shaysima gifsets at the same time as the scenes showing live. 

Unfortunately I don’t see cophine getting back together. Not with the way they’ve been writing her. Not with the way they’ve been writing Cosima. And certainly not with the way the social media staff has been acting. If they do, it will last maybe an episode or two. There are three episodes left and while the promo has that heated moment in which would open a perfect oportunity for a angst-filled table-top bang, I’m sure they won’t do that. 

I only see two options for how this is going to go. 1. Delphine is going to sacrifice herself, thus showing the level of love she has for Cosima. 2. They’re going to Tara us. They’re going to have cophine get back together and kill her unnecessarily and Kennedy, I mean Shay, is going to be there to pick up the pieces, thus cementing the new relationship. 

Either way they probably won’t outright kill her.  They’ll have her clinging on the edge of life/death to keep everyone on the edge.It’s just a thought, anyway. Just my opinion on what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s what I see as making sense. 

We also can’t forget that Evelyne is a hot comodity in Canada, I mean even now she’s filming a movie in montreal, and with XCo increasing the amount of episodes in a season, it will cause problems. For Season 3 they already had to delay filming 3x1 because of it and that was when xco had less episodes. There is only so much a production staff will do waiting around for an actress who plays a character who is just a supporting character. 

Anyway, nothing is confirmed. Nothing is for sure. Maybe they’ll miraculously fix everything. I’m super doubting it though. Truth be known…I’m ready to scrap this whole season and pretend the show ended after 2 seasons. I don’t know if I would want Ebro to come back unless the writers add a female to the writing team again. They’re doing nothing but destroying Delphine’s character step by step and EBro frankly deserves better than what they’re doing. 

The writing has basically driven this show into the ground. The hardcore fans who would wait eagerly for 9 oclock to come around so they could watch the show live, they’re getting less and less. They’re driving away the loyal watchers and not just Cophine fans. There’s more violence against women. They’re no longer just toeing the line of acceptability and have crossed over it. This show is less and less about female agency and more about drama for the sake of drama. Like that is literally something John has said in an interview, that they broke up Cophine for the sake of adding drama. It wasn’t for character development, it wasn’t for plot progression. It was just for drama. 

Let me ask you, if the first few episodes you ever watched of Orphan Black were season 3, would you be as interested to watch it? You literally get treated to a castor clone beating up the main mother figure of the series, not to get information because it’s established a few punches in that she has no info, but just to show a Castor clone on the rage. You get to see castor clones forcing themselves on women. You get to see women being tortured. You get to see women torturing other women. You get to see a woman, a motherly figure, sending her sons out into the world with the intention of sterilizing women. They have a mother who honestly thinks that getting involved with drug lords and blackmailing her neighborhood is more of a logical decision than getting a real job. We end up with women being villainized while a male who has been a negative aspect of the show since season one, goes out a hero and declared ‘a good man’. 

Do you know why? Because there are no longer any females on the writing staff. There is no queer representation in the writers room. They’ve gotten rid of continuity and character development and have lost the ability to tell a story and are now just throwing crap upon crap at us. They are starting to use rediculous tropes because they don’t know any better. They’ve created ridiculous subplots, increased the violence, blood, and skin showing in order to disguise the fact that the main story has been lost in all of this. 

I’m giving this show to the end of the season, maybe to 4x01 to see if the writing improves, but only out of courtesy of how great this show used to be. 

I never would have thought I’d feel this way about Orphan Black. I wanted to trust the writers and the cast is fucking amazing, but I can’t believe what has happened to a show that used to keep me on the edge of my seat. Now, I can barely force myself to watch new episodes. 

I'm still human

Pairing: Dean (Demon) x Reader

Word count: 1957

Theme song: Take me Under - Lost in you —> Three days grace

Warning: fluff swearing

Imagine having a competition with Dean about who knows the dirtiest pick-up line.
Imagine breaking up with dean when he becomes a demon
Dean demon x reader, they are can it be like she secretly likes dean but is scared of demon dean and so one day she opens the door and she gets kidnapped by him and he can be like possessive and stuff but still fluffy I hope that’s not to much to ask for!!

WMASX: Thanks I love these requests!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may have putt my own twist on them.
I’m considering doing a part two, but not sure.

External image

You had been hunting with the Winchester boys for a while now, they were cool guys, you liked them. You felt part of a little family. Everything was great normally but things weren’t to well at the moment. You decided you were ignoring both of the boys, because they were being jerks. You locked yourself in your room in the bunker. They both tried talking to you but you just blasted music, songs from Three Days Grace and destroyed your room, so you wouldn’t hear them. You were really angry at the boys because of what happened 3 days ago. You were on a hunt,a break from chasing Abadon, when the demon nearly kills Dean and Sam because of their stupid actions but you saved them. Then you nearly die and they wouldn’t stop yelling at you, saying they had the situation under control when really you had just saved their asses and they should be thanking you. So when you got back you locked yourself away, ignoring their shitty attitude, you luckily had enough food in your room to last a month. They tried apologising but you were still pissed off and thought it be better if you stayed in your room, to cool down.

You had been in your room for a week, Dean was outside your door. “Y/N please come out” you ignored him. “OK then. Here’s the deal. We play a little game, if I win you come out, if you win you get to do what you want. How’s that sound?” He had your attention “What’s the game?” you asked not opening the door. “Here’s the rules. Who ever comes up with the most pick up lines win, Ok?” he sounded confident, you had played this game before and you let him win, he obviously hadn’t seen you in action. “OK but I’m not opening the door! You start” you sat against the door.
“OK … i got one! What is a nice girl like you doing in a dirty mind like mine?”dean was good just not good enough.
“You know what would make your face look better?” you asked cheekily
“What?” he had no clue where you were going with this
“My legs wrapped around it” you hadn’t used this one ever, he laughed
“Do you go to church often? Cause you’re gonna be on your knees tonight.”
“I don’t need a spoonful of sugar to swallow you” you said
“ok wait two seconds let me think arrrgh” he was struggling
“Come on Dean you don’t want to loose do you?” you were being cocky
“You’re just like my little toe, because I’m going to bang you on every piece of furniture” he had used this one before
“Nice. Are you research? because I’m not doing you and I should be” you really should be doing research.
“Ha You are so selfish! You’re going to have that body the rest of your life and I just want it for one night.” he was really into this game.
“I’m afraid of the dark… Will you sleep with me tonight?” you started thinking of dean sexually and it got you really horny, you had thought of dean before like that but just for a minute. You considered opening the door but you wanted to win the game first.
“I lost my teddy bear, will you sleep with me?” he said, you could tell he was smiling.
“They’re called ‘eyebrows’ cus my eyes are browsin your fine ass”
“I’d like to point out that “beautiful” has U in it. But, ‘quickie’ has U & I together” this was too much for you

“Dean are my undies showing?” this was it, your plan in action
“I can’t see them” obviously he couldn’t
“Would you like to?” you were being serious
“Is that a question? or a pick up line?” he asked confused.
“Depends on your answer”
“Honestly” he hesitated “Yeah but I really want to kiss you first” he sounded awkwardly sweet.

You opened the door to see dean sat on the floor opposite you, looking into your eyes. Without hesitating he grabbed the back of your head, mixing your hair with his hands whilst his lips crashed into yours. Eventually your lips parted. “What the hell? Your room is a mess” he was shocked. It was terrible, you got out of hand. Then Dean saw the two big pictures on the wall “That’s nice! two giant pictures, one of me and one of sam and it looks like you’ve been throwing knifes at them. There still knifes in them. What the fuck?” he was surprised. “I’m sorry it’s just you and Sam can get really annoying sometimes and i kinda wanna kill you.I have burst of rage but eventually calm down cause I come to my senses. So I use the posters and practise my knife throwing skills. Don’t be offended by it, I do it with other people too”
“Ok” he was slightly disturbed
Sam was outside your room speechless “What happened here?” he asked. “Sammy check this out” he pointed to the posters.
You walked out the room wondering what the hell just happened.
Nothing was said about that day, dean didn’t talk about the kiss and neither did you. You cuddled now and sometimes you kissed each other.
After dean found the first blade he was never the same. Sam and you talked about it and one day, the night before he ‘died’ you left, you couldn’t take the drama anymore. He was sad and furious. When Sam realised that he’d turned into some sort of demon he called you to warn you. Sam would call you to talk sometimes, to check up on you.

You lived in Ohio now, you had a jerk of a boyfriend, who probably only used you for sex and you had a job in a bar, serving drinks. You work the late night shifts. One evening you were just about to go to work when a call from your boyfriend jack so happened to stall you.
“Hey honey what’s up?” you asked
“y/n nice to hear your voice again” it was dean’s voice, your heart dropped.
“Where’s Jack?” you got worried, you didn’t really care for him but still.
“He’s alive for now. I can’t believe you got over me so quickly” truth be told you never really got over him.
“Go away Dean, leave Ohio and dont come back” you yelled into the phone.
“I’m not leaving without you” he insisted
“I’m not leaving with you” you heart broke as you pronounced the words.
“Cause you really mean that?” he was angry
“Yes I mean it. I left you” it hurt you.
“Oh that sucks for you, doesn’t it? and for Jack”
“Leave him out of this” he was getting on your nerves
“y/n why’d you leave me? We had a thing.” he said and laughed.
“I’m not having this conversation on the phone” you told him
You hung up, Jack was a nice guy but you didn’t really like him, you just needed someone. Dean wouldn’t kill him. You headed to the bar, you knew Dean would come to you. You would have left but you knew he’d track you down again so you stayed in Ohio. You did like Dean a lot but his demon scared you. You were half way through your shift it was 11 pm when Jack came running through the door cover in his own blood.
“y/n WHAT THE HELL?” he yelled making everyone look
“Jack what’s wrong? Did he actually get you?” you asked as you tried to wipe the blood off his face. You lead him to the back room.
“your psycho ex kidnapped me” he was stressed
“What did he do?” you were worried
“Don’t pretend like you care!”
“I do” kinda like you care for a friend
“This is your fucking fault. He punched me again and again, over and over. You hung up. Didn’t even try meeting up with him. You’re a bitch you know that.”
“Stop being a jerk Jack” you couldn’t meet up with Dean
“He asked me where you were. at the start i didn’t want to tell him for your safety and he tortured me. Then he called you and put it on speaker. Once that was over I told him directly you bitch”
“You did what?” you were shocked
“He’ll be here soon” he smirked
“I left him. He’s a killer. A psychopath and you told him where i am. Jerk. I’m leaving you, this town this life. Find someone else to fuck”
You left the room, everyone was on their knees on the floor, hands behind their neck when someone crept up from behind and put a bag over your head and hand cuffed you.
“What the hell?” you mumbled
You didn’t fight because you didn’t really want too. Dean felt warm. He was dragging you, then picked you up bridal style and took you out of the bar. you forgot how much you loved been near him. Your heart was beating loud and you could feel it in your throat.

He put you in a car now, it was the impala, he drove for a couple of hours. He stopped then removed the bag, you could see him clearly. “Come on” he said. “I can’t open the door im handcuffed behind my back” you whispered, you still acted like you hated him when in reality you loved the man/demon. He took you in the motel. You ignored him, you said nothing.
“I’m still me, you know” he said, you didn’t answer “I just know what i want now”
your phone started ringing, you were about to pick it up when dean snatches it off you.
“Why is Sam calling you?” he was angry, you didn’t understand.
“I don’t know. Answer and you might find out. He’s probably just checking up on me, to see if i’m ok, he does that, unlike you.”
“Oh really” he smashed the phone on the floor and crushed it “So you and Sammy” he was making stupid assumptions.
“you’ve fucked my brother havent you?”
“No” he was being absurd
“We got to get something straight”he was fierce
“Yeah it seems that way, you aren’t thinking clearly, you’re-”
“YOU’RE MINE!!! UNDERSTAND, MINE, NOT SAMS, NOT JACKS, MINE. I want you and i’ll have you.” he yelled making you jump and got closer to you
“What about those sluts you’ve been banging?” you knew about what he had been doing lately.
“What?” he was surprised
“You think I don’t know what you’ve been doing, going to bars and strip clubs and fucking anything that gives you any sort of fucking attention. You think i haven’t been keeping tabs on you and your sluts” you lost your temper and tried pushing him away. Dean just laughed.
“You’re mine… and I’m yours. Just listen to me y/n. I…” he stopped and kissed you passionately on the lips. You parted for air.
“You what?” you hoped he’d say it
“I……love you” he hesitated “I’d never take it any further than kissing because I was scared” he was being honest “You don’t share my affections, you just think I’m a demon but I’m not, I’m still human”
“Shut up Dean” you kissed him “Obviously I love you too, why do you think I’ve been keeping tabs on you”
He lifted you up as you kissed, you finger tips going through his hair. He slammed you against the wall and removed you shirt.

I'm So Sorry - Shawn Mendes (Sweet Imagine)


Can I have one? With Shawn and at Home and he goes Away on tour and we get in a fight before he leaves but he comes back and surprises me please?

I’m So Sorry - Shawn Mendes (Sweet Imagine)

Alexis’ P.O.V. ~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Honey, I’m home,” my boyfriend of 11/2 sing-songed as he stepped in through the front door. I was currently washing potatoes in the sink getting ready to cook dinner for me and Shawn. Don’t judge. And, yes, we were 16, but we were able to pay the bills and take care of ourselves and each other and that’s all that mattered.

“Hey babe,” I spoke, feeling his arms slowly wrap around my waist and his soft plump lips attach to my cheek, letting them linger there for a few seconds before retreting his lips and resting his head on my shoulder. Watching me work on the food. “Watcha doing?” He questioned. I chuckled, “I think you know what I’m doing.” “I know,” he sighed,“ Just trying to make small talk.” I laughed quietly, even though there was a part of me that knew there was something wrong. He always knew what to say, he could always keep a converation going but not right now. Something was up. I stopped preparing the food and turned around causing Shawn to rremove his head from my shoulder and his arms to fall back down to his sides.

“Hey Shawn,” I started. He hummed in response, a questioning look evident on his face. “What’s wrong?” He sighed in response. “I was going to tell you sooner, I just didn’t know how to tell you..” he trailed off, looking anywhere but at me. “And..” I urged him to continue. “Look I’m sorry, but I’m going on tour for 6 months. I didn’t know how to tell you, and I couldn’t refuse the offer. You know how much my career means to me. To us.” He said pointing between us. It’s true, his money, along with mine, payed the bills. “Shawn! How the hell could you not tell me?!” I exclaimed.

“By not telling you,” Shawn snapped. “Fuck, Shawn. Now is not the time for your sarcastic attitude. Why did you not tell me? Is that better?” I asked, keeping my cool so that I didn’t completely blow up on him. “I didn’t fucking know how to, Alexis!! I knew you were going to fucking react like this!!” he shouted, slowly making his way over to me with each word he said. “What do you even mean? What does that mean? I’m being calm right now, while you’re coming over here shouting in my face,” I muttered. He sighed, something that he had been doing a lot lately, as he ran his hand through his hair. “I’m sorry.” He paused then continued,“ I leave tomorrow.” And with that he walked away to our shared bedroom, to pack I presume, leaving me standing there speachless. Tears welled my eyes as my legs were about to give out on me.

I placed both of my hands over my mouth as I closed my eyes, finally letting the tears down as I started to sob. I took one of my hands off of my mouth and placed it on the counter, using it to steady me and I slowly slid down to the floor, tears spilling, as I silently cried. How could he do this? I stare ahead of me at the side of the island ahead of me. After a few minutes of not doing anything, just sitting there, staring blankly ahead, thinking about nothing and everything at the same time. I stand up, no emotion evident, and head to the bathroom to clean up my messed up mascara. I wash off my face, then walk out of the bathroom. I head towards the living room and plop myself down on the couch and put on a random movie. During which, I fell asleep. When I woke up, the time was 11:57 p.m. I don’t know when I fell asleep but I think I fell asleep for a while. I sat up on Shawn and I’s comfy couch, stretching, when I hear the sound of the front door knob turning. What the hell? Who would be here this late? I thought. I got up and made my way to the door, whoever was turning the doorknob must have realized it was locked because they had started lightly knocking on the door, causing my head to pound, My head must still hurt from crying earlier. Then remembrance occured, fuck you Shawn. -- Ugh, but I still and always will love you._

I slowly- but surely- made my way to the door and managed to swiftly unlock it and open it with no problem, “Yes?” I looked up and wasnt even surprised to see Shawns friends standing outside my door. Now it was my turn to sigh. They were really nice, they would always be there for me if I needed it, they even introduced me to Shawn in the first place but I guess it just kind of made me upset seeing that Shawn would rather have his friends come over instead of talk to me about what happened. Whatever, his decision, not mine. “Hey gurl he- you look upset,” Nash stated. I smiled at him, he was always able to tell when there’s something up with me. “I’m fine… could be better.” I replied, moving out of the way letting them inside, “Shawn’s upstairs in our room.” I noted, adding a sigh. Cameron, Carter, Matt, Hayes and Taylor came piling through the door leaving Nash behind, he heaved out a sigh staring directly into my eyes, “I’ll talk to him. Alright, babe?” I nodded closing the door before he pulled me in for a hug kissing my forehead. He has always been my best friend, me and him were friends since birth, we were inseperable. There was nothing going on between us, never will be anything between us, that’s the best part. “We’re staying here tonight, we have have to go at like 6am tomorrow. I’m so sorry you can’t go with us,” he spoke, sincerity coating his voice. “It would be fine if Shawn hadn’t told me the day before. Ugh, it’s late-early- whatever, and you have places to be,” I responded. “Wait, he didn’t tell you until yesterday?” “Yeah, why?” “He told us he told you 3 weeks ago.” He stated. “So he’s lying too? Ugh, too much for me to deal with right now. Go do whatever you guys were doing, sleep, and wake me up when you leave? I want to say goodbye to you.” I said. “Of course, alright now go to sleep. Love you baby doll,” he spoke, kissing my forehead again. “Love you too, cutie.” I smiled at him and went to lay down on the couch while Nash headed upstairs. I need sleep, I thought. Just before I crashed.

~5:50 a.m.~

“Wake up gorgeous,” a voice whispered, making my eyes flutter open. I told you all of his friends were nice to me. Wait.. When did he get here? Probably just a little while ago. Whatever. “Morning A-aron,” I yawned smiling, causing him to chuckle slightly. “We’re heading out in about 9 minutes, so we figured we’d wake you up so that you’re actually awake by the time we leave.” He stated. “Alright,” I replied standing up from the couch, stretching, then gave Aaron a hug. I walked innto the kitchen to see everyone sat at the table. “Mornin’ everyone,” I said, causing their heads to snap in my direction. “Hey love,” they all cheerily spoke. I went to the cabinets to get cereal and a bowl, then got milk out of the fridge and sat down in between Cam and Nash after putting everything back. “This is why I like this house,” Taylor spoke up, causing everyone to give him a weird look,“You guys always have milk.” You chuckled lightly at this statement, which caused Matt to poke my face saying, “There’s that smile.” I laughed again, “Matthew stop! I’m trying to eat!!”

During the entire time they were there, Shawn hadn’t said a word, which made me wonder if Nash had really talked to him. But it doesn’t matter, I’ll see him soon enough.

~7 weeks later~

Things have been really boring around here since everyone left. No one has even really tried to cantact me, but then again what they do they don’t have much spare time to do whatever they want. No texts from Shawn- no surprise there- but Nash had been texting me, to check up on me, make sure I was okay. I was happy about that. No matter what anyone said about him, I knew the truth, he really did care and he didn’t let the fame get to his head either.

It was about 5:49 p.m. and I was just sitting on the couch wrapped up all snuggly-wuggly cozy in blankets, eating tubs of ice cream and watching scary movies. As I had been doing since the first week they all left. I don’t have many friends around here, actually no friends because the boys were the only ones I knew. I didn’t go to a public school cause I did online schooling, so I never got to meet any friends in school, but I’m happy with the one’s that I’ve got, even when they’re not there. In the middle of The Conjuring the doorbell started ringing so I just started walking to the door, not bothering to pause the movie considering this had been about the millionth time I had seen it. As soon as I got to the door I swiftly unlocked and pulled it open. And my jaw dropped at the sight before me, and I didn’t mean too, but I snapped,“ What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be on tour?” “Look I-I-I’m sor-” I cut him off, “Save it. I don’t care. It wasn’t that big of a deal Shawn, everything would’ve been fine if you had at least tried to talk to me instead of just calling your friends to come over. How could you jus-” And with that his soft lips collided with yours sending shocks throughout your whole body. The kiss was filled with passion and lust, and just because of it you could tell how sorry he was, and a few seconds later, he broke the kiss. “I’m so so so so so so sorr-” he said with tears in his eyes, scared I wasn’t going to forgive him, before I interupted him by grabbing his face and whispering, “Shut up and love me.” Standing on my tippy-toes and him leaning down, we finally closed the space between us. About two minutes later we broke apart and I grabbed his hand entwining our fingers together while saying, “You are forgiven.” He smiled at me and grabbed my face again with both hands, letting go of my hand, to pull me close to his face. “I love you,” he spoke. “I lovve you as well,” I replied, just as he pulled me in for a small kiss, me placing my small hands on top of his much larger ones to keep my balance on my tip-toes.

Long story short, that night we ended up in the living room talking about all our dreams and how we would show them off, about all of the things we wanted, watched millions of movies upon movies and fell asleep peacefully. And now, we were happily married with 2 kids and a perfect little life. All our friends were apart of our wedding, our daughter, Allison, was the flower girl, and our little boy, Bradley, was born a year after her, and Shawn and I’s life together couldn’t be better.

A/N sorry it took so long, my eyes couldn’t focus on anything cause I had been on the computer too long so I took a break, but I hope you like it. Sorry for any mistakes <3

Fighting The Feelings - Requested (Calum)

This was requested by Anon (can you do a calum imagine where he really wants to start a relationship but you don’t bc you’re scared of being hurt but you really like him… does that make sense lol) Okay so i changed it slightly - hope this is kinda what you wanted. Let us know what you think. Enjoy.

I know your scared but you don’t have to be, I could never hurt you’ Calum has just told you he is in love with you, and he is trying to reassure you that he couldn’t hurt you, but you have doubts, he is Calum Hood from 5 seconds of summer now, he isn’t just the guy you shared your whole life with anymore.

‘You don’t know you won’t, I know that I can trust you right now but I can’t fall for you anymore Cal, or I’ll be destroyed if you leave me’ you can’t bring yourself to look at him, you have felt the same about him since you were 11 years old but he was always the cool one out of the two of you and you couldn’t imagine he would want you.

‘I’m not going to leave you’ you hear him walking closer to you.

‘You can’t say that, eventually you’ll realise you can do so much better, someone else will come along and you’ll be gone, and I don’t think I would cope. Please don’t push this’ You gather the courage to look him in the eye, his hand rises to your face and he wipes away a tear you didn’t even realise you were crying and you see he has also got watery eyes.

‘Fine, but it’s going to happen eventually, I can’t just forget about my feeling and neither can you.’ He pulls you into a hug and you both cling to each other like you wouldn’t be able to breath if you let go.

‘We have to try’ you whisper.

1 Year Later

You’re rushing around trying to get all your stuff together and get ready, as you hear Calum shout you from the living room. ‘(Y/N) hurry up, we’ve got a long drive’

‘I’m coming, calm down, Jesus Christ, next time you need me to be ready for a certain time wake me up more than 15 minutes before you want to leave’ although you knew you were leaving today you didn’t realise it would be so early.

‘Yeah, yeah, you knew we were going out’ he replies clearly getting impatient.

‘Not at 8.30 I didn’t, this is insane, its Sunday I should still be in bed’ you moan as you leave your room entering the living room where he is bouncing on his toes.

‘Fine, go back bed then, I’ll go on my own’ he turns for the door, you know he’s only messing but your heart quickens and you grab your bag. ‘I’m up now, stop stropping Cal, I’m ready, let’s go’

After the three hour drive, you finally arrive at the beach house, it was your nans and you and Calum had been to her house every summer to spend a couple of weeks with her from the age of 6 however neither of you have been since you were 11, and when your nan died last year you and Calum decided you would come up and sort the place out as soon as he could get a week away from touring.

‘No fucking way we are here, it’s been so long’ you yell, the excitement filling you as you jump out the car and rush to open the door, everything as you remember it.

Calum made his way behind you ‘I know, what like six years, last time we were her you had that weird haircut and just started to wear jumpers 10 times to big’

You turn and give him a glare, ‘Fuck you, I liked that hair and my jumpers were awesome’ he laughed and you couldn’t hold the glare as you remembered how truly horrible your hair was back then and you let out your laughter,  ‘Fine I hated the hair, but I liked the jumpers’.

You both drop you bags by the coffee table and flop on separate sofas, you look at the bags and so does Calum ‘Unpack later, let’s go…’ Calum started but you already knew what he was going to say and cut him off.

‘Barbs ice hut’ you shout already heading for the door and you can hear Calum running behind you laughing slightly. After getting your ice cream from the hut you sit on the bench outside and as your sliding your hand along the bench you feel indentations and when you look down you see the carved words you and Calum made 6 years ago, you laugh at the memory ‘no way Cal it’s still here’

Calum looks to where you are looking and smiles ‘as if, do you think out time thing is still by the old tree’ he asks and you remember the time box that you buried there when you were 11.

‘Oh my god, I remember that, what the hell did we put in there’ you ask,

‘them pee cups we found at the old peoples home with our blood in’ he replies and you laugh remembering how much of a baby Calum was when he has to cut his hand to get some blood and it was all his idea anyway.

‘Oh yeah, just encase one of us died and the other found a way to reduce people with blood’ you add, remembering the conversation you had.

‘Yeah I’m still working on that’ he says chuckling.

‘What else, oh the flag from the castle we build’ you add

‘shit, that thing took us hours to build, it was fucking amazing though’ he smiles and grabs your hand pulling you up as you make your way back to the beach house, neither of you have said it but you know you are heading to the tree to see if it is still there.

‘It’s still here’ you shout as you finally hit something with your spade. Just then you hear Calum’s phone ringing.

‘shit that’s my phone, give me a second’ he says running off to get it from your bag, he started talking to whoever was on the phone and you got to impatient and opened it without him, You only take a peek before you feel bad and begin to close it again when you see something with your name on, it’s an envelope, and you open it, the writing is messy and its Calums.

‘(Y/N), if you are reading this and I’m not there it means I’m dead or worse we aren't friends, if it is that I’m dead hurry up on working on getting me back and if we aren't friends then I think I need a brain transplant for letting you go. You’re my best friend and I love you, not as a friend as more. I wish you were my girlfriend but that’s a wild dream because you like all the boys with fluffy hair. I’m to much of a baby to tell you I like you so I wrote it here. But I do, I really like you, mum says we will get married one day but I tell her she’s crazy, because she is. You have funny hair but I like it, you have a weird laugh but it makes you one of a kind, you are the only person that will sneak out and play football with me in the night and the only person who would come in the den I made because everyone else said it would fall down, I’m still really sorry it fell and broke your leg. Anyway you’re my best friend and I love you (Y/N).

Love Cal-Cal’

You smile trying to hold back the tears, how had you not realised that he was in love with you, you two have been friends since you were 3 when your parents started taking you to the same play group, and yet it was only last year you two had finally admitted your feelings for each other.

‘What have you found?’ you hear Calum as he kneels down beside you, you look at him and smirk as his eyes widen seeing the letter in my hand.

‘A letter, did you seriously write this all those years ago’ you ask, he nods, and then shakes his head, glaring at you as you bite your lip trying not to laugh.

‘I forgot about that, man I honestly didn’t think you would ever dig it up’

‘It’s cute, young Calum was cute though, now your just a dick’ you can’t help but to laugh when he snatches the letter from you and glares at you before laughing himself.

‘Wow sentimental’ he groans as we begin to look though all out old stuff.

Later you two are snuggled up on the sofa watching one of your old videos from when you when kids, and you can’t stop thinking about the letter Calum had wrote, you have likes Calum for years, but until last year you didn’t realise he liked you too, but you agreed to hold back the feelings, you had to many barriers and you find it hard to trust anyone even your best friend in a relationship. But reading that letter today has mad you begin to doubt yourself, why should you both hold back, your still friends after all these years and after Calum and the boys became big.

And suddenly it’s like your heart has took over your whole body as you raise you head to Calum’s and your lips brush his, softly, this is the first kiss you two have ever shared, Calum’s hand holds your face and you two get lost in an overdue embrace. You pull back slightly and can’t hold back the huge smile on your face and nether can he as he holds your face with one hand and plays with the ends of your hair in his other hand.

‘I don’t want to keep fighting the feelings’ you whisper

His smile grows even further and he whispers ‘I gave up the day I told you I loved you’ 

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From Chelsea

Preference: Post Break-up Phone Conversation (4/4)


            You were staying at your aunt’s house for a week to help volunteer for her garden shop. While you were out back, working on repotting overgrown plants, you aunt was was working the counter. After about a half hour, you aunt came to check on you. “Here sweetie, take the water. Also your phone has been going off non-stop, someone keeps calling you.” Hearing this you rushed inside and unlocked your phone. As soon as you did, it started to ring again and seeing the caller-id you answered right away. “Cal? What’s going on? Are you okay?”

            “(Y/n)! I’m so glad to hear you voice. I’ve missed it so much; I’ve missed you so much. Sorry for the incessant calling. I just, needed to know you’re okay.” You sighed. It had been three months since you ended your yearlong relationship. This had been the fourth time he had called you in the past month just to “hear your voice” or whatever.

            “Cal, I’m okay. I’m always okay. You know that. It’s not your job to look after me,” You remind him. “I can’t handle you just calling me out of the blue like this; it’s been hard for both of us, not just you.”

            “My nightmares have come back (y/n). You’re always in them. Always. And now that you’re no longer in my arms, I can’t know your safe. Shit, I don’t even know to function without you.”

            “Calum. You left because you said you weren’t sure. You didn’t know if you loved me. It was too hard to figure it out under the conditions we were in. Unfortunately, nothing has changed has it? Damn. You know how I felt, and how I understood when you left because of our situation but you can’t keep stringing me along. I need you to tell me you love me or you need to give me the space I need to breathe away from you.” Your aunt long since excused herself from the workroom as this call was getting a bit lengthy and emotional. You found yourself tearing up.

            “I can’t stop worrying about you, thinking about you. I’m enveloped in you now, three months later; I can’t get you out of my head, let alone my heart. That’s got to be love right?”

            “That’s for you to figure out Cal. I’ve got to go; when you do let me know,” you shut him out, and hung up before you let him inside again.


            You were busy cleaning the apartment when you received a snapchat from Michael. It had been a while since you had talked to any of the boys. You and Luke had a bit of a rough breakup a month ago, leaving you heartbroken and torn from some of your best friends. When you opened it you saw it was a video. Michael appeared on the screen and mouthed something like “listen” and turned the phone around. It now showed Luke strumming on a guitar and beginning to sing.

            “Wake me up now, and tell me this is all a bad dream. All the songs that I wrote, all the wrongs that I hoped would erase from your memory. Holding onto a broken and empty heart, flowers I should’ve bought all the hours I lost, wish I could bring it back to the start.” The video quickly ended, but you saw another from Mike, with the text “he needs you- call him” written on it. You caught only some of the lyrics from this one, as you had started crying.
“And I’m the only one to blame. I know that it’s a little too late. This is everything I didn’t say”

            You quickly exited the app after viewing that knowing you couldn’t take anymore if Michael decided to send them. Luke obviously was oblivious to the act, and would probably be horrified if he had known that his mate recorded it. You took a few deep breaths and dialed his number, and waited. It rang only once before you heard his voice. “(Y/n?), is that really you?” He sounded distant and wounded. And you immediately felt swarms of regret and guilt swell in you.

            “Yeah, it’s me. I didn’t really know if I should call, but I had a feeling that neither of us had really finished saying everything we need to. But if I’m wrong, well, uh, never mind?” you started to question yourself as you spoke to him.

            “No, no, no. I’m really glad you called. I’ve been wanting to for ages now, but the words you said to me that night just kept playing over and over. I was scared that if I did that you might say something worse. I wasn’t sure if I could take that.” You recalled what you yelled at him that night. I hate you Luke! You’ve ruined everything! Never talk to me again! Yikes, maybe that was a bit harsh, you rationalized.

            “That was a bit mean, sorry. But I’d like to make it up to you now, if you’d let me?”

            “I’ve missed you so much,” he whispered, and we both started breaking down.


            It was three-thirty in the morning when you woke up to your obnoxious ringtone. Without thinking twice you answered with a very grumpy and tired, “Hello?!” You heard a bit of stumbling and talking in the background. Finally you heard an all too familiar voice on the other end.

            “(Y/n)!! I missss youuuu. You should come back to my placeee. Tonight!! Please. Come!!! Hahhaha, cum!” Your ex Michael was obviously very intoxicated, and while you cared about him, you weren’t responsible for his actions or wellbeing. Something told you there was a bit of sincerity in his voice about wanting you with him, but he was still drunk.

            “Michael, you’re drunk. I can’t do anything for you. I’m sorry.” It hurt you to say the words, but you couldn’t just let your slight neediness, and his drunken courage, erase all the damage you had done to each other.

            “You know I still loooove you (y/n)? I haven’t been with anyone since us. I miss you terribly.” It sounded like he had started to hysterically cry on the other end. You wondered if the alcohol was making emotional, or if possibly he could be sobering up from the conversation. The fact that he said he hadn’t been with anyone since you, made you think. Michael was never a liar, an annoying douche, a rude asshole sure, but never a dishonest person. “I miss you so terribly. Please come home, love. My clothes don’t smell like you; they used to, you know? You would wear them and cuddle with me in them and they would smell faintly like your shampoo or perfume and just touching them and touching you in them made me so happy. You made me so happy. You made me so fucking happy (y/n). Please come back.”

            By this point you were more than wide-awake, and your emotions were all array. You wanted to run to him, and hold him, and stand on your toes to kiss him. You wanted him to use your head as an armrest and tease you about your laugh. But he was drunk, and you thought he wouldn’t do this if he were sober. “Michael, you want me now, at 3:45, and I know I want you too. But I want you 24/7. So if you remember this, call me at 7:45 in the morning. Tell me you want me then, and I’ll believe you.”

            “Okay. Goodnight. Goodnight (y/n).”


            You were just settling into your new apartment, unpacking a million boxes and stuff like that, when you decided to take a break and open twitter. Your mentions were through the roof this afternoon. You and Ashton had broken up about a week ago; the schedule had gotten a bit too hard for both of you and it didn’t make sense to drag something out that wouldn’t work out anyways. It had been mutual and extremely sad, but a good thing, a good transition point for both of you.

            As you began to scroll through your mentions, you noticed most were upset about the breakup, which had just been leaked somehow, but there were a few that were extremely harsh and critical of you, saying you broke Ashton, that you used him for fame, that you were never deserving of such a good man. And though hate never really got to you during the relationship, it hurt now. Especially now that Ash wasn’t with you. Deciding to set your phone down and continue unpacking, the phone interrupted only moments into the process. “Hello?” You answered without looking to see who called.

            “(Y/n)? It’s me. It’s Ash. How are you?”

            “Oh yeah, hey! I’m doing all right. A bit of unpacking left to do, but such is life.” You forced out the little bit of awkward conversation, hoping he had a purpose to his call that would save you from word vomit.

            “I see. I don’t know if you have been on twitter recently, but I want you to know that I still care about you deeply, regardless of the fact that we couldn’t make it work. I don’t like what some of them are saying, and I want you to know that both you and I know the truth about how genuine a person you are, and how wonderful our relationship was for both of us. And I hope you feel the same. Because nothing will ever change that for me.”

            You smiled nostalgically at his voice. He always knew how to make you feel better. That’s something you will always love about him. “Thank you Ash. Yeah, I saw some stuff, and it means a lot to know that you don’t think like that or anything. You’ve always been a man of your word, and I appreciate that greatly. And yeah, I look back on our time together in such a positive light. You made me a better person everyday.”

            “And you to me as well. I just wanted to check up. You sound good (Y/n). But it’s about 2:30 where I am, so I’m going to go to bed. But I needed you to know that.”

            “Thanks Ash, but don’t worry, I already did. Night!” You hung up and before you could dig into your unpacking again, your phone buzzed. Ashton had mentioned you in a tweet and you couldn’t help but smile when you read it.

@Ashton5sos: Please respect mine and @(y/t/n)’s privacy at this time. We both look back on our relationship positively, and no one is to blame. She is a wonderful person and I wish her all the best. You guys should too. 

(a/n: yikes this got real long real fast. I hope you enjoy! If you want something, feel free to request! also i didn’t really edit, so sorry for any errors!)

| h.s | - After so many years.. | Part 3.|

Requested: no

Words: 953 words.

Storyline: Harry asks Louis to help him to get [Y/N] back in his life.

A/N: Haven’t written in a week, been kinda busy. You can find part one here and part two here.

 My writings.

Harry’s p.o.v

I was at home waiting for Louis to get here, i was nervous because i’ve never told anyone about [Y/N], when i cut all contact with her i didn’t want anyone bringing her up so my family knew to never bring anything related to her up, and the boys never knew about her. And now i had to tell Louis everything about her, and it hurt remembering everything, i was the only one to blame, i threw her out of my life without any reason behind it.

I was in the living room watching TV, trying to calm my nerves when i heard Louis get in, he should really learn how to knock even if he had a key. I saw him get into the room and his eyes widened when he saw me, i couldn’t blame him, i looked like absolutely shit, my hair was everywhere, my eyes were bloodshot and my nose was red, i was an absolute mess.

“What the hell happened to you mate”- He was eying me from head to toe, i knew he didn’t know what to do or say. I took in a breath and prepared myself to explain his everything about [Y/N].

“There’s something i’ve never told you guys, when i was little i met a girl named [Y/N], she was my world, she got me to play barbies with her, she made me happy, she was the one who got me to do something with music she believed in me and i loved her with all my heart. But 3 years ago i made the worst decision of my life and left her, without any warning, i just cut all contact with her and i’m still trying to figure out why i did it, because i don’t know, it was scary how happy she made me and i found myself loving her more everyday that went by, and i ended up leaving her. And i ran into her today here in London, and seeing her broke me, all my memories with her came back and i just want her back in my life, i don’t deserve it but i’m selfish and i want her back because she is still my world”- I was a sobbing mess by now, Louis was now by my side trying to comfort me but it wasn’t working, i just needed her back in my life. I was the biggest idiot in the entire planet.

“Wow, that’s a lot to take in, umm.. well you are an idiot and i’m sorry i’m so blunt about it, but it is the truth, but i can tell you are sorry and we are going to figure out what we can do to make her see how sorry you are and maybe she would be back in your life, it will take time but we are going to do it.” - Somehow i did believe what Louis just said, maybe if i show her how sorry i am i could get her back in my life.

[Y/N]’s p.o.v

The walk back home was horrible, i looked like crap people kept staring at me, i had mascara running down my cheeks but people didn’t dare to walk up to me with two big dogs next to me. I wanted to run home but i didn’t want to look like a crazy person, running down the street with two dogs who were bigger than me and mascara all over my face, so i just settled on walking fast.

As soon as i got to my house, i unhooked the leashes of the dogs and made my i threw all off my things on the couch and made my way towards my bedroom, and i threw myself on my bed, i didn’t want to move, i didn’t have energy to do anything, i was tired and sad. I kept thinking of Harry he looked beautiful, he was always beautiful but the time we had been apart has done him good, i always kept up with him due to him being on the public eye i saw him on tv or heard him on the radio and it hurt but nothing hurt more than seeing him face to face.

I decided to take a bath to calm myself, and relax. I made my way to the bathroom and i let the water run, i undressed myself and for the first time since i left this morning i looked at myself in the mirror, i looked horrible, mascara everywhere and my eyes red bloodshot, i splashed water over my face and got into the bath tub. I turn off the water and relaxed, i realized i haven’t eaten since this morning and i was starting to get hungry but i didn’t want to leave the bathtub.

10 minutes later i was done with my bath and dress in pajamas, no way i was leaving my place today, i was going to eat ice cream and watch re runs of CSI. I made my way towards the kitchen and started making myself some turkey sandwiches i was too tired to cook. My mind drifted to Harry when he used to cook to me, i remembered he would always make this amazing meals. Shaking the thoughts out of my head , i had to forget about Harry, he was no longer in my life, he hasn’t been in it for the past 3 years he wasn’t going to start being in it now.

I finished eating lunch and threw myself on the couch and put on CSI, maybe if i distract myself i could go the day without thinking of the past.

To be continued..

- My monkey writings.

Zutara Week Day 3: Clandestine

Word: 1811

Rating: T

A/N:  This is “they’re costars that are together but the media thinks they hate each other.”  I really have no idea how show business works so I kind of made it up.


Katara eyed the food spread out on the table.  Should she get some more fruit or maybe some cheese?  Oh they had sea prunes today!  She quickly grabbed a plate and began to pile the sea prunes on it.

Suddenly arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her away from the table.  She dropped her plate and elbowed the person in the stomach.  He grunted and his grip slackened, allowing her to turn around.  “Zuko,” she chided as she recognized her costar.  “Don’t ever do that to me again.”  She gently punched his shoulder before wrapping her arms around his next.  “How are you?”

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