i started this like at 4 this afternoon

Seriously dispise anyone giving hate to Bobby for not being at SDCC. Ru giving Ginny the same hate too?

Yh if id come all the way from england id be a tad annoyed- But not at bobby.

Poor bloke must be shattered. Ive seen him filming ts2 and have been involved in the filming myself as a extra. He carried on hours after me and i finished like midnight/1am both of us started at around 4.30 in the afternoon. He was running around the streets of Scotland in the darkness for hours most nights after coming down from canada filming OUAT

Wouldnt you prefer him filming ouat at his best? or burnt out unable to film, and family life ruined because he never gets to see them?

Its more to do with the event itself not telling people. blame them for getting your hopes up. Not the man who works so hard for us all to be entertained that in Adam Horowitz’s words “he was exhausted”

Hes not at your beck and call people!


I can love you in the shower 
Both of our bodies dripping wet 
On the patio we can make a night you won’t forget 
On the kitchen floor 
As I softly pull your hair 
We can do it anywhere, anywhere…

EXO as Boyfriends (pt. 4)

Tao - You know how hot Tao looks whenever he’s jealous. One cozy afternoon, while you were spending time together, you noticed how his forehead creased while we looked intently at his phone. “Tao… Tao…” you called but he only scrunched his nose. “What’s the matter?” you asked. He stood up before taking off his blazer. “Umin hyung? Really? Well, I could be as hot as him you know. You just have to tell me.”

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Kai - “YAH! STOP HUGGING HIM!” you scolded your bratty nephew when he started to stick to Jongin like a gum. “Y/N, Let him. Maybe he really misses his hyung. Right champ?” he asked the child but he got no response. You know how much Kai loves your nephew and you can’t argue with him. He started feeding and teasing your nephew. Your cousin leaned closer to you before whispering, “I can see him taking a better care of your children than you.”

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Sehun - You waited in the long queue while hiding your face from his fans. Well, he called you one time and he said that he misses you a lot. Even his hyungs complained to you that he became too whiny lately. So, Chanyeol book a flight for you and after the long wait, you were there, standing right in front of him. You handed him their latest album. “Hello! What’s your name?” he greeted without looking up at you. You removed your face masked before speaking. “Ey… you were just away for months and you don’t recognize me anymore?” you asked. He looked up at you, shocked written on his face. When he finally recovered, he smiled shyly before shifting to his sit. 

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Summer Term is finally over! 

I’ve been on hiatus for over a week month since our Summer Term started. But now, it’s finally over and I am back! (Like if you missed me, kidding hehe)

So our summer term was kinda stressful but fun! I was really counting the weeks because I can’t wait to end this shit, and I have classes every freaking day from 7:30 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon, and I always got at 5:00 so I don’t really have a time to blog. The struggles every morning, stress because of the traffic, I faced that every day for a month. That’s why I really deserve a happy vacation. 

 And last night, my mom told me that we will go to Boracay next week! (July 18-19 yeah quick bc I’ll go to school on 20 for mentoring) It’s my first time and I really can’t wait. Plus, my mom bought me a Mac Book Air. But I will receive it next week because it was bought from Japan. I’m so happy last night, I can’t even put it into words (what). 

I am truly blessed. Can’t wait for next week! Fast forward to July 18 please.

Oh, by the way I changed my theme! Thanks to ate Daphne for my new and lovely theme. I really love it! Xoxo

Just arrived at a park to give a performance, and started panicking when no one else from the group showed up. Finally texted the boss in desperation and got a reply:

“Huh? But were not meeting till 3pm now, not 1pm. Didn’t you get the message?”

I am quietly fuming. I had so many other things I wanted to do today on my off day, and now I gotta hang around and wait here for 2 hours cause it’s too far to go home. Instead of being here for 2 hours tops I am probably going to be here for 4. That’s like my whole afternoon gone. I love this group but I don’t get a whole lot of free time and I just.. Argh!!!!

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I did an "Harry playlist". Songs I think Harry likes, songs I would like to listen together with H during a rainy afternoon. 1- miracle aligner. 2-the less I know the better 3-somebody else the 1975 4-wild horses - rolling stones 5- brand new start-little joy and many mang more. Seeding this to you because I feel like some of your followers might like it

Omg like a good majority of those songs are on my Harry playlist too!!! I love it :) X


Went out for a late morning/early afternoon 5 miler. It was hot! The humidity was at 45%. Grateful for that because I probably would’ve broke if that was an added factor. According to TWC, it was 96, but feel like 106 at the start of this run. I was going to wait until the evening, but I really wanted to get a run in to jumpstart the day. So I ran.

It was tough from the start. Thinking back to those long, hot runs at Guantanamo helped me push through that feeling of wanting to quit around mile 4. The “Just Do It” message on the greenway was a lil motivating as well. I guess it’s good to get out there to push yourself in unfavorable conditions, right?

That’s day 63!

Until tomorrow…Peace.Love.Run


Yesterday we took the girls to see Secret Life of Pets. It was really cute and funny. Josh had the day off since this weekend he has drill then Monday he leaves for a school for 2wks. We got there almost an hour early since it was opening day. At first I was bored but about 10min later I was thankful. It filled up fast and was packed before the movie was even close to starting. As you can see they were both exhausted lol so we just came home and relaxed the rest of the afternoon then grabbed Chinese food for dinner. Between everyone’s busy schedules and life in general we don’t have days like that; just the 4 of us, very often so I enjoy it ❤️