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Basically my morning thus far

This isn’t quite a public school story, but more of me before going to school.

So, right now, I missed my bus like 45 minutes ago, so I started panicking, right? I knew the plan my mom had set up was to stay at home until she gets a call from the junior high. But nope. I decided to try to walk all the way down a goddamn mountain. I walked outside, and there was a random rabbit in the bush next to the door, and it scared me enough to SCREECH like a banshee. So I continued walking down the sidewalk with my apple cider I made while having a literal anxiety attack, and the rabbit was following me; until a loud car drove by. I eventually had to give up walking because the entire time my head was just saying stuipid shit, so I just kinda shuffled back to my apartment. 

So now i’m sitting and waiting for someone to hopefully pick me up.

Also a side note I don’t have a phone so… yeah I’m kinda screwed.


Started this a while ago and decided to finally finish it! It was a fun stream piece! Also I have no idea where this idea came from, I’m just going to boil it down to loving me some Nintendo ladies and thinking they deserve more love! <3

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So a while ago, I was talking to a friend about this girl he likes--this was before they started dating, which they did do fairly recently--and while he was talking about this, like, earth-shattering moment they had where he really started to believe that she might like him, and I had to try really hard not to laugh during the conversation because it was almost moment-for-moment EXACTLY the "Heh, like that?" scene except it happened at a Halloween party instead of, you know, in space.

this is what true love looks like

Oops! All Felix!

Hey everyone! I know BOA rolls kind of slow these days, and part of that is because it’s just me (Felix) running it and has been that way for awhile! I am making plans for BOA’s content to be more regular, and have a couple other plans in store too that you’ll find out about soonish! I wasn’t really sure when to make this announcement or how to make it because I guess it’s a little awkward to say “hey everyone, it’s just me here now.” But that is in fact the state of things.

Nothing specific really happened that caused this. I just started BOA a couple years ago, then had some friends join in about a year ago to help it become an actual thing instead of an empty tumblr with 2 posts. It was fun to do things in a group and have some morale support while I was just starting out a tumblr that ended up getting really big! Now everyone else has other stuff to do and it’s just me posting and reblogging, which has been the case for awhile.

This does mean that at some point I will take BOA and tighten up the logo and stuff and do some merchandise! I also plan on deciding on an actual content strategy that’s not “whenever I think about something funny I post it.” It’s a lot easier for one person to make those decisions than half a dozen people, so getting streamlined is kind of a plus in this case.

Thanks to everyone who’s helped make Bad Occult Advice what it is today, whether from behind the scenes or from an audience perspective! I am looking forward to doing some really cool things with this blog along with the content you’ve already been enjoying, so stay tuned!

One of the most rewarding jobs I ever had was as an English as a Second Language tutor, and I’d love to share a story.

One day one of my students was reading a book and asked what a particular word was. It was gorgeous. She said “Doesn’t that mean ugly or disgusting?”

Confused, I explained what it actually meant, that its synonyms were beautiful or very pretty. Her face got all red and she started stammering.

She explained that a few weeks ago a guy had said “Your eyes are gorgeous” She had some sort of condition where one of her eyes was pale blue and cloudy, while the other was brown, so she assumed that he was insulting her.

She got really embarassed and upset and, not wanting to make a scene, just shuffled away with their head down.

She was so embarrassed that she made that misake, but to me I was just happy that I was able to tell her that that guy wasn’t insulting her and was instead giving her a really nice compliment. It was one of those moments that really made me love my job.

                 WOW!!! KILGRAVE IS FINALLY 24 MONTHS OLD!!!

                                                        (well, he will be on 11/24/17)

Two years ago, I started this shitty little blog, all because I saw a post on this godforsaken website that said “don’t romanticize kilgrave.” It was from that moment on that I knew I a) had to watch Jessica Jones, and b) had to write for Zebediah Kilgrave, certified piece of shit and terrible nightmare boy. I picked him up while I was having a really rough time writing on Claude, when my depression was getting worse, and I was struggling both with my unresolved sexual trauma and beginning to come to terms with the fact that I needed to transition. He has proved to be a surprisingly useful outlet for all of those things, and I have come to adore him as a character. This blog has gone through a lot of changes, as those of you that have been around for that long know, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me through all of the crap.

I’ve grown so much as a writer and a person while writing on this blog, and I’ve changed so much. I’ve had some truly Classic moments here, as well as some not-so-stellar ones, but I am beyond overjoyed to have had the experience. I’m hoping for more fun times with all of you in the future, and while on the one hand I hope that I’m not writing for Kilgrave another two years from now, on the other hand I sort of do.

I am not in a place right now where I can do a giveaway or something to show you my thanks, but please know that I would if I could, because I adore all of you and I wish to shower you in my love and affection and also material things and maybe cookies because why the fuck not? Maybe we’ll save that for 3 years.

Anyway, before I get down to the thanks, here are some of the exciting milestones that Kilgrave should have hit now that he is 2 years old!

  • Follow basic 2 or 3 step instructions (hmm… not great on that one…)
  • Sort objects by shape and color (only if purple is involved somehow.)
  • Imitate the actions of adults and playmates (imitate, yeah sure.)
  • Express a wide range of emotions (The only emotions are still Horny and Whiny.)

Okay, so. Not great. There’s still hope for year 3 though!! See you then, hope you’ve grown the fuck up you shitty little boy!!


I would love to write sappy little paragraphs for all of you, but the truth is that there are too many of you that have been too important to me over the years, and I don’t want to make you think that you are any less important than anyone else.  I love all of you so very very much, and I’m looking forward to writing with you all more in the future. You’re wonderful, wonderful people, and I’m proud of each and every one of you for your accomplishments.

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There are of course many more of you that I have admired from afar, and that are newer to this blog - for that reason, I have not listed everyone. If you have not been included in the above list, please understand that I still love you, and I hope that we’ll write some good shit together soon. I love you all, and thank you so much for following me!

                                                                         –  XOXO Gossip Seb

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I was wondering why you call true mates "fated pair". Was it a conscious choice? Is it the literal translation from japanese to english? Since I read a lot of a/o/b english novels it feels a little bit strange. Than again, it's usually shifters stories, so maybe that makes a difference... Sorry for the weird question, it's been nagging at me for a while. Thank you!

Probably literal. When I translated stuff a hundred years ago, I just matched the translations others have done before me. CHK may have been the first to start it though, haha

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are u self-taught? or how did you start making music?

Self Taught? a little of both:

took some music classes in high school (guitar, piano, chorus) but the knowledge i got from that was never really applied to what i currently do, which is just chiptune arrangements through aural transcription while also mixing in styles I’m inspired by (shovel knight, pokemon, other chip musicians)

i started making music on a whim:

if anyone still follows me from the skullgirls days, i was asked to be a part of a sg fangame and they wanted a musician and i said ok!! but i didn’t actually make music at the time so i said why not let’s try to learn how to make chiptune!! this was 4 yrs ago. time fliez!!! the game never got made though but i used that opportunity to propel myself into this tiny scene to try to make something worth being remembered for :’)

Been a good weekend…

…still feeling a bit lonely. I got to really reconnect with D. All of our plans fell apart, we were hoping to go on a date with a couple, we were hoping to at least get out, but sickness and babysitter problems meant that we spent the whole weekend at the house. The first night we made a fire the kids loved, then after they were in bed, we cuddled and watched Netflix together. Then, slow, gentle intimate time after. The next night we had a rough start, both of us wanted a night of passion, but it’s hard to initiate it. We persevered, and had some fun together in a way we hadn’t in a while.

S has been gone on a trip for a bit and life was pretty busy before that. We got to see each other for an hour a week and a half ago, but it was something. I miss her. We had our one year anniversary while she was gone. I made her a present that I hope to give her before I leave for the holiday weekend. I wasn’t feeling anxious at all until after I finished her gift. Now, I’m feeling a bit anxious. But she sent me a lovely text today and that helps.

Still grieving the total and complete loss of L in my life. I know she is a bit narcissistic, and oddly enough, recognizing that has helped. I miss her terribly sometimes, but it is hurting a little less. Part of me cannot understand why I feel the way I do after all the ways and times she hurt me, but part of me gets it. Still think I’m better off for having had her in my life, no matter what she thinks of me.

I am so proud of you all that have accepted poly and are making it work. I keep striving to do the best by my partners. I sometimes get jealous that everything is so hard for us, that its all so much work. I just want to curl up with D and S and know its all going to be okay. Still striving, still working.

Be safe, all of you. Thank you for being there. You know who you are.

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I clicked on your tumblr and Run started playing and I saw the pics from the group from years ago and now I'm getting all emotional. I'm so proud of them and how far they've come while becoming more and more true to themselves. Also, thank you so much for your blog and keeping up with everything tonight!! <3 <3

it’s my pleasure, thank you so much for sending this~


A pining sap

Fishing: digital painting walkthrough

So I got a question on anon asking me about my drawing coloring process, and unfortunately I accidentally deleted it, because I have clumsy fingers on mobile.

Thank you so much for your interest, I’m really honored! I will try and give a brief overview of my drawing process, and hope this is helpful or useful to you! I just started experimenting with Photoshop last summer around July, so I’m definitely not the most experienced, I’m still learning a lot!

I’m going to be using this drawing of Lapis, because it’s one of my favorite pieces and it is more detailed than my average drawing: 

This drawing was inspired by the episode “Alone At Sea”, where I wanted to illustrate this concept: 

This was my main reference, but I also throughout, used a lot of google images of water and colorful fish. 

Sketch: My canvas size was 3000 px wide and 2000 px high. I tend to sketch with the standard brushes and I actually have like 2 layers of sketches (one for basic shapes/sizes of things, then one for rough details and things). 

Lineart + base coloring: I add lineart, usually px size 6-8, with the pencil brush. I then add base colors, using the default solid brush. Usually they are the generic color I’m going for. I try not to get too stressed about the base colors because I usually cover most of them up.

Primary highlights/light sources: It gets more interesting once you establish primary light sources, so where the main light source is coming from, as well as reflections of things. I use a larger brush and add these on new layers, set to either overlay or screen or pin light. So I wanted light to be shining through the water, making the color reflect on Lapis, which is how it works with real light. 

Detail/color: I think this is the most fun part, where you choose colors to paint over. I think I painted this the way I normally use watercolor, which is combining a lot of complimentary and contrasting colors with varying amounts of saturation. It’s more complicated to explain that, but it’s a lot of eyeballing. For example, referring to the reddish colors, I tried spreading them around the drawing instead of having them just in one place. The reddish fish reflects around the water bubble, and the light is reflected on Lapis’s clothing as well. 

Highlights: This makes your drawing really stand out - often at this stage, many layers are on ‘luminosity’, ‘screen’ or ‘overlay’. I also do this with the lineart layer as well, so there are not just harsh black lines, which can be distracting. There are also secondary light sources, such as at the back of Lapis’s head, because I felt like there was still not enough red-orange in the drawing. 

Small white lines also make a big difference (such as those on the bubble, and on the edges of her jacket/in her hair). 

I later went and adjusted the color balance a bit, as well as increased the contrast so some more areas would appear darker and it was a bit less green in color. 

That is kind of the overview! I hope this was helpful at all, or at least interesting! If you have any more questions I would be happy to answer, I enjoy rambling. Sorry if this was a bit long!

Thank you so much for taking an interest!

Omg, woah, Hi everyone! Idunno how to start here, so lets talk about the picture.

This is the last piece I did past year, was for a zine that at the end never came out, and I saved it for the beggining of 2nd season.

I know it started while ago, but today I finally saw the first chapter (let me say It was GREAT)

This is a very special piece for me,hope you enjoy it and a bit of my love while I was working on this reachs you.

Sorry for keeping myself so away of this fandom. This year was exhausting, the worst year emotionally and the most stressing I had in a long time.

And the only thing I really wanted was to… enjoy season 2 peacefully when it comes out, but the spoilers, OH MAN the spoilers where everywhere!!! So I took a step back, and now I’m ready to enjoy the chapters without knowing almost anything from them, and that pleases me a lot : >

Be prepared, because now I’m back for real, and fully inspired by the new chapters.

So, no more boring words

Ladybug and Chat Noir, is SO GOOD to see you again!

Hope we have a new great season together ^^