i started this last night i couldn;t just abandon it

A Game of Thrones dream

I haven’t ever watched Game of Thrones, but I thought for some reason last night would be a good time to start. I’m surrounded by enough GoT zeitgeist just from being online that I know some of the broad strokes.

But it was really late when I got around to it and I was super tired so I just…passed right after after the theme music.

And I dreamed that Daenerys took over an abandoned house, but that some unknown rival also wanted to take over this house. For some reason, she couldn’t just have her dragons fight them off.

Two of the rival’s sons, who were twins and also in a boy band, decided to help her, by finding her a pair of tennis shoes so she could run away. Alas the shoes were too small, so she had to hide in the woods. The end.