i started this like at 4 this afternoon


I can love you in the shower 
Both of our bodies dripping wet 
On the patio we can make a night you won’t forget 
On the kitchen floor 
As I softly pull your hair 
We can do it anywhere, anywhere…

Rich Games pt 2 (Suho Scenario)

Summary: Everything is just fun and games for the rich boy, Suho.
Members: Suho x Reader (Appearances by EXO and BTS Members)
Type: Student! AU/ Drama/ Angst/ little Fluff
Length: 4,082 Words

 I am REALLY happy that you guys liked part 1 of this story. I really hope you like part 2 just as much. I don’t know when part 3 will come out, but I promise I already have ideas for it <3

­-Admin Kat

Pt. 1,  Pt. 3Pt. 4,  Pt. 5

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You stared at the golden apple that rested on your bedside table. You ran your finger over the glossy paint. You thought back to that afternoon when you had received it. He started to lean towards you, his lips only a few inches from yours, and smirked. “Because you are a sweet and beautiful girl. Why wouldn’t I want to be with someone like you? I’m tired of stupid, ditzy girls like Kristy. I need an Athena, not an Aphrodite.” You bit your lip at the thought. Athena. The Goddess of wisdom, versus Aphrodite, the Goddess of beauty. Was it really possible for a boy to choose brains over beauty?

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Bed time for me. Finally got started on the next chapter of Rebuild as we slowly start moving towards the end. The next chapter is 100% Korrasami. Like just 4,000+ words of them talking/kissing/parenting/other…things. 

I’m hoping to finish it by Thursday. 

Anyway, bed time. I hope you all have wonderful nights/days/afternoons/evenings <3

Sometimes when I start to get really stressed, or I just feel like I can’t keep up, I take an afternoon, or sometimes a whole day, to do the following:
1. Write a list of all that I need to do, an transfer this list into my diary, planning the next week out.
2. Clean up. If my room makes it look like I have my life together, I’ll act like I do.
3. Have a cup of relaxing tea.
4. Have shower and wash away negativity. I’ll clean my hair, shave my legs, exfoliate, everything.
5. Then, if I have time, I’ll find some motivation to get me through the weeks ahead. This might mean going through study hashtags, or watching a movie that motivates me. Alternatively, I do something relaxing, like drawing or colouring in.
6. I go to bed early! I aim for 8 to 9 hours of sleep, and try to get up early the next morning for a fresh start!

afternoon plans: 

  • eat lunch while watching ONE youtube video
  • close computer and read blue lily, lily blue
  • have left overs for supper 
  • do the dishes
  • work on book 
  • simultaneously start cleaning up blog and making those 2 gif sets
  • maybe work on that Kavinsky thing
  • fill queue for tomorrow
  • watch hgtv until i fall asleep at 1 or 2 am
  • wake up at between 4-6 and turn off the tv
  • sleep till like 11 
1 week 3 days old

She’s seriously the sweetest thing. I’m babywearing right now and she’s sound asleep on my chest, hiccuping every so often. I can look down and kiss the strawberry blonde hair (where did she get that?!?) and see her long eyelashes and nearly invisible eyebrows. Her mouth is slightly open and her arm is up by her face (it was in every single ultrasound, too). She’s adorable.

Last night she slept SO well… 5 hours, feed, and then 4 hours. I feel so rested. I got dishes done this afternoon, and laundry is running. I’m working on my second 30oz glass of water (with electrolyte flavor shot, I can’t do straight water yuuuck). I’ll start dinner within the next 15 minutes, husband will be home in an hour.

I feel like, for being home only 4 days, I’m doing all right. I don’t panic when she cries - which I used to do with other babies. They used to really bother me… but my own baby’s cries don’t bother me.

OH and I got a shower today, too.

nateweger asked:


1. Would you have sex with the last person you text messaged?

no haha she’s my best friend but not into her like that

2. You talked to an ex today, correct?

I have not

3. Have you taken someones virginity?


4. Is trust a big issue for you?

I don’t even know what trust is at this point

5. Did you hang out with the person you like recently?

I don’t like anyone so no haha

6. What are you excited for?

well I got a raise today! that’s about all I have to be excited about atm

also I start my final semester of college monday so thats cool too

7. What happened tonight?

it’s currently 1 in the afternoon but I was at work all morning with the doggies so that’s my exciting life

How to have a good day

1. Drink a full glass of water immediately after waking up. You’re usually dehydrated from sleep, so rehydrate first thing.
2. Stretch, take 5 minutes in the morning and tell yourself you’re going to have a good day, even if you’re late. I mean, you’re already late, what’s 5 more minutes?
3. Eat. Real. Food. Eat things like fruit for breakfast. It’s quick, easy, and your body will thank you. Pop a couple handfuls of blueberries in your mouth and grab a banana on the way out the door.
4. Listen to good music. Whatever your musical preference is; don’t start your day listening to music with someone swearing at you. Do that in the afternoon. Start your day with some jazz, classical, folk, psytrance, something with a nice beat that will let you ease into the day.
5. Greet everyone with a smile and tell them “Good morning! It’s nice to see you!” Smiling is not only infectious and will spread to others but it will also become a habit for you. Giving people a positive greeting will also uplift them and they will be more likely to do the same for you.

amilex said: Fuck, dude. Maybe there was a miscount when the register was put out in the morning? Do you guys have cameras on the register?

It is possible, but we put in 200 in the register each shift (apparently)

Other possibilities:

the person who didn’t cash out after the morning shift yesterday took it (at least, there was only one recorded yesterday, which was me when I closed)

there were three cash outs today (likely) and the person who did the second didn’t record it, but the missing 200 is accounted for because our system gives us info since 1:45 this afternoon, and the people on shift were me (started at 6) and another dude (started at 4) second most likely thing beside from theft)

nearly 300 dollars were dropped on the floor and forgotten about

the money is invisible (more likely than previous scenario)

the money is in the voice (possible, we found $5 in there)

I’m being framed

I’m being framed by a time traveler

I’m being framed by an evil version of myself from the future

both of us miscounted by the exact same amount which happens to be $274 (fifth most likely scenario)

paperephonia asked:

Whanever a drunk dub / live blog with you is happening I'll be there. But srsly there should be plans.

YOU KNOW IT. I wanna do the first drunk blog before the end of September, but the next few weeks I’m gonna b really busy, so not sure about that.


I am gonna be busy, but the only nights I’ll forsure have plans are Tuesday/Thursdays, which are the only two days I conveniently have class. And I’ll only be busy in the morning to afternoon on weekdays… And I’ll DEFININTELY need to relieve stress in these coming weeks…

That’s it. Drunk blog will happen tentatively on either Friday 8/29 or Sunday 8/30. Possibly Friday 9/4, but all of this really depends on a day to day basis, if I have to do something, I someone asks to hang (since college is starting back up again) or any other tasks.

But I’m really liking Friday 8/29… Or possibly Thursday night the night before. We’ll see.


I am also looking into being able to livestream the episode. I have a feeling it’s not going to happen. I might end up being a skype session between people where we post our drunkeness onto tumblr. If that’s the case, I consider/look into how it works for inviting people into the session so you all can be a part of it, not just me, Nicole, Aysah, and Jason talking with each other drunkenly. Not sure, we’ll see. If anyone knows a free livestream service, PLEASE let me know!

Day 4

was the hardest yet.

But I pushed through and came out feeling proud.

It sucks how your period can make you feel huge. This morning I woke up feeling so bloated. I dyed my hair from blonde to brown on Sunday and I thought it would start fading but it hasn’t and I don’t like it. I was just feeling pretty shitty about how I look today.

And so I got up and worked out and felt better.

But then this afternoon was a whole other struggle with period cravings and all that. 

When I got home tonight though, almost all of the bloating had gone down, and as I was changing for bed, I was definitely noticing some improvement. And I’m going to get my hair fixed this weekend. And I’m going to feel better.

This is what this blog is for. And I’m glad to have a community to express my thoughts and feelings on all of this with, without sounding nuts.


I took the week off work to move and start my new university and stuff.

Honestly, this sorta unstructured unpressured lifestyle is bad for me. It’s 4:30 in the afternoon and I’m still in boxers and a bro tank and I just walked outside for the first time to move my car today. It also took me 3 hours to read a chapter of a book for an ethics course…

I’m usually an honors student, I usually am really disciplined, give me uncharted free time and I just sorta *flails*…

Also, like, between *life* and *life* I’ve only worked 1 week this month. I was working both jobs, but I paid for gas last night in quarters. Maybe taking this week off was silly? I don’t know, I’ve really enjoyed just being in the new place.

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(that reminds me of the countless attempts i have made at making my “hej” sound more danish)

1. First impression: idk we both were star trek blogs back then? i think?? and you loved karl urban. and bones was #1 importance for both of us and idk i liked you from the start is all i remember
2. Truth is: i’d kinda really wanna meet you again; the last time was rly fun imo
3. How old do you look: a bit younger than you actually are. we share that.
4. Have you ever made me laugh: yeah omg like rmember when we were in copenhagen like the whole fuckin afternoon was a mess it was amazing
5. Have you ever made me mad: no??
6. Best feature: you can seem so chill even if you’re actually anxious as heck (at least as far as i can tell)
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: nah son
8. You’re my: son; also kiddo
9. Name in my phone: i lost your number when my phone broke actually!!  but if you want we could exchange them again (no pressure tho like it’s ok if you don’t)
10. Should you post this too? jUST DO IT

mutuals: send me a ”hey” and i’ll do this!

julieannerising asked:

Pistachio! Don't feel bad about not being in a place where intuitive eating is for you, girl! Also, maybe consider the fact that you don't need to start by going all in? I'm also in a place where intuitive eating is super appealing but my ED makes my hunger cues shitty, so I usually try to eat intuitively until like, 4:00 in the afternoon, then I do a quick calculation to see how close I am to hitting energy needs and if I'm lacking in any food groups and make dinner accordingly :)

My issue is that part of me wants to intuitively eat but the other part of me literally HAS to know how much i’m eating. Like its not even about macros, I just want to be aware of what I’m eating so I can choose what foods to eat next. I know it doesnt make sense but idk. Also I’m terrified that if I did that I would end up with 1800+ cals to eat in those 6 hours before bed and that would make my anxiety skyrocket😔 (plus I would be painfully full and bloated)

I just wish my hunger accurately represented the amount of calories I needed to eat, its so frustrating. Sorry this turned into a long response but I really appreciate your suggestions! When I feel more comfortable with the idea of not tracking my intake Im definitely gonna try this approach. Thank you again❤️

i wanna drink myself stupid but it’s 4:30 in the afternoon and my kitty is SITTING ON MY BUTT SO I CAN’T MOVE and I’m supposed to go out later today
i should be doing dishes, i was going to do some laundry but i started reading this really good book and I’m just a lazy fucking dumbass, i didn’t sign up for classes like i was going to this semester and i haven’t done anything
I keep telling myself I’m getting better, that’s what’s important, im in a way better place and I’m still moving forward and that’s what’s important but god damn i feel useless!
i want vodka. and a hug.

Wanna hear about a vicious cycle?
I take a nap while watching tv in the late afternoon one day
Then I don’t fall asleep till 4:30 am
The I wake up at 9:30ish in hopes of being able to go to bed at like 1am at the latest
But then by late afternoon I’m really tired and i fall asleep again
And then I can’t sleep again and the cycle continues