i started this like two months ago and i'm just now finishing i'm trash

Little By Little / Part 4

I hate you all! Because I want to spend all my Saturday doing nothing and then, I think about fanfictions and I write an episode in like two or three hours. I was planning on watching the full series again but no. The fic was telling me to keep writing… So there you have. You will love this episode. I didn’t really know how to focus it, but I did a good job with it. I’m happy with what I’ve done today! :D

Thanks for all those likes, reblogs, comments and messages. I specially wanted to say my thanks to mirandasmadeofstone for those messages talking about my excellent Enlighs (I’m improving it quite well, ain’t I?)



Finn heard the postman was on his door. He opened it and told him to give Finn the letters. As soon as he had them, he checked if there was something for him. It was weird to receive something, but Rae and him had this little joke to send each other stupid letters to have some fun. Letters from bank accounts, the gym, some advertisement… And then, a letter with no return adress and it hadn’t any name. Rae had done it again. It wasn’t the first time she didn’t write her name just… Because. He closed the dolor, saying his goodbyes to the postman and left his father’s letters over the kitchen’s table. He went up to his room, closing the door in the process. He broke the paper, grabbing what was the content of it and sat on his bed.

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