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// Ok peeps. Real talk regarding my drafts.

I desperately want to do more on this blog again. McCree is my heart, he’s my favorite muse, and I have a lot of feeling for him as well as a deep connection going on somehow. I’ve had him for quite a while now, and he’s just… ah well. You get what I mean.

However, there’s some things stopping me - my drafts.

I think I need a fresh start. Drop threads I have been doing before, so I can make space for new ones.
I know, I know, it sucks and there’s some threads ‘I just have started with someone’ but… you know, this is about having fun. I want us both to be satisfied with the experience - you, as my RP partner, and me, as McCree.
So I have to focus on me now for a moment and decide that, I have to let go of some things to hopefully get back into full-fun-mode again.

Most of the things I have are just, extremely long. While that works for me on some occasions, especially when I’m really into an RP, it can stop me from replying after a while. I usually start something fresh then, and that’s what I do now.
We can have all the long things, don’t get me wrong. I am just on the point where I need a refreshing restart to make this feel better again.

I may or may not keep like, 1-2 threads. But I can’t say which ones, and can’t say if it will be the case at all, so, if we have something going currently, consider it dropped. I’m sorry. I really am.
BUT, it means I want us to start something new! Send me memes, starters, a random something, IM me if you want, if you got anything in mind you want to do. My askbox and IM are always open! <3

I keep being mutuals-only by the way. Sorry. But I can’t simply RP with everyone (I also don’t want to, if I’m honest with you guys). If we’re mutuals - everything’s hella fine and I hella want to RP with you. If not - I’m sorry man. It’s nothing against you personally. I bet you are awesome.

Okay… eh. This was a rather long thing now but, I hope it made things clear.
Please don’t take this as if I don’t want to RP with you anymore. In fact, I WANT TO. Want to have a new fresh start and new things!



Thank You

Well, here we are!

Not only is today my 21st birthday, but also another landmark- I’ve been on tumblr with all of you for one year now! And let me tell you, it has been a ride. Some of you may have noticed that I enjoy writing walls of text and being incredibly sappy. So lemme just go ahead and carry on that tradition.

I started to really pick up again with my art last January when I moved onto my college’s campus for the first time. I realized that I would would have more free time, and more alone time than ever before in my life. I decided to take this as an opportunity to advance and improve my artwork. I started taking drawing requests on /co/ and the Adventure Time threads, as well as the MLaaTR threads. After a couple months of this, people began encouraging me to make a blog to post my stuff to! I decided to make this blog one year ago today to post my stuff to on my 20th birthday.

I never really expected to make any characters, either! And since most of my characters happened to be made while doodling in class, I have the days recorded where I first incepted them! Reese was first doodled on February 16, 2016. Vivian and Sugar were first sketched on April 5th, on the same day! Tallow was designed July 23rd. And lastly, Clair was designed on September 26th.

The response to my drawings and these characters has blown me away. I never could have expected so much support, and I am grateful beyond words.

This past year has been a learning process for me, and so much has happened thanks to you guys. This wild ride has made this past year one of the best of my life, and I’m so happy that you all were a part of that.

I’ve met all sorts of new friends and cool people online, too! Some links are NSFW, but listed below are 100 people that have made my year better. People that have gifted me art, friends, people that have taken the time to talk and discuss things with me, and people that have been there for me the whole time:

@bulumble-bee @niiikooooo @mobstermelodies @yotomoe @hernyart  @spicyrab @brokenlynx21 @boonsky @feathers-ruffled @boxxwrench @awaerr @itsunknownanon @mightyworld @qwilman @davidbaronart @elenamanetta @weeeeps @missbutlerart @smaggthesmug @fawxy-things @angeliccmadness @getdestroyed-staydestroyed @daclusia @kt-draws @hrabboner @daveystudios @jeezerartnsfw @gountart @whygena-draws @dankodeadzone @hardtones @dead-carl-artblog @pixelhat @theshygamerart @themanwithnobats @prurientpie @kaboodlesque @chefart033 @mindream6 @djozuma @r-randall @terra-squalus @captainbutteredmuffin @blushmallet @grimphantom2 @smugglesart @angstrom-nsfw @cosmic-doodle @batrachiarch @saladraws @haaaaaaaaaz @sfjellyfishstuff @burntsquirrelman @wonkyaim @projectexxi @starmanjrblog @captnshane @moonlordress @benaticbro @masarts @loveart-anddrawingit @narksfw @wwwjam @marcoettoren @jokerpunkart @mr-groovyart @selphinrose @argent-maelstrom @blackwing115 @you-complete-bastard @ironbloodaika @gro-ggy @dracounreformed @fawriel @listen-and-reflect @sablejay @mastergee @buttsanddicksandstuff @ciderward @rensgeneralblog @krekk0v @korraspats @step-by-voice @jigglytoons @doonkay @zoopbooploop @joe-lasko @notyourgenitals @baka-666 @majinrabbid @chainchomped @metriccaboose @two-ts-two @robotic-alien-dude @ninsegado91 @gablesmcgee @peridotstash @chillguydraws @ck-blogs-stuff @bran-draws-things

I may have missed some people, but 100 is hard to keep track of! The support all of you have shown me is something that I will not forget, and will be forever grateful for.

You all are the best, and the reason that this past year has been so wonderful.

I’ve got close friends coming over, so I may be a little quiet this weekend apart from any reblogs I may do! Enjoying the company of good friends and food.

Thank you all. I hope this next year will be wonderful for everyone. You all are the best.

Stitching time: 23 days

Things I hated about this project:

  • Glitter thread
  • Using three strands instead of the usual two. It means you can’t do that fold-one-strand-in-half-and-use-the-loop-to-start-off trick
  • Fucking glitter thread
  • Black gets reaaaaalllly boring after a while
  • Glitter fucking thread
  • They precut the black thread into stupidly short lengths, so I was constantly stopping and starting - pretty annoying
reblog if you’re 25 & older in the omgcp fandom :)

i feel like it’s been several months since i last started this thread, but heyyyyyy “older” omgcp, how ya doin’? do we all know each other by now?


Little did I know a fictional character could ever rip my heart apart.

Like Brother, Like Sister - Part 1 (Archie x Reader Request)

Request: Can you write an imagine we’re your jugheads younger sister by a year. And your dating Archie. Ever since your dad FP was taken into custody the only family you had was jug and the south side serpents. So just like the scene we’re jughead gets a serpent jacket you do too. So your walking out of school one day with the group and some of the serpents come to you and hand you a jacket. Saying kind of what they said to jughead the day he got his. And Archie and them are kind of shocked/ worried.’ – Anon.

Characters: Archie x Reader, Serpent!Jughead x Betty, Veronica, Kevin

Warnings: Kissing.

Word Count: 1509

Originally posted by phebobuffay

I started to place my books in my locker when a pair of hands covered my eyes.

‘Guess who?’ I instantly recognised my boyfriend’s voice. I turned around and took the hands from my face into mine.

‘Hey babe.’ Archie leaned in and kissed me gently. I couldn’t help but smile at his touch. I heard a disapproving moan behind me, that would be my brother. I turned around to confront him, Archie placing an arm around me. He did it automatically now, always eager to show who I belonged to. Jughead was joined by his girlfriend Betty.

‘Jughead, it’s been 3 months. You really need to get over it bro.’

‘You’re my little sister y/n, I’m never getting over it.’ I raised an eyebrow at him.

‘Well I’m just going to start gagging every time you kiss Betty.’ Betty laughed. Jughead glared at her, she bumped her shoulder into his.

‘Lighten up Juggie.’ Betty placed a peck on his cheek. A smile quickly spread across his face, Betty could always cheer him up. Veronica and Kevin walked up to us, looking all giddy.

‘Hey, do you guys know what all the commotion is outside?’ Kevin asked excitedly. We all shook our heads.

‘C’mon gang, time to investigate.’ Veronica announced, leading us out the school.

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Lust | Seven Deadly Sins Series [Part One]

Dean x Reader

This will be a 7 part series with each part related to one of the “seven deadly sins”

A/N: Sorry I’ve been gone so long. What’s it been now? 6 months? That’s too long! But I’m back. Giving you a new 7 part series. I figured y’all would want some steamy smut to start with. Usually I would work up to this but there’s plenty more opportunities to sprinkle a little more smut into this series. Hope you enjoy and don’t forget, feedback is always nice!

Summary: You and Dean have been working together for a few months. You knew each other as kids and you’ve been nursing a crush on him for a long time. You finally let him know how you feel and things start to get hot.

Warning: Smut / just assume all the smutty things are going to be touched on (pun intended) in this first part :) You may need a cold shower after this one

6,000 +words

Originally posted by winsync

The smell of Dean’s aftershave, mixed with worn leather and whiskey, causes your knees to feel a little weaker and your mind to drift off into what-if’s and different, possibly inappropriate, scenarios with him. He’s been standing too close to you this whole time and in this little cubicle you really couldn’t blame him.

“Okay we’re getting nowhere” Dean’s rough voice broke you from your trance and brought you back to reality.

The guy he’s been questions just keeps answering with “umms” and “uhhs” and you can tell by Dean’s tight jaw and stiff stance that he’s had enough of it. You can see Dean’s fists start to ball up, his knuckles turning white.

“Hey,” you put your hand on Dean’s arm, hoping it will bring his blood pressure down a little “why don’t we just go back to the sheriff’s department and see if they have any new evidence?” you asked Dean in a clam but stern voice.

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kenzieroses  asked:

I had a thought... I was looking through the Body Swap Thread and starting wondering about Remus' "furry little problem." Would the transformation still take place with Remus' body or would it transfer to Sirius'? How would Sirius react to the transformation if it happened with Remus' body? It's really interesting

(( OOC: Sirius is actually in Remus’s body in that thread, so yeah, he would go through the transformation. )) 

anonymous asked:

I should be studying but instead I imagined a forum where all the Tonys from across the multiverse chat and support each other and give advice. there's a thread "help, I think I just started a Civil War" There are threads where the Tonys gush about their friends, and they all say they're not attached, but then 616!Tony goes "Steve just confessed but hes evil now help" and the others go "we are HERE for you" and they all get really worried when AA!Tony doesn't check in for a while.

I literally have nothing to add to this because it’s so perfect omg

plot twist: the multiverse tonys get so worried about aa!tony’s absence that they use their collective genius to communicate with aa!steve to help him (and the other avengers of course) devise a plan to bring aa!tony home :))) because like hell if they’re going to let one of their happiest counterparts live without his steve :))))))

Stories I Will (Probably) Never Write: The Dragon and the Rose; a BatB AU

Inspired by [link]


A century ago, an arrogant knight was cursed by a vengeful fairy to take the form of a dragon, as punishment for the callous slaying of her brother; by day the knight is a monster, but by night he returns to the form of a man. Caught in this half-life of monstrosity and humanity the former knight concealed himself within his family’s ancestral castle, fading into the annals of history until he was little more than a myth.

Until one day, when a foolish old king plucked a rose from the Dragon’s garden….

In the present, Princess Isabeau of Valverde–Belle to her family–longs to escape from the golden cage that is her home, and the unwanted attentions of her various suitors. When King Maurice leaves to meet with the northern barons, he asks Belle what she would like him to bring back. The answer is the same as always: a white rose, the same as depicted in her late mother’s portrait, as none grow within the capital region. 

But when her father returns, as white as the stolen rose in hand, he brings a legendary dragon’s wrath him, and the demand that he must relinquish what he loves most to save his kingdom, that being Belle. For her father’s sake and that of their people, she agrees to surrender herself to the Dragon, unaware of the adventure that awaits her….

Time passes.The King decrees that any man who can slay the dragon will win his daughter’s hand and become the next king. Knight after knight comes to the castle, determined to free the princess from her prison but none prevail. Belle is not overly concerned; she has no desire to be rescued, as she’s freer here with her Dragon–Adam as she has come to know him–than she ever was at home. However, their peace is shattered when news arrives of Maurice’s failing health, and reports of an army that is being amassed to slay the dragon and rescue the princess once and for all. 

Belle cannot abandon her kingdom, and Adam cannot stave off an entire army to protect her from their clutches. Can they find a way to break the curse and live happily ever after? Or will the Dragon be forced to sacrifice himself for his Rose?