i started this just bc i wanted to color something

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your art is always so lovely and the shading/highlighting/blending and colors are so great!!! do you have any tips for art if it's okay to ask? :D

=0 thank you so much!!! I do, this was a good time to ask since I’ve got a lot of energy tonight haha, I will make a coloring tutorial for how I usually do the neon coloring!!

I use paint tool sai which you can get for free here (link) It says it has transparency but it’s lying. When I want transparency I have to save as psd and then run it through photoshop (which is also available to download on the same link, actually.) Now I dont know how to be sure if those links are virus free but they havent destroyed MY laptop and it’s been a long time so? probably safe enough i think?

First off, the brushes I use: 

I usually use smoothing 3 or 4 for sketches or writing, 13 or 14 for lineart, and anywhere from 3 to 6 for coloring! I sometimes change that up if I’m not getting my desired result though. I usually sketch in pink and line in black or blue which is why I used those colors for those brushes here.

I’m gonna start the tutorial off with just lineart since that’s not really what the tutorial is about and my whole sketch + lineart technique is “sketch something and put lines on top of it” combined with pulling stuff around using the free deform tool if it looks wrong until I get it like I want it. I always start with black lineart!

this is weird lookin sloppy lineart but that’s ok bc it’s just a teaching aid

so. COLORING STEP 1: flat colors. I use flood fill for this most of the time but you can also like, draw it in, same result either way. Just pick some you think look good tbh, when I’m doing the neons I use only full saturation colors. Obviously if you’re doing a different color palette you dont have to do that but this tutorial’s about the neons. Sometimes you have to change the colors a few times before finding ones you like, dont get discouraged! I put each color in a separate layer, sometimes I put bits of the same color in different layers as well if they’re on different parts of the drawing that need to be shaded differently. Also! For a couple things, like the teeth and collar, I blend a color, which I dont do yet in this step, so I just use a base color as a jumping off point.

^the eyes, mouth, and collar are each a separate layer, the skin is all one layer

STEP 2: toggle “preserve opacity” on in each layer, and block in shading! For the neons I use only full saturation colors. Really you can experiment and decide what you like best, you dont even have to use the same ones every time! I find that you can actually shade green with either red/oranges or blues, it has a different look depending on which you do. Usually I shade pinks and reds with purple or other pinks/reds, but you can experiment. For the teeth and collar, I blend a yellow into the pink to make a more like, light orange color, and then shade that with pink. I do all this with the “color and limited blending brush!” If something looks like it should be more smooth, I use the “default watercolor” brush to smooth it out. Generally for blending you want to not use much pressure, the more pressure the darker the color and sharper the lines will be. I’m duplicating the lineart, I’ll shade the green differently so you can see the difference. I’ll add highlights and details in a future step.

as you can see, these look a bit uneven in places. this is how they look with just the color brush. the left has the green shaded with reds, yellows, and oranges, while the right has it shaded with blues.

^ the same ones after being blended in places with the watercolor brush. generally you want to pick a watercolor brush color somewhat in between the colors you’re blending but if you do it lightly enough the color won’t really show up and it’ll just blend.

For details I just stick them on whichever layer they go on, like, freckles go right on the skin layer, eye shines go right on the eye layer, etc. I use the color brush for these, they generally dont need to be blended any further with the watercolor. The drawing on the left has an issue: the eye shine doesnt have enough contrast. When this happens I break the rules a bit and use a lighter pink (shifted towards white) in the middle of the eye shine. Other exceptions for the all neon rule include the whites of eyes that have them and other similar things that just wont ever look right in bright colors (I use very light colors for those).

See, that has better contrast and is worth breaking from the neons a bit for.

OPTIONAL FINAL STEP: sometimes I’ll change the lineart color, usually to the darkest fully saturated blue. You can use whatever color for the lineart that you want though tbh, that blue is just one I like bc I tend to use it as an equivalent to black a lot of the time when working in neons. Just turn on “preserve opacity” in your lineart layer and color over the whole thing.

I used red in the right drawing and blue in the left to show diversity but typically I’d use blue for the left one’s color palette as well tbh

Anyway I hope that is helpful!!! I feel like I might not be so great at explaining myself but hopefully this works haha


so i’ve been obsessed with lettering lately and i’m just getting started and i really need want more practice!!

so if you want to, reblog this and feel free to send me your name (or any word) and color and i’ll write it out for you and post a pic!!

please don’t let this flop i don’t want to do my homework


I wasn’t gonna post this bc it’s based on a South Park story I never started but this took too long to draw and color so screw it

True context might be long… so I won’t say it. All you need to know is that oppressing government or something along those lines happened, Gregory did some stuff bc he’s a fan of freedom and now people wants to shoot him. He and Mole exchange clothing/accessories to confuse people (they even put mud in Gregory’s hair D:) but Gregory realized just now what might happen bc of clothes swap.

Reposted bc apparently I can’t change the picture order by editing :/

I like who I am when Im with you

And yeah when I started to draw these two my computer told me it was automatically restarting in 15 minutes so here’s the fastest draw I could muster


Hey guys! So I’ve gotten a few asks about commissions , and i never updated my old pricing sheet which was a bit confusing
here’s the new and improved price sheet
So I’m taking commissions again because I need to pay the bills :0 (color sketches are done in marker or colored pencil) The top two images (Bust upself portrait , the one with the sad ginger (me) with the squiggly green outline and the adjacent one of Maya (full body colored pencil , girl with red hair) are both color and cost 10 regardless of whether or not its bust up, headshot, waist up or full body :) bottom line is all colored pencil pieces are $10 :D
☆All line work in pen is $5 regardless of whether or not its full body, headshot, or waist up (I have many colored pens so if you want a certain color scheme of lines thats not just black lmk) :3
☆Full body color is $20 ($10 extra for each additional character)
☆Waist up color is $15
☆Bust up/ headshot in color is $10
☆Backgrounds are an additional $20 depending on what is specified
☆paintings are done in oil and it honestly depends on the subject so that’s something we would communicate about bc I charge by piece , it’s hard to generalize when it comes to paintings. Paintings start at $50 and depending on the size and complexity can go up to $400

hey boys

so! i might be starting a comic. i dont know how it will work out, bc misadventures kinda failed, but i have ((sorta)) high hopes for this 

only parts of the comic pages will be shaded. sorry. same goes with lighting. however, it will be colored. this is just something i want to do in my free time, so it’s not going to be a huge important project like misadventures was.

anyway, i think you guys will like it! 

also i might reboot misadventures, but it’ll take some time

Bc @oldkitsunes wrote something about Mutsu in a dress so yea.

Mutsu looks super ooc but lets just said he only looks serious bc this is a photoshoot and my saniwa is a piece of shit that wants them to look like this idk.

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Gif maker questions: 4, 8, 9, 17, and 19! (honestly i kind of want you to answer all of the questions lolol)

(i want to answer all the questions too tbh they’re cute <3)

4. a set that flopped but deserved better

this one i still love it and i worked so hard on it :/

8. what gif trend do you hate

pale gifs (esp when one color stands out as vibrant and all the other colors are pale and they don’t match). lack of coloring tbh, i’ve seen that a lot lately, it’s like ppl gave up or something, and just focused on lighting (if that). i just want everyone to start embracing colors again

9. what/who inspired you to start making gifs

i think it was just tumblr as a whole. i know i was inspired to take up ps in general by this girl in the victorious fandom wayyyy back when bc she made such nice icons. ouat is what made me actually work up the nerve to learn though, so i guess they could get some credit too

17. 10 sets, 8 sets, 6 sets? how many gifs do you prefer in a set

8 sets hands down. 10 sets just look too long most of the time, and 6 sets are too short. but for bigger gifs i also love 2 sets and 4 sets. for 500/540px gifs i prefer to limit them to 5 gifs max or it just feels like it goes on forever

19. what is your giffing process like

depends on what i’m giffing. and if i’m trying to be extra with coloring and/or typography and such. generally “elaborate” stuff like that, or even just 8 sets involve tears and a lot of procrastination. regardless, i’m always “multitasking” when i’m giffing anything (watching something, scrolling through tumblr, reading fic, etc)

ask me gif maker questions?

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Hi! I really love your art style and how you draw Ford. If it's okay, may you please show a tutorial about how you draw him? Please? :3

i don’t have a tutorial, but i can give pointers/some steps in my process? for sketches/anything with lines, it honestly goes by a little fast. i start w a rectangle for his face and somehow this happens:

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