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Nugget update! So nugget has accepted the last 4 consecutive meals after going off feed for nearly 2 months and having to be force fed by my vet. She has grown rounder and she feels much fuller even though she’s still pretty much the same length as in February. I will weigh her in a couple days since she just ate 2 days ago. Nugget has also gained some gorgeous colors that make me optimistic that she is starting to feel better. She shed this week and even ate last week while in shed! She no longer wheezes, bubbles or drools which is incredible. As you can see I can handle her and she is as sweet as can be now. She doesn’t even hiss anymore which really makes me feel like she’s doing better. Her wobble is very minor recently and she doesn’t struggle to right herself while eating. I hope she continues to improve and grows since she does seem to be getting better.

I’d like to thank @tailsandco for being amazing in every way and helping me through Nugget’s downs and making me appreciate her ups.

It happened a few months ago, when I started playing League and didn’t really know much about it. It was my first game with Garen and I played with two friends. We had a Discord server to talk during the game. When I used Garen’s E, I don’t know exactly why, but a concept of a giant man spinning around and screaming appeared funny to me. I started laughing, and my friends were like “What happened? Are you OK?” I didn’t answer, because I couldn’t stop. I still laugh while playing this champion.

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I tried reading Hidoku Shinaide a while ago, and I didn't like how it begins so I stopped (I don't even remember if I finished the 1st chapter...), but your post, and your love for this manga that I see everyday on your tumblr, make me want to give it another chance! (the smut looks great too xD)

Please please to that!!!

I totally know how you feel. It was my first Nekota Yonezou a few years ago and I didn’t like the rape in manga back then. I dropped it after chapter 2 and started reading Elektel which made me fall in love with Sensei’s work completely, so I gave Hidoku another chance and it got better… SO SO SO SO SO SO SOOOOOO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!
I still have mixed feelings about the beginning but knowing how amazing these two become helps hehe
They deserve a second try and you won’t regret it, I’m sure <3  

But you should use THIS LIST so you won’t miss anything :)
Please let me know how you liked it in case you’re gonna try again :3


New Langblr here😁👋

Hi~ My name is Susu, nice to meet you guys! Up until today I used this tumblr blog for masterposts and study tips only. But I started learning languages a while ago and thought why not make advantage of this blog😂
I’m currently learning English and Spanish in school. I love Asian culture and thus I want to learn Japanese and Korean! I try posting about my learning process to keep myself motivated.
If you love languages as well or learn the same ones as me, feel free to follow and/or massage me~ 💖

Time for a major shoutout to this little bean called Eve, who’s turning 6 today! Bless her darling heart, she was tending to me the whole time I was sick ;_; Apparently she could smell the infection as she was constantly sniffing my lower abdomen and resting her snout on it. She started crying when I was taken to the hospital and instead of sleeping in my bed as usual, she was waiting at the door the whole night. ;A; nurse puppy.

Her old and wise mommy Ami (turning 13 later this year) deserves a shoutout too, she had a hard time delivering her four babies 6 years ago but did it like a boss anyway. Here’s a pic of her in an absolute zen state while we were on the road yesterday:

wise sage puppy.

Contributor’s spotlight: super-queer-hannibal-obsession

Amanda (super-queer-hannibal-obsession)



How did you become a Fannibal?

I finally started watching the show a little over a year ago even though it had been on my watch list for a while. Pretty much as soon as beautiful Will Graham(Hugh Dancy) kicked that door and started doing his thing, I was hooked. I watched all three seasons in a week and needed to find people to talk about it with. I figured my best bet was to start a Tumblr blog about it, and I was so pleased to find such a thriving, creative, inviting fandom.

What do you love about the Hannibal fandom?

Lots of very lovely and kind people. I have met some in person, and they are even kinder and smarter than I thought they would be! I love how creative and passionate the fandom is. I’m amazed at all of the new works, fests, posts, etc, continually being made. The talent in this fandom is really off the charts, too. I love how complex, involved, and creative everyone is and how they approach the show with such love, humor, and insight.

How would you like to spend a day with Will Graham?

haha. Well, all of the naughty thoughts I have aside, I would love to hang out with his dogs and pick his brain about a variety of subjects. He’s so smart and complex that having conversations with him about philosophy, poetry, the human condition, etc, would be thrilling. I’d hope he would reveal some of his feelings about Hanners, too. ;)

11 Questions

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1. Do you like reading? If so, what’s your favorite genre? I LOVE reading! (just letting you know, I started Warrior Cats: Into the Wild a while ago =3) I really like adventure, fantasy and sci-fi stories.

2. Any pets? (bonus points for pictures of cute animals) I have a dog. An American cocker spaniel named Charcoal.

3. Favorite game genre? Okay, that’s pretty hard. I like sidescrollers like Kirby and Mario, but I also like fighting games like Smash Bros and PSASBR. Not only that, but I also really like Skylanders and Animal Crossing. I CAN’T CHOOSE!!! XD


5. What class would you play in an RPG? A debate between mage and healer/cleric. I like the sound of being a healer because it lets me help other people on the team, but I also like the idea of mowing down my enemies with magic. Once again, can’t decide.

6. Favorite weather? When it’s sunny and warm. I grew up in Singapore, so I really like the warm weather.

7. Favorite Food? Chocolate.

8. When do you usually wake up? On school days, around 7am. But on weekends or school holidays, Around 9 or 10am.

9. Daytime or Nighttime? Nighttime.

10. Favourite Movie? Disney’s Aladdin. That movie is my childhood and I love it.

11. Last anime or TV show you watched? The last TV show I watched was Friends. I REALLY like friends.

Now that I’ve answered some questions, the people I tag have to answer mine!

  1. What is your favourite video game series?
  2. What is your favourite anime?
  3. Who is your favourite character from the anime you mentioned in question 2?
  4. Have you seen RWBY? If so, who is your favourite team and character? (I couldn’t do this without a RWBY question XD)
  5. What is your favourite musical?
  6. What is your favourite song from the musical you just mentioned?
  7. What is your favourite book?
  8. What fandoms are you in?
  9. Who is your favourite Youtuber?
  10. Do you write fanfiction? (bonus points if you add a link)
  11. What is your favourite Pokemon?


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that nichijou edit with Four in it is super cute I love it! Also, how much music theory schooling do you have and how did it influence the creation of your music? Finally, you have great song titles, I especially like the name Tater Tot Fugue

I just finished my second semester of music school, and I know a good handful of basic theory but I’m no expert.  To be honest, I don’t take theory into consideration most of the time when I’m making music (unless I’m composing for an assignment)! I started making music 3 years ago, before I knew any theory at all, and that’s when I formed a lot of compositional instincts which I still use today.  I find that trying to keep theory in mind while making music sort of sucks the fun out of it for me, I’m not a very left-brained person by nature and I’m more inclined to just let my feelings gush out into my DAW rather than attempt to calculate anything. I think that learning about theory is really interesting and enjoyable and I think it will prove useful in the long run, but I really can’t say that it’s absolutely vital to my process.

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Everyone is talking about how they got into Haikyuu and saying that they didn't really know about the hype before they started watching which I think is funny cuz I've been listening to the Haikyuu hype since the manga debuted in Shonen Jump in 2012? I just didn't cave and watch the show/read it til a few months ago cuz I don't like volleyball and thought I would find it boring. Spoiler: I did not find it boring and while I still don't like volleyball I love Haikyuu. Shows what I know I guess.

Look an OG haikyuu fan!! I honestly wish I had known about it sooner, since I started watching it, it’s helped me through some personal stuff and made me super happy! It would have been nice to have something like Haikyuu to distract me years ago!


An afternoon date~

and a bonus

Fishing: digital painting walkthrough

So I got a question on anon asking me about my drawing coloring process, and unfortunately I accidentally deleted it, because I have clumsy fingers on mobile.

Thank you so much for your interest, I’m really honored! I will try and give a brief overview of my drawing process, and hope this is helpful or useful to you! I just started experimenting with Photoshop last summer around July, so I’m definitely not the most experienced, I’m still learning a lot!

I’m going to be using this drawing of Lapis, because it’s one of my favorite pieces and it is more detailed than my average drawing: 

This drawing was inspired by the episode “Alone At Sea”, where I wanted to illustrate this concept: 

This was my main reference, but I also throughout, used a lot of google images of water and colorful fish. 

Sketch: My canvas size was 3000 px wide and 2000 px high. I tend to sketch with the standard brushes and I actually have like 2 layers of sketches (one for basic shapes/sizes of things, then one for rough details and things). 

Lineart + base coloring: I add lineart, usually px size 6-8, with the pencil brush. I then add base colors, using the default solid brush. Usually they are the generic color I’m going for. I try not to get too stressed about the base colors because I usually cover most of them up.

Primary highlights/light sources: It gets more interesting once you establish primary light sources, so where the main light source is coming from, as well as reflections of things. I use a larger brush and add these on new layers, set to either overlay or screen or pin light. So I wanted light to be shining through the water, making the color reflect on Lapis, which is how it works with real light. 

Detail/color: I think this is the most fun part, where you choose colors to paint over. I think I painted this the way I normally use watercolor, which is combining a lot of complimentary and contrasting colors with varying amounts of saturation. It’s more complicated to explain that, but it’s a lot of eyeballing. For example, referring to the reddish colors, I tried spreading them around the drawing instead of having them just in one place. The reddish fish reflects around the water bubble, and the light is reflected on Lapis’s clothing as well. 

Highlights: This makes your drawing really stand out - often at this stage, many layers are on ‘luminosity’, ‘screen’ or ‘overlay’. I also do this with the lineart layer as well, so there are not just harsh black lines, which can be distracting. There are also secondary light sources, such as at the back of Lapis’s head, because I felt like there was still not enough red-orange in the drawing. 

Small white lines also make a big difference (such as those on the bubble, and on the edges of her jacket/in her hair). 

I later went and adjusted the color balance a bit, as well as increased the contrast so some more areas would appear darker and it was a bit less green in color. 

That is kind of the overview! I hope this was helpful at all, or at least interesting! If you have any more questions I would be happy to answer, I enjoy rambling. Sorry if this was a bit long!

Thank you so much for taking an interest!


SUUUUUHHH DUUUUDES @therealjacksepticeye fan community fellow trashbags!! It’s yo girlboi fighting against Billy the cancer a.k.a. Dany!

So I haven’t updated in a while, reason to that being laziness and I’ve been on a some sort of semi-hiatus from Tumblr anyway so.

As you can see from the snaps, it’s final boss time! Meaning I’ll get chemo for a few days, starting today and ending on June 2nd. That day the stem cells that were collected a few weeks ago will be transplanted. And hopefully new healthy cells will start to grow in a few months.

But for now, I’ll be in Turku’s hospital until June 2nd and then I’ll be moved to Pori’s hospital for approx. two weeks. Right now I’m really going to work on quitting smoking because I do realize how bad it is for my health. It’s just been kinda hard to quit like that after smoking for almost 8 years (I was 15 when I started. I was young, stupid, stressed and depressed). Anyway now that I can’t leave my room for the next three weeks, I’ll quit smoking once and for all. Bless nicotine patches.

I took my bf’s and my PS4 console with me to the hospital so at least I don’t get bored when I can play Dangan Ronpa and Kingdom Hearts HD Remixes, watch Netflix and of course watch Jack and other youtubers.

I miss my bf and cats a lot 😭💗

Anyway hope y'all havin a nice day/night/etc, I’ll try to update when something happend!

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this might be a bit off a topic, but do you remember the first episode with the strawberry fields where we first saw hints on roses fight in the background of the pyramid - with all the new knowledge we now have about homeworld and the diamonds, do you have any new thoughts on it? Or do you think that entire thing will be retconed since they maybe changed things after getting so many seasons?

I actually think about the temple in “Serious Steven” a lot, it was really the first very lore-heavy episode we ever got and it foreshadowed quite a lot about what we’ve since found out. I do not think it’s retconned at all, while the show has definitely become a different beast than what it started as (the crew have said as much) the core storyline has to be the same, or else none of the foreshadowing would work, but so far it has. I see no reason to think that the show isn’t following a storyline set from when it started.

I talked about this originally a very long time ago, back when “Jail Break” first aired (here), but one of the really, really interesting things about the pyramid temple to me is that it appears to be a spaceship or similar Gem structure, due to it’s similarities with Peridot’s ship. The really fascinating thing to me is that the temple contains the revised Diamond Authority symbol, the three triangles one, instead of the four diamonds symbol. It has the very same symbol that’s present on Peridot’s ship

This means that the pyramid was made after Pink Diamond was shattered but before the Diamond’s final attack on Earth. This also means that the temple was, at least originally, Homeworld’s and unless the Crystal Gems commandeered it and altered it, the mural may not the depiction of “Rose Quartz saving Earth/humans,” as we thought, but more of “Rose Quartz shattering Pink Diamond” - meaning, in the mural Rose is the villain. The mural is depicting the (fabricated) events of Pink Diamond’s shattering, perhaps as a motivator to Homeworld forces, or just a way to lament Pink Diamond’s passing. The temple might’ve even been a sort of memorial to Pink Diamond.

Another very interesting thing about this mural is that it’s very explicitly referenced in “The Zoo,” when the humans are crying and pleading for the hurt to be taken away. It’s a very deliberate reference and it’s telling us something about this mural and the events it’s depicting (consider the popular theory that Pink Diamond may’ve sympathized with the rebellion and humanity, in the end at least)

Lastly, I’ll point out one more thing I find really really interesting and that has been an extremely curious thing I’ve thought about for years now. A few years ago, the crew used to post the storyboards for the episodes after they aired. The “Serious Steven” storyboard showed the mural, except it didn’t look quite like the mural we see in the show. Curiously, it does not show Rose Quartz at all. Instead, there’s a different figure. It’s very specific, so it wasn’t a stand-in. We’ve not yet seen a Gem that looks quite like it, but there is one very fascinating thing about it, given recent revelations:

They have a rather distinctly diamond-shaped symbol on their chest.